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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  October 3, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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we are back live in las vegas with msnbc's special coverage of the las vegas mass shooting. i'm stephanie ruhle. >> and i'm ali velshi. this is the "las vegas review-journal." the headline is simply,
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"unimaginable." this is the picture of the area behind us of the concert where 22,000 people had assembled. 59 were killed. another 527 are injured. >> while there are heroes everywhere, people are still in shock. >> it is really a very different las vegas than we are accustomed to. here's the latest, around the clock emergency surgeries continue. the death toll now stands at 59. 527 others are hurt after the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. >> investigators have uncovered 42 firearms, 23 were found in stephen paddock's mandalay hotel room and another 19 found in his nevada home. our team of msnbc correspondents are following all the angles of
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this story. all of us are looking for one thing, answers. let's begin with steve patterson here in las vegas. what are you hearing from investigators this morning? >> reporter: this is butted up right against the crime scene. police are keeping a close eye on the scene as you can see the squad cars back over here. beyond this point just a few feet away is that route 91 concert event with 22,000 people packed in as the shooter was pointing down. one of the most haunting sites is up above me right here with the mandalay bay. the golden tower. and that little black, what looks like a black hole, that is the window where the shooter was perched on that 32nd floor. meanwhile, as you guys mentioned, the scene here, the tenure, the tone of las vegas, you can sort of feel the somber note that everybody is kind of steeped in in then point. even though it is early, you
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always expect the strip to have a lot of life in it. right now, people are wandering around in a daze with this investigation going on. crews, as you mentioned, going through the hotel room, combing through the scene, doing ballistic work, but mostly they are focused on a motive here, not only in this location, but back at his home. meanwhile in las vegas, the outpouring of support has been tremendous. you might say that the tone is somber, but the somber note is bringing people together. there were a number of vigils last night. you talk about just las vegas proper, there were at least half a dozen, one of them the guardian angel church, which is just right down the street here on the strip had 300 people show up. some of them were victims and witnesses on this scene where those 527 people were hurt. some of those people in local hospitals. as you mentioned, the trauma continues for folks there. and we have been speaking to the officials who say the death toll could rise as people are still hurt in the hospitals.
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at the candlelight vigils, they were ringing bells for each one of the dead. so 59 times at the guardian angel church. they rang the bell. it was a very somber, very mournful ceremony. combined with the other vigils up and down the strip. the strip, meanwhile, last night, another erie scene was dark as kind of in concert with all the other landmarks throughout the nation as everybody is coming together. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. steve patterson, thank you so much. >> steve scalise, who has you remember, the house whip who was shot at the baseball practice, is speaking now at the house leadership conference. >> some of the other people that are still injured today, those families need our prayers right now and need to be uplifted. and we also need as people, people say what can we do to help? we have to remember there's a tremendous loss of blood. go to your local blood bank and just donate blood. that can be a very positive sign, especially when you look at the amount of blood that was
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lost and will be used at local hospitals as people continue to be treated. so there's a lot that we need to pray for, surely the loss of life and those injured, hopefully those that are injured can get through their injuries and can get back to their families. so keep them in your prayers. >> that was steve scalise making comments about praying for the people of las vegas. he, of course, in the republican conference, a relevant voice to hear from as he was injured in that shooting at the baseball practice. so we were waiting to hear what he had to say about it. >> this is so personal for him. when we talk about this vicious attack, 59 people dead, over 500 injured. but 22,000 people feared for their lives. >> right here. >> i mentioned it earlier, steve bannon said if president trump were to do something on gun control, it would be the end of everything.
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22,000 people felt like the end, this could be their fate. this is an extraordinary time in las vegas. if you think about what the city has been through, are authorities any closer to determining a motive? i mean, this man, who he was, how he lived, such a mystery. >> reporter: it is a great mystery, stephanie. i think they are closer but are not talking about it today. that's night they held a news conference to search a property he had in reno, northwest nevada, and suggested they pulled some relevant material out of there. perhaps from his computers, but they weren't ready to talk about it. but you are absolutely right. this guy's profile deepens the mystery. because there isn't a set of pattern of mass shooters, but to the extent of the commonalities, this man doesn't fit any of them. he was prosperous and probably worth $2 million.
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he made his living as a professional gambler. he was a college graduate and worked as an auditor for a defense contractor. and he was living with his girlfriend in a retirement community. this guy is 64 years old. so you put all this together and it does not add up. we are not seeing any record of extremism or any criminal record, any social media presence, the only flag in his background happens to be that his father was a bank robber who was once called a psychopath by authorities. but that may be relevant and may not. his family members said they never saw any sign of this. generally with mass shooters, a day or two days after you start to hear from people who saw signs, there tends to have been a sign, we are just not seeing that here and we are waiting for what authorities find on social media, on computers and things they are searching now on his various properties. >> it really is strange to be this far in and not have those kinds of things. >> that research, they pointed out yesterday that 80% of gunmen
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in mass shootings show signs of mental instability, talked to friends, neighbors, families about decisions that they wanted to make, desire to be violent. none of that is the case here. >> and yet he had this cache of weapons that were not collector-style weapons. i suppose like anything, this continues to be very unusual. ken, you are working hard on this story, thank you very much. >> something that sticks in my mind, jim cavanaugh said it earlier, this man came to vegas to go to war. among the many unanswered questions, did stephen paddock use a semiautomatic gun that had been converted into illegal fully automatic weaponry? tom costello is following the gun trail. tom, without knowing firsthand -- >> reporter: guys, good morning. two nevada gun shops and one in utah tell us they sold guns to the suspect legally. semiassault weapons and ammo are legal in nevada but converting a semiautomatic to a true fully automatic weapon is against the
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law. so did he use a cheap kit called a bump stock in this case to get around the law? the rapid bursts of gunfire provided a first clue. >> i've shot semiautomatic weapons before. and this, i could tell, was more highly sophisticated gunfire. >> reporter: what sounded like automatic gunfire. police say stephen paddock filled his room with ammo, tripods, scopes and 23 guns, some semiautomatic includi including .223 and .308 calibers, 19 more in his home. the question was, were the weapons already automatic when paddock purchased them or did he modify them? an easy way around federal laws which ban fully automatic weapons. the kits themselves actually legal, available online for $50. or you can also find videos. >> by just replacing the stock --
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>> reporter: showing how to convert the gun. the federal government has banned fully automatic guns for more than three decades, but any fully automat inweapon made and registered before 1986 can be bought and sold legally. while some states have laws that are illegal with semiautomatic weapons, they are legal in nevada. >> returning some sanity to the insanity of our current gun regulations can be exceptionally helpful. >>er th eereporter: this mornin investigators search for signs fully equipped for him to carry out maximum carnage. >> you wouldn't need a skill level. it's a matter of holding down the trigger and moving the gun back and forth. it was about spraying the crowd to cause maximum damage and death. >> reporter: the fbi has an additional challenge tracking all of the guns involved under pressure from the nra, congress does not allow a computerized national gun database. so agents must finger through hundreds of thousands of paper
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files on guns at a west virginia warehouse. guys, back to you in las vegas. >> nbc's tom costello, thank you. this morning we're hearing more from those who survived the shooting and the heroes who helped them. tom mcintosh is one of the survivors. here's how he described what happened sunday night. >> he dropped the tailgate on a random truck and i was bleeding all over it. he took the belt and tied off my leg. and kept me from bleeding out. i would have died. so i have to tell him thanks when i see him. >> well, this morning tom and a good samaritan were brought together in an emotional reunion on the "today" show. and our colleague jacob has more on that story. >> we are talking about the carnage that happened here. and we are talking about the lengths that people went to save their fellow human beings' lives
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was really extraordinary. todd mcintosh and this other gentleman, both ex-military. when tom went to save his life, he was shot. and this morning he was brought back together with the man who saved his life. this was happening on the "today" show. let's take a look. >> i took a belt, a make-shift tourniquet. i walked up there and he was actively bleeding. so i adjusted the belt, got it up where it should be, tightened it down and stopped the bleeding. then we hung out there for 10, 15 minutes and some pickup truck came and asked, do we need a ride? so we threw him in the bed of the truck and took off to the hospital. i do want to say that whoever was driving that maroon f-250,
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350, thank you. >> thank you. >> it could have been a whole different night if he wasn't there when he was. >> i wouldn't be here. >> whoever was driving that f350, it was that kind of stuff. people were picking up other people in their vehicles. that man, james lawson, who saved a life is not alone. and i met a man who was still in mandalay bay yesterday, the l.a. city firefighter who said because of the training they had, they were able to rip belts off people and makeshift tourniquets. we saw 59 people pass away, but 530-some people injured. the numbers could have been higher. >> normally when first responders show up, there are several of them to everybody who is injured, right? this was the opposite. for every first responder who showed up, there were numbers and numbers of injured and they needed the help of those around them and those people came through. and so what you were talking about this, you talked about the unimaginable, this was the headline of the "las vegas
7:14 am
review-journal." you're right, this carnage is not unimaginable, the shooting, the death, but so was the response. >> it just goes to show that first responders are never off-duty. these guys are here, the men and women are out here having a good time with their friends and family, be new a moment's notice, they snapped their attention and the primal inticket and training kicks in and who knows how many lives they saved. >> but also, the primal instinct to save others, not just the first responders, but all the concert goers were in a panicked moment in their life where they needed to say, i need to save my lives but we haven't heard those stories. >> they stop, look around, they see who needs help. some were shot or injured themselves. people have scrapes, bumps, bruises. then they were out here running through las vegas in the middle of the night going to the airport, going into the unlv thomas and max center, the entire time looking at each other saying, are you okay? what can i do to help you? >> people keep talking about this event being politicized, but on many levels it is an
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extraordinary coming together of people. >> jacob, thank you so much. after the break, we'll be joined by nevada democratic congressman reuben key with the latest on this. stay tuned, you're watching msnbc. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation. it's that easy to get your flu shot and make a difference. so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. now that we have your attention... capri sun has four updated drinks. now with only the good stuff. do you know how to use those? nope. get those kids some new capri sun!
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we cannot let a single
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person define us as a country, that's not who we are. >> that was speaker paul ryan just moments ago. talking about a few things having to do with this shooting, including the fact that they are not going to bring up this bill to make it easier to acquire silencers. that's come up a little bit in this debate. i don't know that that means people are not going to support it, it just means they may think this week is not a good time to be introducing that bill. >> seems like we need some time and space. we are now joined by nevada, i'm saying it wrong for two days, with this man next to me, nevada congressman ruben keywen. what a couple days you've had. you spent a lot of time at the hospital yesterday with doctors and nurses, what did you learn? >> i learned we have so many heroes here in las vegas. obviously, this is a very hard time for us. i've been here 25 years, never
7:20 am
seen anything like this. i don't think our country has seen anything like this, but we saw a lot of heroes, nurses, running from one bed to another trying to save a life. police officers not doctors or nurses were running from one bed to another to save lives. i mean, everybody, the entire staff at the hospitals, they are doing everything, even as we speak right now, to try to save a lot of lives. >> congressman, we were talking off camera, you had two potential connections here. one brother who works at the mandalay and another broke who might have been working at this venue on sunday night. >> that's correct. you know, that night when i found out about the shooting, i texted my brother jose who works at the mandalay bay, it took 45 minutes to reply, so i got panicked and worried. thankfully he called back to say he was at a baseball game. the other brother had been called in to serve as a bartender. thankfully, he turned down the invitation. >> at the event, the festival. >> he turned down the event and decided he had other plans. but thankfully, my family is okay. but i know that 59 other
7:21 am
families of the people who died are not. and also, the people, the victims, over 500 of them, are in the hospital wounded. >> all right. so to those 500 people, to the 22,000 people who ran out of this venue two nights ago, to the families who lost kindergarteners in the sandy hook massacre, what should give those people confidence that gun law, gun control will be addressed? what will move the needle? >> first of all, our thoughts and prayers are with all the families. but i, like many americans, are tired of the thoughts and prayers. they are important but now we have to take action. it is time for the united states congress to take action. we have seen countless bills come up. and none of them get a vote. universal background checks, why aren't we talking about that? over 70% of americans support universal background checks. why aren't we talking about limiting high-capacity magazines? why aren't we talking about banning assault weapons? these are things congress needs to be talking about immediately. >> we have been saying this for years and years and nothing is
7:22 am
changing. so do democrats need to change their ask or their script? >> we have to continue working with the republicans. republicans refuse to bring up this bill. so here in the state legislature, we had a universal backgrounds bill that actually passed the assembly and the senate. unfortunately, it got vetoed, but we have to continue to move forward because the american people deserve better. >> just to be clear, people feel really strongly about the second amendment in the constitution. this is not something that underminds that in your opinion. >> i believe that if you're not a criminal, you should be okay with passing this legislature. >> so what do you say to the people passing this right now, as far as we know 36 hours into this, none of this would have stopped this particular guy? >> well, the bottom line is this, it's not just about passing gun laws, we also have to invest in our health system. we have a lot of people with mental disabilities and illnesses that need help.
7:23 am
here in the state of nevada, we are significantly underfunded in the mental health system, so it is a matter of yes, we have to mass sensible gun laws to prevent the gun violence but also investigation in the health system. >> what can the state of nevada do now? if republicans aren't willing to have these conversations, how can seem feel safe? 45 million tourists come to the city. we have concert venues in almost every single resort, and i'm looking at hotel room after hotel room. what can you truly do to keep people safe? >> well, the bottom line is, las vegas has been the entertainment capital of the world. we're going to continue to be the entertainment capital of the world. this is just one incident of one bad actor. we're not going to let this bad actor ruin our reputation. but the state of nevada is also going to be taking the initiative the next legislative session to take action to bring up the bills important. if the united states congress and the republicans there refuse to take action, the state of nevada is going to take action. >> why wasn't he on mesquite's
7:24 am
radar? >> i spoke to the mayor yesterday, he had no idea who the man was. this is a small rural town. everybody knows each other. so again, he was turned radar. he hasn't been there too long. but again, it's unfortunate this happened as one bad actor. but i believe that las vegas is now stronger than ever and safer than ever now. and we're going to continue to be the entertainment capital of the world. >> congressman, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, sir. up next, we'll bring you a new report on the volume of guns and ammunition found at the gunman's mesquite, nevada, home. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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welcome back to live coverage. i'm ali velshi. >> and i'm stephanie ruhle. we'll recap the deadly shooting that took place here in las vegas. >> the president is going to meet with victims and first responders here tomorrow. and emergency surgeries continue for the victims right now, 59 people confirmed dead. and a total of 527 injured. nbc's joe fryer has been in vegas since this all started.
7:29 am
joe, walk us through everything that has happened in the last 36 hours. >> reporter: it's been quite a bit, stephanie. we know this started on sunday night, 10:08 p.m., the first report of shots fired. it was an hour and 12 minutes later at 11:20 when the man burst into the room here at the mandalay bay tower. and at that point, they say the suspect, stephen paddock, had taken his own life. we know inside the room that searches have yielded 23 weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition. another search at his home, which is in mesquite, nevada, outside of las vegas turned up 19 more weapons. thousands of rounds of ammunition. we know he spent a lot of time here in vegas at casinos. he had high status with one of the casinos here. law enforcement officials and a casino executive tell nbc news that in recent days leading up to this, he had gambled a significant amount of money. one source puts that amount at $10,000 or more a day. though it's unclear if he won money or if he lost money.
7:30 am
it's also unclear if that has anything to do with the motive in this case. so far, no signs of any e-mails, notes or social media posts had indicated exactly why stephen paddock may have committed the worst deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history. stephanie and ali? >> all right, joe, thank you. one of the things we have to think about is in parts of the country where shooting is a sport, there are lots of them, but the idea of rounds of ammunition may not be significant. but if you have guns that shoot them fast, you can go through them quickly. so people who do not necessarily go to ranges to shoot don't register that maybe you buy a few thousand rounds because they are cheap to buy that way. so we don't know what role that plays into this. >> but ali, just put into perspective that law enforcement officials, even s.w.a.t. teams here in las vegas, they are outmanned, not outmanned, but outgunned. the amount of rounds he was able to get off, it is extraordinary
7:31 am
if you think about the time it took. police moved so quickly. as fast as they were able to move, the amount of shots fired is extraordinary. let's now bring in katie beck who is in mesquite, nevada, which is an hour northeast of here where the shooter lived. katie, you have been talking to some of the gunman's neighbors, what are they telling you? >> reporter: well, stephanie, this is a quiet retirement community in the desert. this is probably the last place anyone expected for stephen paddock to keep a home. many of the neighbors here were in total shock. sadness was the overwhelming feeling we were getting from neighbors as they learned the news yesterday. they were watching those horrifying images like everyone else and then learning that the man responsible for those horrifying images actually lives in this cul-de-sac right near all of them at this home behind me where police made entry and executed that search warrant yesterday. they were here throughout the day late in the evening yesterday. they left with joe fryer
7:32 am
mentioned 19 additional weapons. they left with explosive devices and several thousands of rounds of ammunition. so the neighbors here are feeling uneasy about that. this is not something in a retirement community that people would ever expect to see going on. one neighbor we spoke to had relocated from denver and had literally gone from one tragedy to the next. here's what she had to say. >> we live in denver, so we have lived through aurora shooting, we lived clthrough columbine an had a child that went to columbine luckily before the event, but never expected this in our community. we walk by here, we have a big walking path behind the house that everybody uses, it really rocks your world in this small, very quiet, loving community. you do not expect something like this to happen. >> reporter: paddock frequently purchased guns from a store just a few miles from his home.
7:33 am
background checks were completed and he never seemed unfit to own a gun. so neighbors still here with a lot of questions and anxiety about how this could have happened, how this person could have been living in their midst and they simply had no idea. stephanie? >> just think about this, columbine happened in the late '90s. people said, never again, and now here we are. thanks, katie beck joining us from mesquite, nevada. lester holt has been here for nbc news and covering this. lester, you got in here earlier than most, and you have watched what has happened. one of the things stephanie and i said coming in last night is this doesn't feel like las vegas normally does. very little quiets this town down, but this has done it. >> yeah, i was with someone local a little while ago, a half hour ago, that said i have never seen it this quiet. when you go down the strip, you get used to the signs advertising this act and this show. a lot of them, a lot of the lighted signs with a number people can call if they are
7:34 am
missing someone. it has taken the breath out of this city for a time. somebody asked me, how long do you think that will happen? i always look back to new york, 9/11, that there's a recognition that at some point where you never forget and then continue to mourn that there is something comforting to get back to a sense of normalcy. so i'm sure vegas will get back. >> new yorkers came back fighting, but this town is reliant on tourism. do you think people are going to feel comfortable coming back? i mean, every hotel and resort has a massive arena, a stadium, a show, and right now, those really feel like soft targets? >> they do, but we cover these things in so many places in america and around the world, and you recognize it can happen anywhere. you know, people gather for concerts all over this country. and i covered two major terror attacks in paris. paris is still paris. i did ask one of the survivors yesterday and said, will you ever feel normal in a big crowd again? and he kind of paused and thought about it. not knowing.
7:35 am
and probably won't know. >> that's a good question, to which there may not be an obvious answer. >> the very first story i covered in las vegas was in 1980, the mgm grand hotel fire that killed 85 people. the convention center was a morgue, it was horrible. and i remember some of that feeling when i got here yesterday, it was some of that same feeling of a place that is just shocked. you hear about these things but they happen in somebody else's town. and they happen to people you don't know. and in this case, it hit very close to home. it hit at home. >> the president is going to puerto rico today and then announced he's coming here tomorrow. this is always a tough one for presidents, right? with natural disasters, there's nature to blame. with these types of things, what does the president need to achieve to help this move forward? >> well, with any president, you know, you come to show you care. and that's the main mission. you try to find those words to unite.
7:36 am
we know with this president, he's perfectly capable of it. he's traveled to some of the hurricane zones and as we noted in puerto rico, but i think the most important thing is just a symbol of, you're important to us. that you're a part of the fabric of this country. and you have been wounded. and i'm here for you. as to what he needs to say, that's not really for me to say. but it's all about comforting. >> the nation needs comfort. >> lester, thank you. be sure to watch nightly news tonight. lester is going to continue his live coverage from las vegas. thank you, lester. >> good seeing you guys. >> you, too. thank you so much. now we'll turn to kasie hunt on capitol hill. kasie, just a few minutes ago we saw paul ryan speaking, what were the main takeaways? >> reporter: steph, ali, a bit of a difficult scene here, actually. this is our routine weekly press conference with republican leaders, but today it was, what was supposed to be steve scalise's triumphant return last
7:37 am
week, but his return to regular business here now in that he is in a phase of recovery from his own gunshot wounds at the congressional baseball shooting. so he was here today. the leadership were welcoming him and saying that his presence here was a miracle. but this, of course, the day after the deadliest shooting in american history. so the tone, very somber here. and the questions for the house speaker already pretty difficult. the reality here on capitol hill, there are already calls for new gun control legislation or new measures to try to prevent shootings like what happened in las vegas. but the political reality is that it's very difficult for any of those types of things to push through the congress, especially now that it is in republican control and in the white house you have a republican. so when the house speaker was pressed on this, he pointed to mental health legislation. it was include in major bills congress passed last year.
7:38 am
that left a lot of resources for mental health. and people like chris murphy, the democrat, said something about gun violence. take a look at what the speaker says and we'll talk about it. >> i think as we see what is behind some of these tragedies, that mental health reform is a critical ingredient to making sure to prevent these things from happening. >> reporter: but, of course, the difficulty here, one of the first things that republicans did once they, the president was in office this winter was to pass, they used an obscure piece of legislation that made it harder for people that the social security administration had registered as disabled to get to pass to a background check. now it is easier for them to get the background checks to buy a gun. so i think there's a lot of difficult questions up here in the days ahead. ali? steph? >> kasie hunt on capitol hill. as the congressman we were just
7:39 am
talking to said, there are two spaces of cover one can seek to avoid having the difficult conversation that needs to be had. one is their condolences and the prayers and all that which are necessary and important, but they do give you cover for not having to go further and saying what you'll do. and the second one, while crucial, and bipartisan, the discussions on mental health, they do, again, they can prevent you from going forward and saying, but what about sensible gun control issues. and there are some people for whom the words gun and control in the same sentence are not sensible and cannot possibly be sensible and are against the constitution and are against the second amendment. but polling shows that is not most americans who think that. >> but smart gun control is like smart regulation. so many people want that part of the conversation and they want those changes to happen. and you hope at a time like this
7:40 am
people at least could open their minds and their hearts to listen to one another. >> yep. we're going to take a break and next, we'll bring you an update from the united medical center in las vegas where many of the injured are still being treated right now. this is an ongoing situation. remember, over 500 people were hurt in this deadly attack. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options.
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you're watching msnbc. this morning local hospitals here in las vegas are working to treat the wounded as many patients are still undergoing surgeries at this very hour. >> we're going to get the latest from minneapolissnbc's miguel a outside the university medical center. the only high-end trauma center in the area. they have received many of the patients. what is the situation? how many people are still there, miguel? >> reporter: well, we know 104 patients were brought to this hospital. that's of the 500-plus that were injured in this incident. many of the most seriously and critically wounded were brought to this hospital, at least four people passed away here, another 12, a dozen remain in critical condition. they are fighting their lives. 50 people face multiple surgeries in the days ahead. so while there are signs of hope, many people are being slowly discharged and recovering, but many are still fighting for their lives. it happens during the mittdst o the huge blood bank with many lining up to donate.
7:45 am
they are asking people to stand down today and to check back with blood banks tomorrow. there were so many people waiting to give here, of course, the families of many of the victims are also arriving here. there were candlelight vigils all across the city here yesterday. many drawing hope and inspiration from that as so many of the victims here still fight for their lives, ali. >> very interesting that, not interesting, but inspirational and unbelievable that the response was that great. that the officials have said, please hold off, we need to replenish blood later, but for now we are good. thank you. miguel almaguer. >> remember, ali, people were injured and rushing out. 22,000 people in a bottleneck desperately trying to get out of that situation. >> yes. the response has been remarkable but the situation still remains unbelievable. when we come back, president trump is in puerto rico. he's arriving in puerto rico in an hour. i just have come back from there. many people are still struggling there to find gas, food, medication, water, cash, after
7:46 am
hurricane maria. we'll bring you a live report from san juan after the break. but first, we got to mention this before we go, rock and roll hall of famer tom petty died last night at the age of 66. no other word to use except an icon. the iconic classic rocker just finished his 40th anniversary tour with the heartbreakers last week. and we got to think about this, you remember hits like "american girl," "breakdown" and "learn to fly." tom petty one of the first faces on mtv that you saw. i can remember watching the " l "alice in wonderland" video thinking this man is special, and he certainly was. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. all right. welcome back to our live coverage here in las vegas. as you know, i just returned as you came in from new york last night, i landed from puerto rico. president trump is landing in puerto rico within the hour. it's his first visit to the island after that mass devastation from hurricane maria. this morning the governor of puerto rico addressed the shortage of fuel and water. >> there are areas such as in
7:51 am
the metropolitan area where the waiting time has reduced significantly where you essentially don't have to wait. but there are other areas in puerto rico where still the wait might increase. >> kristen welker is live at the white house. kristen, the president making his way to san juan. the last couple of days we've been speaking almost exclusively about las vegas, but there was much criticism over the weekend of the president's response to puerto rico, how it took eight or nine days to send a three star general down there. and then over the weekend, he was going after the mayor of san juan. >> reporter: that's right. he criticized the mayor of san juan on twitter, suggested that she was being critical of the federal response for political purposes. he also suggested that poouruer ricans weren't doing enough for themselves for their recovery efforts. that got a fierce backlash. he's going to try to turn the page on that narrative today.
7:52 am
he'll be meeting with first responders. he's going to get briefed on the recovery efforts. he's also going to be meeting with tomorrow victims as well as the governor of puerto rico. we anticipate there will likely be a meeting with the mayor of san juan as well. he was pressed on the tensions with the mayor. take a listen to what he had to say just before taking off. >> i think she's come back a long way. you know, i think it's now acknowledged what a great job we've done. and people are looking at that. and in texas and in florida we get an a-plus. i'll tell you what, i think we've done just as good in puerto rico. >> reporter: the president also plans to meet with the governor of the u.s. virgin islands. of course also dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane there. now, we did press the president on the response to las vegas on what happens with the next steps. that has dominated not only our attention but the
7:53 am
administration's attention. president trump when asked about new gun measures said we will be talking about that in the future. but that now essentially is not the time to start debating new gun legislation. and he called las vegas a miracle saying that police responded so quickly that they may have saved more lives from being taken. >> no doubt that's true. kristen welker, thank you very much. kristen at the white house covering the president's visit to puerto rico which we're also going to be having a lot of coverage of from the ground. mariana ai tense owe is in san juan. mariana and i were just together yesterday morning. mariana, there's -- this is going to come to a head today. the mayor of san juan who has a very different view than the president does of why people burglarly outside of metropolitan san juan are still without food, water, electricity and in some cases cash. >> reporter: that's exactly
7:54 am
right. that is a reality on the ground here even still in san juan. that donald trump probably does not want to deal with. there are still lines here. this is a line for an atm machine. this has significantly improved as well as the lines for gas according to the governor. 65% of gas stations are operational, but there are still long -- very long lines for ice. in fact, we wanted to come to you live for a line of ice but there was no cell reception to show those images to our audience. because still two-thirds of the island have no cell reception. still only 5% of the power grid is up and running. so people still trying to communicate with family members across the island. and even though things are getting better, people here in this line tell me that donald trump took too long to come to puerto rico. that he took too long to send his three star general, and too long for the usns comfort, that
7:55 am
navy ship that is to arrive today with 500 doctors to come wi to their aid. we will bring you all the details from e the ground and what the people from puerto rico are thinking and feeling here today. back to you stephanie and ali. >> ali, you know, the president has said fake news, misinformation. you know brock long tried to tell us it was misinformation. we were talking to our own teams on the -- >> i have to confirm the reporting that mariana and others have done for us is actually true. whether or not the federal government only is to blame or the puerto rican authorities shoulder some responsibility, it doesn't matter to that puerto rican particularly a rural puerto rican without power, medicine, water, and the ability to get gas and cash. >> and of course the president will be reminded there's not a they in this a case. it's an us. puerto rico, a u.s. territory. and soon we'll see president trump on the grount there. we don't know exactly where he'll go, but he will certainly
7:56 am
see the real story. mariana, thank you. iconic landmarks across the globe went dark overnight as a tribute to the victims of the mass shooting that took place here in las vegas. the empire state building switched off its lights leeing a rotating orange halo as a beacon shining a light on gun violence. >> in paris the lights of the eiffel tower were turned off to honor the victims of the shooting. >> and in seattle, a black space needle cast a dark shadow on one of the most beautiful skylines. we'll be back with more. you're watching msnbc's special coverage here in las vegas. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief
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that's going to do it for this hour of our special broadcasting here in las vegas. i'm stephanie rhule. >> i'm ali velshi. for now we hand it over to chris jansen. >> great to see you both. sad it's under these circumstances. good morning, everyone. i am chris jansen live in las vegas. we're continuing our live coverage of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. police today looking for clues analyzing evidence looking for an answer to the question on everyone's mind. why did a wealthy man with no criminal record, no social media imprint, no signs of mental illness carry out an attack that killed 59 people


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