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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 8, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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that's our show for today. "a.m. joy" will be back next saturday saturday. alex witthas more. >> it was so good, joy. >> thanks, alex. >> there you go. >> thank you. good morning to you all of you, i'm alex witt. it is high noon in the east, just 9:00 a.m. on the west coast. here's what's happening, we have a twitter war erupting, the ready going after bob corker and the senator's response is a whithering attack back. >> the calm before the storm comment? >> nothing to clarify.
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>> still waiting. the president with no clear answer on what he meant by those words and now a new tweet on north korea that is also unclear. plus, a new interview, president trump responds to criticism of his visit to puerto rico and that paper towel tossing. in the same interview defends the first lady from critics. do some of the comments about melania trump cross the line? nate downgraded but still a threat. where the full effect of the latest storm is yet to be released. we have the latest on flooding and power outages and where it's heading next. but we begin with politics and two big headlines, president trump taking to twitter this morning for what's becoming yet another vicious battle with a republican lawmaker. this time firing back at gop senator bob corker who has been critical of him in recent weeks. in one tweet saying i would fully expect corker to be a negative voice and stand in the way of the great agenda. didn't have the gults to run. it's ashame the white house has
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become an adult day care center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning. also new this morning, nbc news confirming a report that president trump is considering cia director mike pompeo for secretary of state should rex tillerson leave his post. let's go straight to the white house and pete er alexander. i mentioned one tweet there from the president. what more did he tweet attacking senator corker? >> reporter: this was the latest twitter tirade from the president on what you would think would be a lazy sunday but there are no lazy sundays when you have access to 140 characters or less. the president ripping into the tennessee republican who days after announced he wouldn't be run for re-election next year. president trump alleging corker begged for his endorsement then when he didn't get it that he decided to drop out in effect because in the president's words he didn't have the guts to run. you read what we heard corker's reply. that was one heck of a sharp rebuke from the chairman.
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this is a big deal for a variety of reasons, not the least of which this is a critical republican vote the president needs to accomplish his agenda most notably on the near term in tax reform. corker saying that if the tax plan adds a single dollar to the debt then he is a no vote on that. that could be a challenge for this administration. there's been no love lost between these two in the course of recent weeks, dating back to a month or plus ago after charlottesville when the senator said of the president that he basically lacked the stability and the competence or hadn't demonstrated the stability and competence to be a successful leader and days ago said that the secretary of state rex tillerson, the defense secretary james mattis and chief of staff john kelly were basically all that stood between this country and chaos, which alex, a lot of people read as an attack on the president as being that chaotic force in the white house. >> yeah, and thus all of the tweets as a result of that.
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i'm curious, peter, how seriously is the white house considering cia director mike pompeo for secretary of state. does it seem increasingly likely that secretary tillerson will be shown the door? >> reporter: the official line from the white house saying the president has full confidence in his secretary of state but there have been plenty of indicators that is not the case right now. even a week ago the president tweeted undercutting rex tillerson's position of diplomacy on north korea, saying stop wasting your time. nbc news has heard from a source close to pompeo as well as a senior administration official saying if tillerson were to go, the white house is not having conversations about pompeo, potentially filling that slot. pompeo and the president built a good relationship over six hours or more a week where they spend time together during national security conversations they share. >> let's talk about the what the
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president is doing promoting health care. a possible temporary fix to obamacare. how are republicans reacting to it? >> reporter: republicans don't ever like to see the president making any potential deal with democrats. they still feel they are the way to go in terms of repealing and replacing obamacare but that's in spite of repeated failures. the collapse of their effort so far. the president sosht of saying there are other games in town and i'll start having conversation with chuck schumer who said he too will not deal with repeal and replace. when the president was pushed on this, i asked about it yesterday, he clarified talking about the temporary fix. here's how some republicans view it. >> number of things i would certainly agree to, i've been talking about funding csr since may. if people really wanted a deal, they are going to have to come through republican house and republican senate. i've been talking to house members to try to get what we would require to fund what we all believe are collapsing
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markets under obamacare. >> the bottom line, i think the simple takeaway for the president's tweets and comments, they are still looking for something, some way forward on health care in the form of some type of deal. xabl exactly what that deal is or whether it's an option, is one of the things we'll focus on on days ahead. >> thank you for comprehensive report from the white house. joining me now, capitol hill reporter for usa today and jeff mason, white house correspondent for reuters. big welcome to you both. first here, jeff, president trump attacking senator bob corker. why pick a fight with the chair of the foreign relations committee, just has 15 months left on the job. what does he get out of this? >> he's picking a fight where senator corker is important with regard to tax reform but also on iran, the president is expected to make a decision whether or not to decertify the iran nuclear agreement and shove it to congress.
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and that's something that senator corker would have a huge influence on. it's pretty hard to answer the question why would he pick a fight with him but that's just part of what president trump does. >> do you think the two can work together? you said it, there are important issues, they have to work together on. >> he's picked fights with others in congress, mitch mcconnell comes to mind and still been able to work with them. i thought it was interesting that senator mcconnell shot back in the way he did, not everybody does that publicly. but they'll have to find a way to work together. if they don't, that will have implications for sure for president trump's agenda. >> it was a very interesting and powerful statement on twitter certainly. who do you think is driving the agenda? is it just the president? is he in the driver's seat? >> i think it depends on what agenda. i think president trump often undermines different things that the white house is trying to put forward and we saw that last week with senator bob corker. i think this is kind of what started the fight saying that
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the administration goes against people like mattis and rex tillerson and what they are trying to do and that's why president trump was upset and tweeted this morning. that totally hurts the agenda and hurts the agenda in congress on tax reform when they really need bob corker's votes. i think you see the administration and congress and they all have agendas and president trump gets upset about a quote he hears and fires away. >> all right, let's look at the prospect about tillerson being on his way out. what is the president's calculation for another white house shake-up. you're looking at two important cabinet positions, you have cia director and secretary of state both potentially being in flux. >> yeah, and this is -- you know, several months into the presidency where there have been lots of shake-ups already, which every time there's a shake-up that ends up rattling the white house and some cases rattling the markets. to have secretary tillerson step down would be the most senior
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member of the cabinet to go. so it's important to keep in mind what both the white house and secretary tillerson have said, that the president still has trust in him and tillerson has said he plans to stay as long as the president will have him. the fact that there's speculation who would replace him if he were to go in addition to pompeo, there's also been speculation that u.n. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley would be in line for that job. it makes it difficult and keeps it part of the conversation. >> considering the whos here, let's put this into context. the timing as well. the president is getting ready for a big asia trip next month. >> right, we don't have a permanent dhs secretary at this point because john kelly got moved to chief of staff and there's been a ton of hurricanes and dhs has been very important. so right, i think they are trying to work things out between tillerson and the president and like tillerson said he'll go until president
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trump doesn't want him to anymore and we don't know for the agenda it makes sense for him to stay in place but if everyone is talking about whether or not the secretary of state called the president a moron, it's certainly undermines the agenda in asia. >> yep, you make a very good point there. jeff, let's play for you what the president told reporters at the white house yesterday. here it is. >> want to clarify your calm before the storm comment? >> nothing to clarify. >> what's the one single -- >> you'll figure that out pretty soon. >> is there any consensus out there jeff that as national security advicer, cha his chief of staff are on board with this rhetoric, if it's some kind of strategy? >> it's a great question and hard to ask. i was in the room that night when he said -- made the remarks calm before the storm. i was one of the reporters who asked what storm are you referring to? and he's declined on a couple of different opportunities now to
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really explain that. i understand that some advicers have been frustrated by that style that president trump has used but that really is his style. whether or not it's strategic or trying to upset the international community or perhaps kim jong-un that's -- it's just hard to answer that but it will -- it certainly keeps people guessing and it raises the possibility of military action which president trump even when he's not being cagey like that has been pretty clear on the table. >> yeah. i want to look at poll numbers with you. new numbers here show that 23% would describe the president as honest. 16% as level headed and 26% as a strong leader. from the white house perspective, how closely are they looking at this poll? because it is clearly showing an inability to move past his base. >> those poll numbers are not what you want to see if you're working in the white house but
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the poll numbers have never been very high. it is clear his base is solid support. we remember during the campaign he said i could go out and shoot someone on fifth avenue and still vote for me. i think we're still seeing that with his base and those are those numbers but the republican party as a whole he is losing support there. that is of concern because he needs to be re-elected. he's still running. the republican slate needs to be reelect d and we have a war within the party with someone like steve bannon, his former adviser going out and trying to take out gop incumbents and so we're seeing low numbers on the president. i think that just makes an uncertainty overall for re-elections. >> the reality is, jeff, eve be he's been losing numbers within his base as well. how long can he continue to maintain the base even at this level without any major policy accomplishments all the things that the people who voted for him wanted? >> i think the white house is pretty confident it has its base
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and i think that low polls martmar matter and the white house will say the polls were wrong in 2016, won't pay attention to these now. as long as he continues to keep people excited about what he's doing from that base and does that via twitter and does that by talking about tax reform and does that by beating up on the media, i think this white house and president trump's advisers are confident that the base will stay. that said, the question of legislative accomplishments is a good one and will certainly have an impact on whether or not he maintains congressional majorities in the midterm next year. >> thank you both so much. appreciate it. >> pleasure. >> we're getting our very first look at the damage caused by hurricane nate. it is now a tropical storm but check out the view from ocean springs mississippi, that is just to the east of biloxi. drone video showing a catam ara and beach erosion apparent there. the storm surge in biloxi, this
9:14 am
parking garage at the golden nugget. made landfall twice last night. tens and thousands remain without power with most of the outages in alabama. with more on what's next for storm nate, let's bring in rafael miranda. who's getting soaked now? >> a lot of the southeast and very different situation than 24 hours ago. nate has been downgraded even further to a tropical depression now continuing to weaken dealing with being cut off from its source of energy, the gulf of mexico, now over land. we have threats with nate, they are not over, they just changed. it's about the severe weather threat and flash flooding. we're tracking winds and birmingham winds gusting over 30 miles per hour and some of the worst weather in the birmingham area right now, winds blustery across the southeast into atlanta as well. here's a look at the radar picture. not much going on on the western side of the storm.
9:15 am
that's the quiet side but plenty of moisture being pulled up from the gulf of mexico. we've seen tornado watches earlier today. they have since been canceled but that severe weather threat continues across much of the southeast throughout the day including the atlanta area. we've seen very heavy rain and flooding will be a concern. flash flood warnings and watches in effect for much of the southeast throughout the day today. we're expecting anywhere up to 10 inches of rain. we've seen rainfall rates of 2 to 3 inches per hour at times and that will continue. nate continues to track towards the northeast. this is still a fast moving storm. by tomorrow afternoon evening in the northeast bringing beneficial rain here, even the new york city area, we need the rain and we're going to get some especially late tomorrow but we can see flooding concerns as well. too much of a good thing by tomorrow afternoon. alex? >> at least it's fast moving. we can count on that. thank you so much. should the british spy who put together the trump dosier
9:16 am
testify in public before congress? i'll ask a spokesperson about that and more.
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is it your understanding you've been able to verify the steel dossier backwards, the last part of it and trying to verify other parts. >> it's my understanding that parts have been verified. if you ask me by whom, i can't answer that question with specificity. it's my belief that the mueller investigation is really central to all of this. >> new developments there in the russia investigation, dianne feinstein, a member of the intelligence committee confirming to chuck todd on "meet the press," that parts of the dossier alleging collusion between the trump campaign and russians have been confirmed. i'm joined by ned price, former
9:20 am
special assistant to president obama and cia analyst. your reaction to what you heard from the senator. you couple that also with what we heard from intelligence committee chair richard bur when it comes to this particular dossier by christopher steel. >> that's right we have a bit more insight into what the senate intelligence committee is doing with the dossier than what mueller's team is doing. we've heard from senator burr and warner last week, they are in the process of trying to recontradict the dossier to determine the varioerasty and w know there are some elements that turned out to be true and there's a report included in the dossier, june of 2016 that alleges a multipronged russian effort to den igrate hillary clinton and advantage donald tru trump. we saw the meetings with paul manafort and cyber campaign and the document, this june 2016
9:21 am
report was published before even united states government had come to the firm conclusion that russia would undertake such a multipronged effort to elect president donald trump. there's some elements of the dossier that have proven not to be true but there are some core central elements that have seemed to be quite -- >> in discussions there, the fact that christopher steel declines to discuss who underwrote his work. does that raise a red flag for you? >> well, it doesn't. for a couple of reasons, alex, you have to remember that christopher steel is a long time operative of the british secret intelligence office and nothing more prized than those supporting his or her work. it will be very unikely that christopher steel would detail his sources or those who are behind his work. but we do know some elements of who was behind this. we know at first during the
9:22 am
republican primary, that other republican contender actually were the genesis of this document. then once president -- now president trump became the republican nominee, we understand that then democratic donors became a key funder of this report. i think the funding is much less important than who the sub sources of christopher steel actually are. in these sub sources, the individual on whom steel relied to put together this collection of dossiers are credible and they have the access described in the report, there is a good chance that much of what we read in the dossier is accurate. >> but how confident are you, ned, that congress would be able to extract information they want from christopher steel. i'm going to look at the tweet you sent out, spies, the world over don't trust the u.s. congress because of leaks. makes perfect sense steel would meet with mueller while shunening congress.
9:23 am
>> i'm not sure they will get far with steel. we learned last week he is in talks with congressional leaders? the senate intelligence committee to meet with them perhaps in london. i do think that bob mueller's team will have more success with christopher steel. bob mueller, former long time director of the fbi, christopher steel, long time he espionage operative, they both understand the importance of protecting sources and methods and understand that congress has a tendency to leak like a sieve. i think he'll have an easier time getting details from christopher steel and that's mo more important. it's mueller's team not congress responsible for any criminal charges that stem from this law enforcement investigation. what congress will put together we hope is a report documenting the entirety of what went on in this election, the russian effort and any collusion on the part of the trump team whereas what mueller is working on,
9:24 am
could be potential indictments and could in fact land some people in jail. >> ned price, i'm sure we'll be speaking with you again. thank you for your time this sunday. >> one week after the las vegas massacre, investigators still trying to understand how one man was able to get nearly two dozen guns in his hotel room. a casino security expert answers that coming up. discover card.
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welcome back, i'm alex witt. as we're hitting half hour, here's what we're watching for right now. the fallout from what was hurricane nate, the category one storm making two landfalls, first in mississippi and secondly in louisiana. it is now a tropical depression. while there was major flooding in biloxi and mobile, there are
9:31 am
no reports of deaths or serious injuries. the number of power outages total about 140,000. new details in the investigation into the las vegas mass shooting. officials are shedding light on this cryptic note with numbers found inside the hotel room. ron allen, good day. what more can you tell us about this note? >> reporter: well, alex, the note was targeting information sad to say. the shooter actually had calculated how he needed to fire his weapon to hit a crowd that was several hundred yards away from him and on the 32nd story of a building, hotel. it speaks more the depravity of it. the focus here today is not just on that but here on this memorial. we've been coming out here all weekend. there are people coming all day, it's sunday so they are here to pay respects and here to pay tribute and lift each other up.
9:32 am
there's this part of the memorial and i want to show you this. we've run into families here and people out of town who have come to see this. a lot of local residents, the center piece as well as this monument, i guess you could call it. there's a cross for each of the 58 souls who were lost. and there are a lot of very personal remembrances there as well. there are flowers. there are candles and there are also pictures from weddings and vacations from better times, from the holidays. and people are here to mostly to show their support because it's a time when this community is really trying to come together. we talk to a man who we met who came from of all places columbine, where there was a mass shooting some years ago. here's what he told us about why he want d to be here with his daughter. >> i lived through the cloolumbe shooter and worked at one of the trauma centers there and we took care some of patient, my wife
9:33 am
and i, also a nurse at sunrise and i work there too. it's just hard. it's hard. really is. it's going to take a while. it's hard. >> reporter: so we've got a wide range of people here out of town and some people who were at the concert themselves and some people are here because they had friends. remember, there were 20,000 people in the core group at that concert. so in this community of las vegas, the ripples are everywhere. it seems just about everywhere we go we find somebody who knew somebody who was at the show, going to be at the show. now the grieving and mourning and all of this will continue for a long time to come but the bottom line is that this is a community and community that's really trying to come together to support each other. back to you. >> listening to that gentleman
9:34 am
from columbine and seeing his daughter, it's proof the memory never goes away. the las vegas shooting is forces hotels to reconsider security measures to keep guests safety and some have x-ray machines w s as well as metal deterkts. the former security director also hired to upgrade security following the san bernardino shooting. with the kinds of security that exists right now with hotels and casinos. >> thanks for having me this morning, alex. i think the security that exists right now in vegas is pretty superb i know that sounds ridiculous in light of this horrible event that took place. but las vegas, the industry is entirely predicated -- largely predicated on the tourist industry and conventions and components. people are naturally going to come to a location where they don't feel they are safe.
9:35 am
there's been a substantial amount of effort particularly in the post 9/11 environment to ramping up what all the security systems and processes, derivative training for -- i think this particular event that took place really kind of brings to forea security issue. there's a fundamental problem it's believed it's strictly a science, that if you put in place this thing and that thing this bad thing won't occur. when that is not the case at all. actually it's a mash-up of a science component, largely on the tech side and then there's an artistic aspect as well -- events. >> there's convenience -- >> john, there's convenience as well. >> to manfest -- >> look -- the people don't want to go through -- people maybe
9:36 am
don't want to go through metal detectors and x-ray machines and there's a convenience factor. yet we know that in the countries of israel and indonesia where hotels have been targets for terrorism, that's a permanent infrastructure. that's part of the security detail 24/7 now. what is the likelihood that hotels that are right now putting in x-ray machines and metal detectors for folks coming into the lobby, how long will that stay in place? >> first of all i couldn't comment on that directly, i don't know. i think there's a pair dime shift afoot. we're not israel and indonesia, even if you put in place these types of metal detectors, you're talking about one-offs. humans by their very nature are highly innovative. when you start bringing crazy into the mix as well, that innovation compounds at an xpoen ent shal rate. bad guys don't walk around
9:37 am
wearing black and white striped pajamas and carrying a money sack over their back with a dollar sign on it. they are able to control particularly folks that are highly motivated. i guess what you could call your personal physical narrative. but to your point earlier, you can have -- an individual or group of individuals can have the most extraordinary evil intent but in order for them to prosecute it, they have to have the material in order to -- in order to con summate whatever the end state is. that is the issue at focus right now. but i would say this is not remotely a las vegas concern. think about the number of stadiums that exist out there that have high rise hotels other buildings adjacent to them or across the street. >> john, how did this guy get ten suitcases filled with guns and ammunitions into his hotel room? is it the kind of thing hotel
9:38 am
staff could have or should have picked up on? >> i would say that should they have picked up on that? i think that would be a very unreasonable statement to make. i think that given the way that the structure and way people come and visit las vegas, people generally come in with a large number of suitcases, if they don't, they accrue a large number of bags or suit indications over the stay, whether it's shopping or convention events. it is not abnormal to have people shuttle their suitcases and other acquisitions they've made during their time here up to their room. >> all right. john, i know you've got a lot of work ahead of you and trying to keep people safe. we do appreciate that. thanks for talking to us as well. >> nra ceo growiweighing in on growing calls to make some compromises on gun control. >> we have all kinds of gun laws on the books, we don't enforce
9:39 am
any of them. if somebody want d to do something about chicago, enforce the laws right now. drug deal, 10 to 20, criminal gang member, 10 to 20, we ought to enforce the federal gun laws and do something about the catch and release, d.c. or second chance cities. the second chance is taken out against the good guys. >> joining me now, james peterson, director of africana studies. what kind of message did you hear there? >> a message that doesn't make sense. a message at a sounds rehearsed, same message that we kind of get all the time. first of all, many of those laws are enforced, both at the federal level and statutory level. second of all, this sort of bait and switch where folks automatically want to distract from mass shootings by trying to get folks to think about
9:40 am
homicide rates in some of our cities is really unfortunate. you can talk about the sort of municipal gun control laws within the city of chicago. but then you have to understand the state of illinois and the states that border illinois and ways in which lax gun laws and lack of background checks and not checking people who amass guns impact the amount of guns that flow into cities. they never want to have this conversation, alex. >> why do you think lapierre mentioned chicago and d.c.? >> lapierre is mentioning it because the nra is becoming quite adept at using culture wars to leverage support for their side of this unfortunate debate. so one of the things that the r nra is very good at, in stoking fears of americans, some of the reasons you have a small americans who own a large preponderance of guns, they are responding to the fear narrative, this idea that
9:41 am
immigration is overwhelming america or that inner city crime is overwhelming our cities. sure there's crime in our cities but we have to look at the data. violent crime has dropped in this nation since 1990s but wayne lapierre will never talk about that. the reason we can't have a conversation about this, we want to talk about laws and talk about let's get bump stocks this time or more robust background checks, the reality is we've got to confront the lobbyist and the gun manufacturers themselves. this is a global capitalist gun manufacturing effort that has tremendous amounts of resources over $30 million in the last election and money into every person in congress they want to support to sort of block these kinds of laws. a very robust lobbying effort that stays on capitol hill. we're not talking about the actual issue which is that gun manufacturing is a powerful and wealthy lobby. they don't care about the second amendment at all. what they care about is being able to sell guns to americans.
9:42 am
>> i want to play for you what congressman steve scalise said with chuck todd just this morning. >> there are already limits on the gun ownership but frankly let's go out and enforce those laws. don't try to put new laws in place that don't fix these problems, but only make it harder for law abiding citizens. the problem is there are not too many guns, people go out and break the law, whether it's a gun or a bomb. >> this is from a man who is nearly ki8d killed by a crazed gunman this summer. what do you see as a disconnect when it comes to gun control? >> yeah, the disconnect here there are too many guns, 300 million guns in this country. that's a fact. there are too many guns in the country, number one. and secondly, people want to have conversations about laws and enforce the laws, i'm all for enforcing the law of the land but we need more robust laws. the majority of americans want
9:43 am
more robust background checks and want a better system for assessing the mental health of individuals purchasing guns. the majority of americans want limits on how many guns folks can buy so they are not doing secondary sales which are much harder to track. there's a majority of americans interested in common sense gun safety. we have a great organizations like moms demand action, fighting the sort of legislative effort. we have to focus attention on them and support them. but at the heart of this, alex, we have to have a deeper understanding what the problem is. you have an extraordinary industry that's very, very powerful and very wealthy and very interested in selling guns globally. you'll hear wayne lapierre for blaming hollywood. that's absurd. these gun manufacturers do product placement in hollywood films, we have to have the conversation about a powerful industry. this is less about laws than about amendments and rights and much more how do you confront an industry controlling our
9:44 am
legislative process. >> i'm grateful we had this conversation at least this morning. james peterson, thank you so much. 18 days since hurricane maria, the island of puerto rico still recovering and struggling and desperate for help. the latest on the conditions there straight ahead. i'll be joined by adam schiff in the next hour to talk about whether there's any chance christopher steel will talk to --
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it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine, 'cause i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident-free. and i don't share it with mom. right, mom? right. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. the governor of puerto rico says additional resources are being deployed to make sure the supplies will make their way to the municipalities. meanwhile the mayor of the san juan not laying up on her claims scherr not receiving much help from the trump administration. are you seeing evidence of supplies being distributed or more slowly than they ought to be. what do you sense? >> reporter: good day to you. you can see the beautiful
9:48 am
sunshine shining down over puerto rico, the struggles people are facing day to day on the ground. there are people that need everything, including electricity which is still out to close to 90% of the island. that topic came up this morning. you mentioned the mayor. look at what she tweeted that got heads turning. this is carmen yulin cruz, hospital with four patients being transferred out. have requested support from fema nothing with an exclamation point. the governor and other officials countered that to say the hospitals which a lot of them are operating on generator power are on the daily delivery of diesel to keep those operations going. we don't know the specifics about this particular hospital but the governor and some of his aides have countered what the mayor has said, that that particular hospital has been receiving general diesel fuel on a daily basis. we have seen an uptick in supplies that have reached the island. we do know aid is getting out there around this island. a couple of notes that might be
9:49 am
welcomed here -- they will be welcomed here with open arms on friday, the fcc approved an application from alphabet inc., to come down and fly cellular balloons to get the island talking with loved ones on and off puerto rico. as well as we have heard that the electricity is going to perhaps be given a 21st century facelift here by elon musk and his company tesla. they are going to delay the unveiling a new electric pickup truck to work on batteries to help solar power here on the island. a lot of exciting potentially technology coming here to this island but day to day people want to get through the day how they can, alex. >> 18 long days for those folks in puerto rico. thank you so much, ron mott, good to see you. >> this means war, senator corker and donald trump facing off on twitter. who threw the latest punch next.
9:50 am
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9:53 am
i think secretary tillerson, secretary mattis, and chief of staff kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos. >> senator bob corker making those remarks after nbc news reported rex tillerson considered resigning. today senate chairman unleashed on trump saying it's a shame white house has adult daycare center someone missed their shift this morning. but that was after the trump attacking him on multiple fronts. let's bring in our panel here. big welcome to you both. howard, to you first, the president attack lines says corker not running again to blaming for the iran deal. what is going on here? >> well, first of all, from strategic point of view
9:54 am
incredible stupid to get in a fight with them. >> corker has 15 months. >> i know, 15 months to make trump's life miserable. is a republican from tennessee. he's terrific. i don't agree with everything he does. if all the senators would be like bob corker we would have done a lot more. he cares what the facts were. he was a mayor of a town so knows how to make executive decisions. his views are not that different from ours. this guy is a good guy and senator. trump is lost cause, and blief with corker, chaos, guy never should have have been president. >> and susan, weighing in on this gop senator from tennessee. >> that's a big problem, because in addition to what the senator said about having a gop on loose for 15 months with no reason to worry about election, it now also expands the math for tennessee, which can be pure
9:55 am
elish at times and put the senate even more in play. so now the republicans are facing what they thought would be a pretty sound majority in the house, and certain majority in the senate, to kind of wondering which way is up. so also upset leadership, president has upset leadership with these tweets. but this was a huge mistake. bob corker, john mccain, lindsey graham, also lost his majority in the house all by himself. >> now we are hearing the president explain why he threw the paper toults. so here he is explaining to mike mu huckabee. >> we did a good job. they had these soft towels and there was a crowd of a lot of people screaming and loving everything. and i was having fun. they were having fun. they said throw them to me. throw them to me, mr. president.
9:56 am
so i'm doing some of this. so the next day they said, oh, it was so disrespectful to the people. made up thing. also, when i walked in the cheering was incredible. >> so is it possible, howard, he's feeding off the energy of the crowd as he's indicating there? perhaps the video clip doesn't tell the whole story. >> you can't explain why somebody who is delusional has the delusions they have. here are the facts, 44% of the puerto rico people american citizens have no water 15 days after the disaster. 44% of them, i mean 66% of them have no electricity. tell me what the held the trump administration does? this makes bush look great on katrina. this is plain an outrage. >> alex, you and i have discussed this before, one things that going to be more problematic for this president
9:57 am
than for president bush with katrina, he's going to be running for re-election in three years. he's going to have to show how they rebuilt puerto rico, florida, texas, parts of alabama. these are really big concerns. so he can boast all he wants that the response has been great, but that's just talking to an audience. one, he might as well be speaking in the mirror. >> all right. i want to ask you, susan, the president talked in the interview about first lady and how she's been beaten up on by the press. what are your thoughts about the limits on that? the first lady, which could also be extended to first children. >> i actually think the first lady would have been better served if the president did not speak to this. she's been handling herself extremely well. she wants to do the right thing. i think the attacks are in unwarranted or appropriate for first lady or children. they are off limits. she's done nothing. but donald trump makes it worst for her. >> it's about her dress, way she was criticized into going
9:58 am
hurricane ravaged area wearing potentially designer heels. >> i think susan is right. i don't have many mercy for the children. normally children are off bounds. these guys are into their eye balls. >> children under 18, sorry. >> absolutely right. no, i think kids under 18 and wives, you know, melania is trying to do the right thing. stop criticizing her dress, like i said before 44% have no drinking water. and 66% of the people have no electricity. why do we care about the first ladies dress, for heavens sake. >> thank you both. see you soon. >> thank you. >> still ahead in the next hour intelligence committee adam schiff will be here. do they want to hear from the british sky on spy on the
9:59 am
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