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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 3, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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of agents sufferning the hotel room where steven paddock carried out that attack. and another 19 firearms from his home along with explosives and thoughs of bullets. most of what we know about the gunman came from his brother who spoke several times yesterday. take a listen. >> he's only himself. there's no affiliations. once again, that i know of at all. i mean, there's no affiliations. there's no church. there's no religion. there's no politics. there's no anything. >> has me had any issues with mental illness in the past? >> no. no mental illness. i mean, once again, that i know of. >> from what i know, he was perfectly fine. he had substantial wealth. he was a multimillionaire. he had multiple million dollars. okay? >> i mean, our condolences to
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everyone. we just don't understand. it's like i said, an asteroid just fell out of the sky, and we have no reason, rime, rationale, excuse. there's just nothing. >> obviously a family member there bewildered by what took place. let's go to las vegas. ron allen is standing by near the scene of the crime. give us the latest on the investigation as people try to figure out and ask that question as to why. why he did this. >> reporter: exactly. why? and who is this individual? the police have added that they had no knowledge of this individual. he had no parking tickets. he'd never been arrested for any crime. he was completely off the radar. they have no idea why he would
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come here, assemble the arsenal and unload massacre on 22,000 at a concert. there seems to be no connection. police say there's no note, no manifesto which sometimes shooters leave behind to explain why they did what they did. here's a bit more from paddock's brother about who he thought his brother is. >> nobody's ever going to say he was a normal guy. this was a single guy who gambled, many more hours than anyone you know gambles, probably. but it was like a job to him. and he -- i'm just going to say this and i'm done. he was a -- he was a guy with a girlfriend. he lived in the hotels for -- i mean, he got comped to stay in
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the hotels. he was a substantial gambler. >> reporter: was he violent as a youngster? >> he has no history of a violence. they'll talk to his girlfriend and find this out. he's been divorced twice. he's good friends with both of his exs. was good -- you know. >> reporter: authorities are talking to his girlfriend who he lived with in mesquite, nevada. the question what can she tell him about why he had an arsenal and explosive materials in the home that we believe they shared. authorities aren't saying that she helped him at this point. they're saying they believe he acted alone. still, so many unanswered questions in this bizarre deadly mystery. again, authorities are trying to piece it all together. they're also trying to identify the victims. there are over 500 people who went to area hospitals. there are at least 59 people who
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have been pronounced dead. their relatives are coming to town to try and see what happened to their loved ones. this is going to play out for days, weeks, and months to come. >> all right. ron allen, thank you. as ron mentioned we're learning more about the victims. besides the 527 wounded we're learning more about the 59 killed. victims from all across the country among them 34-year-old carrie barnett. her brother said barnett loved humming birds because she saw them as a sign that her grandparents were watching her. cameron robinson was an employee of the city of las vegas attending the concert with his boyfriend. his sister confirmed his death of the las vegas review journal. he was 2. >> rhonda lerok. her sister said she attended the concert with her daughter and husband who escaped.
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tragic losing a mom. the mother of she boys, nasha tonks. lisa ramirez munez. and rack elle parker who's mother said she volunteered with the homeless and elderly. she was hit along with a colleague who survived. >> and debbie allen went to the concert with her 29-year-old son. they arrived separately, watched the concert apart. she tried to find him, a veteran, when she heard the sound of gunshots. >> i was trying to run toward wherever i thought he might be. this man wouldn't let me. he kept saying you can't run toward the gunfire. >> how did you hear the details about your son? >> from the man that was with him. the fireman behind him. >> what did he tell you?
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>> my son was shot in the chest. he said i was hit, i'm hit. and then he -- then they all bent down when the gunfire began and my son fell back. he was a vet. he has a shirt with a gunshot through it. he sat on a lot of bombs, never blew them up -- >> reporter: in afghanistan? >> in afghanistan. and he was a bright american. he sang in spanish. he sang in spanish all the time. >> absolutely heart breaking. joining us live from the university of methdical center, what's the latest on hospital sources and officials. we know tlfts a massive number of people injured. they've been treated at various hospitals in the areas. what are you hearing?
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>> reporter: they sort of reassessing what's gone on here for the last 24 hours. as you've mentioned, it's more than 500 people. that's a war zone. they were all taken to various medical centers. several people are in critical condition. those people are receiving the focus of the medical staff at this trauma unit this evening and this morning. doctors and nurses, medical staff, first responders, have obviously been working around the clock trying to save as many lives as possible. obviously if they had not been here, the death toll could very easily have been higher. now, at this particular hospital there is sort of a situation set up where if people come looking for loved ones, they can check in here in the cafeteria, type some names into a computer and you can be assisted in helping to locate someone who may be
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missing. some of the people with minor injuries are starting to be released. we spoke to one girl, amber devoice, who was shot in the ankle. >> there's slhrapnel in my foot. i'm going to usc to see a specialist. >> reporter: how do you feel that you're able to come out even though you're in a wheelchair, you're able to come out and that you're alive? >> i'm praising god, because i have a son that i get to go home to. i'm thankful. >> so many stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things trying to save as many lives as possible. throughout the day and throughout the evening people have been coming to the area hospitals, dropping off bottles of water, food stuffs, flowers,
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small signs, condolences. this town is doing it best to pull together. back to you. >> it's going to be a long road of recovery for a lot of people. kevin tibbles live in las vegas, thank you. the vegas strip getting back to some semblance of normal. the mood there is obviously subdued. for more on that, we'll go to blake mccoy along the strip. blake? >> reporter: good morning. we're on the far south side of the strip. this is the only part of the strip that is still closed. north of us the strip has reopened. we're seeing people leave their hotel and start to resume their lives. all around them, they are finding reminders of what happened. vegas is a city built around us kaching reality, but now reality has found it. >> everybody is very, very quiet. i find, compared to yesterday, it's very different.
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>> reporter: a somber mood as tourists return to the strip after many spent the night on lockdown in their hotel rooms. >> we just sat still and kind of watched. we could see mandalay bay from our hotel room. we could see the lights and the ambulance going. >> police officers have replaced street performers. hotel marquise have gone black with thoughts and prayers as well as phone numbers to call for the missing and addresses to donate blood. it's a stark change in tone for a city glamorized in movies for wild fun. >> this is vegas. >> reporter: vegas headliners are offering words of condolences. jennifer lopez writing las vegas feeling so broken this morning. celine dion saying she's praying for victims and families. it's been nearly four decades since something like this struck
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the strip. a fire killed 85 people and led to a overhaul of fire codes. the long term impact of this tragedy remains to be seen. a community responding with lines to donate blood and an outpouring of gratitude. what are they saying? >> just thanking us. >> reporter: many of the shows went dark in a sign of respect. i spoke with one headliner whose show was dark last night. he says they plan to turn the lights back on tonight to help people return to some sense of normalcy. >> that city coming together during this incredibly tragic time. blake in las vegas. thank you. last night congress observed a moment of silence in memory of the victims. paul ryan presided his members to quietly but not all were willing to standstill.
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katherine clark of massachusetts walked out of the chamber as ryan was calling members to order. her colleague of massachusetts tweeted earlier in the day as after, i will not be joining my colleagues in a moment of silence. that becomes an excuse for inaction. now is not a moment for silence. it's a time for action. political reporting that a bill to loosen restrictions on purchasing gun silencers which some expected to be voted on by the house this week is likely to be postponed. and last night chris murphy called for outrage over the carnage in vegas to be turned into action. >> thoughts and prayers need to be matched by action. and that's our job. our job, frankly, is not to just send good thoughts. the reason why we exist is to act, is to change the laws of the nation. >> we're going to hear with
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senator murphy when he joins "morning joe" later this morning. another major story we're following, tom petty has died at the age of 66. he originally from gainesville, florida went into cardiac arrest and later passed away at the ucla medical center. petty's career spanned more than four decades. he had major hits including "american girl". "don't do me like that". "i won't back down" c and free falling". he was also part of the traveling wilbur ris and wrote "handle with care". he fought a battle with his record label over the price of his albums and song writing rights. tom petty, dead at the age of 66. >> certainly a loss of a musical icon. our special coverage continuing. president trump dealing with the tragedy in las vegas.
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today he tours the devastation in puerto rico. we'll talk about that next.
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welcome back. we've been covering the carnage in vegas. in a couple hours president trump will depart for puerto rico to view the devastation of hurricane maria before heading to las vegas tomorrow. >> the president along with the first lady will meet with first responders and the governor of
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the virgin island. about half of all house hold still in v no running water. the president has been criticizing the mayor of san juan over the past several days. >> this is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water. we're closely coordinated with the territorial and local governments which are totally and unfortunately unable to handle this catastrophic crisis on their own just totally unable to. >> all right. let's go to san juan, puerto rico, right now where we are joined live from the island. good to have you with us this morning. what's the feeling like on the island surrounding president trump's visit? what kind of welcome are we likely to see him receive as the commander in chief? >> reporter: aimen, puerto
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ricans are still suffering, and they expect president trump to deliver on his promises to giver the island the supplies it so desperately needs. let's face it, the optics over the weekend, especially after the comments you played, they weren't great here on the ground. we know the president will be coming in with the first lady to a base about 20 minutes from where i'm standing now. he'll then visit a chapel and get briefed on the latest updates from the governor of puerto rico and from the governor of the u.s. virgin islands. the latest numbers from fema show things have been improving sl slowly, but improving on the ground. we know additional bashlgs with food and water will be arriving today. 65% of negotiates open in puerto rico. 69% of the gas stations are operational. puerto ricans have filed 90,000 applications for fema assistance and disbursed around $7 million.
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when you start driving around, you see the lines, especially in san juan for food, for cash, the atm lines have dwindled, but the lines still long are the lines for ice. as francis mentioned n, a lot o island remains without power and cell safs. it will take months to restore and months after president trump has come and gone here from puerto rico. >> yeah. i'm not sure he's going to be meeting with the mayor of san juan. i think they've exchanged some heated comments. thank you. up next, much more on the massacre in las vegas as the president and the world is reacting. we're back in a moment.
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welcome back, everybody. president trump spoke yesterday with canadian prime minister justin trou doe who extended his condolences yesterday. president trump calling the shootings an act of pure evil. >> our unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bonds cannot be broken by violence, and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today and always will
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forever. >> later while meeting with the prime minister of thailand the president spoke about the response. >> the police department has done a fantastic job in terms of the speed. we all very much appreciate it. we'll be going to puerto rico tomorrow and on wednesday we will be going to, as you know, as i just said, we'll be going to las vegas on a very, very sad, it's a very sad moment for me, for everybody, for everybody who matter where you are. no matter what your thought process, this is a very, very sad day. so we're going to be doing that on wednesday. and we'll be spending the full day there and maybe longer than that. so thank you very much, everybody. appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> the las vegas shooting is the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history surpassing the 49 killed just over a year ago in the pulse nightclub shooting.
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it's also more than the total amount killed in the virginia tech and sandy hook elementary shootings combined. sunday night's shooting in las vegas was deadlier than the deadly single day in the entire war in zban. that is all sf years worth by nearly double. 30 americans in in addition to eight afghans and a u.s. military working dog died when their helicopter was shot down in 2011. the 527 wounded is a highest for a mass shooting. about 680 were injured in the oklahoma city bombing. staggering when you put it against some of the other deadly days. >> still ahead, new information as officials continue to search the hotel room of the gunman overnight. we'll go back live to las vegas. ? no, i'm scheduling time to go to the bank to get a mortgage. ugh, you're using a vacation day to go to the bank? i know, right? just go to lendingtree dot com. get up to five loan offers to compare side by side for free.
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welcome back, everybody. we're on early this morning covering the deadliest mass shooting on american soil in las vegas along with the president's trip to puerto rico. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what drove a madman to open fire into a crowd of 22,000 people killing at least 59 and injuring more than 500 others. >> this video came in overnight. it shows fbi agents searching the hotel room of 64-year-old stephen paddock where he carried out the attack overlooking the field where the concert was taking place on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. we're told police recovered 23 guns from that room and another 19 firearms from his home in mesquite, nevada along with thousands of bullets. joining us ron allen. ron, good to have you back with us. bring us up to speed on the investigation. what leads, if any, do police have to work off of, and do we
1:31 am
know anything new about the suspect himself, stephen paddock? >> reporter: well, they've got all these weapons they're going to trace. they'll figure out where they were purchased, who sold them to this individual. there's the explosive material, where did that come from? they're looking at his companion, a woman described as his girlfriend, 62 years old. we believe they lived together for some time. what did she know about the arsenal in their home, and did she know anything? earlier at a briefing the authorities said she was not a suspect or they didn't think she was involved because they said they believed that paddock acted alone, but they haven't ruled out anything at this point. it's so early. it's only 24 hours or so into this investigation of this massacre, this disaster. so they're also just trying to figure out why this individual would do this. he was completely under the
1:32 am
radar. he hadn't been fined for a parking ticket, authorities say. a lot of unanswered questions about him, his motive, where he got the weapons and the process of trying to identify the victims and reunite loved ones coming into town with loved ones here at this concert and those who have been lost. >> ron, just let's try and bring people a little bit up to date if you can on the time line of events that took place during the shooting last night. people seeing that image of the two windows blown out. talk to us about what took place and what we know from authorities inside those two adjoining hotel rooms and also are we hearing of any surveillance video? we know vegas, a heavily surveilled place in general. all the hotels have cameras everywhere. obviously because a lot of gambling going on on the casinos. hearing of any footage of him walking in and checking in, what kind of suitcase he was carrying, that sort of thing?
1:33 am
>> reporter: we've not seen any new surveillance video. and you're right, the police are looking at everything. this place is -- yes, under constant surveillance in the hotel. the question is how do you bring in an arsenal of 23 weapons into the hotel and at some point he had to assemble. the sequence of events is around 10:00 p.m. of the concert. shots ring out for a short period of time, 10 or 15 seconds. the crowd goes crazy and people are running for cover. people are hitting the ground. no one knows what's going on. police arrive, a s.w.a.t. team comes and tries to figure out where the shots are coming from. a smoke detecter is going off in the room. and that gives an idea as well as the muzzle flashes on the ground. the police come into the hotel, arrive from and enter the floor from the bottom up coming up the
1:34 am
floors. it takes about 72 seconds for them to get from where they are to the room. so -- i'm sorry, 72 minutes from them to get where they -- to get to the room and identify the shooter. he apparently takes his own life. and that's the end of it at that point. but, again, how this all happened, and why, it's just an awful mystery. >> and you know the authorities are going to try to piece together the time line from the moment he checked in on thursday up until the deadly shooting began on sunday. >> think about the response and the 72 minutes from when first shot rang out to when they found him. unbelievable work on behalf of authorities there. >> ron olallen live, thank you. emerging are stories of survival. including one man who said he ran in to help others only to be struck himself by gunfire. we spoke from his hospital bed about his terrifying story.
1:35 am
>> it was very odd. i didn't feel pain. i went down and immediately saw blood everywhere. i feel like i owe my life to a couple of girls that i'll probably never find out who they are. they grabbed me by the legs. they dragged me over to the side, and took her belt off and put a tuourniquet on my leg. grabbed a couple guys and said you'll carry him out. i was laying on somebody that i honestly don't believe made it. nobody cared what you looked like last night. nobody did. they wanted to save your life. >> mike kronke was also at the concert. he told lester holt his present was shot and described a young man he was carrying to safety dying in his arms. >> we actually loaded four wounded people up into the back of a pickup truck and tried to get to the hospital, and i'm not sure which road we were on. we might have been on this one. they stopped us because there was still a live shooter.
1:36 am
we ran into an ambulance, and so they started triaging. we got my buddy in the ambulance, and one of the young men that was in the back of the truck, as i was carrying him, he passed away, so we got the other two in the ambulance so that young man, somebody's son passed away right there. he was not by himself. he was always be somebody. >> that's a powerful statement. he's saying he did not die by hymn. there was somebody by his side. >> good to hear if you're the parent of the young man. let's go to las vegas. kevin tibbles joining us. kevin, you hear the stories and it sounds like something you would hear in a war zone, and we're hearing it in las vegas, nevada. not something you associate with that type of thing. how are people feeling on the ground there? >> reporter: well, some of the doctors who have been treating the patients served time overseas in iraq in particular. and they have been saying that the wounds that they were seeing overnight were wounds that you
1:37 am
would see in a war zone. and i've got to tell you with numbers over 500, with numbers of dead approaching 60, with the number of critically injured still being treated in the hospitals here in vegas, i don't think it's too far of a leap to suggest that parts of las vegas were at least turned into a war zone last evening, and when you're listening to these stories, and you hear so many of these things and there's so much that's been talked about how often this is happening in our country, and then you see who these people were, a schoolteacher, a fisherman from alaska, a librarian, people from western canada, people from tennessee. it really does start to hit home that these are people that we probably very easily could have known, because so many people come to las vegas for a myriad of reasons. people come here to have fun. people come here for the bright lights, and all of a sudden, all
1:38 am
of a sudden those lights have been dimmed just a little bit, and probably will be for some time. back to you. >> kevin, i know you're standing in front of a hospital. did the trauma center, the level one trauma center you're in front of, did they feel ready for something like this, for this many tragedies, 59 the number right now? >> well, i think the answer is two-fold. no is the first one. i don't think that they felt ready for the absolute onslaught of the injured. there were points during the night when various trauma centers were saying we can't take anymore unless it's life threatening, and the other part, the answer to the question is yes, because they did save lives. they have done tremendous work, and they are still doing tremendous work on those people who are still clinging to their life in the trauma centers here,
1:39 am
but i don't know of anyone anywhere in any city could be prepared for 500 plus victims coming into their door after an event like this. what a horrible night. >> we now know there's more medical professionals and doctors crossing the border coming into nevada to help out. kevin, thank you. >> to kevin's point, so many people are coming to nevada. tourists are starting to return to the city on the strip, but the mood is subdued. joining us from las vegas once again, nbc news's blake mccoy. blake, give us a sense really of as we were talking about how the city is trying to get back to normalcy. but you really can't use the word normalcy given everything we've seen over the past 24 hours unfold, but there's no doubt the city is going to try to get back. we heard from the mayor saying she wants to see people return to the city to see the joy come back to the city. it might be hard, but tell us what the mood is like right now. >> reporter: there is a somber cloud hanging over this city,
1:40 am
but we are seeing signs that things are returning to normal. right behind me right now in front of the mandalay bay, it's the only part of the strip still closed. north of me everything is opened. last night people emerged from their hotel rooms. many had been on the lockdown during the incident. they emerged from the hotel rooms yesterday and started to resume a normal life. they visited shops and restaurants. the mood was much more somber. many of them told me, than just the day before. there was a heavy police presence out there yesterday. it remains tonight. the police officers are not in tactical gear or worried about something else happening. instead, they're there to reassure people. all of the marquise that are normally lit up with advertisements for shows and events, all of those have been turned black. instead they have phone numbers for people to find the missing and addresses of blood donation centers and man, have people
1:41 am
turned out to the centers. at one of them yesterday there was a four to six hour wait to donate blood. many of them locals but some tourists who felt compelled to donate. it's their way of feeling like they can do something in a situation that oftentimes people feel so helpless. >> blake, you raised a good point about everyone coming together, even the tourists wanting to donate blood. we saw the long lines. have you gotten a sense of people in terms of security in do they feel safe in a city like las vegas after this? >> reporter: everyone i spoke with, i said, what do you think about what happened and does it change your opinion of las vegas? would you come back? every single one of them said they would come back to las vegas. they said unfortunately, this is the new reality. i spoke with a couple from canada who said they had a terror attack in canada that most of us in the u.s. didn't hear much about. the terror attacks are happening all the time. they're happening everywhere, and people are recognizing that and they're not going to stay
1:42 am
away. >> it's a term we probably don't like to use and we hear police commissioners and others say it's a new normal. it's scary to think this is how many of your large cities and small cities are dealing with it. thank you. >> you think about how many times we've covered events like this, it's sad. gabrielle giffords was shot and is becoming a strong advocate about gun reform. she and her retired husband called on congress to enact stricter gun laws. >> does anybody actually believe our gun laws are too strong? give me a break. action to save lives is the only acceptable moral course for our country. without action, we are asking one person to be the next person, to die because of our
1:43 am
weakness to address evil. and then another and then another and then another. >> the nation's counting on you. >> all right. still ahead, more of our continues coverage into the mass shooting in las vegas and the mounting questions over the suspect's ability to get such an arsenal. >> that's the central question. >> that's coming up. i don't thin prepare you to hear those words from a doctor: stage 2 breast cancer. i have three little kids, my baby's seven years old - i can't have cancer. we really wanted a cancer team, that would care about not only my cancer but you know, how is my husband doing through all of this? and what about your three kids? so we thought that we would travel to cancer treatment centers of america and see what they had to offer. i think the hope for us came in the form of knowing that these doctors were experts, and that they
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welcome back, everybody, to our continuing coverage of the shooting in las vegas. investigators continue to try to piece together a possible motive as to why 64-year-old stephen paddock opened fire into a crowd of about 22,000 people killing at least 59 and injuring more than 500. >> police recovered 23 guns at the room where paddock carried out the attack from and another 19 firearms from his home.
1:47 am
for more on the investigation, let's go to nbc news national intelligence and national security correspondent, ken. >> reporter: authorities last night updated the number of firearms they said they seized from the various locations to 42 in total. including 23 at the mandalay bay hotel room and 19 at his house near mesquite, nevada. that happened as new information was pouring in about mr. paddock. much of it anomalous in the world of mass shooters. his profile doesn't fit starting with the fact that according to his family he was extremely wealthy. he may have been worth as much as $2 million. he seemed to be making his living in recent years as a professional gambler. he was a high stakes poker player. he was betting as much as $10,000 a pop over multiple days. he was a college graduate, az family said who worked as an auditor for a time for a defense
1:48 am
contractor. he was living with his 62-year-old asian-american girlfriend is who is now in tokyo. authorities say she's not a suspect. there's a lot about stephen paddock who doesn't fit what we've understood about past mass shootings. we don't know his state of mind. the fbi and other authorities are poring through his computers and social media trying to determine that. another question that is not answered at this point is what was the source of that automatic weapons fire, that seeming machine gunfire we all heard on the horrific recordings of the shooting. machine guns, as you know, have been illegal for sale in this country since 1986. it's possible to buy a pre1986 grandfathered machine gun if you register. it's possible to modify a semi automatic fashion so it fires in automatic fashion. did he buy a machine gun legally
1:49 am
or illegally or modify a semi automatic weapon legally or illegally? >> thank you for that report? >> a lot of questions there. we spoke to a group of survivors inside the mandalay bay including one man who was on the same floor as the shooter as well as a retired firefighter who was among the crowd when shots rang out. >> it was scary. we were enjoying music. we heard what we thought were fire croackers. it was gunshots. i grabbed my sister's hand and said we need to get out of her. >> reporter: did you see anybody on the ground? >> we saw a couple of people. one woman was having chest compressions. and then several people with grazed gunshot wounds. >> reporter: i'm not sure there was anybody in the situation you were on, on the same floor in the hotel as the shooter looking out practically from a similar
1:50 am
vantage point and knowing your wife was down there. what did it feel like? >> it was pretty scary. all you could think about was god, i hope nothing happens to her. >> reporter: how did you guys keep it together during that moment? >> i didn't. i didn't keep it together. >> reporter: you used belts, you and your son used belts to make improvised tourniquets for people. >> once we stopped the bleeding, we'd drag them out of the line of fire. most people shot were still in the line of fire. so we basically were tremendous ya triaging people. now that it's over, it's very difficult to believe that this actually happened, and that we were able to respond the way we did, and actually, i think we got the best outcome we could for the situation we were in. >> meanwhile tom mcintosh was at the concert staying at the luxor hotel on the strip with his
1:51 am
wife. when shots rang out, they tried to make it over a wall when he was shot. >> i was going to try to help my wife. it looked too hard to navigate. we went around to a brick wall. i helped her over the brick wall, and then there was another woman that needed help, so i helped her over the brick wall, and then at that point, that's when i got shot. once i got over the wall, actually, i got a man i have to give him a call later, he saved my life. he said you're shot. he helped me. and he dropped the tailgate on a random truck and threw me in there. took my belt and tied off my leg. he kept me from bleeding out. i could have died. >> all right. joining us by phone, former press secretary marsha katrin. we appreciate you joining us.
1:52 am
was vegas ready or as ready as it could be for a situation like this? >> good morning. well, it certainly you can never prepare for this sort of lone wolf attack. i know a lot of work and a lot of training and support from homeland security goes into the local efforts down there, and las vegas has a great police force and fusion center that dhs does support, but this act defied all that training. >> marsha, talk to us a little bit about the protocol here for the department of homeland security. what role can the department of homeland security play in trying to help cities like las vegas, even particular venues? what role can the homeland security department play in helping them prepare if any for a situation as catastrophic as this. >> dhs provides a lot of training. they do active shooter training with a lot of venues and
1:53 am
businesses and they provide infrastructure, support, and tips, and readiness, ideas, but this particular one it's hard to prepare for. you never know with a lone wolf attack. >> we've been having this conversation off camera. i think a lot of people are having a conversation at home. how do you protect against something like this in general? do you not have outdoor concerts anymore? you think about the cities that could be affected outside of las vegas, los angeles, miami, major metropolitan areas. is this the time in which or a week later, two weeks from now when dhs reviews the security standards like this and changes them, or is it a conversation of we don't want this country to become a police state? >> there will be a lot of discussion about venues and hotel security. the other program the campaign
1:54 am
dhs has see something, say something comes in big on this. i think what will ultimately come is probably at some point someone near this man had an indication something was wrong or had a tip or saw something, heard something, and that report may have put a stop to this or will offer investigators some sort of clue as to what happened, and then later on what the motivation actually was. >> all right. marsha, thank you very much for joining us this morning. you and i have talked about this in the past, traveling overseas, there are countries have hotels have metal detecters and check your bags, but do we want it in the u.s.? >> it creates a different state of mind. >> absolutely. >> in a few hours president trump will go to puerto rico to view the devastation from hurricanes before heading to las vegas tomorrow. the president along with the first lady will meet with first
1:55 am
responders and fema officials on the island in addition to the victims of the storm. before later meeting with the governor of the u.s. virgin islands which was also hit. nearly the entire island of puerto rico remains without power and about half of all households still have no running water. now, despite this the president has been criticizing the mayor of san juan over the past several days. joining us live, maria. let's talk about the day ahead, what president trump is expected to see on the ground when he arrived two weeks after the storm. >> reporter: when you look at puerto rico, you'll see, and he will see that the vegetation, for one, is completely devastated. only 5% of power has been restored so he will see the downed power lines. there's little cell reception on the island. he'll start to see signs of life, especially in san juan. you're starting to see traffic.
1:56 am
you're starting to see some businesses that have started to open. but you also see a lot of need outside san juan. i was able to tour with the lieutenant general that president trump assigned to lead the relief effort, and in areas they still haven't been able to get to. still a lot of need, especially outside the capital here. >> live in puerto rico. thank you. coming up next, much more on the horrific mass shooting in las vegas. we'll go live to our team on the ground as officials try to peace together what caused the suspect to open fire on the unsuspecting crowd.
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good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 3. i'm ayman mohyeldin. alongside jasmine this morning. investigators are industrial trying to figure out why. why did 64-year-old steven paddock open fire on a crowd killing 59 and injuring more than 500 others. >> this video came in overnight searching the hotel room before police recovered 23 guns from a room and another 19 in mesquite, nevada. most of


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