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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  October 3, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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good to have you with me at the top of the hour.
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from msnbc world headquarters in new york. this is the late it's from las vegas with more of our continuing coverage of the deadly rampage, now the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. at least 59 people are killed, more than 500 injured when a gunman opened fire from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel and casino on to a country music festival below. by the time police had stormed the shooter's room they say he had taken his own life surrounded by an arsenal of guns. we have the very latest on the victims, the suspect and the search for his motive beginning with nbc's steve patterson on how it all unfolded. >> reporter: panic, confusion, chaos. as a barrage of bullets rained down on an outdoor country music festival. 22,000 fans packing a portion of the las vegas strip. >> we have an active shooter.
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we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds. >> the gunfire broke out during the headlining act. country music star jason aldean on stage. within seconds, terror. back to back bursts of automatic fire rang out. >> everyone started stampeding and charging and knocking over grills, jumping over fences, getting out. >> it happened just after 10:00 p.m. the loan gunman identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock shooting from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. >> there was people that were dead on top of me and he was shooting them on top of me. and i was just -- i remember thinking just praying like is this my time? what was happening? >> at least 59 dead and more than 500 injured. the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> there are a lot of people just bleeding everywhere. it was just -- didn't know where the blood was coming from. didn't know whose blood it was. >> police say paddock checked in three days before the shooting.
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investigators scouring his home said they found pounds of slows explosives and several weapons. >> we had no knowledge of this individual. >> officials say paddock had more than ten rifles in his hotel room, where he shot out at concert goers from two broken windows. it took swat teams an hour and 15 minutes to get him there. he was found dead there a self-inflicted gunshot wound. nbc's reporter on lockdown inside the hotel. >> meanwhile emergency workers poured in. the wounded flooding full emergency roomts filled to capacity. >> it's just chaos because you want to do the most, the best for as many people as possible. >> first responders being haled for their swift action as survivors come to grips with the horror on the ground. >> you think you're going there
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to have a fun time to, you know, listen to music, hang out with friends and you never expect anything like this to happen. >> a night of historic terror starting with the joy of a concert to be forever remembered for unimaginable cruelty. >> as lag vague comes to grips with the staggering incident, investigates or are tying to figure out why he would do this. police searched his home about 90 minutes from the seen in mesquite, nevada and that's where we find nbc's katyy beck with late details. >> reporter: a quiet retirement community 80 miles from las vegas, now the former home of a mass murderer. >> i turned on the news and my wife and i both, i mean, we were in tears. the shock. >> neighbors horrified that gunman stephen paddock lived among them in this upscale development, built among desert mountains and a government
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course. thousands of miles east from there, paddock's brother in orlando suffering the same disbelief. a man he thought he knew. >> it doesn't make any sense that he killed those people. it makes in sense that he did that. >> reporter: in 2015 paddock moved here, bought a two-story single family home. his brother says so he could relax in retirement. >> he was a multimillionaire. he had multiple million dollars. okay. i don't know. we didn't talk. but we had business dealings previously. we owned property together. >> reporter: police searched his home monday for his motive to kill. >> this is a crazed lunatic full of hate. >> reporter: removing 18 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition and explosives, searching for answers at the house he shared with his girlfriend. >> there's just nothing. he was just a guy. >> what's unique for us the gunman, the shorter and the person with him, we the mesquite
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police department had not had any contacts with these people in the past. >> reporter: enjoyed gam blij, was a licensed private pilot and a real estate owner. he kept? touch with family is said to have recently provided a new walker for huz elderly mother. >> you feel sad and you feel surprised and shocked. so many emotions. kind of nervous. this whole thing was disturbing. >> reporter: leaving a mourning community and country to wonder how he could have done this. >> that was katy beck reporting. and emerging from the chaos, so many incredible stories of survival including one man who said he ran in to help others only to be struck himself by gunfire. >> reporter: it should have been a night out with friends and some country music under the vague as stars. for 28-year-old thomas gurnd son, instead it was this.
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>> i talked to a couple of other guys. i said i think it's fake because we really did. we thought somebody was, you know, just trying to mess with people. >> reporter: it was a gunman on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel trying to kill people. >> i look up and i see flashing lights from what i thought was about the 20th floor perfectly in sequence with the gunshots and i right then knew it wasn't fake. i knew he was shooting from that hotel. and right then and there, he took my leg out. >> gurnd son was shot through his right calf. >> it was very odd. i didn't feel pain really. i went down and immediately just saw blood everywhere. >> gurnd son said that's what he was most scared, thinking he'd be trapped in the open, bleeding with no one to help. >> i really felt like i owe my-to a couple of girls that i'll probably never find out who they are. they grabbed me by the legds, they dragged me over to the side and took her belt off and put a
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turn ket on my leg. grabbed a couple of guys next to them and said you will carry him out of here. >> reporter: but gurnd son was far from the clear. just to move him and other victims out of the line of far, first responders got the wounded to the hospitals any way they could. >> they were literally loading us into the back of toe trucks. i was laying on somebody that i honestly don't believe made it. >> at university medical center gurnd son learned the but missed both bone and artery. unlike many others he's expected to make a full recovery. >> nobody cared what you looked like last night. nobody did. they wanted to save your life. >> a very lucky man in a city where luck can make all the difference. >> we turn now to former fbi special agent in charge who joins us over the phone. rick, we thank you for being with us here this hour.
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so many questions dlug a motive. why would this happen, why would he do this? what are those officers and investigators focusing on now? >> yeah, so that is the $60,000 question is why. and one of the things that we've learned in looking at these mass casualty active shooter events is there is no one pre file for an active shooter. however, there's typically a pathway to violence and that pathway starts with a grievance and it moves from a grievance to an ideation and that ideation or m.o.a.b. could be anything from extreme anger to a perception of persecution. the person could have a paranoid ideology. he could have a mental health issue, depression, antisocial narcissistic behavior. he may feel that he has to preemptively strike dense an individual or society. in the case of terrorism it can be -- in ideation the individual
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typically goes towards a research and planning phase we're they're online learning at weapons and learning how to build explosive devices and then they go from aspirational to operational preparing and staging for the actual attack and then the last step in this pathway to violence is the affirmative decision to act and to attack. so the investigators are going to be looking for clues along that pathway. and they'll find that in interviewing his girlfriend, who probably knew him better than anyone else at this point in his life. they're look at financials to see if there may have been a trigger, a big gambling loss would be an example where he feels like, you know, las vegas is my problem and that's my grievance and i'm going to strike against las vegas. and that's a supposition, obviously. and then they're going to look at the caters of research. and they can find that prepares
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on a computer hard drive. 64-year-old male may not be as computer savvy. so he may have kept a diary. >> the reports that there was a computer found in his hotel room there at the mandalay bay, so what they find in that, of course, many questions there. but does it strike you at this point when you talk about this pathway of grievance and the red flags that there were none at this point that we're seeing now? >> well, that's not unusual in this early in the investigation. >> okay. >> when you start talking to people it may not be readily parent that he had a grievance and it could be against an individual, a workplace, against society. so -- but that's usually starting point on this pathway. the person has a defined problem. >> right. >> with somebody or something and then it escalates and there's a triggering event. and typically you see these sort
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of stages in this pathway occur. and the investigators are going to be looking for that through,up, the forensic -- also through las vegas has great cc tv. they're the most photographed city in the world, right. so they'll be able to put together a really defined timeline of all of his activities from the time he arrived in las vegas until the time the attack ended. and that could offer some clues. >> does it stand out to you at all that there was no manifesto so far that we know of that's been reported publicly, no letter, no suicide note especially when you have mad men like this who are wanting the credit for it, who would want their name out there, would want the reason known but so far nothing? >> well, again, one of the things about these things is there's no specific one profile. they're all sort of individual events. and trying to get into the mind of a mad man is a very difficult thing to do. you know, the fbi whaifbl analysis unit has gained fame
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trying to do that. and, you know, they continue to learn more things, you know, mental health issues and emotional health issues. but it's a myth to think that a person just snaps. this escalates overtime, and there's typically a triggering event. but that's not snapping. this was an organized killer who took some time and it took planning and it took a lot of logistics to move all of those weapons and ammunition up to that hotel room. it took some surveillance to discern his target frlt it didn't take a lot of sophistication. it was sort of a pray and spray. he didn't have to have marngs man ship or weapons training. so it will be interesting to see what the investigators find. but again, be patient. we're very early on in this investigation, you know. usually around 72 hours is when the investigators have a pretty good handle on things, and they may be very cautious because
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this is an internationally significant event. they're going to be very kausht and make sure they are get it right before they put the public face forward and bref the media and the american public on what they've found. >> what the world is waiting for are those answers to every to why and that motive. former best of my memory ham fbi special agent. thank you for your time and perspective. >> thank you. >> our special live coverage of the mass shooting in las vegas continues right after a quick break here on
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thoughts j prayers need to be matched by action. our job is not to just send good thoughts. >> thoughts and prayers are not enough when more moms and dads will bury their children this week and they're not enough when sons and daughters will be forced to grow up without their parents. >> we must act so that we doinate become numb to this preventible carnage. this is not preordained, it is preventible. >> now the shock of yet another mass shooting reverberates in washington. the debate is raging once again. some saying the immediate aftermath is a tragedy is no time for the debate, while
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others say it is precisely the appropriate time. hally jackson has those details. >> for president trump somber silence after a sobering speech. >> it was an act of pure evil. in moments of tragedy and horror america comes together as one. >> reporter: the president respond thug tack with remark that called for unity but not gun control. as the compattive debate resufferesses. >> it would be premature to discuss policy when we don't fully know all the facts or what took place last night. >> reporter: gun control advocates see it differently. >> if we don't act now -- >> reporter: at the capitol, former congresswoman shot in the head in arizona in 2011 delivered a message to her former colleagues. >> the nation's counting on you.
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>> reporter: by now it's a familiar pattern that not even the murders of 20 children at sandy hook could break. a devastating shooting, a national gun dialogue grid locked with disagreements over tougher background checks and mental health regulations. >> you can't sit here and call for ban this, ban that when you don't even know what was used. >> reporter: rallying around the second amendment. with the gop in control of congress and the white house, it looks like little will change. >> i want to bring in clarence cox, the president at -- the national president of noble or the organization of black law enforcement executives. tack to us about this mass shooting and the impact it could have on law enforcement. >> certainly it's a tragedy and
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i can't underline that enough. the impact is we do all kinds of things to prevent what happened october 1st. and this guy was one televise those people who was not on the radar because he didn't have the regular indicators or some of the things we look for in law enforcement. and much like rick said, the former fbi agent you just had on, this is just one of the things that's baffling. the profile is in the fbi behavioral studies group. it's unfortunate that 16 months ago we were doing the same thing. so this is just one of the things where we're frustrated at law enforcement to have to continue to see this and to hear people keep talking about uniting the country behind this. first of all we shouldn't be divided and secondly, they
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shouldn't be politicized. >> and the action is what so many people are wanting to see. and talking about that and your frustration. in a statement he called on the community to be more involved in reporting suspicious people who show indicatorprise possible violent acts. but you have this madman here, no criminal record. his brother and close family describing it as an asteroid falling for thum sky. no manifesto. no letter at this point. but so specifically and strategically planned as far as the actions there. the 23 weapons having a joining room where he could shoot at. what would the red flags have been? is it too early to know anything at this point? sglits rr kind of early to have a large cachet of weapons would not be an indicator because there's so many gun enthuse i
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shoulds out there, you can't pin it on that. >> again the no criminal record and -- you would think there would be -- we've seen so many times an affiliation. there was no political or religious affiliation here, nothing to point to any kind of motive. >> you're right and being 64 years oerlksd i agree with the assessment as it relates to the computer. very few people not leave a trail and i would be interested to find what they get off the computer in the room there. but agon because of so many different avenues of terrorism, we're busy tracking those people who put out those strong indicators. so someone like this is struggling. as we think about it the results of someone who was able to fly.
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>> how does thart change the way you and noble go about it? and knowing thatd you can't so much on those indicators but in this case there were very little. >> it's kind of one of those things where you continually say if you see something, say something. so many of our citizens are afraid to say something because the retribution, sometimes, after you've reported something that may turn out not to have been anything. so we've got to continue to edgedate our country and encourage them and give them things that woept put them in a position where their identity is give up. and we've got to insure confidentiality. we've got to insure the safety of those people who give up information like this and you're critical to successful investigations.
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this troubles me. i've shot the about this since it happened. >> well, how tough do you think that will be, especially with his girlfriend? before we knew this gunman's naim, we were puttling the photo of the girlfriend up with license plates with her photo and of course sheesz rr out thfr country. so far police have cleared here. i'm sure they're going to question her. and how valuable her information will be to shed light on this. >> this is significantly impactful for her life going forward. they're going to blame her for this accident. and we've got to work on a better filtration of information because you sometimes get it before we do. fortunately you have talented in the media who are great investigators when it relates to things like this. but we've got to contain this
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information somehow, whether she's involved or not. and you think about a tluft victims identified in this tragic event. they're going to be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after this has been -- years from now, soft of like the other people in orlando and sandy hook and we've got to start compounding this information and right now this is an ongoing investigation. butted many of the import nlt sights have been revealed and there's no surprise. >> the national orlginization of black law enforcement 2w0ibs. we'll be right back the latest on where things stand into the investigation of a man who carried out the deadliest mass shootding in modern day america. >> our hearts for broken, our
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artd are kev states said. for our hearts are dev stated for the 500 plus in the hospital beds. there's no words we can say except to cry out to god. we know you love this city, you love these people. we love las vegas. i believe that people are standing up today because chufrpz are standing up, men and women from all different backgrounds. wll ♪
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there are 59 new stars in the sky and we will go on and make everything what they wanted it to be. it was a great concert and they were having such a wonderful time and this demented soul, he should rot in hell, that's my opinion. >> the mayor of las vegas speaking out after the horrible tragedy in las vegas. it killed dozens and injured over fiver 00 others. they're identifying the shooter of mesquite, nevada. authorities believe he killed himself before police entering his room. and officials are saying paddock had two bump stock devices,
12:32 am
which can convert weapons. he was able to unleash hundreds of rounds of gun fire of the manta-lay bay hotelling and a distance of more than 1200 feet away. these comes a vigils were held to help honor victims. flrs some waiting five hours or more. and tomorrow president trump is planning to meet with president trump. now to those who didn't make it out. it had brought in 10 ofrz thousands of fans world wide, protecting your wife, a special education peeperse. has more on the victim. >> reporter: as bullets started raining down, the instinct was to protect his wife of just over
12:33 am
a year, heather. he graped her when she started running. and lost his. at this point i can barely breathe. he was a registered nurse in tennessee. they met at the hospital and fell in love. >> he was very kind, loving person everybody lookedic in the lot. thee robens attended the university of nevada las vegas. >> i love quinton. he was a very popular kid around school and town. >> at least two manhattan beach california residents died in the massacre, including a long time records' technicianing for the feats department. may be the papiast man in the
12:34 am
world. and susan smoithall esoamong the victims. 28 yoeltd single mother was visiting vegas with her fiance. you are heaven sent, you my one and only. she leaves behind four children. las vegas officer charles. >> one of my afrss was off duty attending the concert and lost his life. >> off beauty police officers laid over top of us. mccannic was a big fan of las vegas. he crossed paths. i'm with a young man who died to my arms. so many people just searching for loved ones and answers. >> the emergency response in las vegas was overwhelming.
12:35 am
some thinking to life. so the uthders is out to wupd it. more on the rush to save lives. >> as chaos turned to carnage, thousands ran for exits while those in uniform poured into help. first responders risking their own lives to save others. wearing kev lar helmets and vests they ended to the wounded anyway i could. the seriously injured were everywhere. carries on stretchers and wheel barrows. >> right now we need your truck. >> trauma supervisor has never seen anything like it before.
12:36 am
>> we put gurneys outside. wheelchairs outside waiting for the people to be brought in. >> for hours ambulances fairied in those clinging to life. overwhelming five hospitals. >> you don't see it attica pasty unless it's life threatening. >> all emergency personnel called in to help. others wait hours to donate much needed blood for those like this man, shot in the chest and his brother. >> just a combined effort of bystanders. it's one of the most craziest, beautiful things i've seen in the tragedies. >> the worst of times bringing out the best. so many saved amuj so much lost. well, the senseless act of violence has hit the country music community particularly hard.
12:37 am
some of the biggest acts performing at the festival, including a big name on stage. >> reporter: the sickening stucaughto of gun fire mix would jason aldean's voice. 50 feet away on stage stood jake owen. >> is that gun fire? and it just got faster and faster. >>. >> aldean, one of country music's biggest stars was revving up the crowd as the final act of the festival, nicknamed the neon sleep over. but what he heard on stage wasn't the sound of a party. his guitar strapped to his body, he ran for cover. >> there's blood on people and you could see a folks in the streets looked like they'd been shot. >> i'm still sitting on the bus
12:38 am
after what was the most oriffic thing. i didn't see where the shooter was up thin window. >> the singer posting to instagram "tonight has been beyond horrific. it hurtsds my heart this would happen to anyone coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night. brittany saying angels were watching over us tonight. taylor swift, mariah carey, rihanna and currentry music legend, reba macintyre. pleading for unity, gun control and to call it for what it is, terrorism. the discorded mix of murder and music. nbc news, new york. >> and we'll be right back with more on our special coverage of the mass shooting.
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it's time to stop the hate, you know. it's time to unify as a people. i think we've seen enough of this. it needs to take more than a president, more than a shooting to split us as american people. there's no room for hate anymore in this country and if you have any of it in your harkts you need to come forward and talk to somebody and find peace with god or whoever you find peace with. >> social media videos gave a glimpse as a gunman fire under to -- >> recount what was the worst mass shooting in modern american history. >> we have an active shooter. it's coming from up there at
12:43 am
mandalay bay. halfway up. i see the shots for coming from mand lay pay. getting out. >> two guys came running by carrying a girl all wludy. >> i didn't know to get up, to run, to duck. didn't know if it was safe to move because of everything that was going on. really scary. >> i had no idea where my mom was. >> they laid over top of us every time a round was fired, to make sure the women were paf now you're in uniform, 234nobody telling you what to do. >> we're witnessing heroes of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds and colors. and what the world would
12:44 am
witness -- >> there's so many that stay would the wounded. didn't know who they were but they stayed. so there's lot of heroes out there. >> we can take solace knowing that even the darkest space can be brightened by a single light and even the most terrible despair can be illuminated by a single ray of hope. >> to try to gain more insight n to all of this, we're joined by crim naulsh in san frind doetd pope oosbz wr sffrmation spat skav udstrieing trying to process. the first many have is why? your thoughts on what we're arer learning and what motivated them. >> >> great question. the first thing that was tabled
12:45 am
was when the mock news agency claimed responsibilitresponsibi. they seemed to be claiming credit for almost every drain railment. a casino attack in the fill pones. so we can table that. one of the things he we often see is people whoop relationship there he'll talk to people one of the things that we need when we create a tempilate for motivations. they can be political, religious or a hybrid. and four, psychologically
12:46 am
danger. or they're a socio path. they know what they do is wrong and do it anyway. frrsh this ktd be anothericer as well monopoly that we'll see in the dis to come. possibly and again this is pure speculation. and perhaps benefit or revenge. let me say one quick thing. one thing when people scapegoat and we saw this from southern california. you have the beauty supalestine she's at. the violence, wens it goeszsose it eseb--
12:47 am
>> when you have somebody with that ability of being psychologically dangerous, the other investigators we've spoke to say it's not just one thing to trigger this. how much this was planned out that he was there for three days. he the arsenal of weapons. doyou believe it ktd have been a c comati comation. and my brother owed me enough money. perhaps this is something that was patszed on gemetically to the. what i thing is so interesting is that we saw this so there are peep whom can have severe wental
12:48 am
illness, spaelsh splarly if you're kupt comfortable. >> wouldn't a madman, somebody capable of doing somethingo. n. hoar a letter indicates he was the norway shooter. couldn't describe whether ernot he was categorically mentally ill or not. so sometimes the manifesto is the violence itself. we live in a stooet where pailance is now a frame of exprevs. >> and that's the unfortunate poort in here.
12:49 am
>> this man will be known for the first mass shooting in american history. >> thank you so nouch. this really does bring out the best in people. >> and those are the stories we hope to continue. frr frrsz. >> we'll be right back with the latest on this deadly shooting out of las vegas. ptz
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jtsz utsds rb a it's more than i can put into words right now. but honestly i felt like i was having the time of my life one second and the next i was
12:53 am
running for my life. >> what should have been a night of music and fun, jason aldean was performing when a gunman unleashed a barrage of some 20,000 people. they'll never forget. ♪ [ gun fire] >> you heard the ttt, ttt, ttt several times. >> we know there's a shatting from manda-lay bay, half way up. we have multiple casualties p multiple kings he got us good. and it was while she was being
12:54 am
cared by -- >> there were 22,000 people down there, the sheriff says. when we looked down last night it was shoeltder to shoulder. people were having a good time. >> i called my mom and myheads to tell them i left them and i didn't know if i was going to make it home. >> there's dead people everywhere. >> it's like is this ever going to end? >> police officers tanding up. >> police officers actually laid over the women there to make sure they wouldn't get shot at. one able to create such carnage. the first mass shooting in u.s.
12:55 am
history we're saddened and we're sorry that this happened and that this hand in lace vaugs or anywhere. >> in times like these, i'm searching for a meaning a laceyard rr rather be. the answers do not come easy. while the sun is shining, it is a very dark and block guy. until then, after an unmage. took the place of so many lives that are still hurt. stay with us as our special foirvage fof the exed hour continues. rs for thank you for being with us here on msnbc.
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jt . welcome back to msnbc special coverage. they're trying to figure out what drove a madman to fire into a crowd at a music festival, killing at least 59.
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>> this video came in overnight of agents sufferning the hotel room where steven paddock carried out that attack. and another 19 firearms from his home along with explosives and thoughs of bullets. most of what we know about the gunman came from his brother who spoke several times yesterday. take a listen. >> he's only himself. there's no affiliations. once again, that i know of at all. i mean, there's no affiliations. there's no church. there's no religion. there's no politics. there's no anything. >> has me had any issues with mental illness in the past? >> no. no mental illness. i mean, once again, that i know of. >> from what i know, he was perfectly fine. he had substantial wealth. he was a multimillionaire. he had multiple million dollars. okay? >> i mean, our


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