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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  October 3, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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11:00 in the morning in las vegas where we are continuing to follow the latest on the deadliest shooting in recent u.s. history. behind us, of course, the mandalay bay. if you look closely, if you look very closely, the mandalay bay hotel, you can actually see those two windows that the 64-year-old gunman knocked out, reportedly with a sledgehammer, before opening fire on thousands of people at a country music festival roughly 37 hours ago. we are learning more about how that gunman managed to carry out the massacre and we're learning a little more about his final days, but the most important question of why. that question remains a mystery. right now the death toll stands at 59. 59 mothers, fathers, sons, daughters. 527 people were injured.
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the survivors, are now sharing their stories. >> it didn't get real until we came down this street. >> you came down here, right? >> came down the street and there were bodies. >> helped pull a young girl out and she was lifeless. i'm sitting there thinking, you know, that could be my daughter. >> it all happened and we were just like holding our heads and praying and holding hands and then i got hit. >> i felt like a pain in my hip and it felt like a boulder hit my hip and that's when my boyfriend told me to get up and we needed to go and i needed to fight for my life. >> i know you wanted to thank him. >> i did. >> we brought him here. >> hey, man, thank you, buddy. >> of course. >> appreciate it. >> that was some hug. president trump will be here in las vegas tomorrow. today he is in puerto rico. the president and the first lady are getting a firsthand look at the devastation that maria left
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behind and he is also receiving a number of briefings as well. briefings on the relief effort to help millions who are still very much in need on that island. we start, though, in las vegas, with our team of reporters covering this story. steve paterson, has been here from the very beginning. he remains on the strip in vegas. steve, we got word a short time ago that police are going to be holding a news conference roughly two hours from now. any idea what we can expect to learn in that news conference and what more do we know at this point about the search for answers? >> craig, it could be any number of things as you mentioned. a lot up in the air right now. want to give you an idea of where we are not far down from you, but this caution tape, police line, goes all the way around. a large sur comfrens around the venue. you see police vehicles right there, that is that route 91 vehicle. that is where 22,000 people were packed in for the third day of a country music festival when that 64-year-old shooter took aim
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down below. we can actually show you up above, too, this is the probably the most haunting site you were showing earlier, the mandalay bay, the hotel. you can see the two windows, the suite the shooter was in. he checked the three days before the festival and as far as we know there's no motive for this shooting. that is as you've been saying, the big question here, as we move forward. we do have answers on a few things. obviously you mentioned the death toll sticking at 59. the number of injured still 527. however, we've been getting warnings on the ground here from not only the county coroner's office but medical officials who have taken in hundreds of the 527 in different areas and pockets around this city. different hospitals have different numbers of victims. some of them were taken in very serious, some taken in critical condition. the injuries were from the ensuing stampede, others were gunshot wounds. when you have that situation the update may very well be today in
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a few hours that that death toll is updated. we hope that's not the case but certainly is a possibility. meanwhile the community has been coming together in las vegas. we've heard of blood drive lines going for eight hours, stretching on into the night taking in more pints of blood than they've seen in this region in a long time. we've heard about crowd funding on websites so bring in donations, reaching thousands upwards of millions of dollars in the community holding several candlelight vigils as of last night. again, that primary question as of what is the -- what was the motivation, what caused the 64-year-old man living in a retirement community, living a quiet life according to friends and family, to lead him to do something as horrific as this. we may get more answers from that press conference coming up in just a few hours. we'll be here to cover it. we'll send it back to you, craig. >> steve paterson, thank you. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has been following very closely the investigation.
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pete joins me now and i understand you have new details about the shooter's final days, specifically his finances. what more do we know? >> couple things about that, craig. first of all it turns out we had reported yesterday that he did some pretty serious high stakes gambling in the days leading up to this attack. we have a little more information on that now. in the last couple weeks, at least 16 times, he had transactions at casinos over $10,000. the law requires reporting any such transactions so there's a record of it. and there are 16 such records in the last couple of weeks leading up to the shooting. so that means that he was transacting that kind of business with casinos, meaning he was placing big bets. we don't know whether this is wins or losses but the fact is he was a high stakes gambler in the last couple weeks before the shooting. secondly, the week before the shooting, just last week, he transferred $100,000 by wire
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transfer to the philippines. now marilou danley the woman that police were looking for yesterday and have now said they were confident she was out of the country when this happened is from the philippines and our understanding that is where she is now and where she went to when she left las vegas last week connecting through hong kong to visit friends and family in the philippines. so there is a philippines connection that he has. we believe that she's coming here to the u.s. in the next day or so and, obviously, the authorities are eager to question her. at first she was described as a person of interest. then the authorities out there said, well, we know now she was not in the country when the attack happened. nonetheless, this is a woman who lived with stephen paddock and knows him as well as anyone the last couple years and they want to know what she knows, whether she had any idea he was planning this kind of thing, whether she had any idea he was getting ready to take all these weapons
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with him when he went to the las vegas hotel, the mandalay bay, checking in last thursday, craig. >> pete, you've covered unfortunately lots of stories like this. how uncommon is it at this point in an investigation to have what seems to be such little evidence pointing toward a clear motive? >> it's somewhat unusual but if this continues for the next several days, it's going to be very unusual. it does sometimes take a while to peel the onion and get to the most important parts but there's nothing that, obviously, comes out here. he had virtually no social media profile. perhaps that's not unusual for somebody who is 64 years old. he was not a heavy user of social media. didn't seem to have any presence there. didn't leave behind e-mails, notebooks, communications that are obvious. friends and family didn't notice any change. this whole idea that according to isis he converted to islam a couple weeks ago, no indication of that. so no sign that he was somebody
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with a short fuse or had a big grievance or is talking to people about objections to las vegas or wanting to do something like this. that's true that was true we knew that yesterday after they searched his house in mesquite, nevada. it's equally true, we're told, after she searched his house late yesterday in reno. in none of the searches of his car or the hotel room or places he was living have they found any obvious answers to why he would want to do this. >> any word from your sources about whether he left behind a note, a suicide note, anything? >> nothing like that has been found, craig. >> okay. . justice correspondent pete williams, pete, thanks as always. we will be checking in with you throughout the afternoon. investigators are also tracing this arsenal that was found in the shooter's hotel room and his home as they try to piece together this attack. in that hotel room, they tell us that they found 23 guns.
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at his house, 19 more guns along with several thousand rounds of ammunition as well. nbc news intelligence and national security reporter kim delaney joins us with that part of the story. i understand you have new details about the shooter's weapons and the timeline itself of the attack. what can you tell us about that? >> well, what pete and our team have been reporting, craig, is that police now believe that the majority of rounds fired in this attack were fired in the first five minutes. and that's significant because as we all heard on the horrific tapes and videos, it appeared to be automatic weapons fire or simulated automatic weapons fire during that time. the big question, though, was there -- did he use a machine gun or did he use a modified legal weapon? machine guns, new machine guns, have been banned for sale in this country since 1986. you can buy a pre-1986 weapon and they're expensive can cost more than $10,000, but this is a
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man of means, a millionaire could have afforded a machine gun and no felony convict slps. he could have registered for one in nevada. police haven't said whether there was a fully automated weapon. our sources have said he did pie what's called a bump -- buy what's called a bump stock, a modification that allows a semiautomatic legal assault rifle to fire like an automatic weapon. uses the energy of the gun to rapidly depress the trigger. that may have explained the rapid success of fire we saw. these are questions that will become important for the public policy debate in washington, craig, because we're already seeing today calls for the banning of modifications like bump stocks to assault rifles that allow them to fire like machine guns. >> ken delaney in washington, thank you. just hours before the music went silent, and gunfire took its place, there was this tremendous moment of unity at the route 91 festival.
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♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ >> the famed country duo big and rich, they led the crowd in a rendition of "god bless america." fans filling the darkness with the light from their cell phones there. john rich, from big and rich, joins me now. john, i want to talk to you about that moment that we're playing right there in just a moment, but first, where were you when the shooting started behind me? >> we had left the venue and rolled over to a little country -- live country music bar that i own in las vegas, big kenny and i and cowboy troy and our crew had gone over to play like an afterparty kind of set when we got the word that there was an active shooter. when they told us about it they said there were multiple active
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shooters which proved to not be correct but it really struck fear through everybody up and down the strip at that point. >> you could have been there. >> yeah. yeah. i'm sure at some point that devil up in the window could have had me, kenny, and everybody else in his cross hairs trying to decide when he was going to start to pull the trigger. it's an unbelievably frightening thing. >> i understand one of the fans you met before sunday night's show, one of those fans was killed. what can you tell us about that man? have you had an opportunity to talk to his family? >> yeah. so before all of our concerts we'll invite 45040 or 50 people back stage do a meet and greet and have a chat and they go out and watch the big concert. it was this one guy that come through our line and i remember him so vividly. his name was sonny, in his 20s, from a little town in tennessee
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called big sandy, tennessee. and he was out there to see big and rich. he was, you know, had that excited look on his face to meet us, and we shook his hand. he works in a hospital. he's a nurse at a hospital. went out front in the show and when the bullets started coming down, he turned his back to the bullets to shield his wife from the bullets and to her account she says she could feel the bullets hitting him in the back as they went down to the ground. and unfortunately he was one of the very firsts casualties of the whole event. >> as we look at this "god bless america" video from your set here, john, and then you juxtapose that video with the video of -- from just a few hours later, fans literally running for their lives, what goes through your mind when you see those images? >> i mean, can you imagine a more stark comparison of good and evil?
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i mean, can you? i mean that's about as stark as it gets. you know, when you look out and you've got 22,000 people singing "god bless america" holding up their phones, you got to understand in that moment, there is no politics, there is no race, there is no religion, there is nothing divisive at all. it's sheer american unity. people from all over the united states had come to this concert and were standing there in one voice singing "god bless america" and, you know, to me, that's the strength our country really has. we see a lot of people left and right that try to break americans up into different groups and get us all to fight with each other, but really, who america is, is that moment that you're seeing there, when everybody is singing in unison "god bless america." we can debate and argue all we want but at the end of the day we're all americans. that shows that in such a clear way, what the true spirit of our country is. >> john, as you know, three of
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the four deadliest mass shootings in this country have happened in the past ten years. what, if anything, does that tell you? >> you know, it seems like there's been an elevation in evil, in anger, in, you know, like you, i'm -- i want to find out more about this guy. it's very aggravating and confusing to not have any more information on who this guy was. but, you know, i think it's like my partner big kenny said, and i thought it was to the point, that it's a battle for the heart of people. you can't prepare for somebody's intent. you know, we've seen this happen in paris when the guy drove the truck through people, ariana grande's concert with pressure cooker bombs and this guy in las vegas. i mean it's the heart of these people. i wouldn't call them people.
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they've become like animals at some point. i don't know how you ever prepare for that. but i do know that their whole goal is to strike enough fear in americans that guys like me stop singing and fans like those stop coming and that's not going to happen. you know, they're not going to kill the spirit of americans with their evilness. we're just not going to let that happen. it is quite something to think about all of those fans out there right now in las vegas, the ones that have been casualties and now we're 500 in the hospitals, country singers and the fans have a really special relationship, you know. there's not much barrier between us. we know their names, their faces, we see them regularly. we interact with them on a regular basis. this is like family members to us watching this go down. so to answer your question it's like watching your family out there going through this. it's unbelievable and makes you want to ball your eyes out, to be honest with you. >> yes, it does, john rich.
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john rich, half of the fantastic country group big and rich, good to see you, buddy, thank you so much. >> yes, sir. up next, we're going to take you about an hour north of where we stand here in vegas. we're going to take you to the gunman's home. we will talk about what investigators have found inside that house and if anything could lead to a motive behind the massacre. our coverage live from vegas, continues here on msnbc after a short break.
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as we've been reporting, the motive for this tragic shooting remains very much a mystery this hour. investigators have. working nonstop to learn as much about the shooter as possible. but right now, a lot more questions than answers. overnight, they searched the las vegas hotel room where the 64-year-old carried out the attack. hours before, authorities surrounded his house in mesquite, nevada, about an hour away from where we are and that is where we find nbc's katie beck. i understand that you've talked to some of the neighbor, some of the folks that live near this guy. have they given you any insight into what might have caused them to do it? >> unfortunately not, craig. a lot of these neighbors didn't have contact with stephen paddock. he sort of kept to himself. these neighbors, obviously, were
11:22 am
in shock yesterday and spoke to us about their fears and anxieties just knowing that someone capable of doing this could have been living in their very quiet desert retirement community. this is a community where most people are 55 or older. they come here to golf and to relax and for retirement purposes. that is what paddock's own brother said he believed. stephen paddock was doing when he moved here. police were on scene most of yesterday, after executing that search warrant, they left the home behind me with 19 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition and several explosive devices but not a whole lot more in the way of answers, in the way of motive. as neighbors observed them leaving and observed tragic images from las vegas the fear has heightened. a lot of closed doors and a lot of folks who don't wish to speak with the media about how they're feeling. the gravity of the situation is starting to set in. some of those neighbors said this is a reminder to us we
11:23 am
should know our neighbors better than we do. here's what one of them had to say. >> people need to learn who their neighbors are, need to know their neighbors and really need to reach out. whether or not someone could have recognize head was needing help, that's one thing we'll never know. >> and speaking of recognizing help, what we do know is stephen paddock bought firearms from a gun store just two miles from his house. the owner of the gun store said he did do background checks on paddock when he made those purchases and he didn't see anything about him that would seem unfit to own a firearm. craig? >> katie beck, mesquite, nevada for us, thank you. as we speak survivors of the attack are still very much fighting for their lives. hundreds of them. and the people of las vegas are working to help. standing for hours to donate blood. we are live along the donation lines next.
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as investigators and the nation search for answers, we are learning more about the human cost of this tragedy. tens of thousands of lives changed in an instant. the toll staggering, 59 people so far killed. they came from near and far. they came from all walks of life. 29-year-old christopher roybal was a navy vet who served in afghanistan and his mother was also there on the opposite side of the stage. a man named mike tried to revive her son after he was shot but couldn't save him. >> he is a vet. he had -- he had a shirt with a gunshot through it. he sat on a lot of bombs and never blew him up and --
11:29 am
>> in afghanistan? >> in afghanistan. and he -- he was -- he was a proud american. >> then there was 20-year-old quinton robbins, he was on a date with his girlfriend. in his free time the university of nevada las vegas student coached his little brother's flag football team. his grandmother said he was just a jewel. 33-year-old rachel parker, she had been a records technician with the manhattan beach, california, police department, for a decade. she and a colleague went to the concert. the colleague survived but parker did not. here's another mind-blowing number. 527. that is the number of people injured in this attack. many of them have been treated and released, but dozens are still in the hospital. a number of them face a very long road to recovery.
11:30 am
the las vegas community rallying around them. we'll go to a blood bank in a moment. a few moments ago on capitol hill, this was senate majority leader mitch mcconnell asked about gun control. what he said. >> the investigation has not even been completed and i think it's premature to be discussing legislative solutions. >> [ inaudible ]. >> democrats talk about [ inaudible ]. why do you think [ inaudible ]. they don't control the house and senate floor. but why that issue in your mind is [ inaudible ] resonate with people -- >> i think it's particularly inappropriate to politicize -- >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell there saying it was premature and inappropriate to politicize an event like this, wants to wait until the investigation is complete.
11:31 am
i'm joined here in las vegas by danny tarkanian, he is a republican who is running for the u.s. senate seat held by dean. we'll hear from dean in a moment. first, how is nevada doing and las vegas doing? >> the worst fear all nevadans have had. the worst thing that could happen to our city, not only the loss of lives but what it's going to do to our economy and just the fabric of our city. what's been great is the incredible response so many have had. you mentioned some of the stories one guy was married to someone he laid on top of her and saved her life. >> newlyweds. >> stories of army veterans that came in rushing helping people get away from the shooting. you saw one lady didn't know the guy that was lying there dying at the time and she stayed with him until his family members could come. these are -- it's heart breaking to hear the stories of the people that passed away, the
11:32 am
ones you mentioned but heartwarming to hear the actions of so many heroic people that come out and did some of the most incredible heroic things during this type of a tragedy. and then you see what's happening with this community ever since then, the police, the firemen, taking extraordinary steps to stop the shooter, you saw the hospital, the em people helping to save lives. as you mentioned the blood banks. my wife and tried to go there idea yesterday. >> couldn't get in. >> makes me proud to be a las vegasen and proud of my fellow las vegasens. >> we heard from the senate majority leader. i want to play a piece of sound from the guy you're helping to unseat, dean heller, asked a similar question about gun control. take a listen to what he said. >> that dialog does need to occur but i don't think know is the time for this. we have a lot of victims, survivors, we have a lot of families in town right now and right now our focus needs to be on those individuals to make sure they have everything that
11:33 am
they need. >> i was in newtown, i was in orlando, i was in san bernardino, charleston, i've been to a lot of mass shootings and every time there's a mass shooting in this country someone says some sort of variation of what we heard now is not the time to have the conversation. when is the time? >> i think you give a city some time to grieve and get over it and then you discuss a type of things we mentioned the heroic activities by so many people and sit down and have to have this conversation. this is a thing that concerns me when people want to rush this issue. if this is such an important issue, i think it is, these actions cannot continue to happen -- >> you think something needs to change? >> we are can stop these actions, absolutely. why would you want to talk about that 36 hours since the event here. if it's so important, then let's talk about it when people have had a time to get over it and you understand the full investigation, you know -- >> but you've been -- >> i know you want to -- >> you've been through enough of these to know --
11:34 am
>> this is the first one in las vegas that have hit our community. >> i've been to enough of these to know, that three or four days from now, people stop talking about it. people forget about it. >> hold your congressman and senators responsible when they don't go back to washington , d.c., and don't address the issue to your liking. perhaps there should be a dialog. these things should not continue. it isn't the time to talk about it 36 hours after this happened here in las vegas to my community. i was at a vigil last night with hundreds of people there, miles from this location -- >> you maintain, though, something does need to happen. >> of course. >> on a congressional level. some legislation that addresses this? >> we need to do what we can, legislation wise and otherwise, that can help minimize these type of activities. >> things like what? >> solutions. that's the whole point. if you don't know what happened here and what caused this how can you talk about solutions. an example, i like congressman ruben kuihan from nevada, this is a horrible thing, we have to
11:35 am
have some type of actions taken and after the interview three times asked him what actions he gave three responses that wouldn't have done anything to have changed what happened here. if you use this as an example to have legislation passed find out what happened, find a good solution that can solve -- to minimize these things and make sure we do it within the constitutional framework that our country is built on. >> no registration required for guns in this state. >> there are. you have to go through a background check. do you think the registration would have changed it? >> i'm not saying that. i'm saying in terms of solutions, i mean these are some of the things that people are talking about. limiting the number of guns that someone might be able to own. there are those who -- there are those who wonder why might someone need more than 40 weapons? >> i agree with you. that's a lot of weapons. are you going to make that determination? >> no. >> is somebody in msnbc. >> no. >> the mra going to make that decision? >> there are a lot of folks in this country would like lawmakers to make that decision
11:36 am
or have the conversation. >> and make sure it's approved by the court system. >> if elected you will be one of the law makers that goes to washington, d.c., and does something about gun control. >> i will go there and try to find whatever is best solution we can, gun control, whatever otherwise to minimize these type of activities within the framework over constitution. >> good to see you. >> thanks so much. >> i was a big fan of your dad's. >> thank you. nbc's jolene kent standing by at one of the blood centers, the united blood center here in vegas and jo, a short time ago we checked in with you, a huge outpouring of donations, i imagine that is still very much the case? >> yeah. the line here is still about three, three and a half hours long. you can see it goes all the way down here. i want to tell you the tents were not here yesterday and someone very kind, company put up the tents to shield people from the scorching sun here in las vegas. but what we know from the blood center is they have gathered 670
11:37 am
pints as of yesterday. and that's more than 300% of what they usually get. and so these people here are waiting in line. the appointments, though, are completely full. if you want to make an appointment and come in without waiting you can't do that until next friday, october 13. the hope is to provide help to those who have been injured. 527 people who have been injured in this terrible tragedy and about 45 of them, craig, remain in critical condition according to both hospitals that are dealing with those patients and trying to get them through this arduous process. what we're seeing here is a tremendous response and a lot of people here happy to wait three, four hours, yesterday it was six, seven, eight, 12 hours. because they also found that they were meeting people, having a conversation about what happened, and trying to really process what's going on here in vegas. the response continues to be overwhelming. craig. >> all right. good to see that.
11:38 am
jolene kent here in las vegas. as we've been mentioning here president trump will be here tomorrow, but today he is down in puerto rico. the president and the first lady assessing the devastation from hurricane maria. my colleague is going to pick up our coverage of that right after this. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs and feet.
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president trump and first lady melania trump are touring the devastation in puerto rico. the president's first visit
11:42 am
since the category 4 hurricane slammed the island 12 days ago. last hour he met with storm victims after briefing with puerto rico's leaders and response crews. it was there the president noted relief efforts have come at a cost but it has been worth it, he said, for all of the lives saved. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack because we've spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine, we've saved a lot of lives. if you look at the -- every death is a horror. but if you look a real catastrophe like katrina and the tremendous hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at what happened here with really a storm that was just totally overpowering, nobody has seen anything like this, what is your death count as of this moment, 17? >> 16. >> 16 people certified. 16 people.
11:43 am
versus in the thousands. >> msnbc's mary yanna joins me from san juan, puerto rico. the president said if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina it's important to note this was a category 5 storm that hit this island that 95% of the island still does not power. according to a reuters report yesterday, the power authority expects to maybe get power to about 15% of the island within the next two weeks. half of the island still does not have access to clean drinking water. there are massive fuel shortages. the fuel is getting to more gas stations now, but it is still an issue across the country. the president is putting -- painting a rosy picture of what's going on down there. in fact, for a time he was tweeting that essentially you can't believe what you're seeing on the -- in the news media. you can't believe what reporters like you, mariana, who have been on the ground are telling us. that the people are getting the
11:44 am
help they need but they expect everybody to be done for them. that it really is a community effort. essentially blaming the people of puerto rico for not getting the recovery up and running sooner. what else are you seeing that the president doesn't think people should believe from our cameras? >> >> so katie, i've been speaking to locals today and i've been speaking to locals the past couple days. the lines especially to get ice at this point because many of them don't have power at home, they need the ice in order to preserve their food and medicine, those lines are a reality even in san juan. we tried to show you those images today, but because there's very little cell reception still, 37% of the island only, it's very hard to bring you those images live. we will talk to some people right now to give you a sense of what president trump's visit has meant here on the island but first i want to point to that big ship behind me, it is the "comfort" the navy military ship that docked in the port of san
11:45 am
juan today. in sync with president trump coincidentally it has 500 doctors, emergency rooms, ct scans, lab, and absolutely crucial for the recovery here in puerto rico because many of the hospitals don't have power, many of them are working off of generators. we know about one hospital that had to close and that is the drama that everyday puerto ricans are still dealing with here. many telling me they're not satisfied with this visit, not satisfied with trump picking a spat with the mayor of san juan. but let me talk to some locals here. this is luis and his brother caleb. luis, can you tell us about this visit from president trump today? did it meet your expectations? >> yeah. i think this is very important visit for puerto rico because the -- it's the president of the united states and i think it's a little bit short because it's five hours. >> you would have liked him to be here more, speak to more people.
11:46 am
>> yeah. because to see the entire island, it's a disaster. >> can i ask you, katie was wondering, what is the reality here for puerto ricans? what is the reality for you boys at home right now? >> at home we don't have any power. and we don't have any water. so it's very difficult to find ice and bottle of water, walgreens, walmart, if you can find some it will be like five hours or six hours of waiting in line. >> and where do you -- where do you guys live? >> we live in san juan, the capital. >> so in san juan, katie, one final question, because you're very young. is there a future here for you on this island? >> right now, my -- i have at the university of puerto rico and we don't have class. we only have four days of classes. so we probably lost this semester. >> will you be staying in puerto rico? >> i think no. i think i'm going to move forward to florida or something
11:47 am
else. >> so perhaps katie, the drama here, the aftermath of this storm, and the legacy of maria, isn't going to be today or the next couple months but people like luis the future here that doesn't see a future on the island at the moment. those people mostly moving to florida. >> there was some estimates that a million people would leave puerto rico and relocate in a place like florida. quickly, the ship i see behind you, with the medical services that are offered in it, the hospitals don't have power, across the island. most of them are running off generators. you don't have enough energy from those generators, electricity from those generators to run critical things like cat scans you were just mentioning a moment ago. the folks that are in the more interior parts of the island or further away from san juan, how are they going to be getting to this ship? >> [ inaudible ].
11:48 am
smack in the middle of the island. a place completely cut off. i interviewed lieutenant general buchanan the three star general leading the relief effort and he told me those are areas they vns even really been able to get to. so with no gas, with no communications, you can just imagine how disconnected and isolating it must be for the people that are outside san juan at this point, 12 days, in the aftermath of maria. really big challenges here on the island. >> the death toll stands at i believe 17 right now, but remember that could go up significantly once first responders manage to get to areas of the you island they have not been able to get to. who knows how much longer folks are going to survive without sa access to clean water or electricity for refrigerating medicines. it is still a dire situation. mariana in san juan, puerto rico, mariana, thank you very much. craig melvin still in las vegas,
11:49 am
he will be with you right after the break.
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11:52 am
in the wake of national tragedies in it is all too often the role of the president of united states to help the country mourn, to help the
11:53 am
country heal. this week, president trump's first true test as consoler in chief. it started today in puerto rico, where again the president was there meeting with victims of hurricane maria. tomorrow, he will be here in las vegas in the wake of america's deadliest mass shooting. what will a president known for his off the cuff moments say to a city that is very much looking for answers after losing so much? for more on that part of the story i want to bring in any card. msnbc's political analyst, former white house chief of staff to president george w. bush. andy, good to see you. we all remember seeing president bush climb aboard the undermo of rubble after 9/11 with the bull horn. president obama at the church in charleston. i was there when he broeg into "amazing grace" giving everyone
11:54 am
just what we needed in that moment. what do you want to hear from president trump tomorrow here in las vegas? >> president trump has to deal with a nation that has drama on so many different fronts. obviously the tragedy in las vegas is beyond comprehension. and there is no good reason to say that it happened. it happened. so it is very important for him to be out there and to demonstrate that this will not get us down. but he is sympathetic, empathetic and he wants to help bring us together and not put us in this situation again. then you have the hurricanes, harvey, hurricane irmaa, and maria. the president had to do an awful lot. the government has had to do an awful lot. this is where people realize the government has a role in the set a of the stips. president trump is the leader of the askedive branch.
11:55 am
he has to step up and demonstrate that the united states government is a partner during these times of trauma no matter where you are. >> any, the president was asked to talk about gun control laws this morning. here's what he said. >> we have a tragedy. we are going to do -- and what happened in las vegas is in many ways a miracle. the police department has done such an incredible job. and we'll be talking about gun laws as time goes by. >> did you get the sense there, andy card, that the president is actually open to talking about gun laws in this country? >> i think it's premature to go down that path. i just don't think we know enough about what happened there. doesn't appear any change in any gun law would have been prevented what happened in las vegas from happening. i don't get the connection, necessarily. i know lots of people who are
11:56 am
anti-gun but that's very different than having laws that would be lawsed to prevent people from having guns. and i just don't think that the person who perpetrated the act in las vegas would have been on the radar screen on any one of the reforms that have been proposed in the past. i think this is really a situation where we have to demonstrate that we are simple threatic and we ache for the -- sympathetic and ache for the pain that so many are going through. let's understand more about nature of what happened and find out if there is another cause. i don't think the cause of the attack in las vegas was a result of having a situation where we don't have strict enough gun laws. i just don't see the connection there. >> former white house chief of staff any card. our coverage live from las vegas continues here on msnbc.
11:57 am
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and that is going to wrap things up for this hour. i'm craig melvin live in las vegas. ali velshi is standing by to pick up our coverage. >> craig, thanks investment we'll take it for the next hour or so. >> i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie rule. we are talking about two tragedies as they continue to unfold right in front of us. we are in las vegas, the site right now of the worst mass shooting in american history. authorities are trying to figure out why


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