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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  October 10, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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nchlts that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc hour live. >> katy tur is standing by. >> sitting by next to you which means it is a great day at msnbc headquarters. thank you very much. >> 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in washington, d.c. any minute sarah huckab aby sanders is expected to take questions. escalating feuds that president trump is fighting on two fronts. the first with his own secretary of state. the president gave official response to the nbc news
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exclusive reporting that rex tillerson called trump a moron. in a new interview with forbes the president said i think it is fake news but if he did that i guess we will have to compare iq tests. i can tell you who is going to win. oh, to be a fly on the wall at the white house today at trump's lunch with tillerson. that leads us to the second front. the president's exchange with the powerful chair of the senate foreign relations committee. we'll get back on topic. president trump fired back at republican bob corker for the first time since the senator said this to the "new york times" on sunday. >> i feel like he is on a reality show. he doesn't realize that we can be heading towards world war
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three. >> the president's response. first it was a new nickname. little bob corker with two ds followed by this comment this afternoon. >> putting the u.s. on the path to world war iii. >> we were on the wrong path before. we are on the right path now, believe me. >> so far no response from senator corker. there is plenty of reaction from both feuds from lawmakers and trump's allies. >> we have differences but at the end of the day this back and forth is not helpful. >> i would rather have everybody put aside the squabbles and concentrate on the issues at hand right now. >> the truth is the president will not get major things down without bob corker. >> if bob corker has honor and decency he should resign immediately. >> i have more important things to do doing my job than to tell
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corker to keep his mouth shut or tell the president something. >> we have a team of reporters covering this. kristen welker is at the white house. washington post political reporter amber phillips is with us and "new york times" white house correspondent and msnbc political analyst glen thrush. you were able to ask the president about both corker and tillerson earlier. what did he have to say? >> well, he was asked if he still has confidence in secretary of state. he said yes. i pressed him on those remarkable comments which you just read in which he effectively said he would beat secretary tillerson in an iq contest. take a look at that exchange. i don't believe in under cutting people. thank you very much, everybody. >> and that lunch he had with
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secretary tillerson just wrapped up a short time ago. we will ask sarah huckabee sanders for the details. it does come amid the feud with bob corker. the president clearly not backing down. we just heard the audio for the first time this morning of the interview done with the "new york times" in which he says he believes the president could be putting the united states on a path to world war iii. the president saying failing "new york times" set liddle bob corker up. the "new york times" very clear that senator corker was well aware and on board with having that conversation taped. but all of this the back drop to the briefing today. we should say that the president pressed on whether alienating corker might derail efforts to get tax reform passed. the president disputed that and said he believes that americans
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want tax reform so ultimately he thinks he can get it done. >> you're on capitol hill. you are in charleston, south carolina which is inveeable to be honest. you have been talking to lindsey graham. lindsey graham hasn't always been a big fan of the president but today it seems like he is trying to smooth over the tensions between the president and congress. >> i think that is right. lindsey graham struggles empreliminae emblematic but recognize that he remains the president of the united states and the leader of their party and someone who needs to be on the team if they are going to get things done. i interviewed senator graham and he said he did not agree with bob corker's description of president trump as someone putting the united states in danger but also went out of his way to say that corker's
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complaints aren't without base in the sense that lindsey graham and corker are part of never tweet caucus and think the president would be better off if he would stop getting in the fights. i should probably let lindsey graham explain it. >> it doesn't matter what he says about corker or what corker says about him. i don't think it is good and healthy. i like them both. bob corker, i hate to see him go. he is one of my best friends. >> and that's the bottom line. corker is an important part of the team on capitol hill for any parts of the republican legislative agenda. alienating him regardless in what role his own words might have played will be destructive to the president's agenda. that is the point lindsey graham said he tried to get across to the president on the golf course. >> i want to ask you about that. what was the deal with lindsey graham's i guess statement released fawning over the president saying he was a great
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golfer and that he beat him on the golf course even more handily than he beat him in the presidential campaign. what is going on with that? >> reporter: graham brought that up again in his remarks this morning here in charleston. he was receiving an award and went out of his way to say the president had beaten him on this. graham has been pretty open with the idea that he needs to get along with this president to find ways in which they can agree. >> does that mean complimenting him about his golf skills? >> he wouldn't be the first or potentially the last. think about the people who use flattery as a way. >> it's -- i think there is a long list of folks who have tried to use flattery as a way to remain on this president's good side. as you pointed out lindsey graham is someone who has in the past will criticize this president. if they can find some common ground, if he can say a few nice
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things about him even on something as relatively trivial as his golf game it might help smooth the path for things graham cares about like for example the dream act where he is in disagreement with the president. maybe that can get a conversation going. i don't want to give anybody too much credit. there might be tactical use to that kind of overt friendliness. >> he wouldn't be wrong when the president wasn't happy with my reporting during the campaign and i wanted to get him to comment on something i would often toss out one of the polls that he was doing well in in order to get him to turn towards me and to let me ask my second followup question. glen thrush, do what you do best and pull back the curtain here. what is really going on in the white house? what is going on with the president? the other day -- i know you not on twitter but i'm sure you saw this. the other day he tweeted that maybe he should start talking
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and doing more interviews. people are saying he should do more interviews. is he itching to get back out there? >> i think he is just itching. i think we have an a.p. poll that showed him down to 32% nationally. we have a new poll by morning consult of all 50 states showing him in blue, purple and red states he has decreased in terms of popularity. we have this unbelievable conflict with his own secretary of state. let's put that in the context of his own a.g. now we have him picking fights all over the place in the senate. there is no reason or rhyme to this. this is the president acting impulsively. i talked to a couple of people in the white house just for a cursory check in. they are not happy with this bob corker stuff. corker is somebody who has been wheeling and dealing with the white house for a while. i think one of the original
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sins, the most recent sins that the president was prodding him to support and go down to alabama and campaign for luther strange. this isn't good for the president at all and the position where he is already weakened. i think we are starting to deal with a situation in which people in the white house are hunkering down and realizing the president is going to do what he wants to do and yet again they have to do damage control. >> do they see anything getting done in the next three, four, seven years? >> look, the one thing the president said which undeniably true -- corker in the interview and we posted the audio on our website, corker requests that this be taped and on the record. what the president said is untrue in corker's own words. what the president said that was true is that there in a segment of the population a desire to have something done with the tax code. so the impetus for anything
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involving tax reform will come from the public and from his own party and from the other big key donors in the republican circle, not necessarily his capacity to make deals with republicans. >> amber, your colleagues at the washington post had a really good piece out today trying to devil into what exactly is happening in the white house and how people are trying to essentially coral the president. one trump likened the president to a whistling teapot saying if he does not blow off steam he can turn into a pressure cooker and explode. i think we are in pressure cooker territory said this person who spoke on the condition of annen nimity. if he is in a pressure cooker situation what could we see happening next? >> i don't know what there is left, right, for us to see
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happen. i think the thing that was remarkable about that article my washington post white house colleagues put together is it is accusing the president acting like a child. the try to talk with a certain buddy and becomes in the pressure cooker situation and gets them to the really big unhelpful fights. you cannot manage someone for all of the time. >> the corker transcript posted on the "new york times" you heard glen thrush. the piece in the "washington post" and then the forbes piece about donald trump today with the cover story about how he operates what kind of president
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he is basically going back to what kind of person and businessman he has been and how that basically is a road map to what things will be like in the future. kristen welker, glen thrush with the "new york times" and amber phillips with the "washington post." it is wonderful to see you. thank you very much. former rnc chairman michael steel joins me now. when you look at what is going on with trump and corker and you think we have a lot to get done in this gop congress, there is not as much time left as we may think thr think. the run up to 2018 is going to really start gaining steam in the next year, democrats could maybe get control back in the house if nothing happens, maybe potentially in the senate. what goes through the mind of the former head of the rnc? >> all of this is exhausting. and it's unnecessarily so. the fact that you got a twitter
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battle between sitting united states senator and the president of the united states is embarrassing and the fact that this sentiment that senator corker expressed is one genuinely felt by majority of senators and some house members is also problematic. and i think this idea that anything is going to get done in this republican congress of substance becomes more and more problematic every day. the fact that you are alienating the one guy in the senate who can help you bridge a couple of bridges between conservatives and moderates on some sticky issues like tax reform to me is just stunning. >> if your republican colleagues, if people say what bob corker said but say it privately and are truly concerned about this president and whether or not he is fit to
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hold this office, when do you think it is appropriate for them to come out and say something? sarah huckabee sanders has just taken to the podium. do you want to go to her now? michael, you answer. >> real quick, i think this is part of the problem. they should have been in this space long before now and should have said something and to draw the bright line and push back on the administration. president feels these guys are pushovers and can tweet and say whatever he wants and get away with it. this is an environment that they have created. >> and i'm going to squeeze one more in. did you read the forbes article? was your take away that this president cares more about himself than he does about governing or is that the wrong reading of it? >> has been true from day one going back to the moment he came down the escalator to this very moment. i'm surprised people are just now surprised to find that out. >> we will go to sarah huckabee sanders at the podium at the
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white house press briefing. it should be an interesting one. stay with us. >> in puerto rico fema is hosting a jobs fair to hire 1,200 to help with relief efforts and boost the local economy. the road to recovery is long and so much work left to do. the resilience of the people of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands continues to inspire us all. we will be with them throughout this entire process and we are confident they will come back stronger than before. we released the president's three primary immigration policy objectives which should be included in any legislation congress considers. the president has considered with broad bipartisan support. according to a recent poll over 70% of the american people support more i.c.e. officers and strengthening penalties against illegal immigrants.
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the immigration system looks out for working class americans, ideas that even bernie sanders has supported in the past. the president's priorities also include a southern border wall like what the democrats voted for in the 2006 secure fences act. these are not radical proposals. many have gotten bipartisan support in the past. the trump administration is ready to work with congress to ensure safe and lawful admissions and defend safety and security of the country and protect american workers and taxpaye taxpayers. today the first lady flew to west virginia to visit lilly's place the first nonprofit infant recovery center that provides service to parents and families dealing with addiction. lilly's house treats infants which occurs when a baby withdraws from drugs he or she was exposed to. according to government accountability office an american baby is born with this every 25 minutes and 40% of
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babies born addicted to opioids go into the foster system. each situation is a tragedy and the first lady is doing incredible work to raise awareness about this issue. the president will continue his push to provide tax relief. he will be traveling to harrisburg to deliver remarks and attendance will be hundreds of truckers. they keep our economy moving literally and they are excited about the president's tax reform plan which will create more jobs and empower workers and families to keep more of their hard earned money. before i take questions i offer an invitation to all of the white house press corps on behalf of the president, first lady and the administration to bring your children to the eisenhower executive office building on october 27 tose celebrate halloween where there will be fun and candy so we can sugar your kids up and send them home to you.
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with that, i will take your questions. >> over the weekend the president said that he wished his secretary of state was a little tougher and now today he is suggesting that secretary tillerson has a lower iq than he does. why would the president want somebody who thinks is neither tough nor smart as secretary of state? >> the president never implied that the secretary of state was not incredibly intelligent. he made a joke, nothing more than that. he has full confidence in the secretary of state. they had a great visit earlier today and they are working hand in hand to move the president's agenda forward. >> over the weekend senator bob corker called the white house an adult daycare center and said that he concerns me and would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation. what can you tell us about the internal reaction to such a senior republican making
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comments like that? and is there concern that other top republicans could make similar comments? >> senator corker is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts. the fact is this president has been a strong leader on foreign policy and national security and has bane leader on this front. i think that has been seen and demonstrated time and time again since he took office. a few examples, over 20 nations significantly reduce economic and diplomatic ties with north korea. he has gotten china and russia to sign on. we have tremendous gains throughout iraq and syria. >> his vision is creating calm around the world and --
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>> going into the weekend the president sent principles for dreamer's legislation up to capitol hill included in it was a provision for building the wall. the president had earlier said he would do the wall at a later time and with security measures and then do the wall later. did he change the goal posts? >> the president stating priorities for what responsible immigration reform should look like and that includes three big priorities what he promised congress he would lay out. that's what he did. i don't think we have been inconsistent on that front and certainly not unclear. the president has talked about his priorities repeatedly and in this case over the weekend laid them out in a very detailed fashion. >> is he insistent that the wall be part of any type of legislation? >> i'm not going to negotiate
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from the podium with you guys. that is something for the president and congress to work out. we are laying out our priorities. that is what we put in that document and we are going to work with congress to try to get the most responsible immigration reform package that we can. >> question two, speaking of goal posts. >> that was like three questions already. >> good thing he is a reporter and not a math teacher. >> i was horrible at math. nfl commissioner goodell sent a letter of all nfl teams saying like many of our fans we believe everyone should stand for the national anthem. we want to honor our flag and our country and our fans expect that of us. he is having a meeting to discuss this. given the position the league has articulated there by commissioner goodell what is the white house reaction to what it looks like the nfl is going to do? >> i think we would certainly support the nfl coming out and asking players to stand just as the president has done. we support the national anthem,
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the flag and the men and women who fought to defend it. and our position hasn't changed on that front. we're glad to see the nfl taking positive steps in that direction. >> i have two. the first is i wanted to ask about something said about tax reform suggested that adjustments to strengthen and obviously not that lawmakers need to fill it out or by saying adjustment as suggestion for change. i'm wondering if there are changes to the framework and if so if it might be things like modifying the local deductions or changing the business interest rates that we have heard. >> we don't have adjustments to make to the framework at this time. i think our key principles like we have laid out remain the same and no changes to announce today. >> two of the president's have
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suggested that senator corker resign. does the president think senator corker should resign? >> i think that is a question for senator corker and the people of tennessee. >> the president also said that senator corker was largely responsible for the iran deal which the president hinted he wants to renegotiate. that was a deal that was negotiated by barack obama's administration. why does the president think that that was largely bob corker's fault? >> senator corker worked with nancy pelosi and the obama administration to pave the way and basically rolled out red carpet for the iran deal. those are pretty factual. >> thanks. over the last few monthathize president has criticized a number of senior republicans sometimes in very personal terms. senator flake, leader mcconnell, most recently senator corker. what do you say to critics who
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say that the president is alienating himself from republicans that he will need to move his legislation forward? >> i don't think he alienated anyone. i think congress alienated themselves by not getting the job done that the people of this country elected them to do. they all promised and campaigned on repealing and replacie obamacare. we time and time again congress has made promises and failed to deliver. if anyone is being alienated it is people promising things and not delivering. >> you talked last week about the plan to roll out a plan on iran and also know the president's feeling. i'm not clear how does decertifying the iran nuclear deal lead to an opportunity to negotiate on all of these other issues that you have with iran
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like exporting terrorism and cyber crimes? >> i will not get ahead of the president's announcement on this. he will make that later this week. we will be happy to take more of those questions after that announcement is made. >> i'm wondering if the white house continues to work or plan to work with senator corker's team to prevent the law that gives oversight to the iran accord that you said you don't like. are you working with him to change the law? are you still willing to? >> we are willing to work with anybody that twaunts ocome and put forth the real solutions and be part of the solutions and not part of the problem. >> specifically on iran you are? >> we will be happy to work with all parties on bettering the american people and if he wants to be part of that we are certainly happy to talk about it. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton just issued a statement condemning the
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reported behavior of harvey w e weinstein. does he have his own reaction how much did he know about harvey weinstein behavior? >> i don't know if he has seen secretary clinton's statement. i haven't had a chance to talk to him about that. i wouldn't want to weigh in on his reaction on that front. >> he had known him for a long time. >> i think that statement speaks for itself. there is nothing to add. >> i know he is going to announce it later this week but has the president reached a decision on whether to recertify iran or not? >> the president has reached a decision on an overall iran strategy and wants to make sure that we have a broad policy to
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deal with that, not just one part of it to deal with all of the problems of iran being a bad actor. beyond that i don't have anything to add today. >> would he like to see congress do away with the 90-day recurring certification. >> i'll let the president speak to that. >> what does the president intend to do with his executive order on health care reform? and secondly, the president when he was rescinding daca said one reason he was doing that was because it was inappropriate for the obama administration to do what could have been done with legislation. why the difference when it comes to health care? >> the american people demanded something happen. they have elected a number of different people to congress to deal specifically with this issue. you can see that reflected in the number of people that campaigned on that and later went on to win office and due to congress failing to act it is no surprise that the president is going to try to take action to
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provide flexibility and relief to many americans who continue to suffer under obamacare. i think that is a positive step forward. >> what exactly is this deal going to do? what is he going to try to do to try to improve it? we have gotten generalities but not a lot of specifics about what he can do with executive orders and why it might be effective when it comes to lowering cost? the promises are pretty high. >> the goal is to take action as much as we can to help provide that flexibility and that relief. that is what the president is going to do, he will make an announcement on that later this week and we will see that by the end of friday. >> thank you, sarah. two questions. the president said that senator corker asked to be secretary of state when they met privately before he took office. that is almost historically unknown that someone would
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actually ask for a cabinet position in a meeting with the president, at least in the 21st and 20th centuries. does he stand by that statement completely that senator asked to be named to position of secretary of state. >> i haven't talked to him specifically about that. i imagine the president stands by his statement on that. >>. >> the other question i have was last sunday before the tragic events in las vegas catalonia had its vote. the president said the week before he supported a unified spain. today the president of the state of catalonia said he would not declare independence but would seek independence from spain through negotiations this time. what is the administration's position on that? >> our position hasn't changed. we would certainly welcome the president of spain in conversations between us and
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them and moving forward. there is nothing different from what the president said when he was here a couple weeks ago. >> i think that is up for the people of spain and catalonia to decide. our position is still consistent with what the president said a couple of weeks ago. >> thank you, i have a couple questions for you. do you stand by your statement that bob corker rolled out the red carpet for the iran deal? >> i do. i made it about ten minutes ago. >> didn't he oppose the deal and led an effort to have it reviewed by congress despite president obama not wanting that review to take place. how can you say he rolled out the red carpet for the deal? >> he worked with them on the legislation that rolled that out. that is what helped put things in motion. he may have voted against the deal but not only allowed the deal to happen but gave it credibility. >> one quick follow up.
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the president repeated the claim in the oval office saying we are the highest taxed nation in the world. why does the president keep saying this it is not true overall? >> we are highest corporate tax in the developed economy. that is a fact. >> that is not what the president said. >> that is what he is talking about. we are highest corporate taxed country in the developed economies across the globe. >> so the president keeps repeating the claim we are highest taxed nation. >> we are highest taxed corporate nation. >> he says we are the highest taxed nation in the world. >> highest taxed corporate nation seems pretty consistent to me. we will have to agree to disagree. >> the president talked about economic development rules, does he see that as a way to get tax reform through? >> we certainly want to move tax reform through. i think the president's position, american companies have been forced to send their
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operations and more importantly a lot of their jobs overseas due to decades of increased taxes and overregulation. in addition to historic sdpaks regulatory reform the president is looking at additional ways to bring jobs and profits back to our shores. >> the chamber of commerce said the white house is putting poison pills in the nafta negotiations. does the president want these talks to continue or does he want these measures that the united states is proposing to end the talks? >> the president wants to continue the conversation. the president's ultimate goal is to make sure we get the best deal for americans as possible and certainly for american workers. he has been clear that he doesn't think the current structure is a good one and wants a better deal. we will keep moving forward and see how these conversations go and that's where we are in the process. >> i'm not going to gelt ahead of their conversations but we will have a readout as we always
11:34 am
do about meetings. >> how do you think the ongoing fights with republicans on capitol hill help the president's agenda? >> the president's very committed to getting tax reform done. he is calling on congress to get their job done. they are on another vacation right now. i think that we would all be a lot better off if the senate would stop taking vacations and start staying here until we get real things accomplished. the president is here and committed to working with them to do that. >> how specifically does belittling the chairman of foreign relations committee help with tax reform because the president may need his vote on that. >> hopefully senator corker who has been somebody woo consistently talked about being a fiscal hawk was presented with responsible cuts that he would certainly support those. >> echoing the president's tweets. you said the nfl is getting
11:35 am
massive tax breaks and called on congress to change tax law. what specific changes was he talking about? >> while the nfl may have given up tax exempt status a few years ago well documented that billions of taxpayer dollars continue to subsidize construction and renovation of professional sports stadiums. if this industry will use money from american taxpayers is it too much to ask that they show respect for the american flag at the beginning of the game? >> is it appropriate for the vice president of the united states to spend taxpayer money to go to a football game to walk out if players take a knee? >> the vice president was invited and he attended that game and i think it is always appropriate for the leaders of our country to stand up for the national anthem, to stand up for our flag and to stand up for the men and women who fought and
11:36 am
died for it. >> should our money be spent in that way? >> president said today there would be adjustments made to the tax bill that is being worked on. you just said that adjustments may not be made, framework stands and exists. >> is that a final piece of legislation? he asked me specifically if our priorities would change. our priorities remain the same. the final piece of legislation hasn't been finalized. this is a time of negotiation. the principles and priorities that we laid out are not up for negotiation. >> specifically talking about the negotiation point versus big ticket items that may or may not be red lines? >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear the first part. >> talking about basic negotiations and not necessarily top end numbers. >> the president laid out his principles and those have not changed. that framework is still the same. >> the president says he is not
11:37 am
planning on filling vacancies. those positions are unnecessary. is he comfortable with the level of vacancies in state department? >> there are still some positions that he is working to fill on a lot of individuals that are going through the process, the vetting process that is very lengthy. i certainly want to fill some of the open positions, but not all of them. the president came to washington to drain the swamp and get rid of a lot of duplication and make government more efficient. if we can have one person do a job instead of six then we want to-do that and save taxpayer dollars. >> one to follow up on your answer. who invited the vice president? >> i believe he was there to present an award. i don't know all the details. i encourage you to contact the vice president's office. that is my understanding he was invited to present an award a
11:38 am
few weeks ago. >> the second question the president said he begged me to endorse him for reelection. bob corker's office is denying that saying the president called him and asked him to reconsider. is the the president telling the truth about this account? >> yes. >> on the football subject. talking about made by states and local governments. is the president supporting federal legislation to take that power out of the hands to subsidize? >> i think he is just making the point that if these individuals will be supported in large part ask subsidized by taxpayers that a large percentage, a majority of americans have said that they want nfl players to stand, that he is just drawing that connection between the two. >> he doesn't actually mean change tax law? >> i am saying federal tax law
11:39 am
doesn't apply here but we know that they receive tax subsidies on a variety of different levels. >> how does the president think the secretary of state to be effective when he is questioning his intelligence? >> he wasn't questioning. he made a joke. maybe you guys should get a sense of humor and try it sometime. but he simply made a joke. he has been extremely clear time and time again despite the fact that you want to continue to bring this up and create a story. he has 100% confidence in the secretary of state. he said it multiple times over the last couple of weeks and we are trying to move forward and focus on the agenda while you want to move forward and talk about who likes who when that is not what we are doing here. >> one more question. >> i'm going to go -- we aroon tight time here. >> the president earlier today said he has an economic
11:40 am
development bill he is working on and said nobody knows anything about it and that is the first time he is talking about it. it would have a carrot and stick for companies that left the united states. can you tell us more about what the president plans? >> as i said a few minutes ago that in addition to the historic tax cuts and regulatory reform the president is looking at different ways that we can bring jobs and profits back to our shores. that's all i have on that front at this point. the president is getting ready to have an event here shortly. we will end with that. we will be here the rest of the day to answer questions. thanks, guys. >> is the president talking about police involved shootings anytime soon? >> not answering that shouted question about police-involved shootings. asked right off the top of that briefing about essentially the lunch between president trump
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and secretary of state tillerson and what the president told forbes when asked about reporting that he called the president a more on. he said it was fake news but if it was true they should have an iq test competition and that donald trump would win. sarah huckabee sanders said he never said his secretary of state was not smart, he was merely making a joke and that those in the white house press briefing room should learn to have a sense of humor. for the record, joining me now is msnbc's kristen welker who i believe has a very good sense of humor and i often find to say very funny things when we are able to have some free time together outside of work. kristen welker. >> i appreciate that. >> on a more serious note, she had to answer a question about tillerson and questions about
11:42 am
corker. she said that corker was integral to the iran deal even though he didn't vote for it and lobbied against it. she said in one breath that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and not their own facts. and then in the next breath said the president was really saying that the america of the united states was highest corporate taxed nation on the planet and didn't really mean we were highest taxed nation basically inserting a word to make it correct even though that is something we heard him say over and over and over again now for more than two years that same incorrect statement. walk us through the highlights. >> reporter: first of all, thank you. i appreciate that you think i have a sense of humor. to the headlines we basically saw the press secretary digging in on all of those issues that you just talked about. the reason why, of course, she got pressed over and over again
11:43 am
on the secretary of state rex tillerson is because he is an integral part of foreign policy and because the president is dealing with so many pressing foreign policy issues from north korea to iran. we expect him to roll out a new iran policy by the end of this week. he is about to go on his first trip to asia. so there are significant foreign policy issues that he is dealing with and that is why his relationship with secretary tillerson is so important. he had lunch with him earlier today and it came hours after that forbes article printed in which the president effectively said he thinks that it is fake news, our reporting about the secretary of state calling him a moron but if it is true maybe they should have an iq test. take a look at one oflt the exchanges. >> why would the president want someone he thinks is not tough or smart? >> the president never implied.
11:44 am
he made a joke, nothing more than that. he has full confidence in the secretary of state. they had a great visit earlier today and they are working hand in hand to move the president's agenda forward. >> so sarah huckabee sanders reiterating that the president saying he does have full confidence in his secretary of state. now, sanders was pressed on his ongoing feud with top senator bob corker. corker like tillerson is critical to the president's agenda. corker obviously on the senate foreign relations committee so dealing with foreign policy, the iran deal but also integral if the president wants things like tax reform and infrastructure bill. sanders was pressed on that, as well. take a listen. >> senator corker is certainly entitled to his own opinion but not entitled to his own facts.
11:45 am
the fact is this president has been a strong leader on foreign policy and national security and he has been a leader on this front. i think that has been seen and demonstrated time and time again since he took office. >> reporter: of course, this all comes as one of president trump's former top advisers steve bannen on fox news said that bob corker should resign immediately. sanders was pressed on whether the president agrees with that and she said it is up to senator corker to decide what he wants to do. not aligning herself there. really digging in as the president continues to have these feuds on multiple fronts with not only those in his own team but those within the republican party. >> kristen welker, at the white house, thank you very much. next, explosive new accusations against harvey weinstein. more stories from women, three alleging rape. their stories and how the
11:46 am
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new developments in the scandal surrounding harvey weinstein. the new yorker published a report by investigative journalist in which 13 women accuse him of sexually harassing or assaulting them between mid 1990s and 2015. three alleged rape. the magazine published an audio
11:50 am
recording obtained of weinstein and model. it was captured during a new york police department sting operation2015. >> please i'm sorry. come on i'm used to that. >> you are used to that? >> yes, come on. >> no but i'm not used to that. >> i won't do it again. come on. sit here for a bit, please. >> yo, i don't want to. >> if you do this now -- if you don't, never call me again. sorry. i promise you i won't do anything. >> i know, but it was too much to me. >> i will never do another thing to you. five minutes, don't ruin your friendship with me for if i have minutes. >> i know it's too much. >> please you are making a big scene. >> no, but i want to go. >> fine. >> there were no charges as a
11:51 am
result of that sting operation. weinstein's released this statement reading in part, any allegations of non-consentual sex are denied by mr. weinstein. he further confirmed there were never acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances. hours later, the "new york times" published a new report in which actresses gwenyth paltrow and angelino jolie allege they were harassed by weinstein as well. today's developments comes days after the "new york times" published its initial report on the sexual harassment allegations made against weinstein over several decades. he did not deny those claims initially, you but he did issue an apology after the article was published. weinstein was fired on season by the company he cofounded. and weinstein was a supporter of hillary clinton's presidential campaign last year. moments ago she issued this statement. i was shocked and appalled by the revelations about harvey
11:52 am
weinstein, the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. other democrats have been giving back the money that he donated to their campaigns. joining us now to take a closer look at this is the founder and president of the britto agency. and from miami, katie fang, an attorney and msnbc legal analyst. katie what are the legal ram picks for weinstein going forward. the allegations span decades. >> you are going to look at the statute of limitations in the state where this conduct occurred to see if there is criminal exposure to him for the criminal conduct he committed frchltd a civil liability standpoint he has exposure for the sexual harass meant, sexual assault and the crimes committed by him. you want to ask him the culture of silence that was created at those companies, who was complicit, who knew and who facilitated this conduct.
11:53 am
frankly it's going to end up in court. there is a lot of talk about the non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality provisions that were part of the settlement agreement. of at least eight sexual harassment lawsuits we know about. those are keeping those parties from speaking out because he paid sh bought their silence. i'm startled and appalled and disgusted by what we are hearing in terms of what he has done. >> katie, check on your mike it might have fallen, might be being hit by your hair. we can hear you but i want to make sure it gets back into place. >> harvey initially issued a statement where he apologized for his behavior. he said he was raised in a certain time and that he would look into going into therapy. he reached out, according to reporting, to a number of other big wigs in hollywood to try and say, hey, listen, come to my defense. i'll do whatever i need to do. i need a second chance.
11:54 am
his lawyer is vehemently denying -- spokesperson is vehemently denying a number of these allegation. what does harvey weinstein do now? >> he has a powerful brand in hollywood. he has had many evolutions throughout his career. at this point he should use his voice to create a culture of intolerance to this kind of behavior. he has really been a part of this culture of tolerance for so many years. hollywood and the entertainment industry is a land mine for injustice. and so for harvey to be able to emerge and really have a second act or an evolution he's really going to have to use his powerful voice and influence he has had and yielded in hollywood so many years. >> does anyone want to hear it from him? >> you know, everyone deserve as chance at redemption. for him he's not just going to go away, unfortunately. i think he is going to fight. as you can see and indicated by the e-mail that he sent out to
11:55 am
what he thought was his colleagues. but of course hollywood has really suppressed the voices of injustice for years. and now we find these victims who are standing brave and courageous and fighting against this. they are being change agents. so we probably are going to see a shift in culture because he's not the only one in hollywood that has been really yielding this powerful umbrella of -- >> the casting couch is an old entire trope in hollywood. katie, the weinstein production company that he is the cofounder of, how does it survive this? >> from what we've heard they are going to remove the name weinstein from the company. so you are not going to see that marquee anymore. what you are also going to find is the company needs to rebuild itself. we have heard about the p.r. exposure and the bad optics associated with it. really, there may have to be a total cleaning of house. from a liability standpoint, i'm sure there are morality clauses and we are going to get to the bottom of how many people knew
11:56 am
who was going on and how many people were complicity. you are looking at people who already resigned from the board or people that said get him out. in order to do so that presevers their position at that company with the hopes the company survives. but we know the company was suffer financially with this even happened. i don't think it's going to survive. and i do not think he is going to admit to liability in order to save himself. >> what responsibility does hollywood have here? they oftentimes get on their soapbox and get on awards shows and talk about others, even the president of the united states who has been accused of a number of allegations of sexual impropriety. he has always denied those allegations. but they have been vehement about this. in their own midst there is a guy like harvey weinstein who is facing so many women who say he did inappropriate things to them, wielded inappropriate power over them and three are
11:57 am
alleging he raped them. what does hollywood do, what responsibility do they have. >> the veil of diplomacy has been lifted. at this point hollywood needs to support the victims whose voices have been suppressed and really stand to shape a new narrative as it relates to sexually abusive behavior in hollywood and the fact they will no longer tolerate it. >> thank you. we'll be right back. there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. she had so many children she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies, burglars broke into her shoe. they stole her kids' mountain bikes and tablets along with her new juice press. luckily the geico insurance agency
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