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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 9, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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and the president weighs in on the pictures that have defined his visit and for some his response to puerto rico. the 11th hour on a monday night begins right now. and as we start a new week, good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. day 263 of the trump administration brings us reports of white house staff members who want out, a trump loyalist who says this presidency could be doomed, and a republican senator saying trump has put us on a path to world war iii. and that was the big fight the president found himself in this weekend with tennessee republican senator bob corker, chairman of senate foreign
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relations, who is not, note alley, running for re-election. in an interview with "the new york times" he said this about the president. he concerns me. he would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation. i know for a fact that every single day at the white house it's a situation of trying to contain him. except for a few people, the vast majority of our caucus understands what we're dealing with here. of course, they understand the volatility that we're dealing with and the tremendous amount of work that it takes by people around him to keep him in the middle of the road. all that came after corker responded to a trump twitter tirade against him by saying, quote, it's a shame the white house has become an adult day-care center. someone obviously missed their shift this morning. where corker is concerned this has been building for some time and we have watched him struggle when describing this president. >> i do think there need to be some radical changes.
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the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. >> i chose the words. i stand by those words. when i met with the president a week ago friday i said mr. president, i stand by what i said. >> secretary tillerson, secretary mattis, and chief of staff kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos. >> and about the fight with corker and similar battles the president has been in, the "washington post" spoke to 18 people in the white house, outside advisers included, and other trump associates who said the president is increasingly isolated. quote, one trump loyalist noting that corker has many more friends in the senate than trump said the rift could gash chances
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for tax reform and other meaningful legislation. his presidency could be doomed, said this person. here is another. one trump confidante likened the president to a whistling tea pot saying that when he does not blow off staem he can turn into a pressure cooker and explode. i think we are in pressure cooker territory said the person who, you know the rest, requested anonymity to speak candidly and the axios news service reporting tonight the stress does not stop with the press secretary at the white house. they write, quote, we cannot stress enough how many essential staff and officials want out. if not this quarter then soon after the new year. we also got a glimpse tonight of something else, this rapidly escalating war on incumbents in the republican party, not all but some, and it's under the banner of the trump movement. steve bannon appeared on sean hannity's show tonight on fox news. he warned establishment
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republicans nobody is safe. we're coming for you, and here was the exchange with the host. >> i've been told by people in the room, been sass, john mccain, lindsey graham, corker, and even mcconnell, they trash the president, but yet they can't get any of their promises completed. they are the swamp. republicans are weak and pathetic and they're lacking in identity, and the forgotten men and women, that voertd in this election are being let down. >> look, they have total contempt for the forgotten man. they have total contempt for the base. that's what you saw in alabama. in alabama where they came in with luther strange with $32 million to destroy judge moo, the base totally rejected them. these people have no respect for the working men and women in the united states. i tell you what, senator corker is an absolute zis grace. if bob corker has any honor, any decency, he should resign
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immediately. he should not let those words stand what he said about the president of the united states. no be is safe. we're coming after all of 24e78 and we're going to win. >> those were important words and they made news tonight. interesting exchange. with that let's turn to our lead off panel for this evening. peter baker, kimberly atkins, and jeremy peters, new york times political reporter and an msnbc contributor. peter, let's begin not where that lasts bit we heard. we'll get to mr. bannon. but based on your writing tonight, why is this fight with corker particularly bad timing for the president, not that any time is good to take on the chairman of senate foreign relations, a member of your own party is this. >> well, exactly. bob corker is not just an average republican senator and he's not one of the ones who has been a renegade up until now on some of these health care votes. when the president has been trying desperately to get to 51 votes for some of these big
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pieces of legislation, the ones he's been kofrting and losing are have been john mccain, susan collins, lisa murkowski. now add bob corker to the list of people he no longer can count on. bob corker as chairman of the foreign relations committee has a lot to do with obviously the appointment power, if there is a new secretary of state, if rex tillerson is put out. with the iran nuclear deal if the president later this week dessert fiez it as we're told he's going to do. and's a deficit hog going way back. >> kimberly, i have described senator corker on this broadcast as a workhorse and not a show horse, a man not normally given to hyperbole. so having said that, what do you think is in it for him? do you think he views this as a straight up acted of patriotism? >> well, what did janice jop lynn say, freedom is just
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another word for nothing left to lose. since he announced that he's not running for re-election, he has a lot more freedom to speak very frankly about how he seize this white house. and you're right, this is somebody who doesn't spout off. this is somebody who chooses his words carefully. it's also someone who supported donald trump. he's not a never trump person. and so having this -- he's expressing, he's taking on the responsibility of expressing what he's hearing in the republican caucus, sort of giving cover to the other people who are running for re-election and who can't speak as freely about this president. so that's what makes it extraordinary. he's also someone who is very well respected. i mean, you made the point that he has a lot more friends in the republican caucus than the president does right now. and so taking that position, he's really, you know, using that freedom that he has now that he's not running for
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re-election to really speak on their behalf. >> nice job on bobby mcgee, by the way. jeremy, what's the ratio of republicans who agree with corker yet refuse to say so? hundred to one, 200 to one, 300 to one? and has there been any migration in any of their -- has courage broken out in any per susceptible way in the last 36 hours? >> no. not among, brian, republicans who are running for re-election. i mean, there's a handful who have always kind of been willing to criticize the president, but for the most part the ones that you've seen who have really come out hard against him are people like bob corker who are enincouple berd by the bonds of re-election and you have people like john mccain who have always kind of been out there against him. and it's not clear to me that anything short of a stoelgts implosion by president trump, a
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realization among republicans that he offers them no more political power will cause them to break with him. they have to see among their base, among their voters that president trump is no longer popular, and right now that's just not the case. among the trump supporters who were with trump in the primary, 95% of them still approve of the job that trump is doing according to the latest nbc news wall street journal poll. and that's what republicans are seeing back in their district, back in their home states when they take into consideration, okay, is it time for me to criticize the president yet. >> peter, let's go dr. phil on the relationship between those two men and then we'll move on. we remember seeing the pictures of corker arriving at trump tower. we were led to believe it was an audition or interview loosely for a cabinet spot. not just any cabinet spot. why didn't that happen for senator corker? >>
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republicans -- >> that when he interviewed with
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president-elect trump they disagreed on most of the issues around the world in a lot of ways. i did not think that they clicked during that time. >> peter baker who will not be the next secretary of state for plut. hey, kimberly, our friend gene robinson calls us the era of the dear leader. obviously a tip of the hat to the nomenclature of north korea. look at this tweet from lindsey graham today and as we read it, really enjoyed a round of golf with president trump today. president trump shot a 73 in windy and wet conditions and so on. here is lined see graham who has been critical of the president. lindsey graham, bestie with john mccain. what's going on here? >> yeah. the president is clearly trying to elicit all the phrase that you can. you have the likelihood that the president suggested that he praised him today even though the president does not like to talk about his golfing.
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there was also a statement put out today from cabinet members praising the president's immigration plan that was laid out late last night. he thrives on praise and he really hates criticism. so in the space of a week we've been discussing whether or not the secretary of state called him a moron and now we have bob corker, you know, saying that it's like an adult day-care center at the white house, he's seeking all the praise that he can everywhere he can. >> so, jeremy, now to mr. bannon. mr. bannon's words really got our attention tonight s. tell us how real this is, how real the fear should be from mcconnell on down. everyone in the caucus and why senator barrasso of wyoming is in the news today. >> well, as we reported over the weekend, brian, senator barrasso is likely to get a challenge from rt right from eric prince, the founder of blackwater, the military contracting service.
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that is steve bannon's doing in large part. steve bannon recruited him. and from the right.
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>> peter, just for fun, tell our viewers who the president is having lunch with tomorrow at the white house. >> well, none other than rex tillerson, the secretary of state who did or did not call him a moron in the past and who said he's not resigning. a lot of people will be watching this lunch to see what comes of it. there's a real feeling that secretary of state tillerson is not long for this job, even if he stays for a few months, his position is obviously diminished. people do not assume that he speaks for the president. he speaks for the administration, and therefore, that takes away the biggest calling card that any secretary of state has, which is the idea that he represents the united states of america around the world. so that's a lunch, all eyes will be on. unfortunately we're not in the
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room, but maybe somebody will tell us a little bit afterwards what happens. >> all right. thanks to our three returning friends for starting us off tonight. a first break for us of the and still ahead, the president's legal team has a new strategy when it comes to dealing with mueller. the secretary of defense talks about readiness should the president order military action against north korea. more on that tonight. and up next, now the vice president is in the fight over kneeling before football games. apparently acting on orders from the boss. the 11th hour just getting started on a monday night. ah, dinner.
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it was a big weekend in indianapolis, a big day for the colts as they retired the jersey of the grated peyton manning. sadly for fans of the consensus hall of fame quarterback, the day may instead be remembered for what was instantly branded a political stunt. mike pence, remember former governor of indiana was there for the game with the 49ers and went about -- 20 members of the 49ers kneeled during the anthem, pence and his wife left the stadium. remember, it was a 49ers colin kaepernick who invented kneel. then our own producer reported the motorcade had been warned in advance about an early exit. then a carefully composed statement from pence landed on social media, already in beautiful graphic form. then we heard from the president
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on twitter, quote, i asked vp pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled disrespecting our country. i am proud of him and second lady karen. all of it led philip bump of the "washington post" that it refen forced the obvious conclusion that pence's appearance at the game and his well coordinated exit from it was stapled. the president added this on twitter just today, quote, the trip by vp pence was long planned. he's receiving great praise for leaving game after the players showed such disrespect for country. and members of the president's staff played offense today. >> it takes a lot to get that man's blood boiling and to refer to someone who is standing up for the flag and all it represents to hundreds of millions of americans and all it signals to the world, our vet answer, our unity, the founding of our great nation, to call that a political stunt is stuly outrageous, egregious and offensive. >> let's talk about it tonight.
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we are joined by philip bump and andy march teeno. gentlemen, welcome. so philip, you instantly had no doubt and how if your conclusion and the evidence we've seen is correct, how angry should taxpayers be? because wild spending on aircraft flights han in the news of late. >> it has. we don't know exactly how much this cost and there's been a lot of attention paid to costs in part because we can calculate. there are ancillary costs, the costs of security, the costs of getting mike pence from the airport to the stadium. there are also things that are intrusions in peoples' daily lives which is expensive in other ways. but i think the thing that i think is really refen foshsing is the fact that this was something that was planned in advance, clearly planned in advance. no one wants to go see the colts play the 49ers.
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the two worst teams in the nfl. he went there specifically to have this reaction happen. and this was something that you only get so much time as vice president. this is something he spent a day of his time planning for and carving out because this was a priority. and i think that is what we should judge on its merits. >> andy, i'm going to you ask you to take on a headline of phil's piece. why pence and trump keep framing the nfl protests as being about the military. why? >> well, it's an excellent question because it's not actually at all about the military. >> that's right. >> colin kaepernick, people say that kaepernick, we don't know what he's protesting for accident we don't know why he's kneel. it's a strange thing for the right to claim because kaepernick himself has been very clear this is before perceived police brutality. this is about social justice. this is about systemic racism. this is not about the militaryment this is not about soldiers. it's been coopted by the right into one of these devices, breitbart red meat kind of issues and that's clearly what
11:23 pm
the vice president and now president are doing. plenty of the players have military in the family. the word war has never come up to my nonl. mu happened ali waged a protest against the military. this is to protest the crisis black men and women are facing every day all across the country. >> now, let me raise a separate crisis. the nfl is going through a rough time and it could get rougher. from cte to issues like this, this comes at a terrible time for professional football. >> it does, brian, but i think this is a political winner at least for football. it depends on the questions asked. it depends on the poll. but kaepernick's action and those who have followed him have always polled poorly. the majority of americans are against what he and his fellow players have done. this is someone that's common in racial protests, in sports
11:24 pm
racial protests. ali was not popular in his time. 23% of the american public was in favor of martin looutser king's march on washington the day before it happened. if i'm the nfl, if i'm a jerry jones the owner of the cowboys who came out against this after all this happened with vice president mike pence. i want to talk about this instead of the fact that my sport is killing people, causing brain injuries, causing suicides. that is a loser. this, unfortunately, is a political winner. >> think nothing of the 0-5 new york giants. >> exactly. >> the president tweeted tonight a big salute to jerry jones, owner of the dallas cowboys who will bench players who disrespect our flag. quote, stand for anthem or sit for game. again, a little political coopting there, and if we had a legal eagle on this panel they would remind us the first amendment we're waving around
11:25 pm
protects -- it's about the government. >> right. >> independent private companies can be private companies, and if you're the employee, they can lay down the law. >> yeah. jerry jones has every right to do what he wants to do with his team. obviously there are contract stipulation and so on, but generally speaking that's true. the point that was just made about the significance of the flag and how this is being coopted is an important one. the fact that this is being made about the flag, about the military is because those are political winners. the military is a political winner itself. donald trump is extremely unpopular, vice president pence -- they're protesting the military to gather people around. he spends so much more time dealing with this than he has, frfrm, the aftermath of haurk maria if puerto rico. it's something that his base and republicans get excited about and he needs that support right now. and so he's seizing on what
11:26 pm
jones did in part because it's another win in his column on this issue, which he thinks is important. >> gentlemen, i can't think you enough. a terrific discussion on a monday night of all things. thank you both. coming up after another break there's been a lot less trashing about robert mueller by the white house lately. that's a calculated plan. the latest on the russia vegs and what it means for the president when the 11 owed hour continues.
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the white house seems to have a new strategy as you may have noted when it comes to dealing with this ongoing russia investigation. new york times reports that it basically goes like this. respond to all of robert mueller's requests and ask him to publicly clear the president. when it's all over. the times writes, quote, once mr. mueller has combed into the evidence, mr. trump's lawyers plan to ask him to affirm that plut is not under investigation either for colluding with russian operatives or for trying to obstruct justice. let's talk about it tonight. and with us to do that jill wine-banks is back with us. former assistant watergate counsel. jill, you are fond of finding all the statements that are aimed at an audience of one. is this the president with an idea, goes to his legal team and
11:31 pm
says let's offer this? >> it's a very good legal strategy for several reasons. one, it's always better to get out even bad news yourself rather than waiting for the other side to find it and then you have to explain it. it's much better to be able to get it out and talk it away before it's found. and the other thing is it's a good strategy not to be antagonistic to the prosecutor and to hopefully cooperate with him. on the other hand i did give advice at one point over the air to donald trump jr. saying that he should reveal everything and do it fast. and then i saw the chain of e-mails and thought well, that wasn't such good advice because that e-mail chain was so incriminating that it was very hard to explain it away no matter how hard you tried. so sometimes full cooperation may backfire on you.
11:32 pm
>> well, speaking of ways it could backfire, there's no law against working the refuses in public. sometimes different sides in a case are prohibited or prevented and other lawyers come out and work the reps through the media. is mueller likely to react negatively to these kind of advance instruction? >> i don't think so. i think that mueller is looking at facts and evidence, and he will view the facts and evidence from whatever source when he gets them and he will analyze them fairly and without any bias. so i think this really doesn't affect the prosecutor so much. it does make his job easier if they will cooperate than if they keep stonewalling. i mean, certainly in watergate we had a very long time of stonewalling by the president, and it took public reaction and horror at the saturday night
11:33 pm
massacre that forced him to say, okay, i will give you the white house tapes and i will appoint a new special prosecutor after he had fired the special prosecutor. so public reaction can matter more than the special prosecutors. and this may be done for his own base to say to them, look, i have nothing to hide and so i'm really cooperating. and that may help him with his bags more than with the people who are already suspicious of what will be found. >> jill, if we all agree that robert mueller has hired an all-star legal team and if we all agree that he is a taciturn, close to the vest guy who will never get caught leaking, based on all publicly available cues and clues, on a percentage basis how far along do you think the mueller effort is? >> i think in terms of manafort and flynn, they're probably
11:34 pm
pretty far along. in terms of russian collusion and obstruction of justice, maybe not as far along. in terms of certain clues to obstruction, the firing of comey, the actions in connection with that do indicate to me some potential for the president to have been involved in obstruction of justice. but we need a lot more evidence, and i am sure that mueller has it and that his team is doing a wonderful job on it. the search warrant for manafort's home would indicate they're a lot further along with that. and i wonder about how quiet it's been about flynn as to whether he's cooperating, and that's why it's so quiet. but we aren't ever going to hear anything from flirn -- i'm sorry, from mueller until there are indictments. then we will know what he thinks the crimes that have been committed are and who committed
11:35 pm
them. and other than that, he's not going to come out and say i cleared the president. all he will say is i've dieted a, b, examine c, and that's all he will say. now, he may also turn over a report to congress rather than diet because we don't know whether he accepts the watergate special prosecutor's point of view which is impeachment, not dooimt is how you deal with criminality by a president who is sitting in office or whether he believes the ken starr memo who says you can indict a sitting president. >> all right. thanks as always to one of chicago's best. jill wine-banks. jill, thank you for coming on tonight. another break for us. and up next, the threat of north korea and the u.s. response when the 11th hour continues. i don't think anything can prepare you to hear those
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about kim jong-un. we don't know if he's a rational actor. it's all assumptions. there is no world leader that we know less about. there is no regime we know less about with regard to their intentions. and the ability for a miscalculation to occur that causes a tragedy for the ages is a real thing. >> one of the moments from today's programming that got our attention as he often does, republican strategist shooef submit earlier this afternoon with nicolle wallace remind usful stakes. also today, secretary of defense james mattis said that although diplomacy is, of course, the preferred course of action right now, the role of the u.s. army must be preparedness. >> now, what does the future hold? neither you nor i can say, so there's one thing the u.s. army can do, and that is you have got to be ready to ensure that we
11:40 pm
have military options that our president can employ if needed. we currently -- we currently are in a diplomatically led effort. >> well, with us tonight sue my taer, former north korean analyst of the cia and former national security council director for korea, japan and on or aboutianic affairs. and barry mccaffrey. >> general, i'll start with you. where will our current policy -- if nothing changes, where will our current policy with the north lead us? >> i think, brian, inhe is escapeably we are sliding toward war. i think part of the problem is going to be the north koreans over the last 50 years have learned they can provoke, talk, gain compensation and provoke
11:41 pm
again. so i anticipate at some point kim jong-un, young, untested, probably rational. by the way, rational governments do stupid things all the time. the japanese attacking the united states, kennedy and johnson getting us into vietnam. so, you know, i think a provocation from the north koreans in the coming year is very likely to result in us striking them in a major way with conventional air and sea power to destroy the nuclear capability, which by the way will mostly work. but then we could anticipate high intensity warfare in the korean peninsula which would be a disaster for the rejoon. >> wow. next time i see you i'd add to the list, by the way, bay of pigs. that's for a later discussion of the i know you know and respect the opinion of the general. i want to add to what he just
11:42 pm
said, chilling as it was, the last tweets on the subject from the president of the united states over the weekend. presidents and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. agreements made and massive amounts of money paid. hasn't worked. agreements violated before the ink was dry, making fools of u.s. negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work. how chilling is that? and what's he talking? >> well, he keep make tg sound like only military option is available when he says only one thing is going to work. and but it is true we've been talking to them for 25 years and it's also true that engagement did not necessarily work out, but you still have to give north koreans off ramp. you can do pressure, you can do sanctions, you can do secondary samples, but you still have to give them an exit. otherwise what will they do? they will think provocation is coming or war is coming so it
11:43 pm
will lead to miscalculation on the north korean regime part and that can lead to an escalation and conflict just like the general talked about. >> kim jong-un's younger sister has just been elevated, begin a little bit more responsibility. what do we know about her and is is that considered good news for the west? >> well, i don't think it's necessarily good news or bad news. she's kim jong-un's aunt seshtd in that role for his father. so it's normal that kim jong-un is reaching out to his family members, the one person that he can truly trust. and what he's doing right now is filling -- he's filling key posts with only people that he can truly trust because obviously, you know, that's what he wants. but this is not unusual that he's, you know, reaching out to his sister or family member. >> general, as no one needs to remind you, the members of the u.s. army who are stationed there do so under the banner, under the phrase ready to fight
11:44 pm
tonight. and they stay battle ready 24/7, and that is terrific. however, what if they don't start it? what if it's something we're reacting to started by the north because of a threat or a faint or a comment on our side? >> well, i think, again, that's a problem. secretary mattis is almost worshipped by the armed forces and his message today was clearly one of let's use diplomacy first. but when you look at sort of a modest u.s. military presence in south korea, substantial naval and air presence in the region, when you look at this capability, where is the diplomatic leverage? if the secretary of state is being undercut, is call his own president a moron, which there's a serious argument about that, if you look at senator corker, i mean, this is the key person in the senate dealing with this issue. so how could there be magic that we don't know about that will
11:45 pm
take us off the paths of war? i think at the end of the day we are headed inescapeably, without a peep out of congress toward using a military option to solve a genuine threat to the american people, which i think is -- is going to be a sad outcome. >> wow. that's breathtaking. sue, last word. how much western media does kim jong-un consume, do we think? >> a lot. i'm sure he's watching this right now. they're pouring over every word that's coming out of trump administration and coming out of the united states. >> very chilling stuff. two of the very best in the business whose opinions we'll continue to count on. sue my taer, general barry mccaffrey. thank you both. another break for us. more when we come right back.
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so much to talk about tonight with bill kristol.
11:49 pm
obviously a veteran of the reagan and bush administrations, editor at large of the weekly standard and a guy we turn to whenever we can. okay, bill. the comments tonight by bannon to members of the republican establishment who might dream of not being with the trump agenda, devote, no one is safe. we are coming for you. how worried are you about this movement to burn down the house and while they're at it the senate? and then what will it mean to have an r after your name? >> no. i think there's a real civil war in the republican party as you and i have discussed before. i think people have been under estimating this. they've tended to interpret the different sides as psycho drama. there's a lot of psycho drama with donald trump is involved. but fundamentally there's a genuine fight for the future of the republican party. trump and bannon have one vision and they are -- bannon is out recruiting candidates and some of them are spontaneously
11:50 pm
appearing too. they thought geez in cory stewart can come to beating gill list pea, why don't i take a shot? i think we're going to see something we have not really ever seen in modern politics. primaries almost against every republican senator. primaries in-house district and serious fights with money on both sides and a real battle over the future of the republican party. and this is not a party that's out of power. you know, we've seen this before, brian, where the party that's out of power has a lot of angt and they fight and what are we going to see? this is a fight that controls the presidency and congress. and we're going to have a civil war with the president on one side and the majority leader in the senate and the speaker of the house on the other. we have not seen that before. >> listening to bannon on
11:51 pm
hannity tonight the common denominator is the senators who report to mcconnell. does he realize his exposure? is there anyone that can take him out of the game because there could be damage to the kfrms he leads now? >> i think it's possible. if you listen to bannon and other trump supporters and himself they think republican senators should work for donald trump. corker, he's supposed to be even more loyal to trump than he has been. he's been pretty loyal. he's voted for the healthcare bill, i think every single one of his nominations. he's not like john mccain and susan collins who have bolted on a couple of things. he's supposed to resign according to bannon and people like john barrasso in wyoming who has voted with them on everything, these supposed to be primaried. again, it's a free country. i think the notion that you can apiece trump or apiece bannon
11:52 pm
should be put aside. this may be a moment where republican senators in congress will wake up and say you know what? if we're going to fight for the future let's at least fight for something we believe in. let's stop trying to bend over backwards for trump and his supporters. we haven't seen that much courage to standing up to trump in public yet. maybe there will be more now. >> about that building with the dome on it behind you, what's the chance that we come to the end of 2017 without a successful major legislative initiative? >> i think pretty good chance. i don't think tax reform will make it this year. if roadway moo shows up here in december, that makes it even harder for mcconnell. you have an administration that's not interested in legislative details. you have to be fair to the pop house an establishment republican group who aren't -- who are operating a pretty stale
11:53 pm
idea in many cases. they haven't really made a case for the tax reform bill. speaker reason who is most knowledgeable about it, i'm not convinced. and then you've got the populists who just want to burn everything down. so not a recipe for legislative success, i think. >> bill kristol, will you keep coming on and explaining everything to us? >> yeah, right. i'll keep coming on, but my -- i hope i can explain a little bit. i can't predict much. i think your focus on bannon and on the sort of what's happening, this is not just the normal sniping. we are at a real moment for the republican party and maybe for american politics. >> yeah. it felt like a moment that we witness on television tonight. bill kristol, walk home by way of that dome behind you and fingers what's going on there. thank you. another break and up next what donald trump wants us to know
11:54 pm
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hi, i'm the internet! you knoarmless ahhhhhhhh! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour. last thing before we go here tonight. president trump sat down for an interview with former arkansas governor mike huck be. the two men talked about a number of topics, over 27
11:58 pm
minutes, but what's getting a lot of attention was that moment in puerto rico, destined to be one of the lasting images of the trump presidency when he started throwing rolls of off brand paper towels to puerto ricans in the crowd at an event to hand out relief supplies. it was instantel criticized as disrespectful, and the criticism of that moment and trump administration's overall response to the storm damage has clearly bothered the president. >> we did a great job. and we weren't treated fairly by the media because we really did a good job. i mean, one example, they'd these beautiful soft towels, very good towels and i came in and there was a crowd of a lot of people and they were scream and they were loving anything and i was having fun. they were having fun. they said throw them to me, throw them to me, mr. president. and so i'm doing -- so the next day they said, oh, it was so disrespectful to the people. it was just a made up thing.
11:59 pm
and also, when they had -- when i walked in, the cheering was incredible. >> a reminder fully 85% of puerto ricans, tax paying citizens all remain without power. just over half have clean drinking water now. there are still communities that have received no assistance, the president said on twitter this weekend, quote, nobody could have done what i've done for puerto rico with so little appreciation. so much work. and on that last line, make no mistake, for those who are there as part of this monumental relief effort, it is work. it's relentless and it is exhausting, and we salute all of them from members of the military to regular citizens who have flown down there to be part of that relief effort. that is, as we start a new week, our broadcast for tonight. thank you so much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york.
12:00 am
the person. >> a republican senator rings a nuclear alarm over donald trump. >> he doesn't realize that, you know, that we could be heading towards world war iii with the kind of comments that he's making. >> tonight senator corker's stark warning over president trump. his claim that nearly all of his republican colleagues agree, and why what happens next is so important. then the president deploys the rubber glue response on the moron report. >> one of the greatest of all terms i've come up with is fake. what we're learning about just how staged the vice president's nfl walkout was. >> you can see us. that's okay. you can say yes. that's fine. >> "all in" starts right now.


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