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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 10, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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another front. >> we bereave the president is innocent. he is telling us he's innocent let's clear him and move on. but there are people around trump who say -- -- at this point he has ignored that instinct. >> we know the gut economist whisperers usually win that does it for our hour. i'm micolle wallace. "mtp daily" starts now with katy tur in for chuck. >> if it is tuesday, it's complicated. >> tonight, republican feuds, how the president's escalating fights with member of his own party are complicating things now and in 2018. >> we are on the right path right now, believe me. >> reporter: plus climate control. the e.p.a. declares an end to the war on coal as democrats plan their next clean power battle. and hillary clinton sounds off on the growing allegations
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against hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. this is "mtp daily," and it starts right now. ♪ good evening, and welcome to "mtp daily," the deep divides within the republican party with once again on full display today. this time, the president is fighting a war on multiple fronts and much of the republican party is choosing to stay silent to avoid escalating the drama. first there is the president versus senator bob corker. then the president versus his secretary of state. and we could see an escalation of president trump versus mitch mcconnell, the president's chief emissary to his base, steve baton is plotting an all out war, his words, against the republican establish mental. we'll get to that in a moment. but it's the president versus two of the most important people in u.s. foreign policy that
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could cause the most immediate damage. and stand in the way of this white house's ability to achieve anything internationally and domestically. in the oval office today, the president dismissed corker's concerns that the u.s. is on a dangerous path. >> mr. president, is senator corker right that you are putting the u.s. on the path to world war iii. >> we were on the wrong path before. all you have to do is take a look. if you look over the last 25 years, through numerous administrations we were on a path to a very big problem, a problem like this world has never seen. we're on the right path right now, believe me. >> white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders dismissed it, too. >> senator corker is certainly entitled to his own opinion. but he's not entitled to his own facts. the facts certain don't lie. >> while the white house would not say whether corker should resign, steve bannon was happy to. >> if bob corker has any honor,
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any decency, he should resign immediately. he should not let those words stand what he said about the president of the united states. if you want to talk about why there is no repeal or replace, no tax cut, no tax reform bill, you saw it there, mcconnell, and, coulder and the entire clique, establishment globalist clique on capitol hill have to go. >> while all of this was happening today the president also hosted what we can assume was an awkward lunch meeting with tillerson at the white house. before the meeting began the president told reporters he has confidence in his secretary of state. and down played the very nature of their war of words. >> did you undercut the secretary of state today with the iq statement. >> no, i don't undercut anybody. >> in a interview published at forbes magazine the president said he doesn't believe
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tillerson called him a quote more on saying i think it's fake news. but if he did that i guess we'll have to compare iq tests and i can tell you who is going to win. nbc newsstand by our reporting. as frequently happens when the president says something arguably off color, the white house is laughing it off. >> does the president expect the secretary of state to be offended when he's questioning his intelligence? >> again, he wasn't questioning the secretary of state's he will intense. he made a joke. maybe you guys should get a sense of humor and try it sometimes. he simply made a joke. he has been extremely clear despite the fact you guys want to continue to bring this up and create a story. >> hallee jackson joins us and "washington post" national political reporter and msnbc political analyst robert costa. let's start with both of you when it comes to the chaos at
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the white house. robert you wrote this morning, quote, one trump confidante likened the president to a whistling tea pot saying when he doesn't get to blow off steam he can turn into a pressure cooker and explode. is that what's going on right now? is he boiling? at some point are we going to see even more outbursts some? >> the president feels contained we are being told, he wants to be out more, he want to be doing rallies with his base in different states. he wants to have counsel from people outside of the staff. yet general kelly and others are telling him to follow a more narrow line and avoid distraction. this is a president who always dealt in his career with different kinds of advice in a more informal fashion so he is bristoling. >> he chafes at that robert. is anybody any white house right now at risk of losing their job? what is going on with general kelly? >> talking to trump confidante,
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they say general kelly is safe. the president doesn't want to make a disruptive change. getting rid of a general would be a big move even if he quarles privately at times with general kelly he is not looking to fire him. at the same time trump associates tell us -- staff and they are floating some names like tom bark, longtime business friends who have known him and know his style. >> a source of mine was saying on k street that is the rumor, that tom bark could come in at any moment and people are starting to warm up to him if they can. hallee jackson, the president also again expressed confidence in rex tillerson. but he did talk to forbes, and he did say i'll have an iq competition with him if i need to. privately, is his confidence in tillerson as strong as he may publicly say it is? >> i think that based on our reporting it's very clear where the president stands on secretary tillerson.
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even asked publicly today whether he has confidence in his secretary of state the president says yes. that is the line you have heard from sarah huckabee sanders from the podium in the briefing room. but we have heard that line before, the president having confidence in aides who either left the administration or sort of diminished in standing here. what is clear is that the secretary of state and president trump have had major issues. the question is, and sarah huckabee sanders when she was asked asking the media to have more of a sense of humor it's not always about the personal. when personality informs policy that's when it becomes about personal. specifically when you have the president later on this week expecting to see certify the rappe nuclear deal, when you have the situation sort of burning up with north korea and when you have him going after the guy who heads the senate foreign relations committee bob corker. they need every republican senator on board. this is not helpful. at the same time fuming or thinking that bob corker has his own reasons for speaking out against the president
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specifically when it comes to what he wants to see in a tax plan. >> given that, rob, how awkward does this stand to get when the senate comes back next week. >> the tensions have always been there, the senate gop and their gop in general has never really embraced the outsider president but they believe they are in this relationship where they can get tax cuts and a few other priorities enacted. but if this agenda continues to be stalled those tensions could flare each more. >> are they confidence and is the president confident that if he has to go out and battle everybody on capitol hill the republicans, the democrats, that his base is going to stand by him each if nothing gets done? say nothing gets done in six monthsings eight months, year, two years, three years, four years, up until 2020, are they confident that without a number of legislative wins, major legislative wins that donald trump will be able to keep the attention, still captivate audiences the way he did in 2016? >> let's break down the time line a little bit.
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i think what happens in the next six months is different than what may or may not happen in the next three years. one of the things i'm reporting here is it's still been x period of time. i think once we get into the beginning of 2018, past the holidays you may see changes here at white house or changes with strategy or legislatively in order to pick up the pace if he is not able to get tax reform done, if there is a big showdown let's say in december. but this is a president who clearly is willing to at least entertain the thought of working with democrats. if he makes the kals calculus that working with republicans is not effective. if he looks at somebody like mitch mcconnell, if 2018 ends up being a referendum on the establishment leaders like house speaker paul ryan perhaps the president will recall cue late there. >> what about steve bannon? what's going on with him and his influence in the white house. is the president on board with
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this war he is going to be waging against establishment republicans? >> halle really laid out in a smart way the way the white house sees it and how they may have to adjust in the coming months. bannon is almost a satellite to that whole operation. he believes he's operating in the president's interests in this populism nationalism hard line anti-establishment stance he has taken on everything but he is more going to war in an active fashion than the white house itself. the white house and bfrustrated bannon at war two versions of the same thing. >> thank you robert costa and halle jackson. my next guest, cook political report publisher and editor charlie cook. charlie today you are talking about this. you write about how this republican conflict is not going to help the party when it comes
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to the mid terms. quote, the party needs to sub lime ate its divisions get mainstream republicans to the polls and persuade the trump base to cast ballots for non-trump republicans. that's tall order. and it's why last week's news reduced the odds of the gop retaining its majority from a good bet to even money. explain, charlie. >> i think the president's feud with republicans in congress and their leaders -- and obviously he's unhappy that they were not able to repeal and replace obamacare and all these other things. but it's effectively driving a wedge between the trump base and republican voters, the republican congress. and i think it's going to make things really, really difficult next year. they have got to get a big turnout. and you know, they might remember that back in -- after president obama was elected in 2008, i mean you had these younger, these minority, these
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idealistic voters who came out for broem broem in 2008 and 2012 but they didn't show up in the midterm elections, 2010 and 2014. and i had a democratic pollster say you know they didn't call them obama voters for nothing. that's the thing about these trump voters. are they going to turn out for candidates of a republican congress that the president has been trashing? i think it is a real problem for them. >> given, that we have got to take a listen to what steve bannon said last night. take a listen. >> we are declaring war on the republican establishment that does not back the agenda that donald trump ran on. it is a new game in town. we are going to cut off the oxygen to mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell's biggest asset is the money. we are going to make it the biggest liability. we are going after these guys tooth and nile. even barasso and fisher, they have to understand something. just voting is not good enough. you have to have a sense of urgency.
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nobody is safe. we are coming after all of them and we are going to win. >> what bannon is not conservatism, branded republicanism, it is complete and utter loyalty, maybe blipt loyalty to donald trump, blinds loyalty to nationalism. how does the republican party survive that? look at what bannon did not only with breitbart and driving the wedge and helping donald trump get elected but what is happening with roy moore. >> this is incredibly self defeating. if you think about it, of the last six midterm disasters from 1994 forward four out of six have been disastrous for the party holding the white house where they lost in the senate or the house or both. four out of six. in 2002, 14 months after 9/11. there are three major causes for a party having a disastrous midterm election. an unpopular president. check. a divided party.
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check. and a congress that has failed to deliver. check. so this is you know, we don't know what is going to happen 13 months from now, this is what it looks like when the wheels start coming off a bus. >> charlie, are you comfort that any of those rules stand given this president? nothing stood in the 2016 election? none of those political rules mattered ultimately. why should it be different now? >> you know, i really wondered that right after the 2016 election for a few months. this year it looks like maybe the laws of -- political laws of gravity were suspend last year. but i don't think they were repealed. because if you could be as controversial, as confrontational as president obama was -- excuse me, president trump has been and your job approval ratings were up in the 50s, then ma means that all politics has changed.
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but where we are now is he's behaving in a way that would cause subtraction reather than addition and guess what, his approval rating has gone down. he got 46% of the vote and he has a job approval rating of about 38% right now. >> that job approval rating and that approval rating in general is not that far off from what we were seeing in the run up to november 8th last year, and it just turned out that even though people didn't like him, didn't approve of him, thought that he was problemthic they still went and voted for him. >> you had a raise between the two most unpopular nominees in american presidential history. and one of them had to win. you know, there was a lot going on last november. but when you think about it, you know, donald trump got 46% of the independent vote. what's his job approval rating with the independents right now, about 31%. he's holding his own with republicans, but that's it. and you know, it's hard for his
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party to get -- to get trump voters out in a midterm election for candidates he has been trashing. >> charlie, can i get you to weigh in on what mitch mcconnell should do to counter-act the bannonites? >> i don't -- wow. >> yeah. >> the thing is -- this is -- you know, i think in the cases like wyoming and nebraska, democrats have no chance of picking those up. where this has a reason to be problematic is dean helder in nevada, jeff flake in arizona. these are seats that are in real, real jeopardy. and they -- you could have a republican incumbent who would probably have a tough general election lose to an exotic -- another republican who would have very little chance of winning a general election. or they get so weakened that they can't turn out the trump
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voters in the general election. it is a self defeating strategy. i think the president hasn't thought through, wait a minute, if the republicans lose the zwrort in the house that means handing s&p power over to house democrats. would that be fun? probably not. if they lose the majority in the senate as well, that's when the impeachment word starts coming up. the president needs to think about the consequence of some of the things he is doing. >> charlie cook always great to have you. wish we had more time. our panel weighs in on the growing rifts within the republican party and what it means for 2018 just ahead. plus a massive state of emergency in california as raging wildfires turn deadly. we'll be right back. i was a good soldier. i had purpose and i loved it. you never told me you were a hero. you are my hammer out there. don't let these young guys see you fold. ♪ i'm only human ♪ i make mistakes get down! ♪ i'm only human ♪ it's all it takes ♪ don't put the blame on me
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contain the blaze as the weather starts to cool down there, but fierce on-shore winds continue to fan the fires. 20,000 people have evacuated their homes. in sonoma county alone, 150 missing people reports remain open since the fires began this weekend. residents say you can feel the heat in the air. vice president pence traveled to sacramento's emergency services office in california as president trump approved a disaster declaration for the state. and at the white house today the president expressed his commitment to helping california. >> i spoke with governor brown last night to let him know the federal government will stand with the people of california. and we will be there for you in this time of terrible tragedy and need. yes. technical wizards. who, with the visionary engineers at ge, developed predix-
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giving plane engines the ability to self-diagnose problems, and alert those who can fix them. and that's no illusion. magic can't make digital transformation happen. but we can. that's the power of pivotal, part of dell technologies. welcome back. president trump, senator koerk, steve bannon, are republicans going to start taking sides
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let's bring in tonight's panel. nbc news national political correspondent steve kornacki. princeton professors and msnbc contributor andy cloud, and susan del percentio. guys, steve bannon is making trouble. there was concern about having him leave the white house. what happens when bannon is on the outside. it's proving to be problematic not only for the president but certainly problematic for members of the republican party in congress. susan, what does mitch mcconnell do to count act bannon? >> i think it's time mcconnell speak to the establishment republican money folks and say what are you going to do? we need your help. they need the come up with a plan. the idea they can stay focused on just a policy based relationship with donald trump is not going to work, as we move towards 2018. so it's going to have to turn political. as bannon and others start moving forward with these really aggressive nasty campaigns, the
2:23 pm
establishment republicans need to really stand their ground. >> limbaugh was talking about this today, about steve bannon and how he is essentially taken over the republican party. take a listen. >> i think what bannon is doing is slowly but surely taking over the role of the republican party. and people joining bannon are -- the republican party is obviously not with trump. on balance. you have some in the house who are. but the republican party is on balance not with trump. bannon is attempting to put together a group of people who are who call themselves republican. >> what is the worry about that for republicans or for the party? i mean is it -- listen, getting people that will vote alongside the president, is that so wrong? >> the worry for the republican establishment is that we've seen this before. we've seen shades of this before, in 2010, in 2012. we called it the tea party back
2:24 pm
then. even in 2014, you think, you have had massive upsets. >> eric kanter. >> the house majority leader goes down. nobody saw that coming. christine o'donnell in delaware knocked off mike castle, he had been in office for 30 years. what was scaring the office back then was all the tools they thought they could use to fight off insurrections in their party, money, endorsements, media, all of these traditional toofls politics completely failed them in these races. i think what you are seeing -- you saw a little bit of this, a warning shot in alabama a few weeks ago with roy moore. that energy is very much there. it cannot stand in the republican establish men. if they got traction in some of these races they could do damage. >> culture wars and economic anxiety. this split we have seen it before. i think there should be serious concern on the part of the republican establishment. >> the republicans and donald trump and steve bannon used this
2:25 pm
very well to their advantage during the election forcing democrats to talk about the culture wars when they wanted to talk about economic anxiety. and bannon seems to be doing the same thing with the republican establishment. listen to more of his interview where he talks about the problem in washington. >> they have total contempt for the forgotten man. they have total contempt for the base. that's what you saw in alabama. they came in with luther strange, $32 million to destroy judge moore. you saw what the because thought of them. >> crushed him. >> these people have no respect for the working men and women this the united states. i tell you what, senator corker is an splut disgrace. >> he is stirring the pot. >> he is stirring the pot. but one thing he also mentioned in that interview was that they were reaching them at the grassroots level to find primary candidates. and that is something that should have the establishment shaking in their boots because that's something that they have long forgotten. their playbook was find the
2:26 pm
candidate, name the candidate, put the money behind the candidate, and hope that the state operation works. that is now destroyed. >> say this works, steve. say it works and say bannon ends up getting fiercely pro trump senators into the senate. what happens then? >> then you are the new establishment. then who do you rebel against? that is the ultimate challenge and puzzle it has created here because the energy is so antiestablishment. that's what it has been. whoever is in power. john boehner before, paul ryan now, mcconnell in the senate. jeb bush with all the money in the presidential race. it's fight the establishment, fight the establishment. you have seen republicans make these gains, win back the house in 2010, the senate in 2014, win back the presidency. even as they made gains the energy to fight the establishment is still there. >> what does the policy look like. say that happens. what does the policy look like then? what does the president actually want to get passed? >> the i'm not sure on that. but the language bannon used in
2:27 pm
that clip. he talks about working men and women. >> yeah. >> that's the change that took place in the republican party over the last year or two, blue collar white voters, non-college white voters. trade, unions, infrastructure, jobs things like that. bannon talks about that. i don't know that trump goes there but that's bannonism. >> uses the language of the forgotten man, which is an echo that we've heard in politics before. what we are going to see policy wise is things he laid out while he was in the trump administration, a continued effort to deconstruct the administrative state, policies that reflect economic nationalism, policies that reflect national sovereignty. if this bannon strategy wins we are going to see erosion of public good this this country. >> even if he wins, swept every senate, each if he takes in ten new senators, to go to your question to steve, what happens? nothing. because they still don't have a majority of people to get
2:28 pm
anything done. >> ten new senators they can break a filibuster. >> that's assuming the others stay with him. i don't think john mccain is staying with him. i don't think lindsey graham is staying. >> don't it scare the living daylights out of every republican left standing if they watch six or eight bannonites come in and win. >> that's why all the republicans have to start -- >> what do the democrats do here? how do they find a way to appeal to working class voter that they lost in the last election? who do they put up? >> i have no idea. >> either do they? >> i really don't. >> what do they focus on? bannon? trump? focus on all the outrages? or do they need to come up with an entirely new platform of their own and ignore donald trump. >> absolutely. >> and ignore the daily tweets. >> we need a set of economic policies that will speak to the fact that every day ordinary people are catching hell. we don't need that policy to reflect some shall we say emphasis on white workers because white workers are
2:29 pm
catching hell just like black and brown work remembers catching hell. we need to figure out how we are going to speak to the fact in a the economic system is broken, richest are getting richer and the poorer getting poorer. >> how did do they inspire the minority workers and minority voters in this country that it's worth to for them to get out and vote in the numbers that barack obama got. >> i think that's going to happen in 2018. i absolutely do. i think this is the case. what we are seeing in the republican party, the split, is happening in the democratic party. and i think black voters and brown voters are not going to be taken for granted. you just can't come to us and say look how bad they are over there. so just like we have new consumers we have different kinds of political activism. >> and you won't have hillary clinton on top of the ticket. >> let's leave it there. don't get into it susan. everybody stereo, eddie, susan, stay with us. we'll be right back to you later. still to come, hillary clinton breaks her silence,
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range of issues. check out nbc for more. still ahead on "mtp daily," a midwestern democrat with big apple businesses will be here to talk about the future of the climate fight, and the future of the democratic party. stay tuned. this
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administration to declare a war on coal. >> you heard him, that was environmental protection agency administrator scott pruitt yesterday who went right to the heart of kentucky's coal country with senator mcconnell by his side to declare the war on sole over. today the trump administration took a big step towards repealing another signature obama-era policy. this afternoon, pruitt started the process of dismantling the clean power plan. the plan pushed states to move away from coal and instead use
2:38 pm
alternative sources of electricity that create fewer carbon emissions. the e.p.a. argue has the clean power plan quote exceeds the agency's statutory authority. and they claim the repeal will reduce unnecessary regulatory beardens. this is just the laid nest a series of efforts by the trump administration to roll back president obama's legacy on combatting climate change. and the move makes it less likely that the united states will be able to comply with a paris climate agreement, which president trump has already promised to abandon anyway. not surprisingly, climate groups are up in arms, and multiple democratic attorneys general are threatening to sue. joining me now is democratic congressman tim ryan of ohio. congressman, welcome. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> do you think the e.p.a. is right to do this? >> no. this is a bad move. this is going to lock those coal communities into a 1940s,
2:39 pm
1950s-eara economy. those coal jobs like the steel jobs in my area in youngstown, many of those jobs have been automated. there has been a 71% decline in coal jobs over the last 30 years. what we need to do is plug those communities into the new economy. and that means driving investment into those communities. if you look, solar jobs are up 25%. wind jobs are up 20%. hundreds of thousands of jobs being created. we need to make sure those jobs make it to those communities. not build a wall around them. that's the real wall trump is building right now is a wall around those communities, preventing them from seeing any opportunity to grow in these new sectors of the economy that are providing good paying jobs. >> congressman, correct me if i'm wrong, but youngstown voted for donald trump, right? >> no. >> no? >> no. it was a lot closer than it had ever been. and two of the counties in my district, yes they did vote for
2:40 pm
trump. >> i was at a rally and there was a lot of enthusiasm when donald trump would talk about coal. were you concerned -- how do you convince the voters in your district that voted for donald trump on the basis of this idea that he is going to bring coal jobs back, the same pitch he gave to west virginia and other coal mining rust belt areas that this is not the way to do it, that the future is not in coal? you have to give the democratic party or corporations enough time to move in that direction and then give the work terse training to get there. how do you convince them that that's the way to go? >> i don't think it's with training necessarily right away. i think first and foremost it's about getting the jobs into that community and then having the employers who are there train them. but a lot of these jobs can be manufacturing jobs. if you look at what the component parts of a wind mill, for example, there are 8,000 component parts, steel, hydraulics, cement, gear shifts. all kinds of things that we
2:41 pm
manufacture in the very regions where those coal jobs are or around where those coal jobs are. if we bring those jobs to those communities there is not going to be a whole lot of training. if we do a infrastructure bill which trump promised. at all of his rallies he mentioned that in almost every rally. here we are, it's october we haven't seen anything to do with a big infrastructure bill. here's the thing. those folks in those communities they also need pensions. they are losing their pensions. democrats need to go into those communities -- if there is one point i want to make, we have got to go there, we can't just assume that we are not going to get those people to vote for us. we are with them on pensions. we are with them on jobs. we are with them on health care. we can't be afraid to go to those communities and tell them where we stand. more often than not we stand with them on the issues they care about most. >> are you concerned about climate change? >> i am very concerned about it. if you look at the fact there is going to be a six degrees
2:42 pm
celsius increase in our global temperature in the next seven years that spells disaster. but here's the thing. i think there is opportunity within that as well. i think there is all kinds of new ways that we need to approach agriculture that could actually start sequestering carbon. that's very important. i think there is new ways of being things that we have to move away from. we are going to take stuff out of the earth, make it then throw it away. a more sustainable way of manufacturing. these are sectors of the economy that can create jobs and growth and investment in these things. we can't see global climate change as just a downside. although it can be scary to think about, there is also lots of opportunities here and the party that figures it out and brings those benefits to the communities that suffered the last 30 years is the party that's going to govern for a long time. >> let's talk about that. you want democrats to get out and talk to votes in order to
2:43 pm
find a way to regain a majority in the house or potentially a majority in the senate. do you think it's going to be hard to do that as you have said in the past if nancy pelosi is still in charge. second question, follow up, in nancy pelosi were to run for election today, do you think she would win. you are a trouble maker katy. the bottom line is we have our leadership intact right now and we have got to move forward with the current leadership team. that means supporting the issues that are important to our constituents. but it also does mean getting new faces out there, hakim jeffrey, cedric richmond, linda sanchez. john crowley, we have got a lot of young leaders out there, seth molten that are quality people. i think it happens to have the party have other people out there. i don't know what the election would be like today but the bottom line is we have got to get out of the bubble that we have on the two coasts right now and we've got to get into the
2:44 pm
heartland. we have seats that we can win in great lake states. we have seats we can win in the south, in florida. we've got to go to those communities and make the case. we can't be hollowed up in cocktail parties talking to consultants in northern california or new york city. it's just not going to work. that's part of the reason why we are where we are right now. >> speaking of the heartland, your tweeting -- you tweeted a picture of yourself flipping steaks in poke county with the democrats at the steak fry. that's in iowa. anything you want to say about your trips to iowa, congressman? >> nothing really. but i will say this, that there are two or three seats that we can pick up in iowa. and iowa is a state like ohio, like other states that we've got to go to. we have very similar things that happen in iowa. trump had the biggest victory since i think eisenhower. >> uh-huh. >> won iowa. we lost ohio by almost the same
2:45 pm
margin as texas. these are -- these are traditional democratic areas. you know, tom harkham was a senator for a long time in iowa. we have got to go back and win these. the thing i notice in all these communities in these different states it is the economic message, the bread and butter stuff. we have got to talk about that you nights us. we are so divided on so many issues. the american people just want us to come together around issues that concern all of us. more often than not it's jobs wages pensions, health care education, focus on those things, and i think we can get back into the majority at some point. >> congressman you were literally saved by the bell there. be aware that every time you go to iowa, we will be watching. and we will be wondering, and we will ask you about it. >> let me just tell you, i will be a lot nicer to you than some other people have treated you on the campaign trail. >> well, that's good to hear. don't body slam a reporter. that's all we ask. >> i try not to. >> i'm going to leave it there
2:46 pm
before i get in trouble. congressman ryan thank you for comingan. still ahead some big name stars in the world of acting and the world of politics are speaking out today about harvey weinstein. stay tuned. sometimes a cough gets in the way of a good night's sleep. that's when he needs vicks vaporub. proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors. so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs. hi, i'm the internet! you knoarmless ahhhhhhhh!
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2015 n.y.p.d. sting involving harvey wenistein and a model whose breasts he seemingly admits to touching. take a listen. >> i am a famous guy. >> i'm feeling very uncomfortable right now. >> please come in now. one minute. if you want to leave when the guy comes. >> yesterday you touched my
2:49 pm
breast. >> please. i'm sorry. just come on. i'm used to that. >> you are used to that. >> please come in. >> no, but i'm not used to that. >> i won't do it again. come on. >> no criminal charges will filed in that incident. weinstein' spokesperson issued a statement saying in part any allegations non-consentual sex are denied by mr. weinstein. mr. weinstein further confirmed there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances. weinstein is a major democratic donor, after the stoke broke, ultimate in pell democrats announced they were donating weinstein contributions to charity. weinstein contributed to hillary clinton's campaign. she said today i was shocked and appalled by the allegations against harvey wenistein.
2:50 pm
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it is time for "the lid." guys, i was not quick enough to catch this a moment ago. but our friend congressman tim ryan said he would be much nicer to me on the campaign trail. what does that mean? >> i'm sure he's he talking about 2018. just like the iowa trip had nothing to do with it except the 2018 congressional elections. no. i think he is one of about 46 democrats right now you can pencil in as an early candidate for 2020. >> i don't know if he will generate a lot of excitement. he did slip it in. i think he's running, don't you think? >> of course he wants to say he's running. he has to figure out a way to do something to spark his conversation. that's what the democrats, it seems, really want. someone they can connect with. and he has his own agenda and wants to talk about it.
2:53 pm
>> he is from ohio. he is a rust belt guy. he is willing to break with the democrats on certain issues. on the corporate tax rates. he is trying to say, we've got to be there, we've got to find a way to connect with our voters. he's gone after pelosi and his party, even though he's walked that back now. >> if he doesn't figure out how to speak to black and brown voters, he can talk the talk about we need to figure out how to break iowa and ohio. >> i think that gets to the central tension in the democratic party. the proposition of a party like tim ryan is hey, this is where we lost ground. in my district there around youngstown. in the rust belt. that's the heart of what they lost that they had with obama both times. do we put our effort on getting them back? or another part of the party that says why didn't we have higher turnout? why didn't we put more emphasis there? >> then add that the democrat party has its own struggles like the republicans do. they have two extremes.
2:54 pm
the bernie sanders wing, the establishment wing and they have to decide. anyone who puts their name up before 2018 will just get bopped on the head by one side or the other. >> behind the screens. take us there quickly. who is starting to get a lot of financing? who is starting to get momentum? who is getting the buzz? is it kamala harris? >> that's what i'm hearing. a little murmuring around governor devalley patrick. >> none of them seem to be that exciting. >> do you think it will be a sleeper that comes out of nowhere? >> and when it comes to raising money -- >> do you think it's mark cuban? >> there's probably no parallel for this. you had in 1976, right after watergate, major traumatic political event. right? every democrat in the country said, there is an opening here to run. and the candidate who ended up winning was a peanut farmer from plains, georgia, who never could
2:55 pm
have won under any other conditions. >> it is not a massive correction. mark cuban has no experience. >> i think we need the complete opposite of donald trump and that there would be someone who challenges. >> somebody very dull who doesn't know how to do twitter? i've got to go. i'm sorry, susan. we'll have more time in the future, i promise. mo monds. a major senate shake-up.
2:56 pm
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in case you missed it, a major announcement is coming from senator susan collins, we think. she has been weighing and weighing whether to run for governor next year. first, she said she would announce her decision by labor day. then in late august she said she would decide by the end of september. during the third week of september, she needed another week to make a choice. and now it is october and collins' office said she will make the announcement on friday. intentionally or not, by drawing out this decision, collins has amped up the drama associated with it. her seniority in the senate makes her relatively powerful and she said, given contentious environment in washington, my voice and vote matter a great deal. plus, a run for governor is a risky prospect. she would likely face a primary
3:00 pm
challenge in the gubernatorial race. one that is not clear she would be able to beat. if she does win the governorship, it could mean her party will win. stay tuned. that's all for me tuned. we'll be back with more mtp daily. i'm handing it off to you almost right on time. >> always on schedule, always on time. that's katy tur. >> that's my name. we begin our show with two developing stories that are hitting the newsroom right now. they're both on russia. donald trump breaking what had been a three-week twitter silence. we'll show you what he said and how it is not accurate in just a moment. i want to begin with a trump brawl and not with bob corker. the target is bob mueller. apparently panicked about how trump's criminal defense at


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