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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 7, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good saturday to you. thanks for sticking around. i'm richard louie in new york city. we're tracking this hurricane, hurricane nate later tonight or early tomorrow. we have a new report in. we are also following new developments in las vegas and a search for more information about the gunman. and we have "the new york times" reporting that president trump's legal team is easing its resistance to robert mueller's investigation hoping that playing nice will help to get the president clear. but it also appears the president is playing nice with chuck schumer. more on that from the white house in a second. let's bring in yoour guests. we'll start with you on this, ben. and this is the president
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tweeting that he has reached out to chuck schumer. they have had a conversation just in the last 24 hours about health care. chuck schumer, again, the minority leader there in the senate saying, well, hang on a second. we are not for repeal and replace, and especially with the developments overnight of the reduction of support for birth control for businesses. that's antithet cal to what we stand for as democrats. so, ben, we're sort of seeing two opposite ends of the political spectrum. what do you make of it? >> it comes right after us finding out that they have not renewed s-chip. if that lapses, indeed. >> food stamps. >> we will see nine million country here without health care. that's what we should be talking about, are these policy issues, right? and what's going on with birth control as well. the president is a weapon of
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mass distraction. this is a man who quite frankly is not prepared to lead and treats governing like it's some type of game show where he needs to distract you from the fact that he messed up one more time. we need to be talking about the fact that people need health care here now. in our state that's why i'm saying we have got to be prepared to move forward and provide health care to all of us no matter what happens in washington. at the end of the day, he creates more and more worry and insecurity. but he's not prepared to lead. he's not prepared frankly to fulfill his promise to make sure that we all have health care. >> with those headlines building on what ben said there, you do have the children's health insurance program, the development on birth control and again you have this tweet from the president saying we did have this conversation. might there be some light? can they thread this needle on health care? >> one thing we know about
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president trump is that he likes to get things done. he spent his entire campaign saying i'm going to come in, repeal obamacare and fix the health care system. the republican leadership, particularly in the senate has failed him again and again and again. i'm not surprised he is turning to democrats and saying, i still want to get this done. they've failed the people of this country in not repealing obamacare and fixing the policy. ask the people in arizona whose premiums have gone up 116%. ask the people whose emergency room visits are increasing. the system needs to be fixed. republicans aren't up to the task. so trump has shown he's going to go to the people he thinks are. >> look -- >> i'm going to the white house and right now and let's go to peter alexander who has been in the middle of the information coming into us that has led to the debate that the two of you are in the middle of right now at the top of the hour. peter alexander, what do we know
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about what might be the intention of this president and this outreach he is reporting on? >> it is the backdrop to all of this right now. the president is still looking for his first major legislative victory. this is a president who as we have witnessed in the course of the last several months is not tethered to any position on these topics. but he does like wins, looking strong and he does like positive attention. he now calls chuck and nancy on the debt ceiling and funding the government. but if he really were interested in a deal right now, it is not going to be one that repeals and replaces obamacare, at least certainly not through democrats. democrats have insisted for them that it is a nonstarter. the republican patty murry, the democrat right now from washington state, have been working on a bipartisan bill
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that would help stabilize the system, the existing system right now. and they believe help lower costs so there are efforts of that right now. remember, if this were to happen you are going to need likely 60 votes for anything to pass. it seems almost impossible that that would happen. so while he may get some praise for appearing bipartisan, it doesn't appear clear this is actually going to go anywhere. >> nbc's pete alexander there for us at the white house. great to have you here, sir. thank you so much with the very latest. in terms of what, when you hear the information, ben, trying to get to 60. it does not appear like that's going to happen. yet, the president at least sounding bipartisan. but we have heard him sound that way and turn the other way the following week. >> yeah. he said again and again that he liked the system in canada better. he liked the system in scotland better, that australia has a better system and i think a lot of people believe that's what he intended to give him.
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that's not the case. what the republicans want to do is give a tax break to the rich and the people need health care. that's why we have said here in maryland we will push forward and build a movement to make sure we all have health care here. we can do it. we don't need trump to frankly get it done and we've got to just push forward and cover all of our people. this president is not prepared to lead. and this congress wants to give tax breaks to the rich and not cover the rest of us. we, as a people, have just got to move forward. >> i want to build on that, rachel and get your response. this issue about the rich and tax reform, which is something that has been debated and something that this particular congress is going to try to get done, at least according to huge hewitt in his interview with leader ryan. this is an absolute priority at this moment for the republican congress. i want to go to chuck todd, his exclusive interview with steve
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scalise talking about that issue. >> do you think if you don't get tax reform you guys deserve to lose the house? >> failure is not an option. i work every day to make sure we pass it to deliver for the people. >> voters will punish you for it. >> the middle class has evaporated over the last few years. we've got to rebuild it by creating jobs. tax reform doesn't. we've got to get it done. >> you may have heard some of this discussion in the last hour and now steve scalise here. do republicans need to get this done or face the threat of losing the house in the second psych snl. >> sure. i think tax reform is one of the big promises they made on the campaign trail. going back a second to obamacare, i disagree you need 60 votes to get this through the senate. the senate will go into reconciliation again. i don't think it's wise for them or prudent to move on to tax reform until they address this issue of obamacare repeal. they will have a chance to do it on the second reconciliation and
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they only need 51 votes. >> it doesn't sound like they're going to do that rachel. >> that's a choice on their part. >> so let's say focussed on tax reform. what do you think needs to happen for them to get it done then, rachel? >> a couple big hurdles have to take place. tax reform is one of the most different things to get done in washington because every lobbyist comes krocrawling out wants a loophole for their client. the senate hasn't passed a budget yet, and that's step one. but we need a pro-graet tax code that puts people back to work. whether they can do it or not, i think there is a couple hurdles lying in the process. >> of course health care part of that calculation which you are eluding to there. i want to get your thoughts on this because the democrats also facing some leadership challenges. listen here to linda sanchez. this is what she said on thursday. >> i do think we have this real breath and depth of talent
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within our caucus and i do think it is time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. i want to be a part of that transition. i want to see that happen. you know, i think that we have too many really great members here that, you know, don't always get the opportunities that they should and, you know, i would like to see that change. >> and, ben, i think you might not -- you would probably agree on this based on you being a candidate there in maryland to be the next governor. your thought on what she's reflecting there? >> you know, i think that right now we're talking about rearranging debt chairs on the titanic. we have to build a movement in our country to move forward. change doesn't come from washington. change comes to washington. the far right wing conservatives control every branch of our federal government because they build a movement capable of running 38 states right now, 38 governor ships. and, so, i hear her. but where that leadership needs to be focussed right now is
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actually building a movement in our states, taking back our states, taking back the federal government. and the reality is that's quite frankly where we can make change happen right now. we have watched the last few congresses an average of 250 bills passed. the do nothing congress of, you know, the 1940s passed 1,000. and now it's about 250 and 10% of those for the renaming of post offices and the minting of congressmen rative coins. we have to focus on how we get things done for the american people. and going back, i thought the guy from the gop got something right, which is that we have killed the middle class in this country but we have killed it by killing unions, but pushing this kind of crazy trickle down that if we make the rich richer the rest of us will be better off. that doesn't work. you actually -- i'm sorry. you inject more money at the
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bottom of the economy. you give workers more money to spend. that's how we built the middle class in this country and that's frankly the one way that works. and, so, it's so disheartening to hear the republicans acting like they want to save, you know, main street when they're the ones that have killed it. >> while the democrats have their challenges in leadership and ben sort of did a head nod to that criticism. rachel, certainly there is opportunity for republicans. and as we look at the back and forth, the palace intrigue of rex tillerson on down into congress, where are you looking at in terms of leadership on these key issues that we have been discussing this afternoon and that being health care. we were earlier talking about issues related to bump stocks as well. where do you see the leadership coming from? >> the leadership has to come from congress. the president cannot
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unilaterally on these issues. i would say so. and leader ryan and leader mcconnell. and the senate in particular has failed trump on a lot of these key issues. the house churns out bills on a day-to-day basis and sends them to the senate where they're never heard from again because the senate only works two days a week. they need to show up and they need to stay in session until they get these priorities passed. i think both republicans and democrats are facing this sort of crisis of leadership where the voters say, listen to these guys on the campaign trail say we're going to go to washington and do this stuff and they go up there and act like they were making a joke. i think people are frustrated with that and this process hasn't worked for ten months. maybe particularly in the senate you need to start to consider some leadership changes at the top. >> that's one thing the two of you agree on at this moment. ben and rachel, really appreciate your energy and your spirited conversation. y'all have a good saturday.
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developing story we're keeping on eye on, hurricane nate. it threatens to blast the gulf coast tonight as a category two storm, continuing a series of cataclysmic hurricanes just this season. a state of emergency, mobilizing evacuations and resources in preparation for the storm's land fall today. so far hurricane nate is being
12:17 pm
blamed for 22 deaths and wide-spread destruction across central america. live from mobile, alabama where storm surges could reach 6 to 9 feet there in that beautiful bay that those who are familiar with mobile not today as those fingers of the storm start to hit you. kristin, from an hour ago, what are you seeing change? >> reporter: well, take a look behind me and you can see the sky, richard. really an ominous sky right now. we can see some rain bands getting closer and closer to us. we already have some reports of waterspouts spotted to our east in gulf shores, alabama and then that rain already coming ashore in parts of louisiana. so things really expected to deteriorate over the next few hours and the national weather service in no uncertain terms saying it cannot emphasize enough the danger of life
12:18 pm
threatening storm surge, really warning people not to pay attention to the category. it doesn't matter if it comes ashore as a cat one or two. the storm surge here is predicted to be as you said between six and nine feet. so it could really be devastating to this area. the restaurants that you see back there behind me, they have gotten a little spooked. some of them planned to close. one that we spoke to says it has now changed its mind. it is already closed. kitchen is shut. they really want their stuff to get home and be safe because the fear with the water on the road as this storm comes ashore in the overnight hours it will be dark. you won't be able to see what you're driving through. so some real concerns as we go through tonight. now, for people who may not be from this area, you have something to worry about as well. that's because 92% or just over 92% of the oil in the gulf has now been shut in. that means those rigs shut down
12:19 pm
because of this impending storm. and, so, that could potentially send gas prices up as well. and so we're talking about a huge economic impact from this storm as well. and some people saying this could be, richard, the fourth billion dollar hurricane of this season. >> oh, boy. yeah, just another one. and again we're not even close to the end of the season. mobile, alabama watching hurricane nate for us. kristin in alabama. thank you so much. hurricane nate, by the way, turning north at 25 miles an hour, packing maximum winds up to 95 miles an hour. rafael, we are just learning is that at the moment chevron closing down one of its facilities, a facility that again produces so much of the essential energy for that area. alabama, a state that is already suffering economically. and you are watching this storm 250 miles wide making its way
12:20 pm
churning right towards them. >> that's right. it's been overachieving during the day. nate is stronger than it was supposed to be. we're seeing the eye now clearly designed on the radar picture. this will coincide with high tide. we're talking about land fall. that is the worst case scenario happening later on just before midnight likely. and again we have been talking about the storm surge. we're also dealing with severe weather throughout. we have seen waterspouts now offshore. there is a threat for tor nadic activity as we push those bands in. we have seen heavy thunderstorms around new orleans and towards biluxi and mobile as well. winds 20 to 30 miles an hour. right now winds over 20 miles an hour in many spots. these will rapidly increase in intensity over the next few hours before land fall happens around midnight. that's when we will see those gusts around 70, 80 miles an hour in many spots.
12:21 pm
winds sustained at 90 miles an hour. that's of the 2:00 p.m. advisory and there is the movement north, northwest around 20 miles an hour. i think we're starting to see a shift more due north. again, the track takes nate strengthening more to a category two storm making land fall along the missipty coastline and that storm surge will be the main threat as we head throughout the overnight hours. 7 to 11 feet of storm surge along that missipty coast. >> and we'll be watching that next advisory coming from noah in the next couple hours. thank you so much. we also have the latest on the mass shooting, reigniting the gun debate in america. we'll delve into the nation's relationship with firearms and if there could be a change on the horizon. this as a grieving community comes together to honor those lost in sunday's horrific violence.
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the vice president of the united states, mike pence, arriving in las vegas, nevada. this as the community just about a book later recovering from what was a catastrophic shooting. as you have heard before, the unfortunate sue p naunate super worst in the united states. the vice president arriving there on air force two. making it to center town of las vegas as they go through again the remembrances one week later. the details also on the vegas concert massacre. those continue to come in. but despite 1,000 leads, officials say there is still no clear motive in the case. next hour as we were mentioning, vice president pence will participate in a city-wide unity
12:26 pm
prayer walk following the devastating shooting. just arriving right now. let's go straight to nbc's ron allen who has been there on the ground. air force live in las vegas. you have been speaking to participants and you hear and know, reason, the vice president just getting wheels down. has there been discussions about what vice president's presence will mean to those trying to recover. absolutely still in shock a week later. >> i think it's significant and it's profound that he's coming. we know the vice president to be a man of deep faith, and that's why i think he's chosen this event to participate in especially. when president trump was here during the week the white house learned about this event being organized by local religious leaders to bring the community together to try and help healing. there have been marchers, hundreds of them, who have come to the city hall here, two hour
12:27 pm
march in under very hot sun to participate in this event. we understand the vice president will speak. his message will be about coming together. that's one of the things people say here during the last couple of days is how the best thing that has come out of this strategy is that neighbors and people who live near each other in the community are coming together to support each other. they are learning about each other and helping each other. and the other thing that's important to note is las vegas is really trying to project to the rest of the country and the world that is a community of families. it's not casinos and gambling and all that. there are real people here and this is a profound event that has hit them and they're dealing with it the best they can. i'm sure they're grateful that the president and vice president are paying attention to this. largely the federal role here is one of support, not like in the case of a natural disaster, but
12:28 pm
also certainly in terms of law enforcement. the fbi is very much involved in the investigation here, trying to answer that question that so many can't answer as to why, what is the motive and behind the rampage this gunman went on killing 58 people here, 58 innocent souls. vice president pence just landed. he is getting off the plane. it should take him 20 minutes to get here. there is not much traffic. and i'm sure he will be greeted and welcomed with open arms by community that's very, very much in prayer together trying to generally around each other and support each other during this very, very desperate, desperate time. >> ron allen live for us there in las vegas, novembevada. thank you so much. we will be coming back to you when the vice president does begin his remarks. i now want to bring in one of the writers of the "time" magazine piece, charlotte
12:29 pm
alterg. it's gun owners a tha s and the to own them. there are an estimated 265 million guns in the u.s. they are owned by 30% of the adult population. of note 3% of households own half of all the guns in america. 57% of voters believe guns are too easy to buy and only 35% think more carrying guns would make america safer. that from the "time" magazine article. almost also all american voters, 94%, including 93% of republicans support background checks for all buyers, despite the support for the so-called common sense solutions. there has been little progress on passing any sort of meaningful gun legislation over the past decades. now, congressional leaders are r reviewing the bump fire stock
12:30 pm
legislation. as i was mentioning earlier, one of the authors there of that "time" magazine piece i was just listing some details from joins us, along with political report from npr and politics editor at the and msnbc political contributor. charlotte, you penned this a artic article. we went through some of the dedays you brought out in it. for you as the author of this, what stands out. by the way, a very good piece for those who haven't read it yet. >> one of the things that stand out is that in some ways we have been at the place. almost -- half almost every shooting. there is always a moment of what can come of this, will anything happen. the thing that seems different is there does some to be a consensus that bump stocks, the device that allows semiautomatic weapons to function as automatic
12:31 pm
weapons that there is a problem and it is not just democrats saying that. you have republicans on board and saying the nra saying they would support more legislation on this type of device. >> and it seems here, dr. jason, johnson, as you look at this that both sides are coming together, at least that's what we're hearing so far, against bump fire stocks. they are going to do something. although, the calendar is a little bit missing on in terms of when they might vote on it. do you think they will make it through to eliminate this accessory for guns that basically give you an ethicacy rate of 56 weapons? >> basically the republicans who are pretty much against most forms of gun control put their ears to the ground to see what the nra said and the nra didn't say ban them. they said additional regulation might be something that's okay. we don't know what that means. we don't know if that means that
12:32 pm
you're going to have to go through a background check to get one of these. so it's still not a clear indicator that some sort of actually positive difference making legislation is going to occur. to me, this is akin to in the '70s when they said let's increase the filters in cigarettes. cigarettes were still dangerous. what seems to be some sort of work on this issue doesn't change the overall problem of mass shootings in america. >> scott also part of what the nra said is they are pointing towards the atf, not congress. congress should be the body that, of course, describes and articulates and then passes the laws that might affect the bump fire stocks here. does this give you a bit of pause that we might see a bipartisan move on bump stocks here? >> yeah. i think we're still several steps from that. it was notable that a lot of republicans came out over the course of the week and said they
12:33 pm
would be open to the idea of banning bump stocks. now you see a bill moving from florida that's going the be b bipartisan that would do that. the details are still being worked out over the weekend. the nra said we endorse a bill. they still said in that statement that they are very much against the idea of any sort of restriction on weapons, saying that would not stop a mass shooting. despite all this republican openness to a bump stock ban, you still do have high profile republicans who like steve scalise who was the victim of a mass shooting earlier this year expressing skepticism about the idea of a ban. >> charlotte is looking at an l.a. times article out today that says it depends which donald trump shows up on gun control and this back and forth of donald trump goes back two decades, depending on which writings you do look at here.
12:34 pm
do you think, though, what we're seeing as ron allen was reporting as the vice president now hits ground there that las vegas might force the president to move a little bit more away -- move towards, excuse me, gun control? >> well, i think you have two things happening. first of all, i completely agree the nra did not come out supporting banning these sinthi. the nra is not going to go after them in the primaries in the way they would, you know, for republicans who might go -- who might vote for a broader gun control measure. as far as trump goes, you know, one other thing to remember about this is that trump loves law enforcement and there actually is significant law enforcement support for some common sense gun regulations. you know, there has been a major part of the law enforcement community that's come out against concealed carry, reciprocity. so trump really takes a lot of
12:35 pm
keys from law enforcement. you saw in las vegas he was extremely differential to the law enforcement community. it was loamong his top priorityo be in touch with them. i think if you see significant law enforcement support behind new regulations on bump stocks and other types of devices like this, i think there is a possibility that he could be convinced to get on board. >> i want to play this from john lewis who spoke with joy reed earlier today. let's listen to that and i'll get your thoughts here on that. jason. >> have courage! be unafraid! do your job. bring gun control to a vote. we need it and we need it now. >> okay. that was not with joy reed. but you get sort of the movement and the idea from the representative. jason, when a civil rights
12:36 pm
leader, an icon like that stands up. we have seen folks like john lewis do this, but it doesn't work. might it work this time? >> no that's not going to work at all because no one is going to change. you have a large number of americans who believe that they are fundamentally allowed to have any kind of gun they want and they believe they should have access to guns in a way we don't look at anything else, right? everyone believe ws we should he a car. no one believes we should buy tanks. but americans think you should be able to have everything from a handgun to a machine gun. unless single issue voters change their mind on this issue, it doesn't matter what system republican leaders say, it doesn't matter what the polls say. republicans in congress will not change on this issue. whether it's children dying in a high school or an inner city school or a suburban school or people at a concert, i don't see any change coming. >> josh, who was there as one of
12:37 pm
the bands during that catastrophe and this convert, one of the guitarists saying i have changed my mind on gun control after being a supporter of gun ownership for decades. when we see country stars like that in group, in mass, making a move, might this change the argument and the discussion? >> i just don't know. i mean, i don't know what is fundamentally different about this latest round of terrible horrific mass shooting that hasn't been different than previous ones. the idea is focussed on bump stock. we don't know if there is going to be bipartisan support on that. that's really on the margins of the much broader proposals we have seen in recent years. i think it would be really hard to see a fundamental shift. especially when you have a senate, a house and a white house all controlled by a republican party where this is a key issue. >> scott, charlotte, jason, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> we got some new information
12:38 pm
and investigation into russian interference of the 2016 election. and what we could learn about the facebook ads that investigators believe played a role even if we never get to see the ads specifically. plus, christopher steel, the former british spy who compiled that doccile on trump has spoken to robert mueller's investigators. what he could mean to the investigation now. and this woman is laughing because she's pretending her boss's terrible story is funny. still actually laughing. no longer making a human noise. experience the comedy, not your commute. dial star-star-audible on your smartphone to start listening today.
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>> we've got new developments to share with you in the probe into russian meddling during the 2016 election. "the new york times" reporting the white house is now in full cooperation mode when it comes to the russia inquiry. it is an effort by the legal team to clear the president of any wrongdoing in investigation moving forward. this happening at the former british spy who compiled the doccile is back at the center of the probe. they will discuss his 35 page
12:42 pm
document which alleges trump/russia collusion. the president has denied allegations, which include some very personal claims about trump's actions in the run-up to the 2016 election. let's bring in tara moller. as you welcome at these reports, let's start with the strategy that the white house and the president's legal team now in full cooperation and i'll read from this instead of using a scorched earth strategy potentially in the past or the future, might this help them get to the desired outcome that the president is cleared? >> well, what is going to get to the desired outcome is if there is in evidence of wrongdoing or collusion by the president himself or individuals close to him. we know there is separate investigations into paul manafort and into michael flynn as well. so whether or not -- it is a good thing that the legal team is cooperating. i think that's in everybody's best interest to have disclosure of information requested both by mueller and his investigation and by congress and i think you are going to see this play out over time on the hill and
12:43 pm
through robert bumueller. think the cooperation is a positive thing. the evidence is going the speak for itself and we'll have to wait and see. you can the tech companies applying, too. >> let's move on the reporting that christopher steel, the former mi-6 agent who wrote that and now that he has reportedly spoken with robert mueller's team and that he could be discussing testifying there in front of robert mueller's team whar, what do you make of that in this report? >> i think it is important just like every other piece is important and i think that's the job of the investigators, to interview people who are integral to the investigation, to interview all kinds of witnesses and there have been parts of the doccile that have
12:44 pm
panned out to be factual in terms of conversations and contacts with russians. there is definitely some credible information in that. it's going to be up to, you know, the mueller team to track down every part and see there were, you know, salacious elements of that. and the reason it is important isn't because of the element itself. it goes to whether or not there is potential for blackmail. not just with regards to the president but anybody in the president's circle or close to him. that would be the case with any administration. if there is the potential for blackmail with information that somebody does not want exposed, whether financial or personal, that's why that is of interest. as well as for the context that may have happened. we know the trump tower meeting was not initially disclosed with the russians. so these are all going to be within the purview of mueller's investigation. we'll get to the truth and see
12:45 pm
what happened. >> the financing of the report that steel had put out. thank you so much. thank you. >> thank you. >> next, broadway playwright talks his frustration with the president's response to puerto rico.
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hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. lynn man yell miranda smams president trump for his attacks against pure tofficials after h criticized officials. >> never seen the president attack the victims of a natural disaster. i've never seen a president attack the elected officials on the front line of a disaster. what other words can you say in the face of this thing? >> do you feel like he's -- >> those weren't impulsive
12:49 pm
tweets. they were just all i had to offer. >> do you feel the president's response to this has been insulting to puerto rico? >> it is the definition of adding insult to injury and at the same time it's -- it's -- it's jaw dropping. this has been an unprecedented disaster and it deserves unprecedented response and or at least congressmmmensurate with other hurricanes that ravaged the united states of america. and the logicstical challenges. >> also to loop back to what you said about your cousin, right, it's like, you know, you have this supply chain problem and a hard time getting things out. so you wait online to get gas to drive you back. if you are going to drive a truck, where are you getting that gas from?
12:50 pm
the people on the island are prisoners of the condition of the island. >> and that's been -- that's the challenge because, you know, what i have seen and the images coming out of the island are -- it is nothing but the it is an effort and anecdotally the stories from my family of everyone chipping in and by the way, i have to say, despite this weekend's tweets by me, i'm never believed more in the american people, i mean go local my twitter feed. it is kids breaking piggy banks to donate. and people saying we decided to forego our vac agency and send our vacation money to puerto rico. it is employers matching their employees funds and donations. if the response of the government were commensurate with the response of the people, we'd be well on the road to recovery and that what we're hoping for. >> to do his part, yesterday his
12:51 pm
released aired benefit song called almost like praying, aiming at disaster funds in puerto rico. next we go live to puerto rico.
12:52 pm
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residents in puerto rico still struggling today after hurricane maria made landfall almost three weeks ago. here is puerto rico governor ricardo rossello last hour. >> if we are together and to put puerto rico on a path forward, we need to start putting the initial conditions so that we can stabilize the situation and start rebuilding appropriately. otherwise the structure that we have established could begin to collapse. >> let's go straight to marianna tensio live in puerto rico and this coordination after reporting on this, between forces from fema and oem and toz from the governor on a federal
12:55 pm
level and state level, excuse me territory level and then mayors, how are they all coming together, so key right now to get the help out there. >> reporter: so key, richard, but it hasn't happened as well as many on the ground would like. you heard it from the governor, the structure could begin to collapse. to give you an skap example, this week we went to a city one hour outside of san juan where the mayor was able to hand a much needed supplies to the mayor and many people there are telling us it was the first time they ever saw supplies reach the city. it is the first time they saw water trucks even though the governor did say they visited the city before, the mayor alegislatured it was the first time he was being handed a satellite phone. so just that an hour away from san juan under scores the fact that on the local level here, people aren't coming together as
12:56 pm
much as they would like. maybe on the mayoral side, yes, but not with the islands government as well as they would like and they hope that this bipartisan delegation that came to the island today, senator tim kaine and blum enthrall and kristen gillibrand to show the un unity and support will give the island and the governor the resources they need. >> we'll be watching. in san juan, puerto rico. thank you so much for that. and we'll be right back. liked to style my dog as a kid... and were pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery
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and thanks for sticking with us. i'm richard lui and the news continues with a man mohyeldin. and you have the 5:00 report. >> it is a busy hour and could be a long night for all of us here and the folks down in new orleans. good morning, at msnbc headquarters here in new york and mike pence is expected to speak any moment from las vegas city hall. dina titus is speaking and the
1:00 pm
pence's speech follows the prayer walk to help las vegas heal from the worse mass shooting in u.s. history. when the vice president begins his remarks, we will take you live and cover those for you. but we begin with hurricane nate. expecting to gain strength before reaching the u.s. gulf coast. 13 million people under watches and warnings as the center approaches rapidly. nate is being blamed for 22 deaths and wid spread destruction in parts of central america. the storm will ip tensefy into a category two before it makes landfall in the coming hours. >> i'm going to encourage all louisiana to stayin formed and take this storm serie li-- seriously and the power of this storm has been deadly elsewhere. >> so the governor very giving of the warning signs. a quick update from bonnie schneider joining us with the latest on the path of hurricane nate and also talk to us about the strength and when it is expected to make landfall,


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