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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 9, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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president's threats to north korea sending america down the path to world war iii. that's a quote. >> i think secretary tillerson, secretary mattis, and chief of staff kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos. >> political gain. vice president pence walking out of the colts game when the opposing 49ers take a knee in what many are called preplanned publicity stunt. the vice president denies that with the cost of the trip though out of bounds. >> this looks like a pr stunt to me. he knew our team has had the most players protests. he knew that we were probably going to do it again. >> and forced out. one of the godfathers of hollywood, harvey weinstein, is ousted from the company he cofounded with his brother after a flood of sexual harassment claims against the mogul from some of the best known women in
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entertainment. one of them tv news anchor lauren sivan spoke to megyn kelly this morning. >> the demeaning part of it all that just 20 minutes earlier he was having this great conversation with me and i felt so great and flattered by it, and then stand there and be quiet a few minutes later just negated any warm feelings i had and i realized that's what this was all about. and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where shock waves from the exploding feud between trump and frequent policy ally bob corker are ricocheting across the capitol. the retiring tennessee senator labeling the white house an adult daycare center on twitter and telling "the new york times" the vast majority of the republican senators in the caucus understand what we're dealing with here. all this as the president again undercuts his secretary of
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state's diplomacy toward north korea on twitter and in person. >> we disagree on a couple of things. sometimes i'd like him to be a little bit tougher. >> joining me now kristen welker at the white house. the white house in turmoil today. national political reporter carroll lee with me, michael steele, former press secretary to john boehner. nbc news diplomat sit expert chris hill, former u.s. ambassador to south korea and other countries and "new york times" correspondent mark landler, part of the team that wrote the corker story today. kristin, first to you. the fallout at the white house as they grapple with all of this and as people try to interpret the president's meeting. >> well, andrea, the white house is pushing back hard against the criticism from senator bob corker as you can imagine. top adviser kellyanne conway essentially accusing corker of playing politics saying look, he's not running for re-election. this is why he's waging this war
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of words with the president. but this really exposes a rift between the president and top members of the republican party that is bubbling up to the surface. the fact that you have a senator corker saying that the president could be leading the country toward world war iii is significant. and it raises questions about whether some of his other top republican colleagues will join in with him and essentially air some of this criticism publicly that they have been whispering privately to each other, andrea. the other point is a practical one. what will the implications be for the president's agenda. he wants to take on immigration reform and tax policy. he's prepared to roll out a new policy toward iran later this week. bob cork ser going to be central to all of that because he's a key republican vote. so this could have ripple effects, andrea, and those ripple effects just starting to
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be felt. >> and to you, carroll lee, you've been doing a lot of our reporting on all the tensions. a lot of this does involve secretary tillerson, the push against him, the criticism of him undercutting him. corker an ally of tillerson. this is part of the fallout. >> the senator corker defended tillerson last week in those remarkable comments where he said that not just secretary tillerson but secretary mattis and john kelley, chief of staff, were the only things standing between chaos. and so you know, one of the outcomes of this is if the president were to decide that he wants to get rid of secretary tillerson, you know, bob cork ser going to have a big say in whether whoever he names nominates as a successor gets through a confirmation process. so that adds a whole other wrinkle to all this. >> michael steele, to refer to bob corker as a retiring senator, one of the disputes on twitter with the president was whether or not the president had actually urged him to not retire
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as recently as last monday and tried to talk him into staying. and had said that he would endorse him and campaign for him as corker said and the president in contradiction to that tweeting that oh, corker, you know, was just too weak to stay and. >> right. >> didn't have the guts to fight. >> this is especially different because corker is seen as one of the senators closest to the president. he was considered at one point for his running mate and for secretary of state. as the president and his allies claim, he's playing three dmejs chess, what you've got is senator corker saying the emperor has no clothes. this is actual chaos here and it's dangerous for our country. >> one of the tweets i was just referring to rather than paraphrase it, the rez tweeted sunday morning, senator bob corker "begged me to endorse him for re-election in tennessee. i said no capital letters and he dropped out. said he could not within without my endorsement.
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he also wanted to be secretary of state. i said no thanks. he's largely responsible for the horrendous iran deal! hence, tilled fully expect him to stand in the way of our great agenda, didn't have the guts to run." that's what the set off this response from corker. it's a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center, someone obviously missed their shift this morning. mark landler, that sets up what you and your colleagues i know jonathan martin actually got corker on the phone. you filled out all the details. you know foreign policy better than anybody, written books on the subject from the standpoint of covering the state department and the white house. just unpack a little bit of the import of corker, the foreign relations chairman who will have the say over the confirmation of any successor to tillerson potentially if something does go off the trackses there even farther. what is the impact and what happened when you guys reached
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corker? >> well, i think you know, the first thing to say is that bob corker was voicing something that a lot of leading republicans have felt for a long time. which is that this is a president who is behavingism pulsively. there's no particular logic to the actions, the tweets that he's putting out. he's undercutting his own secretary of state when he's negotiating on behalf of the country country in foreign capitals. you know, this is the kind of thing you've heard for weeks if not months on capitol hill but now you have not only a leading republican but perhaps the most prominent republican on foreign policy voicing it publicly. that's the symbolic impact of it. on a substantive level on foreign policy, it's also very significant because it comes on the eve of what is expected to be president trump refusing to certify the iran nuclear deal. that tosses the deal into congress where it will be up to
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senator corker, senator tom cotton and a handful of others to steer the deal through this very uncertain process where they will try to open it to renegotiation with the iranians and presumably if that fails and the iranians refuse to renegotiate it, they will reimpose sanctions on iran and blow up the deal. which is an outcome that many people a would be a disaster for the u.s. diplomatically and leave the u.s. very isolated. so bob corker is going to be crucial in trying to navigate through this very dangerous period on behalf of the white house which is why having the president of the united states engage in this very ugly feud with the senator is particularly poorly timed. >> and ambassador hill, no one knows better how complicated it is to negotiate not only with the iranians but with the north koreans. undercutting the diplomacy on north korea has been so startling to people like corker and others on the hill who have
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not been as willing as corker to go out and speak publicly. >> right, i mean, we're moving out on uncharted waters. there's never been a situation like there before. corker is obviously a key figure in the senate. he's key to nominations. he's key to any authorization bills. he's a key figure. and i think he's also very popular with his colleagues. so we have a president ho really as mark suggested is absolutely impulsive, doesn't think before he does these things and sort of stepping out into this territory that he knows nothing about. so i think we really are looking at kind of a tipping point. i don't think this is about bob corker. i think this will be about all the republicans in the senate and frankly starting with mitch mcconnell. so we have to stay tuned here. but there's no question this iran decision if it's -- if it is what people think it is, that is the president trying to reject it for pure, pure
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political base reasons without any real concept of what's in the deal how it was structured, the fact that it was nuclear only, didn't take care of these regional issues and then try to throw it back at the congress, this is a kind of dereliction of duty we've seen before from this president. i think the senate is absolutely sick of it. meanwhile, the whole russian investigation moves forward. i am not in a position to predict what this country is going to look like in three months, but i do believe the pressure is going to mount on this be president and his complete disregard for the levers of government, indeed a disregard for any understanding of what our state means. so i think we're going to have to fasten our seat belts in the weeks ahead. >> and kristen welker, you've been fastenening your seat belt all weekend. it's been a rock 'n' roll weekend. the latest development is that the president arrived at his
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golf course in virginia with of all people lindsey graham in the suv with him going out to play golf, a round of golf with the president. it is columbus day. it's a federal holiday but it seems as though he's trying to counteract the corker interview in the "new york times" and those quotations about the rest of the caucus by reaching out to a very prominent and important voice on foreign policy and defense. >> absolutely. trying to counter that, andrea. of course, he has gotten into a back and forth with one of lindsey graham's best friends in the senate. of course, john mccain. so look, i think he's trying to change the optics on this story. he's trying to show that he's not at war with the entire establishment branch of his party. and then they will likely talk some politics and foreign policy on the golf course, andrea. they will likely talk about north korea and iran and i wouldn't be surprised if they talked about health care, as well. that has been obviously a key issue for lindsey graham and we
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know over the weekend, the president called chuck schumer ostensibly to try to get some type of a compromise done with hip, some type of deal. chuck schumer saying the president still wants to repeal and replace obamacare. so the conversation was a nonstarter. but we know the president still very focused on that issue, as well. >> the fact that corker is going to leave and not run for re-election doesn't mean he is not need the right now. and throughout next year. >> uh-huh. >> as one of the votes. i mean, they need 52. they only have 52. rather they need 50 for tax reform and everything else that immigration to say nothing of anything else. michael steele, i want to talk to you about that because the president met with chuck and nancy, his two pals. they believe that there was an agreement that they would tighten border controls in exchange for getting protection for the dreamers but that the wall would be left out of the mix. then last night, a 7:15i69 of p.m. background conference call
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from the white house to all of us saying that the wall is front and center. chuck and nancy putting out a joint statement, i'm just being facetious. obviously the democratic leaders in the house and senate putting out a statement saying no deal. and that they are not going to negotiate with him. and previously the night before they had just put out a statement saying that he was changing the terms of what could be gauche aniated or compromised on health care. >> i don't think washington democrats will find dealing trump any easier than republicans do. he is not well versed in policy. is he apt to make agreements he doesn't fully understand and once it's explained to him, he has to back pedal. it's not going to be an easy path. there is no easy path working with republicans or democrats to get the president's agenda through congress if he doesn't buckle down, learn some of the stuff and be able to be seriously negotiate or trust those to negotiate on his behalf. >> carroll, i want to ask you
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about all the reports of whether tillerson is going or when and who might replace him. there is a lot of reporting out there mike allen i think was the first to put it out last week, the person he feels closest to is the cia director mike pompeo, former kansas congressman, west point, harvard law. >> that's right. >> and very well liked in conservative circles, big player on the benghazi investigation of hillary clinton. >> yeah, and mike pompeo spends a lot of time with the president. obviously he gives him his presidential daily intelligence briefing. president and he have struck up a rapport and have a relationship unlike secretary tillerson. it seems now that secretary tillerson will hang on for a little while. president has as mark was talking about the iran deal decision coming up. he's go the a big trip to asia where he's going to go to china. most people think it's not the best time to be without your secretary of state or be in some sort of transition and the word
9:15 am
that you hear from people around the president is stability, stability, stability. at least for now. >> but it seemed to me almost, chris hill, that the president was tweeting against the north korea diplomat sit almost because he felt a sense of frustration that he had been told well, you can't fire him now. so he wanted to punish him and came out saying you know, that he's not tough enough. that they have disagreements and obviously rejecting his advice, the advice of mattis and the conclusion confident cia i understand on the iran deal. >> that's correct. and especially when tiller on is out there talking to chinese who are the key to any conceivable solution to this. i mean, we need to somehow have an understanding with the chinese and for him to put that out i mean perhaps he thought he was playing good cop, bad cop but i think he forgot to tell the good cop what he was doing. i think overall it just looked
9:16 am
chaotic. so i think there's a point at which and i really do believe there's a tipping point here where countries are not going to take us seriously about anything. i think we're going to see that big-time as this is iran thing comes down the road. >> ambassador chris hill, thank you so much. michael steele, carroll lee, kristen welker and mark landler at "the new york times" who has this is great scoop today with the corker interview. thank you all very much. and coming up, walkout. critics slamming the vice president's decision to leave an nfl game over he ever anthem protests as a political stunt. the vice president's former spokesman joins me next right here on "andrea mitchell reports." we'll discuss just what happened. s play... $700 off select mud spa packages for two... and up to $1,300 off family packs of venison. ( ♪ ) save on a world of possibilities with deals on select 2017 can-am vehicles.
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package of secret service from las vegas to indianapolis for a stunt. inconvenienced tens of thousands of colts fans to again, use the flag and the anthem as a prop, utterly appalling wasteful profligate disgusting behavior. by the vice president. he ought to be ashamed of himself. >> republican strategist steve schmidt letting everyone on "morning joe" know exactly how he felt. sharply criticizing vice president mike pence's decision to walk out of an nfl game in protest in his home state of indiana. the vice president tweeting
9:21 am
that he and president trump "will not dignify any event that disrepresents 0 your soldiers, our flag or national anthem." president trump praised the move. joining me now is a former press secretary to vice president pence at the white house and now part of the expand -- from your perspective, was it always intended to leave that abruptly? >> he would have always had to have left before the end of the game. they can't stay for security reasons and with the crowd leaving. this was absolutely something on the vice president's calendar for a very long period of time. all words steve schmidt used this morning on "morning joe" i would say more apply to him because there was additional reporting saying the colts knew there was no additional security. it was a minimal footprint. >> no magnetometers for fans. >> they go through the normal
9:22 am
football game. so what we saw here was vice president had been planning this trip for many weeks. t his support teams were alreadien the ground. really important to be there to show support and honor the sacrifice made. >> understandable. >> and then they came back to fill a commitment in indianapolis. it was a celebration of peyton manning. it's unfortunate the players for the 49ers chose to take that action. vice president decided it was just as important for him to show his support for the flashings national anthem and all the things that it represents by walking out after that. >> eric reid, a 49ers safety had something to say about this, as well. >> this was a pr stunt. he knew our team has the most player protests. he knew that we were probably going to do it again.
9:23 am
tweeted a couple things out and leaves the game in an attempt top thwart our efforts. >> it's pretty clear that -- cole condition kaepernick, this is where the protest starred. so it would have been pretty clear that the 49ers were going to kneel. >> the indianapolis colts none of the players did kneel. it's the height of hypocrisy to say they can take their constitutional right to take their protest during the national anthem over the flag and all the things that it represents. and that's what you saw there was that he was exercising that same constitutional right to say we disagree with this and we believe that the flag should be something that should be refereed, something it's not too much to ask the players to stand during the national anthem and there are other appropriate times to have a very serious
9:24 am
discussion about the issues they may want to ask discussed. >> republican critics of these protests have been raising money for the party online and reacting to the protest. what about money by many reports hundreds of thousands of dollars that was spent for the vice president's plane to zig-zag across the country. >> part of that, part of that will be recovered because the trip back to california -- part of that will be reimbursed. i think the other key issue is so the vice president was in las vegas. he would have either had to fly back to d.c. and over indiana, fly back to l.a. over indiana where we already had teams on the ground. or he could stop in indiana maintain his commitment and his sincere desire to celebrate the game as a colts fan. he's a big football and colts fan and honor peyton manning's contribution and the city of indianapolis and then continue on. if he stayed out west, there
9:25 am
sympathy could have been hotel bills. so it was easier to do that and shorter trip for him to in indianapolis and come all the way back to d.c. >> i want to ask you about the twitter feud between bob corker and the president. for the president to make statements which are being contradicted by senator corker and others in some cases. he said he would endorse him. how does that help the agenda of this white house when he needs every republican vote? >> i have a lot of the faith in our elected officials. to step up and do their duty what they were elected to do by their constituents. so while we do have these --
9:26 am
it's thing it's going to stop them from voting for those agenda items when it comes to cutting taxes and all those republicans were also elected to do when it comes to repealing and replacing obamacare, confronting our enemies overseas. i have a lot of faith in our elects officials to still do that even though you may have distractions from time to time. they're going to do their duty that the voters sent them to d.c. to do. >> our reporting is that the vice president was very upset with secretary tillerson for the way he handled the situation, upset with the way he handled the nondenial denial about you calling the president a moron, et cetera and some of the other things that happened with the spokesman for the secretary of state. >> i know the vice president" but i'll tell you even more so, his staff and i would say his former staff takes very seriously if a spokesman comes
9:27 am
out and attributes something to the vice president that did not happen. the vice president has a lot of respect for ambassador haily. they were together as republican governors at the same time. they have a long relationship together. but what you're looking at is the vice president in his role through this time, he made sure that you know, the secretary, the department of state and all cabinet secretaries, he meets with them on a rel basis are working together to advance the president's agenda in that framework in which they. >> just this weekend, the president said there are disagreements. he has policy disagreements with his secretary of state and he's sometimes not tough enough. this seems to be an untenable relationship. >> i think what you're seeing is the president out there speaking his mind directly to the world, to the american people. you also have -- you have cabinet secretaries at the department of state that are also doing things at a very different level. in one of the cases we were talking about, sarah sanders addressed this last week is the state department is working through back channels behind the
9:28 am
scenes on the release of americans being held in north korea. they're working on doing some other things. when it comes to nuclear missile technology, ballistic missiles, threatening the region, that that is not something that is being discussed. that is not something on the table. is that always the message that's being conveyed? is that what the president is reacting to? obviously i'm not in the white house any longer. i know you can -- that we do know that the president speaks his mind and the world knows where he stands. >> but the world doesn't know where the secretary of state stands. that's the problem people are raising. let me let you go. i know that's not your brief right now. thank you very much. >> thank you, andrea. coming up, populist push, steve bannon escalating his stance against the republican manage.. who is in his sights next. stay with us. and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar
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former white house chief strategist steve bannon escalating a political war against the republican establishment. targeting key seats in order to push for a major populist
9:33 am
insurgency. after recently claiming victory by supporting roy moore, bannon an has his sights on arizona, nevada, nebraska, missouri, west virginia, mississippi and wyoming. according to the new york times," is he backing erik prince to challenge republican incumbent john barrasso, a member of the leadership. let's get the inside scoop from susan page, washington bureau chief and jeremy peters political reporter, msnbc contributor. jeremy, first to you, erik prince, controversial founder of blackwater, brother of betsy devos, the education secretary. someone bannon was pushing on james mattis to privatize the afghanistan war with mers centuries. something that was roundly rejected by the pentagon. >> exactly. somebody who was a member of bannon's shadow administration within the administration. much in the way that now bannon is trying to build a shadow
9:34 am
party within the republican party. he's cree recruiting people like prince who would be more in the mold of a donald trump type disruptor who challenge the party establishment in an attempt to shake things up. this is this type of primary challenge is what establishment republicans have always feared most this cycle. it's not that they are going against republicans because they are inefficiently conservative. john barrasso from wyoming votes with trump something like 95% of the time. >> i can't remember a vote where john barrasso went against donald trump. >> it's all about attitude. erik prince would have that kind of anti-establishment shake the system up attitude. burn the whole place down. that's what i think republicans fear most this cycle. >> you know what, democrats love to see like 2010 all over again. remember the tea party challengers to republican senate contenders a couple won the nomination in delaware and nevada. and it enabled democrats to keep
9:35 am
control of the senate in a year when that was endangered. this time out in 2018, the odds are strong that republicans strengthen their hand. they only have eight senators up. this is the kind of challenge to incumbents pretty well established in their states that could help democrats with their long shot efforts to win control next year. >> in one state in, california, dianne feinstein announcing today what chuck got her to almost say yesterday on "meet the press." this is her answer when she answered if she's going to run for re-election in 2018. >> i'm ready for a good fight. i've got things to fight for. i'm in a position where i can be effective and hopefully that means something to california. >> that sounds like you just announced your re-election bid close? >> close. >> well, today she did. and the fact is she's faced some challenges from the democratic left because she does try to work across the aisle. she is the ranking democrat on judiciary.
9:36 am
the former chairman of senate intelligence. and still on intelligence. she has the knowledge and expertise to drive this and to work with chuck grassley to try to get things done and keep the investigation on track. >> very influential. also will be 85 years old at the time of the election. that was one of the factors that led people to speculate she might be ready to retire from the senate. will she have a credible challenge from her left? i think that's the question. cam ma la harris came out right away backing her and congratulating her and saying it was great for california she was going to stay and run again. that is good news for senator feinstein in terms of staving off any challenge from the left. >> jeremy. >> susan is right. the question will be about that challenge from the left and whether or not it materializes. california is a microcosm of the problems in the democratic party in general right now in terms of their lack of a youthful next generation leadership. dianne feinstein, jerry brown,
9:37 am
nancy pelosi the state's three most prominent politicians are getting up in years. i know there is an anxiety itching for the next group. and if dianne feinstein runs again, she would be denying the opportunity. >> she is running again. seniority counts. thanks so much, jeremy, susan. coming up, a justice remembered. the premium court kicks off a new term with a full bench. the words of antonon scalia live on in a new book. stay with us. we're also leading water projects in more than 100 communities. and for every drop we use... we're working to give one back. because our products rely on the same thing as we all do... clean water. and we care about it like our business depends on it. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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supreme court has a jam packed docket. and the court had put on hold a lot of its important cases after justice antonin scalia died in february, 2016. now that justice neil gorsuch has taken its seat, the court is at full strength. joining me now is christopher scalia. i think you're the youngest son. he coeditied the book "scalia speaks." and it's so good to meet you. i think i saw you on other occasions. there are nine of au scalia siblings. it's a lot. but this is such a wonderful opportunity because a lot of these speeches have never been in print, never been circulated. >> most never publish. and many of them i had never read. a few of them were surprises to me and my co-editor. it was a lot of fun to work on
9:42 am
for that reason among others. >> he was such a great writer. sometimes acerbic and funny. i know what a force of nature he was. >> some of that comes through in his opinions. it comes through more forcefully in his speeches. it was an opportunity to let more of his personality come through and his dramatic nature would come through. obviously his humor. these are very funny speeches. >> one of the things that became well-known certainly at his memorial is his relationship with ruth badser ginsburg. they were polls apart politically but on the dc circuit together. she writes the forward to this book and writes i disagreed in considerable part with the substance of his protection but his acumen, afterability and high spirits captivated me when she first met him. if our friendship encourages others to appreciate some very good people have ideas which we
9:43 am
disagree and people of good will can pull together for the well-being of the institutions we serve in our country, i will be overjoyed as i am confident justice scalia would be. she writes about how your mom and her husband martin ginsburg whom i knew is a great cook, they would work on the spouse meals together. >> they would. it wasn't just my father and justice ginsburg who were friends. their spouses shared a love of cooking and justice ginsberg and my dad had a shared love of eating the food their spouses cooks and able to focus on the many things they had in common apart from politics and law. >> tell me about his love of music and opera in particular. >> well, he -- it's not a love i shared. i watched from a distance. it was fun to see him enthusiastic about it. the way i would see it is when i was in the car with him and he would crank up the classical music and give me mini lessons what i should be listening to and why it was so great.
9:44 am
it didn't can always convince me or necessarily take hold but it was fun to listen to. >> that's another thing really that bonded together ruth bader ginsberg and justice sca leia. the love of opera. they playered together on the stage. >> there's a great picture of them together at the washington opera. they had a lot of fun with that. >> she spoke at his service. i think we have part of that speech available. let's play a little bit of ruth bader ginsberg speaking. > he once asked how we could be friends given our disagreement on lots of things. justice leah answered i attack ideas. i don't attack people. some very good people have some very bad ideas. and if you can't separate the two, you've got to get another day job. >> well, she said it all there and in the forward to this
9:45 am
remarkable book. i'm really looking forward to reading the speeches that a lot of us did not note about. >> that's right. >> a great writer. >> thank you. he discusses things in addition to the law many other subjects are a lot of fun. he mentions the opera and turkey hunting and games and sports. it's a lot of fun. >> chris scalia, thank you so much. book is "scalia speaks." coming up, interpreted media mogul harry have i wiharvey weinstein out. gloria allred joins me next on "andrea mitchell reports."
9:46 am
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movie mogul and major contributor to democratic campaigns harvey weinstein is out. out of his own company cofounded by him and his brother bob fired last night. abruptly. the weinstein company in a statement said the decision was made in light of new information about misconduct by harvey weinstein that has emerged in the past few days after "the new york times" first exposed alleged sexual misconduct going back decades. on thursday weinstein said in a statement the way i behaved with
9:50 am
closing in the past caused a lot of pain and a apologize for it. his attorney pledged to file lawsuits against the paper calling the reports false and defamtory. some congressional democrats ar. president trump weighed in. >> i've known harvey weinstein for years. i'm not surprised to hear it. >> joining us is gloria allred, the mother. >> thank you. >> how widely known was this in hollywood and in the industry? >> well, i do think there were many, many rumors swirling around for years. but it's also true that if, in fact, andrea, that there were eight confidential settlements for sexual harassment, then i believe it was right and fair
9:51 am
that harvey weinstein should have been terminated. after all, any executive or any employer who does -- inflicts sexual harassment, is found to have inflicted sexual harassment on employees or any employee seeking a job, should no longer be able to face -- be able to just do business as usual. and they should face serious consequences. >> people are beginning to speak out. meryl streep speaking out against harvey weinstein, multiple academy award winner calling the allegations disgraceful, inexcusable and abecause of power. he called the women who spoke out against him heroes. she's known for being active in feminist groups, quite a leader. it would be understandable if at her level she wouldn't have known about this. >> well, yes.
9:52 am
she wouldn't have known if there were confidential settlement. having said that, i want to defend any woman who enters into a confidential settlement. i do confidential settlements for victims against high-profile figures just about every day in my law firm. and often the person who was the victim of sexual harassment feels it is in her own best interest to enter into a confidential settlement. by doing so, he's able to be compensated for her lost wages, for her pain and suffering, for any medical care she may need. and sometimes she doesn't want her name to be out there for many reasons. having to do with victim blaming, victim shaming. so, for fear of retaliation maybe she won't get another role in hollywood. i also support the women who don't speak out publicly as well as the women who choose to speak
9:53 am
out. and, by the way, i don't think this is at an end at all just because mr. harvey weinstein has been terminated. >> we had an interview -- megyn kelly had an interview on "megyn kelly today" with lauren savin, a journalist, one of the accusers speaking out. >> i was completely shocked and, what is going to happen? stand there and be quiet. i had no idea what was going to happen. and it happened very quickly. he immediately exposed himself a and, you know, began mrurg himself. i just stood there dumb-founded. >> and then she later said he called her the next day and wanted to get together again and she said, not at all, no way. but the fact there were so many young women involved. women at the beginning of their
9:54 am
careers, who didn't feel at all empowered to reject his advances or to speak out. and it was a very abusive workplace as well. >> well, you know, nobody should be subjected, andrea, to the casting couch. those days are long over. we recognize that sexual harassment is something that interferes with the right to equal opportunity employment. that's why it's against the law. i want to emphasize, it's very damaging to victims. victims are then placed in a no-win situation. if they go along with the sexual harassment, maybe the harasser will get tired of them, then they may lose their job. if they don't go along, me the may not get the job or suffer negative impact on their job opportunity. they may get demoted. they may not get other opportunities. it's really unfair to victims.
9:55 am
they suffer financially, they suffer emotionally. sometimes their families suffer because sometimes they're afraid to tell their families. if they tell their family, their families may not understand. this is why it's really wrong. i think people in hollywood, women are sick to death of this. it's hard enough to get a role in a movie, in a film, on television without having to run the gauntlet of sexual harassment every day. so, that's why i support victims. >> someone very close to you, your daughter, this is all in the family, your daughter had been an adviser to harvey weinstein, lisa bloom, and stepped down from that role this weekend. but she's also been active supporting women against alleged sexual abusers. what is that dynamic right now? >> my daughter has her own law firm. she's not with my law firm. she's an independent attorney.
9:56 am
i don't discuss or criticize her choices of clients with her or with anybody else. she can make her own decisions. she doesn't second guess or criticize my choices of clients. she knows i only represent victims in my law firm, which we've been the leading women's rights law firm in the nation, still are. i don't second guess who she represents. she can make that decision. i respect her. i love her. i don't ask her why she takes a client, why she resigns from representing someone. she speaks for herself. i am very proud of the way she speaks up for herself. she's a good attorney and harvey weinstein was lucky to have her. >> gloria allred, thank you very much.
9:57 am
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new york. craig? >> what happened to your hat? i saw your hat in the commercial break. >> i was told we didn't have time. >> oh, we always have time for andrea mitchell in a nats hat. go, nats. >> go, nats. thank you, craig. >> good afternoon to you. craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york city. uncorked. president trump versus bob corker. the respected tennessee congressman from his own party. corker says trump is endange


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