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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  October 11, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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reminder. there is no substitute for really talking to someone and really going somewhere and really doing something. facebook is partnering with the red cross and donated $1.5 million to puerto rico. a symbolic sum given their $10 billion in annual revenue. facebook is never finished because it's always changing. and to that i say, thank god. because it certainly needs to change some more. that's our show. "hardball" starts now. unraveling. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening. i'm chris matthews in wauk. alarming stories out of the white house tonight. vanity fair reports people close to the president say he's unstable, unraveling. describe the president is consumed by dark moods saying he
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hates everyone in the white house. and then there is the nbc news exclusive about the president and his thoughts last summer on nuclear weapons. president trump said he wanted what amounted to a nearly 10 fold increase in the u.s. nuclear arsenal during a gathering of the highest ranking narnl security leaders. according to three officials who were in the room. nbc added according to the officials present, trump's advisers were surprise pd. it was after this meeting that officials heard secretary of state rex tillerson called the president a moron. donald trump responded today. let's watch. >> do you want to increase the nuclear arsenal? >> i never discussed increasing it. it wanted it in perfect shape. that was fake news by nbc. i think somebody said i want ten times the nuclear weapons that we have right now. right now we have so many nuclear weapons, i want them in perfect condition, perfect shape. that's the only thing i've ever discussed and it's frankly
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disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write and people should look into it. >> secretary of defense james mattis put out a statement today, recent reports that the president called for an increase in the nuclear arsenal are absolutely false. this erroneous reporting is irresponsible. the nbc story never said that the president called for an increase. he told his national security advisor s he wanted an increase. it's not the first time donald trump has made alarming statements about the nuclear weapons or shown a lack of understanding about the historic nature of nuclear deterrence himself. he was in in 2015. let's watch him in action. >> nuclear should be off of the table. but if there is a time for it to be used, possibly. >> when you said that. they're hearing a guy running for the president or the united states talking of maybe using nuclear weapons. nobody wants to hear that. >> why do we make them?
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if i was against iraq i would be the last to use them. >> can you tell the middle east we're not using a nuclear weapon. >> i would never take my cards off of the table. >> how about europe? >> i'm not taking it off the table. >> you might use it in europe. >> no, i don't think so. >> i'm just sayin'. >> i am not taking cards off the table. >> i'm joined right now by carol lee, one of the authors, "wall street journal" white house reporter eli stoeckles and christopher hill. let me go to carol. this whole discussion about trump that he seems to not understand -- and i believe he doesn't understand. he doesn't understand the history. so margaret thatcher explained, the reason we didn't have a third world war with russia all those years because nuclear weapons made war impossible. the purpose of a nuclear weapon was to get old to rust to become
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useless and never be used. trump said to me, why are we making them? if you're not going to use them, why are you making them. an 8-year-old knows that you don't use nuclear weapons. >> he was shown a chart of nuclear weapons stockpile for the u.s. and russia from the beginning of the 1950s to now. it peaks in the 1950s for the u.s. he looked at it and said i want that. why don't we have that. >> at the peak. >> yeah. now it's 4,000 and then it was 32,000 which is a tenfold increase which is what he was saying he wanted. >> why is he denying it now? >> well, if you look -- >> it sounds ridiculous. >> also he said he never increased an increase in nuclear weapons. of course he did. he discussed it publicly and discussed it once he was in the white house. >> if you did explain it to him, what i meant was, mr. president,
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during the briefing of the generals you were shown a graph and you pointed to the graph, the optimum point saying i want to go back to there. you did say that, right? what would he say? >> i have no idea. i presume he would say what he always says which is a pushback on anything that he doesn't like when he sees it in print or watching it on tv. it's fake news. but he went in this briefing, it wasn't just neck weapons. it was every military, troops, whether it's equipment, all around the world and we talked to three people who were in that room, a small group of people, everywhere they went he said i want more, more troops, you know, more of this, more of that. that's just how he thinks about these things. >> and he was getting a wide ranging briefing on the u.s. deterrence, u.s. security in the world, global security. global map. and it was after that meeting where tillerson called him a moron. >> correct. >> how do you -- what is the causialty of those meetings,
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briefings including the request for ten times the military, leading to the term moron. how do you report the connection? >> there was a lot going on at the time. it wasn't just that. tillerson and the president were having -- we don't know specifically what tillerson was referring to, what he was referencing when he referred to the president as a moron. he was coming out of that meeting. >> that picture looks like he was a moron, that discerning look from the left there. >> there was a meeting the day before on afghanistan where the president left some of his advisers in the room with their jaws dropped for some of the things that he was saying in there, including firing the commander in afghanistan. the secretary and the president were not getting along. they had just argued over the iran recertification, the nuclear deal and it was a contentioco
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contentious time. we don't know specifically lwhy the secretary called him a moron. >> let me ask you about this. this does seem to jive -- i wouldn't say lunatic but wild statements that he's saying we're going to flatten north korea, going to kill everybody in the country. presidents don't talk about nuclears weapons like that. >> when he stood on the stage of the united nations general assembly a couple of weeks ago and said in his speech to the entire world we will potentially destroy north korea, that rhetoric was never in his speech. yes, it was going to be a tough speech about iran but that rhetoric was added by the president himself who has always demonstrated reflexive need to amp the rhetoric up and talk tougher than everybody else. it's not surprising that he would see that chart and say i want the most nukes because he always wants to be the toughest,
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strongest and he equates military strength and weaponry with toughness. >> marly speaking i'm going to get the weirdo. i'm going to kill all of those people as retaliation doesn't seem like the right american point of view. this summer the president and his rhetoric in north korea has been ratcheting up. let's watch it in action. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> mr. president, what do you mean by military solutions or lock and loaded as it relates to north korea. >> i think it's pretty obvious l. we're looking at that clearly and i hope they understand the gravity of what i said. and what i said is what i mean. the united states has great strength and patience. but if it is forced to defend
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itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime. >> you know, you have to put a lot together. if somebody were visiting from another planet and just watched our leader, there's a guy talking about wiping another country off of the map sitting next to his wife. what is she doing. other picture with his daughter. he behaves like a royal leader making these decisions. and talking about the absolute intersection of people. trump tweeted this weekend, presidents and their administrations have been talk to north korea for years. agreements violated before the ink was dry making fools of u.s. negotiators. sorry but only one thing will work. interesting. those comments aren't sitting well with the majority of americans however.
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a new associated press poll found that 67% of us say that the president's comment made it worse. two-third say it's worse. 8% say they like the way he's doing it and 67% are concerned about the threat posed by north korea to the united states. put this in respect to normal world relations, normal moral behavior about one country talking to another. and again bring in trump sitting there with his royal family. i think the whole idea thing, it's like the roma novembers. a royal family dictating. >> i remember them as being much more measured in their comments. these comments bear no relation to reality. i guess he outsourced his speeches to a north korean. so he's coming across as a north korean leader. the problem is he doesn't seem to understand -- he seems to want to make statements to the
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north koreans that they would find familiar. he has a chinese audience out there, a south korean audience out there who is very concerned. they're living within the range of the north korean artillery let alone the missiles. he ought to be trying to show a little dignity and frankly that he knows what's going on. i mean increasingly he seems over his head and some people are saying he's out of his mind. so these are problems in terms of diplomacy. >> let's assume there's a sane general among those people goose stepping to the tune of their dear leader in pyongyang and they're trying to get some sense across with the other generals and they hear their adversary, the president saying only one thing will work. what do they here? >> what they're hearing is no one in north korea wants to be moderate at that point. they hear that kind of stuff and it's grist for their propaganda
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mill. i think he's talk like them and they'll say oh my gosh he's really serious. but they bluff every day of the week. they talk about sea of fire in seoul. talked about surrounding guam in fire. they bluff all of the time. if he's trying to sound like a north korean he'll come across as a blufferer but do everyone else he comes across as not understanding what he's talking about. that is the most worrisome thing. he's looking at charts, why can't we have more weapons. he doesn't understand what they're explaining to him and he doesn't understand that frankly our military is not anxious to spend money on military weapons. they would like to spend money on things that are useful for the military world. it's a complete absence of an understanding of what the job entails, what he should be doing. >> he should understand what the nuclear weapons are, which is not to use them.
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i'll go back to 4iz quote to me last summer, why are we making them if we're not going to use them. president trump was asked today whether he was on the same page as secretary tillerson on north korea. let's watch his response to that. >> i think i have a little bit different attitude on north korea than other people might have. >> other than your secretary? >> and i listen to everybody but ultimately my attitude is the one that matters isn't it? that's the way it works, the way the system is. but i think i might have a different attitude and way than other people. i think perhaps i feel stronger and tougher on that subject than other people but i listen to everybody and ultimately i will do what's right for the united states and really what's right for the world. because that's really a world problem. that's beyond just the united states. that's a world problem. >> i'm a little stronger.
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i think my brother-in-law worked in north korea and the use of the word strong is interesting. >> that's the second time in i don't know how many, a few days that the president questioned the strength of his secretary of state. >> is this an arm wrestling contest with him and tillerson? >> i think there's a bit of a contest of wills. these are two former ceos who are used to calling the shots for their entire career. >> what ooh the's the effect on americans. >> my attitude is the one who matters. he's asserting his supremacy over everyone. a week ago sara huckabee sanders said how can he disrespeagree w the cabinet. nay ear there to represent him. it's a little different than if he were disagreeing with somebody in the campaign. what we're talking about has huge stakes for the american
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people. >> it wasn't too long ago that we referred to pem like that as dictators. people like saddam hussein. carol lee, great reporting. another amazing bit of reporting. eli stoeckles, great to have you on. coming up, first it with us rex tillerson calling trump a moron, then it was bob dorker from tennessee, now trump's good friend tom bar rack, one of the same friends of his is shocked by the rhetoric that trump has been using in office. three early trump allies are sounding the alarm about the president. is anyone going to do anything about it? plus, the pictures of devastation from california are stunning right now. entire neighborhoods burned to the ground. we're going to have an update on the deadly fires raging in california, in the wine country. we heard it again today, trump attacking the press. he needs a boogie man and he always seems to find anytime the people covering him.
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also in kids chewables. speaker of the house paul ryan was forced to respond today to senator corker's revelations about president trump. it comes after corker described the white house as an adult day care center and warned that trump could lead us sbhoo world war iii. here's how the speaker attempted to cover over the corker revelations. >> i think it's just talk it out amongst yourselves. my advice is for these two gentlemen to sit down and talk there u their issues. i think that's the best way to get things done. >> that is a coverup. this was a revelation by corker, the behavior in the white house. it wasn't a feud between two politicians. that word from spiker was an attempt to cover up serious whistle blowing within this administration. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to hardball.
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fist it was secretary of state tillerson calling the president a moron, then came senator bob corker raising the president's very fitness to serve. and today tom barrack, the fellow who ran trump's inauguration is the latest to speak out. a former advise tore the president told the washington post he's been shocked and stunned by the president's rhetoric and inflammatory tweets. he told the post, quote, he thinks he has to be loyal to his base. i keep on saying who is your base. you don't have a natural base. your base is now the world and america. you have all of these constituencies. show them who you are. he's better than this. and the new vanity fair piece out late today, sources close to the president say that the public criticism matches what they're seeing privately, an unstable president, losing a step and unraveling. the president is quoted as saying i hate everyone in the white house. for more on this i'm joined by a
4:21 pm
national political report wer the washington post and of course an msnbc political analyst. we talk about a pressure cooker atmosphere where the president has to let off steam or he will blow one of these days. tell us about that situation. >> there are two camps around the president who are deeply concerned. you have his friends who think he's distracted, not getting along with his party and then fellow republicans on capitol hill who see the stalled agenda wondering can this be put back together again. >> what stops him from focusing. why isn't he thinking every day at this point i need a tax reform bill. i need to put together enough votes in the senate and house to get it done or i will be a loser by year's end. why doesn't he focus -- is it mental? emotional? what's stopping him from doing the job he got elected to do? >> talking to people inside the white house, they say he's so flummoxed by congressional republicans burned by the experience in health care and
4:22 pm
other issues and he's stepped back a bit from trying to fully engage with trying to sell the tax plan. he laid out some of the principles tonight in harrisburg, opinion but otherwise he's putting the onus on speaker ryan and leader mcconnem mcconnell. >> what's the reaction of the political republican world. what do they make of him right now? >> right now most senators and congressmen i'm talking to on the republican side say senator corker's comments to an extent reveal some of their concerns but because of the lingering issues in taxes they're not ready to break away as corker did. they want to get something done and run on an issue sbe ieds the confirmation of gorsuch in 2018. >> is that one of the things holding him together and making him stubborn, he has the support rock ribbed base out there? >> i've been in pennsylvania, georgia, all across the country
4:23 pm
talking to trump voters. they have a grievance against the economy and political class. they like that the president is a total outsider. they didn't mean they're going follow him on everything. we saw that in the alabama senate race. they're still with him in many polls. >> i found 10 mrs. in the latest ball found that he's not level headed but support his job performance. that's tricky stuff. van tir fair is reporting that some of the president's advisers are so concerned by the president's behavior right now that some are worried that it could cause the cabinet to take constitutional matter to remove him from office. i'm joined by dave jolly and former dnc adviser doug thornell. >> the only way to get rid of him is impeachment and conviction in the senator which is a two-thirds vote in the senate. or this 25th amendment thing
4:24 pm
where you have to say the president is unable to perform the duties. that is a very high bar. >> it is. gabe sherman's piece reads like a 20-count indictment repreparing for the 25th amendment to be invoked. it will likely never happen. what's important is john kelly. and we know that john kelly is a barometer for the seriousness of this administration. he is a sober leader. if john kelly were to ever leave, that's an independence occasion. as an attorney they call it noisy withdrawal, if your client is committing fraud, you have to withdraw. if john kelly decides to leave i think there's something there. >> you're talking about an milita milita milita military koups. you're saying that aren't you? >> this is a president who's declared war on north korea twice through a tweet. if you're john kelly, the former commander of u.s. southern command, mattis and mcmaster,
4:25 pm
yes, this is a worry. >> we need them to tell the president what to do. >> i actually think what we're seeing with the vanity fair story, tom barrack, people conducting a public intervention for the president. a president who has -- you know, he's unravelled, unhinged. they don't know any other way to get through to him than through the media. and i think that -- >> like mr. barrack. >> exactly. this is his best friend. this is his best friend. that's stunning. and he's got to go to the washington post to break through. you're seeing a public intervention and that is -- that should be pretty scary for the american people. >> if you meet tom barrack, you meet a guy who exudes like colin powell, that confidence that you normally would trust. whereas trump, despite all of the show business charm of his, can be very uneven and very unsettling to listen to.
4:26 pm
>> very insee kcure. >> you know more than i. >> the tragedy of donald trump, the fact of who is his base. his base is american people. he could have kept his base by being a deal maker and grown the base. instead he's alienated the most of the company. >> i look at the economic numbers. they're pretty good. obama could like these numbers, w and clinton. two thirds of the people now say things are pretty good. i haven't heard anybody be that positive in a long time and yet they say this guy is unfit. >> right. i think in defense of president obama, he left president trump with some pretty good economic numbers, both unemployment and the stock market. what we don't have now is one party yelling and screaming about how bad the economy is.
4:27 pm
democrats are silent about the economy because in many ways our president left it to president trump and you hear a lot of the republicans talking about how strong the economy is. that's impacting the poll numbers. you're seeing in numbers. >> 10% to win this. i agree. two sources tell vanity fair that steve bannon told the president he should worry more about the 25th amendment than he should worry about impeachment. the 25th amendment allows the majority of the cabinet to vote to remove a president. bannon said he think trumps has a 32% chance of making it to full presidency. that ea's his bosom buddy. >> two interviews today involve two people close egs to the president saying to the american people as their audience, this is a president who may not make it through his first year.
4:28 pm
>> what kind of republican are you? >> one that's honest and one that called on donald trump to drop out of the race after he announced a muslim ban. >> your state voted for him. >> as a party we are gone in the wilderness for a very long time if we don't find a voice that's different than trump. i think he should be primaried in 2020 if he decides to run again. >> who's your candidate. give me one. >> john kasich. >> who is the candidate for the democrat to beat him? >> i like chris murphy. >> he just pulled out. come on. >> mitch andrew. i like him. >> for president. okay. great. mayor of new orleans. thank you very much. up next, fires are raging across parts of northern california right now. they've moving at such -- these fires move so fast. they're right there. the residents are forced to
4:29 pm
evacuate with little or no warning. we're going to have a live report on what's going on in california. 20 different places there's fires. this is "hardball" where the action is. getting your flu shot at walgreens is easier than ever. just walk right in and pay zero dollars with most insurance. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation. it's that easy to get your flu shot and make a difference. so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy.
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because there's other people that are hurting a lot worse than i am right now with what they've had to deal with. so just going to rely on all of these good people to help us out. >> well, welcome back to hardball. of course that was one napa valley resident on her decision to leave her home amid the massive wildfires rage in california. get up and leave as fast as you can. 20 large fires are burning in that state. near voez, they've destroyed more than 1100 homes and businesses. red flag warnings have been issued for much of northern california, meaning any fires that spark will spread rapidly. in southern california, the canyon two fire forced ev evacuations near anaheim burning more than 8 thourngs acre ps. blaze left a dramatic orange
4:34 pm
haze for nearby disneyland. president trump approved the state's request. >> well you've heard the story here. the serious fire, we've had big fires in the past. this is one of the biggest and most serious. it's not over. that's the way it is with a warming climate and dry weather and reducing moisture. these kinds of catastrophe wills happen and continue to happen and we can do everything we can do mitigate. >> joe freyr is in santa rosa. >> reporter: this home belonged to the clark family. we spent time with them today.
4:35 pm
they didn't just lose the house, they lost this ford mustang. this garage, all of jamie clark's tools were here. they went to sleep sunday night. the fire was several towns away. then a little after 2:00 a.m. monday morning they knew the fire was coming. at that point they had 7 minutes to get out and escape. it's not just their house. if you look down throughout the neighborhood, the danger stretches far from here. the winds are really picking up. these are warm dry winds, diablo winds or devil winds common in october. they really can fuel the fires. so in calla to ga, that entire city is under evacuation tonight. a number of people around that area also under evacuation because the fire threat is only growing. expected to last several days. more than 20 large wildfires are burning throughout the state.
4:36 pm
already burned 170,000 acres. that's roughly 265 square miles. chris, that's larger than the size of the city of chicago. >> joe, what can they do? how are they fighting the fires? >> reporter: you know, the good thing is, you know, sunday night, monday morning, people got caught off guard. they didn't know the fires were coming, certainly not so quickly. now they have a lot of resources out here. more resources are coming in, more firefighters, more ways to attack from the hair. now they know the threat is coming. that doesn't make things any easier. if the wind gusts pick up tonight, they may not be as high as they were sunday night, but if they pick up they can take an ember, launch it into another neighborhood and spark a fire. >> joe fryer out there in santa rosa, california. president trump goes off nbc news saying it might strip the
4:37 pm
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welcome back to hardball. president trump made it clear on twitter this morning that he'd consider retaliating against networks like nbc by challenging their television licenses. quote with all of the fake news coming out of nbc and the networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their license? bad for country. that's trump talking there on tweet. his threat was in response to nbc's report this week that trump said at a meeting he wanted to increase the u.s. nuclear arsenal by nearly ten nod. that was in a meeting in july with the top chiefs of staff. according to three officials who were there in the room. we have good reporting on that. it's a latest in a series of broad sides against the media that the president issued since taking office. let's watch him at it.
4:41 pm
>> as you know, vi a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. these are really, really dishonest people and they're bad people and i really think they don't like our country. i really believe that. the press honestly is out of control. the level of dishonesty is out of control. if you want to discover the source of the division in our country, look no further than the fake news and the crooked media. the washington post is terrible. the failing "the new york times" which is so bad. or cnn which is so bad and so pathetic and their ratings are going down. it was fake news, a totally phony story. thank you very much. it was made up by nbc. they just made it up. >> well, trump is also going after individual reporters pe personally, most notably he mocked a journalist for having a disable. >> you got to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember.
4:42 pm
he's going like i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. that's the guy that got elected president. while the president was attacking the media, this is if first time he's threatened to use the fcc in retaliation against the media, against nbc in particular. i'm joined right now by the hardball round table,. howard, why don't you start here. is this just nixon stuff? is this chest pounding? is it a real threat? >> it's way beyond nixon rhetorically and way beyond nixon to open threats to use the regulato regulatory ma ch regulatory mechanics of government. they are frankly more effective than he is going to be. at the fcc they don't actually regulate networks. >> i know. >> they regulate individual tv
4:43 pm
stations. and also the current regime over at the fcc is against regulating very much of anything. they're not suddenly going to stamp on free speech. i don't think the chairman of the fcc is going to do that. >> this is chest pounding? >> this is trump doing more than nixon ever did publicly. it's disturbing because he doesn't understand our role any more than he understands the role of congress, the republican party, the intelligence community. >> nuclear weapons. >> or anything else. he doesn't understand what we do. >> you remember the old days pat buchanan writing his fiery speeches. at least there was a little bit of humor and fun. dana milbank out there on the stump almost. this guy, it's like throwing red
4:44 pm
meat into the cage. >> truly. you know, howard is right. but the thing that gets me is the fact that nixon didn't talk about it publicly is what made it so insidious. the fact that trump is talking about it tells me he's not going to do it. but the fact that he talks like somebody who who has never talked in tv himself. to talk about nbc news license being challenged. the government doesn't license nbc news. it licenses the stationings, not the networks. >> i've watched this in action at nbc. the levels of stuff, dand stards and the lawyers going through it and the editors going through it and the producers at the highest level going through all of these kinds of reports, especially when you're dealing with the president of national security. they got to get it right. it's got to be based on real good sourcing with lots of sourcing. and the president gets up at 6:30 in the morning and starts spewing this crap through his tweeter box or whatever it is. who is he to talk about fact? >> the problem though, i think,
4:45 pm
he does seem to have a chilling effect when he takes on other industries. >> does he? >> look at the nfl. he decided to take on the nfl -- >> do you think roger goodell was responding to trump? >> i think he was. >> the nfl is vulnerable. it's often said the nfl has more of the red audience while nba is more blue. >> very true. i've never thought of that vision there. >> and, you know -- >> the hipper players like spike lee and jack nicholson, they're along ring side for an nba game. >> but they're all motivated by profit. >> that's right. >> these are for-profit media corporations. >> also, things are a lot different now than even though we're sort of making fun of whether trump can actually do something in a regulatory fashion here. the tinderbox that is the american public right now is who
4:46 pm
he's playing to. and the fires can get -- can roar because in the old days when richard nixon was around there was a general aspect of respect. right now there is not. the national press corps were the national media is held in very low regard be most american people and that's who trump is playing to. >> dan rather, leslie stall, those people, you think people looked up to them and today they don't? >> well i just think there's a generation has passed and the attitude of respect for most institutions of power, especially ones based in new york and washington has disappeared. and that's who trump is playing to here. he's beating his chest about the fcc, his real target again, once again, is his base, as congressman jolly said. he's playing back into his base with this kind of talk and it's dangerous because it legitimizes a whole lot of stuff on the right side of the spectrum.
4:47 pm
>> the trum stuff that we haven't seen before. not since nixon have we had a president threaten to retaliate against a media company. 1962 nixon discussed using the same tactic against katherine graham who owned the washington post at the time. here's nixon on tape. >> there's nixon figuring out when he can get to them. challenging the washington post local tv license, actually filed in florida. katherine graham later wrote she could never prove that nixon was behind it. that was real. >> that's a local license. that's what fcc licenses. not network news. trump is talking to his base but unlike howard, i see his base as
4:48 pm
somewhat shrinking. look at the nfl polls. most of the public doesn't like the nfl protest but they don't like trump trying to tell the nfl what to do. >> divide that up. unpack that. how come people don't like to take the knee generally, they're more conservatively than the players but they don't like trump getting his nose in the thing. >> it violates a republican principle right now. >> i think it is very strange. but getting back to a point made earlier, i don't know that -- you know, we have more subscribers than ever before and our viewers on stories are up. while there might be in the national media some sense that we're not as trusts anymore as an institution overall, individual newspapers like the globe, the times. >> san francisco chronicle is doing well. the print is doing okay.
4:49 pm
has nothing to do with trump. it's the fact that they rely on the subscribers to pay for the newspaper. >> the media are like congress, everybody hates congress but loves their own congressman. same thing with the media. >> the ink is getting smaller. that's the trouble. round table is sticking with us. we'll be right back. ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? expedia gives you the world in your hand, so you can see more of it. expedia it's time for our fall sale on the only bed that adjusts on your sleep number setting.omfort does your bed do that?
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the round table sticking with us. up next they're going to give me three scoops that you'll be talking about tomorrow hopefully. making news here in any minute. whoa. this looks worse than i thought. mike and jen doyle? yeah. time for medicare, huh. i have no idea how we're going to get through this. follow me.
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because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. we're back with the hardball round table. tell me something i don't know from the boston globe. >> my something is about the rights. there's a lot of primaries going on, getting set up right now in the senate races and one of the litmus tests that's going to be used -- i've been talking to a lot of republican donors who are saying that the litmus test they want to use to determine if somebody is conservative enough is whether or not they support the filibuster or not. >> they want to get rid of the filibuster. >> they want to get rid of the filibuster. some of the conservative donors are looking for candidates to back who are willing to back away from the filibuster. >> wouldn't it be great to make the senate just like the house? >> you remember the former naacp, running for governor. >> i know him well. >> on the democratic ticket.
4:54 pm
and last night he was at a town hall with his democratic rivals and with bernie sanders being the emcee. now bernie is on ben's side and ben came out for fre college in maryland which is not a new idea. >> is he backing him in. >> he is now. i don't know if it's an official endorsement but they're very tight. >> i know what's going on. howard? >> i'm going to make the assumption that donald trump as now actually read the 25th amendment and presuming he has, he might want to start being careful about who he puts on the cabinet. >> because they can knock him out. >> a majority can say that he's unfit to hold the office. i'm telling you, it's going to completely change donald trump's view of a cabinet. >> and this is interesting. >> he'll never have a cabinet meeting again. >> will he ask them to sign an oath that they won't vote him off of the island.
4:55 pm
>> of course. it's "the apprentice". >> thank you. when we return, let me finish tonight with trump watch. he's not going to like tonight. he might like a little of it. you're watching hardball. wemost familiar companies,'s but we make more than our name suggests. we're an organic tea company. a premium juice company. a coconut water company. we've got drinks for long days. for birthdays. for turning over new leaves.
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4:58 pm
trump watch wednesday, october 11th, 2017. president trump tweeted this morning it would be nice to us in the media if we reported the historic rise in the stock
4:59 pm
market. i'm glad to do that. from the time president trump took office to this afternoon the dow jones industrial savage up 15 president. now approaching 23,000. there's other improving economic news as well. the jobless rate is down to 4.2%, lowest since 2001, before the attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon. a new quinn apoll, there are other numbers out there which come from the same poll. a strong majority of the same people say you're not honest, not a good leader, you don't care about the average person and and not only that, a full two thirds of the american people say you are not level headed. those are also numbers we need to report to the public. and you perhaps need to take some thought to think about. but you're right, there is good news out there. want to keep it going by doing what you promised to do in the
5:00 pm
first place. stay out of stupid wars and start building this country instead of spending morning tonight yelling schoolyard trash talk at the other kids on the playground. that's hardball right now. thanks for being with us. all in with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in". >> right now we have so many nuclear weapons, i want them in perfect condition, perfect shape. >> the president threatens a free press. >> it's disgusting that the press is able to write what they want to write. >> reports of an absolute meltdown in the white house. tonight the nuclear dangers with the president on the edge. >> my attitude is the one that matters. >> and what to make of his threats to challenge the license of nbc news. then -- >> articles of impeachment against donald j. trump. >> the billionaire donor who wants democrats to pledge the


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