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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 8, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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thanks for staying with us. i'm richard lui. we start with the vice presidential protest. mike pence attending an nfl match-up between the colts and 49ers in indiana. but the vice president left the game when some members of the 49ers players refused to stand for the anthem. pence then posting a statement on twitter part of which read this, i left today's colts game because president trump and i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag or our national anthem. while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, i don't think it's too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and our national anthem. those have who ha those who have been kneeling say they are protesting the black lives lost. pence's staff saying they did not have anything to add. however members of the press pool following pence prior to
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his exit were told by one staffer that the vice president might be leaving the game early. president trump then followed all of this with a tweet saying i asked vice president pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled, disrespecting or country. i am proud of him and second lady karen. now, this all comes as a new associated press poll comes out and it shows 52% of americans disapprove of pro athletes who are not standing for the anthem. while 31% do approve. that same poll shows that 55% of americans oppose donald trump's response to the protests while 31% approve. let's bring in peter alexander at the white house. and peter, this is not only the latest chapter in this back and forth. >> reporter: yeah, i think you're right. it's obvious that both the president and the vice president believe that this is a political winner and they might be right. americans certainly split on this topic of whether nfl
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players and other professional athletes should stand during the national anthem. the vice president making a trip after being in las vegas with the sole purpose of going to this day, on a day that they would be celebrating peyton manning. he put his hand over his heart and when he saw more than 20 player on the 49ers taking a knee during the national anthem, he made the decision that he would leave as evidenced by that tweet from president trump later, certain that the president and vice president had talked about it in advance so they had sort of determined what he would do wiat the time. some are suggesting that that is a political stunt, they are questioning whether taxpayers should be effectively footing the bill for what they describe as a stunt like this. we have reached out to the white house to see whether or not taxpayers would be paying for this trip or whether the vice president would be paying for it person bely. nonetheless, at the heart of this is an issue that the president believes is a strong
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one that favors him, and most importantly, it's a distraction from all the other topics that have been swirling around his administration in recent weeks. >> russia and health care included in that. peter, thank you so much. peter alexander at the white house for us. let's bring in a white house reporter for bloomberg news and also erica warner, alan smith, and matthew cooper. tolu, peter set it up for us. we have had the back and forth on this. there are clearly major topics that needs to be dealt with in washington, d.c. and by the white house and i mentioned just a couple of those. in the background certainly is russia, we have health care front and center at the moment. vice president pence though spending timing to make it out to this game. he even tweeted this, quote, potus and i will not dignify any disrespect of our soldiers, flag
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or national anthem. but he also tweeted that he was proud to is an with all our colts for our soldiers, our flag and our national anthem. showing a ikts about of picture wife standing during a game. but it looks like a stunt as many folks have been saying because of the very clear process in a all these pieces of communication have come out. >> well, that is the criticism that the vice president has opened himself up to. you to remember that he was in las vegas just a couple days ago gee, he will be going back to california. so he took the plane all the way from the west coast back to indiana to go to the game just for this national anthem and then leave the stadium shortly -- even before the game start and he will be taking the same air force two plane back nows thousands of miles tole came kalg do a fundraiser. so he has opened himself up to a pretty significant criticism that this was a political stunt that he is using taxpayer money to fly across the country to
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engage in counterprotests against nfl athletes at a time when the country is facing everything from the north korean nuclear threat to trying to push for a tax reform, trying to make sure that there is a deal on health care and immigration. there are a number of different issues that the american people want the white house to be focused on and based on the polling, it's not clear that the american people want the president and the vice president spending their time engaged in counterprotests against nfl athletes. >> from what you understand of him, erica, the vice president being a former member of congress as he was, this is one of the more forward moves if you will where he is taking a political stance, that is, in line with what the president has consistently done over the first three quarters of his presidency. and the president even saying, you know, i had agreed this is what pence and i had discussed, i asked him do this. is this a willing vice president, is this a willing vice president, a pence that understands how he needs to
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stand above the fray? >> well, mike pence since becoming vice president has been nothing if not an extreme loyalist to the president. so clearly going along with what the president wanted him do here, and with the polling that we've seen on the president's approval rating lastly, he often responds to that with these kind of base plays, doing these things that his base might like. so whatever the country as a whole mits think of the nfl protests that the president and vice president are engaged in, the white house clearly thinks that it plays well to the base and as peter noted a few minutes ago, it also is a distraction, maybe a welcome one from the white house's perspective from these various other issues going on. >> and alan, as those who love the sport have been watching this very difficult issue over the last three years and that is black lives being lost during
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issues that bring up the question how police are working in communities, has he been able to shift the narrative on the very purpose that the players say why they are doing this? your thought. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, look, these protests began as sort of a "black lives matter" wanting to pay attention to police brutality. and now president trump has somewhat successfully shifted the whole idea of the protests to having people think that they are actually about the flag, veterans and the military. and that kneeling is something that is disrespecting the flag when that is not at all how nfl players have intended for these protests to symbolize and what these protests really mean. >> and when we look at the faces of nfl teams across the country, one has to say here, matthew, and the critics of president
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trump would say you're again reaching out and fighting with those communities of color. and this is not good, sir, don't do this. >> well, that's right. i mean, clearly he's open to that criticism. but this thing that pence is particularly egregious, they knew full well that players would take a knee at the gauge and to spend all that tax dollars, especially after we've just seen the health and human services secretary tom price dismissed over his cavalier use of chartered jets, to spend all the money flying from california to indianapolis to acts all indignant about something that he knew would happen is absurd. they could well have -- he could well have canceled his visit to indianapolis and just said, you know, i'm not going to go to an nfl game while people are taking a knee and that is fine. that is an opinion. but it would not have had the
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drama that clearly the president and vice president meant for it to have today. >> and this isn't the only dust-up, the only ring that the president is in this weekend. senator bob corker, there is the question of rex tillerson, there is the president's -- at least the word is from a senior administration official that an executive order on health care might come out this week. toluse, the president has a lot of spaces here where if you will he is picking a fight. >> and into the to mention all the fights being waged around the world with north korea and potentially a decision on the iran deal.fights being waged ar world with north korea and potentially a decision on the iran deal. the president picking a fight with senator corker is very yurs considering that there is such a tight margin in the senator. only two votes can be lost and senator corker has been one of the most outspoken republicans against any tax plan that would
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increase the deficit, which it appears based on the facts that we have that this is exactly what the president's tax plan would do. and attacking him publicly saying he has no guts because he decided not run for re-election is not the way that you win favor from one of the very key votes in a tax reform on fights. so it's very curious to try to understand why the president has taken this strategy, e. when he has not been able to get through health care or any other major legislation. if tax reform goes down, that could imperil his republican majority. so i'm sure that the senate republicans are not happen that the president is picking a fight with senate republicans and not democrats right now. >> all right. thank you all so much. i all three of you one. next we move to a family that takes action to help the victims of the las vegas massacre. and new details about the cryptic note found inside the gunman's room. you were a hero.
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thanks for staying with us. authorities are until covering more information about last week's mass shooting at a las vegas concert that left 59 people dead including the shooter. a cryptic note discovered at the mandalay bay hotel room occupied by stephen paddock, that paper that we are talking about contained numbers that are believed to be calculations on how to most efficiently target the crowd. ron allen is in las vegas where people are gathering to pay tribute this weekend. and ron, what is the latest on that data we're talking about that is on that piece of paper? >> reporter: i think the short answer, it's more evidence of how calculated and cold this individual was, that he would figure out exactly the way to fire his rounds so that they
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would hit the crowd. he's 32 stories up in the hotel, the crowd is several hundred feet or yards out there in that concert venue. and there was even speculation that he was trying to hit some fueling tanks at an airport that is nearby. so just more evidence of how depraved this individual was. he wasn't just randomly firing bullet lets out of a window, his sbepts was to kill and he did it. here is the result. there are 58 white crosses up here that you can kind of see through the crowd for eecht vehic each of the victims. there are tedare teddy bears, f pictures of each individual. vacation pictures and portraits. a very emotional place to be. we've been out here all day. this is the lampe estlargest cr se seen. it goes all the way back that way, the veg as strong sign that you see there.
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and so people keep coming. they have been coming all day. and we've been talking to them and they have ban sharing their stories. and explain yg they are here. >> this is hard. it really is. but we'll recover. it will take a while. vegas strong. have a heart. just love each other. that's what it's all about, just love each other. just have a heart. it's a tough world and there is too much hate. not enough strong. >> just here to support everyone, show my love. and it's just different when items your o it's your own city.
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>> reporter: now, las vegas passed another milestone today, authorities have made arrangements for the concert goers who left property behind to retrieve it. there are seven truckloads of items, lawn chairs, bags, cellphone, clothing that people can pick up and that will help of course some start to move forward and also bring back a lot of painful memories id imagine. some days will be better, some days will be worse as everyone tries to move forward. but the message here that most people are trying to send out is that they are trying to do it together. they are trying to be unified, trying to lend a hand, give a hug, do whatever they can to support the people closest to this. and remember, there are 20,000 people at that congress certificate and hard to find somebody in this town what wasn't affected who didn't have a fwrend theriend there or rela someone who was going to go or first responder. so they are trying to stay together, be together as they try to move forward.
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>> and if it weren't for the location being so close to the airport as well as the road, these sorts of memorials as you and i both know erierily quiet despite the number of people that are there, just taking their time to remember these important souls. ron allen, thank you for that. still more questions about this entire case, that police are trying to uncover. and that is motive for the mass shooting. >> we all want answers. we have looked at everything, literally, to include the specific's personal life, any political affiliation, his social behaviors, economic situation. at this time i'll tell you again that we have no credible information to report to you as to motivation. >> let's bring in clint van zan zandt, author of facing down evil.
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clintd, a all the cases you've gone through, we're about a week in, we have this new information of calculations, of numbers. yet motive still seems elusive. as a former profiler, where do you put us at? >> well, i think we're getting a better handle on who this guy was. we could call him a sociopath, he xiblted exhibited anti-socia behavior. when he went to las vegas, he freskts e fresktsed call girls, one alleged she was paid up to $6,000 a time. she said he liked to tie her up and make her scream. so this is one who had fantasies about violence. other individuals have said when he was around, he was a very anti-social person, he didn't get along well. that is why he played video poker by himself. and so we're getting a picture of would thho this guy is. it still didn't justify his
1:20 pm
actions. we may have 4% of the united states that exhibit anti-social behaviors. those people are all not serial shooters. some are captains of industry, they go into politics. but the way this guy pointed all of his behavior and he liked to take credit for his dad who was on the fbi's top 10 most wanted fugitives, and he was also a conspiracy theorist, he thought ninth had been faked and it was really the government who did this, so we're finding more and more about his mental health condition that tells us who he is, stilt didn't tebut didn't t did it. >> and drill down on those numbers. >> yeah, if you and i are shooters, we may cite on our gun in for 100 yards on a level shoot. he knew that he was going to be at the 34th floor, 400 yards away, so there is adjustments that you have to make on your scope or site so your point of
1:21 pm
aim is where the bullets go. he made those adjustments so that wherever he pointed it, it was shooting at people. that is somebody who spent a lot of time learning how it worked, probably spent a lot time in the desert with those weapons or those now fully automatic weapons practicing for this terrible event. >> best in the business, clint vanthank you for joining us. the head of fema calls the mayor of san juan's political noise. we'll discuss. oh, you brought butch.
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in puerto rico another power plant failure to tell you about. early this morning. now leaving only 6% of the island's residents with electricity. and fighting words flying between san juan mayor cruz and the fema administrator brock
1:25 pm
long. mayor cruz tweeting that have requested from brock long, nothing. and this morning brock long responded. >> we filtered out the mayor a long time ago. we don't have time for the political noise. the bottom line is that we are making progress every day in con jenks with t con jenks with the governor. joining us now is the governor, i know you have been quite busy. how are things going? i'll get to the political back and forth. but 90% don't have electricity. what do you need? >> first of all, our thoughts and prayers for the people of las vegas and with those affected by hurricane nate. things in 40s are moving forward. certainly we hatd a setback wit
1:26 pm
one of the generational plants here. of course showcasing how fragile the energy system is. we should have it by night fall again so we can get up to those numbers. but this should showcase to the people of the world that our energy grid cannot just be put back together again. we need to rebuild an innovative infrastructure for puerto rico that is a platform to using renewable energies and best way to get reliable energy to the people of puerto rico, we cannot just reach build the same old system again. >> mr. governor, i've been speaking with some of those who are working on the ground directly to try to assist you, fema, oem, and the mayors of puerto rico. one of the reflections is coordination is not good and even tougher outside the city of san juan. but just as difficult in some spaces in the city itself. what are you seeing?
1:27 pm
>> well, here is what has happened. we are sending over -- we haha over 6 million servings of food, 8 million liters of water. we have documented it. we've given it to the mayors and now what we're doing is an effort to make sure that it reaches the people of puerto rico. there have been some complaints that some of the mayors are not delivering this food. so today i established an order so that we can investigate those mayors or all of the mayors and make sure that those complaints are real and if they are, then they will have to face of the strength of our laws here in puerto rico. i also sent auditors to make sure that the food goes to on puerto rico and the gas nationa gsta guard so that the food gets to the people. a lot of mayors are doing their part. they are getting to all of their folks. but some might not. and this is something that we
1:28 pm
are working on and believe me when i say if somebody is not delivering that food for any reason to the people of their town, they will have a tough time ahead of them. >> a lot of eyes watching you, sir. so many americans watching you, so many americans on the main land, if you will, also watching you to try to make sure that you get the help you need fp qui. quickly here, sir, google, jetblue a couple who have been trying to get different solutions to you. are you hopeful about those particular companies pitching in? >> yes, i am. particularly because they are innovators. and what we are looking at even though we are in the emergency phase, you know, of aer it the destruction, we need to rethink puerto rico, we need to build stronger, better.after the destruction, we need to rethink puerto rico, we need to build stronger, better. so we can get telecommunications and internet going, having a conversation with elon musk to
1:29 pm
visualize the energy grid and making that happen as much as it could. and having jetblue who has been a great partner of puerto rico as well as others, it means the world their support oefver heres well as what they can ship into a new and brirt puerto rico. >> we cannot let fellow americans be in such situations. thank you so much, sir. next, vice president mike pence walks out of the colts/49ers game after several players took a knee during the nch national anthem. has the white house changed the narrative about what the protests were all about to begin with? and this woman is laughing because she's pretending her boss's terrible story is funny.
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vice president pence attended a game between the 49ers and colts today. but he walked out after seeing players from the 49ers kneel
1:33 pm
occurring t durings anthem. he said he will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, flag or an them. let's bring in liz smith, joe watkins and tyler tynes. joe, those who were kneeling are not saying that. they are saying just to underline again that their claim is this is to reject the loss of black lives due to police brutality in cities across america. that is what they would want. now, this vice president and then the president reaffirming yts vice president walked out, he said i had asked the vice president to do this and the criticism follows. it looks calculated. and just one more thing that came out from "the indianapolis star," greg doyle, a reporter, saying north korea and its nukes can wait. the white house has declared war on the nfl and on the first
1:34 pm
amendment. do you think he didn't know the 49ers would kneel on sunday? alluding to the vice president. he said pence knew. did the vice president nknow? this is collin can pin kaeperni. >> absolutely he knew. i think it was calculated and this is about the fact that black men have been killed by police in cities and towns around the country. and it's an effort on the part of these players to bring attention to it. and not out of disrespect for the flag or the anthem. it's out of love for the country. they love the country enough to say you know what, this is the greatest country on the face of the ertz and we can do better. we ought not have african-american men, unarmed, killed at the hands of police officers. so this is their way of brbringo the maenks. it's a nonviolence protest, a way of using their platform to bring attention to it. and let the rest of the country know how important it is to them. and they care because they are african-american just like i'm african-american. i know that if i leave this
1:35 pm
studio right now, it could happen to me. god forbid it should happen to anyone. but it has happened to black men and they have the right to protest. >> liz, does did show that the president is on his heels? he has the issue of north korea in front of him, there is the question about rex tillerson and the issue of health care. he that cohas come out against control. in the past he has turned to something like this and this is the nfl in this case. >> yes, and first i just want to show some appreciation for what joe just said because he is one of the few republicans i've heard that has the guts to say what the motivation behind these protests really is. so i think that takes a lot of courage. as for president trump and the vice president, it just shows how misguided their priorities are. we have a new tan tearian crisis
1:36 pm
in puerto rico. he with just had the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. north korea is escalating tensions. and this is what they are doing today? >> russia investigation. >> yeah, russia. i mean, we could go to for hours about this. and for people who say that mike pence is so much better than donald trump, understand that this has been part of mike pence's m.o. he wanted to shut down the government over planned parenthood. he wanted to tank indiana's economy over his anti-gay policies. and so he decided he was more than complicit in this stunt, and he is complicit in the minimizing of the presidency and making this white house as small as possible. and it just shows that this white house is rotten to its core. >> tyler, those who say that the white house has redirected the narrative again, how do they redirect it back to what it
1:37 pm
started as? >> they don't. the president is the most powerful person saying this is about his version of the flag and what he sees about what these black men and women have been doing for a year, then they have lost. the president has won. he has issued an edict and owners are now -- these owners who are on this football plan stati plantation are telling their slaves to get back on it. we have in a second wave of white redetermine son.slaves to. we have in a second wave of white redetermine son. they are attacking blackness and anybody who wants to protest for anything like this. say it what is really it.president is a white supremacistist and he's a liar and he is using these tools to inflame nor acts of while supremacy. so this is just terrorism against the black body. and there is nothing that it seems that we can do to reclaim the message of police brutality,
1:38 pm
against a racist state that is unnaturally killing all of us. we just really are only asking for equality and it shouldn't be that hard. >> joe, has this brought the vice president down now that he's been brought into the ideology of the way trump deals with very serious issues? >> well, i think that it just shows that the vice president works at the pleasure of the president. so vice presidents generally do what the president asks them to do. i worked for a u.s. president. i know his vice president did what he required of hip am. but at the same time, i think it's so important that the message be sent out that this is about race. it's about african-americans who lost their lives at the hands of police. and how do we change that. and i take my hat off to the football players for trying to bring attention to this issue and to try to find a way to solve it. >> 15 seconds to you, liz. >> look, i agree with all of
1:39 pm
that and i think rather than having these dye deviivisive cu war, it would be a lot more proceductive to be talking abou the issue of police brutality and all the unarmed young men of color who have been killed by law enforcement. >> liz smith, joe watkins, tyler tynes, thank you. will president trump decertify the iran nuclear deal? a decision is expected this week. we'll discuss what is at stake. and in our next hour, my colleague thomas roberts will be here with more on the president's twitter attack on retiring republican senator bob corker.
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1:43 pm
troops based in the region as risk. let's go to ron klein and and charles both members of the house iran work group. congressman klein, this is not -- if he were to decertify the deal, this is not consistent with what we understand with what rex tillerson and jim mattis want to do. what is the level of tension within this administration do you think? >> i think those of us who worked on the iran sanctions originally understand that the reason iran even came to the table in the first place was because of the pressure brought to bear not only by the united states who wasn't really doing business with iran, but by the european countries. and by all of us working together, to literally isolate iran economically, that is why they came to the table. so the problem now is in if th
1:44 pm
haven't breached by going against that type of international areregime and walg away, i think it's a big problem within the administration in terms of credibility and i think it hurts us in dealing with other iran problems that are out there. >> and you probably saw what jim mattis again secretary of defense said this week when he was on the hill and asked a very specific question. do you support the iran deal. and after some hemming and hawing, he said i do support it unless there is evidence to the contrary. did you see, are you aware ever any evidence that would say okay, we should step away from this deal? >> well, with regard to the agreement, apparently according to international inspectors, iran is in compliance. and i trust secretary mattis on this. i think in response to questioning he said that it is not in the u.s. national interests to decertify this.
1:45 pm
and i think my colleague ron is also correct about the sanctions regime that was put in place. it was a multi lateral sanctions regime which got iran to the table. so if we were to back off of this now and try to impose unilateral sanctions, we'll be back to where we started prior to the multilateral sanctions regime. and i think it would be very ineffective temperature so i think the important thing do now is to build off of this.ure so think the important thing do now is to build off of this. understand that the iran nuclear agreement was to deal with the uranium enrichment and practilum and nuclear weapons, not some of the other mischief that iran is causing. those issues needs to be addressed, but in a separate forum. >> if it were to be kicked back to congress, what would happen do you think? >> it's hard to say because many of the republicans who did not support it initially, i think now maybe have a different view. similar to what we heard from a
1:46 pm
former colleague. i agree. and i think the point is that we have other serious issues to deal with iran. #blacklivesmatt ballistic missiles, 150 rockets. we need to apply international pressure on iran to deal with this and if we lose credibility there, we're not going to have our allies working with us and protecting israel from these rockets and other threats. >> the two of you are experts on this very topics, you understand what we're talking about with north korea. north korea and iran are not two countries that do not talk to each other. they do. what is the signal of this debate to north korea when it we're look at the poe tential decertification of the iran deal? >> i think this kind of discussion further entrenches kim jong-un's reluctance do anything with regard to getting rid of nuclear weapons. i think clearly they are not
1:47 pm
going to back down. but this further hardens their opinion. kim jong-un saw what happened in libya, iraq and understands that having nuclear weapons now is really key to survival. and so i think this kind of discussion about walking away from the iran nuclear agreement weakens our position in the long run from a diplomatic standpoint. and actually pushes us further into what i would call not so splendid isolation because we will alienate our allies. >> great to have two thinkers with us on this sunday. have a good rest of your sunday. >> thank you. and a new push for gun control followings deadly shootings in las vegas. we'll talk with a former army officer who says it is time for veterans to speak up about this issue.
1:48 pm
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a disaster of national proportions has hit this city. >>
1:51 pm
. last week's shootings in las vegas has reignited the debate on gown u gun control, this morning on nbc "meet the press" congressman steve scalise spoke about gun rights after he was shot at a congressional baseball practice in june. take a listen. >> it is a long history in our country to make sure you protect the right of citizen toss bear arms. >> but is it unlimited? >> it is, you seen limits put in place, chuck, humiditys already in place and you seen laws that are on the books, those laws are there for a reason. you are right in a sense that there are already limits on the gun ownership, but, frankly, let's go out and enforce those laws. don't try to put laws in this place, they don't fix these problems. they make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own a
1:52 pm
gun. >> joining me gun control advocate chris marvin. sir, thanks for being with us today. is it unlimited, you believe the right to bear arms? >> absolutely not. you know, i was in the military for eight years and we have a really strong gun culture in the military. but we have rule and regulations that we follow. in fact the gun rules in the military is significantly at odds with the gun culture in america today. and if we could align our gun laws in america to, to reflect a little bit more the way that the people who serve our country and who are in the profession of arms treat weapons, we would be in a much better place. guns take lives. in the military, we take that really seriously. sometimes i wonder if the country does. >> let's talk about that alignment, your training, describe to me what you went through to use firearms when you were in the military that then made you an expert in this space? >> all right. well, so, when i was in afghanistan, i carried an m-9 on
1:53 pm
my person at all times. any time we left the wire, we wend out kandahar, i would have an m-4 with me in my aircraft. i earned the right to carry those weapons. i went through reg ris training, i learned every piece of weapon, how to take it apart, clean it, aim it, shoot it. too everything appropriately, most importantly, how to store it safely. when we have our weapons on us in the military, again, we take that very seriously, if a weapon goes missing in the military, the entire base will shut down to try to find that piece. in the military, we believe in weapons accountability. again our country that's not a thought that crosses their minds, weapons accountability, shouldn't we make them accountable for those weapons and what happens with them? >> for those that have not served in the military, we mr. watch again that respect for
1:54 pm
firearms, often portrayed as you will sleep with the gun, you will name the gun, things people seen in movies who have not served. what's the response you get, sir from other vets when you do? describe what you just said which is that difference of training for those who have served and that vets have versus those who do not? >> you know, i actually spent a lot of time talking to veterans. many of the veterans are strong pro-gun advocates, people who believe in the second amendment and own and buy guns, themselves, they will not give up their own right to own a gun. when you explain to them that people can go online and buy a gun with no criminal background check, they're blown away. because they always do at this time right way. because that's how they were taught. i personally have no problem with those responsible gun owners having guns in their own homes for their own purposes. but you explain to them, how crazy it's gotten out there with
1:55 pm
the ability for people who really shouldn't access firearms, having access to firearms and all of a sudden they say, well, maybe we should have some common sense gun laws? maybe we should have background checks? maybe we should keep them out of the hands of domestic users. maybe we should make sure that guns are only in the hands of responsible people. because that's who they are. >> sir, how many, what percentage do you think of vets are in alignment with your view and that, what should that percentage do to change the current situation and i've got 60 seconds left. >> yeah, look, i think veterans are the ones who need to stands up and make their voices heard. they need to teach their neighbors what they already know about gun and guns and weapons accountability. i would say the vast majority of reasonable veteran, whether they're gun owners or not gun owners are going to agree with the types of things that i'm saying here. i hope that they would support the idea that people who
1:56 pm
shouldn't have guns shouldn't have guns and if we can take that military culture, that weapons accountability idea and make it a part of america's gun culture, then we'll have a respectful, you know, following of the 2nd amendment. >> sir, thank you so much for your perspective and expertise, retired army officer and gun control advocate, chris marvin, principle at marvin strategies. thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> okay. we'll take a quick break. you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when food is good and clean and real,
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and that discuss it for us this hour right here on msnbc. thanks, for sticking around. my colleague thomas roberts picks things up as well. >> great to see you as well and a not too busy sunday. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts coming to you live here at msnbc headquarters in new york. it's 5:00 p.m. in the east. at this hour, nfl sunday kicking off with a walkout not by players but by the vice
2:00 pm
president, mike pence, the vp leaving the colts' home game after some players took a knee during the national anthem. did pence walk in with this intention planned walkout or was it an order from the west wing? colin kaepernick is standing up for the nfl, he is starting a take a movement t. new interview that will get the attention of nfl owners looking for a new quarterback. also this hour, we're on rexit watch from president trump, the commander-in-chief and the backup plan if rex tillerson bows out at the state department. they are putting together scribbleings at manned ley bay a. bunch of numbers could reveal how the gunman mapped out this master curve. and later today, the latest hurricane is a tropical storm. can residents along the gulf coast breath


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