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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 8, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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i'm richard lui live in new york city. thanks for joining us. vice president pence takes a stand against anthem protests, walking out of colts game. and plus learning the white house is considering mike pompeo for secretary of state should rex tillerson leave office leading to a strong denial from white house officials. >> he says it's not true. i think the president tweeted last night it was fake news. you're running the story, but you folks are really the only ones doing it. so if it's between you and the
quote quote
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folks involved, i believe the folks involved. and corker calls the white house an adult daycare. vice president mike pence says we were just mentioning attending the nfl game between the 49ers and colts, but he walked out of the game when 49ers players refused to stand for the anthem. pence then tweeted a statement part of which reads, quote, i left today he's colts game because president trump and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag or our national anthem while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, i don't think it's too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and our national anthem. pence's staff had nothing to add beside his tweeted statement, those members of the press pool prior to inside abothe exit, th told there may be an early departure from the game. president trump on all of that with a tweet say, quote, i asked vice president pence to leave
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stadium if any players kneeled, disrespecting our country. i am proud of him and second lady karen. now, this comes as a new associated press poll shows that 52% of americans disapprove of pro athletes refusing to stand for the anthem, while 31% approve. the same poll shows 55% of americans oppose trump's response to the protests while 31% approve. let's bring in peter alexander. and pete, what is the latest on all of this? this just happening this afternoon. >> reporter: yeah, those are basically the elements that we know to this point, the president just a short time ago basically saying that this was his idea that he discussed with the vice president in advance that if anybody took a knee, that the vice president thoo leave. so let's set the table for you. the vice president you remember just in las vegas, speaking about the desire for unity in this country, on obviously in the wake of the terrible disaster, the shooting that took place there is a week ago.
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and he flew last night too indianapolis where the soul purpose of going to this football game were the colts, obviously his home state being indiana, would be playing the san francisco 49ers. the team where colin kaepernick the former quarterback who obviously began this entire situation by taking a knee last season during the national anthem to protest what he believed was among other things police brutality and racial injustices. so pence went to the game. as soon as he saw someone take a knee, he left. they departed a short time later and as we understand, he's already en route to los angeles for a political fund raiser. so certainly the president and vice president had come up with what they believed to communicate this stand which is one that a lot of americans support, the idea that football players should respect the flag. but it's obviously a divisive issue with many insisting that these players deserve their right to free expression. they have the right to the first amendment right to be able to do
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whatever they choose. and among the questions right now that remain to be answered, was this a political stunt as many people suggest it was and the bottom line is, is the vice president as a government official allowed to use taxpayer money to fly into a place like indiana for what many view is a political stunt. so those are some of the questions we'll focus on, but at the moment this is the latest in what has become a cultural war. >> thank you so much, pete. i want to now bring in our panel, john than nathan allen a and curtis lee. good seeing all three of you. this just into us. so what peter laid out for us is the critics of what the vice president did here, jonathan, was this a stunt? thought. >> well, i think number one you've got to go back a couple
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weeks to when the indianapolis colts as a team locked arms and several of their players knelt. and then last year of course on the 49ers became best known because of colin kaepernick. it was very predictable that this was going to happen when the vice president came. he came to the stadium with the colts hat on. and i think the question for the vice president is, what happened in the last two weeks since those indianapolis colts took a knee between then when he was a fan and today when he was a fan and then today when left the stadium after some of the 49ers players took a knee. because again, this was a pr predictable event. >> katherine, was it a stunt? >> it's not really for us to judge that at the moment, but i think what we can can talk about is the fact that this is a political fight that the president and by extension the vice president is very comfortable handling. the president started this conversation. he knows that a lot of his
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supporters are with him, he knows it place well with his base and he is clearly looking to continue this. >> and part of this when we look at the new a.p. poll that i was mentioning at the top of this show, 52% of americans disapproving of those not standing during the anthem, alluding to on the professional player hes. is that what the president might be looking senate hey, i have the majority here of americans supporting my stance on this. so why not for another sunday come out and make a point on this. >> it's interesting that the president obviously is continuing with this. i'm sure that he's looked at poll numbers and seen how some people view these protests. but to go back to peter alexander's report, yesterday we saw vice president mike pence in las vegas talking about unity, how this country must come together and then the vice president travels to indianapolis today and where players mostly african-american players are peacefully protesting taking a knee and n.
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ca in calls for social justice and the vice president says no, i don't necessarily support that, i'm leaving. it's very interesting to see when this administration is talking about unity at times, where they push back against folks who are doing peaceful protests. but i'm sure that the president has looked at these poll numbers but also that same poll did show that people don't like the way that the president has addressed this issue on twitter and talking about it on the campaign trail as well. >> why is the president still on this topic? there are a couple other issues on the front burner. >> i think it's something that has a personal appeal to him. it's something that sort of mixes culture and politics and that is always something that he is interested in. but i also think this is red meat for his base. whatever the percentage of americans who approve of what he has done on this, if i recall from the polling that was just mentioned, in the low 30%, almost all of them are in
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trump's base. this is something that reassures his set of most arrest dents supporters. so i think that is why he is going back to this. and look, it's not impossible for someone to hold in their head at the same time the idea that athletes have the right to kneel, that they shouldn't kneel, and that the president should or shouldn't get involved in it. so not terribly surprising that some of these numbers, you know, reflect a matrix of values among the american people. >> matrix of values, but also there is the overall approval rating that came out this last week for the president, 32% which issen a al an all-time lo him. i want to move on to another, if you will, fight that is ongoing. and this one is with republican senator bob corker who has been critical of the president in recent weeks. the president tweet goinging, quote, i would fully expect corker to be in a negative voice and stand in the way of our great agenda. didn't have the guts to run. and this is a reference here to
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corker announcing his decision not to seek re-election. now, corker fired back at the president tweeting it's a same the white house has become an adult daycare center, someone obviously missed their shift this morning. catherine, an exciting sunday as usual as we watch the back and forlt here. goop senator bob corker saying this, though, about the group's white house influence. take a listen. >> i think secretary tillerson, secretary mattis and chief of staff kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos. >> so putting all of that together, the criticisms going back and forth with bob corker swellings he is alluding there to on other individuals, rex tillerson, pompeo, all in discussion today on a sunday. what is the situation in terms of chaos in the white house?
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>> if you show the comments from corker earlier in the week, thes from as we know does not like criticism. so part of what is going on today from his twitter feed is punching back. and that is something we've seen from him and we'll continue to see from him. that said, this exchange is notable even by the rhetoric that we've come to expect from this white house. >> and what do you think, curtis? >> well, it's interesting to see that senator corker is becoming very company valvocal against t administration now that he's not running. we've seen a lot of republicans stand back when the president makes comments about muslim, immigrants and just don't really say anything. kind of sit on their hands. but now we're seeing a republican who is not running in 2018 being very vocal against this administration. so is this how a lot of republicans are thinking on capitol hill but don't want to say because they don't want to lose some of those trumpt
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supporters in 2018? >> and we might see more republicans saying something because as we are getting the word from a senior administration official through several reports, "wall street journal" included, that the president again not addressing the lea leadership on the republican side is considering and at least senior administration official will be signing an executive order regarding insurance and the ability to buy insurance potentially across state lines, moving alone -- we'll get more details of course if it does happen here. jonathan, this just adds 00 s terms of the fights that the president is picking with his own party leadership. >> it's really amazing, not only has the president not been able to get anything done on capitol hill and i think that is why you're seeing him move toward executive action, but he's picking fights with people like bob corker who are necessary to him getting things done on capitol hill. i'm not sure how this particular battle this morning and bob corker's office came back and
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has pushed back on this and said that the president was going to endorse corker if he'd run. you know, i'm not sure how this helps the president's agenda. i think if you were a republican senator on capitol hill right now, you have to look at this and say no matter how supportive i am of the president, no matter what my attitude is toward him, the likely hood is steve bannon will run a primary opponent against me and the president will call me out on twitter at some kathericatherine, what hav heard about the executive order and does this empower corker to speak out more? >> certainly not running for re-election changes the way that you take on these fights. so i think it will be interesting to watch corker as we go in to tax reform, as we hear more on iran. these are issues he's already been vocal on and it's not clear how he will line up. the executive order, if that is -- that is something that the president has teased a little over a week ago that he was
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looking to do something about buying insurance across state lines. it's something he talked about on the campaign. but we'll have to see exactly what the details look like. >> if and when he does sign it. and quickly to you, curtis . >> yeah, it will be interesting to see how this develops. it was interesting also to see yesterday that the president was reaching out to democrats, chuck schum schumer. he is pivoting away from working with some leadership to go to democrats and call for by pa bipartisansh bipartisanship. >> but that was saturday. today is sunday. >> exactly 37. >> all right. thank you all so much. calculated murders.37. >> all right. thank you all so much. calculated murders.7. >> all right. thank you all so much. calculated murders.. >> all right. thank you all so much. calculated murders. new information on how the las vegas gunman may have targeted concert goers using numbers. and as we head to break, jason aldean made a surprise appearance on snl last night. he paid tribute to the victims killed during his concert. he performed the late tom petty's won't back down.
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thanks for staying with us. as investigators search for a motive in last sunday's deadly mass shooting, multiple law enforcement sources tell nbc news the shooter left behind a note. and in that note, some mysterious numbers. they could be calculations for targeting the crowds in the most efficient way. nbc's ron allen has been following that story for us out of las vegas. ron, it's been almost a week since the tragic shooting. what do we know about these
12:18 pm
calculations and this note? >> reporter: well, richard, that is what the authorities think that was, it was the shooter calculating the range, the trajectory that he had to fire. remember, he's 32 stories up and the crowd is several hundred feet away from him. it's another indication of how depraved and sick this individual was, if you will, it that he carefully planned this whole thing. we've been here all day at this memorial that we've been coming back and forth to all week. and i just want to show you the scale of it, the magnitude of it. it is growing and growing. there is a long line that stretches down there. and what you can't quite see, there are crosses. we've seen this before. for each of the 58 victims. there are flowers, any mmemento pictures. and everybody that we've talked to has a story because again, the core group in this was 20,000 people at a concert, but in this community, it seemed
12:19 pm
that everybody knew somebody who was there, wouho might have bee there. it's a very personal thing for so many and very emotional. here are some of the things people have been telling us. >> you really don't have to know anybody here to feel the profound sadness. just very, very sad. >> i'm just in shock. i think we need to stop with this hatred and we need to start coming together as one. i just think this is -- it makes me feel like what is this world coming to. you wake up in the morning and you go on the news and something like this happens. >> evil unfortunately is a part of our life, but we want to make sure that we show love and just to reach out to everybody who is hurting. >> a lot of emotion. and that is the same thing that a lot of people were saying how they came here to try to reach out to show some support, to do what they can to lend a hand, to hug somebody.
12:20 pm
it is really a community really trying to come together. there was one other milestone that was crossed today, the authorities gave out information about how people who were at the concert can come and retrieve property. there were seven truckloads of property if you can believe it left behind as people were fleeing the mayhem. and getting that back i'm sure will help some people, it will also bring back some painful reminders. going forward some days will be good, some days will be bad, but one day at a time. las vegas is trying to move forward and do it in unity and together. >> and they are doing it well as you have been reporting from the memorial behind you. there right in front. and so important for those young and old and we've been watching some of those walk up as well as your great interviews that you ever had there. ron allen, thank you so much. for more on the investigation, let's bring in former assistant director of the fbi sean henry.
12:21 pm
and i know this is also difficult for an individual like you with your expertise to see what has happened here. but the question has to be asked, you know, we are a week later. and we haven't had really any sense at least reported sense of why. what the motive is. and that is important to those individuals that are at that memorial. what is your perspective on that? >> yeah, the motivation here is really a big issue. and investigators are leaving no stone unturned. this is a wide ranging investigation. it goes internationally. he had made trips to the philippines multiple times. his girlfriend lived there. i imagine the fbi will be looking at that and people who encountered him over there. and then there is the long list of investigative steps that are taken in any type of an investigation like this where you've got digital devices that have yet to be exploited. the fbi has those at quantico.
12:22 pm
cellphones where they will be looking at the browser and where he might have been, what websites he was looking at. they will be looking at phone calls he may have made, et cete cetera. but this is long ranging. two quick points i'll make in terms of motive. there has been some talk about potential mental disability, some type of mental health issue. i think that is important to look at here. he did exhibit anti-social behavior which might be indicative of that. and his family members have talked a little bit about some of that. i'd also -- i haven't heard anything about any autopsy. and i'm interested in two things, one, if he had any drug use or not. you can tell by examining the body through blood, et cetera. but also if there was some undiagnosed physical ailment that he may have had. and i think that is also important to look at. this will continue. we are only one week fwh to this. there is a lot more to do. but the motive is critical here. >> weeks, months before you say
12:23 pm
why haven't we gotten to at least some scenario? >> his background, he was very meticulous, very private. when i looked at that crime scene it looked like he had set up a sniper's nest in that room. we talked about the report prior talking about the calculations that he had. he was very meticulous, very private. he may have been planning this for weeks, months or even years. i read something that was very, very interesting that back in the early '90s, he had an apartment building in los angeles and during the riots, he'd gone up to the top of the building with a flap jacket, bulletproof vest and a rifle to protect his property. if he was doing something like that back then, some of these weapons have been accumulated over more than 20 years. people know there are people who have i think couencountered him spoken with him, who will have some indication of what caused him to do this or what he had
12:24 pm
been thinking in the months or even years leading up to this event. >> and as we know, they are asking for more clues, more folks to come forward. we could get that crucial piece of information in the coming days. >> we don't know the answer until we know the answer. >> great to have you here, sean, thank you so much for your perspective. flooding along the gulf coast, tens of thousands of people with no power. next for you, the latest on the aftermath of hurricane nate. for your heart...
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at the bottom of the hour, i'm richard lui at msnbc in new york city. and this is what we're watching at this moment. vice president mike pence walked on out of the colts game, this after several players took a knee during the national anthem. the vice president released a statement saying i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag or our national anthem. tens of thousands are
12:28 pm
without power after nate made landfall in mississippi and louisiana as a category 1 hurricane. that storm has since been downgraded to a tropical depression, but severe weather and flooding still threaten much of the gulf coast. no fatalities reporting in the u.s. and in barcelona, at least 350,000 protesters, look at these pictures, took to the streets. they were in support of keeping spain whole. this comes amid speculation that catalan leaders will declare independence from spain very soon. more on that story in just a little bit. now to more fallout following a bombshell report in the "new york times" on sexual harassment allegations against movie mogul and big time political contributor harvey weinstein.
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12:32 pm
bloom not the only one distancing herself from weinstein. many democrats are donating campaign contributions that they received there weinstein to women's charities. senator dianne feinstein says she's not sure she ever received money from weinstein and has not decided what do if she did. >> i just don't know. i mean, anytime somebody does something wrong and he's done mighty wrong, and no one has ever questioned where i stand on any of this stuff, somebody comes to you and says they contributed to you, are you giving backs money, and you sort of look like a startled bird and say well let me look at see. and that is the best i can do for you today. >> weinstein family has spent more than $1 million on democratic and progressive candidates since the '92 election cycle correspond to the center for responsive politics. soon after the "new york times" broke the story with allegations
12:33 pm
of sexual misconduct against weinstein, he tooking an indefinite leave of absence from the company. weinstein's attorney has called the report false and defamatory. for more, i will bring in my panel. catherine lucy, jonathan allen, and curtis lee. thank you all for sticking around. curtis, your paper, the southern california "los angeles times" o, great reporting on this, today saying that harvey weinstein the outsider from queens not finding many supporters when it comes to this issue that he has been involved in sexual harassment. he's not going to find many friends there in southern california. >> no, this is something that sent reverberations throughout hollywood. weinstein is a prolific democratic donor. he has been a prolific donor for decades. it's going back that he's donated to political campaigns. and now you're seeing a lot of democrats looking to distance themselves from this. and saying that they will give their money back.
12:34 pm
i mean, just in the last couple days, we have seen reports from senator cory booker, elizabeth warren, charles schumer have said that they will give back money that weinstein has given to their campaigns in the past. and this is just something that everyone at least on the democratic side is definitely starting to -- and trying to distance themselves from weinstein and his actions. >> and catherine, the president has also weighed in on the controversy. he did that on saturday. i want to play a little bit of that and then get your perspective. >> i've known harvey weinstein for a long time. i'm not at all surprised to see it. >> not at all surprised to see it. and we understand which president is speaking here because of his involvement. and remember on that bus the microphone that picked up his comments after that "access hollywood" tape. yet republicans have been very critical here of weinstein. but somewhat silent and very
12:35 pm
silent when it came to president trump for the most part during the election. >> well, certainly republicans see this moment as a chance to target some democrats. and they have been very vocal about democrats who somewhere taken c have taken contributions from weinstein and who haven't spoken up yet. and i thinkhere have taken contributions from weinstein and who haven't spoken up yet. and i think women se'll see mor that especially as it seems that the allegations will grow. i mean, looking for people to return contributions in moments like these is not an unusual political play and they will certainly go after it. >> jonathan, are republicans overplaying their hand here and on the flip side, are democrats being too silent? >> i don't think there is a real way to on overplay your hands-ones allegatiohands-on the allegations against harvey
12:36 pm
weinstein. so i don't think the republicans have gone overboard here. this is typically what happens whenever there iss is a major d involved in legal problems or scandal. diane fine stene feinstein was t today. and already we've heard that some want to give the donations to other political organizations, the dnc was talking about emily's list and some others. and that seemed like an odd decision from my perspective. seems like more likely to do good-bye giving to a charity rather than a political entity. >> catherine, as democrats do respond, some saying yes, they will give back money or they will openly criticize weinstein
12:37 pm
and what he has done, but is this a problem more broadly for democrats those who is have decided in the past to take contributions from weinstein? >> i think we have to see how it plays out. i do think that we are seeing some of the democrats who are maybe considering a presidential bid in 2020 are definitely quick here. so you're seeing cory booker, elizabeth warren, gilthey are trying to put stance. >> and we'll see more people start to distance themselves, democrats specifically in the days and weeks ahead and see how it plays out. >> okay. curtis lee, kaths rerine lieu u, jonathan allen, thank you. next the vice president's decision to walk out of a game after several players took a knee.
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the controversy on this sunday over players taking a knee during the national anthem again the spotlight in the nfl, if you have been watching any of the games. vice president pence was attending a game between the san francisco 49ers and the colts of indianapolis earlier today. but he walked out after seeing players from the 49ers kneeling during the anthem. pence issued a statement following the game saying emnot dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag or our national anthem. president trump then followed vice president pence with a tweet of his own saying he asked pence to leave if any players kneeled. let's go to tyler tynes and jason page. tyler, peter alexander was reporting at the top of the hour for us and he said those who might be critical of what the vice president and the president did, is that they had planned this out if you will to double down, triple down on their
12:42 pm
criticisms of those players who are kneeling during the national anthem. your thought. >> i mean, we've seen for so long that these teams are going to protest. and we saw last week that the president and vice president was going to co-op this along with nfl owners to push out a temp unity or brotherhood to protect the shield and to make the protest seem like it is actually about pay theism and about unity and the flag. but that is a lie, right? like we've seen so much that this white house has lied and this seems like a pr stunt to pe pet chew eight that lie. first it was the co-op and now we want the americans to fully not know why these black men are kneeling, why these black women in the the same thing. so it seems ludicrous that the white house would use tax dollars to fly to a game to put his hand over his hand and leave over a stunt. extreme lengths just when black people are only asking for
12:43 pm
equality, only asking for police to stop killing us. >> and jason, there was a lot of lead up to the vpd vice president to the game. he flu theew there, only for th anthem and then gone. it makes it difficult for those critical of it on defend that this was not planned. >> it was clearly grand standing. anybody with common sense can realize that that is what pence was doing here. this was obviously planned and coordinated. i wonder how many of the players and i'm sure they knew that he was coming. and when he have close to half the 49ers team, some 20 players deciding to take a knee, and especially knowing that pence is there, it just speaks volumes to the fact that this protest and what we continue to see around the nfl, it isn't going away. but the bigger question to me starts to become are nfl teams going to put policy in place
12:44 pm
that forces players to stand for the anthem. shawn king of the intercept was reporting on it. the fact that supposedly a couple of nfl teams now are mandating that their players stand for the anthem. and that is only going to make things even more acrimonious between owners, players, and then the whole political divide that exists. >> it seems that the president is reaffirming the support that he has found, that he believes from his base and when you look at a recent associated press center for public affairs research poll, most of america does agree with his stance. 52% of americans disapproving of professional athletes that are not standing during the national anthem. so just taking a step back here, tyler, it seems even though it may be planned or not, and those who support him may believe or may not believe that, it won't matter because he is getting support. >> he absolutely is. and again, this is a stunt. this is red meat for his base, this is all leading up to the
12:45 pm
theatrics the white house is willing do to stuff away the cares and concerns of black folks everywhere. honest honestly, it should not be this hard for black people to just ask for equality. we've asked for equality for so long. the black men on fields are putting their game checks and endorsements and themselves on the line as more and more and more and more and more black people keep getting killed. as policies are being put in place to stifle our voices and stifle ourselves. it's very hard and a double standard to be black and patriotic, but we do it because we believe in the pride of america and and we believe what this country can do to us and every day we see not only the white house and the country spits back in our face. >> and jason, i want to dig down deeper into the numbers. 79% of african-americans disapprove of donald trump's call for players to be fired. 48% of whites disapprove. so you have that gap there. again, of some 21 percentage
12:46 pm
poibtd points. and it really does show a divide say hal rave sh racially. >> while i'm pro first amendment and i support their right to protest in any peaceful manner, i've said from the get go i'd rather see players speak out more than simply take a knee. use every moment they have in terms of the ability to stand up and n. a press conference, every day these guys have cameras and microphones shoved in their face. if you really want to speak out on the issues that you hear tyler talking about, i'd rather hear players speaking on it every day to get their message acro across -- >> we've done that. >> but not nearly to the degree that the impact of taking a knee is having. and now they are forcing the nfl he's hand baut nfl is seeing its popularity wain as a result of this. and the president is right about that. the fact of the matter is less fans are tuning in to the games right now.
12:47 pm
and he can blame the protests and the nfl is going to have to start looking and saying all right, the rubber will meet the road somewhere here. and there is going to have to ultimately be a solution to this. that is what i want to see is how the nfl, players association, players all get together on this and figure out a way to make it work. b because right now, this is a nightmare situation for the nfl from a corporate standpoint for. >> you might be asking why doesn't the president also say i'm also against loss of black lives, but i also want folks to stand up during the anthem. >> the president can do this because of statements that we hear where we think that we should tell the -- people who are the nonoppressed tell the oppressed exactly how to protest. like players have done for more than 12 months spoken every single day, given every -- >> no, they haven't. >> yes, they absolutely have. >> tyler, they haven't. >> at the absolutely have. it's ludicrous to believe and think that these players have not spoken every single opportunity they have to talk about this issue. this is going on for more than
12:48 pm
12 months at this point. so it's not the right thing to ask these people how to protest. we've taken a knee. we've gone out into the streets, we've given money, what more do we need to do on to ask for our own equality? it should be simple at this point. but again, it's apparently not because the president of the united states can offer this stunt and the vice president can go to a football game and leave after using tax dollars and everybody's actually on okay with it. >> and i disagree. >> we'll have to leave it there. you do not agree on that point. you did agree on the first point that we discussed. so we'll leave it there. thank you both. another blow was dealt to the president and residents in puerto rico struggling to survive after hurricane maria. and google launches a nuf mission to help the island to try to stay connected. over 20 million kids everyday in our country lack access to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents.
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talking about puerto rico now.
12:52 pm
another power plant failure last night left only 6% of the island's 3 million people now with electricity. that is down from 11% yesterday. and a new clash between san juan's mayor and the trump administration as well. mayor cruz tweeting power chances in san juan hospital with two pictuatients being transferred out. have requested support from brock. nothing. this morning brock long responded. take a listen. >> we don't have time for the political noise. the bottom line is that we are making progress every day in conjunction with the governor. >> and tech giants are starting to offer emergency services to the u.s. territory. governor rossello tweeting his thanks to google which will fly its experimental project internet balloons over puerto rico to increase cellphone service. ron mott joining us from san juan with the latest. >> reporter: hey, there. you mentioned google coming into
12:53 pm
help the battered island. get people talking again to their loved ones not only on puerto rico, but also in the mainland and elsewhere. and that is a huge problem here just communicating especially out in the rural areas. we've been to some of these towns earlier in the week and they are frustrated about the inability to be able to just make a simple phone call to let people know how they are doing, talk to their family members and get relief supplies and the like. so that fcc application was approved and announced late friday night. but we've also heard from elon musk from tesla, he says his company will delay an electric truck to next moobnth so they c ramp up batteries and help the solar power initiative get off the ground. they want to build a who you new power grid which the president and others have said has basically been for on saken for
12:54 pm
past couple decades. we had been seeing daily progress on the front, but there is still a lot of work to be done here in puerto rico and the sparks as we talk about lightning moving in to the area between this mayor here in san juan and the trump administration is pretty appropriate here, they have been clashing over what the mayor says is a slow response. >> ron, thank you with the latest for us live in san juan. hundreds of thousands of spaniards marched in barcelona protesting catalonia's push for su succession from spain. 90% voted to secede, but less than half the electorate turned out. today spain's prime minister says spain will take control of the autonomous region if necessary to stop the push for independent inside. is there is a path forward and what might be next? >> at least 350,000 people have gathered in barcelona for a
12:55 pm
rally against independence from spain seem to think so. they waived spanish and catalan flags saying together we are stronger. and the intent was to call for a few phase of dialogue with the rest of spain. but in reality, catalonia's hunger for independence has polarized spanish society as they take a step into the unknown. even some catalans are torn. they want independent insidce, y are frightened of becoming second class citizens and worry that businesses in the region would be further. the political uncertainty has already led to some businesses including their third largest bank to move their bases from catalonia. and their fears aren't without region. spain's prime minister rajoy has come down heard. he's warned that he wouldn't rule out anything within the law to halt catalonia's independence. he was asked whether he was prepared to invoke article 155 of spain's constitution which
12:56 pm
allows the national parliament to intervene in the running of an autonomous region and he said he wouldn't rule out anything within the law and that his government will ensure that any declaration of independence will lead to nothing. he also said he planned to keep extra police deployed in cats lo catalonia before the referendum until the crisis is over.ts catalonia before the referendum until the crisis is over. but the separatist leader is the one who decides to press ahead and this could come after the publication of results today. so the next few days could be critical, the catalonia and on that opposition leader will address as nation in a televised program tonight calling for independence. so an interesting few days to watch out for. >> all right. thank you for that. ali arouzi. appreciate that. next the heated twitter exchange between president trump and a republican senator who has recently become a vocal critic.
12:57 pm
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thanks for staying with us. i'm richard lui. we start with the vice presidential protest. mike pence attending an nfl match-up between the colts and 49ers in indiana. but the vice president left the game when some members of the 49ers players refused to stand for the anthem. pence then posting a statement on twitter part of which read this, i left today's colts game because president trump and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag or our national anthem. while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, i don't think it's too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and our national anthem. those have who ha those who have been kneeling say they are protesting the black lives lost. pence's staff saying they did not have anything to add. however members of the press


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