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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 10, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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thoefrng this morning deadly wildfires rage across california, flames destroying hundreds of homes. plus a new crucial detail in the time line of events leading up to the las vegas shooting. we're following new developments. and the president's public feud with bob corker escalates, republicans on the hill are divided and wondering whether attacking his own party could hurt the president's agenda. good morning. it's tuesday, october 10. while it's a state of emergency
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in california this morning as more than a dozen wildfires rage from one end of the state to the other. in northern california, state officials say at least ten people have died and at least 1500 homes and commercial structures have been destroyed. in california's famed wine country, flames were able to hopscotch across neighborhoods thanks to the winds. more than 40 people had to be rescued by helicopter. and more than 100 have been reported missing. two hospitals had to be evacuated. and in southern california, thousands of people living near anaheim had to leave their homes because of the so-called canyon fire. rescue crews have been going door to door evacuating people and more than 1,000 firefighters are expected to be on the scene this morning. >> let's go live there now to santa rosa and scott cohn is joining us. you're in an area where home
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after home has been destroyed. what more are you seeing this morning? >> reporter: this as you can see is an unfolding situation here. we are looking at still reports according to police of 100 missing persons reports filed. some of that may be because cell service is down, communications are difficult. but ten are confirmed dead and authorities expect that toll to rise because this is very much ongoing. as we look at not just one fire, but several fires. in fact 14 fires that are still burning, two major ones in napa and sonoma counties. but it is continuing to go on. and in addition to the human toll, the death toll, there are also people who are dealing with what you can see here, very large home behind me that is basically gone.
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it's just a pile of flaming rubble. and that kind of situation repeated as people head to evacuation centers, 24 shelters, four of them filled in sonoma county. and people there are anxious issues about what they have gone through and what they have lost. >> i've lived here for 26 years, raised my kids here. all our pictures are gone. everything. everything is gone. we have a fire pit. it's pretty awful. but we're all healthy and safe and we have to just try to be grateful for that. but it's pretty awful. >> seems like we're having a little bit of audio issues. >> understandable given those conditions behind him. >> scott, we'll check back in with you later. all right. new information has caused
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officials in las vegas to change part of the time line associated with the shooting massacre. the sheriff now says that the gunman shot a hotel security guard through the door of his suite six minutes before opening fire on the crowd. the sheriff says campos immediately notified security, but the officers did not know he had been shot until they found him in the hallway. it was originally believed that the gunman shot the security guard after the attack and that the security guard's arrival on the 32nd floor may have taken the gunman's attention away from the 22,000 people on the ground. now the sheriff says he does not know what caused the gunman to stop shooting after just ten minutes. >> through investigation as i have conveyed to you from the very beginning, in your zest for information and my zest to assure the public safety, some things will change. they are minute changes. there is not this
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all-encompassing answer associated with the information that we presented before. in other words, it's not completely inaccurate. but what we have learned is mr. cam campos was encountered by the suspect prior to the shooting to the outside world. >> it was previously reported that bullet holes were found in a jet fuel tank and now investigators believe those tanks were targeted. switching to politics, subdued reaction to bob corker raising the alarm about president trump's habehavior yesterday after he made these comment to the "new york times" sunday night. >> sometimes i feel like he's on a reality show of some kind when he's talking about these big foreign policy issues and he doesn't realize that, you know, we could be heading towards world war iii with the kind of comments that he's making. and it's like he -- it's like
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it's an act to him. >> republican 1234senators wanto get back to work. chuck grassley told the associated press i don't see how it's productive and i think that two words would kind of answer your question from my point of view -- cool it. and i think it would help if the president would be the first to cool it. i think it would be better if we stuck to the issues and leave personalities out of it. senator marco rubio responded to a question about the comments, quote, you will have to ask senator corker what led him to make that statement. i haven't made that statement. speaking alongside rubio at a fundraiser in arizona, senator jeff flake said any of us who have worked with senator corker knows that he speaks his mind. >> and senator rob portman of ohio says bob corker has been a leader in congress on issues as diverse as deficit reduction and combatting terrorism and he is a man of unwavering integrity and said they all needed to work
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together. lamar alexander avoided the issue saying i work with bob corker nearly every day. he is a terrific u.s. senator, i'm disappointed he's decided not to seek re-election. and mitch mcconnell said corker is, quote, a valuable member of the senate republican caucus and also on the budget committee. and particularly important player as we move to the floor on the budget next week. and during all of this, senator lindsey graham who had been one of the president's biggest critics went golfing with trump yesterday tweeting really enjoyed a round of golf with the president today. president trump shot a 73 in windy and wet conditions. and kellyanne conway says corker eve comme 's comments did not give the president the respect he deserves. >> we thank him for his service, but i find tweets like this to be irresponsible, it adds to the insulting that the mainstream media and president's detractors
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almost a year after the election, they still can't accept the election results, it adds to their ability and their cover to speak about a president of the united states, the president of the united states, in ways that no president should be talked about. >> let's go now washington and jacqueline is joining us. it's almost mid october. president trump needing every single republican vote he can get his hands on. could this fight with senator corker derail the chances of any legislative win here? >> it's problematic. the republicans do not have a large majority, on so every vot does matter. we saw it on the obamacare repeal. so especially heading into tax reform legislation, heading into passing a budget, lots of republicans are questioning sort of why the president picked now to pick this fight. >> let me ask you about secretary of defense jim mattis.
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he spoke yesterday about the diplomatic effort to try to curtail north korea's nuclear weapons program. but as we have shown repeatedly, the president consistently says that cabinet secretaries like rex tillerson needed to be tougher, they are waiting their time with these diplomatic efforts. is there any clear consensus on the way forward on north korea from this administration? >> i don't think there is. and defense secretary jim mattis 45s really tri has really tried to down play any divide between him and the president, but we're seeing different language out of white house and pentagon. the white house, you hear this calm before the storm, this escalatory language whereas defense secretary mattis is really talking about strategy that is very similar to what the u.s. has done in the past. diplomacy first and that the military will be ready and that there is a plan if it comes to that. >> and we know the secretary of defense told soldiers s thooe y
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need to be ready. >> so let's talk about president trump expecting to decertify the iran nuclear deal. how is this decision being viewed in the pentagon? >> this is the first step, this thursday deadline that the white house is facing. it would actually set off a 60 day clock for congress do something. so there are no real preparations in the pentagon that have been publicly released at least that are going on now. that would be something that would likely come later down the road depending on congress he's actions. >> all right. thank you. some are considering the threat of a government shutdown over the hard line immigration proposal. the "washington post" reports that members of the congressional hispanic caucus are discussing withholding their support for critical spending legislation that would keep the government open unless undocumented immigrants who arrived as children are granted legal status with a path to citizenship. work permits for recipients of the deferred action for childhood arrivals, or known as daca, will begin expiring in march unless a deal is reached to protect them.
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president trump had previously signaled a willingness to work with democrats on such a deal when he met with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi last month. pelosi calls the latest immigration proposal a complete nonstarter. the war on coal is over. epa administrator on scott pruitt announced last night in kentucky, today pruitt will sign a new rule to override the obama era clean power plant. pruitt is expected to declare that the clean power plant exceeds federal law by setting emissions standards that power plants could not reasonably meet. the rule mark as victory for pruitt who in 2014 was among two dozen attorney generals that sued to stop the obama administration he'd push to limit carbon emissions. the "new york times" reporting that attorneys general from new york and massachusetts plan to chanlg t challenge the repeal once it is
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finalized. mafirst lady had tough word for president trump's former wife. >> talk about once at 14 days i had the direct number to white house, but i don't really want to call him there because melania is there and i don't want to cause any kind of jealousy or something like that because i'm basically first trump wife, okay? i'm first lady, okay? >> oh, man. soma pl melania trump then resp through her spokesperson saying mrs. trump has made the white house a home for barron and the president and she is honored by her role as first lady of the united states. she plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books. there is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex. unfortunately, only attention seeking and self-serving noise. there was a lot of reaction online as you can imagine including this from real hus wives executive producer andy
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cohen, who tweeted out this is actually happening. all the wives are fighting. even i am speechless. >> can i publicly thank the control room to making you read that entire story? >> and i did it with a straight face. still ahead, new fallout after the vice president's quicking and costly trip dolts game. and plus a shooting at texas tech leaves an officer dead and student in custody. those stories and a check on weather when we come back. ♪
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welcome back. texas tech university was locked down for more than an hour last night after a shooting on campus left one officer dead. the university says it all happened after officers found drugs and drug paraphernalia in a student's room during a, quote, welfare check. the student identified as 19-year-old freshman hollisa.
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daniels. and wild beiwhile being produce he produced a weapon and killed an officer. the identity of the officer has not been released pending family notification. amid criticism that vice president mike pence spence tens of thousands of dollars to fly to indianapolis for the sole purpose of leaving the colts game, the trump campaign is now raising money off of pence's clash with nfl players that president trump said he coordinated with the vice president ahead of time. in a fundraising e-mail, president trump wrote members of the san francisco 49ers took a knee during our national anthem. their stunt showed the world that they don't believe our flag is worth standing for, but your vice president refused to dignify their disrespect for our anthem, our flag and the many brave soldiers who have died for their freedoms. the e-mail solicited donations to show support. players across the nfl have
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staged their silent protest during the national anthem to call attention what they believe is a justice system biased against minorities. espn has suspended jemele hill for violating their policy for the second time, the latest after her response to jerry jones saying players would be benched for, quote, d disrespecting a flag. hill posted tweets saying that people should boycott cowboys advertisers. and then monica this statement announcing hill was suspended for two weeks after a second violation, the first came last month after she tweeted president trump was a white supremacist. she was on not punished then, but in the aftermath all employees were reminded that individual tweets may reflect negatively on espn and such actions would have consequences, hence this current decision. >> that debate is still going on. let's talk about weather,
2:19 am
bring in bonnie schneider. what can you tell us? >> we're still watching thie fires in california. there is a new concern in southern california, dry conditions and winds. but nothing like what we saw in northern california over the weekend and yesterday. overall, this wildfire season has gotten off to an early start and it's just been unfortunately incredible. 50,000 fires, 8.5 million acres burned. that has already cost $2.4 billion when the budget is $1.2 billion. and fire season isn't over yet. one of the reasons it's so bad right now and so bad this year is because after five years of drought, last year we had record rain. so that allowed the greenery and brush to really grow and boost up. unfortunately, applying more tinder and more opportunity for burning to occur. by contrast, it's cold across the center of the country and central and northern plains. low temperatures this morning in the 20s. so it's feeling like winter. that is not the case everywhere.
2:20 am
and as we work our way further into the fall season, we can expect warmer conditions in the northeast, warmer in the southwest, and really along the west as well. and then drier through much of the gulf coast which is probably good news and wetter toward the northwest. your forecast today calls for a brief chill coming into the northern plains, an rad rain in chicago, but the warm temperatures will persist in the south and east. the cooler air that we're seeing across the west is actually going to moderate, so we'll get back to the 70s in kansas in a couple days. >> i know those firefighters could use all the help they can from mother nature in terms of the winds and dry conditions. bonnie, thank you very much. still ahead, the second overall pick in last year's nfl draft makes his debut and a big night in the mlb playoffs. who is partying and who is sent packing. that is next in sports. s trip. remember nashville? both: kimchi bbq!
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2:24 am
yard and the vikings topped the bears. turning to the diamond where it was eventful in mlb play others. let's start in the bronx and the indians looking to on send tsen yankees packing. it was not meant to be. the indians say not so fast. new york's pitcher struck out nine and walked only one while allowing three runs in seven innings. the yankees win 7-3, locking the series at two a piece and forcing a deciding game five wednesday night in cleveland. that will be exciting to watch. up in boston, the astros and red sox season unfortunately for mike barnicle after a 5-4 win this game four, it was a close call though. astros were up two when an inside of the park homer and retiring the next three batters to complete the save. houston takes the series 3-1,
2:25 am
they will face either the yankees or indians on friday. let's switch to the national league and the dodgers are heading back to the nlcs, they beat the diamondbacks 3-1, completing the series sweep. and in chicago, defending champion cubs take a one game lead against the nationals after a 2-1 victory. washington ace max scherzer made a strong return to the mound after missing time with a hamstring injury, tossing a no hitter into the 7th inning until he was pulled. the game tied at one in the seventh, and in the next inning, anthony rizzo drove in the go-ahead run on a bloop single. the cubs went on to win 2-1. they lead the series 2-1, game four tonight in chicago. so a lot of exciting highlights there. still ahead, defense secretary jim mattis weighs in on whether there is a military solution to the crisis in north korea.
2:26 am
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welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top story. this morning deadly wildfires raging across california. in northern california's wine country, at least ten people have died, more than 1500 homes and structures have been
2:30 am
destroyed. fire officials saying flames were able to hopscotch across neighborhoods thanks to fast moving winds. state's highway patrol says more than 40 people had to be rescued by sonoma county, 100 are missing. and rescue crews have been going door to door evacuating people. more than 1,000 firefighters are expected to be on the scene this morning. >> let's bring in scott cohn from santa rosa. give us a sense of what you are seeing around you. i mean, it is dark, we can see some of the flames. but what is the overall scene there? >> reporter: well, i mean, it's a disaster zone. there is no two ways about it. you see the house behind me or what used to be a house behind me that is just flaming rubble. and that just gives you a small sense of what has gone on here. we're about 24 hours or so into this crisis. and already roughly 100,000
2:31 am
acres in these 14 or 15 different wildfires in this part of the state that were whipped up by the winds, the heat and fuel that has had all summer to dry out basically. and the results have been devastating. 10 people dead as you said, 100 people reported missing in sonoma county. and a lot of people that were everyone as of yesterday evening the firefighters were still rescuing people, other people got out of here barely just by the skin of their teeth so to speak. listen to one resident that was fighting the fire with a hose at one point. >> i actually don't think we have that sound right now. but what are authorities saying about the containment of this wildfire? when do they see this thing dying down? >> reporter: there is virtually no containment yet. that is what is kind of ominous about all of this.
2:32 am
the major fires in napa and sonoma counties, there is nothing in terms of canemeof co yet. these are still active and spreading wildfires. and as you think about this, you might think of wildfires and information forest fires as bei. this is very much populated area, and these fires went through very, very fast, caught a lot of people by surprise. and they are still trying to get a handle on it. >> seeing that footage is absolutely incredible. >> yeah, how fast they move and the fact that it is so heartbreaking to see what is happening. scott cohn, thank you. speaking in washington yesterday, secretary of defense jim mattis appeared to call out iran while talking about the global challenges facing the u.s. in the trump era. >> the international situation is the most complex and demanding that i have seen in all my years of service and that is over four decades.
2:33 am
in the mideast, terrorists continue to conduct murder and mayhem despite significant and accelerating losses. one state sponsor of terror in the mideast cannot hide behind its nation state status while in effect it is actual lay ly a destabilizing regime. >> secretary mattis also spoke about the standoff with north korea. >> we currently are in a diplomatically led effort. and how many times have you seen the u.n. security council vote unanimously now twice in a row to impose stronger sanctions on north korea. the international community has spoken, but that means the u.s. army must stand ready. >> and secretary mattis also said that although he doesn't know what the future holds for the situation, the u.s. army must be military options to ememploy
2:34 am
ememple employ if needed. and now joining us is matt bradley. good to talk to you this morning. north korea a notorious for staging missile or nuclear tests on national holidays. are you hearing anything of that on the horizon? >> reporter: that's right. well, it was a major holiday for the north koreans, there are many of these. and kim jong-un loves these holidays. and that's why it turns out that a lot of these north korea watchers, they tend to assume that he will be launching missile tests or nuclear tests on on some of these major patriotic events. but as you can see, the day is basically over or almost over and we haven't seen either a missile test or a nuclear test. we did see the kind of very staged managed sort of celebrations and commemorations that we have gotten used to seeing over the past couple of years, laying of flowers and tributes to past leaders of north korea, and this is why there is normally going to be a lot of preparations and that is
2:35 am
why a lot of intelligence agencies before these nuclear tests, they would normally alert media like us here to these sorts of things because these aresatellites. there is a fueling of the missiles and sometimes movements on the ground ahead of the nuclear tests, so we could expect this. and in this case, we hadn't seen a lot of these sort of preparations. so we're expecting in the next couple of days that there could be something coming up in the next week, but right now, it seems that this day is almost over and there hasn't been much of anything observable on the ground. >> matt bradley live for us in seoul. joining us now from washington, defense reporter for politico, jacqueline klimas. we've been talking about the twitter feud between bob corker, president trump. corker saying that he believes most senators agree with him when he said that the president's rhetoric could throw the u.s. into world war iii. so let's ask you about the
2:36 am
pentagon. has there been any concern inside the pentagon about what the president says or do they appreciate the president's management or leadership style when this comes to these international issues? >> reporter: whenever the pentagon is asked about some of trump's more inflammatory remarks when it comes to foreign policy, the response is always that we are ready, we don't make the policy, we execute the policy. and we have a war planned for everything and we're ready if this is something that the administration decides it wants to do on. l lot of experts say the inflammatory rhetoric can increase the chances of a conflict, but regardless of what the president says, the pentagon says they will be ready to support the president. >> and let's turn to immigration now. both democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer slamming president trump's immigration demands and now other democrats are threatening not to support the budget over this. could the president's deal with the democrats on immigration be
2:37 am
scrapped and how seriously do you think that would impact his ability really to govern? >> reporter: so whether or not a deal is able to be made sort of depends on how directly the white house will stick to this list of demands. a lot of the things on the list like the border wall funding, like the ending funding for sanctuary cities, these are things that would be deal breakers with the democrats alone. coupled together, they are unlikely to make a deal. but if this is just a starting point for the white house, it is possible there is still some deal that could be made in determines terms of his ability to govern. if there is no immigration, this is just another legislative priority of his that if he cannot capitalize on it, just another thing where he is not notching a legislative win. >> and let me ask you about something that you have been reporting on over the past several weeks and that is the recovery efforts ongoing in puerto rico, the island still very much in a state of crisis. why is the administration letting the jones act waiver
2:38 am
expire pretty much blocking foreign ships from bringing any aid to the island? >> reporter: so this waiver was only designed as a short term fix, to last ten days. there is still a lot of push in congress to permanently exempt puerto rico from the jones act to allow them to continue to benefit from the exemption during recovery. senator john mccain introduced a bill last week or a few weeks ago to permanently exempt the island and he now that the waiver has expired, he's calling on congress do through and pass that. but it's unclear if they will take it up with their long to do list. >> all right. jacqueline, great to have you with us. a newly revealed e-mail from the russian lawyer at the center of the 2016 meeting at trump tower with donald trump jr. is raising new questions over the nature of the sitdown at the height of the presidential campaign. according to the "washington post," the e-mail was written and sent to rob goldstein who helped arrange the meeting.
2:39 am
the e-mail was provided to the "post" by the american lawyer representing a russian billionaire who hosted the miss universe pageant back in 2013 and also helped secure the trump tower meeting. the paper says the document may offer evidence backing up her claims that she met with trump jr. only to discuss a 2012 u.s. law that imposed financial sanctions on wealthy russians as punishment for human rights abuses. prior e-mail exchange involving goldstone showed he told trump jr. before the meeting that she would bring damaging information about hillary clinton on behalf of the russian government. the "post" points out that the e-mail though offers no conclusive evidence about why trump jr. accepted the meeting. turning now to harvey weinstein, the fallout over the sexual harassment allegations continues to grow. sources close to the company tell nbc news that it is moving to take weinstein's name off of
2:40 am
its television brahms aprograms changing its name all together. there have been internal discussions about how to reorganize the company saying that it is still, quote, a viable one even without harvey. meanwhile a new report is shedding light on the behind the scenes action as the company's board worked to fire weinstein. the hollywood reporter has published an e-mail that the publication's owner claims was sent to hollywood ceos and moguls by weinstein pleading for help hours before his firing. and tweeted out a transcribed iteration of the e-mail that was read to her, quote, by a disgusted male recipient. it read in part my board is thinking of firing me, all let absence and get in to heavy therapy and counseling. allow me to resurrect myself with a second chance. >> and a number of actresses and actors are speaking out on the weinstein scandal that is
2:41 am
rocking their industry as it continues to grow. in a statement to the "new york times," glenn close said she felt darkly sad about the revelations. kate winslet told variety that weinstein's behavior is without question disgraceful and appalling and very, very wrong. and judi dench who has credited weinstein with launching her career said while she had been unaware of any misconduct, she found it horrifying. meanwhile jennifer lawrence told the hollywood reporter that she was deeply disturbed by the allegations and clarified that she did not experience any harassment personally. jessica chastain tweeted out i was warned from the beginning the stories were everywhere. to deny that it is to create an environment for it to happen again. george clooney is also speaking out on the matter. in an interview with "the daily beas beast", he says the accusations are disturbing. and kevin smith has weighed in
2:42 am
tweeting that weinstein financed the first 14 years of my career and now i know while i was profiting, others were in terrible pain. it makes me feel ashamed. so that is a story that is getting a lot of reaction both inside the industry and outside continues to grow. >> and let's just hope it doesn't go away, right? still ahead everybody, it's the moment fans of the "star wars" franchise have been waiting for, the trailer. oh, wow, lined up ready to go. the trailer for the franchise's newest film has officially been released. >> we'll give you a taste of what is in store in a galaxy far, far away. and plus a check of the forecast back here on earth.
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2:46 am
risen to 11. so conditions worsening. >> and we can even see the fires from out of space. this is from on the goes-16 fire detecti detection. you can see it in central and northern california. let's take a closer look at the wind forecast. we've had such a rough ride sunday into monday, winds gusting well over 60 miles an hour, be and soaring into the 90s with low humidity. and the forecast does call for in some changes. light on shore winds and slightly cooler temperatures with a little bit more humidity. so today, the firefighters will have favorable conditions to fight the fires. but what about for tomorrow? things are changing. a front is coming through and that will cause gusty offshore winds coming from the north, lower humidity, and that will make for fire weather more critical. so as we look toward wednesday evening, we can see a band of winds that are 20 miles per hour or greater. so one good day, one bad day. and it's definitely been a bad season with 50,000 fires already, 8.5 million acres
2:47 am
burned and that has already cost $2.4 billion, well above what the budget is allotted for wild fires. just a really dangerous season that unfortunately is not over yet. there is some rain to talk about in the center of the country. stormy conditions in to chicago today. if you are flying, there may be airport delays. and then tomorrow the system will slide to the east and we'll see rain in erie and into cleveland. >> and i love this next story. activists and nobel peace prize winner malala yousafza has started classes. she said five years ago i was shot in an attempt to stop me from speaking out. daend today i attend my first lectures at oxford. gives you the chills. the tweet has so far garnered over 700,000 likes and a quarter of a million retweets. "star wars" fans get ready
2:48 am
for this one. i know you are. their very first taste of the latest chapter in the saga. check this out. ♪ >> i've seen this once before. it didn't scare me enough then. it does now. >> so the 2 1/2 minute trailer for star wars the last jedi debuted during last night's nfl game and as you can see mark hamill returns, and it picks right up where the last film left off and of course carrie fisher who died in december after having finished her work on the film will reprise per role. so a lot of people excited to see that one. tickets went on sale right after that trailer, sold out win minutes. >> unbelievable. still ahead, twitter finds
2:49 am
itself in a political fight over one republican congressional candidate's latest advertisement. plus two other tech giants find evidence in the potential russian meddling in the election. details when we come back. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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all right, welcome back, everyone. they offer a mixed picture. investors turn their attention to the political crisis between spine and catalonia.
2:52 am
two silicon valley biggest companies announce they're digging deeper for signs of potential russia meddling in the elections here in the united states. cnbc care lip roth joins us live from london with a good morning to you, carolyn. let's start with the market for that bid in catalonia returns to the spotlight this week. >> reporter: it is a very crucial day for spain. the leader will declare independence later on today, which is not recognized by the central government in madrid. there are no signs of this impact and chaos deescalating or going away. spanish stocks were lower in this morning's trading session. it's a very different picture for u.s. futures. they're pointing to a slightly higher start, seeing recovering from small losses in yesterday's session, though it was columbus day so volumes were a little bit lower. yes, we are getting ready for the start of the third quarter earnings season, which kicks off with a bang as always later on this week. in other news, we know facebook
2:53 am
at the at the center of the russian ad scandal, now the scandal seems to be pulling in two other silicon valley giants, namely microsoft and google. according to reports, google has uncovered tens of thousands of dollars of ads seemingly bought by russian operatetives then viewed on youtube and gmail and microsoft is looking into whether this pa was used for bing and other platforms. >> all right, carl, jr., taking an interesting approach to get amazons a attention when it comes to that. what do you say about that? >> carl's, jr., obviously the fast food company, they put out a number of tweets basically asking amazon publicly to buy the company with the #amazonbuyus. the other said let's change the future of eating, amazon, buy,
2:54 am
seriously, let's do this. amazon recently bought whole foods and taking competition in the food industry to a whole different level go is that how it works? >> that's pretty direct targeting there by carl's jr., seriously, #, seriously, do it. there how did they come up with that idea? >> thank you. all right, twitter has barred republican u.s. hopeful martha plaqueburns announcement video from being promoted as an advertisement as a line is being deemed inflammatory. she is running in tennessee. in an e-mail obtained by mr. itco, twitter decided that part of the video where plaqueburn talks about stopping the sale of quote baby body parts as a part of the advertisement policy. they said the estimate was quote deemed an inflammatory statement likely to evoke a strong
2:55 am
negative reaction. black byun brings back -- blackburn is still allowed to share it on twitter. coming up next on "morning joe," more on the fight between president trump and senator bob corker. gop leaders work to keep fractures within the party from becoming too big democratic congressman elijah cummings discusses his new bill to end the use of bump stocks in the wake of the las vegas shooting. more "morning joe," everyone, just moments away. ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,... ...thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has...
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pay back a friend day is october 17th. get the bank of america mobile banking app today. . >> all right. before we talk on "morning joe," let's talk about the stories you will be hearing about in the days ahead. catalonia's president is expected to reveal his plans for independence from spain marking the first time he's going to speak since cot lonia's rern dumb on that matter meanwhile, at home, melania trump will visit a recovery
2:59 am
center for babies born addicted to drugs. she held a roundtable last month at the white house speaking of the white house, the champion pittsburgh penguins will head there today to celebrate their second consecutive stanley cup. it comes amid-the dispute with athletes over protest was of the national anthem. ahead of their visit the pens penguins say the trip will not be about politics. "morning joe" starts right now. >> we've all worked with senator corker through the years. we thank him for our service, but i find tweets like this to be incredibly irresponsible. it adds to be insulting that the main stream media and the president's detractors, almost a year after the election can't accept the election results. it adds to their ability and their cover to speak about a president of the united states, the president of the united states in ways that no president should be talked about. >> that's kelly anne conway
3:00 am
taking issue with a tweet from senator bob corker, she let the president skate on his part of the feud. most republicans are steering clear, despite corker's share of the concerns about the commander in chief. meanwhile, there is a major development out of las vegas, police are rewriting the deadline of the mass shooting there. we will have a live report on what changed so dramatically it did take some time, but hollywood is starting to speak out about harvey weinstein, they say the disgraced producer begged tofor a second chance before he was fired. we can go back to bob corker versus the president of the united states. >> you know, some of the years, we've heard of a coming civil war within the republican party from democrats, from a lot of their detractors and the media and it's always been a phony war. but the war is not phony


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