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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  October 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> they would say because you're speeding, you're breaking the law. owning a gun is not breaking the law. it's a constitutional right. >> correct. they have said it and they will. >> all right. >> that does it for us this morning. be sure to stay tuned because you really never know what happens next. >> i mean anything that happens. >> this year's episodes of america, starring donald trump. today donald goes to las vegas and we see if he replicates the horror show that was yesterday. >> truly a horror show. >> of his presidential performance in puerto rico. >> and that is where we find stephanie ruhle, who picks up the coverage right now from las vegas. indeed, donald goes to vegas and that's where we are. hi there, everyone, i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter returns to the united states, as we learn more about the meticulous planning behind the attack and las vegas police release body cam footage of the chaos.
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>> get back, get back! president trump heading to las vegas today after a highly criticized appearance in puerto rico to meet with officials and survivors of hurricane maria. >> you've thrown our budget a little out of whack. >> america has a big heart, but perhaps this man has a bigger mouth. new details on the russia investigation. today the senate intelligence committee will share what they have learned about the meddling in that 2016 election. plus, an nbc news exclusive, just how close rex tillerson was to resigning before vice president pence stepped in and reeled him back after a contentious meeting left the secretary of state fuming, reportedly calling the president a moron. we begin this morning with the latest on the massacre right here where i am in las vegas.
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officials now say it was meticulously planned by the gunman, stephen paddock, who went so far as to set up cameras in his hotel room and the hallway leading up to it. these are police photos from inside the room. paddock had at least 12 semiautomatic rifles fitted with bump stocks so they could mimic fully automatic gunfire. overnight paddock's girlfriend, marilou danley returned to the united states arriving in l.a. from the philippines. that is her in the wheelchair being escorted by security officers. officials say they hope she can give them some insight into the gunman's motive or his state of mind. and we've got new perspective on the massacre. [ gunfire ] >> go that way, go that way, go that way. >> this is newly released body cam footage from the las vegas
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police department. it shows first responders trying to figure out what was going on and where the gunfire was even coming from. police now say that paddock was firing on and off for a total of ten minutes. we've got the best team in the business here this morning to help us figure all of this out, starting with nbc's justice correspondent, pete williams, who's got the latest on the investigation. pete, now we're learning more about what paddock did, even though we still have no idea why this guy did it. >> the authorities say they still don't know what his motive was, what was going on in his mind, why did he do this. it appears that he had been thinking about this, planning for it for at least a couple of weeks. there are several reasons to think that. the sheriffs yesterday said there was meticulous planning, but i think that's fairly obvious from the fact that he brought all that firepower into the hotel room. he also had cameras, we know a little more detail about that now, after the sheriff disclosed
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yesterday that he had cameras, basically surveillance cameras of his own, so that he could watch the hallway outside of the hotel room to see if law enforcement was coming. these photographs showed up in some newspapers that were obviously leaked from somebody in the police department showing this arsenal of weapons strewn all over the floor in his two-room suite from which he fired the weapons and also appears to show his body after he shot himself before the police barged into the room. they're now trying to trace his movements, working backwards from the moment of the shooting. some other reasons to think that this had been planned before and that he had thought about this before. we're told that the weekend before the shooting he rented rooms in a high-rise condo building in las vegas, this one here. it overlooked a big outdoor music event, the life is beautiful festival. one thing authorities want to
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know is was he thinking about doing this then? was that kind of a dry run. they're also looking at all of his gun purchases and adding that into the timeline. we now know he bought rifles, shotguns and handguns in nevada, also utah, california and texas. they're looking hard at his finances, his gambling, his spending, the money that he wired overseas. they want to know if he was in any kind of financial trouble, if that was a pressure point on him. as for the searches, they have examined his hotel room, although they're still processing that crime scene and it's going to take them a couple of more days. they have looked in his cars, they have looked in his houses in nevada, a storage unit, and so far they say no obvious clues as to why. no manifesto, no video statement, nothing to explain what he did. but the most important searches now, of course, are the electronic devices that were found in his hotel room, his houses, that means his phones, his computers, his tablet, and they're hoping that that might contain some records of communications that could shed
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some light on motive, stephanie. >> i mean it's sickening. he scoped out the massacre watching the life is beautiful music festival. for more on the gunman's girlfriend, marilou danley, i'm joined by nbc's stephanie gosk. stephanie, investigators have already said they do not consider her an accomplice in this, but what are they trying to get? >> they call her a person of interest, and there are a lot of questions that they're going to be asking her. among them is going to be this issue of the $100,000 that paddock wired to a bank in the philippines. they're going to want to know what she knew about it, what he told her about it, did he tell her about it. they also want to know why she traveled to the philippines. she flew there on september 25th. we were told, and honestly officials were a bit cagey about this this week, but we were told by senior law enforcement officials that she was scheduled to return back to the u.s. today. the circumstances of her return, we really don't know at this point. we know she was met by the fbi. you know, her family members,
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even some neighbors as well have been speaking out in her defense. this is what her sister had to say. >> and i know that she doesn't know anything as well. she was sent away. she was sent away so that she will be not there to interfere with what he's planning. >> what neighbors tell us is that she was quiet but that she talked to them and he often was unresponsive when people said hello to him, but she was a little bit more social. it's unclear exactly how long they were together or the real nature of their relationship, according to some of the people that we have spoken to. they met in reno, she was working at one of the casinos in reno when they met. she listed his property in divorce records. she was married to an american for 20 plus years. she filed for divorce. at the time she listed the residence up in reno that we now
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know is associated with paddock on those court records. >> do we know why she went home? >> we don't. that's going to be one of the big questions. people might look at that, they might look at the $100,000 and say, well, i wonder what she knew. for families and friends who have lost people in this terrible tragedy, they're going to want to know did she see stuff? did she notice something similar? did she notice that there were more guns coming in? could she have potentially have warned somebody before this happened? >> were there signs? this thing is stunning. now let's bring in joe fryer live in las vegas where things are slowly getting back -- i'm not even going to say to normal, but, joe, you have been here the entire time. you were staying in the mandalay bay resort the night this happened. walk us through where we were from sunday until now. >> reporter: yeah, stephanie, i was just contemplating that same thing you were, i don't want to use the word "normal" right now because i don't think it's going to be normal for some time.
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we were staying in the mandalay bay tower, six floors above where the gunman was so we were locked down in this hotel for a good part of ten hours. right now there's a slow return to sort of what you would expect vegas to look like along the strip. the strip is actually open now. many of the businesses and hotels are trying to proceed as normal because they have tens of thousands of people that are in town for conventions or business or vacation. the biggest reminder of all is right here at the mandalay bay tower 32 floors up, that's where those broken windows from where the gunman opened fire can still be seen and a lot of people now that they can get closer to the mandalay bay have been stopping by to take a look at it, take pictures. overnight police did release new body cam footage. it is just a sliver of the body cam footage that was taken on the night of the shooting, about three minutes of it, but it really shows dramatic moments as the gunman was still opening
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fire. we now know that that gunman was firing for nine to 11 minutes. i was talking with a friend of mine who happened to be at that country music festival. i asked her beforehand how long do you think this lasted? it's hard to gauge when you're in one of these moments but she thought it was five to ten minutes, so that was a pretty accurate estimate. that body camera footage shows in the early moments, police are telling people to get down. other people were saying, no, it's just fireworks, it's just fireworks. it's something we heard a lot of people say initially, they thought it was part of the show as the country music concert was going on. police continue in that body camera footage continue people to get down. they were helping to clear people and get them to safer ground. there's another point where you can hear an officer say it sounds like it's coming from mandalay bay. that was part of the problem, it's hard to tell where the gunfire was coming from. there were ricochets of bullets and echos throughout this whole area so people thought there might have been multiple gunmen and didn't know where it was coming from. you could hear on that body camera footage one officer say
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it looks like it's coming from mandalay bay and eventually police were able to get there, get inside. it was actually a security guard who figured out it was the 32nd floor, was approaching the door. it appears the gunman might have seen him, fired through the door, hit the security guard but that's how police knew this gunman was on the 32nd floor. stephanie. >> it's just stunning. for those of us here in vegas as we walk by the mandalay, it's right behind us. to see those two blown-out windows, every person we've spoken to who was there the night of the attack who said, man, well, it was the finale of the show, i thought it was a fireworks show, imagine, a fireworks show turned out to be 22,000 people having to run for their lives. and now the question is what happens next. in the past, mass shootings like the one that we saw right here promoted outrage and demands for action from people around the world, but specifically from democrats on capitol hill. today they're trying to figure
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out what, if anything, can actually get done. right now house minority leader nancy pelosi and other democrats are outside the capitol building talking about gun control. msnbc's garrett haake has more on that. garrett, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and over and expect a different outcome. what can and should democrats do now to try to get some sort of change? how many times have we been here before? one would argue after sandy hook, something would change, and now we're here. 59 people killed. what do democrats need to do to shake the tree? >> reporter: well, stephanie, lacking control of any of the real levers of power in washington, what democrats can and have to do is try to draw attention to that. that's part of the reason they opened this press conference here with congressman john lewis who's sort of the conscience of this congress. here's what he said just a moment ago. >> how many more must die.
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a hundred, a thousand, 10,000, a million? what is your blood price? >> reporter: lewis is arguing that congress has essentially failed in its responsibility to do something on gun control after all of those previous incidents. the problem is here on the house side of things, there is no appetite whatsoever from republican leadership, at least thus far, to address this issue or engage in a debate with democrats or discussion with the media about steps that might be taken. on the senate side, it's a little bit different. on this issue of bump stocks, the add-on to these weapons that can make them fire like automatic weapons, we did hear some agreement yesterday not just with democrats but some republicans say maybe, maybe, that's a small enough piece of this pie they could take it on. here's some senate republicans we spoke to yesterday. >> should congress be reconsidering whether bump stocks are legal or not?
6:14 am
>> yeah, i would certainly look at that. >> bump stocks, legally converted weapons to turn semiautomatic weapons into virtually automatic weapons, that's something i think we'll take a look at. >> reporter: stephanie, here's the bottom line. the context here in washington, this congress has gotten very little accomplished in the last nine months and the republicans in control don't want to go home to their voters and say, well, we got sanctions done on russia and a gun control measure passed. that doesn't sell to republican audiences. they're trying to stay focused on tax reform right now. it's unclear if scenes like this can do anything to change that, stephanie. >> you're talking about the hill. steve bannon said if the president does anything on gun control, he'll lose his whole base. i don't know, maybe he would gain a lot more if he did something. let's bring in clint van zandt, former fbi profiler and msnbc contributor, also author of "facing down evil, life as an
6:15 am
fbi profiler and hostage negotiator." clint, this cannot be normal to have this much time pass after an attack and still have no clue about a motive. >> no. i think the authorities are working very hard. as you're suggesting, usually within 24 hours we got a motive. we normally know a 35-year-old white male with a mental illness challenge, he's been fired from his job, his wife dumped him, something like that and we nod our heads and say, okay, we got it. now we don't have it yet. i think his girlfriend is going to be the key. i think questions that previous individuals have suggested, that you and i would like to ask her. basically you were in a house with this guy and he had 49 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. did you -- did he ever say what he was going to do? was he angry, frustrated, was he rageful? we know he was a big gambler. did he lose, did he win? there is a thousand questions that it appears only she would
6:16 am
answer, and one of her relatives has already said that the shooter surprised her, gave her a ticket and says i got this ticket at a low price. i'm going to send you to the philippines, and then sometime in that time period he sent that $100,000. was that sent, was it a bribe, was it because he knew he was going to do this and he was going to take care of her after he had died? these are all questions that we're going to learn. >> all right. well, we've seen these new pictures inside the hotel room. the police photos that were obtained by "the daily mail." when you look at those shots, what can you tell? >> well, i mean this guy was really gunned up. i don't think there's any question he had planned on doing this. realize this is somebody who owned, you know, over four dozen guns. he brought about half of them to the hotel with him. but, you know, it's interesting. perhaps we'll find instead of changing magazines from using the same weapon, he may have just fired a weapon, thrown it
6:17 am
down, grabbed another weapon. this bump stock nonsense that allows a weapon to be fired basically as a fully automatic weapon, i mean it's nuts we have things like this in this country. there's so many things that congress can do to start chipping away at the gun violence, but again, 90% of the violent crimes in america are committed with unlicensed guns where we don't know the ownership, we don't know how they got those guns. so that is the big challenge too. this is the mountain that we as americans have to get over and we're just at the very bottom of that mountain. >> that means we've got the opportunity to climb it. clint, thank you so much. we're going to leave it there. next, an nbc news exclusive report on just how close secretary of state rex tillerson came to resigning. when you call your president a moron, that's a tough day at work. we'll find out about the influencers who convinced him to stay. the reporter who broke the story
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does the president still have confidence in him as secretary of state? >> he does, yes. >> that, of course, was white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders confirming president trump's confidence in his secretary of state, but does rex tillerson have confidence in his president? a new nbc news exclusive report says tillerson was about to resign from the trump administration back in july.
6:22 am
his threat came after trump's highly politicized speech to the boy scouts, an organization that tillerson once served as president of. this comes after tillerson reportedly openly called president trump, quote, a moron after meeting at the pentagon. tillerson was talked out of quitting by vice president pence, soon to be chief of staff john kelly and defense secretary james mattis. pence, kelly and mattis did not try to convince him to stay and tillerson did not consider quitting this summer, so this is a bit contested, but i know it's true. nbc news national political reporter carol lee joins us now. carol, amazing piece. you've been working on this for months. but in the last week, we saw tension between president trump and rex tillerson spill out on twitter with president trump tweeting, saying that tillerson was wasting his time negotiating with north korea. but you take us behind the scenes. >> i will, but first i want to say it was such a pleasure working on this story with you
6:23 am
and everyone know that your reporting was a very significant part of this as well. >> thank you. >> but you're right, this has gone back to july. there was a build-up of tensions where tillerson was frustrated, the president was frustrated. they had policy differences. the president was seen as undermining tillerson over the issue of qatar and then tillerson was back trying to push the president in a direction he didn't want to go on terms of recertifying the iran nuclear deal. there were a number of -- there was afghanistan policy meetings, which is what the -- was around the time when tillerson referred to the president as a moron in front of some of his colleagues, including cabinet officials and white house officials. and at that time there was this effort to try to reset this relationship and reset tillerson's position, and there was kelly and mattis and vice president pence who came in and
6:24 am
said -- gave him a pep talk but said, look, you have to get on the same page as the president in terms of his policies if this is going to move forward. so there was this sense that things were going to get better, and yet they sort of didn't. you saw at the end of august the president was very upset that tillerson didn't defend him in his view enough or at all after he -- on his comments on the violence in charlottesville. tillerson said the president speaks for himself. the president took that as a slap and confronted him about it. he watched it three times according to a tillerson spokesperson. then you saw what you just referenced, this flap over the weekend regarding north korea. so you've seen these two have a lot of tensions and this sort of power struggle. caught in between that is americans' foreign policy. >> well, we know that jared kushner and rex tillerson haven't gotten along.
6:25 am
president trump gave that speech to the boy scouts and rex tillerson wasn't just a boy scout, he was an eagle scout, he was president of the organization. they built a statue in his honor this year. so the tension was there. and the day tillerson called president trump a moron, whether it was in front of a group or not, a lot of people said it. the president was comparing afghanistan strategy to the 21 club renovation. so walk us through exactly where rex tillerson was when he said this. >> sure. well, there was the meeting that you just referenced was on july 19th. that was a situation room meeting. it was at the white house. it was the president's national security team and it was focused specifically on afghanistan, and that's when the president made this comparison that you mentioned to renovating the 21 club in new york. the next day there was a meeting at the pentagon in the secure room known as the tank. the president came over for that meeting. it was his national security team again. and after that meeting, the president spoke publicly, but
6:26 am
the people who were in the meeting were gathered around and at some point tillerson said the president is a moron. and that was overheard, he said it loud enough to be overheard by a number of people. and some of those people were upset about that. it's not clear that this got back to the president. somebody had said that none of trump's -- it wasn't like jared kushner or ivanka trump or the family members were around, so it's not clear that anyone would have actually told the president that, but that sets the stage for just how tense things had gotten at that point. >> well, i actually heard that he called the president an f'ing moron and if the president didn't hear about it then, he certainly heard about it now. what position does this put mattis in. mattis and tillerson speak every single day, they're very close. but those inside the white house says rex tillerson stands alone, he doesn't have many friends there. what does mattis do?
6:27 am
>> it's going to be difficult for mattis to manage. the thing about tillerson is that he has not managed to gain support among really any faction in washington. he does not have strong backers in congress, particularly among republicans who are frustrated with him. he doesn't really have any confluence of allies, group of allies in the white house, and he doesn't have the support of his own ostate department. so he's really kind of a man on an island and has been for a little while despite attempts to try to bring him more into the fold and repair these tensions with the president. so it's just not clear where this goes. but you know as well as anybody that this is a president who values loyalty more than anything. and the idea, i think, for him to see one of his what he considers staff talking about him in this way is not going to go over well, to say the least. >> this is embarrassing. you know who i'm thinking about
6:28 am
today? rex tillerson's wife, who he has said in the past was the one who told him to take this job. this morning he's going, honey, why did i ever leave texas. all right, carol, thank you so much. great working with you on this. >> you too. >> if you haven't seen the story yet, check it out on, it's amazing. and think ahead, if rex tillerson were to leave the administration, who's going to get that job? i'm going to guess it rhymes with shmickey maily. up next, the tough words san juan's mayor had to say in response to the president's comments. a strong woman, he has an issue with some of those. today president trump went to puerto rico to survey the damage and mike pence will go there tomorrow to survey the damage done by the president. i've always wanted to create those experiences for others.
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has never been harder. it's why at thomson reuters we provide you with the intelligence, technology, and human expertise you need to find trusted answers. the answer company. thomson reuters. welcome back. i'm city of nstephanie ruhle. time for your morning primer, everything you need to know to get your day started. we begin, this story is too much, with congressman tim murphy who is under fire after a pittsburgh post-gazette story claims the pro-life congressman urged a woman he was having an affair with to get an abortion.
6:33 am
murphy's office declined to comment or respond to the story. classy guy. the house passed a bill last night that would ban abortions after 20 weeks with exceptions involving rape, incest or health of the mother. it is not expected to pass the senate. in a few hours, the senate intelligence committee will release its findings on the 2016 election meddling. the committee is expected to endorse a previous intel report finding that russia sought to influence the election through hacking and misinformation. and amazon has been ordered to pay nearly $300 million in back taxes to luxembourg after the eu ruled it had been given an unfair tax advantage from the small country. in a statement, amazon denied it received any special treatment. and yahoo! now admits the 2013 breach affected all of its users, 3 billion accounts, making it the largest breach in history. the company says the stolen data was confined to users' i.d. and e-mails, not passwords or bank
6:34 am
information. and president trump on his favorite social media medium this morning tweeting about tuesday's trip to puerto rico saying, quote, a great day in puerto rico yesterday. while some of the news coverage is fake, most showed great warmth and friendship. trump faced some criticism during that visit, first after he said this. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack because we've spent a lot of money on puerto rico. >> wow. and later, when he threw relief supplies to a crowd of people. that was amazing. some people compared him to throwing paper towels to firing t-shirts out of a cannon at a sporting event. mariana atencio is in san juan with more. you spoke with the mayor yesterday. she swallowed her pride, she apologized, she thanked the president because she's got a country in desperate need of help. >> reporter: and she said she went there out of respect for
6:35 am
the presidency, stephanie, but during that interview last night she told me she felt offended. she told me she felt like throwing up during the entire visit. not only hearing the president reference the debt, as you mentioned, but also hearing him compare the death toll during katrina to the death toll here in puerto rico. a death toll that doubled hours after the president left. the mayor of san juan telling me that what she saw yesterday in her opinion from the commander in chief does not represent what she's seen on the ground here from first responders, from troops and everyday americans. >> it's totally disrespectful. not only that, it is not the american way. that's not the spirit of the american people. america has a big heart, but perhaps this man has a bigger mouth. it just -- it's -- you know, it's amazing. he does not represent the people. >> reporter: according to some
6:36 am
people who we spoke with on the streets yesterday, it is carmen yulin, the mayor of san juan, that has come to represent the voice of the suffering puerto rican in the midst of this crisis. this morning here the mayor's office organizing these desperately needed supplies, the food, the water, the baby diapers to be picked up by local churches and that underscoring the need here in puerto rico. just to give you one final nugget of color of how this visit went down yesterday, this is the front page of the local newspaper. trump does not promise more financial help. these volunteers telling me they know it's now up to them to get this island back up and running. stephanie. >> and he said their debt was going to get wiped out. mick mulvaney corrected him and said absolutely not. it's not a good time to send confusing messages to an island in such need of help. now we're going to talk about president trump's next trip. he's going to be here in las vegas after that trip to puerto
6:37 am
rico. i want to bring in senior politics reporter for "usa today," heidi przybyla. you've been tweeting out about the trip today and i want to know what you're hearing. for me, this would be a stunning moment. the president could truly pivot right now. remember, he's been saying for months and months, he's not beholden to anyone. in the past he's had things to say about gun control. he might surprise you. this could be a moment when all of those people who has thoroughly offended and distanced himself from in the middle for months, he could pivot and say hold on, let's take a look at gun control. why is it that we sell things like bump stocks? why do we make things available to turn normal rifles into automatic killing machines? this is a moment that the president could actually change. >> my reporting, stephanie, is that the president is prepared to come there to offer lots of sympathy, to come to see the grieving people at the hospitals, but not to offer any
6:38 am
kind of hope that we can address this through policy solutions. steph, think about what was happening right before this massacre took place. we have a congress here in washington, d.c., that was moving in the exact opposite direction. they were preparing to loosen gun regulations, to allow people to use these silencers, to make them more available, which as you can -- >> because their ears were hurting, the hunters, their ears were hurting. >> how much worse that would have made the situation there, stephanie, if, for example, the officials, the people in that hotel couldn't tell where that gunfire was coming from. and to quickly apprehend that man to stop him from slaughtering even more people. so it was moving in the opposite direction. but i think even more powerful than that, steph, is the grip of the nra. if you think about it, one of the earliest endorsers of this president, when he was still a long shot, was the national rifle association. when he went there to speak to their spring convention in
6:39 am
atlanta, he noted, i remember your loyalty. and there's nothing he's going to do to cross the nra, even if it's as minor as starting to try and address this problem, for example, through background checks. the bump stocks i'm hearing some members of congress, like lindsey graham possibly express an openness to looking at that, but the problem is such a colossal mess right now with the flood of these weapons out there and access to these devices that can be used to alter them, to make them into the lethal automatic weapons is so great right now. >> but heidi this argument -- this argument that we hear from sarah huckabee sanders, this isn't the time to talk about that, we wouldn't want to do that to the grieving family members and friends. i've spoken to people here in vegas over the last three days, who have said to me it's the
6:40 am
exact time. right after you see a terrible tragedy, let's address it while people are listening and find out how we can be better and more prepared. the president's approval rating being what it is, yes, he's got that base. he himself said he's never going to lose that base. but steve bannon said if he touches gun control, it's over for the president. would that really be the case? because i'd like to think there are loads of people in the middle who would say thank you, president trump, for being the one guy to actually step up and doing something. this could be a real opportunity. >> can you imagine if we told the families of 9/11, after 9/11 that it wasn't the right time to address terrorism? so i can imagine how that would play into some of the emotions of the families who have been affected, even one of the band members who was very strong second amendment supporter has said that this has completely changed his opinion on what we need to do on semiautomatic weapons. yes, of course this could be a moment. on what issue is there such overwhelming support from the
6:41 am
american public to do something? but there is this lore about and i might even call it a myth about the strength of the nra, particularly in the republican party, that if you do anything to cross them, that they will take you out. and until the silent majority shows that it is just as exercised and impassioned about doing something to address these slaughters, then nothing happens. >> how about the irony in heidi's word choices, you cross the nra and they'll take you out. hey, ivanka trump, mother to mother, you're looking for a win? it's right here, bump stocks. heidi, great reporting, thanks for joining us today. when we come back, what las vegas hopes to hear from president trump, next. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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using fuel cells to capture carbon emissions at power plants. this is the potential. reducing co2 emissions by up to 90%... while also producing more power. this could be big. energy lives here. well, it's a very sad thing. we're going to pay our respects and to see the police who have done really a fantastic job in a very short time. they're learning a lot more. that will be announced at the appropriate time. it's a very, very sad day for me personally. >> that, of course, was president trump this morning moments before he left for his trip to las vegas where he will be arriving soon, and he's going to be meeting with local politicians here, first responders and survivors of sunday's mass shooting that killed 58 people and injured
6:46 am
more than 500. behind me there were 22,000 people running for their lives a few nights ago. with me the editor of "the nevada independent" john ralston. john, what message do you think president trump needs to get to this community? i mean las vegas has 45 million tourists come to this town every year. people are scared. >> they should be scared, right? you just mentioned it, 22,000 people in an enclosed area. and listen, trump is going to try to provide empathy. that's not his wheelhouse, as you know, stephanie, but he's going to go visit the county hospital, he's going to go visit the metro police. i have to tell you, i hope he really does repeat what a lot of people have said. the first responders here, i mean the injury toll, the death toll is horrific, but hundreds more people would have been killed if the first responders in las vegas had not responded the way they did. >> let's talk local politics. people around the country want the president to address and do something about gun control, but
6:47 am
does nevada? as much as nevada likes gambling, it also loves guns. >> there's a huge gun culture here. we passed a background checks initiative in 2016. we're standing here in clark county, las vegas. clark county is the only county of the 17 that actually voted for it, but it won my enough here that it passed but it hasn't been implemented. >> why? >> the attorney general, who by the way is a big trump supporter and is going to run for governor, has held it up saying it's unenforceable. the governor has supported him. the governor is a moderate, brian sandoval, not a trump supporter. last week, and this is strange irony, stephanie, the supporters wrote a letter threatening to sue the governor if he did not implement what passed by the voters. it's a will of the people issue. the governor has now punted back to the attorney general saying tell me if i can do this. >> okay. then there's one guy, the attorney general. what do you think about the rest of the state of nevada? can an event like this, something so tragic, actually have an impact and change
6:48 am
anything? because we've seen horrible events happen in the past. unfortunately, it's created more advocacy, but no law changes. >> exactly. i mean but you see the same polarization, right, stephanie? you see the same discussion taking place on the left and the right. i had a conversation with a friend the other day. if they're not going to change laws, if they're not going to take some action after sandy hook where you had these children killed, why would this change anything? >> okay, but if i'm steve wynn, if i'm sheldon adelson, big republicans that own big casinos and resorts here, what do i want? >> i think they want to make sure people will keep coming here. they're very insular in their thinking. >> and they don't want something like this happening on their property. >> steve wynn, i interviewed him last year. he has set up essentially a counterterrorism unit inside the wynn resort. he's got plainclothes people, he's got hidden metal detectors. what's the future for las vegas? do people want to come here? will they feel safe? i think all of the gaming guys, including adelson and wynn, will
6:49 am
they engage in the gun control debate? i doubt it. up next, i'm share an interview that i had with steve klubek who said president trump, enough is enough. gun culture has got to change. gun laws have to change. i'm going to share that conversation on the other side of the break.
6:50 am
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. this very morning, some of the casinos in las vegas are stepping up security measures. the wynn and encore are checking bags with handheld metal detectors. earlier i spoke to steven klubek and asked him if he thinks metal detectors are the answer. >> i bought caps and gounds for the poorest school in las vegas and the kids for their graduation. and i walked into the school and there were no metal detectors. there were a couple kids that approached the principal and i before i walk in to talk to the kids, and the kid mouthed off to the principal. and i was going to take the kid by the ear and say, you're going
6:54 am
to class right now because he lipped off to the principal. and then i thought about it and am like, oh [ bleep ], oh, maybe he's got a gun. maybe he's got a knife. that was really stupid, stephen. so this is a problem. and i don't think it is going to be cured in this state because we're such a libertarian state. >> i also asked cloobeck who recently gave $400,000 to help victims and their families what he wants to hear from president trump today when he lands here in vegas. >> enough is enough. enough is enough. and he's got to step up and lead and make it happen. he used to be a democrat. and now he's a republican. so he can be both right now. >> steve, name a republican that doesn't get money from the nra? do you really think they are going to step up? >> people are going to have to step up or step down. enough is enough. it's about time we have some bipartisan leadership and fix
6:55 am
these gun laws. i talked to my ultra republican friends, and i'm on the other side, but i have a gun. and i have a concealed weapon permit. i'm okay with guns. it is just not 42 mechanized weapons with thousands of rounds of ammunition. >> well, let's say the gun laws don't change because based on nfds mi nevada history, it doesn't feel like they are going to change any time soon. hold on, how do you run a hotel safely in a place like this knowing you have gun laws as lax as they are? >> let me tell you how you do it. first of all, i can tell you that mgm, mr. adelson and mr. goldstein at the venetian and the others, they have the best security professionals in the world working at their hotels. what you need to do is start to pass gun laws. >> i left out the part where steve cloobeck had to smack me
6:56 am
on the wrist. because for the 80th time i said nevada. and i apologize to everyone in the state. it is nevada. coming up, details the expelling dip loed mlomats aftf. so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far. are you there? he's probably on mute. yeah... gary won't like it. why? because he's gary. (phone ringing) what? keep going! yeah... (laughs)
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that wraps up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. more news coming up with hallie jackson. i'm going to see you again with
7:00 am
my friend ali velshi in an hour. we have more on the search for answers with a potentially critical piece of the puzzle now in place. this is the gunman's girlfriend overnight in the wheelchair arriving from the philippines escorted by the fbi. and investigators want to know everything she knows if anything about the shooter and his plans. right now president trump is on air force one headed for vegas with more and more stories of heroism coming out. and a special interview later in the show on the ultimate display of love and sacrifice. we're also talking politics today with an nbc news exclusive on the secretary of state. sources telling us he called the president a moron. details of the diplomatic dust-up which had him vetoing to resignation with the vice president stepping in. and in puerto rico, twice as many people thought now dead after hurricane maria. 34 victims. what the president is saying this morning one day after his si


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