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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 8, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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coming to you from los angeles. just past 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. on the west coast. here's what's happening, who is calling the daycare center? blistering back and forth with the commander in chief. and north korea talks are leaning towards. >> trump is clearly trying to imply that the united states military is preparing for a war. >> how is north korea likely to react to these vague threats? i'll ask the ranking members on the house intelligence committee. also the dossier the author testify before congress? coming your way where the trump administration is pushing back reports on another shake-up. rumors come from out going bob corker and has become president trump latest tweets on twitter. >> i enjoy working with senator
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corker. i think it's going to be fun especially now he's not going to be running for election. but i don't think we are that close to chaos anyway. i'm in the white house every day and i've never seen the chaos being reported every day. >> those comments just coming moments before the president lashed out on corker, and he did this tweet, it's a shame that they are doing adult daycare center. >> what can you tell about the seer series of tweets from the president? >> this was biting and stinging. this was remarkable on sunday morning. this seemed to be unique given as what you noted, corker said in response to the president. here's what the president said on twitter to get this episode started. we'll read it.
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he said in part, corker beinged me to re-elect him. he said he cannot win without my endorsement. also wanted to be secretary of state. i said no thanks. also horrendous iran deal, hence i would negative voice and stand in the way of our great agenda. didn't have the guts to run. well, we have now heard from sources familiar with bob corker's thoughts and the process here saying that all claims made are false. the president called the senator earlier last week and asked him to reconsider his decision not to seek re-election. and re-affirmed that he would have endorsed him as he has said many times. and again alex for a little bit of the back story on this. remember, bob corker was vetted as possible vice president choice to join president trump on the campaign. we went through the back archives and praise the president showered on him at
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that time. but more recently a matter of days ago corker said only thing between this country and chaos is kelly and rex tillerson and james mattis seems to question the president's own competence in this post. >> can i ask you quick about some new reporting by nbc news and saying at this point that the white house is considering cia pompano by state. are you hearing any rumors staff change may be in the works? >> let's be clear the president has said that he last full competence in rex tillerson even though yesterday the president said they had their disagreements. at times he would like him to be tougher. and i think it's unlikely based on the conversations i'm having with sources that any move would happen before the president heads next month, literally weeks away from this trip to asia, including a stop in china focused on north korea. but two separate sources, one close to the cia director, and
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another senior white house administration official saying is they are having conversations about the idea that pompano could repolice tillerson in the future if he were to go. two men has built good relationship as aids given the fact they spend hours a week together during the briefings and other national security meetings as well. alex. >> all right. peter alexander, thanks for that. joining me now, white house correspondent for bloomberg news. ladies, good day to you both. shannon, i'll start with you, so the president's tweets against corker. why go after him? i'm curious about your response. >> i think its part of this broader pattern that we have seen from this president he's not able to let go of slight or perceived slight. and they get in the way of him accomplishing his bigger goals. so aside from these sort of
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rivalry that's playing out between these two on twitter, there are real world implications what this means for the president's agenda. bob corker could be crucial vote in senate that you need on tax reform, repealing and replacing obamacare. so he does not see the broader picture, apparently, of trying to keep corker as an ally despite what could be perceived as a criticism or a slight in order to get to your bigger goals and the things that he had promised to the american people during this election. >> you know, laura, might this also be the president's way of playing to his base and saying to them i'm still the outsider, i'm not afraid to go after the establishment, and if that's true, is that a winning strategy? >> i think that president trump is absolutely terrified. because what we are seeing with bob corker is snare with gloves off. imagine what would happen if other senators said they weren't seeking re-election and freed them to stay what they really thought about the president. i think a lot of people would be saying things a lot more like bob corker saying this guy is a
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toddler, a moron, things we are all hearing in trump's own officials and former allies in the republican party saying. so i think he's lashing out to try to protect his reputation. but i have a feeling that more hand more senators are going to come forward and say what they really think. >> and you know t corker is well-liked on capitol hill. do you think the president risks having more go against him? >> absolutely t hand tennessee was former fans of trump. and looks bad for him in that state. i think it really hurts his chances of passing tax reform. he needs this vote. he needs every single vote he can get. they are having trouble passing any kind of legislation in the senate despite having republican majority. so this absolutely really hurts trump politically. >> shannon, i want to get your reaction to secretary of state rex tillerson possibly being out. sources saying pompano being
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possible replacement. what does this tell you? >> tells us what a vulnerable position secretary of state is in. aside from just inside the administration. but on the global scene, think of what it looks like to the rest of the world that there is these suggestions and names being floated out there for replacement of secretary of state when he goes in and tries to have a conversation to allies in europe to north korea and all the countries around the world who we have tense relations with right now. so it's terrible situation for secretary of state to be in internationally. however, i mean at least since the summer, but even since tillerson very early days, there have been mumbles and conversations about how long he was going to last in this job. so maybe this is a bit of the inevitable. finally happening. but it certainly puts him in a vulnerable position. >> and the frequent turnover. how does this affect policy
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making it and our position in the world stage? >> it's unbelievable tan embarrassing for america. and don't think every single foreign leader hasn't noticed the tension in the relationship between tillerson and trump and tension is it a light word to use. it shows that a president who is hired for his -- elected for his competency in hiring people absolutely had no idea what he was doing in hiring people because he lost half of the people he hired. so what does that say about him as a business man much less a president. >> shannon, there is the new pole finding 23% would describe the president as honest, 16 as level headed, 20% as strong leader. how closely do you think the white house is looking at polls? because it shows an inability to move past the base with these numbers. >> i think what makes these polls significant is what position the president is going to be for helping members who
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support him in 2018. so 2020 may seem like a long ways off. not as long as it can seem. a lot can happen between now and then. but when you are going into 2018 and seeing with members of his own party who are publicly defecting, they have to think about the most toxic person in their party who they should separate themselves from. so when the members of congress see numbers like that, that is going to shift them more towards this side of putting the president off to the side and trying to distance themselves from him. which is not what he needs right now. and he has a thin margin in congress to get his agenda through. >> all right. shannon, and lisa, thanks so much. >> we are keeping an ion the tropical weather that's drenching, talking about nate, which has weekend to tropical depression after making landfall as a category 1 hurricane.
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this is in east of mississippi and cat a rans and boats watched inland. well the last hour president trump approved an emergency decoration for alabama which authorizes the department of homeland security and fema to coordinate all relief efforts. tens of thousands without power and most of those in alabama. more what is next for tropical recall nate, let's bring in meteorologist. where is it headed now? >> northeast. we have seen that storm sturg. and now the storm surge is rapidly falling that's great news. but well over 6 feet in many parts of miss impea and alabama at the height of the storm. latest up date, tropical depressions are down to 35-mile-per-hour. you can see a ragged looking storm as nate continues to be cut off from power source. the winds are intense along the
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birmingham, alabama, seeing the high wind gusts throughout the ach noon. now the storm surge threat has passed but now dealing with flood waeshs, and flood watches in effect, you can see why, the heavy tropical moisture streaming throughout the day. the other threat besides flooding, severe weather, tornado watches throughout the day. none in effect right now but that severe weather threat always a possibility when you have landfall tropical systems. right up into western north carolina and even portion gs of virginia. we could see additional 6 to 7 even up to 10 inches of rain with some of these heavier tropical bands. the movement of nate will be rapid to the northeast over the next couple of days. tomorrow afternoon the remnants of rate in the north he's providing rain, much needed rainfall here in the northeast,
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even in the new york city area a couple of inches of rain, and that's good news, we haven't had rain in quite some time. from the remnants of nate. >> thank you so much from the weather center. another drop in poll numbers for president trump, plus his fight with leading gop bob corker i'll get reaction from the committee spokesman next. causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you.
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a new poll appears to spell trouble from the trump administration with approval rating sliding down to 32% and that's according to the associated press. also looked at the qualities of the president's character. and among republicans alone only 32% say the president is level headed, 55% strong leader, 49%
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said he's honest. joining me now. let's get into the numbers because you can't deny is serious issues here. and another finding i want to share from the poll that 44% of republicans think the country is head inning the right direction, which is down as you know 16% since june. so can you explain what's going on? >> well, we don't put much stock in polling at least among republicans. because if we did, of course hillary clinton would be president if we would have taken those michigan and pennsylvania polls at face value. but for every negative poll we know there is a positive. we know he bumped up 5 points. so we believe in this hidden trump voter, that hangs up on phones on land line, so we don't believe those numbers. we believe the president is doing a good job. >> but there are some people reflecting their positions in these poll numbers. so if those people aren't lying, and sharing their feelings, what do you think the president should or could do to turn it
10:19 am
around for those people? what does he need to start doing better? i mean, everyone can improve? >> alex, i think a lot of this is on republicans and congress to come to the table. we made a promise to the american to repeal and replace obamacare. that hasn't happened yet. and the reason rests squarely with the senate. so in terms of the agenda moving forward and getting more people on board, that's going to come when we see tax reform and going to come when we see repeal and replace. we know the president is not giving up on that. >> okay. how about the president attacking his own party? today as you know going after republican senator bob corker. doesn't that hurt? does that not help republicans? >> well, alex, i think, look, he's responding to senator corker who has critiqued him several times, it appears, over the last few weeks. and we encourage every republican senator to stand behind the president. look at tennessee, president trump won that state by 25% points. and if corker wants to represent the state of tennessee he'll stand behind the president which
10:20 am
is only one won a national election. >> but do you like it when you wake up and see these kinds of tweets from the president? does anything read them and think he shouldn't have gone there? >> i think the president has the right to defend himself. oftentimes media thinks he loses the right to defend himself and voters. he doesn't lose that right. he doesn't have to take this lying down. if someone hits him, he'll hit back. that's what he did throughout the primary, and continues to do, and voters want that they wanted a fighter and that's what it takes to get everyone behind the president is calling out people who are leveling unfair critiques. >> but it would seem, again, these poll numbers not everybody is behind the president. the tenure of the president's tweets, constantly feel like he is punching down. is that helpful? >> he's not punching down, he's fighting back. if you look, every single tweet is oftentimes taken in its own rather than given content. most of his tweets, all of his tweets, any time he attacks a
10:21 am
fed owe senator, anyone in media, it's because they first attacked him. and the american people wanted a fighter. that's who they elected. that's what the tweets do. he's fighting for the american people and defending himself. >> well, it appears he is still fighting to get health care passed. and as you know trying to team up with democrats on some sort of solution. tweeting yesterday about calling shuck schum chuck schumer. and then crossing the line and teaming up with the other side? >> we are not used to a frez that doesn't play politics, but we finally have one, someone who says i'm not giving up. other people might be saying move on, focus on tax reform, which he's doing, but he's not going to give up on repeal and replace. he made this promise and go to whoever he needs to go to to get it done. and our chair woman has said if he wants to reach out to chuck and nancy to get something done,
10:22 am
he has every right to do that. and we encourage him if he's moving the american people's agenda forward. >> i want to talk about rex tillerson the news report that says he called the president a moron. here it is. take a listen. >> in the headline of this story of this story that you called the president a moron. and if not where do you think the rorts? >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like this. this is what i don't understand about washington, again, i'm not from this place. but the places we come from we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense. >> yu do you think he didn't deny saying it? >> i can't speak for exactly how he worded that. but i know right after we know his spoerkesperson did come out and deny that. i like to take my news from firsthand sources people privy to these conversations and a cuesed of saying these towards, and we know the person center of
10:23 am
this, rex tillerson said i didn't say this i stand behind the president. >> he didn't say it publicly. >> he didn't say it public by but says he stands behind the president. and spokesperson came out and says the state department does deny this if there is any confusion. >> do you have any concerns that it under mines the president's ability to have secretary tillerson continue to speak for him overseas given all that's transpired? can the president trust him to do that successfully? >> the president has faith inse inse in secretary tillerson. i think they focus on north korea. but i do think that's strategic, one person playing good bad cop. so i have faith in this administration and tactics they are using to move the world forward. >> all right. thank you so much for talking were me. i appreciate it. >> thanks, alex. >> two big breaking story it
10:24 am
is related to the nfl kneeling controversy. first, vice president mike pence walking out of the taking a knee. the vice president said i left today's colts games because we will not dig phi any event that disrespects our soldiers and national anthem. then another breaking development from colin kaepernick saying he will stand if given the chance to play in the nl. kaepernick is out of pro footable, although some say he could make several teams. also ahead we'll hear from adam schiff by what trump means by the calm before the storm.
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the officers in london today.
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i'm alex witt. as we is have hit the half hour. here's what we are watching. there are signs the president will choose not to recert fight the iran deal. warning if the administration imposes on iran, it should move the military bases. and joining me from london. a not so veiled threat there from iran national guard. >> indeed, alex. series of not so veeld threats while tensions are ramming up against iran and america. a very powerful man in iran said that if the u.s. designates the revolutionary guard as a terrorist group, the u.s. regional bases will be at risk. they should they should move
10:32 am
their bases outside of the 2,000 kilometer range of the iran missiles otherwise they would be at risk. goes on to say the u.s. no way could influence regional role. said iran has own strategic influence in the air yachlt also went on to say if the american government was stupid enough to designate the revolutionary guard as terrorist organization, than the revolutionary would equate them with isis. and obviously eye rain has claimed it has been on the frontline fighting isis. they are the van guard against them in the region. and now they said they would consider america a similar enemy to isis. so that really is ramping up the rhetoric between these two countries which had calmed down. now, this comes in light of president trump speculation that president trump is going to dessert phi the deal.
10:33 am
that's made the more moderate government very, very nervous in iran. they invested a lot of political capital in this deal and if it falls apart will put in a difficult position. they want to blame america for it falling apart. but this is going to open up a whole pandora box in the sanctions are put on iran as we step into the unknown again. alex? >> all right. in london. thanks so much. great set up as i bring in congressman adam schiff of the house and intelligence committee. let's follow up. the president has october 15th, 90 day period whether he want to continue certifying the iran deal. indications are he may not. fall out concerns you why? >> it would be a terrible mistake. and i think the fallout would be dramatic because you would have the president of the united states dessert phiing iran when
10:34 am
they have been complying with the deal. we often scrutinize are they meeting the requirements of the deal. and i think everyone is in agreement they have met the requirements of the deal. they haven't stopped their other conduct in the region. but as far as deal they have been complying. but what's the grounds for that? apart from president doing whatever he can to avoid the president cess sore, this will not only i think pose a real problem in terms of iran, but in terms of our allies if it looks like the u.s. will not hold up their part of the bargain. and also not connected from the challenge we faced with north korea. why on earth should the north korea sit down on the table and reach agreement if this president won't honor it. so the consequences could be very dramatic. >> can congress prevent the president from doing this? >> we can't prevent him from dessert fieg. but we don't have to reimpose
10:35 am
the sanctions. so congress has the ability to keep the deal going. and i would certainly hope that congress won't take the step of avoiding the deal. that would really, frankly, give iran all the benefits without any of the costs. because iran would still be out from under the european and other sanctions from the rest of the world so commerce would continue to increase. >> so if the president takes the step to decertify and doesn't expect to do anything with regard to sanctions, why do it? what does he gain from doing it? >> well, that's a very good question. and have i to think he gains from some of his hard core base falli following through, so he gets some benefit, but at a great cost to his credibility, to what standing he has around the
10:36 am
world, which is already, i think, suffered tremendously. but this is a president, frankly, whose motus op ran day is placate them. hey, you are doing a great job. they will love this, the people showing up at his rallies, but real disservice to the country. >> you talked about how it could affect the north korea. i want to show you what someone told me this morning. let's take a listen to what he said. >> mr. trump is clearly trying to imply that the united states military is preparing for a war. they darkly warned about the prospects about war. they denigrated diplomacy. and quite frankly it hasn't worked. >> so is that what the president means when he talks about the calm before the storm? is he implying military action?
10:37 am
>> none of us really know whether he was talking about that, about north korea, or talking about the iran decertification. unfortunately this president is acting like still doing the reality tv, teasing to find out if we are at war or not. we don't know. but tweets are clear, the negotiators made fools of himself rex tillerson and is wasting his time. and only way to take care of this. and of course he's talking about going to war. and for him to talk about that cafe letterly, where it would be catastrophic, for our own troops, japan, south korea, to talk that way is just unthinkable. >> so he plays to the base with this. but these are words that are ricochetting around the world to world military leaders. do you have a sense how they interpret this president?
10:38 am
>> well, yes, you know, i think it won't come as any great surprise that many of them have disdain for the president. many of them put all their faith, frankly, in secretary mattis and mcmaster, and hope they can talk some sense into the president. you see frankly how former heads of state of other countries speak about this president. it would have been unthinkable with any other president. but this kind of conduct really invites the scorn of others. and it's doing irreparable damage to our standing in the world. but more than that, it's putting our people at risk. the profound danger of north korea is that someone miscalculates, and when the rhetoric heats up this way, and we are doing more military exercises in the region, as we should be doing. but the prospect for miscalculation just goes up. i don't think this president, i hope and pray this president is not about to do a unilateral
10:39 am
strike on north korea, a nuclear strike on north korea, first strike. but you could see a situation where things get rapidly out of control. where a plane gets shot down or something else happens, and because the rhetoric is so charged there is no way to put this back in the bottle. >> okay. let's switch now to russia. the big developments there. and that would be learning about christopher steele, the dossier. he has been interviewed by the committee. i want to play for you senator feinstein, she's a member, and here's what she told us this morning. >> is it your understanding you have been able to verify the steele dossier, parts of it, and you are trying to verify other parts? >> well, it's my understanding that parts have been verified. if you ask me by whom, i can't answer that question with specificity. it's my belief that the mueller investigation is really central
10:40 am
to all of this. >> so he is now in discussion with the senate intel committee. what are your thoughts on what senator feinstein is saying things gathered by the mueller team? and will he testify with your committee, open or behind closed doors? >> we made outreach to mr. steele. we offered to go to london and talk with him. i would be sur surprised if he comes before either intelligence committee, that he comes to the united states and testifies. i'm not sure he's willing to put himself at that exposure. but none ts less there is obviously information that he could provide us that would be helpful. i'm sure he has interest in protecting his sources. we have seen, i think, several parts of the dossier are consistent with what we would later learn. you have to remember when this was written, it was written part of it prior to the united states being aware of many of these things. but in terms of the broad strokes of what he writes about,
10:41 am
about russia's willingness to help the trump campaign and provide information on hillary clinton, paul manafort being a key player. many of this borne out by public evidence. >> meaning verified? >> many parts are consistent with what we are learning. other parts we are still trying to corroborate. would he would love the opportunity to talk with his sources. but people need to understand what he was writing is very much what you expect intelligence officer to write. and that is this is what i'm hearing. this is raw intelligence. it's not the finished product. and even if this were done by our own intelligence agencies, we would want to see other so s sources we could get. and we have a deep interest in getting to the truth. >> last question here. the reports of rex tillerson potentially being on his way
10:42 am
out. what is it your reaction to that? does that help or hurt your efforts? >> well, look, i have to say i'm deeply disappointed that rex tillerson has gone along with these massive cuts to the state department has allowed it to be hollowed out. it's really a cheer. it doesn't make us very effective in one of our key implements of our power, that is diplomatic power. but i have to say he has been one of the adults in the room. so it's a mixed bag saying that he could be on his way out. all of us worry, frankly, when there is it a departure from the administration, piano when we don't think they are up to the job, who would replace him? many are asking the questions of rex tillerson. okay, maybe he's not the best candidate for the job, learning on the job, goes along with all these massive cuts, but still it could be worse. because with this president it can always be worse. >> all right f representative adam schiff so good to see you
10:43 am
personally in the studio. thank you for your time. we have this breaking news, vice president mike pence walking out of a nfl game. you'll hear why. and meet the press. how do we say that this fall,
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we have two big breaking stories related to the nfl kneeling controversy. first off, vice president mike pence walking out of the colts game after players in 49ers game took a new during the anthem. and another breaking news, colin kaepernick says he'll stand if place again. some say he's in but could make several teams as backup. let's go to white house and peter alexander. so peter we had the vice president explaining himself in several tweets. tell us about this. >> yes, this alex happening within the last hour. vice president going to
10:47 am
indianapolis late last yesterday attend to the colts game, remember former governor of that state. they would be honoring number 18, that is peyton manning future hall of famer at halftime. unveiled a statue of them. at the beginning of the game though, when the vice president stood and hut his hand over his heart for the national anthem, while several of the 49ers players took a knee on the field, which is why the vice president said he left. he detailed in tweets. i do not want to disrespect our soldiers, flag or national anthem atta time when so many americans are inspiring with their courage, now more than ever we should rally around our flag at everything that unites us. while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, i don't think it's too much to ask nfl to respect the flag and national anthem. and concludes i stand with president trump and stand with our soldiers and i'll always stand for, as you can see there,
10:48 am
i'll always stand for our flag, and our national anthem. so this is just the latest in what's really become a cultural war in this country that was initially launched by the president expressing his frustration at those nfl players, first colin kaepernick out of the league who took a knee which they viewed as lack of respect for the united states. alex. >> okay. peter alexander, thank you for the latest on this element of the story. appreciate that. conducting foreign policy through twitter, i'll ask republican congressman whether the president should stop that trend. c plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:49 am
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the fact of the matter is we have two different foreign policies in this country right now which is catastrophic for us. we have one foreign policy that comes from the state department and the department of defense and then we have another foreign policy that comes from the president's twitter feed. there is no way that you are going to unwind these big foreign policy crises if nobody knows whether the secretary of state speaks for the president,
10:52 am
and i have a feeling that whoever replaces tillerson would suffer the same problem. >> democratic senator chris murphy raising concerns about the way foreign policy is handled under the trump administration. this as sources tell nbc news that cia director mike pompeo is being considered for secretary of state should that position become vacant. joining me now is republican congressman lee zelden of new york, he sits on the foreign affairs committee. congressman, before, sir, i get to your response to that i do want to ask you about the breaking news with vice president mike pence talking out of the indianapolis colts game after players from the san francisco 49ers took a knee during the national anthem. what is your reaction to that? >> well, the vice president is saying and doing what many americans are feeling. what's interesting is that the actions taking place on the field by those nfl players who kneel, there are many people around our country who associate
10:53 am
with that. the vice president is someone who has strongly held beliefs and choosing to take a knee during the national anthem, during the flag, even if you say that you're not protesting the anthem, you are not protesting the flag, it comes across like that to many people who believe that when the national anthem is played it's a great opportunity for all of us to rise to be unified with our patriotism, locking arms on our feet. really there will always be a reason that we can -- i mean, every american could kneel during the national anthem forever because there are always going to be important causes worth fighting for, and people should fight for those causes that they passionately believe in, that's one of the things that makes this country great, but we also have to under armour is that that there are a lot of people in the stands who are watching at home who believe
10:54 am
that while we have service members who are overseas in harm's way risking life and limb in defense of that flag, in defense of this country, that that's not the appropriate time and place for that particular message to be sent. i think both sides needs to understand each other a little bit more, but hopefully we can do so being able to say the national anthem together. >> well, i do thank you, sir, for that comprehensive response. now, let's get to senator murphy and what he said there, describing this idea of foreign policy via twitter from the president that has at times been in contrast with secretary tillerson's efforts overseas. do you agree his tweeting habit makes it harder for secretary tillerson to do his job and doesn't it send mixed messages to the rest of the world? >> well, first off, i've spoken to the president about twitter, he's not going to stop using twitter so my advocacy is for him to use twitter as effectively as possible. as it relates to foreign policy and your question it is very important that the president,
10:55 am
the white house, the secretary of defense, the secretary of state, all of our diplomats all across the world the same message on these really important decisions. if the president chose this week to decertify the iran nuclear deal in some country somewhere outside of the p5+1 there's going to be some person contacting his or her counterpart with the u.s. government asking what does this mean. and that's where -- >> well -- no, no, sir, in terms of what does this mean, i want to ask you relative to north korea because you know the president, he tweeted this yesterday, here it is: presidents and his administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid. hasn't worked. agreements violated before the ink was dry making tools of u.s. negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work. do you know, sir, what that one thing is? what he's referring to and does it concern you?
10:56 am
>> i would speculate that he is referring to the military option as it relates to north korea. kim jong-un is someone who is viewed as being homicidal and not suicidal. it is rhetoric that will make many in the united states feel uncomfortable. there's rhetoric being used by kim jong-un that will make many in that region and the united states feel uncomfortable but it is very important for us to have the maximum effort as it relates to multi-lateral diplomacy, ramping up economic pressure on the north koreans with a greatly condensed timeline to prevent the north koreans from having the capability to deliver a nuclear war head to the united states. having all options on the table, we operate under the principle of diplomacy, information, military, economics, all options being on the table the military option must be the last possible option that we would ever use, but we have to let those who are working the diplomacy, the diplomatic end, the economic
10:57 am
pressure end, they all need to know that we're serious about the military option. >> and, sir, i do appreciate that, i'm unfortunately out of time. come see me again, republican congressman lee zelden. i'm alex witt, that does it for me this afternoon. mill ahead, congressman steve scalise is going to talk to chuck todd on "meet the press." when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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thisto a hilarioushing baudiobook on audible.g and this woman is laughing because she's pretending her boss's terrible story is funny.
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still actually laughing. no longer making a human noise. experience the comedy, not your commute. dial star-star-audible on your smartphone to start listening today. this sunday, after las vegas. another mass murder, the biggest ever in the u.s. and another debate over whether to debate gun control. both parties in their usual corner. republicans -- and see we're not going to talk about that today. >> we can have that discussion at another time. >> and democrats. >> if we don't act now, when will we? >> when is the right time? >> this morning my interviews with democratic senator dianne feinstein. >> america is a gun-happy country. >> and with republican congressman steve scalise who himself was


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