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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  October 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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happening. by the time we are done with donald trump however how long he's in office, this country is exhausted by the experience. they're long and thirsting for something better and higher and deeper and it is up to politicians to give it to them. >> i could not agree more. >> pete, thank you very much. on that note, it ends for us, chris jansing picks it up right now. bob corker aims at president trump saying he treats the office like a reality show >> it is fun to work right now he announced he's not running for the election. >> mike pence dunks out of a
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colts game after more than 20 players take a knee to national anth anthem. harvey weinstein is forced out and much of hollywood remains silent after he was fired from his company after more women coming forward from disturbing allegations. >> i have known weinstein for a long time and i am not surprised to see it. the president trashing bob corker unlike almost inner party feud. corker is not running for reelection but certainly not backing down, calling the trump's white house a reality show and adult daycare center and warning the administration is a threatening world war three. lets go right to the white house to peter alexander.
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peter, where are we at this feud this morning? >> reporter: the president yet to tweet about senator corker after those comments. corker unloaded on the president. this all started yesterday morning when we heard from president trump on twitter targeting the tennessee republican. let me show you what he said then. he said senator bob corker begged me to reendorsed for tennessee. i said no and he dropped out. he's also largely responsible for the horrendous iran deal. before we go any further, a little clarification on that. we heard from senator corker's office saying all those claims are false. the president and corker spoke a week ago and what the president
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said again, hopefully he will reconsider not running and endorse him. it says before if he can cam pane for hem necessary. corker did not hold back on twitter. this was his steaming rebuttal. it is a sahame that the white house is becoming an adult daycare center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning. senator corker is a powerful senator here serving on a variety of items that the president will need him for. he has a lot of sways as well. >> he quotes, "pick your fight" which the president has not done in this case. jo joining me now, steve cornacki
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and msnbc contributor and new york times brett stevens. shannon, let me go to the headline here. you have somebody a leader of his own party suggesting that he's leading us in world war 3 and the president is tweeting again saying the the u.s. policy does not work. corker told the new york times that he was alarmed about the president tweeting the white house like a reality show. like he's doing in t"the apprentice" or something. what is going on here, is it because he does not have to worry about the election? >> this is the heart and mind of the republican party like corker and jeff, i had to take them and call them an establishment, corker has been in the senate
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since 2007 and jeff since 2013. a battle of these members in congress and bannon and high establishment of this republican party who wants to blow up the establishment and washington. this drain the swamp mentality that we are starting to see play out now, we'll see it ramp up in 2018, it could develop in 2020 where we see a split in the republican party. >> steve, do you see that even a real possibility here that's what could happen, you can see the president running as an independent? you do have a situation where it is kind of crazy that bob corker is sounding a lot like hillary clinton a year ago. >> the issue here, of the split of the republican party.
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this speaks to that very much. i think it is part of the story that we have been looking at since 2015 and 2016 since the trump's campaign. off battle between donald trump and a battle between somebody on the establishment side like corker, in this case, where are the republican voters and the republicans' base on this? donald trump acted like an independent force crashed the republican primary in 2016. he won the new hampshire primary without the endorsement of a single republican. this weekend, a year ago when paul ryan held a conference calling every member in congress, you need to give up on donald trump and you need to save yourself. donald trump won the presidency without support from his own party. we have clues on where the republican basis on this. corker is giving voice there. he says all the republican
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senators, i believe that. >> he's saying publicly where a lot of people are publicly. i want to read one more quote. "i don't know why the president tweets out things that are not true but he does." he's calling the president a liar. >> you knew it was bad and you are trying to find out how bad it is and it turns out to be just as bad as you suspected. >> so is a divorce is coming? >> the question is a divorce or -- just to go back to something that steve was saying earlier. what's happening is not a split in the republican party, it is a hostile take over. you saw that with the primary election in alabama and eric prince and a confident mainstream republican and in wyoming and trump was engage in the hospital bed, too. there is enough of the core of
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the old liner republican party that is not made of this and is not -- that can survive as something else. i don't think they're surviving as republicans. they'll have to migrate elsewhere. the long-term question we are talking about is critical and shannon, there is also the short term question, the president needs bob corker and he needs people like corker if he heis going to get anything done. what's the strategy? >> i don't know if there is a strategy because he's not doing much to win over democrats. he thought he had with those famous chuck and nancy meeting calling for a wall. >> i want to go back to the white house after the other location of the white house because the trump administration has set congress for a list of demands to keep dreamers here.
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peter alexander, what are we talking about? >> it was a matter of weeks that there is some sense of bipartisan deal on those so-called dreamers, of those young immigrants came to the country with their parents that they would be able to stay, the preside white house is delivering this wish list demanding hard line immigration measures in exchange for dreamers being allowed to stay. funding for border wall, remove protections for unaccompanied minor immigrants, allow state and local police to investigate immigration status and limit visas for spouses and family members. they believe they're not going to hand over the idea that dreamers could stay here without potentially and something in return of specifics of the agenda. >> i will go back to you, sh
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shann shannon. it seems like it was just last month that democrats are sounding optimistic that they had a deal on dreamers, what happened? >> i don't know how much the president was involved in drafting these immigration principles because we were told that steven miller was on the main lead on this policy that was put out. to the idea is what is the bigger strategy here. you don't have republicans unified and you don't have bob corker coming out and saying i am not going to work with this president. he cannot win over corker, you are alienating democrats by doing things like dissing the immigration. i don't see a clear path to do that or members of congress. for the people who voted this president because they want to see the economy grow and lower costs and healthcare, he's not getting that done either. >> chuck schumer and nancy pelosi came out quickly, here is part of a statement that they
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put out. the administration cannot be serious of compromising helping creame creamers -- dreamers. this is shaping up, it seems to me to be do you want to totally blow up immigration as you know it. that's what he wants and that's what his white house is putting forward. you can exchange that by the way, we'll giver you something by the dreamers. i will say that, something will have to give if there is going to be some protection put into law for the daca kids. if this is a negotiation, this is where you would expect to begin. if donald trump ultimately -- >> if you are donald trump and you are elected on immigration on any other issue and you will end up cutting a deal for democrats to give legal protections, you are going to start the negotiations by talking about the wall and all these issues and try to let your
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base know, hey, i am still keeping you in mind here. if you are the democrats and if tl there is a possibility, you are cutting a deal of i am dpragmmi. all these things that he's talking about his base, these are non stop to us. it is going to start here. each side has to not be at its base. the question is, does this lead to something. at the beginning, there is really no place but right here. >> i disagree. first of all, i thought that mexico is going to pay for the wall. the one thing they clearly believe that he will get this wall built. take a listen. >> mexico will pay for wall. just in case there is any question, yes, mexico will pay for the wall. mexico will pay for the wall.
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when i say mexico's going to pay, they all laughed, they think it is funny. brett to your point. >> of course, he lies to his base and his negotiating opposites, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. >> i don't think this president has a legislative agenda, i don't think he's thinking of his presidency as a series legislative of accomplishments. he sees it as a series of events device in the kind of impromptu fashion to create a sense of drama chaos and suspense. senator corker was right when he talked about the reality show of his presidency. by the way, it works. it carries him very far. his basis not penalizing him for the failure of healthcare legislation. i don't think they're penalizing him on the account of the wall. >> they still think he's going
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to get it done. they think the changes or the people that i talk to, he's only been in office six months and eight months. you got to give him time. he's giving too much opposition in democrats and he's going to get it done. when you talk about those three things, steve, drama and chaos and suspense. those are the three things he wants and in a reality show. can you get legislation done in that. >> and to be clear, i agree with the framing on that. that's how i look at the presidency, too. i don't think when we meet with the presidency, this is not a presidency that's not moved that way. >> how much is he holding? >> i think part of his appeal to his basis not the concrete legislative achievement. it is not that i got tax reform done necessary. it is all of the posturing and
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stirring up the criticism he gets by putting out this agenda and getting the response from democrats. that's beating his base. every time he rise up to his podium in the media, that's the difference in this president from past president >> there is a quality of permanent resolution that he's demonizing new group opponents to explain his failures. it was either senator mcconnell filibuster when it came to tough care repeal efforts. he's always finding a target with his own party. that's what feeds the base. it is an end less source of anger establishment that they claim to be. the question that i have for another day is when you hear people like bob corker say the serious people of the white house are the ones that's separating us from chaos. you wonder if that's enough for them to be separating from chaos if that's what they think they are doing. do they care if there is any
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legislative accomplishments. that's a question for another day. guys, thank you very much. up next, mike pence walked out of the colts game after players kneeled before the national anthem. we'll have that story after the break. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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president trump this morning tweeting the support for his president after pence walked out of the colts and 49ers game on
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sunday. players took a knee to the star bangle banner. trump tweeted the trip by pence was long planned. he is receiving great prophase for leaving the game after the players showed such protest. >> it does not seem like this is a huge surprise. yeah, this is the white house, the administration thinks it is a good subject for them that this is one that has the base on their side. i think they're makiewiistaken t respect. there is nothing worse of cutting up the one institution that's binding all of us together which is football. >> yes. >> the attorney general to talk about the value of free speech.
6:21 am
when players are exercising their rights for free speech, the vice president walks out of the game. that ought to be noted to those conservatives who say, we need to bring free speech back. i think that's what pence was saying. >> you see the story this morning, pointing out the fact that this cost real money. the vice president traveled 1800 miles to see the game and travels 2,000 miles back in indianapolis. that portion of the trip we are talking about, upward of the flight there, $96,000 does not take into account when the vice president travels, you got to have extra local security and around the venue and there is a whole series of things that kick into gear that caused far more and the administration is
6:22 am
pointing of the hot water that is put in of all travels that members of the administration have done. again, you wonder, did they think this through or simply whatever everybody else says and not only it appeals to the base but it gives the president another chance to say seeing the fake news is again doing what they do is they're not being fair to us. >> i think it is clear mike pence went out of his way to have him there to leave two-minutes into the game >> he tweeted about it. >> i think that is pretty clear. i think this gets a bigger picture conversation that we had in the last segment of donald trump, his approach to politics. it is not about being on capitol hill to get negotiations going on healthcare and tax form. it is really about cultural issues and politics. this is something i get the impression of two or three weeks
6:23 am
away in alabama where donald trump was giving a speech there, he seems to stumble his mind. you can see the minute he got that crowd's reaction, that place went nuts. you can see he got that showman instinct for his own voters. this is the kind of thing that amp amp up his voters. this is the kind of thing that donald trump built his rise in politics are. >> you make a point where a lot of people talk about how he does not forget how many people goes against him. but, it is igniting again this larger conversation that he heard from the 49ers. let me just play what he said. >> tweets a couple of things and
6:24 am
leaves the game, looking to attempt to blow our efforts. >> does the white house care? >> no. of course, not. it is feeding off of this. >> you said something earlier that i think is really important, the question is mike pence's state of mind. mike pence is someone the president cannot fire at least for the next four years. time and again, this governor who has positive himself as kind of the authentic man in the administration has always been a knee to the president. i don't quite understand how it plays for him politically and how it plays from the perspective of those kinds of principles. he became famous or infamous on the question of religious liberal. he should understand what it is that the players are doing. it is part of the american
6:25 am
constitutional democracy. he refused to do this out of persistent and loyalty to the president will cause him. >> there are a few of those football game. who thought the headlines should be about peyton manning and not about vice president pence leaving the game. up next, the chief diplomat scrambling up to handle north korea. there are rumbling of a new candidate that's been picked. >> last night, marking exactly one week since the bun mgunman d fire on the country's music festival killing 58 people. morning on the beach was so peaceful.
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twice in louisiana and mississippi, bringing flooding and power outages along the coast. nearly three weeks after hurricane maria hitting puerto rico, the mayor tweeting increasingly painful to understand the american people want to help and u.s. government does not want to help. we need water. >> multiple law enforcement officials now say that note that was found in stephen paddock's hotel room are calculations that he used for greater p persissio during the rampage. and spacex just launched from
6:31 am
california sending ten communication satellites into orbit. tensions between president trump and rex tillerson seem to spill on social media again. trump tweeted, presidents and their administrations have been talking north korea for 25 years. agreements made massive amount of money and has monot worked. sorry, but only one thing will work. still, director of office of budget nick mulvany denied this. >> he does. >> i want to bring in msnbc news national reporter carol lee. tru trump's maintaining that he's confident in tillerson for now, we are hearing cia director mike
6:32 am
pompeo is potentially moving into that slot, where does it stand right now? >> it appears that the president decided that it is in his best interest for tillerson to stick around for now. we know the president was upset of rex tillerson over our reporting in the last week. we know that the white house is looking at the cia director mike pompeo as a possible replacement for tillerson where he's to lead last week and we con foifirmed those talks are indeed real. mike pompeo has a close relationship with the president and they really seem to hit off in a way that rex tillerson have struggled with the president. the other piece of this is we heard from the president this weekend where he's once defending rex tillerson.
6:33 am
but i wish he was a little tougher. we have our disagreements. they have a number of disdpre t disagreements on policies and styles of the two of them approach their jobs. it looks like while he may hang on for now is not for the long-term. >> i want to bring back my panel, steve cornacki, you have rex tillerson who have gone out there and said we need to have a conversation with the people of north korea. the president made it clear that he does not think conversations work. he then says all of these of ominous things that we just heard, only one thing will work, what is he talking about doing or is he talking about doing anything? >> the overwhelming suggestion is that he's thinking of military strike but what's so terrifying beyond the question of the strike itself is that this is being told by draft --
6:34 am
>> well, this was a wonderful point. it is a terrific story of tillerson and one of the antidotes that people in south korea saying what's the point of beating anyone where the only thing matters is what the president tweets. what am i doing with this to be an irrelevant secretary of state? he's now filling an office. >> yeah, that's the question, what's in there for rex tillerson, the most powerful businessman, not just america but in the world. now, he's in a position where he's been -- president. we are wondering the trump's administration, is it better to
6:35 am
keep them there because you don't want the change. where is the calculation here on either side? >> you get the sense from trump that all things are being equal if rex tillerson is willing to stand in there and takes whatever trump throws at him. trump does not have the regard or youth of the state department. trump by pass his own element. in that sense, i get the impression that trump may not mind tillerson staying there. think back to jeff session as few months ago -- terrible public positions and jeff sessions in making decision and will to put up with this. jeff sessions decided -- his decision comes with -- can this
6:36 am
guy backup anything he's going to tell me here? >> there is a caveat for anyone who wants to fill that job. he will humiliate you and shame you. >> thank you to all of you. coming up, what everybody is talking about this morning. harvey weinstein fired. why did it take so long for all of this to come forward after decades worth of allegations? it's like when am i gonna be able to sneak out of here and go have a cigarette? i just knew i had to quit, and chantix was the method that actually worked for me.
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will people know it means they'll get the lowest price guaranteed on our rooms by booking direct on hey! badda book. badda boom! mr. badda book. badda boom! book now at in a dramatic turn for one of hollywood's most powerful player ever, weinstein of his sexual harassment against him. the decision was made quote, "in light of new information of misconduct that emerged in the past few days." weinstein issued an apology but his lawyers are threatening to sue "the times," claiming the
6:41 am
report is false and dephfamatod. and you know this is a question about women, their place of society and how they are twe treated. this is what a reporter of new york times said quote, i called more than 40 entertainment industry players and almost all refused. one producer wants to know who else is on the record." finally in the last hour an a-lister came out. meryl streep told tsaid this is disgrace. >> we have to start asking why women don't report and we need to build a society that can.
6:42 am
all those, basically her agents and advisers told her not to come forward with her experience. >> the firing of harvey weinstein sent a powerful message to men who are abusing their power and who does not think they won't get caught, it sends a powerful message to women >> largely, the actresses who say they are on the perceiving end of this, felt that they are all on their own. it is interesting when you see statements when they talk about new allegations that have come out, just emerged in the past few days. it sounds like if the reporting is correct, who are you trying to kid?
6:43 am
>> the point that you made are so important. there are so many women who are not alone. that's how women feel when they want to report sexually assault assault and abuse. they feel like they are alone and don't want to speak up. this is a message that you want to take away, you will be relieved and there will be consequences and so speak up, call a police or journalist or e-mail you or me and tell us your story. >> feel free to give us a call, a lot of what we heard is from harvey weinstein, i came of age in the '60s and '70s where all rules of behaviors are different, kind of the locker room talk of what we heard from the president and his "access hollywood" tape. you know what, '60s and '70s does not fly here. it makes it sound like every man living in the '60s and '70s
6:44 am
thought is okay to expose themselves in the elevator, that's not going to get away. >> when he was asked about harvey weinstein and had the audacity to say he was not shocked or surprise of his allegation. this is the first time donald trump is depefending women of sexually assaults, usually he will sided with them. donald trump sided with bill o'reilly. you know we also have to talk about the gop, right? the firing of weinstein, who's been accused by multiple women and multiple stories of sexual harassments and abuses and let
6:45 am
it slide. >> there are questions some democrats are responded and we are hearing more stories now of how women are feeling empowered including a fox news anchor who just said this. >> enough is enough with this guy. there is no remorse or acknowledge of the type of behavior that was going on. if he did this with me who is just a stranger who's not an actress in hollywood, i can only imagine how many other women that something like this has happened to. >> she was a local news anchor, she was a local long island 12 that this happened some time a ago. we hear democrats say in situation like this, you need to believe the women. a lot of republicans are saying they are a double standard and they were tweeting their outrage against donald trump and tweeting their outrage against bill o'reilly and what happened at fox news. where is the out rage over this?
6:46 am
>> i mean i absolutely agreed and when donald trump jr. tweets about having to take women's accusations seriously, i think that's extremely hip reiterate c hypocrite cal. th i think there is been some movements. absolutely. >> "late night" was silence about this. we want more to be spoken out. up next, another day and tweet by the president of north korea. this time saying focusing on the regime has not worked for 25 years. the only one thing will work, one thing will work, so what is that one thing? with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish,
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president trump adding more fuel to the fire tweeting this morning, our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with north korea for 25 years, giving billions of dollars and getting nothing. policy didn't work. that's after the president tweeted about the rogue regime over the weekend saying only one thing will work, only he didn't say specifically what he means by one thing. there was also the president's
6:51 am
cryptic statement to reporters late last week, of course, about, quote, the calm before the storm. here's what the president said when he was pressed by reporters. >> reporter: can you clarify your calm before the storm comment? >> nothing to clarify. >> reporter: what's the one thing? >> you will figure that out pretty soon. >> only one thing will work, what is he saying? >> he's clearly implying war. he's done everything in his power to undermine negotiations. he's undermined tillerson. he's proving we can't be trusted to stick with a deal we make. and he has made every possible sound you could make that suggested he thought war and threats were the one thing that could work with these guys. so i think what he's trying to do is to ratchet it up.
6:52 am
maybe to look like he's, like he's, you know, he's the madman. the problem with that is, he probably is a madman. >> well, chuck todd asked nick mulvaney about the president's comments. he agrees with you, take a listen, about one thing. >> right. >> what is the one thing that will work? >> well, what the president is clearly telegraphing, this should not be news to everybody, that military options are on the table with north korea. they absolutely are. >> and yet you have a republican senator ron johnson with this take on it. let me play that. >> what has try in the past hasn't worked, that's obviously. from my standpoint, the only thing that will work is to get china fully engaged and use their influence and probably a regime change. there's no viable military option. it would be horrific and nobody wants to contemplate that. >> i don't know anybody around the president who said they want military action and yet the president who also always says, i don't want to telegraph what
6:53 am
i'm going to do keeps telegraphing the possibility of military action. where does that leave us, pes herb especially with rex tillerson powerless at state? >> i think it leaves us in a dangerous place. and senator corker referred to it over the weekend and said, look, this could brink lead us bring of world war iii. but there's no scenario for conflict in the koreas that doesn't have hundreds of thousands of casualties. some of them have millions of casualties. north korea has a giant arsenal, 35 miles away from seoul, korea. and it is very, very unlikely that war is going to be an effective option. it is highly likely it is going to be catastrophic. but i think there's one more thing we need to keep in mind here, it's not just his words, it's the behavior of trump. and i think if you're in north korea just as if you're in south korea, you're wondering how stable this guy is. what happens if he gets more
6:54 am
cornered politically here. is heed a erratic as he appears to be? and trump isn't factoring that in. he's the big x-factor here. he has surpassed kim jong-un as the most dangerous player in this game. >> and if you're contemplating nip kind of military action, particularly one that has such an enormous downside, you need to figure out, are the allies on board? what is nato saying? but in this case, we're in a situation, for example, with turkey where we just both announced visa restrictions on each other. how bad is that relationship right now? and what is this meaning in the larger context of traditional foreign policy getting our allies on board? >> the greatest strength the united states has and has had for the past 75 years is our network of alliances around the world. since he took office, trump has been waging a war on those alliances. whether it's creating tensions with mexico or with australia,
6:55 am
whether it is blowing up tpp or blowing up nafta. going after allies around the world, going after nato. and i think they look at this and they go, well, gee, he's going back on america's word. he's not reliable. he's erratic. we've got a potential problem. and you've got people like angela merkel saying, okay, we've got to go it alone. the canadians have said, okay, we're going to have to go it alone. and the chinese have said, okay, we're going to step into the breach. we're going to fill the void because america is clearly less reliable and its retreating. >> case in point, the iran nuclear deal. david, i wish we had more time. thank you, good to see you. >> good to see you. still to come, a look at the effect that the nation's opioid crisis is having on children. but first, president trump defends throwing paper towels into a crowd of people at a hurricane relief center in hurricane-ravaged puerto rico. >> they had these beautiful soft
6:56 am
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that wraps up this hour. i'm chris jansing in for stephanie ruhle. and now we'll go to hallie jackson. we're looking at when talk
7:00 am
turns to action. and when it might not and does not. because bob corker is saying plenty. telling "the new york times" that the president could put the country on the path to world war iii. calling on his senators to say what they say privately publicly. but will they? will this trigger new reaction from the foreign house committee itself? and down pennsylvania avenue with democrats already upset about this apparent demand for a border wall, tied to a plan to help so-called dreamers in this country, one source telling us that wish list might be a non-starter. and burying underneath it all, the deadly crisis gripping this country, the opioid epidemic simmering still more than eight weeks after the president said he would declare a national emergency. so far he has not. talk versus action again as we talk with kate snow in our ongoing special series on the opioid crisis and the devastating effects on kids. kids whose parents areke


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