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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 9, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> i don't think it matters who it is. this guy will be whom he wants. >> this debate is going to go on and on and on. don't miss it. we'll have it every day. my thanks to steve schmidt, harry ford, "mtp daily" starts right now with the fabulous katie tur in for chuck. >> with a panel like that i will always be watching. nicolle, thank you very much. if it is monday, don't cross bob corker. tonight -- senator corker uncorked. the retiring chairman of the senate foreign relations committee sounds off on the president. and what he says is a pact to world war iii. plus, protesting anthem protests. how vice president pence's dramatic departure from this week's colts game is fueling controversy. >> it's the height of hypocrisy to say they can take their action but that the vice president of the united states doesn't van equal right.
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and hitting the wall on a daca deal. how president trump's latest demands to build a southern wall could tear down a bipartisan push to protect so-called dreamers. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening and welcome to "mtp daily." i'm katie tur in new york in for chuck todd. welcome to what is very influential republican is comparing to a reality tv show. that's right. a republican, and not just any republican. one who was in president trump's corner. retiring republican senator bob corker, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, spoke to the "new york times" this weekend saying president trump is acting "like he's doing the apprentice or something." he may have a point. senator corker is certainly not the first to point to the plot
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twists and cliffhangers that come out of the trump white house and compare them to reality tv. just look at what's been happening over the past few days. this public fight with a respected senator. we'll dig deeper into that in a moment. the undermining of a critical cabinet member responsible for sensitive dealings with north korea, and iran. more on that ahead. and an abrupt change in the president's deal with chuck and mention that. we'll explains that, too. plus, what sure seems like a made-for-tv moment orchestrated by the president when vice president pence walked out of the indianapolis colts game after players from the san francisco 49ers knelt during the national anthem. but it's the feud with corker which could mean the most headaches for the white house. they need every single vote, yes, that they can get if they want to pass anything this year and now their relationship might be beyond repair after this weekend.
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on sunday morning, the president went after senator corker on twitter saying corker begged him for his endorsement. saying corker was responsible for the horrendous nuclear -- iran nuclear deal, and that he didn't have the guts to run for re-election. corker fired back tweeting, it's a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center, someone obviously missed their shift this morning. corker denies what the president said about his endorsement telling the "times," i don't know why the president tweets out things that are not true. you know he does it. everyone knows he does it, but he does." corker also says the president's twets towards our nations on twitter could send the country on a "pact to world war iii." vice president pence responded this afternoon saying president trump is achieving real results on the international stage while critics engage in empty rhetoric and baseless attacks. no amount of criticism at home can diminish those results.
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guys, republicans will be forced to answer whose side they're on on this latest war of words. corker's colleagues get a short-term reprieve since they're not in washington this week, but most of them don't have the luxury of having just announced their retirements. so they still have to watch what they say about the leader of their own party. there's nothing like that free agent status to act as truth serum for an outgoing lawmaker. a point made by mick mulvanie yesterday on "meet the press." >> i enjoyed working with senator corker. fun to work with him now that he's not running for re-election. unleashes him to do and say whatever he wants to say. >> joining me now is another outgoing republican congressman charlie dent of pennsylvania. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks, katy. >> i want to ask you to respond
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to what was says. "it's easy to be bold when you're not coming back." congressman, you're not coming back. be bold. >> well, sure. i was critical before the 2016 election. i never endorsed donald trump. so i'll be very honest with you. i will be bold. a lot of these comments from the president have been disquieting to say the least. and let's be honest. we've had a lot of these, the emperor has no clothes moments and i'm glad that senator corker has brought voice to this. we are concerned. my colleagues, my republican colleagues in the house, i know, and senate, are concerned by much of the dysfunction and disorder and chaos at the white house. granted, it's gotten better with general kelly there. he's a very fine man, but we have these conversations all the time, and we have to do better, and i think more of my colleagues should speak up. they say things privately they don't say publicly. i said it publicly before i announced i wasn't running.
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>> you seem to have conversations privately. what sort of things do you say to each other and what sort of things really concern you? >> well, for me, i guess it's not just the -- it's just the insults and the mocking statements that bother me quite a bit. through the campaign, we went through the whole issue with john mccain. mexicans being rapists. the kahn family. the discussions about miss universe about her weight. we got into decisions that aren't important. we are asked to respond and because my colleagues are asked to respond we spend time on these sorts of issues rather than a policy agenda. frankly, the white house isn't helping itself on these policy matters when they get into these types of side shows. it makes life harder. look at health care, for example. the president never laid out principles. he never laid out plans. he never -- never went out and sold the case.
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but you have to provide leadership when you're the president on some of these very big issues, and these are some -- >> why do you believe he isn't doing that? >> again, i think there's been a, like i said, a disquieting, and at times an alarming lack of policy knowledge or basic matters. seen comments -- go back to the trans-pacific partnership as an example, katy. the president said at one point during the campaign, wanted to pull out of that because of china. china was against the tpp. we were trying to enact tpp to help position ourselves against china with our friends in that part of the world, the pacific rim. just basic issues like that that i think are difficult, or just talking about pulling out of the south korean trade agreementsat! a time of sabre rattling? why raise that at time like this? it's more than bewildering. >> talking about name-calling.
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inability to get things done in congress. senator corker took it a step further. worried about the president inadvertently starting world war iii. saw him undercut secretary tillerson. seen him call kim jong-un on twitter, call him names on speeches. are you worried about our national security? >> well, i'm certainly worried about our foreign policy. i mean, i saw statements, too, coming out of the president's mouth on nato being obsolete. frankly, that's exactly what vladimir putin wants to hear. he wants to break up nato. he wants the eu to unravel. and why would we do anything that would basically mimic what vladimir putin is saying? on north korea were i was over there around easter, and, look, there's no good military outcome here. >> no. >> any type of military conflict will result in hundreds of thousands of deaths. i lap to believe in kim jong-un were to launch a conventional
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strike in the south he would lose the war and lose a regime. he can't sustain a war. that said, the president should no engage in a rhetorical exchange with kim jong-un. the actions and deeds have been appropriate relative to china, trying to isolate north korea, but the president's rhetoric i think is trying to go tit for tat with jim jokim jong-un is a mistake. >> he said the other day, only one thing works, when talking about north korea and didn't say what that thing was, but presumably, some sort of military strike. do you think he's -- he's trying to taunt him into starting something? >> boy, i hope not. i'm still a little mystified by that comment, too. we have friends and allies in that region. the japanese and south koreans pay very close allegation to things and that's a big concern for a lot of us. that when you're the president of the united states, your words of policy. people take those words very
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seriously. i don't think the president has learned that yet. particularly in japan and south korea. people -- i think they do take you literally, and take you seriously. and the president, i believe, you know, has to be much more measured in his rhetoric, but good luck with that. >> congressman, you're speaking out. senator bob corker is speaking out. there are concerns about getting anything done in congress, as you you laid out. bob corker is concerned about world war iii. at what point is it -- is it irresponsible for your colleagues not to say more? >> well, tell you what, there are going to be a couple of tests not just for me but all of my colleagues. we have to get to a budget a asgreemt before the end of the year. the president's has to play a constructive role there. i hope he does. the president also has indicated he wants to come to agreement on the so-called dreamers. there is an easy compromise there if we want it. we can do it, and i believe that if that fails, then i think my
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colleagues will realize that we have real problems, because tax reform will be extremely difficult, and unlike health care, you know, the administration must lay out its principles. its policies, and then go out and sell them to the american people. that never happened in health care and by the way, if you're a republican senator, look what happened during the health care debate. i was defense the health care bill. the president read me the riot act because i wasn't for the bill, only then to have this bill pass a few weeks later then the president calls the bill mean. one hand, excoriates me being against the bill, then says the bill is mean. if you're a republican senator, passed the bill like the house bill, the president might say something like that. >> you said the president doesn't seem to know much about peels. why do you think he wanted to be president? >> i don't know. you have to ask him that. i was for john kasich. i was for john kasich. look, i can't speak to his motivations wanting to be president. a powerful position and a lot of people want it. i get the sense he doesn't have that -- he -- my view, a lot of
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unformed and in cases uninformed policy positions and they shift from time to time. i respect the fact that the president is pragmatic. always willing to work with him on the right track on a given issue. the deal he cut, for example, on the debt ceiling i thought was completely appropriate and gave him credit. others beat him up for it. i thought it was the right thing. my bottom line is, we'll work with him on the right track. but when he moves in a bad direction, we have to check him and if he says things out of bounds, we have to call him out on it. >> one other question. if you believe that, why are you retiring, congressman? why are the more moderate congressman willing to say that, why say, hang up your coat and say no more? >> katy, i'm 13-0. run for office 13 times. seven congress, four state house, two for state senate. i felt it was the right time and able to do other things. i'm 57. might get back in the game at some point. right now, felt it was the right time in thy life to try something else.
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yarp, frustration, by the way, pre-dated donald trump. ooink been around enough. too many people out there, frankly, in both parties. tired of this isolationism, this nativism, and this protectionism. not attributes of a great nation. i want to affect the conversation in this country from the outside, just as i have from the inside and i'm going to do that. >> congressman charlie dent, good to talk to you. i could go on longer. i imagine my producers are getting antsy. congressman, thank you so much. joining me now, nbc diplomacy ambassador in iraq and north korea, and also ambassador chris hill tired of sitting there waiting for me to come to him. thanks for joining us, ambassador. appreciate your time. let's start and jump off from bob corker, again, saying he's worried that the president could start world war iii. what do you think? >> i don't think i've ever heard a senator, certainly not the head of the senator foreign relations committee, use words like that. i think bob corker is a very
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serious person. he knows the issues. he's been all over the world, and when he uses terms like that, you can bet he has very, very serious concerns. so i think we're in a situation, really, with a president who doesn't seem to understand what the country is. he seems to have no relationship with the state, with governance. he thinks it's all about him and a small entourage including family members, and i think we're in for a very rough ride for the remaining 3 years and 1 month of this administration. >> what do you think specifically is concerning him? he alluded to something in the "new york times," not offering specifics saying, i know that the president has hurt, in several instances hurt us as it relates to negotiates under way by tweeting things out. what is he talking about? north korea, iran? >> i think in particular, he's talking about the latest incident, we have our secretary of state out there talking to the chinese, trying to assure them that we have channels,
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trying to assure them we have an interest in the diplomatic track, which if we don't the chinese certainly don't have an interest working with us and along comes a tweet. when i worked during the george w. bush administration it wasn't easy because we had a vice president who couldn't agree with the president so tried to undermine negotiators, but i don't remember dick cheney ever figuring out how to tweet something. it's even worse than that. far worse, and i think the president has no concept of teamwork. no concept of working with anyone else except insofar as other people are complete cinco fans towards him. a serious problem in this country right now. >> ambassador, i've asked this question before. i get the feeling this is not going to be the last time i ask you it this time around. what does the world think when they hear the chair of our senate foreign relations committee say he is worried about the president of this country from his own party,
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worried about the president starting world war iii? >> well, as charlie dent said, a lot of countries in the world really look at things we say. really parse the things we say. and when you have someone as respected and senior as bob corker, using a term like "world war iii" people take notice. a great deal of concern. i was in south korea a couple weeks ago. a great deal of concern how, not only, kim jong-un, by the way, an understand guided missile in and of himself, but concerned about what our president is doing. why is he stooping to this level are invectives, and very concerned about our capacity to play a leadership role and frankly that's what i'm very concerned about. i don't see countries especially countries in europe, for example, old, reliable allies taking us seriously anymore. >> given that, are they essentially ignoring what
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the president says? >> there's a lot of that -- >> what does that mean for our future influence? can we regain it? >> we're clearly losing influence fast. of course, we can regain it in the fullness of time. i just think we've gone to a sort of tipping point with this administration, and i don't think any of these comments we see from our secretary of defense are really going to be enough to overcome these dead in the night tweets we're getting from the president. most countries, they look at the number one figure, not willing to look at advisors around who somehow were make sensible statements. i think there's a great deal of concern in the world and to some extent kind of ignored. we've made a huge effort in syria and iraq to help forces to defeat isis, yet we don't 150se to be around anymore. absolutely no political process. no diplomats kind of out there. it's a huge problem and i've never seen anything like this in
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my 30-something years in the state department. >> how likely are we to see any sort of military engagement on the north korea -- or with north korea? >> it's hashrd to say. senator corker implied a lot of unintended consequences. you say things and put -- this president has put more red lines out there. looks like a red carpet at this point, but at some point he may act on something. so i think there's a lot of concern about unintended acts which do happen in international affairs where one side essentially causes the other side to make a forced move. the other side has to respond. so we could be getting into a situation like that, very dangerous situation, for which there are plenty of presidents in history. >> ambassador chris hill, thank you very much. >> thank you. and we've got more on the republican rebukes of president trump ahead. plus, russia's online campaign to interfere in the 2016 election may be even wider
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welcome back. for facebook and twitter, a now report saying google learned russians placed ads on it during the election. uncovering tens of thousands of dollars spent on russians for ads concerning the election. across several google platforms including gmail and youtube. going's said it has a strict policy of ads and will address this. and russian ad buyers do not appear to be the same troll farm used to purchase ads on facebook, which could be a sign the russian ad problem is broader than suspected. connecticut senator richard blumenthal said this morning he wants increased disclosure on
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the funding of ads on the internet. >> if vladimir putin is using facebook or google or twitter to in effect destroy our democracy, the american people should know about it. >> we're back with more "mtp daily" in just 60 seconds. thinking about what to avoid, where to go, and how to work around your uc. that's how i thought it had to be. but then i talked to my doctor about humira, and learned humira can help get and keep uc under control... when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb,
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hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations and ask your gastroenterologist if humira may be right for you. with humira, control is possible. senator cork ser is a major player and key on the budget. we'll be returning to the budget next week and he'll be a big help in helping us get it done. >> thank you. >> walks away. welcome back. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell in the last few minutes speaking to reporters in paris, kentucky. bring in tonight's panel. beth kluwe, and rand paul campaign adviser and msnbc political analyst elise jordan and ms. maxwell, director of progressive media and current director of progressive programs
2:24 pm
for sirius xm. jump off there. i mean, it feels to me like this is mitch mcconnell saying, hey, listen, president, you're going to need bob corker if you want to get tax reform done. >> certainly didn't seem like senator mcconnell was pushing back against bob corker in any way, shape or form, and i think that you're seeing the divide becoming even more entrenched among establishment republicans and the hard-core trump supporters. how is donald trump, though, going to get anything done in washington if he does not have any establishment republicans on his side? >> charlie dent was on a moment ago, he was saying he has these conversations all the time with his colleagues. corker says he has these conversations all the time with his colleagues, about whether or not the president is essentially fit for the presidency. at what point do we start hearing from other republicans? are they afraid to come out? >> the two are not running for re-election and have an
2:25 pm
incredible platform, others who aren't, many in states or districts where the president is very popular and are caught between a rock and hard spot. i feel, katy, if corker and charlie dent go out and say, well, everybody's talking about it, somebody better step forward saying, yes we are, or no we're not or let's just cut to the chase here. you're very established, very respected colleagues are announcing to the world this is a discussing happening, ongoing all the time. at some point somebody has to step forward, yes, we have concerns. is somebody going to throw themselves on a sword to be the one who's vulnerable, running for re-election, willing to say that? john mccain said that, he's ill. who knows his future. where's a member of congress with something on the line. >> to lose. >> exactly. >> what's the end game, end goal here for someone like charlie dent or bob corker? are they trying to get the president to listen? not so sure if that's the most effective way to do it?
2:26 pm
trying to get those in the white house and the president's staff are to take more of a hard line? what could be going on? >> not sure about the end goal. it's important they're speaking out, because somebody has to and it can't be democrats. obviously, republicans in congress aren't generally going to listen to members of the other party. they'll listen to their own. republicans to this point have basically walked lock in step with the president. have very rare, in very rare moments criticized the president when he deserved criticism. the fear of a tweet, the fear the president will call them out they need to get over that because this is a national security issue. since november 9th, i felt this way. i worked for hillary clinton obviously and was afraid of donald trump. not because i disagreed with him on policy but felt he was erratic. we've seen with his early morning tweets, contradicting his secretary of state on north korea when we're dealing with
2:27 pm
nuclear war on twitter, there's no time to kowtow the party. you have to stand up and take a stand. >> i asked this of former ambassadors all the time, even those in the senate our foreign house committees. how does the rest of the world see us? at what point -- how many times can we have that question? in three years kwhashgs is t sy answer to that question and does it matter? is it written off now? >> we're still the united states. the most powerful country -- >> are we? >> -- they want to set up businesses, educate their children. another problem we're having. the people coming into the country and trying to figure what to do with them. yes, still a beacon. still a place people want to be. does that mean our status hasn't been eroded somewhat in these eight months since trump became president? certainly has, but this country it endure a lot and will carry on, no matter who the president is. >> do we need to see the folks
2:28 pm
in the white house take a more unified approach to whatever the president -- and this administration, whatever the president may want? should rex tillerson be, and what kellyanne conway said. excuse me. sarah huckabee sanders. the president can't undercut rex tillerson. ultimately, the president is the president and rex tillerson is trying to carry out his directives around the world, his orthodoxy, his foreign policy. do they have a responsibility to get in line? senator cotton thinks so and what he said over the weekend. >> when you think the president is wrong you have a duty to try to present to him the best facts and best thinking to help him see it in a different light. maybe you can. but if he doesn't, says, no, i want to do it my way. your job, move out and execute. if you felt strongly enough, then you have to resign. >> is it important to present a unified front? >> i agree with senator cotton's point, if you do strongly disagree, you should resign.
2:29 pm
i think there comes a point when certain cabinet members are going to have to make that call. what senator corker was essentially doing was firing a warning shot, and voicing his displeasure in particular with the way that donald trump is handling north korea and undercutting rex tillerson's attempt at some diplomatic compromise, some kind of diplomatic channel that donald trump seems very content to just wish away constantly in his public remarks by swearing allegiance to the military. >> and reporting a moment ago, there are cabinet officials and key advisers that you should be watching out for in case they leave sometime soon. gary cohn after tax reform. secretary rex tillerson. untenable. a lot of folks said that and chief of staff john kelly. how long will he hang on? is it a good thing to see these folks go?
2:30 pm
>> after charlottesville i was surprised how many high officials did not resign. it's a fair question and a point. a question of, do you do the duty to your country or do you walk out on some sort of moral high ground? i think that's a good question, but gary cohn is not protecting national security. right? if you're in a position that has to do with foreign policy and national security i completely understand why you might stay in this white house. if your job is not essential that that function, i think if you have a moral objection, you should walk out. after charlottesville, you had the president, a news story we have forgotten about. people of color in the country did not forget about that and never will. the president of the united states agreed and said there be fine people amoungs the white supremacists and ku klux klan members and that's unforgivable and those with moral authority in the white house should question whether or not they should serve this president. >> and white supremacists
2:31 pm
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welcome back. the battle over a border wall came roaring back together. a list of tough immigration reforms that must be included for the undocumented immigrants. the most controversial item on the list, funding for a board
2:39 pm
other wall. that wall that mexico was going to pay for. the president's new demands won immediate praise from the freedom caucus and other immigration hard-liners, but top democrats stay is a non-starter. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer said in a joint statement, this list goes so far beyond what is reasonable. this proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise. nbc capitol hill correspondent kasie hunt is following the developments on the white house's immigration priorities list. kasie, is this just another example of what we can call the art of the deal, where the president puts out all of his extreme demands in order to come to the middle on something? >> reporter: it seems to me this is the second version of the same deal. i think it's left a lot of people, at least democrats, anyway, with a little whiplash, which, you know, i think there are probably some people on capitol hill, on the republican side, who are telling chuck and
2:40 pm
nancy, quote/unquote, i told you so on this. clearly the president said one thing to them over dinner which was, yes, there's a lot here. in these proposals. but the important piece of this is the border wall. essentially what they came out of the dinner saying, okay. we can figure out a way to make a fix for these dreamers, these kids brought here through no fault of their own without given donald trump a ribbon cutting ceremony at the border wall he promised on the campaign. >> he knew they weren't going 20 go for that. democrats said they would never go for that. what could he be thinking he could get? what are democrats potentially willing to concede? >> i think willing to concede primarily border security measures. there's a lot in this they could get behind and had he not put the wall on the table. a couple other things problematic, changing family-based immigration, migration rules, for example. something activists are very much against.
2:41 pm
another hot button in this proposal but mostly the wall. democrats have will be willing all along to go for more spending on the border, more i.c.e. agents, more of this and that. the president has gone back and forth here, because he clearly came under some serious scrutiny from his right flank, from the freedom caucus and clearly influenced by stephen miller, who has been a longtime immigration hard-liner inside the trump administration. used to work for senator sessions on the hill. so i think this also -- and we'll see how it plays out in the congress, but there's another big spending fight coming up in december. i can easily see these dreamers -- this is an issue i think democrats could go to the mat and shut the government down over. whether it goes to that, a knows, but that's the level we're talking about. >> and no action for six months. does that -- is that under threat now that this new wish list came out? >> reporter: you know, i'd be
2:42 pm
surprised if the timeline were compressed for this, unless it becomes part of this funding fight in december that would obviously make it closer to three months for those kids. democrats have already been protesting about the fact they didn't extend the deadline for people who wanted to apply for daca status this year and found out that, hey, this program might be going away. so you know, it's still a pretty -- six months sounds like a long time for congress. it's actually often not that long. >> no. >> reporter: so -- unfortunately more limbo today for a lot of the daca kids here in the u.s. >> feels like a long time to you and me when we have to keep up with the daily dramas what's going on in washington right now. but not a long time at all for those who are worried about what happens to them and where they're going to live. >> reporter: a lot at stake. >> on capitol hill. in washington, d.c. and on capitol hill. kasie, nice to see you. and still ahead, the president weighs in on the
2:43 pm
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2:45 pm
article false and defamatory. but in a statement last week, weinstein did not deny the charges, and he apologized for his actions. after the original story broke at least ten democratic lawmakers announced they were donating campaign contributions weinstein to charity, and this weekend, president trump weighed in on the allegations. >> i've known harvey weinstein for a long time. i'm not at all surprised to see it. >> that sentiment that these allegations weren't surprising was pervasive throughout much of hollywood, according to journalist lauren sivan who is accusing weinstein of sexual misconduct and spoke with msnbc's chris jansing today. >> do you believe that a lot of hollywood covered this up for a very long time? >> without a doubt. without a doubt. you talk to men in hollywood -- i've told this story, by the way. i haven't kept in a dark secret. i tell people the story when his
2:46 pm
name comes up, when people ask if i've ever met him. i live in los angeles now. a general reaction is, like, ah -- yeah. that's harvey. >> that's harvey? >> yeah. >> weinstein has not responded to nbc's inquiries about sivan. we'll be right back. in its economy, in medicine, in science and in national security. one company designs and builds more supercomputers than any other. an american company. hewlett packard enterprise. leading the way to discover... to innovate... and to protect. hewlett packard enterprise. a national asset in supercomputing. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer.
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welcome back top time for "the lid". bring in the panel again. births elise, and ms. maxwell. harvey weinstein. the open secret of hollywood. everybody knew about it. it took quite a while for it to come out. i think most women around the country would understand why it took so long to come out. >> yes. >> but talk to me. >> i think this is a cultural issue and in this particular moment, donald trump is the president of the united states, and women all over the country and all over the world, actually, are saying, this is not okay. it's not okay that men powerful men in particular are abusing women and getting away with it,
2:49 pm
and you saw the women's march as a result of the election of donald trump. also you saw the firing of roger ailes and firing of bill o'reilly and right before that, you had bill cosby. we're in a different cultural moment than previously, but for em roger ailes and bill o'reilly there's a harvey weinstein. it's not partisan. this is an issue overarching and impacts all of us. >> most would understand why it didn't come out sooner. most women have had a dealing with a mow powerful man in this life, said something inappropriate or took it further. you let it go, because that's just the way things are in your head and you don't want to ruin a career or -- or ruin your reputation or whatever you might be thinking. >> uh-huh. >> democrats have given back some of the money that -- some democrats have bgiven back mone donated to their campaigns by him. he was a big contributor to democratic candidates. is there a responsibility for
2:50 pm
all of the democrats who have gotten money from him over the years to give back all of that money? >> i think so. i think that the same should be done for donations by now president donald trump, the money he has given donations to president donald trump, money he's given to by republicans and democrats who feel that sexual assault shouldn't be tolerated in this day. happened while harvey weinstein's power is on the decline though. wouldn't have happened in 2000. carlson, women owe her a huge debt. first time i remember a woman not attacked for accusing a man of sexual harassment for something she did, wore or said. hopefully women in america can take that strength and run with it. >> it's the cultural moment that
2:51 pm
she was talking about. culture was ready to hear what women had to say. but partisanship, distressed over the weekend seeing what about-ism, if donald trump did it, harvey weinstein, one is republican, one is democrat. what is the difference? it's men and power in the workplace. not a partisan issue. >> it's not a partisan issue period. but because it's not partisan and shouldn't be partisan that everybody who has spoken out so vehemently against bill o'reilly or roger ailes or president of the united states still facing a number of allegations even though he won the election, do all of those people have obligation for women across the board to be just as outraged. >> yes. and ridiculous tolary that women
2:52 pm
in hollywood have to speak out against weinstein. what about the men, matt damon who shot down a story in 1994 about harvey weinstein's personal man who was not very skilled in film but skilled at procuring women in italy and matt damon and russell crowe went out of their way to shoot it down. >> there's always enablers who allow this to happen. credit gretchen paulson but also advocates for campus sexual assault and sexuality assault in the military. happening not just in hollywood. >> donald trump was asked about "access hollywood" tape and said again it's locker room talk. around nine women accused him of touching them in inappropriate
2:53 pm
places, getting them up against a wall in mar-a-largo and doing worse things and they're still there. president said he would sue them the day he got into office. has not done so. president and then candidate denied them all. what do you say when there's outrage over harvey weinstein yet we have a president who faced a number of allegations? >> makes me sad every single day to watch donald trump on television. i'm a survivor of sexual assault and every day on television i have to watch somebody who confessed to sexuality assault on camera. people who supported donald trump, not necessarily people in the cabinet but people who voted for him have to look in the mirror and ask whether or not they support or condone this behavior. regardless of where they stand on other issues. >> harvey weinstein settled --
2:54 pm
settled. admission of guilt. donald trump, not that i know of, has not settled. >> donald trump has led virtually a consequence-free life. declared bankruptcy multiple times and walked away. stiffed contractors, walked away. family fallen apart, children still love him. behavior that would probably sink almost anyone else. "access hollywood" tape came out, elected anyway. he's a different category than any of these, different kind of resilience. >> leave it there. ladies, thank you very much. appreciate it. we'll be right back with a big decision today by a powerful woman.
2:55 pm
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senator feinstein, one last question, are you running for re-election? >> you're going to find out about that shortly. i'm ready for a good fight. i've got things to fight for. i'm in a position where i can be effective. and hopefully that means something to california. >> she is ready for a good fight. in case you missed it, after saying that this sunday on the meet the press tlt diane feinsteen announced plans to run for re-election today. with that decision, groundbreaking female senator on the path to some more firsts.
2:59 pm
we know it's not usually great idea to talk about a woman's age and not trying to be ageist. feinstein is 84 years young. few years older than chuck grassley. with the announcement run for another six year term, would be 91. one of only five none agenarian senators in history. over the age of 90 and first female to join the club. in case you missed it, senator feinsteen not a november fs. first board of supervisors, woman to be mayor of san francisco, first woman ever elected as senator in california. and history making did not stop at hill.
3:00 pm
first woman to join the judiciary committee, chair senate rules and administration committee, first woman to chair the powerful senate intelligence committee and first female ranking member on judiciary, a post she holds today. that's all for tonight and me. back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." "the beat with ari melber" starts right now. i'm sure ari you're the first to consistently drop wrap lyrics on msnbc. >> i was thinking of aliia who said age ain't nothing but a number katie. >> there you go. i don't have one to throw back. >> do you want to hold the awkward silence? >> i do. >> 2017, katy tur, thank you very much. trump's white house is still being rocked by some of the most bruising


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