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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  October 10, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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thanks so much. good morning, everyone. i'm stephanie rhule. ali velshi is out today. it is tuesday, october 10th. let's get started. >> this is my neighborhood. in flames. >> it's pretty awful. we're all healthy and safe. and we have to try to be grateful for that. it's pretty awful. >> it's horrible. i couldn't stay because i couldn't breathe. >> i was very worried. my neighbor's house burned down. >> state of emergency in california this morning. more than a dozen wildfires rage from one edge of the state to the other. >> wildfires are raging through california's wine country. >> at least 1500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. >> and in southern california, thousands of people living near anaheim have had to leave their homes. >> with smoke and flames visible from disneyland. >> the president's bitter feud with bob corker.
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>> i don't agree with bob corker it's world war iii. >> everybody in washington, d.c., has said for a very long time the very things that bob corker finally said. >> if bob corker has any honor, any decency, he should resign imtdly. >> the truth is the president will not get his major things done without bob corker. >> valued member of the republican senate. key player on the budget. >> president set to host rex tillerson as well as james mattis at the white house. >> now he's comparing his iq with that of his secretary of state rex tillerson. >> new details about wienstein's final hours before being ousted before his company. reportedly writing, i am desperate for your help. do not let me be fired. >> let me take a leave of absence and get into therapy and counseling whether it be in a facility or somewhere else. allow me to resurrect myself with a second chance. sources close to the company tell nbc news that it is moving
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to take harvey wienstein's name off his television program. >> one powerful woman appears to be coming to his defense. >> it's not harvey wienstein. you look at everything, all over the world today. you know, and how women are dressing and, you know, what they're asking. what are they asking for? trouble. >> what are they asking for? trouble. are you kidding me? we're going to get to that in a minute. we're going to begin with breaking news. wildfires burning out of control in california. yet another natural disaster unfolding before our very eyes. more than a dozen wildfires are burning in the state of california at this moment causing mass destruction over a 200-mile span. here's the latest. 15 fires are burning out of control in eight counties across the state. the biggest and most devastating are in napa and sonoma counties. at least 11 people have been killed. and officials say they expect that number to rise more than a
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hundred are in the hospital. the fires have scorched more than 70,000 acres forcing at least 20,000 to run from their homes. some with just minutes to spare. to put the devastation in perspective, here's a look before and after pictures of a neighborhood in santa rosa. it looks like a bomb went off. a bomb went off. we've had that same description over the last four weeks for the virgin islands, kooupuerto rico. i want to go right to napa where power is out for thousands of people. steve patterson is live. what's the latest? >> reporter: the first thing you notice here besides the tropical force winds swirling smoke that chokes you as you get into this area is that communications are down. this is completely useless. we are cut off from the outside world here. there are a lot of families trying to get to a wi-fi
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situation, anywhere they can communicate with the outside world. take a look at this. this was a home here in napa, the heart of wine country. you can see completely charred and destroyed, a fire place the only thing that remain there is. the structures are completely charred to the bone. cars here charred out, blackened. this is a sight that we've seen driving through this area as you go into the heart of napa. again, the heart of wine country towards the fall harvest. you mentioned those 11 dead. two of them were here. at least we know two at this point. there's still obviously taking a look at damage. there are so many missing trying to communicate with the outside world. what we know about the two here, it was an elderly couple. 99 and 100 years old respectively. they had just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. their daughter said they simply did not have enough time to make it out alive. she said the only thing that
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would have been more tragic is if one had died and the other had survived. tragic situation here in napa. schools are shut down. hospitals were evacuated. and then people, again, they're trying to find some way to communicate with their families to tell them they're okay. that is the major problem here in napa as crews continue to battle and try to keep this fire outside of encroaching into more homes. >> all right, steve. please stay safe. nbc's own steve patterson. i want to go further south to orange county which is near l.a. firefighters there are trying to contain a different wildfire that's destroying homes even impacting disneyland. gadi schwartz is in anaheim. more than 1,000 homes evacuated in three cities. are they making any headway? >> reporter: they are making some headway. let me show you what's going on right now. this is one of the homes that was destroyed. a very difficult day in this neighborhood. there are three others right here on this street that have been destroyed. i want to show you the headway
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that has been made. so this is a blacked out area. this is where the fire has swept uphill so fast. fires move much faster uphill. and it came and took out this house. it took out that house. it took out that house. but i'm going to show you some houses that are still standing. in fact, over here if you look just a little ways down, you've got one home that was protected. that was by firefighters who were here. you've got several other homes down on this cul-de-sac that firefighters were able to save. but this is just one of those things that people here have to contend with almost on a daily basis. a lot of people down here were watching the coverage in napa. they didn't know what was going on down here so close to them. and then all of a sudden they smelled smoke and they found themselves with fire right on their doorsteps. in fact, we were just talking to carrie a little while ago. she lives down the street. this is in your street here. you live one street over. you guys were watching these fires all night hoping they weren't going to encroach.
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tell me, how did this happen? what happened yesterday that made you notice what was happening? >> reporter: well, i was just sitting at home and i was sitting at my kitchen table and my girlfriend sent me a text saying are you okay. i had no idea what she was talking about. and then she sent me a link. when i walked outside, i just walked -- i'm on the corner house of cloverdale and garden view and i turned the corner, and this big black cloud of smoke -- >> reporter: so you had no idea what was going on and you come outside and that's what you see. >> i panicked. i went inside and collected all my photographs, grabbed my computer, my stuff out of my safe and my dog and my son was able to get in so he helped me pack up some stuff and we just kind of took off. >> reporter: and this has happened before. >> nine years ago we were evacuated. my house was safe. it didn't happen up here. but it was the closest call. so i actually still had my pictures in the boxes from the first time it had happened. so yeah, it was pretty scary.
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>> reporter: have you been able to speak to some of the neighbors? >> i did. i've spoken to them. they're anxious to come in and see what they have left. i've sent them a few pictures. i know the maguires. their house is safe but there's quite a bit of damage up there. on my house, i know some of the embers went in and across the street i have a retired fire chief that was working there. my two trees in the front were on fire and some things in my back yard. >> reporter: that was just neighbors helping neighbors putting out embers. >> yeah. so we got in, we kind of went in around 7:00 last night. >> reporter: and the neighbors here, were they able to get anything out? were they even home? >> from what i understand, they weren't home. >> reporter: this happened so quickly they didn't know it hit their home. >> i had no idea these fires were going on. >> reporter: thank you so much. our thoughts are with you. this is a reminder what can
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happen on a daily basis here in california. joining me now by phone is mark giagarduci. mark, give us the latest from the front lines. >> well, good morning. well, today has been a day to try to continue to contain the fires that we happen. the weather is actually cooperating a little bit better. the winds are died down somewhat. that of course gives us an ability to get in front of these fast-moving fires. the other thing is to ensure we do any search and rescue operations and be able to identify any of those that are missing. and begin doing the damage assessment. >> let's talk about those who are missing. i know there are 11 people who are confirmed dead and a hundred reported missing. do you have any update on those?
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>> you know, the numbers may change a little bit. don't really have an update. we do know that the -- we have the 11 confirmed fatalities. i will suspect there will be a few more. and a lot of that may be that there is a lot of people that have had to go to different shelters. there is a capability in the area. those will all be factors once you get the communications back up. we should be able to bring back that proposed missing member down. >> i know this type of here is ripe with wildfires but you said more than 230 broke out in the last week. is that an unusually high number? >> well, i mean -- happened in october. we have what we call fire
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weather that takes place this time of the year. it's warm winds that saturate the environment and make it very dangerous. we put out these red flag warnings app and in the northern california area. southern california they have the santa ana wind conditions that bring hot winds from the desert and blow out to the ocean. these are part of living in california. roughly 1500 more fires. you know, certainly the number of fires have increased. and it's keeping us really busy. >> you certainly are busy. mark, please, please stay safe. thank you for joining us this morning. in the state of california. thank you, mark. all right. stick around, everyone. any minute now secretary of
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state rex stiller son set to arrive at the white house for a luncheon with the president. this of course as he responds to the reports that tillerson called him a moron. now the president is saying, quote, i guess we'll have to compare iq tests. bring it on. we would love to see that. plus we're going to tell you president trump's new nickname for gop senator bob corker. and now the real housewives of trump, first lady melania trump is striking back against donald trump's first wife iva that after she said this. >> first of all, i have direct number to white house. but i don't want to call him there because melania is there and i don't want to cause any kind of jealousy or something like that. because i'm basically first trump wife, okay? i'm first lady, okay? >> i'm first lady, okay? andy cohen said it sounds like these two need to have a
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welcome back to "velshi & rhule." president trump hitting his own secretary of state this morning over the nbc news exclusive report that secretary rex tillerson called the president a moron. the president tells forbes the report was, quote, fake news and said, quote, i guess we'll have to compare iq tests. and i can tell you who is going to win. wow. this comes amid a twitter war with bob corker. called the white house a quote, adult day care center. last night steve bannon helped his old boss fight facts. >> if bob corker has any honor, any decency, he should resign immediately. >> steve bannon, remember, this
8:18 am
is a guy in 2010 who said what we need to do is bitch slap the republican party. he also said our backup strategy is to "f" up hillary clinton so bad she can't govern. and there's steve bannon talking about common decency. that's rich. rich like his wall street backers that he denies he has. but this morning trump ally and former speaker gingrich warned the president against alienating corker. >> that's been probably the biggest weak neness has been no working together. the president will not get his major things done without bob corker. >> joining me now peter alexander at the white house. garrett haake live in south carolina. and randall lane who interviewed the president for that extraordinary forbes piece. got to start with you, randall. we are all talking about trump wanting to pair iq tests with tillerson. first of all, he's joking, is he not?
8:19 am
>> with donald trump you never know. we were with him friday. spent an hour in the oval office. i would say it was a little surreal that the president in the oval office, what he thought about the secretary of state reportedly calling him a moron. he paused, thought about it, and donald trump does not like getting insulted publicly or privately. i think he was sending a message. >> he also said i'm the guy who came up with fake news. which he didn't. so it's ironic to lie about coming up with fake news. my biggest takeaway in your piece is that i can't find anywhere where the president seems to be putting country before self. talk to me about your takeaway. >> it's interesting because what you have with donald trump if you look at the consistency here, if you look at how he runs his businesses or random businesses, that's the bottom line. if you want some consistency
8:20 am
with trump, he's a transactional guy. >> hold on. his businesses went bankrupt four times. he's blown up essentially every business partner he's ever had. >> he's also had a lot of great assets. he's cut a lot of great deals. he's had a hard time running ongoing businesses. that's what you're seeing in this white house. you have somebody who has a mind-set that he's going deal to deal, win to win opposed to some have a career building an organization. and so that's -- you know, if you look at the threads. if you look at how he looks at trade. if you look at even we talked about obamacare. again, he wants a deal. it's not about how i make health care policy better, it's do i cut a deal with democrats or republicans? >> did he share details on what those details. or tax reform. the president has never shared a game plan or one that involves
8:21 am
facts. tax reform, for example, saying he knows so much about it. he doesn't even talk about the truth. he talked about the fact he's going to suffer. well, in fact, he won't. how exactly is he going to get the deal? >> again, this is somebody motivated by wins. and not so much by ideology. you've seen that consistently throughout his life and throughout his presidency. he told us when he sat down he could do a deal on obamacare with the democrats or he could do it with republicans. she's shopping and he said basically is going to look for the best deal. when you're a deal maker and you have two bidders, that's how you get the best price. what donald trump ultimately wants is to, you know, be perceived. he's never been interested in that. >> let's go to speaker groundhog's point. the president wants a win. how does alienating bob corker
8:22 am
do that? >> it doesn't, stephanie. that's why we're seeing people like newt gingrich and other people trying to communicate to the president that this is not helpful. i'm in south carolina because we were talking to lindsey graham here today and i asked him about this. he tried to tell me he basically put this argument to the president yesterday on the golf course in a way he thought he could understand putting context around why it's so important to knock this off. >> we'll be judged by whether we get it done or not. i told the president if we could cut taxes and repeal and replace obamacare and make the world a safer place, it doesn't matter who they run against you. >> reporter: and so that's the context for this. come 2020 nobody's going to be looking at their score card of which republican won which
8:23 am
twitter fight. they need to put points on the board legislatively. >> and maybe that's why lindsey graham thinks no big deal. send this big ole kiss to the president. he shot a 73 on the wet golf course, isn't he special? is graham's goal let me make nice with the president to get something done? sort of like rand paul? or does he maybe want the secretary of state position? >> reporter: i think that's unlikely that he's angle for any other position than the senate. but he said his goal is to make nice with president trump to find a way to get something done. he said this is not a guy i agree with all the time. he's the president and i need to work with him to get things done. whether that's working together on issues of foreign affairs and military which is a big part of lindsey graham's portfolio. or things like daca and the dream act where he's one of the more liberal senators on the republican side in terms of coming up with a deal for these folks. and getting the president for him is maybe a way to turn the president that direction. >> all right.
8:24 am
peter, to randall's point earlier the president loves to tout himself a deal guy. and president trump supporters say he's ready to make a deal. he said in another tweet this morning he would use, quote, the power of the pen to give americans great health care with so many failed tries. why does he keep going back to this? he's got to pen. he's used the pen for all those executive orders that do nothing but have his own team write big reports. what is the power of the pen he's speaking about? >> reporter: well, it seems to be he's touting the potential for an executive order of some kind. no timeline for that. no specificity on what it would be. the understanding is this would be something rand paul has been championing that would allow americans to purchase their health insurance across state lines. be clear, stephanie. i was on the south lawn this past weekend when i was pressing president trump on his conversation with chuck schumer basically saying that he called schumer on friday. he said he wanted a temporary deal to troo i to fix obamacare.
8:25 am
it sounded like there was an opening for a bipartisan deal. as schumer quickly communicated, he said repeal and replace is a nonstarter for us. twhen president was on the south lawn, he said that's what republicans want. repeal and replace. that's what i want as well. so the idea that there could be some bipartisan program going forward seems off the table. he a appears to be trying to fix the system as best he can. >> the year is coming to an end. all right, peter, randall, garrett. and by the way peter and garrett, you better step up. see the hat randall's rocking today? step it up. thanks so much. we're going to take a break. stick around, everybody. we're getting some gop reaction to trump's latest attacks including tensions with iran and north korea. that's not silly talk. that's serious business. next i'll speak with florida's republican congressman francis rooney. he's a member of the house foreign affairs committee. as master sergeant.
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the president's feud with the high-profile republican senator bob corker and the president's tweets this morning on immigration and the nfl. a lot to discuss with my next guest. francis rooney of florida is a member of the house foreign affairs committee. also the house senate joint economic committee. and serving his first term in congress and previously served as ambassador to the vatican under president george w. bush. congressman, president trump basically at war with senate foreign relations committee chairman bob corker. and corker says trump is on a path to world war iii. what do you think? >> well, i think all that is distractive from the pursuit of the mission of protecting u.s. interests in light of these very difficult problems you just -- >> for sure. but that's the president himself causing this distraction. do you agree with bob corker? or the president? >> well, i don't think any of it is helpful on either side. >> steve bannon thinks corker
8:31 am
should resign over this. do you agree with this that? >> i don't know about that. he voted against the iran treaty when he was a senator. maybe he can stop the casual language and contribute responsibly towards deciding whether or not this treaty is in america's interest or not. >> all right. well, do you agree with senator corker that rex tillerson, defense secretary james mattis, and the white house chief of staff john kelly are helping, quote, separate the noise, separate the country pr the chaos? because bob corker seems to think they're helping. zp >> well, i definitely think that general kelly has brought a lot of organization and discipline to the white house. and as you know, it's a terribly difficult job running the back office of the white house. i'm glad he's there. >> in terms of distraction, today alone for example, president trump has attacked rex tillerson, the nfl, espn, all of congress. so your message to the president if you're speaking to the fact
8:32 am
we shouldn't be distracted, would you include the president in that? >> it's above my pay grade to tell the president what to do. >> it's not above anybody's pay grade. we all voted. we are all citizens of the united states of america. so if you're saying we shouldn't be distracted, who is that we? because it's the president who's drafting these tweets. >> if it were me, i would say let's keep focused on the hard line with north korea which is having productive results of -- much better than previous administrations have been able to do. let's focus hard on this iran agreement and whether the opportunity to get a better deal might exist if he decides to decline to certify it. those are the things we want to address here. >> i want to talk immigration as well. the president said this morning the problem with agreeing to a policy on immigration is the democrats don't want to secure borders. they don't care about safety for usa. and now the white house issued demands yesterday in exchange for a deal to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers that, of course, the 800,000 people brought
8:33 am
illegally here as children. those demands include funding for a southern border wall. we know sthast a nonstarter for democrats. talk about a nonstarter for a lot of republicans. your state has almost 33,000 daca recipients. where do you stand on the wall? >> well, i think this is an opportunity to bring some immigration reform which is needed in perhaps prid oing work for these daca kids. there's about 350 miles of that border that could probably benefit from a wall. right now it has a car barrier, but not a pedestrian barrier. we also have a problem of visa overstays. half the people in this country came on a visa and just overstayed it. we've got to enforce our sovereignty. >> and do you think we can do that? the clock is ticking for congress. >> oh, i think we can do it. we've got the resources to do it. they do it in europe. we just have to be vigilant that
8:34 am
people here on visas check in all the time, we know who they are, and we know if they've overstayed. >> quickly before we go, i've got to ask you about the nfl. you've worked with nfl owners on the construction side of things. what do you think of now this dispute, this battle that nfl owners are faced with? does it make sense? >> well, i think once again there's in so many things, my close friend jerry jones has shown the right way. he's confronted the problem. he's a genuine american hero. i'm glad he did it. >> you're glad jerry jones did it and you think the rest of the nfl owners should? >> i think they should do what jerry jones did. i don't buy appeasement and hiding behind problems. i think we have to face the fact that this is america. that's our country. and we need to be prepared to honor it and defend it. >> well, freedom of speech is part of our country. >> oh, sure. but these are employees. if they're my employees, they'd be gone by now. >> well, what if your employee -- excuse me. what if your employee was
8:35 am
president trump? would it make sense for someone whose job is to protect the american people, fight for the american people to launch this war with the nfl with all the things he's got to do? does that make a lot of sense? >> well, i think it's probably really an emotional problem for him to see these defiant actions. again, i'm more focused on north korea and iran and hopefully getting some tax reform moving forward than the nfl. >> without a doubt. it's certainly emotional for the president leaving so many of us wondering why this strikes a cord with him. why not the 3 million people suffering in puerto rico. the military moms worrying about their sons and daughters who are stationed overseas. wow wonder why it's a fight with the nfl that's reaching the headlines. i appreciate you joining me this morning and all the things you're working on. thanks so many up. >> thank you. next, new developments in the harvey wienstein scandal. taking sides from meryl streep to donna karan.
8:36 am
plus what we're hearing about his last minute plea to save his career. and here on "velshi & rhule," we are also remembering some of the most inspiring people in american history. we started doing this in light of the fight against confederate monuments in this country. we want to introduce you to monumental americans who may be deserving of a statue. today it's harvey milk. he was the first openly gay elected official. he helped bring lbgt rights to light. milk was born right here in new york in 1930. he served in the navy during the korean war. later he worked as a teacher, insurance agent, and banking researcher in new york. he moved to san francisco in 1972. during a migration of gay men to the castro street neighborhood which was becoming a haven for lbgt activism. he won his first political office in 1977 as city supervisor. he served seven months in office
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welcome back to "velshi & rhule." fashion designer donna karan sparked a fire storm over comments she made following the sexual misconduct allegations against harvey weinstein. the daily mail reports karan defended weinstein and suggested the alleged victims, quote, may have been asking for it. you can see her say it on tape. if you think it was out of context, just watch the video. social media exploded. actress rose mcgowan, one of the women "the new york times" reports settled with weinstein years ago tweeted, donna karan, you are a deplorable. aiding and abetting is a moral crime. you are a scum in a fancy dress. anthony bourdain tweeted out a
8:42 am
racy ad for her clothing saying how many 17-year-olds have you dressed like they are, in your words, asking for it? she said i'm sorry if i offended anyone who might have been a victim. she said my statements were taken out of context and do not represent how i feel about the current situation with harvey weinstein. you notice there she didn't actually go on to say anything about harvey weinstein. her defense of him still stands. here's some of karan's comments. you watch and decide. >> it's been a hard time for women to see it here in our country. it's very difficult. but i also think, how do we display ourselves? how do we present ourselves as women? what are we asking? are we asking for it? you know, by presenting all the sen sensuality and sexuality? i don't think it's
8:43 am
weinstein. i think we're looking at a world much deeper than that. yes, i think he's being looked at right now as a symbol. not necessarily as him. i know his wife. i think they're wonderful people. harvey's done some amazing things. it's not harvey weinstein. you look at everything all over the world today and how women are dressing, you know, what they're asking. by just presenting themselves the way they do. what are they asking for? trouble. >> what? one more time. while harvey weinstein may have done this and others may have done it as well doesn't make harvey right. and another thing, you can walk in the middle of times square with $100 bills taped to your body but it doesn't mean anyone should rip them off of you. joining me now carla hall. what do you make of donna karan's comments? i mean, hello?
8:44 am
>> i don't know what she was thinking. i mean, that's the age old excuse that people used to make for women when they were sexually assaulted. well, she was asking for it because of the way she was impressed. i mean, it's ridiculous. i don't know why she said it. she shouldn't have said it. in the case of the harvey weinstein instances. most of them arrived at breakfast meetings or arrived to do business and i don't know how they were dressed, but clearly business was on their minds. and i think they communicated that when they arrived at harvey weinstein's hotel rooms. >> but irrelevant of how those women were dressed -- donna karan is saying her comments were taken out of cone text and the problem is bigger than weinstein. if the problem is bigger than weinstein, doesn't that point to what brave heroes these women are for speaking out? i mean, every day as a
8:45 am
journalist, it's hard to try to speak truth to power. think about what it's like for these women. if it's all men in power, if it's the most powerful man in the entertainment industry. if donna karan is actually right, then isn't she wrong in her assessment of women? >> yes. i think she is wrong in her assessment of women. i don't think -- this isn't about how women are dressed. and you just touched on something interesting. this isn't even really about sex. this is about powerful men, usually, and powerless women. and it's about that inequality. that's what allows men to feel that they can get away with harassing women whether it's harvey weinstein or whether it's, you know, a medical school dean or a geologist in
8:46 am
antarctica who is under investigation for harassing his graduate students. these are about power positions. it's not about sex, i don't think. >> well, the los angeles times, your paper put up an article arguing it goes far beyond hollywood and called on all businesses to, quote, confront their demons. how engrained do you believe this type of business -- excuse me, this type of behavior is in our culture? i mean, i have to say i spent 14 years in investment banking. without a doubt from the time i started to when i left, there was definitely concerted efforts, improvements across the board. >> i think it was still engrained, unfortunately, in a lot of businesses where the balance of power exists. whether it's acidemia or business or hollywood or the tech world where supposedly people should be more open minded but there's such an imbalance of men and women. i think it's interesting that
8:47 am
most of these businesses make managers and supervisors go through training about what sexual harassment is and how to avoid it. so we can't say they don't know what it is. i think it's that they've been allowed to get away with it. people look the other way. >> okay. then to your point that anybody that works at a company has to go through mandatory sexual harassment training. for harvey weinstein to send that last-ditch effort e-mail to executives saying give me one more chance. i'll go into therapy. going to therapy now? are we actually going to act like he thought it was okay until last friday? >> right. and it didn't work, the last-ditch effort didn't work. you know, "the new york times" story documents that by his own words, he says he's been working on his behavior in trying to figure himself out for awhile. we know these allegations have been going on for a couple of decades. and we know that people even if
8:48 am
they didn't report them and sometimes they did, people talked about it amongst themselves. so it was kind of known and it was still kind of tolerated. i think this happens in places where men are making money, are being suspectful. and so other people say let's look the other way because he's being so successful for the company. once that stops, then i think you'll start seeing less -- hopefully less sexual harassment. >> maybe harvey weinstein isn't the only one, but maybe this will be a tipping point. thank you so much for joining me today. carla hall -- i'm tongue tied over this story. carla hall from the los angeles times. thank you, carla. >> thank you. all right. stick around, everybody. president trump going after the nfl this morning. turns out it has been a fight brewing for decades. we're going to talk about that and why he's now targeting the
8:49 am
nfl tax breaks. and president trump has complained on twitter that the late night shows are not giving him a fair shake. so last night stephen colbert challenged jon stewart to say something nice about trump for each negative joke. stewart, i'm going to say he had a bit of a hard time. >> on friday trump made it easier for employers to deny women birth control. pretty soon the only contraceptive women will have is his face. >> now, i'm in the groove now. i'm starting to feel it. donald trump is great to women. good. >> good? >> better than harvey weinstein. >> maybe. we'll fact check that. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation.
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president trump going after the nfl this morning. he tweeted, quote, why is the nfl getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our anthem, flag and country? change the tax law. so why do tax breaks benefit the nfl? well, for more than 70 years, the league was tax-exempt.
8:54 am
but back in 2015, that status ended and the league no longer had to report the salaries of top executives. while the individual teams were not exempt, stadiums were partially funded by taxpayers. in 2012, virginia paid 4 million bucks to help upgrade the redskins workout facility. and minnesota spent more than $300 million to help build a new stadium for the vikings. but for a president who touts his plans to reduce tax burden on businesses, why tweet about ending the league's tax benefits? well, the president has had a long and tumultuous history with the nfl, starting in 1984 when he bought a team called the usfl, promoted in the spring. after pushing to move the schedule from spring to fall, he tried to force a merger with the nfl through an anti-trust lawsuit. the league won the suit, but the jury cited mismanagement for the u surks
8:55 am
usfl's trouble, ending the merger. we welcome my panel. andr andrew, let's start with you. the packers are a special case because they are owned by green bay residents. how did things like funding stadiums work there? >> well, i think everywhere owners are looking to see if they can get a public/private partnership for their stadium. we have a new stadium going up in las vegas, for instance, that is 900 million of state dollars. it's not been a problem lately except for nevada, and you see teams are using this leverage to have this ability to build stadiums to gain money. we're in an age of relocation. the chargers, the raiders and the rams have all left behind their cities, or are going to, for these reasons alone. that's the owners, what we're talking about. >> $900 million in the state of
8:56 am
nevada when they are basically a broken public education system. pat, talk about the sports leagues. how is there tax handled? >> at the level, they have the tax status that the nfl used to have. they put out a statement that of the stadiums that have been built, 36 of them have received huge tax subsidies. the nfl, baseball, both have had stadiums since 2000 that have taken advantage of this. it's more about the economics of sports rather than just what's going on with the nfl. >> we have to point out they take advantage of it. it's legal. they're allowed to do it. the question is, should they be? so, andrew, does the president
8:57 am
have a point here? should some tax laws change? are they getting too much of a benefit? >> well, we assume he's talking about the owners, because as you pointed out, the legal status has changed. it has changed its tax-exempt status from 2015 because, understand, the league is just a pass-through. it's a clearing house. all the billions come in from the networks and other sources are passed on to the 32 owners. if he's talking about the league itself, that's wrong. but if he's talking about the owners, yes, it's a leverage economy situation where they have the supply and there is so much demand. l.a., which is now housing two stadiums, was used as a stocking horse negotiation for several teams to get cities to pony up and politicians to realize they could potentially lose their team. again, supply and demand, the owners themselves. tax breaks? i don't know. using their leverage of having such a short supply of teams, yes. >> pat, what's your take?
8:58 am
the president taking aim at the nfl. bob craft? that's his homeboy. does this make sense and is there a tax argument? >> i would have to disagree with the president in that it's very difficult to legislate supply examine demand in this particular case. as andrew suggested, you have a fixed supply of teams in all of these leagues. the fact the city wants more teams, as we saw in st. louis, of course, we felt that the pain and suffering of losing a second nfl team because there was a better offer somewhere else. at the end of the day, i don't see how you legislate that. i will point out that even though every case has to be looked at on an individual basis, there is research that a lot of teams don't generate the benefits that pay for the cost, but there is evidence that a new facility has reconstructed the downtown. >> are we going to see the boys stop kneeling?
8:59 am
legally, they could say, i'm the employer and these are the terms of employment. >> yeah, we've got a real crucial time here. i think this is a defining moment for the league. players don't want to move on. owners seem to want to move on and stick to sports. that unity in week 3 seems to be shattering a little bit, and now you have the president getting involved, and this is his week for taxes. he seems emboldened that he made an inroad with jerry jones. that unity three weeks ago, that seems to be dissipating. let's see what happens. >> is there a middle ground anywhere in here? because there is an argument to be made that by not moving on, you're only indulging trump. trump actually likes the conflict, likes the fact that players continue to take a knee. there's one thing we know the president likes. he loves drama. pat? >> there is no rule that they have to stand for the anthem. what's happened is we have a
9:00 am
conflating of the anthem and military police with social issues like racial injustice and inequality that the players are actually protesting like kaepernick 14 months ago. i think there is a middle ground to figure out what is the right way to deal with both issues. >> stephanie, if i could real quick, with the nba season about to start, i'm really fascinated to see what happens there because i think some of these issues could be more jermaiengi there. >> all right, we have to leave it at that. i'm stephanie ruhle. my colleague is on assignment right now. "andrea mitchell reports." moments now, president trump sitting down for lunch with his secretary of state less than a week after nbc news broke that story about rex tillerson calling the president a moron. a bigger concern over the widening


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