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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 3, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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"the 11th hour" with brian williams is next. tonight the president in the disaster zone. president trump visiting puerto rico, displaying a unique style. tonight the president in the disaster zone. donald trump visiting puerto rico displaying a unique style of distributing relief supplies and leaves behind a day of puzzling comments. while saying they faired better than the real catastrophe like katrina. and just hours from now trump makes his way to las vegas. tonight the latest reporting on the investigation and the gunman and the technology and firepower he used. "the 11th hour" on a tuesday night begins now. well, good evening once again from our nbc headquarters here in new york. day 257 of the trump administration. and in a matter of hours shortly after sunrise, east coast the
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president will leave the white house for las vegas. and on that front, new information tonight on the man behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history including his last several hours alive. multiple senior laufrmt officials are telling news he made big bets in the last weeks. on top of that we're told he wired $100,000 to his girlfriend in the philippines. much more on the investigation ahead in the broadcast. today the president flew to puerto rico. two weeks now after hurricane maria tore up that island, less than 7% of the people there have power. less than half the population have running water or working sewage. a short time ago the governor of puerto rico raised the number of dead to 34, almost double what we thought just earlier today. but despite all of that, fully aware of the criticism that the
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federal response has been less than robust, that it fell behind early on and has yet to catch up. the president said tonight he heard only thank yous during his trip, which he described as lovely. he was on the ground about 4 and a half hours and left an hour earlier than he was scheduled to. the trip wasn't without it's highly uncomfortable moments and unusual comments. we have strung together some of the more indelible moments from today. >> now, i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a limit out of whack because we've spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine. but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous, hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of people that died and you look at what happened here with really a
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storm that was just totally overbearing, nobody's ever seen anything like this, i don't know -- i wouldn't want to be doing it, but i want to thank everybody. i want to thank the coastguard. would you like to say something on behalf of the men and women? the governor, he right from the beginning started appreciating what we did. right from the beginning, this governor did not play politics. he didn't play it at all. he was saying like it was, and he was giving us the highest grades. thank you, everybody.
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you put it in dirty water and would you drink it? >> yeah. >> really? >> our lead off tonight moderator of washington week on pbs and msnbc political analyst anita cumar, and philip rucker, white house bureau chief. also animist nbc political analyst. welcome to you all. philip, your reaction to what you witnessed today to what we just saw tonight. >> well, it was quite a moment today. president trump had a number of comments there that really i think angered foelgofficials an citizens in puerto rico. the mayor of san juan was on msnbc a couple hours ago saying the president was a the miscommunicator in chief and really took the task of not showing more compassion for the people of puerto rico, for blaming them on the fiscal problems, putting the budget out
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of whack. for saying they should be proud of not having more deaths. this was not the kind of tone for healing that i think some were hoping he would bring to puerto rico. and remember this comes after several days of president trump going after this mayor of san juan, doing a number of tweets in which he has seemed to blame some of the problems and recovery in puerto rico on the territory itself, on the frugrilt of its infrastructure and electrical grid, on the financial problems they've had, on the struggles of local and state officials there to be able to organize themselves. and so it was a really striking moment for this president. >> robert costa, were the qualities you saw on display today familiar to you from watching this man? >> the qualities of his presentation go back decades. this was the same president trump, the same donald trump we saw quarrel with new york mayor,
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the combative persona, the casual way of approaching situations. the bigger questions facing puerto rico is the federal response. is the congress going to appropriate money it needs? and there are bigger questions to ask beyond the president's day trip. is the president going to continue to provide the island with the assistance it needs from the federal government? it was somewhat of a predictable presentation and appearance by the president. >> anita cumar, a number of puerto rican office holders in this country but also including the mayor of san juan offended by the scene of the president throwing paper towels into the crowd. talk moo me about presidential tone and what you noticed today. >> right. you mentioned the two sort of things that stuck out. he talked about the deaths, the number of deaths. and he talked about how puerto rico was costing a lot of money. but to me pretty much the whole day or all four hours he was
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there, had there was just comment after comment. he talked about what good weather puerto rico has, his chief of staff, general kelly, talking about how great he is, he's a four-star general, doesn't get any better than that. it was just a lot of -- and you mentioned the paper towels. a lot of people saying it was like a singer at a rock show. you're going to see a lot of people saying that wasn't the way to go. >> phil rucker, what was the goal today? was it to tick a box, to preach fiscal conservatism in light of a rebuilding effort? what was the stated goal you think on the part of the white house? >> i think the goal for president trump was to try to regain control of a narrative
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here. there's been a sense in puerto rico and come through on immediate coverage from the mainland this administration has not been forceful and strong enough in responding to help the people of puerto rico who now two weeks later are still struggling to get out from under this storm, still struggling to get drinking water, still struggling to get electricity. and i think the president by going down there wanted to show he had full command of the situation. but i was down there in houston right after hurricane harvey and the presentation there was so different. when he was in texas president trump showed mow heitation about his commitment to respond. he was strong and didn't have any word of criticism for that state or for the problems in that state's recovery at the time. and in puerto rico there was just hesitation. it didn't feel like he was in all for the territory. >> and robert coming off that point phil just made, what is the chance they have under estimated the damage from the impact, not this storm but so
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much the white house's handling of it? what is the chance that this is going to have a sneaky way of causing a lot of damage to reputations? >> phil made some smart points there. so did anita. i think what we're going to have to watch, brian, is the long-term consequences of this administration's response not only to the crisis in puerto rico but in houston and texas and louisiana. we're only beginning to see the rebuildings in these american places. and it's important to remember these are americans all all of these fronts that are struggling. and they're only starting now to recover. how this president returns to the island of puerto rico, how he returns to the cities in the southwest, how he helps them rebuild will be as much of a question in an evaluation point as his trips have been in recent weeks. >> anita, this president who has shown that possessing and displaying empathy has been for him a kind of existential
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challenge now heads to las vegas tomorrow. what to expect in your view? >> right. i think he had a good disciplined message yesterday when he talked about his first remarks after the shooting yesterday morning. and so it will be -- it remains to be see whether he'll carry that message. he was actually reading from a script, a teleprompter, so that was the situation. tomorrow he's going to see all the bad headlines from today, and that's going to carry with him. so it's going to be very difficult for him to stay on track given this publiclicity. we know he very much gets rattled when he sees this bad publicity on tv and the headlines. also what he's been doing is he's been boastful about for federal response. that's not what people want to
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hear in las vegas tomorrow, about how officials are handling things. so it'll be interesting to see what he does. >> and phil, when he does some of the things he did today, what's the reaction in the circle around him? >> well, look, i don't think the people around him sort of recognized in that moment as he was doing these things how jarring it might seem when you're sort of watching on television and it's taken together in a whole picture. i think the white house was pleased to get him to puerto rico. i know president trump was eager to get to puerto rico days earlier, and it's taken a while to logistically make this trip happen. and i know they're also looking forworld to the trip to las vegas. not that it's oo good story. it's a horrific tragedy, but it's also a chance for trump to be the uniter he said monday in his scripted speech at the white
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house. pitting constituencies against each other, and tomorrow will be an opportunity for him to issue some sort of call for unity and heal these wounds and bring people together. and maybe give the people who are so critical of him across the country a reason to admire him for a moment. >> and robert, your expectations for tomorrow. >> i've traveled with president trump as a candidate in las vegas. it's a city he considers an adopted city in many ways. he has a hotel there. he's been there countless times throughout his life. so i i expect him -- who knows exactly what he'll say, but i expect him to speak in probable personal terms about las vegas. because to him it is a home of sorts and a place he returns too often and has a comfort level with he may not have with houston or with puerto rico. >> this was a serious day today, but because it's been such a deathly serious 24 hours the
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stakes in a way changed going into tomorrow's trip. thanks to our initial panel tonight. coming up, we will now hear the reality on the ground in puerto rico tonight where food and water and electricity are still scarce. a live report just ahead. and up next, what we're learning about the las vegas gunman and what we know about his final hours. that and more when we continue on a tuesday night. want a snack?
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gunman fired hundreds of rounds into a las vegas crowd killing 58 people wounding over 500 others before killing himself, investigators are still providing details of the gunman's life, trying to figure out what led him to commit a massacre. sheriff joseph laum bardo of the las vegas metropolitan police department confirmed today that the gunman's girlfriend, mary lou dannelly is officially person of interest in this and is currently in the philippines, which is also her birthplace. the fbi has been in contact with the government there as they attempt to get her back. more on that in a moment. the sheriff also confirmed the conman used a legally obtained device called a bump stock. it makes a semiautomatic rifle operate like a fully automatic machine gun. police say 12 such bump stocks were found at the scene. the police department also released a harrowing compilation
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of body cam footage of officers at the scene as they were initially trying to figure out where the shots were coming from. this shows the bravery and professionalism while under fire that witnesses spoke of all day yesterday. >> get down. get down. go that way. get out of here. go that way. go that way. [ gunshots ] >> at this point they're still trying to figure out where the rounds are coming from. >> let's talk about this. joining us tonight nbc news intelligence and national security reporter, and sean henry, former executive assistant at the fbi and nbc news analyst. a lot to talk about. first of all, that was battlefield stuff from the parking lot across from mandalay bay.
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second, let's talk about these bump stocks. we asked you to bring one with you on the air. and again, it uses kind of a spring loaded quite simple mechanism to change a single shot rifle into basically a fully automatic. >> that's absolutely, right. i've got one here. you can see it basically looks like the stock of a rifle. it's made of plastic. what it does is it modifies a semiautomatic weapon, which shoots one bullet per squeeze of the trigger to make it fire as if it were an automatic weapon. it uses the recoil to depress the trigger much faster than a human being could squeeze the trigger. and for that reason because it's considered squeezing the trigger, it's not considered an illegal modification making it a machine gun. as you know machine guns have been illegal in this country since 1986.
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some are grand fathered in pre-1986, but for the most part they're not for sale. they exist for one reason and that's to get around the automatic weapons ban. and it's increasingly looking like they are the reason so many people died in this incident. as you heard in those tapes this man was pouring what seemed like automatic weapons fire down on this crowd. and he was at the outer range on an assault rifle. experts told me today it's really not clear he could have killed as many people with a single shot assault rifle as he was able to do with just pouring round and round down onto that crowd. >> and we learned a lot more about the crime scene today including how meticulous he was. cameras. he put a camera in the room service cart in the hallway to let him know when authorities came. he put a camera in the peephole of the room to let him know when
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cops were at the door. there was apparentliy a camera in the room taping his actions. these were crime scene pictures leaked today showing various weapons. his body seen on the floor in one of these photos. there is meticulous preparation. >> these are striking details, brian. this was a high functioning mass shooter. in this way makes him different from many of the mass shooters we've seen before. his family was telling us he essentially was making a living as a poker player. he had a college degree. he had pilots licenses. so when he set out to commit this act, he did it as you said in a meticulous manner. he bought 47 guns, an arsenal. he sunk a lot of money into this thing. cameras, ammunition, an extremely well-planned fire down onto people.
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you're absolutely right. he was meticulous and high functioning, and created a lot of carnage. >> shawn, this is where you come in. i'm looking at an interview nbc news conducted with the former brother-in-law of the girlfriend. describes mary lou as a devout catholic from the fill means and talks about the gunman operating from a pool of money, perhaps as large as $1.5 million at one point. really approached gambling as a business. really would think nothing of video poker spending $20,000 to $25,000 per turn. again, approached it like a business. descri described here as a non-motive person. tell us about the effort to find the live-in girlfriend, and what's the motive, by the way, on parlts of the philippines to
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help us out here? >> couple things, brian. first of all you talk about him and him with the cameras, the precision in which he executed this, how well-planned it was and how the former brother-in-law talked about how he approached his gambling. how precise he was. he used algorithms just like this particular incident was planned out. i want to go back to what the motivation was. and i think that starts in the philippines with the girlfriend. we've seen some interviews of a couple of family members. they've not been able to shed much light on this. but with the girlfriend with some of the reporting that there's been maybe $100,000 wired to her, the fbi has offices around the club, 70 countries around the world. there's an office in manila. the bureau will be working in coordination with the las vegas authorities, with the police in
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the philippines to help identify her. i'd be very surprised if she's not been interviewed at this point already. they would do gnat in coordination with philippine authorities. what's important for them is to find out if she might have information, including documentation, perhaps some electronic devices, any type of details that might help to shed some light on what this guy's motivation was, why he did what he did and created such devastation for hundreds of people in las vegas, brian. >> ken, because you have been around for a while, something you just said i found so interesting. i heard you describe it like this before. a high functioning mass gunman, mass murderer. does that affect -- does that give you any closer idea on motive, how meticulous he was? >> no, in fact it makes it more mysterious for me. because when you talk to ecperts about these mass shootings they
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will tell you there was always some trigger in the repeat past they will look to, something that went bad in the person's life. and we can't see that here. was it something with the gambling, losses, something with the gif? we don't know, and family members don't know. and when i say high functioning, many of the mass shooters we've seen in the past have been alienated. it emerges quickly these were not right people, they were troubled people who couldn't hold a job. this was a guy who had money, living the american dream in a way. >> sean, what do you make of this so far? i know i'm asking you to speculate, but because you've been around cases like this, what do you know about this guy who didn't leave much of a trace on this earth? >> we talk about den just said he lived kind of an regular
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ordinary life. there's something in this guy's past we don't know about. i listened to the brother's interview yesterday. who sold him these guys. he got 42 guns. clearly this is not a close relationship. he accumulated these guns over a long period of time. he's traveled internationally. the brother-in-law said he traveled to the philippines periodically and met with the girlfriend there. there are pieces that are missing. this will start to come to light as we start to put together this picture. i'm also very interested in seeing the videoography. las vegas is probably the widest covered city in the country in terms of video. and we may see where he was, who he may have met with, and what he did in the days leading up to this particular incident. so i think there are a lot more holes here, and we will find out as this investigation continues,
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what was in this guy's past that caused this to happen, brian. >> really interesting conversation. when you think about, we actually know a lot for how few hours. coming up after another break here, is the reality in puerto rico tonight different than what the president saw during his four-plus hour visit today? we'll have a live report from there when our broadcast continues.
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good morning, i'm melissa. breaking news over night as law enforcement confirms mara lieu dannelly, the girlfriend of steve paddock, the las vegas shooter has arrived in the u.s. new footage arriving from lax from the philippines where she be since september. you can see her in the wheelchair companied by fbi agents. sunday night's shooting left 59 people dead including the gunman and more than 500 others injured. now back to the last word with laurence o'donnell. your governor has been who i didn't know, i heard very good things about him. he's not even from my party, and he started right from the beginning appreciating what he did. this has been the toughest one.
11:32 pm
this has been a category 5, which few people have ever even heard of, a category 5 hitting land. but it hit land, and boy did it hit land. i want to thank elaine. thank you very much. fantastic acting secretary. tom is here someplace. great job, great job. and right from the beginning this governor did not play politics. he didn't play it at all. he was saying like it was, and he was giving us the highest grace. >> a lot of praise today coming for his own sfrgz who at one point asked to hear it back from a elected official. the self-congratulation came as he was starting to tour. the administration has been criticized by its federal response. millions still remain without power, clean water and food.
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nbc's tammy lightner has been in puerto rico for two weeks now. she has seen the devastation every day first-hand, has spoken with many of those still suffering. tammy, it's been so long since we've been able to talk to you live like this. i there are puerto ricans yet to have been discovered by relief crews. there are puerto ricans yet to have been able to find out about their loved ones, if they're alive or dead. there are puerto ricans going to bed hungry and thirsty and with medical emergencies that have not yet near been attended to. any or all of that true the. >> everything you just said, brian, is true. i can tell you i personally have received hundreds of e-mails and tweets and messages from people asking me to check on loved ones in various communities. because there really is very little communication in certain parts of the island. we've been to many communities
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across the island, and i can tell you it's just utter devastation. entire blocks of houses gone, just blown over. we were in a city 90 minutes away from san juan. the main bridge was washed away, and people were getting across the river by using a rope. they were also handing food across, stringing it across to people that could not cross themselves. one city was covered in several feet of mud. all these communities are ones they're still making rescues. up until the last 24 hours, we've been talking to rescuers. they're still out there and trying to make their way to some of these remote areas where they still don't know if people need help, medical assistance or waiting to be rescued. >> have you yet seen airdrops over that country, and that's by
11:35 pm
bay of saying black hawk crews if they made 100 pallet drops in a day of food, water, generator here and there to 100 affected communities on that island, could make such a huge quality of life difference. and we have that lift capability just offshore. >> brian, this is what i can tell you what we've seen. we've been out with the marines, we've been out with the national guard. and we've seen them fly in supplies to the various communities. but what they're doing is flying in supplies and dropping them off and leaving. so what's happening is these supplies are not getting distributed to some of the more remote areas. some of these places the roads are still washed away. people have no communication. they don't know what's going on. there's a large part of this island that have no idea that the president visited today because they have no tvs, no power to watch tvs, no cellphone
11:36 pm
communication. they are essentially still cut off from the rest of the world. >> how much depopulation have you seen? how many people who are able to leave have chosen to leave merely because there is no way -- very few ways of making a living now on the island of puerto rico? >> the people that we've spoken with they're saying if things don't turn around and change within a month, within two months, they will leave. i mean we're talking about people who are not able to go to work because they can't put gas in their car, because they can't put food on their table. there are people driving in from communities that are two hours outside of san juan because they don't have a grocery store in their communities. so they come here to san juan to go to grocery store to buy one days worth of food because they don't have refrig strarts, don't have stoves, power in their homes. and the grocery stores, brian,
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the shelves are bear. they don't have refrigerated items in a lot of these grocery stores still. we were at the ports yesterday, and they have 3,500 refrigerated containers sitting there full of food, water medicine. these are not fema supplies. these are supplies supposed to go to restaurants, businesses across the island. and they're just sitting at the port. they're not getting out. >> as i keep saying the army transportation corp is full of truck drivers. and the problem there locally has been many of the truck drivers staying and taking care of their families, many of the roads are blocked. when you militarize a crisis like this, it's right in the sweet spot of what the u.s. armed forces do so very well. they move a lot of people and big things very quickly. >> yeah, and you know, brian, i can tell you also president
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trump was quick today to praise the federal response. and while fema supplies are getting out there, they are not getting out fast enough and not far enough. and by that i mean they're not getting to the small pockets, the small communities where people really need these supplies right now. >> tammy lightner, we're closely following your work and the work by all members of our team there. and we know it's difficult work by day and bynectomy. thank you so very much for joining us live tonight. another break. we'll be back with a preview of the president's trip tomorrow.
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we're back and with the president heading to las vegas just hours from now, really, the headlines are out tonight concerning his visit to puerto rico. today "the new york times" says trump lobs praise and paper towel tuesday puerto rico storm victims. "the washington post," trump
11:42 pm
says puerto rico officials should be proud more haven't died like in katrina. politico, trump brings harsh edge to puerto rico trip. and the atlantic, trump's puerto rico visit is a political disaster. back with us robert costa, anita kumar. robert, do you think those headlines are fair given today? >> i think they're all about the same. and it's really a collective view of many political observers at times in both parties about how the president did not adhere to the political norms we see in these kind of tragic disaster situations, especially natural disasters. and there's going to be the same kind of question hanging over his trip to las vegas tomorrow, brian. will the president adhere to the kind of norms we usually see in moments of mass shootings and national tragedy? >> anita, also hanging over the
11:43 pm
president's visit tomorrow no part of him wanted a debate or gun control, and he's going to have a debate over gun control. and it comes up on occasion after a tragedy like this. donald trump, jr., avid hunter in a video from 2016 endorsing a silencer product for guns. ♪ >> that thing's awesome. it's about safety. it's about hearing protection. it's a health issue, frankly, for me. getting little kids into the game it greatly reduces recoil. it's just a great instrument. there's nothing bad about it at all. it makes total sense. it's where we should be going. >> you heard there, it's a health issue. we also heard the speaker of the house today say the silencer bill that would legalize them has not been scheduled, which
11:44 pm
usually means its dead. but anita, this is part of the backdrop of this visit tomorrow. >> right. i'm not sure it's dead, but i don't think it was scheduled. and they have had a committee meeting it, but obviously this is not the time to have a hearing. the white house pushes back and anyone that asked that question already in the last two days is playing politics. the other side says they're politics. this happens after every mass shooting in america. the same debate goes on, and you can bet there'll be a new debate again. nancy pelosi has asked in the house that the speaker of the house form a commitry about gun control. people will ask him these questions tomorrow. >> is there a problem with the
11:45 pm
president these days? he was elected in large part because he disstills grass roots anger. ask now the job has presented him with all these different challenges. disaster relief, he now has a dedicated disaster jacket. the media wants to talk about gun control. there's tax reform out there and infrastructure, all these things. >> the president's going to have to pick his priorities right now. he faces so many of those challenges you mentioned as well as whether he's-going to deal with the undocumented young people who are here in this country, the millions of them, the 800,000 who are here and other undocumented immigrants who are here. can he work with the democrats on gun control legislation, or are we still at this same political moment where the republicans are really unwilling to have a background check kind of dialogue with the democrats? the president is an outsider.
11:46 pm
so there is always a possibility that an outsider who's not tethered to the ideology of traditional republican party could be someone to crack a deal, but we haven't seen it executed in any real way. we've seen talk of a deal, talk of bipartisanship. i think when i talk to my sources on the hill, brian, you are going to see those billion of dollars in aid go to hooutsen, go to puerto rico. but when it comes to gun control, anita is right. things aren't moving. >> thanks for sticking around for the lightening round. coming up, one of the most difficult and unique tasks for any president leading the nation through times of tragedy. we'll talk about that ppulitzer prizewinner john meacham when "the 11th hour" continues.
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one of the most important roles for any president is consoling a nation during times of uncertainty and tragedy. throughout history americans have turned to their presidents, and they have stepped up to lead after tragic events. >> etlet us teach our children that the god of comfort is also the god of righteousness. those who trouble their own house will inherit the wind. justice will prevail. >> i can hear you, the rest of the world hears you. and the people -- and the people who knock these buildings down will hear all of us soon. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the
11:51 pm
sound ♪ ♪ that saved a wretch like me >> let's talk about moments like those with pulitzer prizewinning author and presidential historian john meacham who also happens to be animist nbc contributor. john, about those clips, there's the people around the president in that moment who knows they just witnessed something, the man who was mouthing scripture with bill clinton, the hard hats on the pile with george w. bush, and the men in robes who look up at a singing president of the united states, they get up out of reflex. you could have knocked them over with a feather when barack obama started that. so those are genuine moments. challenge, leadership, and men stepping up. put it in context with the president's trip today and his task tomorrow. >> i was thinking all day about
11:52 pm
the remark of ms. obama's last year that the presidency doesn't change who you are, it magnifies who you are. in many ways he became president at that point. he had a disastrous first couple of years. i think it's inarguable that george w. bush standing in that rubble with the innocent still around him who had fallen on what he called the day of fire, became president in many ways on that friday in september. president obama, i remember watching that moment live and being just -- my breath was taken away by it. president reagan who comforted the marine families after the attacks. you know, there are these moments where character and
11:53 pm
history intersect. and i think what we saw today is a president who's less a president and more a showman. i think the tossing of the paper towels, the have a good time remarks, they're the things you say at a beauty pageant or at the opening of a golf course, at a ribbon cutting. this is what he's done his whole life, his adult life. he's a promoter. he's not a consolar. and i think that deficit of empathy is something that, you know, his supporters say we're just piling on, but it tells. character will out. and i think many of us hoped president trump would grow in office, and i think we've had nine months or so of being frustrated of hoping for something that would not come in to pass. >> in 60 seconds of brilliance, are we judging him by a
11:54 pm
different standard, different set of grades? >> no. no, we're not. you just showed the record. this is not a bunch of liberal yapping. it's the record. the only thing franklin roosevelt said on public on day-day, was to read a prayer of his own composition. the mayor of new orleans walked around with a flashlight and said this is your president, and i'm here to help. they don't get it right all the times, but character and history do intersect. ask that's the nature of this job. do we expect too much of presidents, perhaps. but we expect a certain level of empathy, a certain level of reassurance from the chief constitutional officer of the executive branch.
11:55 pm
coming up after this break we have more on a moment john must mentioned. maybe it was a set up. knowing john so well i knew he had mention it ask setting us up so well.
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come to to shop and compare home equity loans right now. because at lendingtree, when banks compete, you win. the last thing before we go tonight, it's an image that may stick around for a while, those pictures of donald trump's unique 3 point shot style of distributing storm relief today in san juan. while no two disasters are alike and no two presidents are alike, the video does illustrate an enormous break from presidential style in the past. one of the bench mark examples often cited is hurricane betsey, september of '65. it decimated much of south eastern louisiana, and it crushed new orleans. on the day after the storm, president johnson urged on one e by one of louisiana's senators
11:59 pm
flew to new orleans on air force one. he toured the damage and he comforted the victims. during his tour he stopped at an elementary school that was being used as a shelter in the ninth ward which was described at the time as quote, a mass of human suffering. and as the weeky louisiana told the story, with no electricity, johnson took a flash flight, shined it on his own face and said into a megaphone my name is linda johnson, i am your president. i am here to make sure you have to help you need. by the time he left that night, he had put the weight of the entire federal government in the effort. and he left behind a generation of louisianans that were always gre grateful to him for showing he cared. thank you all for being here
12:00 am
with us, and good night from nbc headquarters in new york.


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