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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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firefighters are saying the pace of this fire has taken them by surprise. the fire chewing through santa rosa started off as a 200-acre fire last night. 68-mile-a-hour winds is why it we started the hour tonight with the urgent situation out
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clear that nobody has ever, ever fanned being fired from the white house into better press and more supposed influence than steve bannon. literally steve bannon fired from the white house and went back to running a website and all supposed to see that as a gigantic promotion to be the lark overlord?
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>> in a white house as powerless as this one, is it possible for a white house adviser to actually be more powerful at a website? >> i want to get stuff done. i'm leaving the white house. sarah palin approach to governing alaska. >> there we are. thank you. >> thank you. senator bob corker chooses his words very, very carefully. he had several days to decide what he was going to say when the trump attack on him finally came. and that attack came yesterday. and bob corker hit back much harder than the president hit him. >> we could be heading towards world war ii with these kind of comments that he's making. >> could be the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> he's just putting on an act. >> essentially saying the emperor has no clothes.
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>> calling the trump white house a reality show and an adult day care center. >> the entire interview demonstrates he questions his fitness as commander in chief. >> he is a valued member of the republican conference and turning to the budget next week. he will be a big help in helping us get it passed. >> and he just walks away. >> they want the weeny tax bill done so badly they won't listen to him screaming that we are at risk of world war iii. >> this is past time for members of the united states senate, particularly in the republican party, who know what's going on, to speak out directly about it. they didn't take an oath to the republican party. they didn't take an oath to donald trump. they took an oath to the constitution of the united states. >> the most important political news of the weekend and today also happens to be the most important news in the world. because it's about nothing less
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than world war iii. and this news doesn't come from some conspiracy theory website. this news comes from the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, senator bob corker. senator corker shocked washington yesterday by saying what virtually everyone in washington was thinking which is always, always the best way to shock washington. by saying something that everyone is thinking. but not saying. and when bob corker said it, he said he was speaking for most of the republicans in the senate, the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, is the most careful republican public speaker in washington, one of the smartest republicans in washington if not the smartest and so all of washington knew that bob corker carefully chose his words when he said we could be heading toward world war iii thanks to president trump. here's some of the audio of senator bob corker's interview with "the new york times." >> you got to realize that, you know, that we could be heading
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towards world war iii with the kind of comment that is he's making. it, you know, it -- it very much feels to me like he thinks as president he's on a reality television show. >> right. >> of course, part of the trump presidency is a reality television show and like all so-called reality television, it is designed to distract you from reality by offering you the fake reality of so-called reality tv. the largest part of president trump's job as he sees it seems to be executive producer of the trump reality tv show. and for yesterday's episode, he sent mike pence to a football game in indiana which meant that fans going to the game had to start driving hours earlier than usual to avoid the traffic jam by a vice presidential motorcade and worth it for the fans not to see the vice president who they might have bothered to cross the street to see as governor but
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honoring the beloved legend of peyton manning surely on the way to the nfl's hall of fame. the halftime show was a long planned display of praise and love and affection for peyton manning and that's why the vice president was scheduled to attend that particular football game yesterday. to honor peyton manning. to honor peyton mans contribution to the game played on the field and to the civic life of indianapolis and indiana. but the trump reality show had already decided that peyton manning was not worth honoring if any football players got down on one knee in the national anthem and it was absolutely guaranteed that players would get on one knee because the visiting team was the san francisco 49ers, the team that began the one-knee protest against unjustified killings by police when quarterback collin kaepernick was the first one to
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get on one knee last year in protest of unjustifiable police use of force. cast member mike pence must walk out if this happened and so mike pence left the stadium without so much as a public hand shake with peyton manning. and not a single fan who endured all of that vice presidential traffic to get into that stadium followed mike pence out of that stadium because they all knew why they came. it wasn't so much to watch a game between two of the worst teams in the nfl. it was to honor their sports hero payneton manning. but that's not why mike pence was there. mike pence was there to play his role in the trump tv reality show, a show designed to distract american voters from the reality of a trump presidency, a reality that senator bob corker put in the most horrifying possible terms. world war iii.
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when mike pence was walking out of the stadium yesterday, donald trump was playing golf. donald trump was playing golf the day before that. and donald trump was playing golf today because it's a federal holiday and when's a federal government worker supposed to do on a federal government holiday even if that worker moved us closer to world war iii and should be spending all of his time trying to pull us back from the brink of war? a brink he brought us to. today was just another golf day. for the most dangerous president of the nuclear age. bob corker's comments to "the new york times" about the president came after donald trump attacked him in tweets yesterday morning. senator bob corker begged me to endorse him for re-election in tennessee. i said no. he dropped out. said he could not win without my endorsement and wanted to be secretary of state. i said, no thanks. he is also largely responsible for the horrendous iran deal and would expect him to be a negative voice and stand in the way of great agenda.
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didn't have the guts to run. bob corker knew that attack was coming. he might have been surprised how many days it took because last week after secretary of state rex tillerson was quoted as calling president trump a moron, bob corker said this in defense of rex tillerson. >> i think secretary tillerson, secretary mattis and chief of staff kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos. >> bob corker had four days, four days to think about how he would respond to the inevitable trump attack for what he just said. and senator corker's carefully considered choice was to hit back at donald trump, even harder than trump hit him. first with a tweet.
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it's a shame the white house has become an adult day care center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning. imagine donald trump's rage when he read that tweet. and you have to imagine it because donald trump has been silent on bob corker since that tweet. but bob corker has not been silent. "the new york times" managed to interview bob corker after the tweet exchange with trump and that's when senator corker said that we could be heading toward world war iii and senator corker also said he concerns me. he would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation. senator corker said that donald trump was lying about him, that in fact, president trump urged bob corker to run for re-election and promised to endorse him in he did. and bob corker reminded us that he took himself out of consideration for the vice presidential nomination. bob corker says there is no grand strategy to what donald trump does or says.
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>> a lot of people think that there's some good cop-bad cop act under way. but that's just not true. it's like he's doing "the apprentice" or something and, you know, he's just putting on an act. >> senator corker told "the times" i know he has hurt in several instances, he's hurt us related to negotiations under way by tweeting things out. and by us, senator corker means the united states of america in negotiations with other countries. possibly even including north korea. senator corker also told "the times" i know for a fact that every single day at the white house it's a situation of trying to contain him. prior to this weekend, bob corker's sharpest criticism of the president came in august when he said this. >> the president has not yet -- has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he
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needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. >> yesterday, senator corker told "the times" that all of his critical comments about donald trump have been for an audience of one. he told "the times" that he had made all those comments deliberately aiming them at an audience of one plus those people who are working closely around with him what i would call the good guys, secretary tillerson, mattis and john f. kelly. "the times" reported that during the interview yesterday, mr. corker speaking carefully and purposefully, seemed to almost find cathartic satisfaction by portraying mr. trump in terms that most senior republicans only use in private. telling the truth about donald trump.
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but it seems someone in the white house realized that the best way to find out how many republicans want to experience that cathartic experience for donald trump to attack and lie about bob corker. there isn't one republican senator who would side with donald trump over bob corker in this kind of dispute and so donald trump sits in the white house tonight beaten into his corner by bob corker. humiliated by bob corker. by being accurately described by bob corker. the collective public quotes about president trump by senator corker are the worst things ever said about a president by a senator in the same party. they are now actually the worst things ever said by a senator about a president, world war iii. world war iii. there is nothing worse that you
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could say about a president than that he's setting the country on the path to world war iii. there is nothing worse that a president could do. donald trump is the slowest student ever to occupy the presidency and so it is taking him a long time to discover that he doesn't actually have any power over senators like bob corker but tonight the president might finally be learning, learning that lesson in the most painful way possible. by having to sit there in the white house humiliated by senator corker and being unable to attack senator corker with a tweet because he has finally discovered that bob corker has more power over him than he has over bob corker. and what the country and the world has a right to be worried about tonight is does senator corker's humiliation of president trump move us forward or backward on the path toward
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world war iii? joining us now, nicklas chris of the for "the new york times." returned from a trip to north korea. this was his third trip to north korea and ezra klein, editor at vox and host of podcast the ezra klein show. nick, one of the things that bob corker says is donald trump does not understand how the world takes his comments. he made a point that i think a lot of people don't often consider. he said, and you have to think about these comments in translation because they have to then be translated into languages around the world. what is your reading of what north korea is taking from this president when he says these things, like calm before the storm and people wonder what that mystery's about? >> i think that when president trump keeps talking about war with north korea, i think he's essentially bluffing. i think he is trying to put pressure on north korea and a
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huge miscalculation. >> what do the north koreans think? >> perceive it at real and limit it is capacity to reach a deal. it means that they respond. kim jong-un and trump are similar that escalate and much, much harder to avert the collision that we're on right now. and it also dramatically increases the tensions. everybody that we talked to in north korea raised the issue of president trump's speech to the united nations. it needs the line that kim jong-un needs the nuclear weapons for defensive reasons to protect them from the jerks to invade the country. so it essentially boosts kim jong-un's legitimacy, undermines the chances for a deal and increases the risk of the cataclysmic war that corker described, world war iii. >> ezra, the trump administration has made life in
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washington almost insufferable for a lot of people, including republican senators. so, senators who were not sure about whether they would run for another term, donald trump is making it probably easier to decide to not run for another term and now the trump white house is discovering one of the most dangerous things for them on capitol hill are the republican senators who won't be running for another term like, say, bob corker. >> so something nick just said is instructive here. he just said that president of the united states and the leader of north korea are in an important way similar. so that as an american is a depressing thing to hear from somebody from north korea. and the thing is and this is behind corker's comments, republicans know it, too. corker said there are other republicans who feel this way. "the new york times" said. it was very notable line in that story. that corker is using terms senior republicans use only in private. not terms they don't use but only in private.
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i have heard this. anybody that does reporting with republicans on this administration have heard it. well-known that people in the administration think this about donald trump. as you say, one of the things it does is makes serving in government right now extremely unpleasant. that is bad for the country in certain ways. mike allen at axios saying anyone to think of in the trump white house eyeing the exits of this administration after the year mark and when people feel they have served enough to say they served is pretty devastating and who do they get to replace them? part of it hurts the trump administration in the house and senate. republicans do not want to be in the position for four years, for eight years potentially of yolking themselves to this guy and history and because it's so hard to oppose him if you serve and run, the move might be to simply leave, say what you want on the way out the door and at least save your own legacy.
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>> steve bannon apparently has a solution for donald trump's corker problem and he announced that tonight on fox news. let's listen to this. >> if bob corker has any honor, any decency, he should resign immediately. herb not let those words stand what he said about the president. >> now, that, nick, that is as madman as you get in political analysis. he thinks that bob corker has to resign his seat because he criticized the president of the united states. >> you know, i mean, this would be comical except people around the world looking at this and humiliating for our country. any foreign policy professional, any republican senator for that matter, having to choose between the maturity shown by senator corker and their contribution to the country and that shown by this white house would immediately turn to corker. he's seen as the grown-up and the president as the child. and so for bannon to say that corker should resign, it just
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compounds the sense that we have a presidency that's not only unfit but also dangerous. >> ezra, is that a measure of steve bannon's political intelligence because if it is his political intelligence is zero or just the kind of stunt language and stunt statement that his business depends on and fox news is the perfect place for him to drum up his business? >> one of the dynamics of the entire trump administration, people demanding the republican party be loyal to them when they're not in any way loyal to the republican party. bannon is one of these folks and breitbart is not a media organization. it's an activist organization. trying to run an interest group not dissimilar to heritage for america or different kind of tea party groups. it's trying to become a king maker inside the republican party.
10:21 pm
going on fox news and says that not trying to help donald trump. that doesn't help donald trump. he's not trying to help the republican party or argument on behalf of decency but trying to be seen as what he wants to be seen as next which is the leader of the trump era iteration of the tea party. >> nick, sounds like he's an abby hoffman yippie version on a weird section of the right wing. >> i think that that's largely right but i mean, which is strange is the way this all -- steve bannon, it's not a problem. the problem is when you have the ties to the white house and i do think that it relates to this central issue that corker raised. it is not just a question of immaturity or unfitness. it's a question -- and even in domestic policy, there are constraints on a president. in terms of courts, congress, the news media for that matter.
10:22 pm
but in foreign policy, and especially in terms of the nuclear button, there is no constraint and there the president is on his own and so that i think is what frightens corker and i think that's certainly what frightens me. >> that's corker's jurisdiction and why he's worried about it all day and couldn't remain silent. thank you both for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, new reporting tonight on the trump reaction to the bob corker interview with "the new york times." some saying that donald trump is in a pressure cooker and that pressure cooker is going to explode. and steve bannon announced his new plan to destroy the republican party. he doesn't describe it as that but we'll give you the details of his new plan coming up.
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if bob corker has any honor, any decency, he should resign immediately. he should not let those words stand what he said about the president of the united states. >> that was steve bannon, no doubt channelling donald trump tonight in his reaction to senator bob corker's attack on president trump. an attack about which the president has so far remained uncharacteristically silent. "the washington post" is reporting tonight senator corker's brutal assessment of the fitness of office, also landed like a thunder clap
10:26 pm
inside the white house where aides feared possible ripple effects among other republicans on capitol hill. trump's sunday morning twitter tirade against corker caught staffers by surprise but the president was brooding over the comment for a few days. earlier about trump's chaos endangering the nation. one trump confidant likened the president to a whistling teapot saying that when he does not blow off steam he can turn into a pressure cooker and explode. i think we are in pressure cooker territory said this person. joining us now, chris whipple, author of "the gate keepers,: the white house chief of staffs define every presidency." chris, this is the presidency not defined by a white house chief of staff. although, we certainly have the image of general kelly working overtime and obviously achieve some kind of success with trump on this because he has not responded in any way to bob
10:27 pm
corker's attack and we know that has to be driving the president nuts. >> yeah. well, you know, it's hard to overstate how, though, how dangerous and really frightening this whole situation is. you know, i have been talking to a lot of the former white house chiefs of staffs in the last 48 hours and they all really share bob corker's skerns that the john kelly is the thin line between donald trump and disaster for us all and i got to tell you every one of them can tell you in chilling detail about that night before the inauguration when the chairman of the joint chiefs comes in and explains the activation of the nuclear codes and every one of them will tell you that there is really nobody who can countermand that order. that's the situation we are right now. >> bob corker knows that and has sources inside the white house who are telling him as he said in "the new york times" about
10:28 pm
how everyone's time is spent, kelly's time in particular, trying to contain, simply contain the president. and that is a new phenomenon. >> yeah. well, kelly in my opinion made a big mistake when he said at the outset to manage the west wing and not manage donald trump. you know, leon panetta and james baker, two best in my mind, will tell you that the most important thing a white house chief does is he tells the president what he doesn't want to hear. >> obviously he's doing that. trying to do that. because in the proof of it is that bob corker comes out and tweets about the president being an adult day care and then an interview to "the new york times" and donald trump is absolutely silent. and we know that's not -- >> talking about, what? 24 hours? >> yeah. that's not the trump method. the trump method to instantaneously hit somebody. someone's holding him back. >> maybe in some instances but here's the problem. you have a guy who he may go on
10:29 pm
script for a day of two but the next day he rips the script up, goes on an unhinged tirade. >> that's the pressure cooker thing we were hearing about in the "the washington post" tonight and if you control him it might be you make thinss worse making a bigger explosion a few days so. >> maybe so but i think the real concern here is that you have somebody who, again, said during the campaign, why do we have nuclear weapons if we can't use them? you have got somebody who goes on these unhinged tirades. john kelly doesn't seem to be able to stop those. you know, most -- a really empowered chief of staff would have tried to take the phone away on day one. that obviously never happened. meantime he's got to be thinking about worst-case scenarios. when ronald reagan was on the operating table in 1981 in george washington hospital, james baker went into a utility closet with ed mees and
10:30 pm
discussed the 25th amendment. baker decided not to activate it. two reasons. one, he knew it would look like a power grabby the vice president. number two, he knew that reagan was coming out of surgery. donald trump is not coming out of surgery. >> right. >> this guy is not going to change and john kelly is really the thin line between trump and disaster. >> chris whipple, thank you very much for joining us tonight. coming up, steve bannon versus the republican party. he's threatening every incumbent republican senator running for re-election except one. what's the value of capital? what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods?
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after steve bannon's candidate beat donald trump's candidate in the alabama senate primary, steve bannon explains what happens next and it is the best news senate democrats could possibly hope for for steve bannon on corker, mcconnell and the entire clique, establishment globalist clique on capitol hill have to go. mcconnell could not be majority leader unless trump in missouri, wisconsin was able to carry those senators across the finish line. what you saw with corker said today is what they talk about on capitol hill. that's when i left the white house. i said i'm going after the republican establishment and will go after them. challenge as a coalition. >> the states? >> a coalition coming together to challenge every republican incumbent except for ted cruz. >> that's why i left the white house. he was fired from the white house.
10:35 pm
bloomberg is reporting today that steve bannon demanded all of the candidate it is a he supports for the senate agree to two conditions, that they will vote against mitch mcconnell as majority leader and vote to end senators' ability to block legislation by filibustering. if bannon marngs to carry out the threat, they will have to raise and spend more money than they planned to on campaigns and donald trump's ally steve bannon will spend the year attacking the same republican senators who donald trump needs to vote for anything that donald trump hopes to get through the senate. we'll go inside the wreckage of the republican party next with charlie sykes and jennifer reuben.
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and we're living longer. you cannot help but be inspired by the opportunities that a transplant would offer. my donor's mom says "you were meant to carry his story". we have breaking trump twitter news tonight of sorts. the president is tweeting tonight. he's up and active and tweeting. he tweeted one about the nfl and two about the stock market and nothing, nothing about bob corker. and so, we are now moving past 24 hours of donald trump suffering this attack by senator bob corker saying the worst things about him that any senator has ever said about a president and still absolute silence from president trump. joining us now is jennifer reuben, opinion writer at wroes and charlie sykes, author of "how the right lost its mind" and a msnbc contributor. jennifer, two things to comment
10:40 pm
on tonight. one is the trump silence continues. in the face of senator corker's powerful attack against the president. and, steve bannon's attack against republican senate, he's going to run a primary if he can against every republican senator up for election except for lying ted, except for ted cruz, known as lying ted by donald trump. for some reason being lying ted doesn't disqualify him anymore. take on the two things, one is trump silence on twitter at least and elsewhere and on bob corker and this bannon assault on republicans in the senate. >> the only thing i can think of is that john kelly literally stolen the phone away from donald trump.
10:41 pm
member of the republican party for allowing someone who they believe is mentally unable to perform the office of the president of the united states, unable to form the duties, a risk to the country to remain. and in doing so, he raises not only a question about trump, but about the rest of them. what are they doing there if they truly believe that this man is about to cause world war iii or eventually will cause world war iii? what if tomorrow john kelly, mattis and tillerson all quit? would they feel that the country is in peril? i think they should. so that's the only explanation i can come up with on that one. as far as the senate goes, oh my. what fun this is going to be. the crazies against the craziers. listen. bannon is obviously trying to convert the entire party into a bannon party, all right?
10:42 pm
he wants to become the king maker but what is interesting is that the possibility now opens up that some sane republicans might get into the act. you know, if the pro trump republicans are going to fight it out between, say, deb fisher in nebraska and some crazy bannon person, perhaps a sane person, someone who actually believes in the constitution could get into the republican primary. maybe with 35% of the vote, someone who actually believes in the constitution, who believes in diplomacy in north korea, who believes in the rule of law could get into the act. and we now raise the interesting possibility that perhaps there can be a war for the soul of the republican party. the alternative, of course, that they go out of business and we have a lot of democrats in office which is possible, as well. >> that is a fascinating point that putting a right wing or i don't know what to call them. a bannon wing challenger in these republican primaries opens up a possibility where you can win it with 35% of the vote and you could win it in kind of classical republican terms of
10:43 pm
the dole era of reasonable candidates. charlie sykes, fascinating point. and i want to get you on what is happening here. when we watch steve bannon, when i watch steve bannon, the clips of him on fox news, it seems like during donald trump's silence of bob corker, he has steve bannon out there saying the things he desperately wants to say, like the senator should resign the senate tonight. >> steve bannon doesn't think crazy town is crazy enough. this is free form rage. it is not ideology. it's nihilism. pushing the party further and fourther from the sanity that jennifer was talking about, the tell here is that bannon is not only supporting people like roy moore and the challengers, he is also supporting the disgraced senator of new york, michael grim, just got out of jail.
10:44 pm
he is not a populist, he's a loud mouth, a troublemaker, a thug, a crook. what is the strategy here except to blow things up? when's really extraordinary about it is that bannon is pushing this agenda at a time when donald trump himself is blowing up his own administration, is burning so many bridges and what you are seeing here is, look, this is not a governing philosophy. this is a getting in touch with the steve bannon trumpian id. it's hard to imagine how it makes the trump presidency more successful or how it will do anything other than to continue the republican civil war. you can have sane, rational republicans, you know, rise to the top. but right now, that's not the trajectory of the republican party. >> jennifer, if the secretary of state is right and the president is a moron, what is steve
10:45 pm
bannon? >> well, he's sort of the instigator of the moron. trump doesn't like the notion that bannon pulls his strings behind the back but that's sort of what he is doing because after all trump wants to take control of the republican party and bannon is doing the work for him because trump isn't skilled enough or articulate enough or however you want to put it to make that come to pass. so now it's not really trump's party. it's bannon's party. perhaps he is the kingmaker and the man pulling the strings. i would agree with charlie on the point that this is about rage and i wonder if for his supporters at this point, that's all they have left. they know they're not getting anything. they're not going to get the promises. all they have is rage at this point and that's all trump can give them. >> charlie, a quick last word. go ahead. >> yeah, yeah. i mean, this is -- we heard it in the during the campaign, burn it all down, tear it down. steve bannon is not trying to pursue a strategy that will get any legislation passed.
10:46 pm
he is going to -- he is pushing a strategy designed to maximize chaos and i think he is likely to get it. >> steve bannon is supporting -- he'll support you if donald trump called you a lie your likelying ted or if like former staten island congressman grim you have done time, you have actually been convicted of crimes, gone to jill. >> his guy. >> you can get the steve bannon endorsement that way. we have to leave it there. thank you both for joining us. really appreciate it. coming up, we'll show you one of the russian-backed videos that they put on facebook to try to push votes to donald trump. we now have one of those vid yos. when you have a cold
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here is video from one of the russian-backed facebook accounts that attacked hillary clinton during the presidential campaign. >> most of the black people in america thinks that hillary is the one who is going to protect them and hillary is the one who is going to fight for them. well, hell know. hillary clinton is one of the liar. >> she is sick in her head. she thinks, she behaves, or tries to pretend like she's an angel. >> we have no idea who those people are. they call themselves williams and calvin. their content was pulled from facebook in august after it was identified as a russian-backed propaganda account. they claimed to be atlanta residents but there is no trace of them in atlanta.
10:51 pm
we don't know where in the planet their programming originated from. today google revealed that tens of thousands of dollars were spent on ads by russian agents who aimed to pretty disinformation across google's many products. according to the washington post, the russian-purchased ads on google do not appear to be from the same kremlin affiliated troll farm that bought ads on facebook, a sign that the russian effort spread disinformation online. maybe a much more broader problem than silicon valley companies have unearthed so far. and so how did the russians know where to target their anti-hillary clinton and pro donald trump messages? did the russians get guidance from the trump campaign's digital team? here's what the trump campaign digital director told 60 minutes last night. >> i think it's a joke when they involve myself because i know my own activities. and i know the activities this campaign, i was there.
10:52 pm
this is a farce. >> it's a farce that you colluded with the russians? >> yeah, it's just a joke. >> did you have a hand in generating these bots? >> i have nothing to do with bots. i don't think bots work. >> but if you see there are hundreds of thousands of bots floating around with pro-trump messages, somebody generated it. where would it come from? >> i would imagine there were people, everyday people in america who thought they were trying to help. i don't know. >> if the bots came from the russians, would you know? >> no. >> do you think it might have? >> no idea. >> could it have? >> could be for anybody in the world. >> former fbi agent quint wants a cyber security expert will jen us next who did they try to target to flip the electoral college to donald trump. i understood early that facebook was how donald trump was going to win. the classes, the friends, the independence.
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i understood early that facebook was how donald trump was going to win. twitter is how he talked to the people. facebook was going to be how he won. >> and facebook is how he won. >> i think so. i mean i think donald trump won, but i think facebook was the method. this was the highway in which his car drove on. >> that was the digital director of the trump presidential campaign. and here is one of the ways facebook helped donald trump win the electoral college. >> she is going to stand for the muslim. hillary clinton is not our candidate. so, if you vote for her, you take responsibility for our crime. >> that was a russian-backed
10:57 pm
facebook account that was removed by facebook in august. joining us now, clint watts, former fbi agent and senior fellow at the foreign policy research institute. he's also an msnbc contributor. and, clint, so now we are finally seeing the russian-backed material. it seems pretty crude. >> right. that example is extremely crude and one i doubt moved a lot of the american minds. but what the russians do that americans don't necessarily do is they try everything. you know, they'll try every platform, they'll try every message. in 2015 when we really started to see them do influence and social media, they focused on social issues. that's what you're seeing from these facebook disclosures. race, religion, rich versus poor, police violence, bundy ranch standoff, jade helm, military exercises, second amendment rights. that's how they stack up. they find those audiences that are receptive to their message and when it comes election year,
10:58 pm
that's when they start pushing these themes on candidates. so, what you're seeing now is every social media platform is finally getting around to the data. they're using each other's data and we see these disclosures each day. and whether it's facebook to twitter, now twitter to google, you're seeing them reveal different parts of these networks and that is a built-in strategy from the kremlin. their active measures are meant to be distributed so they have plausible deny ability. they'll try all the techniques. they double down and triple down and that's how the system works across all the platforms. >> we heard brad parskal tell 60 minutes to think there is a joke there would be any collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. but how would the russians figure out exactly where to target the possible flipping of voters so that you could affect the electoral college? there are very, very few political analysts who would be able to guide you in that.
10:59 pm
>> well, they were in the audience space long before the political campaigns kicked off. i mean, we were picking them up in social media going all the way back to 2014. they actually have a fairly sophisticated understanding of what issues resonate because they run so many iterations over and over. second thing is there are lots of americans that work at r.t., in these news outlets. there are lots of americans overseas that are in russia that help out and assist in these operations. so, they are not necessarily without experience in this case. and i think the third thing is they're successful because our elections are always decided in five to seven states in every iteration. they don't have to dig too hard to figure out what is going to be important election day. >> clint watts gets tonight's last word. appreciate it. the 11th hour with brian williams starts now.
11:00 pm
and the president weighs in on the pictures that have defined his visit and for some his response to puerto rico. the 11th hour on a monday night begins right now. and as we start a new week, good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. day 263 of the trump administration brings us reports of white house staff members who want out, a trump loyalist who says this presidency could be doomed, and a republican senator saying trump has put us on a path to world war iii. and that was the big fight the president found himself in this weekend with tennessee republican senator bob corker, chairman of


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