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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 7, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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prayer walk to help las vegas heal from the worse mass shooting in u.s. history. when the vice president begins his remarks, we will take you live and cover those for you. but we begin with hurricane nate. expecting to gain strength before reaching the u.s. gulf coast. 13 million people under watches and warnings as the center approaches rapidly. nate is being blamed for 22 deaths and wid spread destruction in parts of central america. the storm will ip tensefy into a category two before it makes landfall in the coming hours. >> i'm going to encourage all louisiana to stayin formed and take this storm serie li-- seriously and the power of this storm has been deadly elsewhere. >> so the governor very giving of the warning signs. a quick update from bonnie schneider joining us with the latest on the path of hurricane nate and also talk to us about the strength and when it is expected to make landfall,
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bonnie. >> well right now the storm has really strengthened from where we were this morning as it goes over the warmer waters of the gulf of mexico. remember those waters, the temperatures at 85 degrees. so plenty of storms working to coastal alabama and misplis bsi but the storm has not made landfall, around midnight tonight. and the center of circulation, 195 miles to the south of biloxi, mississippi and the winds now at 90. a strong category one and once they get higher we're talking about a category two. not much difference for the storm. here is a look at the track through the evening. a category two strengthening just before landfall and the storm will weaken as it impacts a very large portion of the eastern seaboard. but let's look at the immediate impact fors the gulf coast. we have a hurricane warning in effect for new orleans for biloxi and into mobile and we're also looking at tropical storm warnings and heavy rain and
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flash flooding particularly in the low-lying areas like in the southern parishes of louisiana so low lying we are concerned about storm surge and coastal alabama and mississippi. how much in terms of storm surge? well the numbers have gone up. if you are watching us this morning, so now we are expecting some higher amounts right along the mississippi coast. up to 11 feet. so that is a pretty high number. 11 feet of water and remember storm surge could come in very quickly. straight in from the gulf. that wall of water coming in. four to six feet around louisiana. pensacola and the panhandle and florida mobile bay and varying amounts and some of the worst of the storm to the right of the center of the storm as it makes its way on shore and running the risk for tornados as the friction of the storm makes its way on shore. the heaviest rain with realtime lightning. and heavy rain and raining in new orleans and that rain will continue into the evening and overnight hours because even though the weather is getting bad, it will get worse into the landfall and then of course the
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early morning hours of tomorrow. >> and we'll be certainly watching for that 5:00 p.m. hurricane advisory and bonnie schneider, thank you very much. and i want to get the perspective on the ground. we turn to kristin dahlgren in mobile, alabama, for us. kristin, let's talk about what you are hearing from the people as they are preparing for this hurricane. what is the situation like there. >> reporter: hey there, ayman, they are beginning to pick up their preparations. a couple of people saying to us that they didn't expect to be this worried that point in the day. and take a look, we saw our first band come through so this should give you some idea of what we are talking about here. it rained really hard for maybe 15 or 20 minutes and that is what is already on the ground here along mobile bay. a good two to three inches in places. that is just expected to get much worse. the manager of the restaurant said he expects to see three feet of water here at least when all is said and done. officials saying the storm surge
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could be six to nine feet in places. and they are calling that life-threatening. the national weather service putoy treat this morning saying it could not stress enough the danger of the life-threatening storm surge and said don't pay attention to the category of the storm because this really could be deadly and at least cause a lot of damage in this area. they are talking about potentially the fourth billion dollar storm of the hurricane season. so while it may not seem like it is quite as bad as some of the others that we've seen officiallies say you really do need to get ready and to prepare for this one as it comes assure. and again the weather already beginning to get worse here in mobile. >> it certainly looks like it is a long night for the phobes as the -- not folks as the hurricane makes landfall. and at the top of the program, we said mike pence will address a crowd at the las vegas
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city hall to emphasize the need for unity following the mass shooting at the mandalay bay casino. and meanwhile law enforcement is still struggling to find a motive behind why that shooter stephen paddock carried out his highly planned and deadly attack. ron allen is standing by in las vegas with the details. ron, let's begin with what we are expecting to here from vice president mike pence. he comes on the heels of president trump's trip to vegas but what is the vice president going to say today? >> reporter: well, we don't have prepared remarks but he came here because this is a service essentially about faith, about healing and we know that the vice president is a man of very deep faith. he came here, the white house heard about this event and when president trump was here and they asked if they could send a representative and that is why the vice president is here. there are hundreds of people in the city hall chamber, they marched from in some cases from five to six miles away through town from different corners of
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town and a symbolic show of unity and that is what this is about. we heard from the mayor of las vegas and she said we will not be brought down by anger, craziness and hatred and that perhaps symbolized and coal he ises the thoughts of most people, they won't let this event define this town or destroy this town. and that it is a town and a community of people and another theme that we are hering, that so many people around the country and who come here think of las vegas as a gambling center and a sin city but this is a community of people and families with mothers and fathers and sons and daughters and they were victimized and massacres at that concert venue almost a week or so ago. and this is now a community coming together. beyond this event, during the past couple of days we have seen memorials all over town and large crowds through the night visiting to pay respects to the victims that were lost and there
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is concern about those still in the hospital. there are still over 100 people hospitalized and still perhaps a dozen people in critical condition. i would expect the vice president to talk about the first responds, the police and firefighters, the medical staff and the doctors and nurses who saved lives. and who kept the death toll at 58 and not any higher than that. miraculous. things were happening in the hospitals to save lives. and of course at the concert site where there were efforts by police and firefighters an emts but by ordinary people shielding neighbors and protecting people them who were carrying bodies and those suffering wounded to get medical attention and out of harm's way as this barage of gunfire went on for ten minutes or so. we'll hear an uplifting motivational remarks by vice president pence and i think he will underscore that he and the presidentust united states, the entire country are with las vegas as this community tries to
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continue to move forward. >> let me switch gears and as we bt pace the vice president's comments i want to ask you about the ob ongoing investigation. what we learned about the motivation of the shooter. we know that they've interviewed his partner or his companion who returned to the united states in the middle of the week to be welcomed or greeted by the fbi and questioned by them. have any of those interviews shed any light on the motivation behind his deadly rampage? >> reporter: every day we hear more of what happened, and what might have happened. for example the revelation a couple of days ago about how the suspect had cased a number of other locations. one here in las vegas where there was a concert the week before and the one -- the deadly one and that he had looked at places like in chicago, and perhaps in boston as potential targets. we've heard i lot about the what. we've not heard much about the why. about why this individual did this and what was in his mind and heart and that is the thing
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that so many people struggle with and that is the thing that they can't get their heads around. this massacre doesn't fit the typical profile of the serial killer if it you will. there was no manifesto or note, there was no clear ideology or racial hatred that was obvious. and that is a big problem for this community to go forward. mental health experts we talked to say this is really critical for this community. they would like to have a motive. they would like to have an answer to the question of why. law enforcement, i feel listening to them and briefings, they've been transparent because they are a part of the community. remember there was a police officer who was off duty at the time and there was his wife at the concert who was killed. and there was a massive vigil and memorial here at a public park a couple of nights ago and literally thousand who came together under a setting sun, a quiet hillside to pay respects to the police officer who was so tragically killed there and along with 57 others. so there is just a outpouring of
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support and concern here during the past couple of days but there has not been that answer. there has not been had a here is why he did it and of course any answer to that question is never going to make any sense but still people want to have something to hold on to as they try to go forward and try to keep putting some perspective around what has happened here. and again, we are expecting to hear from vice president pence. i believe he is the next speaker coming up any moment. >> there is two parallel tracks as we learn more about the heroic efforts of the first responders and the people there. we are still searching for questions. or for answers i should say into the questions of the motivation behind stephen paddock's rampage. rob live in las vegas monitoring that. and in terms of trying to answer the questions, we want to turn into the investigation and bring in former fbi profiler candice delong. it is great to have you with us. a lot to dissect here and i want to begin by asking you about what your take of the pace of
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this investigation has been so far. and there is something that kind of stuck out for me and i wanted to get your thoughts on it. in this day and age with social media, with all of our digital footprints, whether it is facebook posts or e-mails, there is very little to come out from the digital footprints of stephen paddock so far in this investigation. does that surprise you or does it in itself tell you that this was a guy who is very careful and trying to make sure he doesn't leave a trail. >> it doesn't surprise me, but not because i thought he didn't want to leave a trail. but because of his age and his personality, his behavior seems to be that he really doesn't care to be around people very much, will avoid them if possible. and those are the reports we're getting on him. >> candice, i'm so sorry to interrupt, but we're going to take a listen to mike pence and we'll come back to you as soon as he's done. [ applause ]
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>> senator heller, senator cortez masto, congress woman titus, other distinguished members of congress, mayor good mab, state and local officials and pastor hatch and people of las vegas, my fellow americans, my wife karen and i are honored to be with you for this las vegas unity prayer walk. we're grateful to each of you and we're grateful to the inspiration of your former deputy fire chief kevin chapman. kevin thank you for loving the
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people of this community the way you do. [ applause ] >> president trump personally asked us to be here. to stand with you. to pray with you. for strength, comfort and healing in the wake of sunday night's horrific attack here in las vegas. in america we mourn with those who mourn. we grieve with those who grieve and i stand before you today on behalf of my family and every family in it america to say we are with you. today we are all vegas strong. [ applause ] >> as the president often says when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. when one part of america struggles, we all struggle. and when one part of america
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cries out for help, we always come together. to answer the call. five days ago america awoke to the news of the worst mass shooting in the history of the united states. on a field not far from here, 58 people lost their lives and nearly 500 were injured. it was a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. and as the president said in his address to the nation, we're joined together in sadness, shock and grief for the fallen and the injured and their families. those we lost were taken before their time. but their names and stories will forever be etched into the hearts of the american people. among them a special ed teacher who helped the neediest named sandra casey, a policeman and veteran charleton hartfield who coached a annual football team.
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[ applause ] >> a full time mom named hannah ailers who was the sunshine of her family. and jack betton, a construction worker who died shielding his wife from harm. to the families of these and all our fallen near and far, we extend the deepest condolences of the first family. of our family and of the american people. the bible tells us that the lord is close to the broken hearted and this will be our prayer for all of you. we do mourn with those who mourn and grieve with those who grieve but we do not grieve like those who have no hope. because heroes give us hope. [ applause ] >> as president trump said here if on wednesday, in the depth of horror, we will always find hope in the men and women who risk
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their lives for ours. we find hope in the heroic actions of the las vegas metropolitan police department, the fire department, and all the first responders on that night who without regard of their personal safety rushed into harm's way. their actions were in the highest tradition of law enforcement and their actions undoubtedly saved lives that night. [ applause ] >> we find hope in the medical professionals in this community. the doctors, the surgeons sh, the nurses, the emts across las vegas whose swift professionalism and compassion and expert care prevented an even wider tragedy. [ applause ] >> and we find hope in the every day americans. who heroic actions in the face of unspeakable evil inspired the
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nation. among the heroes known and unknown, a mom who shielded her 4-year-old daughter with her own body. a father who helped guide others to safety even though he had been shot not once but twice. and an off-duty firefighter who told his wife she had to run but he had to stay to help those in need. and an army veteran who rushed to the scene to find his girlfriend and her mom and ended up carrying the wounded off the field. these were every day americans. but every day from this day forward we will remember their selflessness and courage whenever we remember that dark hour. [ applause ] >> on sunday night, las vegas came face-to-face with pure
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evil. but no evil, no act of violence will ever diminish the strength and goodness of the american people. as president trump said on monday morning, our unity could not be shattered by evil ourks bonds could not be broken by violence, he said it is our love that defines us today and it always will. as i read in my devotions this morning, love binds all our virtues together in unity. and so in the wake of this tragedy, we put on love. we find comfort in the knowledge that we are united as one nation, as one people, with one voice. united in our grief, united in our support for those who have suffered, and united in our resolve to end such evil in our time. [ applause ]
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>> so today we offer our prayers from our hearts to the heart of heaven. we pray for those we lost, and for those they left behind. we pray for the injured, and the men and women who care for them at this very hour. we pray for the people of las vegas and we pray for our nation. that the words sung by thousands before the shots rang out that fateful night might be ever more true, that god would bless america. [ applause ] >> that he would renew our unity and strengthen our faith, our faith that as he's ever watched
1:20 pm
over this great land, that he in this moment will again bind up our wounds, he will heal the broken hearted and he will wipe every tear from our eyes. so may god bless you, may god bless the men and women of law enforcement and all our first responders. may got bless the fallen, it injured, and their precious families. and may god bless america. [ applause ] >> you are listened to vice president mike pence there offering his remarks as well as his prayers and his condolences at the unity rally that is taking place in las vegas for the victims and for the first
1:21 pm
responders and for those left behind and thoz injured as well as a result of the las vegas shooting. you heard the vice president there say he was dispatched by the president personally to attend this but he struck a theme of unity and hope saying that the heroes, the first responders, the medical professionals, the every day americans who sacrificed their lives to save others, all of those are the heroes of las vegas who will give this country hope and he said that when we remember this dark hour in america's history, we'll always remember the sacrifice and courage of those heroes. he was paying tribute not just to the first responders but as we mentioned citing examples of many selfless acts of americans, many americans who sacrificed their personal safety to go back in there and save others. so that, you just saw the vice
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president peekispeaking in las . we'll come back to the topic but we want to go to the mayor of new orleans who is giving an update on hurricane nate. let's take a listen. >> to your local media stations as well as at nola ready. the city is committed to ensuring the safety of all of our residents and visitors and the public is encouraged to help spread the word and pass around information to help keep the community better prepared. throughout this event, the emergency operations center will work with local and state and federal partners such as fema and the national guard and army corp of engineers to continue to look at the changing risks and vulnerabilities as they develop and how we could keep residents safe. as was mentioned, the national weather service expects hurricane nate to make landfall as a category two. out of an abundance of caution, emergency operational departments have continued to make haste in preparation for this event. we currently have 40 boats and 20 high water vehicles along
1:23 pm
with other rescue supplies staged at various fire and police stations. as we do with all of our emergency events, we'll maintain constant communication in the emergency operations center will maintain 24 hour status throughout. any changes in the storm track and intensity could drastically change impacts. please residents are advised to follow at nola ready or text nate to 888777 to remain informed. >> thank you. >> fred ziegler, nation weather service. >> good afternoon. freddy ziegler from the national weather service. new orleans, baton rouge, i want to reiterate from the mayor said, that conditions are deteriorating and will continue to deteriorate in the evening and overnight hours. the worse conditions are expecting between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. with possible hurricane force gusts winds across new orleans east.
1:24 pm
and that is an extreme eastern portions of orleans parish. and again i want to reiterate the threats that we are expecting are winds and surge. this is been a rapidly changing condition as far as the hurricane approaching the gulf coast. and each update we have been kind of catching up as far as getting with the hurricane -- the hurricane warning and also upgrading the storm surge warning and upgrading the values and so this is because the storm is intensified and also the fast rate of speed approaching the coast. those are the two things i want to get across. and that is all i have today. >> thank you, freddy. >> followed by chief mcconnell. >> thank you, mayor and good afternoon. since 7:00 a.m., the new orleans police department has been at 100% staffing and work around the clock split up into two 12
1:25 pm
hour foundations until we cannot patrol. which means it will be even more dangerous for citizens to be out during those conditions. and so we will be out monitoring all calls and answering calls for service and prepared to do any type of land or water rescue but when conditions get to such we cannot be out they are more dangerous for citizens to be out. we are admonishing everyone to stay in and don't be out if you have to be out. we understand that there are people who are working and need to get home to work and we'll help people get home from work but he want to admonish everyone to gettin deers. if there is water, please do not drive through it and will cause damage to your car and other homes and businesses an we'll -- >> you are hearing new orleans officials there, police chief of new orleans police department giving an update on the situation. they are saying his department
1:26 pm
will be 100% staffed through the coming hours as the conditions continue to deteriorate. we're following the breaking news and new orleans officials updating their preparations as hurricane nate is expected to make landfall in the coming hours. they are worrying about the hours from 7:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. and we're covering that. before that we were listening to vice president mike pence as he was participating in the unit rally or prayer service that is taking place in las vegas paying tribute to the victims and to the heroes and first responders and medical professionals of the disaster shooting that took place there in las vegas five days ago. we have a lot more to cover for you this hour, stay with us. we're going to take a short break and come right back. ccess seems a little... strange? na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online,
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is a true reflection of the individual. only a dignity memorial professional can celebrate a life like no other. find out how at welcome back, everyone. president trump is set to depart for north carolina in the next hour. he will attend a fundraiser in greensboro to benefit his trump
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victory yoint fundraising committee but moments ago the president shifting his focus to north korea once again and tweeting out presidents and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid hasn't worked. agreements violated before the ink was dry making fools of u.s. negotiators, sorry, but only one thing will work. maybe an ominous warning. let's bring in sabrina sadiqy and kevin sore illy and white house reporter matthew knauss balm. great to have you with us. so it is almost as if on cue the president was anticipatie that e would talk about north korea. and let's start with this cryptic statement from the president early in the week where he said the calm before the storm. take a listen to this. >> mr. president, what did you mean by calm before the storm? what did you mean by that. >> thank you very much.
1:31 pm
you'll find out. >> so that was again reiterating when he said earlier in the week of the calm before the storm with his military generals. let's try to break this down and ask you to look in your crystal ball for a second with the tweet with the comments that we saw earlier this week, sabrina, let me begin with you, what do you think the calm before the storm refers to? >> well, it is difficult to really say. certainly if you look at the tweets now about north korea, he's signaling that he is looking very seriously at a potential military option and that is something that the white house has never taken off the table even as trump's national security advisers have reiterated they're belief they should pursue diplomatic solution of some kind of pyongyang. i think that the real issue here is with the cryptic messages, that is not what you would expect from a commander-in-chief at a time where there are a number of foreign policy challenges facing the united states, from north korea to the
1:32 pm
on going war against isis, to what he plans to do with the iran nuclear deal, and the american public certainly would expect the president, if we were going into any kind of military option moving forward, to be a source of calm and not making vague threats about the calm before the storm. >> kevin, let me get your take real liquickly. we have the iran decertification issue at the end of the week and the tweets and statements, ominous warning or is it part of the destabilizing theory sabrina was talking about. >> i think most u.s. intelligence community officials are carefully looking at the columbus day holiday that coincided with the anniversary of north korea current regime as a potential point in which kim jong-un would potentially have another missile test and i think the president is signaling there is definitely in line with some of the conversations being had in the intelligence community. the second point i would make is
1:33 pm
democrats will argue that this is the type of unpredictability that is a destabling force in the geopolitical field but his supporters and to some within the administration argue that this is the type of unpredictability that he ran with on the campaign trail. the bottom line is whether you are rex tillerson or nikki haley, this is going to take a much broader coalition with russia and with china and particularly when we are -- more than 90% of the north korea exports and imports come from china. >> and let me just play off of that really quickly and the diplomatic tensions within the white house and the administration broadly. president trump is said to be fuming about secretary of state rex tillerson calling him quote a moran as nbc news was reporting and they report that mike pompeo possibly being considered as a replacement for tillerson. i'm curious to get your thoughts covering the white house, can trump afford another high level shake-up here and really what
1:34 pm
are the odds of tillerson remaining in place for much longer? >> well you are right. another high level shake-up at this point would certainly raise a lot of questions and just kind of deepen the narrative this is a white house in chaos. if you look at all of the high level officials that have already come and gone, eight or nine months into the administration, having said that, it is very difficult to see how secretary of state tillerson stays in that job. we saw his press conference earlier this week in response to that nbc reporting when he came out and basically asserted his fealty and loyalty to the trump administration but the trump has undercut him on twitter and doing that now again by saying diplomacy wouldn't work for north korea and we know how much trump values personal loyalty. and verbal insults do not demonstrate that so it is hard to see how he could last that much longer. >> and sabina, another issue as a source of the problems for the white house.
1:35 pm
"the new york times" reporting that the president trump's lawyers want to give up their skoerched earth strategy against robert mueller and try to start cooperating more fully as they put it and in hopes that would speed up to the process of getting mueller to declare that trump is actually not a target of the russia inquiry. what is your take of that strategy, does that make sense and could that potentially backfire. >> well think it is a strategy they should have pursued a long time before. because the president as we know has viewed this entire investigation as an attack on his legitimacy to the white house and cast the entire episode as fake news, when it is not fake news. that russia clearly interfered with the u.s. election and it looks like they see now that with this drip, drip, drip, these constant leaks that come out about more contacts between trump associates on moscow and they are always on the defense and so i think that if they
1:36 pm
actually tried to cooperate with the investigation then they -- it would help to reinforce the idea that there was not intentional collusion between the two trump came and russia or certainly tra trump himself wasn't involved and we still don't know the answer to any of those questions. what we do know is that the inquiry has escalated in the past few months so i think the white house is cognizant of the fact that mueller is working with a grand jury and conducted a raid of paul mania fort's home and one of the keep figures in the investigation and they are realizing that it is better to try and cooperate asso opposed for waiting for the next shoe to drop. >> and it is interesting. we could talk about this for more but we are covering breaking news so we're running out of time. thank you and great to have you with us this afternoon. well next, members of congress are getting an update on relief efforts for puerto rico on the ground and is now
1:37 pm
the time for president trump to be talking about puerto rico's debt when half of the island state is without food and elect r risity. we'll talk about that when we come back. this woman is laughing because she's listening to a hilarious audiobook on audible. and this woman is laughing because she's pretending her boss's terrible story is funny. still actually laughing.
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cause it's the only brand to earn j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs - two years in a row. that's amazing. chevy's a name you can trust! welcome back, everyone. three weeks after puerto rico was decimated by hurricane maria, a delegation is on the island among them senator richard blumenthal of connecticut. >> as i flew over puerto rico today, my heart broke. i thought of the families who lived in those homes that have been shattered. the properties razed, the lives decimated, where are those people now and what is their hope for the future.
1:41 pm
we have a moral obligation as americans and my fear, very simply, is that america will fail puerto rico. >> almost 90% of puerto rico still live without any electricity and only about half have clean drinking water. and the president visited the u.s. territory on tuesday receiving criticism for his comments about the islandez debt and for tossing paper towels into the audience. and vice president pence followed up with his own visit on friday. joining me now, julio ricardo and the latino usa. great to have you with us. i want to start with this controversy of sorts over the death count in puerto rico. we've heard governor ricardo rossello say that the official count is 36. others actually saying the number much, much higherme, wha is going on here. >> it is basic -- this is what
1:42 pm
people need to know. in the last two weeks puerto rico average around is 1200 dea every two weeks and they have didn't an excellent job out of the island, one of the top health reporters, and there are confirmed reports that one hospital in a town on the west side already is reporting about 49 deaths. and the puerto rican government, what is happening now is that they are having a really difficult time trying to figure out which are hurricane related deaths and whether loss of power or someone dialysis or life support ended and whether ch are natural deaths. so i got a statement from the governor's press secretary on friday and they basically said they've examined 200 deaths and they are still trying to determine, that is about 17 % of the deaths that occurred in the last two weeks and the puerto
1:43 pm
rican government still doesn't know. because here is the problem, when there is no power, when people -- when funeral directors are litteringly filling out death certificates by hand and the puerto rican government is trying to get them, things are slow, but there are things on records, these are not just rumors. 95 people are missing in puerto rico. 95. this is not -- this is not fake news. this is the puerto rican police and so for -- for donald trump to say that this is a low death count, every indication in i know in talking with journalists on the ground and doing my own reporting would indicate that the death toll is going to continue to rise and we don't know yet what that final number is. >> and it doesn't really matter how significant the death toll is por each one of those families who have already lost a loved one. let me ask you quickly if i can, julio, president trump commenting about the debt several times and suggesting that it would be wiped out in an interview with geraldo, but that
1:44 pm
seems to not be the case when you litten to nick mulvaney and others coming out of the white house and why is this a fact for whenner talking about puerto rico and what they are suffering. >> there is the debt, right, which i don't think -- these calls for canceling the debt, bernie sanders and saying and -- representati representative guiterrez, mulvaney nixed that. but the governor said $90 billion of relief -- $90 billion of damage and there is calls for 20 to $30 billion of relieve package. we talked about this at harvey in texas eight days of bipartisan, done. we're entering the third week for a call for federal relief and the fiscal control board which controls the puerto rico finances, they are even saying that, they sent a letter to congressional leadership this week and they were all for oftir
1:45 pm
ate and now they are saying we need federal relief and the big question is the app tide, is the political appetite happening in washington democr, d.c. and thay it the no, sir. >> and i think people are waving the flag. we have a lot to talk about but we are running out of time. thank you very much for squoining us. we want to turn to the black lsh by the decision for the president to make it hard for the birth control. they require companies to provide insurance to cover contraceptives under the new rules employers can refuse the payments as long as they have sincer early held religious or moral objections. the american civil liberties filed a lawsuit and massachusetts and california among the states challenging that decision. joining me now, i'm joined by
1:46 pm
dana sing izer and from planned parenthood and aaron car moan from the washington post. dana, if i may begin with you, i want to play sound from the white house press briefing yesterday and this is sarah huckabee sanders responding to questions about birth control rollback. take a listen. >> this is a president who supports the first amendment, supports the freedom of religion, i don't understand why that should be an issue. the support court has validated this decision certainly many times over. >> so religious freedom or sexual discrimination, what is your take? >> look, this has nothing to do with religion. the aaffordable care act already has an accommodation to make sure that women have access to bridge control coverage no matter what. what this is about is rolling back access to birth control for as many as 62 million women across the country. now we all know that birth control is basic preventative
1:47 pm
care that women rely on for a whole host of reasons, not just pregnancy prevention, but also health conditions like endometriosis and fibroids and other health conditions. so at the end of the day, this is a direct attack on women's ability to have access to basic health care like birth control. >> so it really leads to a very simple question, why do you think the white house is doing this when we know that birth control has tackled unintended pregnancies in the united states which has one of the highest in the developed world. >> that is the case that the united states has an extremely high rate of unintended pregnancy and as access to contraception and those that are right for each individual woman has increased, that number has gone down. so we are looking at potentially reversing the progress that has been made in recent years. why are they doing it? well a key prong to trump's victory was social conservatives brought into the fold and they
1:48 pm
were skeptical and now many people running the department of health and hume ab an services are the architects of the strategy. you had people that would run groups where they would pass the laws in the states and bring the lawsuit and now they are running things and they need to deliver some wins to those folks who turned out for president trump. >> you say this is red meat for his political base. >> absolutely. there are crucial ways in which the expands could -- so now you could have a moral and not just religious refusal but i think it is a signal to say we are doing something for you right now. >> dana, let me ask you, i know your boss ses he'll richards has come out strongly against decision calling it a setback but what is planned parenthood strategy under the trump administration. there is a lot this involves with planned parenthood. >> yes, well ire ronnicly, the very providers and other services thats trump
1:49 pm
administration points to that could fill the void thar -- that are creating are exactly the kinds of programs that have been under attack since day one. we are going to continue serving our patients and making sure that they have access to bridge control no matter what. as erin said, we know we are making progress in increasing access to birth control, we are at an all-time low in teen appreciation and at a 30 year low in unintended pregnancy and we are at a a lowest rate of abortion since roe v. wade in 1973. we should make birth control more affordable and accessible and this makes it harder. >> and this is not about preventing pregnancy. as you were saying, there is something more at play here. >> well i think that one of the rationals behind it, including contraception on a list of preventative care fully covered without a co-pay and birth
1:50 pm
control includes heart treatment and all kinds of things that were supposed to bring down the cost of care over all. but because this is care that is primarily accessed by women and because it has it to do were our society society has very schizophrenic views about society and women's roles, that's one reason why it's become -- so what it's doing is just undermining the fact that it's health care like any other. >> and certainly raised a lot of questions as to the motivations behind the white house. thank you very much for your time. we'll be right back. when it comes to strong bones, are you on the right path? we have postmenopausal osteoporosis... ..and a high risk for fracture, so with our doctors...
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welcome back, everyone. the pentagon today confirmed the name of the fourth american service member killed in an ambush this week. the body of sergeant david johnson of florida was found after vanishing in the attack on the army's third special forces group. a dozen americans were on a
1:54 pm
mission with niger's military when more than 40 fighters surrounded them and opened fire near the border with mali. steve clemens is with us. great to have you here. let's delve into this real quick. there are about 800 troops in niger, about 150 more since june. is this the next big battleground for the trump white house is th house? i think people may be watching this not knowing that we had this many troops on the ground in niger. >> i think it's a big question wondering whether donald trump is aware of the large footprint that we have. it began to grow during the obama administration and also because french president francois hollande and his defense minister were asking the united states to pay more attention to the growing smuggling networks, crime networks, in this case with niger, efforts to smuggle gold, but human trafficking, narcotics
1:55 pm
trafficking, as a way to fund and support the expansion of al qaeda's activities around europe, but also potentially threatening the united states and also isis is involved here. so we've been trying to advise and support friendly forces, to try to watch, disrupt, and help them stand up to this growing terrorist threat in north south africa and further in africa. >> when we think of the concerns in africa, we think of libya, where the u.s. is engaged. we know there may be concerns in somalia, but given this deadly ambush on american soldiers in the western part of the country, would you say that terrorist groups in africa are becoming more brazen? is that becoming a new front line of concern for the u.s. efforts against the war on terror? >> well, i think it clearly is, when you look at the fact that we have 800 troops. the african command, which is a separate military command, was just established at the end of
1:56 pm
2008. so it's only been nine years that we've grown, not just in niger, but a very large force throughout this region. so we are there, we are deployed. but as you said, it's not really had the focus of attention. one of the questions, you may remember in the famous "black hawk down" take that that led to the withdrawal of a lot of u.s. forces. the french that have been partners with us, niger, other governments are worried that there will be a spotlight on this deployment because of these deaths, whether the united states will have the resolve to stay or whether it will say, this is not part of our interest level right now. we don't know the answer to that question. we don't know how president trump will respond. >> very quickly, are you at all surprised that the travel ban restrictions that includes countries like chad, libya, and somalia that are on there, but niger and mali are not on there? >> niger and mali, while they have governments that are working with us, are rife with
1:57 pm
players that are engaged with -- it's sometimes better not to think of them as terror networks, but transnational organized crime, of the sort we see in central america, human trafficking, narcotics. yes, i have problems with the entire travel ban and what it was doing, but it was odd you would leave these countries out given how penetrated they are right now. >> steve, thank you very much. we're approaching the top of the hour, we're expecting a new advisory on hurricane nate. stay with us for live coverage. we'll bring all of that to you. but if that's not enough, we offer innovative investing tools to prepare you for the future. looks like you hooked it. and if that's not enough, we'll help your kid prepare for the future. don't hook it kid. and if that's still not enough, we'll help your kid's kid prepare for the future. looks like he hooked it. we'll do anything... takes after his grandad. seriously anything, to help you invest for the future.
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