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tv   MSNBC Joy Reid  MSNBC  October 7, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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could it possibly keep a multilateral agreement without the united states, just with the europeans on the issue of its nuclear program? those questions remain to be seen. obviously the ominous warning from president trump earlier in the week and that was a cause of concern as well. that wraps it up for this hour here at msnbc. stay with us. joy reid is next. the infamous trump russia dossier is back in the news. this week we learned that members of special counsel robert mueller's team traveled to meet christopher steel, the former british intelligence officer who put together a 35-page document alleging trump/russia collusion. it's unverified and contains salacious and very personal claims about donald trump's actions in the run-up to the 2016 election. trump has denied the allegations in the dossier. on wednesday, chairman of the senate intelligence committee richard burr said when it comes to the dossier the investigation
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has hit something of a roadblock. >> as it relates to the steel dossier, unfortunately, the committee has hit a wall. we have on several occasions made attempts to contact mr. ste steel, to meet with their steel, to include personally the vice chairman and myself as two individua individuals making that connection. those offers have gone unaccepted. >> three sources dispute that characterization by senator burr. nbc news reports that one source close to steel said that in late september steel relayed to washington through an associate that steel would be happy to meet with burr and senator mark warner of virginia. joining me now, rob reiner, director, activist and co-founder of the committee to investigate russia. rob, it is interesting. we've had not only the three
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sources that nbc news reported on, but a senate committee response to the nbc news report saying in a joint statement, the comm committee has made multiple requests to meet with mr. steel. what do you make of it? >> this is confusing. some kibnd of disconnect here because clearly steel is saying he'll make himself available. there must be some reason why maybe the terms of the meeting are not agreeable to both sides. but i don't know quite frankly why that is. >> and do you have any sourcing on that, david corn, as to what this disconnect is? because both these people can't be right. >> that's true. we do know a couple of things that are informative here. as i reported last october, steel has met extensively already with the fbi and shared his memos when he was writing them for fusion gps and talked to them about his sources. so the fbi has long been in touch with chris steele even
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before robert mueller took over the investigation. we also know he's being sued, steele, in england and they will testify in a case in florida, a suit against buzzfeed. he my be somewhat reluctant to talk to committees and he may be thinking of the house republicans or the judiciary committee where there are lots of leaks and it's a complicated point but a key point. republicans are trying to make the steele memos an issue in staying that it was the product of democratic fundraising or kgbers, russian disinformation, and because the fbi used it as part of its investigation of trump, that poisons the fbi investigation. so they've been gunning for him. and maybe he didn't discern a difference between the house republican approach, the senate judiciary approach and that of the senate republican intelligence committee. but now that he's made clear that he will talk to them,
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probably in england, not here, i hope that burr comes back and says, well, we've worked it out. >> rob, i think that's a key point too. if you listen to burr and you sort of read between the lines of what he's saying, he keeps harping on that the committee would want to know the sources of his information, who he talked to, and also who paid for that information. >> right. they are the intelligence committee afterall, and they can go into a skiff and that is classified information and they are bound by law not to reveal classified information. so they can receive that. they have the capability of receiving that. and as david just pointed out, the fbi has already received that, and so has robert mueller. so that seems to be worked out. the one thing that david mentioned was that they're trying to skew this as being a democratic attack on donald trump. but what we know of this dossier, or the genesis of it, is that it was for republicans
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in the primary to go after donald trump. so it's o, you know. >> it's hard to make that case. i want to bring in more guests. on the issue of the trump dossier, there have been some things in it that have already checked out. we know it talked about a plot to get into the election and to skew it in the direction of donald trump. there's some things in it that are unverified, whether there was an actual conspiracy and cooperation with the trump campaign, but enough of this raw intelligence has checked out, that i would imagine this dossier was incredibly useful to bob mueller. >> i think you're absolutely right. the other part that disturbs me about the dossier and to david corn's credit, he reported this very early on, the fact that this information was so readily available. what concerns me, we're talking about mueller, talking about an investigation into something that occurred a year ago. what are the russians doing today? when you think about 2016, the reality is that with this information, with this information that came out of the dossier, that was, i don't want to say readily available, but it was somewhat known. why weren't we able to stop this
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before the election? why wasn't there an ability to go and say, this stuff is happening, what can we do to stop it? we just seem to have been completely blindsided by this. i think it hints at a larger problem, besides just the investigation into donald trump, which is very much that we've been out-maneuvered by the russians, in terms of counterintelligence, and again to rob's credit, bringing light on that question. i don't see from the presser, from the dossier, i don't see anyone saying, have we fixed counterintelligence? this is going to happen again, we know that. >> it's happening now, and it's the reason we formed the committee to investigate russia. it's because this is a national security issue. whenever our country's been attacked, whether it's pearl harbor or 9/11, we've always come together. this is the first time we are not doing anything to protect ourselves. and that's because we have a president who i think there's a confluence of things here, but he's basically, you know, somebody who has been compromised and who's worried about the legitimacy of his
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election. so he is not taking a position to do what the president is supposed to do, which is to make us safe. >> yeah. >> we are not being made safe. there's no emphasis on trying to bolster our national security in 2018 and in 2020. >> and the fact that he was the beneficiary of this, and you know, by the way, republicans are now starting to realize that part of the information that was gleaned by the russians was used against his primary opponents, which is called republicans. do you think that because donald trump does worry about the legitimacy of his election and was the beneficiary, that essentially we're standing down in terms of what russia might do going forward? >> yeah. i mean, as everyone just pointed out, he's been entirely uncooperative. he's fired the people who have investigated him. he fired comey. on that note, there should be an investigation into obstruction of justice. that should have been something that was handled immediately. it's amazing that we're months from now and they're still broinging that out. i think the gop realizes that if
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the election was tampered with, which seemed quite obvious, that they as a party are affected and the legitimacy of their vote may be affected. and i think a lot of them are reluctant to get into this because it affects not only trump but local elections, state elections, et cetera. but as naveed has noted, this is not just important for what happened in the past. it's important for what's happening now, and it's important for what's happening in 2018. because if we don't have any kind of real cyber security, if we don't have any good faith investigation of espionage, of conspiracy for cooperation of all these different facets, then we're never going to solve this problem. we're going to be questioning the integrity and the legitimacy of all our elections going forward. >> and david corn, there's a mother jones report that there's a difference of opinion between the senate intel leaders as to whether or not the last election involved attacks on the actual voting machines. ron widen is disputing this idea from richard burr, he's saying he can guarantee there was no hacking of the machines.
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>> that's right. on the wednesday press conference that the intelligence committee held, richard burr, the republican chairman, said that he can guarantee that whatever russian meddling there was, it didn't affect the vote tallies. i spoke to ron widen, who is a democratic member of the intelligence committee and he said, you can't say that. there's been no forensic analysis. there's often no paper trail. i think a key thing here, we haven't finished learning what the russian campaign or covert operation entailed. we're now just discovering almost a year later that there were facebook ads, and we see the first round with 3,000 ads that have reached 10,000 people. we don't know what happened with twitter, with google. we do know the intelligence community said that the e-mail hack efforts that targeted hillary clinton were part of a much wider campaign of information warfare. we don't know how wide that was and it could well be that probing state voter registration
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systems, as we now know about do, were all part of something much vaster than we have evidence of to date, which is why it's really important, not just what mueller does, that you have honest and effective congressional investigations to let us know. and it's unclear whether that's going to happen, joy. >> and you're trying, rob, with the committee to investigate russia to put this in one place. but when i talk to people about this, there's so much information, you have the facebook acts of it, the being hacking of the dnc. how do you put it into a narrative so people can understand? >> we try to be a compendium, we try to put it all in one place, so they can see the history of what russia has been doing ever since the cold war and on. we see the key players, we know who they are. we discussed cyber security. we also have the breaking news of the day. but it's all about trying to secure our country. we've been attacked and i would
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add to all of this, we don't even have a head of homeland security here. >> yeah. >> i mean, this is like, you know, we're just in the wild west here, and we have to take care of ourselves. we don't have a president protecting us in this new war battlefield, which is cyber war. >> and i know that frustrates you, naveed. because we aren't really -- we don't have a plan for 2018 and 2020. >> that's right. i can't say this loud enough. we should focus on trump, we should focus on the investigation, but the reality is that vladimir putin hates democracy. this was an attack against democracy, not just the united states, in germany, in france, the uk, now we're seeing it in spain. there's one person out of everyone sitting here today who doesn't care about what bob mueller finds, that's vladimir putin. he's moved on to the next thing. whatever they did in 2016 is over. and everything that they use will not be used again. their hate for democracy stands.
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his intent to come after democracy stands, and he will find other avenues to do this. if we don't get our head back in the game, this is just going to happen again, it's as simple as that. >> it does seem there's not a great deal of dread and fear of russia particularly among republican voters. >> you can't feel it. >> no, they're not. they're acting as if they're completely assured of their win in 2018, which is interesting, given that so many of their policies have been condemned and broadly unpopular, like trumpcare. and trump's numbers are very low, 32% approval rating. i think that an indication of why they're so confident comes in efforts to basically rig that election, whether through things like voter i.d. laws, this new voter fraud commission that's being created, which is completely groundless, or continued russian interference. trump has been collaborating with russia since he got into office. he gave state secrets to them in may.
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he met with putin twice privately at the g20. he's been continually committing these acts. what i fear, we'll be doing a similar retrospective of everything that happened in 2017 that was not addressed at the time. we need to be looking at this now, and not just looking back into the past. >> are you worried about the next election? >> well, i am. and the biggest fear is, we as a country, we can't feel this. it's not like a bomb dropped somewhere. this is a very insidious kind of attack. and the thing that -- and we've talked about this, joy, but great civilizations last anywhere from 250 to 300 years. we're at 241 right now. this thing is eating away at the fabric of our democracy, as naveed points out, and unless we, with hair on fire, and i don't have much hair, so whatever there should be on fire, we have to really focus on this, because this, our democracy, is at stake. make no mistake about it. >> yeah.
3:14 pm
>> it's asymmetrical warfare, which is why putin uses it. we have an open media eco-system here, we're a free society. we're much easier to manipulate, so we're very vulnerable if we don't band together. >> rob, sarah, david, all-star panel for sure. up next, i'll talk to the mayor of san juan and the representative from the u.s. virgin islands to check on the recovery efforts there. stay with us.
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we are also praying for the people of puerto rico. we love puerto rico. puerto rico. >> we love you!
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>> and we also love puerto rico. >> wow. well, donald trump may get a pick out of pronouncing puerto rico, but the situation on the island, as well as the u.s. virgin islands is no laughing matter. as of saturday, only 10% of puerto rico has power. and just over half the island has access to drinking water. these metrics, so important for monitoring the progress of recovery efforts have now become harder to find. in an unprecedented step the federal emergency management agency removed these stats from its page on hurricane maria, replacing them with ones that make the trump administration look good. fema officials deny that they took down the stats in order to try to hide the lack of progress. >> we'll include that on our website. i think that website you're referencing is focused more on the federal response, with how many federal employees are being deployed and commodities and such, but there was certainly no intense to take it down. >> it was there and then all of a sudden there were more favorable data on grocery stores
3:19 pm
and gasoline stations. >> that's not the case. just because the data is getting better, doesn't mean that weier trying to manipulate it. >> as of now, a few of the metrics have reappeared on the fema website. joining me now, democratic congressman who just came back from puerto rico and also the mayor of san juan. madam mayor, i'm going to go to you on this first. the trump administration took down some of the statistics that we've all been using to try to measure the progress of the recovery efforts on the island. what we do know is as of october 7th, only 11.7% of the island had power, 44% of puerto ricans have cell service and 55.5% have potable water. can you give us an update and tell us what you think of those stats being taken down? >> well, first of all, thank you for the opportunity and my
3:20 pm
greetings to the congressman who was kind enough to be in san juan last week. it's not the statistics. i keep hearing all about statistics. well, it isn't about that. it's about human lives. i had yesterday the mayor of bars lonita, a town where most of the pharmaceutical are, saying, we haven't seen anyone here that is trying to pull up our electrical system. we don't have enough food. we don't have enough water. we don't have any baby supplies. so the municipality of san juan shared some of what we've got. just this morning, the mayor of cora zal, which is right in the path of where the hurricane's eye hit, said, look, i just don't have enough. that's why i keep talking about a robust and continuous supply chain of aid. we are doing much better in that sense because we're getting a lot of private donations, and whatever private donations san juan gets, we share with
3:21 pm
everyone. i had a conversation yesterday with the office of the president of the dominican republic. they are sending 14 containers full of food and provisions to san juan, to be -- you know, dealt with in san juan, and also for us to distribute. not only for the dominicans that live in puerto rico, but for the entire population. that's one of three shipments that they are going to be sending. we have gotten stuff from new york, from miami beach, from california, from san diego. the reality they're staring in the face, there's a line of a few good men that says, the truth, you want the truth, you can't handle the truth. and that's exactly what is happening. yesterday around 9:30, 9:45 in the evening, i had a very good conversation with assistant secretary from homeland security. his name is john bassa.
3:22 pm
he seemed to be a man that is not here to listen to what has been told from an air conditioned building, but to be out there in the field, and to just feel that disconnect gap. so statistics, you know, measuring a humanitarian crises based on the people that died the day of the hurricane, is a gross misunderstanding of what a humanitarian crisis is all about. and i have to say, i do not know -- you know, new york, we have an american flag in the coliseum. we have it right smack in the middle. and it is a testament to the will, the power, and the generosity, especially of the people of new york city. so many brothers and sisters that have come to help, and that are doing all they can and are helping, because it's not getting boots on the ground. it's making sure that the boots that you have here, the people that you have here, have what
3:23 pm
they need in order to make a difference. >> and you know, as the conversation -- >> but it sounds kinda fishy, don't you think? >> it does. and congressman, there is obviously a great deal of love between new york and the island of puerto rico because there's so many people here who are of puerto rican descent. but just everyone here in new york. but when you hear the president united states and his administration focus on how many fema people they deployed, but you hear the mayor of san juan saying, they can be in puerto rico, but not in the right places, not seeing what they need to see. and then when you hear the president mocking an accent and laughing about puerto rico, i don't know, what do you think? >> this is not a comedy show. this is a real humanitarian crisis. that going on our third week, continues to unfold. and i was there in san juan with carmen yulin and i saw her respond to a hospital where the generator went down and 41
3:24 pm
patients were there. 11 of them were on respirators and life support. by the time we got there to the hospitals, the ambulances were lined up to take them out to other hospitals. that's the kind of action we need to the ground. and i'm going now to northern manhattan for relief effort. and then later on the bronx and was last week at the towers in east harlem. the entire city is coming around to support puerto rico. we're doing a better job than the federal administration. >> but that's sad. >> the people here in new york city are doing a better job than the federal administration. >> celebrities are being very proactive. where is congress in this? is paul ryan going to do something in the house? is there going to be a bill to deal with puerto rico's debt? maybe the crushing debt should be done away with, maybe jones act. congress could help. what are they doing? >> i came out with a ten-point plan which includes first and foremost funding. we didn't do it last week. we have to do it this week. we're going on the third week of this crisis. carmen yulin told us how
3:25 pm
municipalities have paid close to over $180 million toward the debt. we should return some of that money back and put a moratorium on the debt. if the fat cats of wall street want their money back, they wrt make sure puerto rico gets back on its feet. otherwise they get nothing. so this is important. this is important not only for the fiscal health of puerto rico, but for saving lives. the official report is that 34 people have died. i sense that there may be more unfortunately. this crisis continues to unfold. we're going on the third week. unacceptable. >> saving american lives, that's what this is about. always a pleasure to talk to you both. thank you, thank you. and god bless both of you. now i want to bring in stacy plasket of the virgin islands, she's on the phone with me from st. croix. the big, untold story here as we look at what's happened in the
3:26 pm
devastation in puerto rico, there's also been devastation on the virgin islands, which we don't hear a lot about. can you give us an update on the progress there? >> sure, thanks so much. as you're aware, i've been coming back and forth home to the virgin islands, st. thomas, st. john, and st. croix, and also racing back up to d.c. as we're working on these supplementals and some of these other pieces of legislation. yesterday i came down to st. croix with vice president pence. i think he got a really good overview of the progress that's been made in the virgin islands, and the work that still needs to be done. my conversation with him on the plane, in our briefings, was that while we have been devastated, you know, both of our hospitals gone, four schools gone, lots of damage to other infrastructure buildings, ports, and never mind people's homes and lives, that we were already operating at a deficit.
3:27 pm
and that it is important for the federal government, and particularly congress, who have the responsibility of the territories, to step up and create parity and equality for the territories, both puerto rico and the virgin islands, in the rebuilding. and to really put us on a playing field that will allow us to be self-sufficient and gain financial maturity and self-sufficiency in this process. how do we rebuild and leapfrog the issues of technology, energy, space and time that have kept us back from being all that we can be in the caribbean basin. i'm hoping that message resonated with him. he seemed to be compassionate about the people that he met and the conversations he had, and we'll work from there. >> just to update folks, the great producers of this show, did reach out to fema to get statistics, what we got back is
3:28 pm
that 20% of the residents in st. thomas and st. john have power. 8% of residents in st. croix have power. 31% of cell coverage is operating territory wide. there's a boil water advisory in effect. there was a piece in "the new york times" that talked about the fact that the virgin islands are ignored by politicians. they're not really on the radar. when she would try to get members of congress to take note of issues in the virgin islands, she would be met with incredulity, they'd say, we're here to focus on the united states, and i'd say, they are in the united states. your thoughts? >> that's my main drive with washington, talking with members. just even this week, a piece of legislation came up in the energy and commerce committee about re-authorizing the child health insurance program, everybody in the united states was talking about it in its support. there was language in there for
3:29 pm
puerto rico, they had completely forgotten the virgin islands. scrambling and trying to get them put in, to be willing to do that, so that the virgin islands can get the same -- [ inaudible ] >> congresswoman, oh, i think we lost stacy plasket. thank you very much. before we go, is that going to get addressed? >> that should get addressed. the virgin islands is forgotten. they're part of the u.s. territories. they're american citizens. they got hit very hard. they don't have the infrastructure even that puerto rico has. so they got really hit hard by two hurricanes, not just maria, but also irma. >> absolutely. thank you very much for your time. i appreciate it. and representative stacy plasket, thank you for your time. we did lose her on the phone, but thank you. all right, coming up, donald trump makes it harder for women to get birth control. color me surprised. stay with us. accident i got in with the pole, and i had to make a claim and all that? is that whole thing still dragging on? no, i took some pics with the app and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but...
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hollywood" tape dominated the news cycle. and to remind everyone that that person in this tape is the current president of the united states, we're going to play it for you. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful, i just start kissing them, like a magnet. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> on friday, the women's advocacy group ultraviolet marked the anniversary by playing that tape on a 12-hour loop on the national mall. on friday, the trump administration got their hands on something else, rolling back an obamacare mandate for birth control coverage. bet you didn't see that one coming, ladies. more a.m. joy next opinion -- more a.m. joy next. ♪
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on friday, donald trump continued his efforts to undo every obama thing. this time, ending the obama-era mandate that employers cover birth control as part of employee health plans. companies can now refuse to play
3:37 pm
as long as they have sincerely held religious or moral objection to doing so. joining me now, director of progressive programming, irin carmon, and anusha hels ann. i'll go around the table and get reactions. it's not exactly a surprise. marco rubio, back in 12, introduced a bill to do exactly what donald trump is doing now, saying that women can't get abortions -- not abortion, but birth control covered in their health plans. >> essentially you saw around 2010, a push by state legislatures, republicans pushing back against women's health care. i say health care because birth control is health care. and also they conflate abortion and birth control as if those
3:38 pm
two things are the same thing. many of them use words like abort efficient, like. >> -- when talking about iuds or the morning after pill. so we're basing all of this on pseudo science and the idea that women should not be able to che choose what they did with their own bodies and reproduction. we have to push back very hard. we had the women's march in january, but what are we going to do now because they're coming for our birth control. without birth control, you can't determine anything in your life. you need to determine when and how and under what circumstances you want to have children or not have children. without that dreamed, we'freedo second-class citizens. so women and men, who have sex, should prioritize this issue so we're not second-class citizens. >> and you've spent a lot of time interviewing women in the anti-abortion movement, is it hysterical or over the top to say, in the end, they would like to see birth control be illegal?
3:39 pm
>> well, i think they've done a really good job of setting this up as an issue, where if you listened to the framing that you hear from them, it is obama was forcing the nuns to hand out birth control pills. now we know that the medications that they're talking about, are preventing pregnancy, they're not ending them. but they've managed to pror tray themselves as the oppressed minority and it moves the ball, to say, we don't want to pay for abortion, but birth control is abortion. and that slippery slope is what they're afraid of. even if they don't want to ban birth control, the reason these regulations exist in the first place is because we have one of the highest rates of unintended pregnancy in the western industrialized world. we actually know how to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and that's making sure that people have seamless, continuous access to contraception they can afford. the reality is, in the united states, because we have
3:40 pm
significant gaps in who can access health care and why, that wasn't happening. but we also had to step back and say that the reason these regulations -- the birth control regulations were one of many preventative care regulations, the point was to treat women's health care, like heart check-ups, like testing for genetic disorders, it was supposed to be that it's a normal part of women's health care. so once you start poking holes in that seamlessness, you have a regime where women are not able to control this valid part of their health care. >> yeah. skpnd what you've seen on the other side, the pushback against people who are upset about this rule change is, i don't see why i should have to pay for women's promiscuity. why should i have to pay for women to buy birth control pills? and what is the answer to that? >> well, i don't know why i have to pay for men's viagra or penis pumps. and i really want to quote civil
3:41 pm
rights icon fannie lou hammer who said, nobody's free until everybody's free. and let's be very clear. in 2017 america, women are not free. this is a blatant, massive, and discriminatory act against women's health care. let's again be very clear, birth control is health care. and i feel like we're living in a real life episodes of hand maid's tale and 62 million women are at risk for losing their coverage. since 2013, there's only been positive things that have happened since this provision was passed. unintended pregnancies have dropped. women saves $1.4 billion in birth control costs since 2013. the only clear objective the trump administration has is to systematically undo every single one of obama's legacies. >> and let's talk about the couching of this, it's in this religious freedom orders, where essentially what the trump
3:42 pm
administration is doing, they have a big part of their base that are evangelical christians who want these laws passed. the doj, the department of justice, issued a religious freedom order not long ago, on friday, released an order on religious liberty that critics say will allow just about anyone to discriminate against lgbt or other groups by claiming they have a sincerely held religious belief that cannot be questioned by the government. and this is donald trump talking about religious freedom back in may. >> we will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied, or silenced anymore. >> and i should clarify, should i spoke with marco rubio's 2012 bill. his bill in 2012 would have allowed millions of women to lose birth control access, with religious employers being able to refuse birth control coverage as long as they claim a sincerely held religious belief. >> the problem with this, he really means christian.
3:43 pm
if we were talking about this in another context, conservatives have decried and feared shari'a law, the coming epidemic of shari'a law, but this is religious tyranny, but of a different kind. a small minority of christians on the far right who have a very ideological goal in mind, to essentially put women back into the home, back into the kitchen, and back into what they deem as their proper place in society, which is not the freedom to be able to determine when and how they want to have children. so let's be clear on that. if this was muslims demanding that women do particular things based on their religion, donald trump would not be agreeing with that. he would not be in the rose garden saying that those people were victims of discrimination. so i think you have to put it in the proper frame. this is about christianity. in this country, that's not what we're about. we're literally founded on the opposite of that. >> and i'm a methodist. >> exactly. >> and you have the aclu suing the state of california and the
3:44 pm
state of massachusetts have filed a lawsuit looking to block trump's roll back of the contraception mandate. does it have a chance? >> sure. what they're saying is only health care use by women is being targeted in this particular way and that functions as a discrimination on the base of sex. it's attacks on women. it's attacks on women's economic participation, on their access to health care. and so we'll see what the supreme court says. they have previously opened all kinds of religious accommodations. the trump administration decided that hobby lobby was not enough. they wanted to put it into regulation and this is just the beginning of the chipping away of birth control access. >> and this is only for one particular branch of christianity that this is being done on behalf of. >> exactly. >> i also want to piggy back on what she said. because when extremists come into town, and this is all over the world, between christian extremist and muslim extremist, what do they do? they always go after women's rights. so i think it's a very creepy and scary message about who
3:45 pm
donald trump is catering to, he's throwing red meat once again to his base, and after the biggest -- sorry, excuse me -- mass shooting this american history, what is this administration's response? birth control? coming after birth control? we need to be talking about gun control. it's so disturbing on so many levels that this is the administration's response. and the timing could not be more troublesome. >> we cannot regulate guns -- >> but we can regulate women's reproductive organs. >> apparently. coming up next, the economic news donald trump isn't taking credit for. audiobook on audible. and this woman is laughing because she's pretending her boss's terrible story is funny. still actually laughing. no longer making a human noise.
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donald trump's twitter history includes no shortage of dubious claims about president obama, from his birth place to his record on the economy. which by the way included a record 75 straight months of job growth. and yet trump has been uncharacteristically quiet, silent in fact on the most recent jobs numbers under his own presidency, which as of friday, includes presiding over the first monthly job losses in seven years. now economists explained that the 33,000 lost jobs are a temporary decline after the labor market took a hit caused by the recent series of hurricanes. but a loss is still a loss, particularly for a president who ran as a job creator and repeatedly made this promise to the american people. >> we're going to start winning again. because we don't win anymore. we never win. we are going to win, win, win. you're going to call, you're going to say, mr. president, please, we can't take it anymore, we can't win anymore like this, mr. president, you're driving us crazy, you're winning
3:53 pm
too much. >> are you sick of winning yet? >> i am so sick of winning. i mean, i don't know what to do, health care, tax reform, jobs. i mean, we are making america great every day. i'm sure donald trump is absolutely exhausted. if this interruption had happened, can you imagine, on obama's watch, the gop would be losing their mind. and granted we have to take into consideration, as you stated, irma and harvey, which obviously affected these numbers, but if this had happened on obama's watch, the gop would be blaming him for the hurricanes. >> let alone hillary. >> absolutely. and every single month, they've been taking credit for good jobs numbers and you see no tweet when the jobs numbers are bad. and it was obama that actually helped the jobs numbers be good this entire time. so of course they were taking credit for obama's work. now that it's gone down, they
3:54 pm
take no credit, you see no tweet, no bragging, sarah sanders is not talking about the jobs numbers, while she's lecturing the media about telling lies every day. they need to do something, pass a bill, some legislation. >> that's too hard. they'd rather go after the nfl. the thing that's interesting too, at the same time that donald trump takes credit for jobs numbers, they're also going after health care, which would also hurt jobs as well. so many jobs were created by the affordable care act. so they're actually doing things to make this worse. >> right. it will create jobs, it will reduce spending, but i think we have to step back and think about, you know how people like to say there's a tweet for everything when it comes to donald trump, and obviously we could pull up a bunch of tweets where he would say the job be ins are illegitimate, or they're
3:55 pm
cherry-picking figures and saying the economy is in the tank. facts are being weaponized, distorted. we're living in a moment where we can't trust the president to tell the truth about what's happening or to acknowledge reality. we should stop and think about what a dangerous point we are in, where we have to step back and say, wait, remember what you said before, because we're so far down the road right now, it's easy to lose track of how just the very truth has been weaponized. >> anusha, that's a very good point. at what point during the obama administration, you had donald trump and other republicans claiming that he was lying about the jobs numbers, that when good jobs numbers were coming out, that it was just made up. we've just seen fema take data off its website, so that you can no longer find out how hurricane recovery is going. at what point do we worry that if a bad number comes out, that they will just take it off the website and not report it? >> we should be worried right now. this is what happens in
3:56 pm
countries that are not democracies. this is what happens in dictatorships. not only do we have a president who tweets out fake news, anytime there's news that he doesn't like, but we're also having an issue where the public is having information withheld from them. why did fema do that? accurate statistics about lack of clean water, electricity, being taken off the website. so it's not only about not liking the news that he's seeing, but it's also about access to complete information. it's very worrying. it's very troubling, and we should be worried now. >> are democrats prepared to do anything about any of this? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> i honestly don't know. but that's not really a shade to democrats. it's more so that every day, there are 25 different stories that are horrible that this administration is doing, whether it's hurting people of color, hurting women, hurting poor people. so i think it's hard to figure out where to aim your energy, but i think democrats are focused on 2018, nancy pelosi is
3:57 pm
focused on fubbndraising for democrats in 2018. that's the only thing we can do to prevent some of this bad stuff from happening. >> hopefully women are paying attention. that's our show for today. thanks for joining us. join us for more "a.m. joy" tomorrow, in the meantime, keep it right here on msnbc. look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. today there was figures that the be number of jobs dropped in the united states. at the end of last month, there were 33,000 fewer jobs in the country than there had been when the month started. that's a very unusual thing. this is the first time in seven years that the country has experienced a net job loss over the course of a month. and, you know, in terms of why this happened, clearly the phenomenal, terrible hurricane


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