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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 6, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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springs and summers in new york. dpoonlt from nbc news headquarters in new york. this morning, new details about las vegas gunman stephen paddock. authorities believe he may have considered attacking crowds at other big events in boston and chicago before las vegas. plus an nbc news exclusive. president trump said to be furious after reported tensions between himself and secretary of state rex tillerson, this as john kelly reportedly tries to manage all the fallout. a special counselor that is involved with mueller's team has interviewed a spy who has written a dossier alleging collusion between the trump campaign and russia.
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good morning, everybody. it is friday, october 6th. as las vegas police and federal officials continue their investigation into the deadly mass shooting, we're learning more about the gunman and possible other targets. stephen paddock researched other possible attack locations in boston and chicago. they say that paddock's potential targets included the lollapalooza festival in chicago in early august added that he went as far as booking a room in a chicago hotel but did not show up. officials also say that paddock did research on hotels around boston's fenway park and other locations in that city, but they say there's no indication paddock ever traveled to boston or chicago for that matter. his girlfriend marilou danley said she remembers him having symptoms such as lying in bed and moaning.
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they say that danley told them that paddock would, quote, lie in bed moaning and screaming, oh, my god. adding she discussed the possibility he was struggling with mental health issues. ron allen joining us live from there. ron, good to talk to you this morning. as investigators try to piece through what they're finding out and search for that motive, that major question as to why, you're seeing a lot more memorials sprouting up throughout the vegas area. talk to us about that. >> indeed, yasmin. there are still people arriving at this memorial that came to life earlier today. if you take a look at it. there are 58 white crosses that have been set up for the 58 people who have been killed. their pictures are there, their names are there. people have been coming by and pausing and thinking about the horror of what happened here. they range in age from 20 to 67. the coroner today released a
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complete list of all the victims. so we know who they were. they're from all over the country. interestingly only a handful from nevada, 30 from california, others as far away as canada and alaska. that's happening here. earlier this evening we were at a memorial service for the fallen las vegas officer who was there in an off-duty capacity with his wife at the concert the other night. thousands of people gathered in a park there to pay their respects to him, a candlelight vigil that had been put together or very short notice. his name charleston hartfield. they remembered him as chuck and charlie, the iraq war veteran who was also serving in the national guard. here's how one of his fellow officers remembered him. >> if charleston was standing right here, i guarantee he would look at all of us right now and tell us not to be sad, to celebrate him because all he wants to do is see smiles on all the faces that he touched.
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he doesn't want to see us cry and he doesn't want to see us hurt. >> he leaves a wife and two children and, like so many others, they're wondering how and why all this happened. investigators apparently today getting no cleeoser to answerin the question of what is the motive for all this. >> so important at this time that we honor the victims of this incredible tragedy happening in las vegas there. and a lot of people asking this question, i just want to put this out there. we're saying 58 victims because the 49th was stephen paddock and that's why that number changed from 58 to 59. >> in a strategic move the national rifle association is now calling on the trump administration to review the legality of bump fire stocks. wayne lapierre issued a statement saying they believe the devices that allow semiautomatic rifles to function
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as fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations. >> yesterday kellyanne conway blamed the obama administration for approving the device in 2010. when asked about donald trump's current thinking the white house press secretary said, quote, we want to be part of the conversation. dean heller of nevada said he'd like the president to ban bump fire stocks by way of regulation while democratic senator dianne feinstein insists legislation is needed. democratic congressman seth moulton and karbello are issuing legislation to ban the use and sale of bump stocks. but steve scalise said it fortified his belief in rights on firearms. >> i do think it's a little bit early for people to say i know what to do to fix this problem.
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they're asking the atf to go back and review their decision to authorize it. >> do you think they should? >> i think they are and you are. >> you aren't ready to codify it in the law? >> a week ago most people didn't know -- but most people didn't know what a bump stock was. to think that we're now experts and know how to write some panacea law, that's fallacy. >> we should mention that house speaker paul ryan has opened the door to action on bump fire stocks saying clearly it's something we need to look into. that's the story that nbc news broke, fury inside of the white house, as we bring you new reporting on what happened behind the scenes after nbc news' exclusive report about the tensions between president trump and secretary of state rex tillerson spilled out into the open. four senior administration officials said that trump was furious when he learned on wednesday morning that tillerson had openly disparaged him in july calling him a, quote, moron, and spent the next two hours fuming inside the white
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house, venting to chief of staff john kelly. six officials say that kelly abruptly scrapped plans to travel to las vegas with the president on wednesday so he could try to contain his boss' fury and manage the fallout from all of this. three officials say that kelly called tillerson and jim mattis to the white house where they discussed a path forward. the white house downplayed kelly staying behind saying he was managing day-to-day operations. this as seven senior officials told nbc news that vice president mike pence was also angry. pence and tillerson spoke on the phone before tillerson's statement wednesday morning. the vice president was incensed upon learning from the report that tillerson's top spokesman said he once privately questioned the value of u.n. ambassador nikki haley. he fabric kated an anecdote that pence had asked tillerson in a meeting whether haley is harmful
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or helpful to the administration. in yesterday's press briefing sarah huckabee sanders denied simmering pensions in the administration in this discussion with kristen welker. >> was the president upset that his secretary of state didn't deny calling him a moron in his public remarks yesterday. >> look, as the secretary of state said this is a petty, ridiculous accusation, and frankly, i think it's beneath the secretary of state to weigh in on every rumor out there. his spokesperson, however, did come out and clarified that the secretary of state has never used those words. >> what is your response to those who say that the president has undercut the secretary of state, sarah, just quickly. >> the premise of that question is ridiculous. the president can't undercut his own cabinet. he's the leader of the cabinet. that question make nos sense because of that. >> then there was this. president trump had dinner with top military commanders and
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their spouses at the white house last night. and while posing for a photo in the state dining room, the president volunteered some ominous comments to reporters whose meaning there still trying to decipher. take a listen. >> you guys know what this represents? i don't know. maybe ats the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm? >> could be the calm. the calm before the storm. >> you talking iran or? >> what storm, mr. president? >> we have the world's greatest military people. and we're going to have a great evening. thank you all for coming. thank you. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> give us a hint on your iran decision. >> thank you, everybody. >> joining us from washington, capitol hill reporter from the hill, nice face, molly as i'm coming to you. go ahead, what were you going to say? >> i always forget that this is television, i need to hold it
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in. because oh, boy. >> you got to keep it together. the calm before the storm. what do you think he's talking about? >> what storm? it always seems there's a storm in the administration these days. you know, that's unclear, when it comes to the iran decision which is supposed to come up pretty soon. >> yes. >> and that the president may decertify the deal with iran, that's interesting because earlier this week secretary mattis was up on capitol hill and when asked if it's in the best interests of the u.s. to maintain the iran deal, he said yes, it is. and so that puts president trump at -- seemingly at odds with his secretary of defense. tillerson thought it was a bad idea to decertify the iran deal and i believe doneford has also said that it's in our best efforts to stay there. again, where is this storm? and what's going to happen with the players who are seemingly at odds with the president.
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>> it could be iran, could be north korea, could be gun legislation for all we know. and if you take a look at picture, do you think that the top military aides that were meeting with him, that were having dinner with him, they actually knew what he was talking about or this came from left field given what he said, calm before the storm. what does this do to his credibility throwing something out there like this? >> this is part of the reason why i had the facial reaction. you can see the people around them. they're all smiling and happy at the beginning, then all of a sudden their smiles kind of fade. and they're just kind of like, you see teeth and that's about it. so exactly it doesn't seem like they know what he's talking about. however, i'm not there and i don't know that. but at the same time pictures say a lot. in terms of his credibility, again, when the president is seen at odds with, you know, his key go-to defense officials, you know, diplomats, that's a problem in the eyes of the world because our allies don't know
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who to believe. you know, when they talk to secretary mattis, are they hearing mattis' perspective or is he speaking for the president? and that's a question that members of congress i've talked to also have, you know, because they have a lot of faith in mattis, in tillerson and, you know, in the top military brass. and we saw bob corker earlier this week say that -- >> yep. >> -- tillerson, mattis and john kelly are keeping this country from chaos essentially. this administration from chaos. so it remains to be seen what storm that is. and perhaps it's the personnel storm. who knows? >> if he was in fact talking about the iran deal, we'll have him touch on that later in the show. molly, we'll talk later in the show. well have an update on the probe of russian interference in the to 16 election. >> nbc news has confirmed that robert mueller's investigators have traveled to interview christopher steele, the former
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british intelligence operative who offered that salacious dossier aleleging that the trum campaign colluded with russia. the fbi has actually had the nchin information from this dossier for months. so mueller's questioning leads to think that it's follow-up questioning. the reason this is remarkable is this dossier, while uncorroborated and basically raw intelligence that steele collected from his sources in russia, this makes alarming accusations by the president of the united states. it essentially concludes that the trump campaign was completely infiltrated by russian intelligence and trump is deeply compromised by russia. we know there's salacious details and allegations of collusion like paul manafort and associates are named in this dossier. it's not proven but now the subject of mueller's
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investigation. just this week the leader of the senate intelligence committee richard burr suggested that the senate intelligence committee has corroborated parts of the dossier. he didn't say which parts and he says he wants to talk to steele. steele has been unwilling to talk to the senate investigators because they're making demands that he doesn't want to meet, like who paid for the dossier. the dossier was commissioned as a piece of opposition research by initially unnamed republicans of groups that were running against trump and then was taken over by democrats during the general election. back to you. >> vice president mike pence gets ready to visit puerto rico in the aftermath of hurricane maria and gets advice pfr his trip. plus we have eyes on nate as the system takes aim at the gulf coast. bill karins will have the latest coming up next.
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welcome back, everybody. the pentagon is facing fresh questions after a deadly ambush in niger on wednesday leaving three u.s. army special forces soldiers dead and two more wounded. it happened in the village of tonguo tonguo in the northern african nation following an ambush by suspected al qaeda militants operating out of nearby niamey. officials say the american soldiers were taking part in a routine training mission with the nigerien soldiers. there was a low risk of hostile activity in the area. the pentagon is investigating this incident also re-examining the protocol for such missions. today vice president mike pence will visit the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico in the wake of hurricanes irma and maria. he visited florida yesterday where he praised efforts and promised that the u.s. would do all it could to help puerto
2:19 am
rico. >> as we speak, our administration's continuing to work tirelessly to clear every road, reach every community and bring aid to every puerto rican in need, and we will not stop until the job is done. >> at the orlando international airport pence toured a disaster relief center and met with some puerto ricans who just arrived earlier in the day. one woman had this message for the vice president. >> don't go to san juan. go inside the country like where i live. i know the president went, but he went some -- another part. not in the center. i would like yous to go to the center. >> okay. >> because that's where it is. >> as of right now vice president pence is only scheduled to stop in san juan. let's get a check on the weather with bill karins. you're tracking tropical storm nate that could hit new orleans as a hurricane over the weekend.
2:20 am
>> i get everyone's attention, right? also mobile, biloxi, everywhere in between. we got the advisory from the hurricane center. but the important thing is today. today is important because it's over the warm waters of the western caribbean. if nate is going to become a big storm, it would have to happen quickly. it will make landfall in about 40 hours from now. doesn't have a lot of time to be a big huge beast of a storm. we'll watch it closely. you can see it just came off the coastline of honduras. the coldest clouds are where we have the thunderstorms that are the throwing the clouds high in the atmosphere. you see the bright white, that's thunderstorms that are forming and that means they're showing signs of intensifying. still pretty unorganized, 45-mile-per-hour winds but storms that are getting closer to the center. when it wraps itself up, then it will have the potential to do more damage. we want that pressure to stay higher. the lower the pressure, the stronger the storm.
2:21 am
here's the advisory from the hurricane center. takes dead aim at cancun. 60-mile-per-hour winds in cancun. they're used to seeing big hurricanes. so they should have some minor damage to trees and shingles flying, but that's about it. then into the gulf. saturday over the water during the daylight hours. saturday evening it gets closer to the coast. this line shows you the cone op of uncertainty from 1:00 a.m. on sunday. that could be anywhere from central louisiana to the florida/alabama border. the middle line is more favored as we get closer in time here. biloxi, slidell, mobile, those are all areas of concern. then we push it up towards new england. it will be just a rain event by the time it gets to the central appalachians, though, you guys. we'll continue to dive into it, i'll show you the impacts later in the show that we expect. storm surge should be a concern. even a small storm, the storm that misses the mississippi coast is very prone to storm
2:22 am
surge. >> when you say big storm, you mean just increased to a category 1, right? you won't say it will go from a tropical storm to -- >> there's a couple models that say a category 2 maybe even a low end category 3 and that would be significant damage. it isn't written in stone that it will be a tropical storm or category 1. in houston a powerful display by the astros mvp candidate. sports is next. i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think our recent online sales success seems a little... strange? na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground.
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welcome back. time now for sports and a pair of american league division playoff games. to cleveland, the indians hosting the new york yankees. indians looking to continue their unstoppable momentum from the regular season. they did not disappoint in this one. trevor bower was magnificent letting only two hits in 6 2/3 scoreless innings. cleveland blanks new york 4-0. down in houston the astros take a one-game lead over the red sox in their a.l. division series after three home runs hit by jose altuve powered them to an 8-2 victory in yesterday's opener. let's go to the nfl and thursday night football. the tampa bay buccaneers hosting the new england patriots. neither team was able to get much offense going and the contest really came down to a game of threes. patriot kicker stephen gostkowski scored two goals
2:26 am
while mike foulk missed from 32 and 39 yards. the bucs fall at home to the pats, 19-14. a nice stat with that victory tom brady ties brett favre and manning at 186. he already holds the overall record of 211 which also includes the postseason yasmin. >> thanks. still ahead a leading house democrat calling for nancy pelosi's ouster plus new details about las vegas gunman stephen paddock and growing signs that congress will take action on rapid fire bump stocks. we get a report from las vegas in just a minute. pital? what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create,
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside louis bergdorf. as las vegas police and federal officials continue their investigation into sunday's deadly mass shooting, we're learning new details about the gunman in the attack and other potential targets. multiple law enforcement officials telling nbc news that stephen paddock researched possible attack locations in boston and chicago. they say that paddock's potential targets included the lollapalooza festival in chicago in early august. he went as far as booking a room in a chicago hotel but did not actually show up. paddock did research on hotels around boston's fenway park and other locations in that city, but they say there's no indication that paddock ever traveled to boston or chicago
2:31 am
for that matter. let's go to las vegas once again with nbc news correspondent ron allen. the attention, ron, now turning to remembering those victims of the attack as people are coming together to honor them from across the country really. is it difficult for people to accept that we don't necessarily know why stephen paddock did this and the people that you've been talking to? >> i think you get a range of answers to that and a range of feelings about that. i think some people just accept that we may never know and there will certainly never be a logical comprehensible reason as to why this happened. people come here and we've talked to them and they're reflecting on that and many other issues. this is a memorial that's come together in the last couple of days, and it's very unique. if you look down in that direction, there are 58 crosses that have been set up for each b one of the victim. you'll see one for rachael parker, 33 years old from manhattan beach, california. shes with a records tech nix ni
2:32 am
at the police department. and a fishing representative from alaska. there were 30 people from california. only a handful from nevada. and they're from as far away as canada. we understand that they ranged in age from 20 to 67 and, yes, there are memorials that are happening here and in other parts of the city. earlier today we were at a memorial for the las vegas police officer who was off duty at the festival and who was killed there with his wife. his wife survived. a very moving ceremony with several thousand people gathered. we're going to see much more of that in the days and weeks ahead. >> you can only imagine what the friends and family of those people lost have been going through this week. just an incredibly tough and terrible time for them. nbc's ron allen for us, thank you. in the wake of the shooting in las vegas, there are growing signs that a door may be opening slightly from republicans in congress and possibly the nra on reforming gun laws, specifically
2:33 am
new restrictions on the bump fire stocks, the devices used by the vegas shooter. nbc news white house correspondent hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: after decades of republican resistance on gun control, a new narrow opening on bump stocks, which let semiautomatic guns fire faster. >> apparently this allows you to take a semiautomatic turn it into fully automatic so clearly that's something we need to look into. >> reporter: it's not just house speaker paul ryan but one of the highest ranking gop senators,on cornyn. >> i think it's worth our serious consideration. >> reporter: and the president himself willing to consider new regulations. >> we're open to having that conversation. we think that we should have that conversation, and we want to be part of it moving forward. >> reporter: the wild card through all this has been the nra, silent since sunday's shooting, surprisingly supporting stricter rules. in a statement saying, quote, devices designed to allow semiautomatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional
2:34 am
regulations. asking the atf to review bump stocks. but in 2010 that agency determined the devices are allowed based on federal law, meaning it would be up to congress to change that law from capitol hill. that's where steve scalise is just back to work after getting shot this summer at a congressional baseball practice. talking now with nbc's chuck todd. >> i do think it's a little bit early for people to say they know what to do to fix this problem. >> reporter: in the house a new bipartisan bill would ban bump stocks. >> if i keep a constant forward pressure on this, it simulates full auto. >> reporter: until this week they've been seen mostly as a target practice novelty. legal now, but maybe not for long. hallie jackson, nbc news, the white house. a high ranking house democrat is calling on minority leader nancy pelosi to step down. in a new interview the fifth ranking democrat in the house,
2:35 am
congresswoman linda sanchez says that pelosi should make way for a new generation. >> i personally think that, you know, our leadership does a tremendous job, but i do think we have this real breadth and depth of talent within our caucus. i do think it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. i want to be a part of that transition, i want to see that happen. >> nancy pelosi's deputy chief of staff issued a statement in response to representative sanchez, leader pelosi enjoys wide support in the caucus and has always said she's not in congress on a shift but on a mission. leader pelosi is focused on winning back the house and anything else is a distraction if our path to the majority. i want to go to a quick roundup of news. tim murphy announcing he'll resign from congress later this month. the decision comes just days after the "pittsburgh post-gazette" reported that in text messages murphy urged his
2:36 am
mistress to have an abortion if pregnant. murphy is staunchly pro life. marcia blackburn initially announced her candidacy for a seat op bob corker with tough words for the majority. >> the fact that our republican majority in the u.s. senate can't overturn obamacare or will not overturn obamacare, it's a disgrace. too many senate republicans act like democrats or worse and that's what we have to change. >> blackburn, who prefers the title of congressman instead of congresswoman will be the first female to represent tennessee in the u.s. senate michael grimm is also defending his reputation. grimm who went to prison for tax fraud said that he has not changed since he threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony in this 2014 clip.
2:37 am
>> let me be clear to you, i will throw off the balcony. you're not man enough. >> you look at that clip, is that guy that we just saw there, is that the guy running for congress or are you different now? >> no, i'm still the same person, but i think any real person has a bad day and makes a mistake. >> or maybe a really bad day? joining us from washington, capitol hill reporter for the hill, molly -- once again, we're on tv you shouldn't be shaking your head immediately. >> you can't make this stuff up. >> i want to talk about the developments in the 2018 races. let's start with michael grimm because we just showed that clip. do people think he has a credible shot at unseating a republican and taking a seat back? >> earlier this week the head of the national republican campaign committee or the congressional committee the campaign arm of the house republicans told business insider that this is a really weird situation because,
2:38 am
keep in mind, michael grimm, yes, he did go to jail and dan donovan, a republican, took his place, took his seat in the special election. but you know what? michael grimm is still popular in his district. and he just got the backing of steve bannon, which is really interesting because steve bannon, keep in mind, injected himself into the alabama senate race. >> yeah. >> and bannon's candidate won that primary. so over donald trump-backed candidate luther strange. so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. dan donovan has not necessarily supported all of the things that the president has been for. and you know, he's in a tough district, the new york district, staten island. and so it will be interesting to see how the campaign plays out as michael grimm tries to portray dan donovan as an anti-trump republican.
2:39 am
>> and i'll back you up on that anti-grimm. i was a reporter on long island and interviewed him a bunch. he was popular in his district, that's for sure. going to tennessee now, marcia blackburn, she seems to be making a stark contrast between herself and senator bob corker. is this an approach that we'll be seeing with a lot of people? and do you think it's going to work? >> that's again look at steve bannon. steve bannon injecting himself into that alabama race. this is something that the republicans at least in the house are really frustrated with. they've been frustrated with the lk of action in the senate. i think if you do see and when you do see republican lawmakers running for the senate seats, that will be one of their main campaign platforms because they feel helpless right now that the senate is not moving on legislation that they passed to the upper chamber, which is basically stopping all action on major pieces of legislation like the affordable care act, i mean like the affordable care act
2:40 am
repeal. >> have a good weekend, molly. thank you. >> you too. >> in a new report the settlement is paying out $5 million over allegations that it paid them less than their white male colleagues according to adweek, a federal filing said that hundreds of women in senior level roles were paid less than their male counterparts in base salary, bonus pay and total compensation since at least december of 2010. the firm which officially denies the claims funded the statue earlier this year to promote gender equality, said they would settle after an audit by the u.s. department of labor's office. let's turn to business where there's an unusually wide range for expectations for september jobs report as they wrestle with the impacts of har voe and irma. and the trump administration sto expected to propose significant changes to the central aspects of nafta that could have far
2:41 am
reaching impacts on detroit's automakers. we're joined from london with more. let's start with the outlook in those job numbers for september. >> absolutely. it's the first friday of the month, always a fun one. nonfarm payroll expectations this time are a lot lower than usual. the average estimate is 80,000 compared to a 12-month average of about 180,000. a little bit impacted by the hurricanes harvey and irma. and most people are expecting this to be a short-term balance not expected to have that much effect on the market. all eyes will be on the inflation average hourly earnings numbers to see if any signs of inflation are creeping in there. and in other news, the fourth rounds of the nafta negotiations are beginning on wednesday. the trump administration is expected to make new proposals that might force carmakers to move away from mexico and back to the u.s. and finally some bad news for
2:42 am
netflix subscribers. they have announced they're increasing the price of video subscription from $10 to $11 for the multiplatform viewing. this came as a bit of a surprise to the markets but these stokes took it quite well. they're up 3% in trading yesterday even though it be affecting 53 million subscribers. >> we'll have to pay more for netflix. live from london, thank you so much. still ahead, some good news for former presidential candidate bob dole as he bounces back following his recent hospitalization. plus bill karins will have the latest on tropical storm nate as the gulf coast prepares for a possible hurricane. that's coming up.
2:43 am
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2:46 am
13th. his wife, former senator elizabeth dole, tweeted a photo yesterday of the pair back home writing, quote, welcome home, bob, with barks and hugs, see his two cute little dogs there. dole tweeted a photo of himself, elizabeth and his favorite drink. happy to be home, cheers to all the staff at walter reed taking care of me with the #cosmotime. >> nice to see him all right. now, let's check with bill karins. you're tracking tropical storm nate still unsure of where it's actually going to land. the agreement on where it's headed is getting pretty good. now wait to see if nate has any surprises for us. honduras is pretty far away? this storm will fly. that's why we'll have landfall in about 44 hours from ligright now. cancun is all the way up here. by 7:00 p.m. this evening the storm will be over cancun.
2:47 am
not that strong. still relatively unorganized but this is some of the warmest water on the planet. even with depth as you go down in the water, it's warm. there's a lot of potential energy that the storm could use. doesn't mean it will, but at least it could. so the hurricane center has it increases to 60-mile-per-hour winds today. then moves up to 80 right before it makes landfall. it will increase but get to a category 1. they'll typically knock down power and down trees and knock off roof shingles. they don't usually destroy anything. you want want to hear the word "nate is rapidly intensifying" because that means it would be stronger than this at landfall. that's the key today. as far as impacts will go, we still have hurricane watches. these will go into warnings later today.
2:48 am
lake pontchartrain is also under the warning. to the right of it is where the worst storm surge will be. the mississippi coastline, 4 to 8 foot and lake pontchartrain, as this storm makes landfall, those winds will be pushing the water in from the east. those are the things to watch from the storm. the landfall will be the middle of the night. some time after midnight sunday. it had be moving so quickly that sunday morning by the sun comes up, it will be over with and done. >> i know you'll be watching that today. president trump reportedly making a decision on what he'll do in regards to the iran nuclear deal. up next, a live report on which way the president might go and the role his military leaders might play in that choice. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
2:49 am
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we must not allow iran to obtain nuclear weapons. the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence, blood shed and chaos across the middle east. >> that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions. they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement. >> all right. that was president trump last night going after one of his favorite target, iran. his commentswom come in the
2:52 am
washington post, despite defense secretary jim mattis and joint chiefs of staff joseph dunford. he has until october 13th to give compliance and expected to give a speech on the 12th to announce the deal is not in american security interests. with that, let's go to london. so ali, if the president does de-certify this agreement, this doesn't mean the agreement is dead in the water t. responsibility then would fall to congress? >> reporter: exactly. yes. >> that would then trigger a period of 60 day, in which it will be up to a delicately balanced congress to decide whether to impose nuclear sanctions on iran or not. the decision to do so would almost definitely trigger a collapse of the deal and we'd see a tense standoff with iran again just before the deal.
2:53 am
if the president doesn't certify the deal, you can be sure the european governments that want this deal to stay in place will be lobbying congress in an effort to salvage the deal. if congress doesn't re-i78 pose sanctions, then the deal will remain in place. while i'm sure many eastern folks will tore pe do. it will be more difficult. even in european businesses want to trade with iran, it will be very difficult to do so. they don't want to fall foul of u.s. sanctions. the iranians would pull out and re-start sure nuclear program. >> let's talk about the decision where iran stands, because remember the foreign minister a couple weeks ago, he said, look, we have the option of pulling out as well if we want to, if the u.s. pulls out. he said option. he didn't say necessarily. if the u.s. were to pull out,
2:54 am
where do you think eastern's decision is in all of that? >> reporter: first, jasmine, they would split the european and the russians. the ideal situation for iran would be not to have an agreement with america and have an agreement with europe and continue to sell their oil. but that would seem unlikely, if america decided to pull out of the deal, impose sanctions on iran's banking and oil sector, then nobody would do business with eastern, if it was a choice of doing business with iran or america, people nout would not settle with iran. they would re-fire up their nuclear program at a much more accelerated rate than before and we'd have a very tense standoff again. >> it's certainly in iran's best interest to stay in this deal for sure. i appreciate you joining us. coming up on "morning joe," one of the authors of that washington post report anne gearan will join us. in a battle for air help
2:55 am
portion in a few report the red cross documents a quote increasingly worrying spike in military operations in fightening in the past two weeks. >> that fighting has resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties. the organization also reports that as many as ten hospitals have been damaged and water supplies in some areas are running dangerously low. the uptick in violence is said to be taking place not only in areas of fighting isis, such as raqqa, but in de-escalation zones as well coming up next on "morning joe," more on the fallout of that nbc news on the tensions between president trump and secretary of state rex tillerson the latest on the fury inside the white house. joe and mika will speak with secretary william cohen who weigh in on those divisions plus, anybody kobe char and congress nan kurbelo "morning joe" moments away.
2:56 am
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2:59 am
the vice president will depart from orlando for the visit in just a couple of hours. he will get a helicopter tour to get a better look there. we will get the release of the september employment report. 86,000 jobs were expected added last month. likely due to the disruption of the hurricanes. "morning joe" will have those as soon as they cross around 8:30 eastern. >> that does it for us. have a great weekend, everybody, "morning joe" is next. are the tensions upset the secretary of state didn't deny him calming him a moron in the public remarks yesterday. >> look, as the secretary of state said this is a petty, ridiculous accusation. frankly, i think it's beneath the secretary of state to weigh in on every rumor out there. his spokesperson, however, did come out and clarified that the secretary of state has never used those words.
3:00 am
>> what's your response to those who say the president undercut the secretary of state. >> i think it's the premise of that question is absolutely ridiculous. the president can't undercut his own cabinet. the president is the leader of the cab nebraska he sets the tone and agenda. i think that question makes no sense because of that. >> actually the question makes sense. >> a lot of sense. >> a lot of sense. >> white house press secretary sarah huckaby sanders denying simmering tensions inside the administration. this morning there is news the president was furious with his secretary of state and chief of staff john kelly is scrambling to manage the fallout from that. also this morning, there are new details behind the las vegas gunman, steven paddock. authorities believe he may have considered attacking crowds at other big events in boston and chicago before las vegas. we'll get to that coming up. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set we have donny


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