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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  October 11, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

10:00 am craig melvin in new york. an nbc exclusive. we learned president trump wanted america's nuclear arsenal ten times bigger. the president, as you might imagine, has weighed in on that reporting. also spiking the football. the president taking credit for a new rule to require all players to stand for the national anthem. the nfl responds saying, there is no new rule. and the president is wrong. if the league were to require players to stand for the national anthem, what would the likely response be from players? and from fans as well? plus firestorm. those historic fires continue to burn uncontrollably in california. 17 people are dead. 185 more have been injured. thousands of homes and businesses decimated so far. the worst may still be to come. we'll take you to the fire zone where firefighters are strugg
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struggling mightily. breaking news. a massive change is coming to the boy scouts. justice correspondent pete williams has the story on that. pete, what's the change? >> craig, for the first time in its more than 100-year history, the boy scouts have decided to admit girls into scouting, cub scouts and scouting, and allow girls to achieve the coveted rank of eagle scout, which is scouting's highest honor. we learned this was a unanimous vote by the boy scouts' board of directors. they'll have a two-phase program here. they'll begin allowing younger girls to become cub scouts starting next year. the cub scout units will either be all girls or all girls. local units can have both or either one, whichever they chose. they will be single gender organizations. the following year in 2019, the boy scouts will begin establishing a program for girls that will allow them to get to the rank of eagle scout. now, the reason for this,
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scouting says, is simply the change in american life. the chief scouting executive says, and this is a quote, we believe it is critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and life-long experiences for their children. the scouting says they've done a lot of surveys about this issue. they've commissioned several surveys of people inside the organization and people who are not in scouting and found a very high result, a very high number of parents, very high portion of parents saying they want a program that both their boys and girls can participate in. scouting says this is a -- it reflecting the changing nature of american life with more dual-earner parents and single-parent families wanting a place they can go sort of one stop to take their boys and girls into scouting with programs for each of them.
10:03 am
there's been some controversy. some say scouting should remain true to its roots but skougt says the same values that exist in the scouting oath should apply equally to both boys and girls. it's a big change in this organization that's existed for more than 100 years. it's allowed some girls in some programs but none of those programs have offered the pathway to eagle scouts, which the boy scouts have now decided to do. >> pete, what is this going to mean for the girl scouts? any word from that organization about this change? >> we haven't talked to them yet. they've been in the past somewhat cool to this idea, but they also say -- and some girl scouts say this as well, that for some -- this may not be the answer for everyone. that some girls will still want to go into a program that is all-girl organization, led by girls, programmed by girls because the girl scouts say some girls just do better in that
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environment. just as the argument has been historically made that some young women do better in all-female colleges and universities. so, there's no sign that the girl scouts are going to make any change to this. it's just giving parents another option if they want to be able to do -- to go to one place to take their children. of course, for many young women, they've seen the lack of the ability to get eagle scout as a sign of inequality because for many people eagle scout is sort of the ultimate young person's badge of honor. it can lead to a career in politics and business. it's a big deal for many young people. >> pete, has there been a lawsuit or something that also, perhaps, created an impetus for this change, or no? >> i'm going to have to search my memory over that, craig. i think maybe there has been some litigation over this. no one has ever successfully sued the boy scouts over this issue.
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and i have to say that this change has come to the boy scouts with less sort of internal struggle than several years ago when the boy scouts decided to admit gay scout masters and then later gay scouts. that did produce a lot of internal struggle within scouting. this seems to have gone down within scouting much easier. >> again, to be clear, this was a unanimous decision by the board, correct? >> absolutely right. >> timeline, when is this going to start? >> so, next year, 2018 for young girls in cub scouts, the following year 2019 for older girls to be able to be part of the boy scout organization and earn eagle scout and other merit badges. >> justice correspondent with breaking news at the top of the hour. the boy scouts of america going to allow girls to join and also achieve, as pete put it there, that coveted eagle scout badge.
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pete, thanks so much for that. we'll have more on this significant change later in the broadcast. right now, though, we turn to that nbc news report which may provide a clue as to why secretary of state rex tillerson called president trump a moron. the new report says secretary tillerson's now infamous remark came after a july 20th meeting at the pentagon. the president was talking strategy with military leaders. sources tell nbc news that during a slide show on the history of nuclear arms reduction, the president told the room that he wanted more nukes, not fewer. almost ten-fold more. two nbc reports now. peter alexander is at the white house and courtney helped break this story. the white house is sfiting back, before we get to the white house response. walk us through this meeting. what happened in that room? >> reporter: so, it was a meeting in the tank, which is
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the joint chiefs' conference room. and it was really a look at the entire world. officials have explained it to us as they went around the world and showed president trump the force posture. how many troops, what kind of assets are all over the world. and in this briefing it included a slide that had a look at the historical u.s. nuclear arsenal. so from the beginning up to the present, which included height at the cold war and then starting to come down, the numbers in the early 1970s and then stabilizing out until today. colleagues told us that while looking at this briefing slight, president trump said, why don't i have more? why don't we have more nuclear weapons now? he referenced back to the higher number, which was well over 30,0
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30,000. its important to point out the conversation in the tank, this briefing didn't lead to any change in the u.s. posture. there is an ongoing nuclear posture view which is something congressionally mandated, done every four years. it's expected in the next couple of months. but the president's comments did not lead to any change in the nuclear posture. >> well, to be -- >> reporter: or any other review. >> to be clear though, courtney, we couldn't do it, either, could we? wouldn't that violate a slew of international agreements? >> reporter: there are three main reasons it would not be impossible but difficult or not necessarily feasible right now for the u.s. to increase the nuclear arsenal. number one is just budget. you know, needing the money for it, it just doesn't exist. number two is a number of treaties the u.s. is a party to, the one most people think about is the s.t.a.r.t. treaty, that limits the number of warheads -- nuclear warheads that each nation can have, nuclear weapons.
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it could lead to allies and adversaries doing the same? >> what about the nonproliferation treaty, wouldn't we be in violation? >> reporter: yes, there are a number of treaties. the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty, the reason we've been referencing that one is part of this briefing slide we're told it also included an historical look at the number of russian nukes back from the beginning of the program and that the president made some reference to that as well. >> mr. alexander, what has been the response from 1600 pennsylvania? >> reporter: the president has a big mega phone called twitter. let's show you what he said to our reporting. first, fake nbc news made up a story that i wanted a tenfold
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increase in our u.s. nuclear arsenal. purification. he compare us to cnn. a second tweet, with all the fake news coming out of nbc and the networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their license? bad for country. remember, craig, in recent days he also suggested the senate intelligence committee should look into some of these media reports he found to be problematic or critical of him as well as for his claim about licenses there. one thing that's notable, there's no single license that nbc receives. the fcc grants license to individual stations. that's a whole separate topic. the white house initially wasn't responding with an official comment to nbc's official reporting. officials were telling us more privately they would downplay the idea there were any tensions in that meeting that courtney was laying out. they say, in fact, it wasn't the primary topic during the course of this consideration. it is an important thing for us to focus on because president
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trump, as candidate trump had all sorts of contradictions in his campaign season, saying nuclear proliferation was the single biggest threat to the world but then effectively suggesting japan and south korea should build up a nuclear arsenal to prepare themselves in case of a conflict and debate. he ruled out first strike and later said he would rule nothing. said all options are on the table. so, the president certainly has a history of contributions on this topic as well. >> peter alexander from the white house and courtney kube from the state department. a big thanks to both of you. big crystal, founder ee eer a big thanks to both of you. bill, before we get to the report itself, here's another instance where details are leaked of a high level meeting involving the president and his men. last woke we found out secretary of state called him a moron.
10:12 am
journalists seem to be getting details of just about every important administration meeting, especially if details are embarrassing for the president. what does that tell you about the state of affairs, bill? >> who was at that meeting at the tank in the pentagon, which seems to be the source of the tillerson comments and today's story about the trump opining somewhat cavalierly about our nuclear forces. i don't think secretary of -- secretary of defense or chairman of the joint chiefs or anyone like that is leaking this. there are two or three people at the meeting who have left the administration, steef bannon, reince priebus, sean spicer, they might have their own issues with trump. i would say bannon who has launched a huge assault on establishment republicans who has a big interest in creating disruption between trump and his own cabinet, giving -- he's loyal to trump if a way but i don't think he minds a certain amount of chaos in the trump
10:13 am
white house. i have no knowledge, let me make clear. you see a leak like this, you see who maybe is not there, who has some grudge, who has interest and i wonder about those people no longer working in the white house. >> general mccaffrey, does it concern you that here we are roughly nine months into the job and it appears the president of the united states does not clearly understand or appreciate the need for denuclearization nor the legal hurdles to bulk up our stock of nukes? >> well, it's a remarkable situation. i think bill kristol is entirely right. lieutenant generals never leak anything. that story is so juicy, it would have been all over the white house and the department of defense and state and elsewhere. look, war in north korea doesn't make any sense for anyone involved. certainly not the regional players. and here we are, drifting
10:14 am
towards armed conflict before next summer, not a peep out of the congress of the united states on what appears to be president trump's almost unilateral thought that he can do preventive to north koreans. instead of that conversation, we're actually having an argument on who has a lower iq, the president or the secretary of state. this is not a very serious administration in many ways. thank god for secretary mattis and john kelly in the white house and h.r. mcmaster and other people, who seem to have their stability of the administration in their hands. >> you mention north korea. i wanted to play what the head of the house foreign affairs committee said a few hours ago about the iranian nuclear deal. take a listen. >> i would enforce the hell out of the current agreement. >> i would keep the existing agreement and add to it. i think that's the better approach in order to address these concerns we have because that keeps the europeans on
10:15 am
board working with us. >> general, everyone's expecting that president trump is going to refuse to certify iran's compliance with that deal. how might that affect future diplomatic efforts with countries like north korea? >> probably very little. i don't think anyone, to be blunt, objectively has any confidence in president trump's consistency or recognition of how these accords encumber the united states' behavior. never mind the notion that if you -- if you lift economic sanctions, the global community on iran, there's no going back. so, i think most people, to be blunt, have discounted the president. they're going to try to wait him out. that's probably a sensible course of action. >> bill, i want to share for our viewers and listeners, "from the
10:16 am
weekly standard," republican crackup. at one point you write party loyalty ought not mean a click of the heels and salute to whatever the president wants. do we have the feeling more will go the way of senator corker and speak out against this president and express concerns about his competency? >> i don't know, honestly. i've been disapointed so few have. been pretty disappointed at the comments after bob corker, various senators, including some of those who may be challenged by bannon-backed candidates, in affect, trump-backed candidates. most of the primary electorate wants republicans to work with president trump. i think they're wrong but that's where they are. politicians react to that. i think you look at these personal things, barry was talking about the tillerson, moron thing and the iq test. trump -- it's a reality show for trump. he knows keeping people interested is part of what you have to do. his own followers think it's entertaining and the media is focused on it.
10:17 am
the country's in decent shape. it would be healthy if we actually had a debate on some of these policies. i don't think trump is wrong, incidentally, de-certifying iran, which would give us more ability to pressure iran and our allies to adjust the deal and make it better. those are real policy debates. there's been incredible lack of those in the first nine months. trump has succeeded in not only making the white house a policy-free zone but making washington a policy-free zone and that's not good for the country. >> that's a good spot to leave it. general mccaffrey, thanks for your time as well. the weinstein scandal widens. more women come forward with allegations, including rape. now, a prominent male actor has lent his support to the accusers by detailing his own unrelated experience with harassment. will all of this add up to change in hollywood? and scorched earth. the death toll climbing as those wildfires burn out of control in northern california.
10:18 am
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more information on the ambush of four american
10:22 am
soldiers. hans nichols joining me. >> a pentagon official is telling us they do believe isis is behind this attack that left four americans, green berets, training with nigerian counterparts, left them dead a few days ago. remember, they came under ambush. they thought they were patrolling in an area that was safe. the plan was that they were going to go out on, quote, a quiet environment. that wasn't the case. they were ambushed. they were done meeting tribal elders, heading back to their vehicles. the ambush was sprung on them. they had to have french evacuation in terms of medevaced, one died and one was missing in action. they launched a massive operation to try to find this individual. nigerian forces ended up finding this fourth individual. they found his body dead. they weren't able to save him. but, craig, just to give you a sense of what they're thinking about here, the pentagon, this is a part of central africa, west central africa they thought they had a good partner and
10:23 am
working with that partner. they didn't know how dangerous it was. and because this group was ambushed, outgunned, outmatched, they're now reasassessing a lot of the issues. i'm sure this will be several investigations. right now the initial assessm t assessment, it was isis behind this attack, not al qaeda, isis is the final assessment. >> pentagon pretty confident in this assessment, it sounds like. >> yes, they are. >> for folks that have not been following this story as closely, hans, what exactly are we doing in that part of africa? why is this part of the world so vital? >> in niger that's where america keeps some drones, to follow the rat lines, where terrorists go from the south to north, sometimes human smugglers as well. you need these drones in place and you need a base to operate them from. you have some 800 personnel in
10:24 am
niger, neighboring countries, 350 in kam arocameroon to the southeast. they're building partner capabilities, working with niger to make sure they can counter islamic threats that are spreading throughout all of africa. there are a lot of activity in libya, pretty lawless place there. the u.s. has bases. to watch this, drones and whatnot. they also want to build partner capability. that's why there is some 800, approximately, u.s. troops serving in niger right now. >> hans nichols, our man at the pentagon with news behind the isis attack that left four americans dead. entire neighborhoods engulfed by california's wildfires have been incinerated. take a look at the charred remains of one of these communities. this community stretched from napa county to santa rosa to
10:25 am
anaheim. in northern california alone, two fires are zero and 3% contained. to the south in anaheim, fire there, 40% contained. so far, at least 17 people are dead. another 185 have been hurt. at least 2,000 homes or structures have been destroyed. again, this is in northern california alone. nbc's steve patterson remains on duty in napa, california. steve, what are you seeing on the ground there this afternoon -- this morning there for you? >> reporter: widespread devastation, craig. there's no way else to say it. you have to remember, besides the fire, there were winds of up to 50 miles an hour in neighborhoods like this. so, there are trees strewn into the roads, power lines hanging and dangling over sidewalks. then when you talk about that wind, those winds are what carried the fire into homes. you see scenes like this. this home right here, this is a pretty well-off neighborhood in front. maybe some electronic equipment,
10:26 am
as we've been referencing. in back you see signs of life, the spiral staircase, the shower stall, the siding of this home all completely destroyed and in ruins. you have this situation. and then you have people, 20,000 people under mandatory evacuation. police are very serious not letting people back into the scenes. what that creates is a lot of frustration. there are people who have no idea whether or not their home is standing or burning to the ground. we talked to one woman has no idea what the status of her home is. we'll play it right now. >> you know no, no, that doesn't really bother me because i really feel like everyone is looking out for the best interest of everyone. and, you know, i realize people's nerves are on edge,
10:27 am
they're tense. we all are because we don't know. so, you know, it's kind of -- this is -- i've met neighbors i've never met before. >> reporter: she has a very positive attitude. the question was, is she frustrated for not being able to go back and see what the condition of her house is. she, again, has an incredibly positive attitude and outlook. again, a lot of people just in that situation, no idea what the status of their home is, no idea if it's standing, no idea if it has some damage, no idea if it's burned to the ground. that is frustrating for so many people who want to get back inside here. the real disheartening problem is that firefighters say they can't let people back in simply because we're still under a red flag warning. they expect winds of up to 40 miles an hour tonight, which could cause a whole lot more problems for areas like this. that's an unsafe situation for anybody in a place that looks just like this. craig? >> steve patterson in napa.
10:28 am
thank you. my next guest is one of the very few business owners in santa rosa, who has been able to keep the doorings open. co-owner of the russian river brewing company. she joins me now on the phone. natalie, first, your family is all safe? >> yes. we have tracked down the majority of our employees. everyone is safe. we're opening again today. we have two employees who confirmed they lost their homes but they're safe and out of harm's way. all of our employees and my husband and i are currently safe. >> the pictures we were showing here, these are pictures that you snapped yesterday and some of these pictures, i understand, you snapped on monday as well. how has the situation on the ground changed, or has it changed measurably? >> so, the fires -- the fire
10:29 am
came from calistoga over the hill in the middle of the night fueled by the very, very high winds. it was literally utter chaos in the dark, in the smoke. people evacuating from fountain grove with the clothes on their back. many people couldn't find their pets and they had to leave with their families. it was just -- i think monday, early monday morning was the worst of it. we woke up around 4:00 to the smell of very, very bad smoke. we live downtown and the fire came within less than a mile of our home. and we were -- everybody was prepared to evacuate. i think in every single neighborhood in santa rosa, everyone was prepared to evacuate because you didn't know what was happening. you didn't know where it was coming from. and then today i wake up. there's blue sky, there's heavy smoke, there's ash everywhere, to fires. the tubb fire is burning more to
10:30 am
the north of downtown and then another fire called the nunn fire burning in the southeast of santa rosa. then we have another fire that has perked up in geyserville. downtown geyserville is being evacuated. napa is still burning. there's no containment of these fires. as steve had said, we're expecting the winds to come back tonight. >> natalie, for a lot of folks, you know, who don't live there but who have visited napa and sonoma, you mentioned calistoga. calistoga is one of the most buch resorts on the left coast n my opinion. our hearts are with you guys. our thoughts and prayers with the people of california. stay in touch, okay? >> okay. thank you for having me. we turn back to a story that continues to dominate the head
10:31 am
lines. harvey weinstein. more stars coming forward to accuse the legendary producer of sexual misconduct. >> it's a travesty that this sort of behavior is normalized and accepted for decades in this industry. a lot of people admire him, including myself, for many of his talents, but this is not the way that men can act towards women anymore. >> mira sorvino more than 20 women in accusations. a spokesperson for harvey weinstein says, quote, any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein, adding, there were never any acts of retaliation for refusing his advances. let's bring in liz plank, executive producer of voxx's divided states of women, nbc legal analyst, and wendy murphy, former prosecutor who specializes in crimes of sexual violence. liz, we've seen the list of named accusers grow over the
10:32 am
past day or two. we've seen the list of defenders seemingly shrink. do you think harvey weinstein was an aberration, an outlier or do you think we're likely to hear of more cases like this in hollywood? >> harvey weinstein was an open secret in hollywood. and any person who says they have no idea -- i think the silence of men in hollywood, especially, is scary and worrying because a lot of them did know. and instead of asking why women don't report, we have to be build a society where it's safe for them to do it and where they are believed when they do report. when i started th the #whywomendontreport in light of donald trump similar allegation, he was giving us a master class in why women don't report. he said he would sue the women coming after them. lou dobbs shared their personal information. some had to move away because they feared for the safety of their families.
10:33 am
this is what's happening again with harvey weinstein alleged victims. they are being told that what they're saying is not true and they -- this is what we do to women when they come forward. >> publicly shaming them. >> dan bey, even with more victims of alleged sexual abuse, misconduct coming forward, the likelihood that weinstein faces some sort of criminal charge. >> first, either if we're talking about criminal or civil charges, we have to talk about the statute of limitations. in california, utah, as long as these are within the statue of limitations, most states criminalize even groping someone without their consent. that potentially could be a crime. but the challenge with all sex crimes is that they often come down to he said/she said. sometimes you have a rape -- >> she said, she said, she said. >> exactly. as we saw with the bill cosby
10:34 am
case, there are instances where a prior assault, a prior alleged assault, even if it's not a charged crime, may be so similar, so indicative of a m.o. that that can come in as evidence in a trial. >> wendy, we heard from another victim of alleged sexual harassment. not having anything to do with harvey weinstein, mind you, but this was an actor. and this was terry cruz, former nfl player, hollywood star. this is what he tweeted. this is part of it yesterday. the whole thing with harvey weinstein is giving me ptsd. why? because this thing happened to me. my wife and i were at a hollywood function last night and a high-level hollywood executive came over to me and groped my privates. terry cruz goes on to explain why he didn't react in this 16-thread tweet, fear of never working again. his word against the executives. the fact if he had physically
10:35 am
retaliated, he would have wound up in jail. does having people like terry crews open up about this, and it help other victims, male or female? >> you bet it does! and, boy, do i love it when men speak up about this issue because for too long we've characterized this problem as men versus women, as if men like women to be harmed and women don't like it and, you know, you have to be on one team or the other. men suffer an awful lot of abuse. even when they don't they are often very strong voices on behalf of women. but they don't get the attention they deserve. and it's really important for men like terry to speak up. i give him so much credit, thank him for being the face of abuse so we don't think it's just men, letcherous men, casting couch kind of men and starlet women. women of all colors, races, ages, in all spheres, in
10:36 am
college, in schools -- grade schools, in the workplace, it happens everywhere. everywhere. and the fear of speaking out is the number one impediment to stopping the behavior because when victims don't speak out, we can't do anything about it. most victims think they're the only ones and 99% of the time, they're not. if a predator has targeted one victim once, there's a very good chance they've done it to others. but you, who think you're all alone, will never know until you speak up. >> here's the thing with terry crews. he's a big guy. he's achieved a tremendous amount of success in that space. but he never named the hollywood executive. what does that tell you? >> i mean, it tells us that there's still so much stigma around reporting any kind of sexual misconduct, especially if you are a man.
10:37 am
he talked about his race. he talked about his weight. he talked about those things being -- sort of playing against him. and so, you know, and i love what wendy just said. we need to talk about sexual assault. we need to talk about sexual ha-ha rasment. not because men are doing most of the crimes, but because victims are male and female. whether it's in the military, whether it's in hollywood, whether it's in any other industry, men are victims, too, and we need to talk about that. >> thanks to you. more on the news that broke at the top of the hour. the boy scouts of america announcing that they are going to start accepting girls into their ranks. so, what does that then mean for the girl scouts? (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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live look there at the white house. we are expecting president trump and the first lady, along with their respective counterparts from canada, america's neighbors to the north, to join them live in just a few moments. all eyes on the white house. peter alexander is also at the white house. it's turning out to be a very busy wednesday afternoon. more breaking news from the white house. this related to the department of homeland security. mr. alexander, what can you tell us? >> reporter: let's walk you through right now. four u.s. government oe dpishls, an congressional aide and
10:42 am
kirsten nielsen, nbc has now confirmed is expected to be nominated by president trump as the next secretary of the department of homeland security. i've spoken to officials at the white house today. they have no official comment on our report, however. we're trying to get more details on when that could take place. you know, elaine duke has been currently acting in that position, in that role. she's been heavily responsible for the administration's response to the hurricanes from harvey and irma to the one, of course, that hit -- maria that hit in puerto rico. kirsjen nielsen expected to become the next secretary of homeland security. >> peter alexander, unphased by the weed whacker behind him. more on the other breaking news this hour we continue to follow. the boy scouts will soon admit girls. the boy scouts of america saying in a statement that on it while young girls may join the cub
10:43 am
scouts, quote, cub scout dens will be single gender. a separate program for older girls will be available in 2019. that will enable them to earn the coveted rank of eagle scout. that news broke by pete williams at the top of the hour. joined now by tom savidge, a former boy scout, and zach walz, scouts for equality. this is the scouts' explanation for why they are doing this. families today are busier and more diverse than ever. most are dual-earners and more single-parent households than ever before making convenient programs that serve the whole family more appealing. the statement goes on to read, in part, additionally many groups underserved by scouting, including the hispanic and asian communities, prefer to participate in activities as a family. charlie, what do you make of all of this? >> well, i can till as not only a former boy scout but the
10:44 am
father of a current boy scout and a current cub scout, that the scouting organization has really begrappling with what is its role going to be in the 21st century lifestyle? it's seen some drop in enrollment. they've been making a series of steps to try to ease the path into participation. just last year, for example, they reduced a lot of the requirements necessary to earn ranks for cub scouts to become a wolf or bear because it was seen as too much and parents and families that were busy with soccer and other organizations were kind of dropping out. and think is another move making it so more people will be willing to join and to send their kids to these organizations. also, they've already been -- the cub scout troop that i participate in, there have been campouts where the effort has been to have the entire family there. and so sisters and girls of cub scouts have been there doing the
10:45 am
same activity, spending the nights in the same tent with their moms and dads informally. this is a move to make this a formal way that the scouts are going to be going forward. >> and for folks who are not necessarily familiar with your story, you're an eagle scout yourself, correct? >> that's correct. >> you started this organization. you have two moms. you spoke out against the boy scout during the debate over whether they should admit gays, correct? >> that's right. i joined the cub scouts when i was just a young boy in the first grade. i stayed in the cub scouts, went to boy scouts and earned the rank of eagle. i learned important things from boy scouts. and one thing they taught me is stand up when you see something about it. led the fight to end the boy
10:46 am
scouts of america's ban on gays on adults and youth. we've been very proud to see the boy scouts continue to step sfwardz. we think of this as yet another step forward into the 21st century. earlier this year they ended their ban on transgender members, which we commended them for. we think the decision to allow girls to participate in the cub scouts and eventually the boy scouts say they'll create a new or concurrent older scouting program that girls will be able to participate in and earn the rank of eagle scout. we think this is a really good step forward for the boy scouts. frankly, it responds to what girls have been asking for. i remember charlie, my younger sister, wanting to go along on boy scout camps. i think she would have loved to participate in the program. i think this is going to be a really good move by the boy scouts. >> all right. thank you for your time. charlie, a big thanks to you as well. again, this breaking news.
10:47 am
boy scouts of america deciding to allow girls to join the ranks and ultimately achieve the rank of eagle scout. we'll have more on this breaking news throughout the hour. meanwhile, the nfl now denying president trump's claims that the league is planning to force players to stand during the national anthem. who's telling the truth? ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? expedia gives you the world in your hand, so you can see more of it. expedia ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too.
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right now at the white house, president trump and first lady trump and his wife as well. he is greeting the canadian prime minister at the white house. this is a live look there. mr. trudeau and mr. trump and the exchange of kisses. we are told that the two have been meeting and are going to continue a meeting here in the afternoon. we expect that perhaps we will hear from them at the conclusion, but again, justin trudeau the prime minister of canada there with president trump heading into the white house, along with the two first ladies as well. an early claim of victory by president trump in his battle with the nfl over player behavior ask being called into
10:51 am
question now. a statement says commentary this morning about the commissioner's position on the anthem is not accurate. there will be a discussion of these issues at the owners meeting next week. i want to bring in bill rode and mike lupka. two sports titans this afternoon. i'm excited. bill let me start with you. this decision, if it does happen next week, if the commissioner decides there's going to be a new rule in the league that requires the players to stand during the anthem. what's the likely response from players and fans? >> first of all, i don't think that's going to happen. he's not going to win that war. i don't think that's going to happen. the problem i've got is this is a labor issue and that the nfl player's association, who should be leading the charge on this, has been really -- this is a labor issue. a texas union.
10:52 am
a texas union has already filed a complaint in the state of texas. >> that's a good point. i haven't thought about that. why has the union been so quiet? >> that's the million dollar question. this is the time to step up. this is the issue of his tenure, where you have -- this is when he's got a player that's been black balled -- >> and we haven't seen him. not to put him on blast here on national television -- >> you have to put him on blast because this is what any of us that belong in yuan yuans this is what it's for. all the players are saying some are standing some are standing. it's up to the union to say listen, this is what the issue is. this is how we're going to articulate it. you can't leave these guys hanging out to dry because we're all over the place. i think as long as you keep it in the realm of the flag, no.
10:53 am
this is a labor issue. we have employees intimidated, pushed around. we have the owner of the dallas cowboys saying if you do this, i'm going to do that. we have to cast this as a labor issue and bullying. sports, music, food, the arts those are things that bring us together and now here's football tearing us apart. how did we get here? >> it started with a player taking a knee. and what is ironic what's going on with jerry jones and the league trying to find a position that it finds workable. a punch of rich, white owners are trying to get african-american athletes to genuine flekt in front of their de definition of america.
10:54 am
i can't imagine what could go wrong there. the league is in a bad spot. they can't man date the players stand. now that jerry jones says he's going to penbench, i'm hoping h two best players take a knee on sunday and i want to see what jerry does to them. >> you said the league can't compel. legally, can't they? >> yeah they can. it's murky about whether this is a first amendment right or not. but there's the spirit of the law or the letter of the law. once they get into the business of mandating what their player's politics are, they're on a slippery slope. doug bald win said this has never been about disrespecting the flag. it's about improving society.
10:55 am
it is patriotic and honorable. it plays into the selective patriotism of the national football league that once took millions from the department of defense to honor service men. >> you wrote the player protests have put the nfl in the front of so-called cultural awawar fathf the united states. has it given players a chance to voice issues? >> it's great. players even sunday. a lot of players say this is great for us. we've been operating in this bubble since fifth grade, football, football. but this has forced us to talk about and think about issues. a lot of white players have said you know what you're my brother. i didn't grow up like you did, but we're team meamates in this.
10:56 am
so they disrespect you, they're going to disrespect all of us. this is going to backfire. jerry knows it. >> jerry jones? >> yes. >> i wish we had more time. we've had so much breaking news today. bill's book is "fort million dollar slaves" it's perfect for what we're looking at now. i don't have time, mike, to promote your 60 books but they ear o 're out there. ka n canadian prime minister justin trudeau just arrived at the white house. next.
10:57 am
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that will do it for this hour of msnbc. my colleague katy tur picking things up. >> it is 2:00 p.m. here in washington where we're expecting a briefing from the state department any minute. and president trump just welcomed canadian prime minister justin trudeau. we're hoping to hear from both leaders soon. the president may be focussed on foreign policy this hour but this morning a new nbc news exclusive grabbed his attention. the headline, president trump told leaders in july


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