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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 14, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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when this bell rings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and. hey again, everyone. from iran to america's hospitals president trump is very busy unraveling the legacy of president barack obama with back-to-back announcements this past week. i want to get right to nbc's kelly o'donald at the white house with continued fall out from this announcement from both the iran deal and the health
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care news. what's the latest? >> reporter: first on the iran deal, this is an action from the president gnat in and of itself does not pull the united states out of the existing deal. what it does say is that president trump will not certify iran is following all the rules of that deal, although the administration does say technically they are in compliance. what the president says is because they've been financing terror and testing bu lestic missiles, there are threats from iran not fully addressed by this agreement. so he's asking congress to look at sanctions, to look at other ways to try to trigger enforcement of iran's compliance with the international community. and if that doesn't happen, the president says he can still dare up the deal and pull out of it. now, european partners who are sigatories to this agreement think it is a way to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons and allow inspecks, access that kind of thing.
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democrats, part of the obama era, and they support this as a worthwhile policy of the u.s. but we heard president trump as a candidate repeatedly say it's a terrible deal, and he will tear it up. at this point he's doing a two-step approach. first asking congress to take a look. and he says if that is not certify, if there aren't new negotiations to look at how iran could be forced to comply, that's a known exit. taking on obama era policies and legacy items like the health care law. the president is challenging obamacare in a couple of ways. he is refusing to pay what are known as cost sharing payments, the federal government paying insurers to offer subsidies so lower income americans can buy their policies through lower income exchanges. he's saying that won't continue.
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to look at how small businesses could buy cheaper plans, shorter term plans across state lines. that's still a ways to go as well. but the big over arching theme here is taking on issues that were part of president obama, that were a part of the president's campaign. and bit by bit he's taking a hammer to those items. >> appreciate it as always. for now more on iran i want to bring in my panel. the ap fact check over the president iran speech, i want to show one such example. the president has claimed teren has repeatedly violated the deal. how much is this donald trump wanting to undue president
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obama's accomplishments, legacy versus actually looking at the facts of what's going on with the iran deal? >> i think that's a big part of it. certainly he doesn't want to sign-on to the obama presidency did well. and also this is being disruptive. this is him upsetting the status quo without a plan. he doesn't seem to really out line eany plan for what he actually wants to do. yesterday my guests were saying he essentially wants sanctions on things already happening, sanctions on the iran guard for instance. >> he's thrown it in the the hand of congress for the executive health care. instead of actually pulling the plug himself, what does it say about the president's actual leadership and intentions here? >> one, he's feeling an enormous
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pressure from his political base to do something on health care. because the republicans in congress tried for months to repeal the affordable care act, to replace the affordable care act and they were unable to do that. they failed, tried twice and couldn't do it. so i think part of this is part of a response to political pressure from his base. look, with we put republicans in power, why aren't they able to do this. he's essentially punting this issue back to congress at a time when a lot of republicans want to move onto tax reform. a lot of them felt like they put the health care issue behind them, and now it creates another item they have to work on it, it compicates their fall agenda. this is not something for many republicans on capitol hill that expected to be doing or frankly want to be doing right now. >> i read on your twitter that paul ryan is expecting to evaluate the deal. what do they hope to get done? what do they hope to change?
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>> it's unclear right now. president trump did kick this into the hands of congress. and one of the people deciding where this goes, bob corker, not exactly the best friend of the president right now. he's out lined steps he wants to take including strengthening negotiating and preventing iran from doing the research and develop that could lead them to a one-year zoom towards a nuclear bomb. the problem here is that democrats are not onboard with this. democrats condemn president trump's move as a prove that puts the united states closer to a war with iran and alienates allies like france and germany who want to follow through on this deal and move forward. the other world powers that agreed to this deal in 2015 are not necessarily going to go along with it. it's a very murky picture, but i do think the animating principle
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behind this as his legislative agenda has stalled in congress, he's looked increasingly towards undoing president obama's legacy. we saw that with health care, the csr payments which will have a destabilizing effect on the marketplace and now we see it with iran. >> are these actually -- >> i think in part it reflects what the president has not been able to get and promised on the campaign trail done. what we're seeing is similar actions to what president obama did in his final two years in office. but the difference is, of course, he did not have a congress of his same party in power. the president does. so i think a lot of voters are looking at this ask scratching their heads and saying, look, this is government completely controlled by republicans. and here we are eight, nine months in. nothing's gotten done. so i think he felt the pressure to use the power of executive
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actions to correct that. but again it raises questions because remember republicans spent years saying barack obama is overreaching, he's going beyond his authority, going far beyond what he should be doing as president. we don't hear a lot of those same complaints right now from republicans in terms of what president trump is doing. so we'll see if that changes in the coming months. >> jamal, your sight reported i think back in september that the white house chief of staff john kelly was trying to restrict the information getting into the white house particularly on this issue of iran. is that working? >> i don't think it is. you see h.r. mcmaster, national security advisor told grs that president trump did not want more sanctions, and then he gets up behind the podium and says he wants more sanctions. sanctions that would frankly
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invalidate this deal. >> and something talking about earlier that the leaders of the u.k., france, germany coming out explicitly saying we don't agree with the president of the united states here. is that something congress is going to listen to, you think? >> i think congress has to understand president trump is not really to be trusted. he's always gone back on his word. when he's been adversarial to even though in his own party? it's been curious. >> when we're talking about information going into and out of the oval office, i want to show you a statement nbc has not confirmed fox statement. is the president going to make a decision based on a story like that? >> you know, the president's own military advisers including defense secretary james mattis has said that iran is
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technically in compliance with this deal. to your question, i don't know. you know, the chief of staff of the white house, john kelly has done a lot to try and control the information that gets to president trump. this is one of the things he's said to have shifted in a meaningful way from his predecessor reince priebus. but we do know the president is a free man. he can look at whatever websites he wants. we know he has a tendency in the past to look at unreliable websites to get his news. we'll see where this goes. it remains to be seen. i think the next step is to congress. they only have something like 20 to 30 legislative days left between now and the end of the year. they want to do something ambitious as rewriting the tax code between now and then. this is another thing to add to their schedule. so there's a long road here between the conclusion and what war going to see with the iran deal. >> we're going to have to leave
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it there. appreciate all all of you being with me on this saturday. an nbc news exclusive reveals paul manafort had closer ties to russia than first thought. coming up next the $60 million money trail between the president's former campaign manager and moskow.
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welcome back, everybody. new evidence now of a money trail linking trump's former campaign chief to a trove of russian wealth. an nbc news explosive investigation ties paul manafort to a $26 million loan to a firm owned by oleg dare pauska.
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it is full steam ahead for special counsel robert puler. is president trump himself next in the hot seat? joining me now a former federal prosecutor, and i want to bring back sean sullivan. first to you, is rosenstein getting any closer to proving any kind of criminal wrongdoing here? >> well, for sure. first we know as to manafort there's been multiple reports he's going to be indicted, in other words charged with a crime. and we just learned from nbc news 60 million reasons why potentially to be helping a russian oligarch. but certainly in terms of interviews, what that interview of reince priebus tells us is that mueller is proceeding with his interviews related to the comey piece of the investigation, the firing of former fbi director james comey.
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we've heard this week that the white house has been producing a lot of documents to mr. mueller and his team. and the fact that he is interviewing senior white house staff means that that's proceeding more quickly than maybe some peopleimented. but i still would not expect any resolution there until next dwreer. >> sean, how explosive is this new fuel to the fire here? we have obviously the don junior revelations with the meeting at trump tower with the russians. and now we're hearing about this. in the scheme of things how bad is this? >> it's another concrete link for another-person in president trump's circle. a former campaign chairman who was essentially in charge of the day to day operations of the president's campaign last year. so we're seeing another link in someone in trump's circle and someone with ties to the russian government.
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so that adds another layer of questions about what financial interests or other interests trump's associates may have had. and when when you look at the interview, it shows you how deep his investigation is going. here's someone, reince priebus who sat a few feet away from in the president when he was chief of staff earlier this year. and even dating back to the cam bane when reince priebus was chairman of the rnc, he was someone in close contact with the president for many months as the campaign was unfolding. there's a lot of questions now about what information might have gained from the interview with mr. priebus who may have a lot of information from trump's team and interactions with russian officials over the last few months. >> just to be clear, don junior i said hat the white house, i meant at trump tower with the russians. back to you because twitter
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reportedly deleted important information with regard to the russian investigation. how serious is that? >> well, it's certainly something going to be a stumbling block for investigators. i will tell you as somebody who investigated crimes, particularly crimes involving the internet during my decade as a federal prosecutor, sometimes internet companies like twitter and facebook, they have policies that are very aggressive in terms of protecting privacy that involve deleting information or involve limiting access to law enforcement for information. and it can hinder campaign -- you know, it can hinder campaigns that, you know -- excuse me can assist campaigns to influence our election. can ultimately hinder an investigation. so what we've learned now is that there's a lot of activity on twitter. we may never be able to know exactly what was done because twitter deletes it as a matter of course. and i think it's going to be up to the american people and
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ultimately our elected representatives to determine whether or not we're going to start imposing limits on the deletion of data that could be used for an investigation later on. >> at the end of the day there was one man in charge of that campaign later on. how likely is it that the president of the united states is going to sit down with spence counsel mueller and can he even if he wanted to, tried to stick to the script? >> that's the big question right now, are we actually going to see that interview happen or that interaction happen. we've seen signs in media reports that people close to trump want to do that, they welcome the opportunity to do that. we're talking about a serious legal case right now, and we don't know if that's going to happen. if you look at the way the investigation is going, somebody like reince priebus was so close so to the president for such a long period of time and may be privy to a lot of information that could be helpful to this
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investigation. it just shows you it's getting closer and closer to the president himself. and to that question, whether he's actually going to sit down with mueller, is one we may be getting close to seeing an answer to at some point in the coming weeks and months here. >> let me ask you about that. if you're the president's legal team, you know he shoots from the hip, that's generous to say i think when it comes to -- like i said he can't stick to a teleprompter. why would you want him to sit down with bob mueller? wouldn't you be terrified of what he might say in that room? >> if i was representing the president, i would not want him to sit down in that room at all. i'd have him take the fifth in order to prevent him from speaking to mueller. the problem is a political one. if the president takes the figt, it obviously has consequences politically. and being interviewed with mueller, putting him in a
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situation where he'd have to subpoena you could also have implications. so i suspect the fact that the president is a political figure and has to worry above and beyond what a typical person would have to worry about, has to worry about those political consequences, i think that will dictate whether or not he'll sit for an interview. i also suspect that to be a very fruitful interview for robert mueller. >> the optics there, something to consider. we all remember president clinton. thanks so much for both of you. appreciate it. coming up, fueling the flames. high winds could threaten new wildfires here in california where the death toll has reached a grim milestone. we're going to foe up to santa rosa where new mandatory vacations have been ordered. >> a lot of crying for seeing this every day is hard. because we know the people.
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it breaks your heart.
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the firefighters are still working this hour to get a handle on fast moving flames scorching northern california. the death toll now stands at 35 after nearly a week of burning, vacations are still under way now. and crews are working with save residents who are trapped. >> where you at? >> right here. come on. she's disabled. >> all right, let me get her feet, let me get her feet. >> gusty winds and firefighters are facing an up hill battle. and joining me now is sarah dolla in california. >> reporter: they actually announced yesterday they had made some progress on the two biggest fires. that was a bright spot of news. but today we have more mandatory
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vacations in place. and as some people are able to get back into their neighborhoods, they're finding just complete devastation. the chimneys are really all the markers left in some neighborhoods. you can see the washer, dryer, furns, just charred shelds. and that glass actually melted by the extreme heat. and these are the conditions that some people are returning home to after being given just seconds to flee their homes. keep in mind that more than a 100 people remain missing at this hour. and officials are concerned that they will find more remains of people, that the death toll will rise as the days go on. they're actually out with cadaver dogs searching for remains today, looking to bring families some information, possibly some closure. and you mentioned that weather, these weather conditions going to continue to be a problem today. the winds expected to pick up as
12:27 pm
the day goes on. you combine that with the hot temperatures and the very low humidity, jacob, it's a recipe for potentially more disaster. >> absolutely heart breaking to see her in california. appreciate it very much. thank you. and with the stroke of a pen president obama guts a key component of obamacare that could affect insurance for millions and millions of americans. how more han a dozen states are taking action to stop him after the break. rchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya! what does that mean for us? we can get stuff. what's it mean for shipping? ship the goods. you're a go! you got the green light. that means go! oh, yeah. start saying yes to your company's best ideas. we're gonna hit our launch date! (scream) thank you! goodbye! let us help with money and know-how, so you can get business done. american express open. so you can get business done. eight hundred dollars when wet switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother.
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before getting out there and hitting the links today president trump teed up a few tweets about his decision to scrap subsidies that help pay health care for low income americans. the president tweeted, very proud of my executive order which will allow greatly expanded access and far lower costs for health care. millions of people will benefit.
12:31 pm
70% of those who benefit from cost sharing subsidies are actually in states donald trump won. good to see both of you. susan, let me start with you. if deficits ult mely go up from this, if premiums go up from this is the president basically trusting his base is going to be into the idea he's doing something to destroy obamacare? >> well, they will feel that way about him until of course this time next year when their premiums come into play and they find out they're going up more than anticipate. and at this point i don't think donald trump really cares. i don't think he cares if he's hurting republicans in the mid-term elections. in fact as you mentioned in the beginning, this is likely to hurt many of his own voters. except he is now turning his policies and creating an enemy of the republican congress. so it nits his narrative a little bit, but it better be
12:32 pm
resolved by 2020, or his voters won't be there for him. >> right. at the end of the day, is this going to cost him re-election. found that 71% of americans want the trump administration to fix obamacare, not repeal it. i gather from what you're saying you do not think this is a fix most americans want to see? >> no, i don't. and donald trump is taking a gamble. here. he knows he needs to get democrats onboard for some kind of fix to regulate the markets a little bit better. but even still he's not going to repeal and replace obamacare. and he's not -- the fixes that needs to be done needs to be done in a huge bipartisan fashion. and he's done nothing to let that happen. >> let's talk about some of those states. embracing the affordable care act, voters of the state went for donald trump even though
12:33 pm
they ultimately were into president obama's policy. and president trump was calling to repeal it. how do we reconcile all this and what are the implications knowing forward here? >> i think first of all donald trump doesn't care -- like susan was saying, he doesn't care. this is personal vendetta for him. this is about president obama and everything that has president obama's name on it or signatures on it. he wants to dismantle all of that, obama's legacy. unfortunately, though, he's doing this on the backs of americans, of american families who if they lose their health care, they will suffer. and that is his primary objective. but i think this can be fixed. congress was working on a bipartisan effort here to really fix the system. and unfortunately this is wrecking ball to that. but if the republican leadership come together and allow this kind of bipartisanship to continue and to fix this and to
12:34 pm
really mandate, create a legislation to mandate that these subsidies be paid for, that reimbursement be paid for, they are in charge now, they can fix this. but they don't want to seem to do that both the leadership in the house and senate. >> i was going to say just to follow up on that, plus we're only talking about one small of the problem when it comes to health care. yes, the premiums are too high, but we're not doing anything to change the fundamental problems with our health care system. and there are somethings that could be done in a bipartisan way like prescription drugs. >> let me ask you more about the idea of making a deal. because the president suggests this is going to pressure democrats to make a deal. he tweeted just in the last hour to have democrats call me, as if pulling the rug out from obamacare and then sending a tweet out was the ground work
12:35 pm
for coming through with some break through solution. what kind of deal do you expect to happen if one at all? >> i can't imagine there's any deal that can happen with donald trump? there's no incentive there. look, donald trump took an oath back in january to up hold the laws of the land. and like it or not, obamacare, aca, is the law of the land. and he refuses to try and bring people together to fix it. so there is no incentive to work with donald trump. the only way this can be fixed is if the leadership in the house and the senate come together, they push that bipartisanship that has been started in congress and try to truly fix this in a legislative fashion. there is no incentive working at all for democrats to work with donald trump. >> mitch mcconnell and paul ryan whereby this sort of falls in their lap. paul ryan put out a statement. i'm paraphrasing -- this is
12:36 pm
great, obamacare -- we shouldn't be working with obamacare as it is right now, we're going to get out there and try to fix this thing. but will they be able to rally the members of the republican party and get something done? >> well, it's going to be tough. and let's not forget the biggest thing the house and the senate wanted to work on is tax reform. the reason why this failed after the skinny bill failed and the senate, the house wanted to move on. and they had one hope of getting something done maybe this year. and that was on tax reform. so trump keeps throwing, whether it's health care, whether it's tax reform, whether it's the iran deal, he keeps throwing things into congress. and he needs to set up his legislative priorities and let congress get to work on them. >> we had talked about the facts just before open enrollment scheduled to begin in less than a month. you have people in the american people who are certainly
12:37 pm
confused, i think it's fair to say, about the implications of what the president has done here. even though the premiums are not going to increase, do you see the american people rallying around the idea of them going up as much as 20% the year after next? >> yeah, i do. because we saw the american people really rally behind making sure that obamacare did not get repeal. ask his is an important issue. we're talking about millions of people. we're talking about tens of millions of people. according to the cbo score year after year you're going to see a million people get kicked off of health care. and this is really real. we're talking about protections that aca provided folks. we're talking about maternity care, pre-existing conditions, these are things that are going to truly affect low income families because that's what these subsidies were doing. they were helping low income families, bringing those costs down. i think, yes, with the messaging
12:38 pm
and making people more aware of what's going on. and they're going to feel it at some point. here's the thing, donald trump has already kind of undermined the health care markets because insurance companies didn't know what was going to happen. so some premiums have gun up because of donald trump's dangerous behavior. so people are starting to feel that already. >> good to see you both on this saturday. appreciate it. coming up more fall out in the harvey weinstein scandal. today members of the motion picture academy are deciding whether or not he's going to be excelled from their elite club. next, how the film mogul is fighting back after being fired from his own company. from the very beginning ...
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what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. the latest in the allegations against hollywood mogul harvey weinstein, allegations accusation of tape and sexual harassment going back decades. as of today 35 women have come forward. and also today the academy of
12:42 pm
award picture arts and sciences is deciding whether to remove weinstein from their elite group. his brother telling today their company's board, quote, did not know the extenlt of the conduct. high also said his brother is quote, sick and depraved. also releasing a statement tuesday say, quote, any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied. a katey, let's start with you. i want to start with the news nbc confirmed on friday that harvey weinstein plans to contest his firing at the next weinstein board meeting happening on tuesday. does he have have a legal leg to stand here? >> from what we understand, and
12:43 pm
this is the crazy thing, the contract actually allowed for him to have this type of sexual misconduct as long as he paid back the company any out-of-pocket expenses they had and if he paid a $250,000 for each incidence of misconduct. according to his attorney who skreently for his optic is a female lawyer plans to testify that i haven't done anything wrong in terms of that contracts. if he takes it to court, we'll look at the terms of that contracts. really, are you going to win in the court of public opinion? you're not going to. so if i were harvey weinstein's lawyer, i would say i wouldn't challenge it. >> then nbc also confirming details of weinstein's contracting creating a loophole for him to pay offsetaliments. how often do contracts like this make it possible for member to
12:44 pm
harass women in the workplace? it seems insane. >> it is and. and it seems crazy that a board would let a senior executive essentially for free reign to violate the law. i mean there's certainly serious legal implications for the company as well. >> what do you make, mia, what i said at the top of the show. i want to make sure i get this quote right, that bob weinstein did not know the extent of harvey weanstein's inappropriate conduct? >> from what we've heard, harvey weinstein's actions were an open secret in hollywood. he didn't cause all this damage on his own. it went on over a period of years, which means people had to look the other way or enable or facilitate his behavior. >> kelly, i've got to ask you a story you published in the dialy beast about the role of
12:45 pm
complicity, an open secret in hollywood. you were talk about how weinstein's assistants, his colleagues enabled alleged acts. does it to use the phrase, take to a village, to create a predator? >> it's astonishing to me that they wouldn't know anything about this? it got to the extent that it was this joke in hollywood. there were pay offs, legal teams being used to help squash these accusers. there was a pr army being used to play against accusers according to the new york post. >> you spoke this april about president trump revoking the fair place act, which offered some protection to women workers. have the policies of this administration, president trump's administration helped women workers as he would i'm sure claim or taken all of us back in time?
12:46 pm
>> well, unfortunately, what we are seeing is really a roll back of important protections. both that we thought we had secured years ago and new ones like the fair pay and workplace executive order like we mentioned. what we're incleesing lee seeing in employment contracts are employs are asking their employees to give up their right to go to court and instead take their issues including harassment claims to proceedings. no one knows how these cases are resolved or decided. so it actually helps hide sexual harassment and discrimination. it protects serial harassers from any sort of consequences and really silences victims from coming forward. >> hypocrisy is a word we're hearing a lot thrown around in the wake of this. katie, are we're seeing
12:47 pm
hypocrisy, might kick out harvey weinstein when other men accused of tape, bill cosby, roman pulansky, to name two, are still accused? >> he is of course hiding out overseas. he will not come back, but the academy academy has not kicked him out. frankly, that is exactly what needs to happen to someone like harvey weinstein. it's about time we have an example set. and perhaps it opens doors and destroys that culture of silence that has crushed the victims from being able to move forward to this. in that you recollect there's no statute of limitations on crimes like tape and criminal sexual misconduct. on criminal investigations, let's see who else might be exposed during the pursuit of justice against harvey weinstein? >> northern california if i am
12:48 pm
correct, as i think i am, kevin fallin at the cnn entertainment reporter at the daily beast, you talk to folks in the entertainment industry virtually every day i would imagine. is anything going to change in terms of the behavior, practices of hollywood studios, agencies, managers in the wake of this harvey weinstein scandal? >> i think what's interesting is the amount of other huge top executives that are being whispered about now in social media that i won't name because there hasn't been official allegations against them. we're seeing it's not just harvey. harvey is just the person who had these two bombshell investigations published against him. i think if these women band together and continue to speak out, maybe there's going to be a difference. but the hollywood casting couch has existed for almost 100 years now. there's a lot of institutional change that has to be made. >> and we should point out not
12:49 pm
just institutional change in hollywood, but campus sexual assault is massive problem plaguing this country, sexual assault in the military plaguing this country, and sexual assault and treatment of women in general is something we should be talking a lot more about than we have been. great conversation. appreciate you being here. >> thank you. and ready for battle. next how steve bannon is rallying up the president's base at the voters summit. stay right here. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges. backed me up... big time.
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we're asking for $2 million. >> we have to test these products 100%. >> functionality-wise, i would invest in it right now but we have to talk about the whole marshmallow look. conservatives are converging in washington, dc this weekend on day two of the values voters summit. today, former white house chief strategist steve bannon took aim at the republican stat gist wra with this warning shot. >> the ap story today that kicked off my speech before you all talks about bannon enlists the value voters in his war against the republican
12:53 pm
establishment. this is not my war. this is our war. you all didn't start it. the establishment started it. but i will tell you one thing. you all are going to finish it. >> joining me now is msnbc's garrett. you were there at the summit for bannon's speech. it actually, just listening to that, it didn't sound like all of that rousing of a response. >> bannon is an interesting speaker. he peppers speeches with shakespeare quotes and chinese philosophers. he mixes it up. it's not all the way through the typical conservative red meat that you get, particularly at conferences like this, but here's the deal. bannon talked about he had this idea he was going to recruit the value voters summit to be part of his army. this is a conservative
12:54 pm
organization, evangelical voters, in large part of the last 17 years the conference existed but now someone like bannon showing up and saying, you guys are part of this sort of trump movement. we depended on you. the president depends on you. and you're going to power this movement forward by challenging a lot of the same establishment republicans that people in this audience, in some degree, grew up supporting. i want to play for you a little bit of what bannon had to say and then a little bit of the reaction that i got talking to folks immediately after his speech. take a listen. >> yeah, mitch, the donors are not happy. they've all left you. we've cut your oxygen off, mitch. >> i think it was divine providence that founded this country and i think trump is our last chance. i think the establishment will never let this happen again. >> steve bannon is a true american who is spot on. that guy is brilliant and i believe his analysis is absolutely accurate. >> and i personally feel
12:55 pm
betrayed by john mccain, i feel betrayed by mitch mcconnell. they elected and ran on repealing obamacare and they didn't do it. inexcusable, it's dishonest and i am angry. >> there you go, jacob. that's the story of the republican primaries over the next six months. is bannon able to successfully coopt what was the republican base into this nationalist trump base that might throw out some of the same people elected time and time again? it's going to be fascinating. >> that gentleman, garrett, said he was angry. i looked at chuck todd and political commentator appear msnbc news said no idea how much more damage to do to them as private citizens. that guy was angry. vitriolic thing to say. was that the tone in the room? >> yeah, a little bit. gorka compared himself and steve bannon to obi-wan kenobi.
12:56 pm
said, if you strike me down, i'll be more powerful than you can possibly imagine. whether you want to leave they left of their own accord or asked to leave the white house, this idea that now they're on the outside and they don't need the white house to sign off. they don't even need the president to sign off. they can attack the president's enemies and really, it was striking. they went after the left, sort of as a concept. they talked about the media. i don't think i heard a democratic politician named other than hillary clinton who they use as sort of a throwaway joke. this is about a fight against republicans who they don't see as loyal to donald trump. >> absolutely fascinating. may the force be with you, msnbc's garrett haig. >> and also with you. >> the coverage next hour on the president's decision to decertify the iran nuclear deal. stay with us.
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my colleague thomas robert picks things up right now. over to you. >> hi, appreciate it. i'm thomas roberts here at msnbc headquarters in new york and about 4:00 p.m. here on the east coast. 1:00 out west where the updated death toll now stands at 35 after a series of wildfires ravaged california's wine country makes this the deadliest wildfire crisis that state has ever seen. we'll take you there for a live report later this hour, however, all eyes are on washington as president trump is working to unravel his oval office predecessor's legacy from iran to health care. we'll break it down for you and then russia's $60 million man. right there. the investigation heating up with nbc's exclusive report about paul manafort and deep financial connections to a specific russian oligarch. and the allegations again


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