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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 2, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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while the sun is shining in las vegas, it is a very dark and black day. >> incredible. and incredibly sad at the same time. stay with us. our breaking news coverage we are live in las vegas tonight where doctors are working through the tonight, treating the 527 people hurt in the worst shooting massacre in american history. >> while the sun is shining in las vegas, it is a very dark and black day. >> reporter: a massive loss of life and hundreds injured. >> the worst mass shooting in modern american history. >> reporter: a gunman perched on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort opened fire on concert goers. >> thought the speakers were malfunctioning but once the
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light turned off and jason aldean disappeared, we knew thing was wrong. after that, we just started running. >> felt like it would never end. >> and there was just dead people everywhere. it was horrible. >> this is a classic wmd. this is a weapon and a man of mass destruction. >> reporter: first responders risking their own lives to save others. >> there were police officers who laid over the women who were there to make sure they would nlt get thought sat. >> but for the fact that their selfless actions, wee'd have dozens more casualties. >> it was one of the most beautiful craziest things i've seen in the sight of a tragedy. >> today authorities in las vegas continue their investigation into what led a
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gunman to commit the worst mass shooting of its kind. opened fire on a country music concert attended by 22,000 people here in las vegas. he fired from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay rezorsort and casino. tonight police gave an updaten their investigation. >> metro and its partners have executed a search warrant in mesquite, nevada. they're combing through the evidence and information that would help shed light on this horrible event. we've recovered 23 firearms at mandalay bay and in his home in mesquite. >> they said they found a computer in the suspect's hotel room that they are examining. earlier today police said they
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found explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition at the shooter's home. they were searching a second home in reebo, nvl nv tonight. we're joined by nbc news reporter, ron allen and what is the latest tonight? >> lot of unanswered questions. they don't seem to know a lot about this guy. they say they had no contact with him, not even a parking ticket before this incident. they're trying to piece together his life, where he was in the days leading up to this. was he upset about a gambling debt, which is something we hear floating around. what kind of emotional problems did he have and why? authorities say still interested in the girlfriend because they had 19 fairly significant weapons in their home. >> and if you're living with
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them like she apparently was, she would have something to say about how long it took to acquire this and probably something to report about his moods and what things he might have been thinking about. >>. >> in some cases -- and there's no social media, they say. there's no manifesto, no letters that he left behind. this guy seems to have come from nowhere, although that's where we are now. >> we heard from his brother today who, at his home yelled some responses to reporters. and everything he seemed to be saying was there was no reason to suspect anything about this. he did tell us that the guy was in effect a gambler for a living. that is the way he lived. but we didn't pick up anything from his brother and his brother, apparently wanted to
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take him at his word have no suspicion. >> that's what he says. he also says he's a multimillionaire. but in these situations we try to find a logical explanation as to why someone would do the unthinkable. there's no way to explain such a horrible thing. and there will be some explanation but why someone snaps like that and anileates so many innocent people is senseless. >> thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> reporter: we're joined now by joseph. he was here last night. tell us. >> we were enjoying the music. >> reporter: it was right behind us. >> right behind us. jason aldean was on stage performing and we were having a great time. then all the sudden we heard what sounded like fireworks in the distance but they kept
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coming and coming and coming. >> how many friends were you with? >> about 10 people. >> reporter: and so you're reacting with each other about what is this? >> we were all kind of looking. but we kept looking in the distance expecting to see a firework or something. none of us realized it was gun shots until jason aldean went off stage and people started shouting and screaming. and we realize we needed to get out of there. we ran. our whole group just ran. >> and were you running with someone in particular? >> i was with my friend. her name's kristen and she was shot in the shoulder. >> and when did she know she was shot? >> she was complaining when we
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were walking out of the venue about -- she kept saying she got hit by a water balloon. and she was hyperventilating. i thought she was just -- not over reacting but dealing with the panic at the moment. and then when she started coughing blood, i knew she been shot but i felt her and i couldn't feel a wound and i go we need get out of here and -- >> you couldn't see a wound he was bleeding from? >> we actually climbed this gate right here behind the national stage and ran up this street. when we got to desert rose we checked her again. there was actually concert goer, paramedic and she stuck with us.
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eventually turned 92. >> were you able to see her that hospital? >> i was with her all day. >> are you stuck in las vegas? >> i live here now. >> and what about your other friends there. somebody told me tlz rur another group associated with tough have you been sleeping? >> i've had about two hours of sleep. i'm dealing with emotions. i've spoken to somebody. i've spoken to a professional. and it's good to come back here and kind of face what happened. and it actually does help a lot
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to talk about it and to be here. >> some people would think you'd want to get away from it and not think about it. >> i think being here and seeing how it is now, it just gives you another perspective because you just reclaimed what we saw last time and that was remember sad. >> and i'm sure you've seen a lot of the video that was shot last night. >> i haven't been washing the news. that is the wrun thing i haven't done. i'm not ready for that yet. >> you think you'd be reliving it watching the video. >> i saw a couple clips and did feel like i was -- the more it effects you less and less.
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>> when you were trying to get out of here, what was the point when you knew you were safe? >> when we got to the hotel i knew we were safe because we were out of range. >> and did you hear these reports going around last night that she was shooting in more than one place. but apparently all there was a lot of confusion. >> so once you got out of this area, you knew you were safe. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up. it john on what's happened in his city.
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here we are again in the aftermath of another terrible, inexplicable, shocking and painful tragedy. this time in las vegas, which happens to be my home town and cleto's home town and cleto sr's home town and as you know 59 people are dead, hundreds others are wounded in what they say is the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history, coming
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a year after the previous deadliest mass shooting ever in orlando and of course we pray for the victims and their families and friends and we wonder why, even though there's probably no way to ever know why a human being would do something like this to other human beings who are at a concert having fun and listening to music. >> reporter: and that is how jimmy kimmel began his show tonight. we're joined by the editor of the nevada independent and a las vegas resident. john, this is your town. i can't imagine you've been sleeping since this broke just over 24 hours ago. tell us what the city's been through. tell us also what you have been through. what is the life of the reporter been today in las vegas. >> now that i've become an editor and you have to supervise this entire team and have them
10:16 pm
sent out all over this valley to pursue stories. remember when we were young and we could do that. they're not just pursuing the story, trying to piece this together, expressing the same kinds of frustrations that you and yob would express. they feel the frustration by the end of the day. as you engz ammed i live here. my son wanted to go to that concert very badly with his girlfriend. tried to get tickets. they were sold out. his girlfriend called radio stations desperately to get tickets. thank gad they failed. i can't imagine what people are going through thinking bot their loved ones and friends being there. las vegas has a certain reputation. it's easy to mock las vegas or be cynical. this town really has responded incredibly a gofund me account with $2.5 million.
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hundreds of people donating blood and off duty policeman from california who happen to be at that concert. it's difficult to describe the enormity of what's happened here. but that at least is the silver lining. let's listen more to jimmy kimmel who grew up in las vegas. >> i've been reading comments from people who say this is terrible but there's nothing we can do about it. but we don't. we build walls, we take every precaution to make sure it doesn't happen again but when an american buys a gun and killed other americans, there's nothing we can do about that and second amendment i guess our
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forefathers wanted us to have ak-47s is the argument i assume. >> and john, we're going to be seeing more of that discussion with jimmy kimmel is presenting tonight. >> it's so depressing. i was talking to a friend of mine who own as big company and he just expressed his frustration. we're having the same discussion. the polaratiization. i thautd it was over after sandy hook. but people are in their camps right away. you mentioned jimmy kimmel grew up here. i only saw him once in person at wedding 25 years ago and he was this joyful, hilarious guy but since his experience with politics, the health care battle, he looks defeated and sad the way a lot of people do because it's a replay. just the same old thing over and over.
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>> i noted the assisted sheriff tonight in the press conference stressed how safe everyone now is in las vegas and how this was one person, one shooter. people did not have to worry about a bunch of false reports, indicating there was more than that. i have friends here who this morning kept their children home from school. that's how afraid this city was when it woke up this morning anyway. >> and it's different world. there was a report of a truck with bombs on it it at the luxor hotel. but even the truth is horrific. the guy is up on the 32nd floor shooting down into a bunch of sitting ducks with nowhere to hide and people, the distrust of instugzs. people might not believe the
10:20 pm
police it's totally safe. i don't know if they plebelieve themselves. since centration of people at big events, there's always been a fear that something like this could han and it has. >> we had a guest in my earlier hour tonight speculate this could stop. basically stop outdoor concerts in las vegas because there are so many big buildings with lines of sight with this near the outdoor location sights in las vegas. >> there's going to be all kinds of considerations, what to do. this town cannot exist without tourism. are they just going to be afraid to go to outdoor concerts and small inclosed places with huge buildings? are they going to be afraid to go to these hotels? generally 99.9% of the time it's
10:21 pm
as safe as anywhere you can go. but now this is all over the world. so people will never feel the same, i don't think, about coming here. >> where do you think this city's going to be at the end of this week, end of next weeking? >> you have to get past the preening by some of the politicians and desire to take advantage whether it's politicians or special interests. why did this guy do it? we know surden things about him but we don't know why he did this, what more might or might not come out. sgl i have been very critical of don don. i was very surprised -- presidential he looked today but who knows what he's going to do in puerto rico. so who knows what kind of demeanor he'll have.
10:22 pm
the governor is a huge critic of don don. they do not have a good relationship. can everyone show unity during a presidential visit. with trump you never know. >> thank you very fluch joining us and i'm really sorry for everything you've had had to endure in the last 24 hours. coming up rachel maddow, chris hayes will join us. also we'll get the latest from the doctors, nurses work around the clock. ♪ e same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions
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last night a gunman opened fire on a large crowd at a country music concert in las vegas, nevada. he brutally murdered more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more. it was an act of pure evil. >> that was the president addressing the nation this morning. and calling for unity and paeea after the las vegas shooting. both the white house and congress observed moments of silence in honor of victims of
10:27 pm
the shooting. pt will meet with law enforcement, first responders and the families of victims. here's the white house press secretary on whether the shooting will have any impact on the president's position on gun control. >> this is an unspeakable tragedy. today is a day for consoling the survivors and mourning those we lost. our thoughts and prayers are with those individuals. there's a time and place for a political debate but now is a time to unite as a country. there's an open law enforcement investigation. a motive is yet to be determined and it would be premature to discuss policy when we don't fully know all the facts or what took place last night. >> we're joined now by rachel maddow and chris hayes. >> watching sarah huckabee
10:28 pm
sanders say that, i'm taken back to orlando and watching then candidate trump the day after that shooting call on a full ban of a billion people to come in the country. there was no sense then that it was too early. there was a day to console victims, that we need to get the facts. and it should be clear are totally reasonable things to say. but that is a standard -- it's almost kind of maddening because it's unevenly applied by this white house who's jumped out, who has run with the first reports of all sorts of things and it's a very different sarah huckabee sanders. >> they're happy to acknowledge, except when -- except when --
10:29 pm
>> it doesn't fit in the box they have. it's been a really, to me, unnerving tendency of the president to tweet about things happening that appear to be act by say isis or jihadists of some sort. an hour into it. while people are figuring out what happened. you see all the suden the restraint that doesn't check that box. >> because it's about guns. and the thing that seems different about this and i mean even compared to pulse, even compared to sandy hook, even to virginia tech. is this killer appears to have put together an arsenal that seems to have been maxing out what you can do with legal weapons. and we still don't know about the automatic weapons fire. we have subsitions whether he modified it and what that means.
10:30 pm
we just got it at the press conference. in the hotel room 23 guns at his property in mesquite. we're told through other reporting services, all rifles there. if we was using weird after market modifications on those guns, they make your gun dwli glitchy. you can solve that if you have 20 of them. as soon as one misfires, you grab another. it makes the financial aspect interesting, technological question interesting. even before we know about his motivation or connections to anybody else and we, as a country decided we couldn't talk about that, at least at the federal level in terms of whether or not we can have a
10:31 pm
practical discuss. >> one thing they don't want to talk about is silencers towards deregulating silencers which would have made this even wursz. tleing us they didn't think it was gun shots at first. any kind of silencing capacity on this, what would it have taken? thad stroor see the bodies falling before any of it to deregulate silencers. >> a lot of disinformation, not just miss information, they sartd saying that silencers tool see what kind of exotic weapons you can pay to shoot round here. and everybody told me oh, yeah,
10:32 pm
you can put silencers in that kind of weapon. why you would need silencers when you can just use ear plugs. >> we have now come to apply to events like this and could be a terrorist attack from isis ear red flag. some rage that descented to meet her again. >> at some level there's a. >> standing here looking at what this person did is so gastly and horrible and took such a combination of planning and benevolence without any an
10:33 pm
mating reason that we know of that at this point it feels like it from thexs my capacity to conkeptual i have been a life-long compone rnt of the second mendment. i cannot express how wrong whereby was. he has completely rehearsed himself on the second amendment and what's really surprising about that is we don't normally have something like that to refort. even the person who changes their find the mind about it. >> there was a man who tried to murder a dozen republican members of congress and there was no -- they were there. they were on the receiving ends
10:34 pm
of this. almost murdered. one of the most perverse notions in this conversation is some notion that they will stop things like this specifically to say -- >> there are people with concealed memory licenses. it's useless because of the insane amount of power they were able to put together and it's going to be a discussion out of technology . >> coming up, a live report from one of the hospitals treating some of the 527 injured victims. ♪
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the latest estimate still stands at 527. >> i spend most of my day at the hospitals. extraordinary efforts on behalf of our medical community. >> here in las vegas tonight the medical staff, doctors, nurses at five area hospitals have been treating hundreds of people. 527 people injured in that shooting. nbc joins us now from university medical center. what's the situation there? >> well, i can say it's pretty quiet right now. but the situation is one that has been played out across this
10:39 pm
town over the last 24 hours because we're coming up to the 24-hour period. but we have heard stories about midical staff who are just heading home after their shift. and all the sudden this wave of people started coming in. getting out of their cars. there was one story where one of the doctors left the blinkers to run back to the hospital to take care of many of the people that were coming in. this is the only number one trauma center in town. these places were completely overwhelm overwhelmed. one of the lucky ones was own lee shot in the ankle. here's what she had to say. >> i thought it was fireworks going off. but i did run. we dropped to the ground and i got shot while i was on the ground. i felt the impact and i could
10:40 pm
feel my boot filling up with blood as we ran towards the port-a-potty's to take cover. i got to see a lot of compassion amongst everybody. i saw everybody work together and try to make the best decisions we could. there were five of us piled into a cab. a guy shot in the head, a girl shot in the chest and we all piled in the cab and got here. i don't know if the rest of them survived because their wounds were much more serious than mine. >> reporter: we've heard talk all day of long line ups outside blood donor clinics. this evening people have been dropping off food stuffs, bottles of water. this clearly is a city trying to help in any way that it can. and it looks like that there is
10:41 pm
obviously with a number of vigils that people are going to have to dig deep in las vegas to start the healing process. the bought nl line is this is a city famous for its lights and the loikts lights have gone dark over the next 24 hours. >> we know hospitals train for this, but fiver27 injured. that's a number that had to overwhelm any system. >> oh, absolutely. they went all the way through the night, into the the day we've been talking to officials who are referring to itads he hero heroic. there were broadcasts throughout the evening if it is not a life
10:42 pm
threatening situation, there's no where to put people. it must have been a very ---ing a huge triage situation taking place in these hospitals. it's tragic how many people cost lair loves that perhaps more didn't lose theirs. >> thank you very much. appreciate it, kevin. >> sure thing, lawrence. up next the latest on the dozens of guns police have found that belodged to the shooter. (honking) (beeping) we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork,
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it's a very difficult time. while the sun is shining in las
10:46 pm
vegas, it is a very dark and black day, and as i'm sure that was said, october 1st, 2017, will be one of the darkest days ever. and hopefully never again. >> investigators said earlier this evening that they have recovered 23 guns from the shooter's hotel room at the mandalay bay hotel and casino. 19 were discovered at the shooter's home in mesquite, nevada, which amounts to a total of 42 guns so far that were apparently in the shooter's possession. for more we're joined by jim cavanaugh, nbc analyst and retired atf special agent. what do you make of the raw number of guns here. >> what sticks out to me more than the number is the number that he carried to the hotel
10:47 pm
room. you know, i've seen lots of people in my atf career with lots of guns, lots of collectors and people like to shoot and hunt and own guns and trade guns. all legitimate owners. lots of people like that. but to carry 23 guns and 22 of those are long guns to the 32nd floor of a hotel room with some tripod mounts and ammunition and in ten suitcases, that six out to me more than anything than just the ownership of the total number of guns. >> jim, one thing i've been wondering about on that and we'll know this eventually. how many days was he checked into that hotel. let's say he was there for four days, five days. that gives him plenty of time to bring those things in diskreetel one or two a day of a case carrying that kind of weapon, but if it's just one day, if it's just that day, if he had to get them all up there relatively quickly, that's when it becomes
10:48 pm
something that you hope someone would be curious about. >> right. but you know what i think he's doing, lawrence, these military guns, they're made of light material. it's ant -- it's kind of a plastic stocks. up, they were made for war so soldiers could carry them in battle. they weren't as heavy as the old wooden stock m-14s of the world war ii era. they're kind of lighter, a big improvement. they've got a handle on the top. and they break down in half. and you could break these guns down to maybe 18 inches long in half. you could stick them in a wheeled suitcase. you know, you could literally go up there with a carload of bags and get a bell man and put it all on the cart and take it up in one fell swoop and nobody would even know guns are inside a duffle bag or whatever. and he could easily and do that and whatever. why is he staying there four days? there's some gambling going on. there's some plotting going on.
10:49 pm
there's some decision-making going on. there's determination. but there's not much sophistication other than he picked a high spot against an easy crowd to shoot, and he had the weapons to do it. but all -- it was all cooking right there in the end and we're hoping some of the answers may come from the searches of his house, the computer in his hotel room. maybe the girl friend, maybe we don't seem to be getting many answers from the neighbors or the relatives. they don't seem to know anything other than he gambled all the time of the and of course, we know he's somewhat obsessed with all these firearms. >> jim, it may be that the girlfriend lived with him, in which case you would expect her to have seen a change in him over time, the kind of snap that has occurred here is not the kind of thing that happens in one day, and if someone was in close proximity to him over a
10:50 pm
long period of time, it seems they would have to notice some kind of changes going on. >> well, you're spot on, lawrence. and also, the question also arises, she's on a foreign trip. now, is that a foreign trip that's for leisure to see family members that has nothing to do with him or his behavior or their relationship or does it have something to do with him, his behavior, their relationship, his gambling and that's why she left and maybe she was searching for another place to go or trying to get away from him. we don't have all those answers. but something is going on in this guy's life that involves the three things that seem to consume him, the girlfriend, the gambling and obviously these guns, even though his relatives didn't know about it. so the answers are in that triangle there. something in that triangle -- and they may all three be involved. we know the guns are involved. but the others may be involved as well to give us the answer to
10:51 pm
the motive. >> jim cavanaugh, thank you very much for joining us tonight. really appreciate your input. >> thanks, lawrence. >> nbc's stephanie gosk has more on the victims. >> reporter: as bullets started reining down on sunday, sonny mel ton's instinct was to protect his wife of just over a year, heather. he grabbed her and started running when he was shot in the back. heather says he saved my life and lost his. at this point i can barely breathe. mel ton was a registered nurse in tp. his wife is a surgeon. they met at the hospital and fell in love. >> he was very kind, loving person that everybody liked a lot. >> he was shot in the chest. >> jordan lined up to donate blood just hours after learning his cousin was killed. in his free time he coached his little brother's flag football
10:52 pm
team. >> i loved quinton. he was a very popular kid around school and around town. >> at least two manhattan beach, california residents died in the massacre including rachel parker and special education teacher sandy casey. her partner christopher said she lived life to the fullest and made me the happiest man in the world. secretary lisa row measure row and office manager susan smith also among the victims. 28-year-old single mother jessica clim chuck was visiting vegas with her fiancee. you are heaven sent. you are my one and only she wrote to him last week. she leaves behind four children. several police officers are also among the victims including las vegas officer charleston heart field. >> one of my officers was off duty attending the concert and lost his life. >> one duty said off duty officers in the crowd were injured when they acted as human shields. >> they laid over top of us every time a round was fired.
10:53 pm
>> he crossed paths with heather gooz in the chaos. >> i'm with a young man who died in my arms, she wrote on facebook. tonight as the death toll climbs, so many people still searching for loved ones and answers. >> we'll be right back with a last word. that that we would wake up to the news of a massacre like this, weapons of war in the hands of a determined killer with a tactical advantage. this was an ambush if there ever was one. this was domestic terrorism. we send our thoughts and prayers to, but they are not enough. your thoughts and prayers aren't going to stop the next shooting.
10:54 pm
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but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. days after the orlando shooting last year when 49 people were killed, the american medical association said gun violence in the united states is a public health crisis. here is nbc news harry smith.
10:58 pm
>> reporter: when is enough enough? when do we look at images like the ones we witnessed today and say enough already? the horror, the grief, the broken bodies, the sheer senselessness of the mayhem. at some point we will become inurd to the violence. perhaps we already are. in case you're wondering the number of guns in america has something to do with the number killed. mass shootings where four or more people are killed are not rare. there have been more than 1,500 victims of mass shootings since
10:59 pm
sandy hook. yet they make up but a fraction of the gun deaths in america every year. we kill more than 30,000 people annually with guns. more than double that number are injured. just over half the deaths are suicides. 12,000 of the deaths are homicides. and at least half of those are young men, mostly young black men. the american medical association has declared gun violence a public health issue, like aides or zika or the flu. think of gun violence -- one would think the centers for disease control would be all over this, but somehow is seems when they start to mount a serious study of gun violence the study gets blocked by congress. yes, blocked by congress. imagine a country confronted by
11:00 pm
an epidemic it chooses not to treat. >> harry smith gets tonight's last word. msnbc's live coverage continues from new york. xxxx. good to be with you at this hour. i'm francisry vera. >> and fill inmen that. it is 2:00 a.m. on the east coast and new details emerging on the horrific mass shooting in las vegas. the worst in modern american history. it killed dozens of and injured over 500 others. police are investigating the shooter, identified as stephen paddock of mesquite, nevada. authorities believe he killed himself before police entered his room and now according to the "associated press," officials are saying he had two devices that could have converted semiautomatic weapons into fully automatic ones. he was able to release hundreds of round


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