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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  October 9, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. cas katy tur here to pick things up. >> republican senator with nothing to lose is engaged in an unfriendly exchange of fire with the president of the united states. that senator, tennessee's bob corker, once in line to be donald trump's vp. fast forward 15 months later, though, and the senator who recently announced his
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retirement is now one of president trump's biggest gop critics. and trump is not happy about it. >> the president locked it another high profile feud with a key member of his own party. >> i find this to be incredibly irresponsible and adds to the insulting that the mainstream media and president's detractors, almost year after this election, they still can't accept the election results. >> the president trashing powerful bob corker almost like any intraparty feud we've ever seen. >> corker making an extraordinary charge overnight that the president's actions are endangering his country and threats to other nations could lead to another world war. >> the president is a counter puncher. >> critical back and forth we see could send a powerful message that the trump faithful are starting to lose their faith. >> he is turning this into an all-out war with the republican party. >> the fight between former friends made headlines yesterday
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when the president launched a twitter attack against bob corker saying he didn't have the guts to run for reelection. >> corker fired back calling the white house an adult day care center. but he didn't stop there. in an unplugged interview with the new york times the two-term republican said quote president trump was treating his office like a reality show with reckless threats towards other countries that could set the nation on the path to world war 3. i don't know why the president tweets out things that are not true, he said. you know he does it. everyone knows he does it. but he does. corker added, he's just saying what most republicans on capitol hill are thinking. the question now, what does the -- who does the gop side with? well-respected senate foreign relations chair or the president? and what does bob corker do next? let's debrief with our team of reporters. joining me from the white house, chief white correspondent halle
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jackson. on capitol hill is nbc's garrett hague. halle, correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't the president need bob corker right now more than bob corker needs the president? >> yeah. he's got a lot of things going on pl t on. tax reform coming up. dessert if ication of the iran nuclear deal. by the way, bob corker chairs the senate relations committee. someone you want in the discussions at the table. i have one senior gop source text saying, hey, acknowledging i think what is the take that is happening around washington which is yeah, this is not exactly the right strategic move for donald trump if he wants every vote possible for tax reform which is a hard sale. is donald trump thinking strategy when he sent out tweets about bob corker? probably not. what we often see from the president is a response to any time he feels for example slighted and corker has obviously, as you look at tweets here, obviously come out and may comments about rex tillerson and
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the relationship with president trump's cabinets that donald trump apparently found distasteful. can you see some of the tweets saying bob corker begged me to endorse him for reelection in tennessee. i said, no, and he drobed out. said he couldn't win without my endorsement. okay. that's the statement from president trump. let's get the statement from corker. telling the different story, the 180 of the story, saying president trump and corker had a conversation in which trump asked bob corker to reconsider not running. you see corker doing what -- everybody looked at their phones yesterday when that tweet went out. and went oh, my god. bob corker said it sounds like the white house has become an adult day care center. someone missed their shift this morning. we talk a lot about strong words. from republican, democrats, but this is something a little bit different. >> garrett, capitol hill, bob corker saying that basically everyone else feels the same way, except for a few people.
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the vast majority of our caucus understands what we're dealing with here. is that what republicans are saying on capitol hill? and is there a chance that any of them will come out publicly as well? >> katy, there are 51 other republican senators who be probably extremely happy that the senate is out this week. they don't want to get drawn into this fight between a widely respected and powerful committee chairman and their own caucus and the president of the united states. you have seen some folks engage. there's the freedom calmus chairman on the house side, mark meadows, who has come out and said that he thought corker's comments were inappropriate and said it is easy to be bold when you're on your way out, essentially. which i should point out doesn't actually refute or disagreement with anything corker said. mitch mcconnell in his very mitch mcconnell way responded to a question about corker with a very long answer that goes a very long way not to criticizing
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corker. he said senator corker is a valuable member of the senate caucus and is also on the budget committee and important player as we move to the floor on the budget next week. and he is an important part of our team. so republicans are going out of their way to not at least directly engage them selves in this arguments. in part because of the clout corker has in these fights, which we can talk more about in a minute. >> garrett, when the senate comes back from recess, presumably, they will be asked the same questions. they can only hide for so long. >> we're not going to forget about it, katy. but the hope is over the last nine months, three or four controversies deep by then and may not be something people have to engage in. but look, corker is a central play player. you heard it from mitch mcconnell. he is old school sort of fiscal hawk, not a guaranteed vote for tax reform if he thinks it'll cost too much money. and forget about it when it comes to things like the iran deal or if donald trump should
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need a new secretary of state any time in the not too distantd future. those things don't happen without the chairman of the foreign relations committee saying so. it just get done. so this is a high stakes fight for the president. >> seven days until next monday. we could have seven controversy between now and then. it is a lifetime. halle, the president is golfing today with senator lindsey graham. what's the significance? and is there any significance of the timing? >> you know, listen, this comes as the president talked to chuck schumer about wanting something to do with some kind of a temporary health care deal. we know lindsey graham has been involved in that effort. the effort that failed on capitol hill. nothing is ever a coincidence with these kinds of things. so it is intentional that president is golfing with lindsey graham today with senator graham. we will hear more about how those conversations went. presumably health care came up and other priorities the president wants to push through
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and the list is getting extremely long. reporting on the immigration priorities that are fairly hard lines, sort of steven millersing that the white house wants to get done. >> halle jackson and garrett hague. guys, thank you very much. i'm joined by washington post columnist david ignatious and carol lee. thank you for joining me. david, bob corker told the "new york times" that president lies in his tweets. and everyone knows this. everyone knows he he does it. he does tend to lie a lot. is this what normalization looks like? >> true. i know what you say when you say normalization. i think the reason that corker's battle with trump is that he is saying things that many republicans feel but don't say.
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and corker brought them out in the open. president trump's reaction to corker is what he is trying to say. he needs corker in all sorts of ways over the next weeks and months. it is not the sort of thing that any president we can ever remember would have done. and it kind of, it makes the adult day care center point just in terms of the president's actions. but i think the underlying thing for me is that all over washington, i hear republicans saying, just as corker did, they look to mattis, tillerson, mcmaster, kelly, as the balance to restrain a president as they regard as sometimes just unpredictable, erratic. >> given that, given that have you the conversations in private, at what point are republicans feeling that it is
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necessary for our national security for the stability of this nation if they feel this way behind the scenes and are willing to stay behind the scenes to come out publicly and say i don't trust this president. i'm worried about what is going on in the white house. people need to handle him. keep him in line. he is creating problems when he it comes to our relations with allies and enemies overseas. at what point will they need to come out and say something more publicly? >> great question, katy. i think the simple question is when they feel it is safe to do so. donald trump remains very popular with his republican base. i think the country is nervous. concerned about what is happening with north korea. the toughest line that corker used was the world war iii line. people are frightened about them and they want to be reassured. the president, rather than reassuring them, is off on a tear in this tweet storm. i think republicans will
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publicly or privately say, mr. president, you've got to cool it. >> carol, last week you had that reporting about rex tillerson and how he felt about the president. as bob corker said, a lot of people think it is a good could be/bad cop on the way. i know he has hurt us as it relates it negotiations under way by tweeting things out. do you know what negotiations senator corker might have been referring to? >> i don't think we know exactly what he is referring to but you can surmise on that, there is a number of hot button issues and we just saw the president undercut secretary tillerson when he was talking about having diplomatic outreach to north korea. and so, that quote though, katie, i thought was one of the most striking remarkable interview with the new york times that senator corker gave. because what he is doing is not just saying, you know, that he
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feels that president is, you know, potentially setting the country on a path to world war iii. he says there are examples that lead him to that conclusion. which adds more hest to just what otherwise might be rhetoric. i think one. questions to ask when you're talking about whether other republicans come out and say this and not just republican lawmakers, also the foreign policy establishment types, is whether it helps people like secretary tillerson, secretary mattis, for them to talk about them in a way that, you know, so-called standing in between chaos. so i think that's part of the calculation too. yes, as david mentioned, it is definitely do they feel politically liberated to do that. but also just in terms of whether or not it can be effective. >> yeah. let's bring in max boots and your fellow for council on foreign relation answers former adviser or presidential
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campaigns of john mccain and mitt romney and marco rubio. max, thanks for coming in on this. when we're talking about the president and what he is tweeting, the other day be he said that only one thing will work when it comes to north korea. what does he mean by that? >> nobody knows, katy. the obvious inference is that only thing that will work on north korea is angry tweets and threats and calling kim jong-un little rock the man. at least that seems to be at trump approach. but the fact that trump is deliberately conjuring up fears of nuclear war, is the very reason why senator corker is speaking out. he is saying this is a dangerous game to play. this is not how to manage a crisis with a nuclear armed adversary. >> so when corker comes out and says these things, how does that play overseas? how does that play with allies
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and enemies? does that help or hurt us to see the chairman of the foreign relations committee come out and say this president, the united states president, needs a baby-sitter? >> well, i think what corker is saying is something that is obvious to everybody. inside washington, outside washington, inside the u.s., outside the u.s., i mean, he is basically saying the obvious which other people on the republican side have been too afraid to say. in terms of what does that mean for the u.s. standing in the world? well, i think that the u.s. standing in the world is endangered by the president and the fact we have this incredibly erratic ignorant individual as president of the united states who is truly, i believe, running the risk of nuclear war with north korea because he doesn't know what else to do to manage this crisis. and meanwhile is concocting another crisis with iran by shortly pulling out of the iranian nuclear accord. this is the fundamental issue we face. not because corker is putting a nod on it. but a senator is calling out the republican president and not
11:15 am
just agreeing with him on policy but saying he is not somebody you can trust and in a position of authority. he is not someone to trust with a nuclear arsenal. this is what i and others have been saying but not normally what you hear from a president's own party. >> big picture question, what happens next? >> well, with this president, you know, you wait for the next tweet. i think the simple answer is in terms of the north korean crisis, if the north koreans were refrained from testing an icbm and does not do another nuclear test, that will be considered a tacid test for some kind of dialogue. the dialogue with a they were talking about ten days ago. if that happens we will move into a different phase. it is also possible this crisis could escalate. we just don't know. i keep asking, when we talk about the calm before the storm, as the president's comment at the end of last week, is there
11:16 am
anything specific going on? i keep being told, no. >> we will see. it's been off a week. about a week or so since north korea tested any sort of missiles. we will see what happens next. max boot, david ignatious, carol lee. guys, thanks for joining me. next, the silence from most of hollywood and democrats. they are not addressing on a large scale at least, the allegations of sexual harassment against movie mogul and party donor harvey weinstein? why? is there something with republicans calling democrats out on this? just wait until you hear how much it cost the vice president to show up and quickly leave yesterday's colts/49ers game in protest. a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too.
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i'm positive that more women will come forward, that i'm not alone and that it was kind of a horrible kept secret in hollywood. >> he kind of backed me into a corner and blocked the exit and said, went in for to try and kiss me. and i pulled back and i said, no thank you. that's when he, you know, made sure that he blocked the exit and said, just stand there and be quiet. >> and he exposed himself to you? >> yeah. yeah. >> journalist lauren simeon discussed her experience with movie mogul harvey weinstein. the "new york times" reported late last week that a number of
11:21 am
women have accused weinstein of sexual harassment over several decades. and after several days of silence, some in hollywood are denouncing him, including meryl streep. she released this statement to the "huffington post" saying the disgraceful news about harvey weinstein has appalled those of works whose work he championed and those his good and worthy causes he supported. the intrepid women who raise their voices to expose this abuse are our heros. one thing can be clarified. not everybody knew. the company weinstein co-founded fired him last night, quote, in light of new information about misconduct. the "new york times" reports he has reached settlements with at least eight women since 19 t90. nbc news hasn't independently confirmed allegations. weinstein told the times on thursday i appreciate the way i've behaved with colleagues in the past caused a lot of pain and i sincerely apologize for
11:22 am
it. though i'm trying to do better, i know i have a long way to go. his lawyers threatened to suit paper claiming the report was false and defamatory. democrats under pressure in the wake of the story announced they will give back tens of thousands in donations from harvey weinstein. some of that money will good to women's groups. but hillary clinton and former president barack obama who both have close ties to weinstein have remained silent. joining us here in the newsroom to talk about this is liz win sts stestead, crow foun "the daily show" and from lady parts justice. let's start with where we ended there. president obama and hillary clinton silent so far. how do you feel about the selective outrage? i could be outraged about donald trump last year but not outraged about this? >> i think that it -- i feel like it happens a lot with women's issues and i feel really disappointed in both barack obama and hillary clinton.
11:23 am
if you took money from this person, because this person had really good progressive goals that are in line with the politics, great. when you find out that this person is a monster, especially a monster towards women, why wouldn't you denounce it? why would you have shame? come out and denounce it. but you know, otherwise you will never have credibility when trying to denounce oh, i don't know, a president who talks about the freedom to sexual assault a woman in a tape we hear on access hollywood? you got to wonder, did that incident that just weirdly happened practically to the anniversary of the date we found out about this, go past america and america gave trump a pass because we didn't call out this kind of behavior from democrats? >> malia, intern for harvey win steen. th they got tens of thousands of
11:24 am
dollars, both barack obama and hillary clinton. how long can they stay silent? >> they can stay silent as long as they want. how long will that stay okay is the question. we have to ask ourselves. it is up to us to demand from them and why aren't we demanding from barack obama and hillary clinton, where is your statement? please step up. we supported you. >> over the weekend, you tweeted a lot about this. and you made the connection to say, take out that job industry and put your own in there. >> ape all walnd all walks of l experienced something along the same lines. tell me something about that reaction. >> just because i work in the entertainment industry, every woman i know has been weinsteined, and some way, don't just make that about entertainment. and i made it about
11:25 am
entertainment because that's the industry i work in. how about you talk about your own industry. then it flooded. i was glad that women came out but also made me feel like, at what point, do not just women, but men understand that this is about humanity. this is about wanting women to succeed. this is about wanting a workplace for women that is going to be better because women are in it. and making it safe and completely productive. so they can be. >> it seems like a cultural issue. large cultural issue. i brought up the president and when i'm on the road and talking to folks unfailingly, there is someone in every crowd that i talk to, that asked me why we haven't spoken about the women who accused donald trump of sexual harassment and untoward behavior during the campaign. the women he promised to sue on his first day in the office. and what happened to them?
11:26 am
or are their claims suddenly no longer credible or do they no longer matter wauz bae was elected to the white house in the president was asked about harvey weinstein the other day. then he was asked about his access hollywood tape. let's take a listen. >> i've known harvey weinstein for a long time. i'm not at all surprised to see it. [ inaudible ] >> well, he said they were inappropriate. [ inaudible ] >> that's locker room. that's locker room. go ahead. >> so he is saying that the locker room, that's locker room. right after he said that that tape came out and right after he called it locker room and said he has never done anything he wrought up bill clinton and tried to pass off or deflect some of the negative attention. a lot of women came out, a lot of women, nine i think in the first week and more after that, to say that he either, you know,
11:27 am
cornered them at mar-a-lago or put his hands somewhere his hands should not have been. the campaign and donald trump deni denied denied allegations, saying they were opportunists looking for attention. where do we stand when we have harvey weinstein, and to be fair, settled with women. there were settlements. is now no longer head or part of his production company. and yet we have the president of the united states whoe who was elected president of the united states after all of this. and we should say, donald trump never settled with anyone, that i know of. >> he was on access hollywood as a mogul in the entertainment industry, just like harvey win stee weinstein was. he wasn't in a locker room. he was talking about the power
11:28 am
he has as a mogul. the people that people accept that is ridiculous but i think is on all of us to demand justice and righteousness for people who go through this. no matter if you voted for that person or not. why would you want someone who is not going to have your back when you need it? >> and allegations go further than that. they go to bill clinton, bill o'reilly of fox news, bill cosby. not just one -- >> and to john smith who runes a tech company. to bob ander sop wson, a lawyer there is no reason for women to come forward and put anythiever on the line. just no reason. >> thank you for coming to talk about this. chief creative officer of lady parts justice and co-cr co-creator of "the daily show." thank you. love that show. was the walk-out in indiana
11:29 am
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welcome back. i'm katy tur with a look at today's headlines at the half. first, hurricane nate which weakened to tropical storm as it moves east dropping heavy rains in its path. residents in the gulf post suffered flooding and power outages over the weekend. raging wildfires forcing evacuations in the famed wine country. authorities reported multiple blazes around sonoma and napa counties. forcing school closures for today. nbc's joe friar is live in santa rosa, california. what are you seeing? >> we just got into this area. this is just one neighborhood in santa rosa, one community. you can look behind me and you see a number of houses that have been destroyed by fire that tore through here. not just this house.
11:34 am
walk with me as i walk through the entire neighborhood. every single house, as far as you can see, in this neighborhood, even the cars that were left behind as people evacuated, all of them are gone. we are at lake park drive in bella vista way here in santa rosa. this is obviously one neighborhood hit real hard. we know how about eight large fires are burning right now. in the north bay area. 1500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. that the latest number. and they are are still trying to assess the damage. thousands of people have been evacuated. these fires started around 10:00 local time last night. they started small. one fire we are talking about here that's affected santa rosa and started east of here, only about 200 acres. overnight it grew to 20,000 acres. multiplied by a hundred times. winds gusting at 50 miles an hour. causing the fire to spread
11:35 am
incredibly rapidly. you talk about the thousands who had to evacuate, they will tell you they had only a matter of minutes to get out of town and to safety. we know two hospitals in the area have been evacuated. patients moved to safer locations. schools in this area are cancelled. a number of businesses are closed. still trying to assess damage while still fight the fire. wind are dying down now during the day. that's going to help. daylight is out. that gives them a chance to attack from the air. but there are fires all over the place that spread overnight. in this area, october is a dangerous fire season. everything is dry after summer and this is a windy time of year and it creates these kinds of conditions. katy? >> we're looking at live photos right now of anaheim hills, california. can you see flames are starting to approach the freeway there. joe fryer for us in santa rosa. joe, thank you very much. back to politics.
11:36 am
every heard the phrase doth protest too much? for a second day in a row the president is defending the vice president's early leaving the nfl game between the colts and 4 theers. >> the trip by vp pence was a long plan. vice president mike pence exited the stadium after nearly two dozen 49ers knelt during the national anthem. and within moments of leaving the stadium, the vp tweeted. while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, i don't think it's too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and our national anthem. but critics are calling pence's walk-out preplanned and a political stunt. why? partly because of the defense offered from the president himself. he tweeted that he asked pence to leave if any players neeld. something very likely to happen
11:37 am
pt . 49ers are the former team of colin kaepernick. safety, eric reed, who joined kaepernick, had this assessment of pence's departure. >> just looks like a pr stunt to me. he knew our team has had the most players protest. he knew that we were probably going to do it again. and so, this is what it looks like, a man with power comes to the game, tweets a couple things out and leaves the game with an attempt to our efforts. >> joining me now along with dave zeeren, host of the pod cast, sports of edge, phil, the white house saying that this was a preplanned trip. part of a larger trip to california for a fund-raiser. but the administration, come on, had to know this was going to happen. it's the 4 theers.
11:38 am
>> of course they knew this was going to happen. but the white house is rather defensive today. there's been a tourant of criticism over the vice president. he had been in las vegas, then indian for the game, then to los angeles for a series of fund-raisers over the next couple of days. the white house is saying look, the vice president would be flying back all wait to washington for the night where he would go to this trip. they don't feel like it is an extra expense but numbers do add up. estimate are, you know, 200, $250,000 for that flight to get him to indianapolis. >> not just the flight. the secret service resources. the extra staffing and hospitals. security for the stadium and all sorts of things that go into getting someone like the vice president to and from a location. and notable also that the pool was told not to get out of the car because the vp wasn't going to be there for long. that's before he even went into
11:39 am
the stadium. >> they knew it would be a short visit. a tell-tale sign something was up. david, you called the vice press's walk-out a ham-handed effort to isolate people brave enough to dissent in the face of the most powerful people in the world and raise issues. >> this th is this administration's m.o. distract, demonize and divert. the difference with this is this co choreography was just so terrible. i haven't seen choreography this bad since elaine on seinfeld.
11:40 am
>> hey, i dance like that. >> oh, wow. then i haven't seen it this bad since you. to say why this is disaster, not just a writer, but the local indiana press has been hammering pence. not just because of the $250,000 expense because he served to overshadow can which was a special day for the colts which was honoring peyton manning. a disaster every which way you look for this administration. that's why they are scrambling and back tracking. that's why joe scarborough on your met work said this morning, this is worse that bridge gate. he is right about that. one of the things that makes it truly worse is let's remember why mike pence did this. he did this to chill the exercising of the first amendment by nfl players. that's why he did it. whether you agree or disagree, that's why he did it. an administration that has something to say about nazis marching in shcharlottesville wt out of their way to spend this kind of money, divert travel and clampdown nfl players because
11:41 am
they are talking about an issue that this administration doesn't want to talk about. that makes it far more dangerous than a regular political stunt. >> you hit a point there. phil pence is taking a stand for players kneeling, in his words, against the flag. whoe when it is against police brutality. what he is not taking stand on is that there were very fine people marching among nazis in a march that ended with one person dead. he is not taking a stand on the president attacking john mccain, pow. he is not taking a stand on, you know, tacks on khan. not taking a stand on the various wayes this president insulted people and institutions and question the foundations of o our democracy. but goes to a colts game and walks out after a couple of minutes because a few nfl players didn't stand and i guess
11:42 am
put their hands on their hearts for the national anthem. >> yes. you're exactly right. and i couldn't help but think yesterday when pence walked out of this game that he is playing ton audience of one. which is the big boss, the president. i think the president was very happy to see the vice president take on his pet cause. this is something that trump has been pushing for a couple weeks now. in part frankly, according to the sources i talked to because trump is worried he is losing his grip on his conservative base. he is trying to find issues to keep his base loyal to them, l galvanize them. he had an embarrassing defeat in alabama in that special election a couple weeks ago. and this flag issue, the kneeling issue, is something the president seesized upon and vic president is following orders by doing the walk-out which trump acknowledged on twitter he asked him to do. >> i have one quick question. our producer is yelling at me because he thinks we are out of time. why he is losing his base? >> he is just afraid he is
11:43 am
losing his base. >> there is poll be out there that shows he is lose something support among the more rural parts of the country. people that did vote for donald trump. >> there is. >> at least part of the reason now is that he hasn't gotten anything done and he is fighting with everybody. dave, what are you saying about the flights? >> just flights, tom price, illegal -- all the stuff about draining the swamp when you see this administration is immersed in the swamp. very people who voted for trump as a big middle finger to politics as usual see the middle finger is pointed back to them. >> we will see. again i caution that sometimes polls don't adequately reflect the exact sentiment in the country as we saw during the election. dave, and fill, thank yphil very much. >> thank you. >> new demands. democrats want a deal to protect dreamers.
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and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. mexico will pay for the wall. just in case there's any question, yes, mexico will pay for the wall. mexico will pay for the wall. mexico will pay for the wall. when i say mexico will pay, they all laugh. they go hehehe. they think it's funny. >> protecting millions of
11:48 am
so-called dreamers may have just hit a wall. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi said they were positive they he could reach a deal for daca. yesterday the trump administration released its list of demands. on that list, funding for the border wall. you know, the one mexico was going to pay for. removing protections from children fleeing over the border. allowing local police to investigate immigration status and limiting visas for spouses and family members. pelosi and schumer said we told the president we were open to reasonable measures alongside the dream act but this list goes far beyond what is reasonable. this fails to represent any attempt at compromise. joining us now, julia anzly, nbc news national security and justice report. and ceo of vikt kro latino and
11:49 am
msnbc contributor. julia, saying the border wall, funding for it, was a nonstarter. the white house had to have known that. >> of course they knew that going into this. the way this was phrased to us is that it is the wish list. gathered in part by steven miller, trump's senior policy adviser. we know he is a known immigration hard-liner. he came from then senator, now attorney general sessions office. and has been working with a lot of outside groups to come up with priorities which go wayon the point that any democrat and even some republicans would agree to. we're talking about changing protections for unaccompanied children who come here as immigrants. changing the way refugees are treated. and even changing the way visas are given out to people who come here legally. this would be a drastic change and the way the u.s. approaches immigration now. and it is really njust not even bringing people to the negotiation table who have have
11:50 am
to be there to reach any compromise regarding daca. >> we were talking about how this could be an effort for the president to win back his base. could this be another effort for the president to try and win back his base? real concerns that effort for t president to win back his base? concerns that his base is not happy with what's going on in the white house? >> i absolutely believe he looks at histy approval ratings and realizes he has to act fast. has he did last night. be clear, did ton a sunday night before the federal holiday so no one can really respond to this appropriately. continues to be part of his tactic. he just made it incredibly difficult for republicans to come up with something. they need an immigration, daca bill, as much as democrats because they are in districts no longer just, talking about gerrymandering but not where there is not 0 daca presence.
11:51 am
he is trying with a wish list trying to reframe what the american immigration policy looks like in broad strokes without being thoughtful and alienating her party in doing so. >> what do they do now? >> at this point, logically, work with the white house to see if this is a line in the sand or things to negotiate on. we heard from the white house last night. they said all of these demands have to be included in any kind of legislation that would address daca. but we've seen the president shift on this issue so many times before, that it's hard to know if this is really his final stance or just him beefing up before another political fight. >> maria what should democrats be willing to concede to get daca passed or protections put in place? >> they need to basically go behind closed doors and have strong conversations with the republicans. this, very similar to the tax bill and so many bills you'll see coming out of this administration are suggestions, it's clear they do not know how
11:52 am
congress works and democrats and republicans have to do business behind closed doors, come up with policy and send it back over. maybe a wind for compromise. be clear. when daca was announced saying he would rescind on october 5th, not one of those 800,000 recipients received a letter saying exactly what that, det l detailing what that meant tore femme, because homeland security themselves did not know if it would shift between now and the arbitrary date of march the president gave. again, everybody's kind of working around what he says, but that's why it's important for congress to put something to paper and send it up to the office so there were be something and they'll be clear what they're signing. >> i see that. what should democrats be willing to concede on? behind closed doors, talking to republicans, what's one of the things to hand over to hawkish republicans or rbs who -- not hawkish republicans. republicans who want stronger borders? >> i think everybody wants
11:53 am
stronger borders. people agree we also want ta know the 11 million people living within our borders. the idea mexico will pay for the wall or who will pay for the wall, is a non-starter for them they know how expensive it subpoena it's a chain of demands encompassing migration. a daca recipient, you become a u.s. citizen or legal resident, are you, do you have to choose between that and your parents being deported back? these are false choices for many people. >> maria and teresa, and did you have something to add? >> just on the wall. only talking about 70 mile mile which is all laid out at this point. we don't know how much funding or mileage covered, could potentially be a place democrats could concede. politically we don't see the numbers abscess probably wouldn't happen. if they're going to butt heads, a place to look. >> and thank you both.
11:54 am
ladies, thank you. and from the first officers who stormed the hotel room of stephen paddock, the gunman that killed 58 people at a musical festival lasts weekend. >> i could see the suspect's door was riddled with bullet holes comes out. it looked like swiss cheese. >> he had the advantage. >> yeah. because he knew we were coming and what we had to come through. we didn't know where he would be in that room. >> a deadly game of hide and seek? you're the one hiding, you always know where the person is you're looking to before they see you. i remember thinking, man, i wish i had my dog with me. nice to have him lead the team. >> exactly 10:05 p.m. last night las vegas, nevada, mark add week since the attack dims the lights on the famed strip. today the gunman's motive remains unknown but police reveal a note found in paddock's hotel room did contain some calculations.
11:55 am
>> you know, i did notice a note on the nightstand near where -- his shooting platform. i could see on it he had written the distance, the elevation he was on. the drop of what his bullet would be for the crowd. so he had, had that written down and figured out so he would know where to shoot to his hit targets from there. >> investigators are still questioning all those close to the gunman. the "las vegas review-journal" reports his brother met with agents twice over the weekend at least. and steve patterson joins me from las vegas with the latest. hi, steve. >> reporter: hey. the more we know of the profile of the fbi, the problem here, the more we know, the more confusing that profile gets. it must be incredibly exhausting and frustrating for people investigating this. we know paddock, stephen paddock, 64 years old, we know
11:56 am
him as something of a high roller here in vegas. known to the vegas community. known to the casinos, known to the hotel systems. we know that in 2015 irs records show he won more than $5 million in gambling. we know he stayed at high roller suites, had dinners often comped and so this was a guy known to this community. we also know him as inved gators are speaking to his family. his brothers. his brothers told the feds that basically he's been a quiet guy for a long time. wanted to live a quiet life. doesn't raise suspicions. as far as the police community goes, and he's just been living in a place basically where he comes and gambling, goes back and forth to live in a quiet life. corroborated with investigators speaking to his girlfriend, 62-year-old marilou. used to go to the same bars, the same coffee shops almost on a weekly basis. however, all of that is contradicted with late
11:57 am
information that's coming that she may have felt like his mental stability was in question. talking and telling federal investigators he was worried about his mental state. he would stay up with night terrors screaming, oh, my god, oh, my god and have various states of unrest emergency all of that conflicts. all we real know here is the profile of stephen paddock as a killer. no phone in his hotel room. calculations about the bullet drop, trajectory where he was firing in to that crowd making his shots even more lethal. we know he had a camera system set up in case the police came up there to come and get him. we know he had bump fire stocks outfitted on 12 of the 23 weapons that they found in this hotel room. all of this, however, does not tell us anymore about why he committed this crime. that is what's so frustrating to federal investigators who are looking into this. >> nbc's stephen patterson in las vegas. thank you very much. and one more thing before we
11:58 am
go. remember this -- president trump tossing paper towels like they were a basketball into a crowd of puerto rican the when he visited the hurricane ravaged island last week. critics call him out for what appears to be him having fun at the expense of those suffering. the president says that perception, oh, well, it's all the media's fault. >> we did a great job, and we weren't treated fairly by the media, because we really did a good job. i mean, one example. they had beautiful, soft towels. very good towels and i came in and there was a crowd of a lot of people, and there was screaming and they were loving everything, and we -- i was having fun -- they were having fun. saying, throw them to me, mr. trump. so i'm doing some of the -- so the next day they said, oh, it was so disrespectful to the people. it was just a made-up thing.
11:59 am
also when they had, when i walked in, the cheers was incredible. >> humanitarian crises bp aren't they fun? nearly three weeks since recovery efforts began, 85% of puerto rico is still without power. 40% still lacks clean running water. and roughly one in four grocery stores remain closed. so much fun they're having down there. paper towels will fix everything. ah. on that note -- that will do it for me this hour. my colleague and fellow road warrior kasie hunt picks things up from washington. wonderful to see you. >> to see you, too. thank you so much. good afternoon. i am kasie hunt in the for ali velshi this afternoon. chaos continues to swirl around the white house thanks to large part to the president's twitter accounts. surprise, surprise. this time the president took fire at his one-time ally
12:00 pm
senator bop corker, slamming him for deciding not to run more re-election. corker is fighting back making sure the president's actions of endangering the country and could risk world war iii and tweeting that the white house has -- and i quote -- "become an daut day-care center." >> we worked with senator corker over the years but finds tweets like this to be incredibly irresponsible. >> the white house is also waging a new battle on immigration. the white house is demanding a border security crackdown in exchange for protecting young, undocumented immigrants known as dreamers from deportation. and in that's not enough -- the headlines continue about potential staff shake-ups at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. here to help us work through all of this chaos, kristen welker, my colleague at the white house for us, and garrett hake on


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