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tv   Lockup Corcoran - Extended Stay  MSNBC  October 7, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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said ka tal. what the hell, i don't care if i mispronounce it. >> thank you for being with us. brian will be back on monday. have a great weekend. very good evening to you. live at msnbc headquarters in new york city. right now, hurricane nate bearing down on the golf coast. we're expecting it to make landfall once again. the storm already making landfall at the mouth of the mississippi. nate is a category 1 hurricane right now. it could cause a storm surge of up to 9 feet in parts of alabama
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and mississippi president trump has declared a state of emergen emergency. hurricane nate the fourth storm to impact the united states in the last few months. what do you make of this. >> we thought it was going to go up to a category 2 at landfall. that's off the table. we're solidly in a category one, it's going to make landfall in the next two hours, join us right here, we'll take you through the landfall of the storm. you can see on the maps, this is the eye of the storm. it's not an irma or maria, this northern portion of the eye right here those are the strongest winds, that's when people are going to lose power in coastal mississippi and alabama. that's going to happen in the next hour or two.
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we watch this area in bright orange or red. this is the core of the storm. the hurricane force winds only extend out about 40 miles from the center. we're going to keep tracking this. tell people when they need to go into the interior rooms. it's the scariest part of the storm for the people. from biloxi to pascagoula, the core of the winds, it's now only 30 miles. the storm has been flying at 25 to 28 miles an hour. we're now an hour away from the eye wall coming on shore here. the winds are already picking u. that's what you get, a little bit of roof damage and falling trees, between pascagoula mississippi and biloxi. when this moves on shore in 10 minutes from now.
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that's when the transformers will start blowing up. pascagoula has a pretty good squall out there right now. we've had a lot of problems with tornados. some tropical systems produce more tornados than others. there's been a lot of small spinups with these feeder bands. the waterspouts. when they move on land they produce weak tornados. we're under a tornado watch until 2:00 a.m. we have numerous concerns, one of the greatest concerns is storm surge. if we're going to have one thing that's going to cause the most damage with this, it's the storm surge, you have to remember the lessons we've learned with other storms. different sized storms will produce different sized storm
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surges. this is not camille or katrina. it's a seven foot storm surge coming in here, heading over toward -- right along the alabama/mississippi border especially the pascagoula bay. is one of the areas i'm concerned with. the wind arrows, shows you the direction the wind is pushing the water. we're unfortunately approaching high tide at the same time this is making landfall. we're going t add 1 t 2 feet to the surge values, which is going to make things worse. when it moves a little further to the north, see the arrows moving from south to north, that's going to pile the water up. the winds are going east to west. storm surge is about 3 feet on the coast. barely noticeable. usually high tide is 1 1/2 feet. when it moves on shore, and the winds go south. that's when we're going to have the greater concerns. back up here, our satellite view
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shows us where the highest -- the colder cloud tops are, what happened earlier today, it stopped intensifying, which was great, that's what stopped it from going to a category 2. winds at 85 miles per hour, when we get the core going on shore. the highest gusts should stay under 100, maybe close to 100. with irma, they got up to 130, 140. minor roof damage, a lot of trees coming down. we'll get the new update at 11:00, with a new path, new intensity. as far as the 1:00 a.m. position goes. 2:00 east coast time, we're well inland. the landfall should be 11:30 east coast time, toward midnight. you can see biloxi, pascagoula all on the dirty side of that storm. the storm surge coming in over the next two hours, trees falling on houses, those are all things that can kill people.
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>> water kills more people than the tropical system, by far. >> we didn't mention mobile. they're going to have a problem. their high tide is not until 2:00 a.m. you talk 7 to 11 feet. there will be water in structures. >> is that because the water is coming down stream as well -- >> sometimes you can get the heavy rain that's falling, and that falls into the river basins, that's trying to escape, at the same time, the water is pushing it in. we had a situation like that in jacksonville, florida. with irma. the rainfall, the storm is moving so fast. the storm surge over the next three hours will cause the most damage. after we get past 1:00 or 2:00
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a.m., we'll be talking power outages, the storm is moving fast. we'll have power outages all through the state of alabama. much of the state will wake up in the dark tomorrow morning. >> you were talking about biloxi, let's go straight to biloxi, mississippi. how does it look there, kerry. >> there's a breeze, certainly a strong one, we're not talking about hurricane force winds yet. as bill was talking about, along the coast heres harks been the idea of a nighttime storm with a storm surge, that's why they have a kerr few in this area, and many areas, along the coast, a curfew is in place, most people seem to be abiding by the curfew. one of the biggest concerns, this is a nighttime storm, there would be a storm surge of up to 11 feet, that somebody would be out in the water, in their car driving unaware of how quickly the water was rising or driving down a road, getting hit by some of that water as it was rising or driving into it.
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causing the fire department to have to go out with their swift boat rescues. by and large, most people appear to be abiding by the requests for a curfew. the authorities say that really what they're doing right now is monitoring the situation, they don't have any reports at least in this area of any specific problems yet, the electricity is still on, already this storm has taken a hit out of the economy. there was a large classic car show in this area, more than 100,000 people had come here, because first the tropical storm, and then the hurricane was coming here, most of those people have evacuated. the hotels are mostly empty in this area. the casinos were ordered to shut down, people have left those casinos and vacations basically ended. at this point it's a matter of waiting. we've moved to this position
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because of the storm surge. as we know from past hurricanes, and bill can talk about this. it's a science to predict the storm surge. at the end of the day, it's still a prediction that sometimes is spot on, sometimes they can miss it by several feet. we'll see how this turns out. storm surge is the greatest problem. as you know from katrina, especially in pass ka ghoul larks it was destroyed, took out some beautiful civil war area homes. most of those homes are up on stills, in fact, there's some homes and businesses on stills, they almost look strange to the view, because they're almost three stories up, but they're built that way for a reason. those who live in the area and feel their homes are built to
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hurricane standards, they're hunkered down tonight, and people who did need to evacuate did have the option to go to shelters, but by and large, people were fooled into believing, because it looked like it was going to be a category one hurricane, that they did not need to evacuate, most of the shelters are sparsely populated. richard, you know, we're going to see how things turn out in the next couple hours, the wind itself, when it begins to pick up, i can feel a couple breezes right now, the real concern is the old -- if the winds catch those old limbs, bring them down, and it could land on a car, it could land on a person, it could certainly land on the power lines, that's when you're going to run into the problem of people losing power. you are the perfect example of before and after. i want to ask our director to put the weather graphics up. you can see where biloxi is on
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that map. you can see the arrow i drew. the reason kerry's not blowing around right now, he's in the green coloring that's extremely light rain. in about 5 to 10 minutes from right now, it will be pouring on top of kerry, and the winds will pick up in about 50 to 60 miles an hour. as we go through this hour, you're only about 30 miles from the center of the storm, in one hour from now, you will get the peak winds it's a small compact storm. strongest winds only go 30 to 40 miles out from the center. we're looking at you, and this is like, oh, geez, this is a yawner. stay tuned, it will change quickly. >> we have a hurricane like this, and the storm surge is really kind of one of the main questions with the high tides, i'm also curious, when we have the full moon, i think we're one
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day off the full moon right now. does that add to the storm surge? it creates a higher tide than normal. >> tides differ depending on where you are. we're hitting one of the higher tides of this full moon cycle. pensacola beach is going to go to 1 1/2 feet above what their normal tide would be, typically the high tide would be a foot to a half a foot. we're adding a foot on to these numbers in that area because of the high tide. that's one of the things that will make it a little worse, as we've been saying, this is an area that got hit by huge. this area was hit by 20 to 25 foot storm surges with carekatr. it's going to be fascinating, you are going to go through the eye of this storm, that northern
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band, the heaviest and strongest wind winds will be over you in about one hour. >> i any the one thing the governor was saying today is so many people were looking at the number numbers first tropical storm, then category one, it does give the sense of, well, i don't need to worry about it, he was very concerned that people don't understand that, well, first of all, even a tropical storm can be deadly, certainly a hurricane should not be taken lightly, there seem to be a lacksdaisical attitude. some people didn't even take in the plants outside their house. a small plant can kbk a missile. once the windows smash, you have
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the wind blowing, if the wind gets in through the window, even a 90 mile an hour gust or stronger can get in through the house, up under the roof, and cause a portion of the roof to lift off, depending on how well the house was constructed. there's a lot of concern that people just didn't really respect what's about to happen here. and i guess we're going to see it for ourselves here, as you say. >> as you noted, they're standing on stills, many of the homes, that is not a reminder of what was so difficult for that area of the state back during katrina. those buildings as kerry was noting. they are remnants, icons, you have to be careful, it was a killer during katrina. they're noting, six inches of storm surge can knock a person over. >> the barrier islands, the people that didn't evacuate.
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if the storm surge catches them by surprise, that's the greatest concern. i know you're in biloxi, how far are you from the ocean, and how far are you from viewing any storm surge? >> you know, i'm about a block and a half. it's kind of interesting, i'm on the backside of a building, about a block and a half from the beach right there. we moved to this location really because this is elevated. and it's been elevated by the local building codes. there's obviously some government intervention here that is designed, especially after katrina for people to recognize that when you build, you need to build with the understanding that there will be another hurricane. so i have not seen any of the storm surge yet, we did see some of the water getting a little bit higher, but it certainly wasn't what i would call storm surge, an indication of what i think we know is coming, it all comes back to the technology that bill and others can use
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today to really tell us so much. i mean, it's kind of weird for me for him to pinpoint on a map, and say, from where you are, and i look at the radar and satellites, i can tell you what's going to happen to you. i can say, it's comforting that that sort of information is available, it's also i guess somewhat unsettling that because so many people can see it, that they have a tendency to draw their own conclusions, i think that's what the local emergency management officials are most concerned about, people have become sued do weather experts on their own saying, it doesn't look like it's coming to me, it looks like it's going somewhere else, a hurricane, in this case, 40 miles out from the center is going to be a problem for considerable distance along the coast, and it extends beyond those 40 miles, because we have tropical force winds. >> we'll be touching base with you throughout the next couple hours, that 8 miles, bill was
7:17 pm
showing to us. >> it won't be long. he's getting very close to that bright red band almost on to the coastline of mississippi. once he gets into that, he'll be into the tropical storm force winds. >> thank you so much, my friend. we'll get back to you a little later, stay with us right here on msnbc as we watch a developing story. breaking story of hurricane nate now a category 1.
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breaking news coverage of hurricane nate, we're looking at live pictures out of biloxi, mississippi, you can see the trees moving. this as bill karins is with us the next few hours. it's right there in that beautiful bay. today it's going to be tough in biloxi, mississippi. we'll be watching biloxi, mississippi, right in the middle
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of the red in the radar. kristen dahlgren is in mobile alabama. what are you seeing at the moment. perhaps a little early. as nate is making its way up that way. >> i'm waiting for bill to give us a custom forecast like he did for kerry. we saw strong bandses coming ashore earlier. right now, not too bad what we're seeing is tornado warnings. typically the area where you see the most tornados. i know a few miles from where i am, there was a billboard that was sheered off and toppled over. also a brick facade was ripped off. some kind of touchdown or micro bust. also, a giant air conditioning
7:22 pm
vent lifted off the roof of the building. as you can see down here in downtown mobile right now, the streets are quiet, a lot of people heeding those warnings to stay inside. a lot of people got their preparations done earlier today, they've hunkered down. hear what we've been talking about all day, the big issue is the storm surge where we were talking to you earlier today, the causeway, it's been shut down. the water reached up to the wheel wells of our cars, we got out of there, we saw the police coming through to shut that down k34r50e9ly. the only way to get across mobile bay is on i-10. we're waiting and watching to see what happens. when this hits here, the high tide at 1:46 a.m. in mobile bay,
7:23 pm
depending on the timing, we could see 6 to 9 foot storm surge here. >> we'll see how well the uss battleship does in memorial park area. how far are you from the waterfront? >> we're very close to the waterfront, we have a hotel here, then water street. at some point we'll move over there to show you. right now we're not seeing flooding in the streets of mobile. i know i was in mobile during hurricane katrina. people saying it's not uncommon to see flooding in the streets. i talked about the cruiseships, the port has been closed for most of the day. there was a carnival cruise ship that was supposed to be docking
7:24 pm
here. it stayed in the gulf, it's expected to return at some point once they get the all clear here. >> so far at the airport, 43 mile an hour winds is the strongest you've received so far. you have about an hour and a half. you'll have winds between 55 and 65 until 2:00 a.m. your peak winds expected around 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., if you're going to have power outages, they won't start occurring until the winds get into the 55 to 65 mile an hour range. in the mobile area, if you're worried about your power, sometime around 1:00 to 2:00 a.m., by the time we get to 5:00 a.m., the winds start to drop down below 50 mile an hour gusts, if you have your power, come about 5:00 a.m. in the morning, odds are you're going to keep it through the rest of the storm. kristen, let me go back over to the weather map, so you get to
7:25 pm
know -- you get in these lulls, we had a big problem and big threat with the tornadoeses earlier. mobile is once again into the green. the green is the light rain. that's when you're going to get the lighter winds. now this new band comes up here. at the base of mobile bay. kristen's up here. in about a half hour or so, she will be in the band right there. the center of the storm is right here, normally it would be a clear eye. and by the way, there is nothing on the west side of this storm, no rain in new orleans, and it probably is not going to rain. it barely even rained during the day today. new orleans, it's breezy, that's it, you're fine. the southern portion of the storm, there's no southern eye, once you get into the eye, partial eye, that's it.
7:26 pm
your rain is over with, it's this center here, and as we go out, about 40 miles, that's the core of the hurricane force winds, here's mobile, you're not going to get into that core of the hurricane force wind gusts, don't expect hurricane forced winds there. you'll get tropical storm gusts, possibility of power outages, again about 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning. that will be the worst of it, where you're located, the next tornado threat is about a half hour from right now in the mobile area, and maybe with some of those bands, some gusts possibly 40 to 50 miles an hour. maybe a scattered power outage or two? >> you mentioned the power outages, and i know here they've just reported some spotty outages, you can see in downtown, the lights are still on. we're not expecting them to go down until potentially later on, the power company was saying it's too dangerous for them to go out during the peak of the storm to do any repairs.
7:27 pm
if you do lose power. it's likely not going to be a quick flicker on and off they're going to have to wait until it's safe to send guys out there in bucket trucks. you and your team shot some video. it showed the waters hitting the breaks right there, from earlier when there was light. >> that was high tide. the high tide cycles are every 11 1/2 hours, that was high tide as we went through early this afternoon, the water levels dropped as we weren't through low tide. and then the next high tide is at 1:46 a.m. local time, so again we're still about 4 hours away from that there, in the mobile bay, i told kristen, the
7:28 pm
highest winds are expected 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. winds will be out of the south, blowing the water into the bay, at the same time as the high tide. we'll see the water -- the water you see right there, from earlier today, that should easily be 5 to 6 feet higher than that. >> that's well over there, the break. >> yeah, that's -- there will be water all over those areas. that probably happens often when they get storms there in -- right there on the bay. but yeah, if we check in with kristen in a half hour from now, she'll be in that next band. it wouldn't surprise me if she was under a tornado warning at that time. >> since you were there during careen know over ten years ago here as you look at this, how is that area reacting. >> i'm having trouble hearing you. >> thank you so much we'll get back to you after we can reconnect with you.
7:29 pm
>> i want to check back in with kerry soon. he's in that heavy band. >> he did feel a little bit like, i don't know if i want to hear from bill karins. >> he didn't like it during irma. i kept saying, kerry, you have five minutes and you're going to get slapped around. he didn't like that so much. >> bill's here all these two hours, our coverage continues, we're going to take a short break. we're going to shift gears back to politics for a moment. president trump traveling to north carolina for a fund-raiser. my panel will join me to break down his comments after north korea and rex tillerson. four wes without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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president donald trump is in north carolina tonight, he's attending a fund-raiser in greensboro, before departing nor the tarheel state, he spoke about his relationship with the secretary of state, rex tillerson. >> we have a very good relationship. we disagree on a couple things. sometimes i'd like him to be a little bit tougher. but other than that, we have a
7:33 pm
very good relationship. >> earlier in the day, the president brought north korea back to the forefront as well. presidents and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. agreements made in massive amounts of money paid hasn't worked. agreements violated before the ink was dry. making fools of u.s. negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work. that coming from the president. joining us now is a congressional reporter at the daily beast. thank you both. andrew, let's start with what the president is saying about north korea, it's been pretty clear, at least the messaging over the last 25 years, the administration, the state department is very clear to say, we do not have bilateral, formal discussions with north korea, this is not what we're doing right now, yet president trump has been saying, there are conversations, is he trying to split hairs here or is he all together incorrect? >> if it wasn't clear last week
7:34 pm
that the president and secretary of state were very much at odds with each other, it really came to a head today. you really see the president trying to undermine what the secretary of state is trying to do when it comes to north korea. i talked with bob corker earlier this week, he's the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. i asked him on mont the day after those other tit for tat tweets, if he's okay and comfortable with the fact that he cannot telegraph what the administration is trying to say and what their strategy is when it comes to north korea. he said, he kind of tiptoed around it, and he said, well, i'll find out tomorrow, by tomorrow, he meant his breakfast with secretary tillerson. and then i followed up with him, and asked him about that he was very clearly uneasy with what the president was doing. he said, i agree with rex
7:35 pm
tillerson. the president is getting a lot of push back. >> is that before the tougher comment? do you know the timing here? >> on monday, that was right after it, and tuesday that was after the breakfast with secretary tillerson. >> i got it. >> alex, that is when, really not if, i think has been the debate as of late about tillerson being gone. >> yeah, you see the conflict with them escalate, you have the president undermining him on qat qatar, on tweets today, and then again last weekend when it was revealed that tillerson had opened up diplomatic channels with north korea. the president then saying that's not the right approach, and calling out tillerson by name.
7:36 pm
tillerson has been calling tillerson a moron behind his back, at least in one instance. even though trump said earlier today, he likes him. it seems the disagreements will be harder and harder to paper over. it's unclear if the president will allow tillerson to get away with calling him a moron. >> you've heard if untiler soon goes, there's a pact that others may go. >> there aren't many rumblings about it on capitol hill. senator corker a couple days ago, he made a very revealing comment in which he said, that tillerson, james mattis and john kelly are really people that
7:37 pm
separate this administration from chaos, and this president from chaos, it was a very revealing comment from someone like corker who has been an ally of the president, served on the transition, was second in line to be secretary of state. at least on capitol hill right now, i think the folks up there are taking the side of tillerson and mattis, who separate this administration from chaos many. >> trump's tweets could spirm out of control. they are willing to bomb even u.s. bombers, if that happens, there's not been any firing on u.s. troops. but if there is, we don't know what will happen, and this situation could easily spiral out of control. >> i appreciate you both being
7:38 pm
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breaking news here on msnbc, we continue to follow hurricane nate, the potential impact of it closing pensacola's airport. we're going to move a little further west toll orange beach alabama. that's where jim cantore has been. i was watching some of your reporting earlier, you're worried about pascagoula and other areas around there. >> i'm so glad you just said that. >> 40 roads in southern jackson county flooded zhu to storm surge. we're at 3 bnt 2 neat as of last
7:42 pm
check. also, we have major saltwater and debris on the roads there. the worst of nature is coming in right now. the second one, i should say, the first one on the mouth of the mississippi at about 7:00 local time, we're going to get another one with this. the storm is not going to strengthen any further. it's going to come in quick, it's not going to have time to wind down quickly. we're going to have wind damage in southern mississippi, across alabama, birmingham, montgomery. possibly as far north as chattanooga. it doesn't take strong winds to do this. when you're pushing those trees around, back and forth, side to side. that's all it takes is a few hours of that. the more rain you get, the more it loosens the soil.
7:43 pm
right now, gulfport, mississippi sustained at 50 miles an hour. we've had a couple hurricane forced gusts, we don't have super strong wind by the way, the palm fronts are blowing. we've only had gusts of 38 miles per hour, the wins are going to start to come around. the storm surge is going to be a problem. more than likely docks and things like that, you have some big wave action as well, that's riding on top of that surge. beating up the coastline, the full light of this won't be seen until tomorrow morning, the good news, it's not going to strengthen any further, we have a long night ahead of us. we're waiting on the second landfall of nate. >> this is bill karins, i'm here in the studio with you guys. talk a little bit about -- you
7:44 pm
know north georgia well, north bama well, how many power outages do you expect from the tropical storm force windses inland? >> well, the problem is, you still have fall trees. it hasn't been very wet in the south of late, so a lot of the poplar, river birch trees have dropped their leaves. the big oaks that have leaves the size of a parachute are still very well in tact. that means two or three hours of pushing those trees around could cause damage. irma did not touch those areas in northern alabama and georgia. it was a lot further south, this is going to come in at a different angle. plus, even with the speeds, i think we're going to have enough rain on the soil. and enough of a duration of the
7:45 pm
wind whipping around there. a lot of that land is national forest land. i think some of the worst power outages could be well after the storm comes inland in northern bama and northern georgia. >> that would more than likely be after sunrise when it gets up north. >> we have kerry sanders and it looks like they're finally getting into the core of the storm. >> how does it look for you, kerry. >> well, it certainly as you suggested by looking at the radar, things are picking up here, i mean, the winds are coming sort of in gusts, it's not like really strong hurricane force winds yet. the rain has picked up, along u.s. 90 there is no indication
7:46 pm
of the storm surge coming up to the road yet. we know from the authorities that there is already localized flooding from the storm surge. if that rings a bell, that's where katrina came in 12 years ago. they know what it is to go through this, to prepare, again, the folks in emergency management said, one of his greatest fears was, people were not taking this seriously, because they saw the numbers, they saw first tropical storm, then they saw category one and they were thinking, okay, things are going to be fine. there are some power outages reported in bama. we expect nose numbers to climb there's beautiful old oaks in the area here.
7:47 pm
and as jim noted. the leaves have not started to change, the leaves and trees are heavy right now the wind comes through there, and that's what catches the wind and causes the limbs to break. if they're near power lines, it brings the power lines down. we know there will be some more discomfort for folks here as they're waiting for hurricane nate to push its way through. >> as he was describing and we're seeing from some of the pictures, how the leaves and trees act as parachutes, they can be lifted and caught by these wind gusts, along with that, i noticed in your shot, the water gathering at your feet. and how has that changed? >> well, you know, we have a lot of rainfalling is really what's happening, i'm on concrete in a parking lot, it's flowing here, it's going down hill, making its
7:48 pm
way toward the lowest portion. but we've got a lot of raindroping i have a wind gauge in my hand here, it's not that dramatic, i took it out a little while ago to see if we could get a reading that would be impressive. not much of an impressive number right now. we're talking about a fast moving storm, the rain should not be a problem. the rain on top of the storm surge can cause the water getting into a home or not into a home. the low lying areas in this area, have not started to flood yet, they say it's encouraging, they expect from the past history of other storms and even just from heavy rains that they know those ohioing areas they
7:49 pm
will, at some point begin to go underwater. >> kerry, bill karins here, you went through this outer band here. kerry is in this outer band. this is not what i consider partial eye wall, this band in here, this is kind of the warmup and then nate's going to show us whatever it has when kerry in the biloxi area goes through this right here. this is the northern portion, the northeast eye, when the hurricane hunters have been flying through the storm, dropping their drop sounds into this, that's what measures the wind, this is where they have found the 85 mile an hour winds that is a half hour, to 45 minutes from the biloxi area. kerry is going to go into the green area, which is the lighter rain, the winds will be calm, and then he'll be in the main event in about a half hour. after that, it probably won't
7:50 pm
rain again. that's your timing on that, once you get out of the steady rain, you have about 20 minutes of lighter rain, and then the main event will move in in about 30 to 45 minutes. >> i'm speaking that let's hope that that goes quickly and is over very quickly and then on the back end there is no more rain and that of course the damage is not as severe as can come with a hurricane. but we'll be here to give you an update as soon as we see what develops here with those winds. the one thing i can point out is the wind are coming from that direction right there. i've got a building right here. so the building may be blocking some of the wind but it also may be developing a wind tunnel. we'll wait to see how this all develops with the way the winds are coming onshore. >> and touching base with you throughout the next hour or so. and we see some of the gust
7:51 pm
there is going from east to west. we'll of course be watching that. you'll give us a full update. we're going to take a short break right here on msnbc. we continue to have live coverage out hurricane nate out of biloxi, mississippi. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance.
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all right hurricane nate coverage continuing live here at msnbc. we're watching what is happening in mobile, california. as bill karns ins is telling us that's one of the areas that we have to keep an eye on. joining us on the phone is steve huffman with the mobile fire and russ c rescue. sir, thanks for joining us. what are you most concerned about right now for mobile,
7:55 pm
alabama? >> well, it's still early, believe it or not. right now things have been rather quiet for us but we keep a watchful eye just to make sure what's going to occur further along the lines. right now, you know, we're getting rain, we're getting some wind but nothing too severe. now earlier about, i don't know, maybe two hours ago there was a report some tornado activity in the north part of the county. have not received any reports as far as damage or anything. >> we're understanding you will have high tide right before 2 a.m. is that the apex of your emergency services that you'll be looking at? >> absolutely. one of the things we talked about early on with our conference calls with the national weather service was the potential for flooding. and there's with the storm surge and there's certain area of the county where it's going to have
7:56 pm
more potential for flooding than other places. >>some of the reporting we've been having from our own kristen dahlgren on the ground is despite the six to nine feet in terms of storm surge is that some of the locals there have not been heeding the warning and remembering the tough times of before. >> we opened about four shelters this morning about 10:00 our time and currently we have about 122 people in those shelters spread out amongst the four. early on we were telling people if you're in an area where it's prone for flooding, low lying or even in a manufactured home and you're uncomfortable with being there, we recommend you go to a shelter. >>stage of emergency there in alabama. how has that been working out for you? how have your plans evolved? >> well, we've got things in place in the event that they're necessary, but so far, as i
7:57 pm
said, it's been relatively quiet for us. we realize it's still early. we still have a long ways to go. but things are in place that, you know, we have to go out and make any type of rescues and what have you, then we have those things in place as long as we can safely get out there and do it. >> our best to you, steve huffman, thank you for spending time with us from the mobile rescue and fire. thank you. and hurricane nate has expected landfall in the next hour or so. our coverage continues next with bill karins. stick around. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek.
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hurricane nate at this 11 p.m. eastern hour at the moment as hurricane nate is barrelling toward the gulf coast, they're looking for a second landfall. it is 11 p.m. on the east coast but it's 10 p.m. central time or local time where hurricane nate is right now.


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