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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 14, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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my colleague thomas robert picks things up right now. over to you. >> hi, appreciate it. i'm thomas roberts here at msnbc headquarters in new york and about 4:00 p.m. here on the east coast. 1:00 out west where the updated death toll now stands at 35 after a series of wildfires ravaged california's wine country makes this the deadliest wildfire crisis that state has ever seen. we'll take you there for a live report later this hour, however, all eyes are on washington as president trump is working to unravel his oval office predecessor's legacy from iran to health care. we'll break it down for you and then russia's $60 million man. right there. the investigation heating up with nbc's exclusive report about paul manafort and deep financial connections to a specific russian oligarch. and the allegations against his
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movie mogul brother but we begin with politics, president trump spending yet another saturday at one of his privately owned golf clubs. this time, trump property and partner none other than lindsey graham. a established face of the establishment. a very passionate speech at the values voters summit. >> there's a time and season for everything. right now, it's a season of war against a gop establishment. >> again, that summit happening in dc and that's where we find nbc's kelly o'donnell live for us at the white house. let's talk first about the president and golfing partner today in senator lindsey graham. explain how this happened. >> reporter: the south carolina senator is now two saturdays in a row spending time with the president. when you think of the sort of portfolio that lindsey graham
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has on capital hill, it deals with the areas of the military and foreign affairs and those are primary subjects that have been on the president's mind of late. so perhaps that's what they're talking about. things like dealing with the iran nuclear deal or perhaps the positioning of forces in afghanistan. lots of topics there. but the president and senator graham, again, out today golfing. they're back. the president is back at the white house now and when you consider what president trump has been doing this week, it has been busy and a lot of it come under the umbrella of going after things that are signature issues of the obama era. when we talk about the iran nuclear deal, the president is not withdrawing the united states from it but telling congress, required by law, he does not certify the compliance of iran. technically, they are meeting the requirements of the nuclear inspections and so forth. there's no dispute about that here at the white house. but the administration says that iran is doing other things that are dangerous and need to be
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addressed like financing terror, developing a ballistic missile program and there is an end date to the iran nuclear agreement which the white house says is only a countdown clock to when they will start to work on a nuclear weapon. this is controversial because european partners would like the u.s. to remain involved. any kind of congressional action would require democrats. no success so far in congress. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house, when there's a golf outing, you're usually in new jersey. great to see you. >> you bet. >> in 8.5 mnonths, taking a dramatic step to erase the legacy of the obama administration. president trump decertifying the iran nuclear deal. >> the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided
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transactions the united states has ever entered into. >> now, a day earlier where we had the president signing the executive order undercutting obamacare by scrapping subsidies to insurance companies which help lower income americans afford their out of pocket medical costs. >> that was a very big step yesterday, another big step was taken the day before yesterday and one by one, it's going to come down and we're going to have great health care in our country. we are going to have great health care in our country. >> all right, you'll remember this. it was earlier this year. the paris climate agreement was scrapped, which president trump had backed out of in june. >> the bottom line is that the paris accord is very unfair at the highest level to the united states. >> mine mien whienia meanwhile,
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keystone pipeline approved it after the obama administration blocked it. and tpp negotiated under the obama administration all but thrown out by the current administration just three days after president trump was sworn in. but yesterday, the same day president trump was touting his alas actions on iran and health care, we've got robert mueller's team of investigators interviewing trump's former chief of staff reince priebus and paul manafort also facing new questions about his financial ties to russia with an exclusive nbc news report revealing manafort had deeper and more substantial money ties with the russian oligarch, much deeper than previously reported. he can't escape his past which continues to haunt what we are talking about today, the effectiveness of his own presidency. so here to digest this, "the new york times" washington correspondent, national security
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contributor michael schmidt. senior political correspondent, erin del mor, president and founder of liberty government affairs, breitbart contributor and democratic strategist and danielle moody mills. let me begin with you. trump was elected on the promise of basically running on this campaign of everything anti-obama and the legacy that was cemented by our former president during his eight years in office. isn't he just fulfilling on the trail? >> to his base, he's going to do, which is undo obama's legacy. but trump has not created the legacy of his own. all he's done is break down our democracy, he's shrouded with a ton of lies, right, and secrecy and the shadeiness of his administration and how he got into office in the first place. so while he's busy undoing obama's legacy, not creating one of his own. we don't know what this administration is for. they promised to make america
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great again. i've seen no infrastructure plans. i've seen a decrease in job growth for the first time in seven years. and now, dismantling of the affordable care act and in that way, going to hurt his base primarily, the people in the red states he hails as the core of americans, they're the ones that are going to be hurt most by his policies and by his actions the other day. so i'm just confused while he undoes obama's legacy, what is trump's? >> when we think about the trump pleasu accomplishments, a lot of people would say, it's disruption or a modern day president as trump like to call himself because he communicates via twitter and sometimes, with a plum and other times with a serious vulgarity in ways of going after people. but we know, we've seen the signing, the executive orders that have come out of the trump administration even though the republicans have full control in
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dc. should that be a red flag about president trump and his administration, erin? about the fact that they can't really get any policy, any legislative accomplishments? >> this senate and the house are controlled by republicans but president trump is facing a wall when he's trying to push through these major legislative priorities so he's picked up the pen in executive order. that's the same tactic he and congressional republicans hammered obama over when it came to reform on health care and immigration. what they're saying is when president obama did it, that was executive overreach. but republicans say now, that doesn't apply to president trump. only correcting for president obama's actions. the fact remains. republicans in congress are not able to get the priorities through and that's why they're going to have to grapple with all of the things he's trying to get done including tax reform by the end of the year with fewer than 30 legislative days until the end of the year. >> when we think about not much
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applying to president trump, that is from a political calculation because we've never seen any type of politician who gets away with the amount of fresh politics, if that's what we want to call it, that have come from this administration, brian, and we have now, with the president's blessing, as i understand it, and the fact steve bannon on fox news earlier in the week on monday, president trump called to say great job but giving him his blessing to lash out at republican establishment members and this was bannon earlier today in dc talking to the values voter summit. i want to let everyone at home see it. >> nobody can run and hide on this one. >> that's right. >> these folks are coming for you. the day of taking a few nice conservative votes and hiding is over. >> here, we have kind of this nationalism that's come out of bannon that continues to come out of bannon now he's been freed from any type of
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constructs of this white house, but if he's going after mitch mcconnell and after establishment republicans, the other legacy issue for president trump is neil gorsuch for the supreme court and without mitch mcconnell, never able to do that. is going after mitch mcconnell and establishment republicans a smart approach? >> i do. i think it's a very smart approach because the establishment republican leadership in the house and senate has accomplished nothing in this congress. it's their fault. much of the shortcomings in implementing the trump agenda fall squarely on the shoulders of the house and senate establishment leadership and i think steve bannon is spot on to go after a lot of these establishment politicians and say, you know what? we're going to run a primary opponent against you to get you to be conservative again. to actually do something. when you look at what president trump has done, he's had to resort to executive actions and what have those executive alaskalask
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actions been? one to undo the iran deal which should have been as a treaty. like the paris, should have been submitted to the senate as a treaty. when you talk about the obamacare subsidies, those are all bailouts to insurance companies that weren't authorized under the law. so ultimately, president trump is just implementing policies that he can do under the law and undoing unconstitutional actions taken by the obama administration. >> when you think about this, unconstitutional actions, the majority of americans support obamacare which did, you know, pass and it was signed into law. the other issues that president trump seems to take on, whether it's building a wall or trying to have a muslim ban or these other ideas, they're not widely supported on the hill. so are you saying most of these republican establishment members are just secret obama lovers and they don't support a president trump and his ideas or do they just have a different idea of
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what it means to govern as a republican? >> not governing, not doing anything. that's the problem. i think republican voters who voted for donald trump wanted to see some of his policies implemented and they're implementing none of them. i think when you look at obamacare saying it's popular, you know what's not popular? bailing out insurance companies to the tune of $135 billion over the next ten years. that's not popular at all. and it was not allowed under obamacare originally. so those are some of the problems. i think ultimately, president trump is trying to push back and put pressure on congress to do something and what steve bannon is doing is utilizing his power and his purse to do something and put points on the board. >> i want to turn to what continues to be a parallel track in dc with the bob mueller investigation into russia and we learned that the investigators of this team interviewed reince priebus on friday and now this new reporting, nbc news'
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exclusive backgrounded on paul manafort more deep ties to the russian oligarch. how much does the continuation of this investigation undermine trump and his effectiveness in the oval office? >> well, it's an incredible distraction because as the president is trying to put his policies forward and get congress to go along with him, he has to deal with this and confront this and it takes attention away. it hurts his standing with the public, his approval ratings have not gone much higher. they've stayed fairly low and the russia cloud is over the presidency. this is why trump's administration is trying hard as it can to get many documents to mueller in the hopes that mueller will look at it and come out to clear trump and say, look, he's not under investigation anymore because they realize the reality in the way this has really weighed the president down, including behind the scenes where the president obsessed about this and has expressed deep frustration with
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the way it has distracted from things. >> obviously, there is a deep suspicion, danielle, on the democratic side but does that mean it's going to be helpful in the midterms come 201 and with the republicans, gop establishment members to unseat them, when we think of the specter of the russian investigation, is there reason to have hesitation in dc if the president or members of his team are actually found to have had any type of collusion or ties or instances of potential treason to get this person elected? >> yeah, this is not just like, this isn't just a distraction. this russian interference into our election process is a blatant attempt to try and up end our democracy, trying to up end american people having a voice and having a say in their elections. and that is the foundation of our democracy, so it's not a
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distraction. it's actually really important. and it's important for the american people to settle the anxiety that has encircled this administration. as to whether or not they actually voted in this president or he was put in place. that's a real question. and it will come up and i think that the democrats need to be really strategic and smart about how they communicate their message about russia interference, about keeping the shroud of shadeiness over this administration and hold them accountable for the lack of transparency and lack of cooperation. all of the things that are coming out in mueller's investigation about ivanka and jared using e-mails, private e-mails and all of these, oh, i didn't know i was supposed to come clean to the fbi about my meetings. all of these things that are happening, they put a direct cloud, as you said, over this administration which makes us believe we don't know who trump is working for. is he working for the american
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people like he said he was going to do or is he working for the betterment of his pockets, his family and the russians? we don't know. we will not know until we get a clean bill of health from mueller, if in fact, that's what comes out of this. >> that's what everybody really needs, to move on right now for bob mueller and his team to continue, wrap up, provide the details and let people either, you know, pick up the pieces and decide what to do if there is something specific to go after or let president trump get on with the business of what he said he was elected to do. great to have you all with me. wroo brian, erin, michael aaron. thank you. and great news for you and colleague and friend of ours, mine especially here at msnbc with kasie hunt and her new show, kasiedc. joining us here on msnbc.
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i know some people say kasie dc? almost like a krrkac/dc, right? anna saying sure. the iran nuclear agreement. what could be a long and heated clash on capitol hill. plus, the death toll rising in california. the latest with the rescue efforts that are on the ground. plus, weather conditions. that is going to have some other issues prompting some widespread evacuations. stay with us. discover card.
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we want to focus on the president's decision to decertify the iran nuclear agreement. making claims about iran to justify that decision. some of the claims just don't
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add up. trump said, quote, the previous administration lifted these sanctions just before what would have been the total collapse of the iranian regime. to the contrary, the ap says, quote, an eminent collapse highly unlikely and committed multiple violations of the agreement. the ap said that's incorrect, writing, quote, iran is meeting all obligations under the deal according to the international atomic energy agency investigators. trump said the deal, quote, also gave the regime an immediate financial boost and over $100 billion its government could use to fund terrorism. it was iran's to begin with. not a payout but unfreezing of assets held abroad. to dive deeper into this and the president's recent decision regarding the deal, our panel, columnist for the daily beast, author of "nuclear showdown: north korea takes on the world" and security analyst, joe
1:22 pm
ciricione. is it with me putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable on your name all the time? and "nuclear nightmares." we've had you on so much talking about the north korean deal with what happens and the ripple effect of this decertify kags and the iran nuclear deal. looks like iran's program is hiding in north korea basically. explain for the u.s. and what it means going forward as there was a check and balance system for the deal. >> iran and north korea had a partnership for two decades and estimated iran pays north korea about $2 billion to 3 billion a year for various forms of cooperation, missiles.
1:23 pm
nuclear weapons. for the first three tests, this is open source that iranians were on scene for the detonations but that was before the effectiveness of the iran deal. there's also some indications though that iranians were in north korea for the last two tests and both after the effective date after the jcpoa. in other words, the iran nuclear deal. these are things that we need to look much more carefully at because obviously, if iran has its nuclear weapons program in north korea, then inspectors in iran are not going to find it. and so this is a critical point, and i think we need to look much more deeply into this issue. >> so joe cirinciona. with rex till eerson and mattis and mcmaster concerned about the consequences of withdrawing from the deal. explain our national security interests and the potential jeopardy of what the president
1:24 pm
would have been advised if he didn't listen to. >> well, let me pick up on what gordon said to explain this. i don't agree with everything gordon just said but a lot of it. there's clearly close cooperation in the past between north korea and iran and what that means is that if there was not this iranian deal, if there were no restraints, if the president pulls out and the deal collapses, it's quite possible that north korea could help iran build an intercontinental ballistic missile and a thermo nuclear device to put on it with a few years. not a decade or more, but it could happen very, very quickly which is exactly why our european allies say, stay in the deal. why you're hearing from experts around the world overwhelming numbers, this is a good deal. which is why the president's own national security team, as you say, tillerson, mattis, mcmaster all said, keep the deal.
1:25 pm
it's in american national security interest and they were palled with an act of political and geopolitical folly as threatened the deal. basically, opening the door to killing the deal and inviting members of the senate to actually take the kill shot. >> joe, thank you very much. gordon, thank you, sir. i appreciate it. we'll talk more about that coming up in the hour and next hour as well but we need to move on to breaking news we just get in regarding harvey weinstein and some news about his status with the board of the academy of motion pictures and science. voting immediately to expel weinstein from the academy. so again, the scandal that's broken about the allegations of sexual predatory behavior and women who have come forward saying that this movie mogul has alleged rapes, they've alleged different incidents. a pay for play, certainly, if
1:26 pm
these women didn't play along with his predatory behavior, to lose roles. this is swift and decisive action. we know his company fired him just earlier in the week, but there have been no criminal charges brought against harvey weinstein, but they are making a swift move with the oscar academy in hollywood voting him out. back in a moment after this. ♪ if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand.
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1:30 pm
academy worked to remove him as the member of the club. this damning allegations of women who have come forward who have claimed that weinstein has been aggressive with them, performing sexual acts in front of them, unwanted sexual acts. some women even going so far to saying harvey weinstein had raped them but weinstein is not totally leaving the company that he helped to found with his brother without a fight. we have a source close to weinstein telling nbc news that he plans to challenge his termination because of a stipulation within his contract with that company about being fired in such a manner. at last count though, we have over 30 women stepping forward to level accusations at the producer with new stories that have been emerging daily.
1:31 pm
actresses kate beckinsale, eva green, three of the latest addition to a growing number of prominent names for alleged victims. a spokesperson for weinstein responded to the allegations saying, any allegations of nonconsensual sex unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein and further confirmed never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances. this is the statement from the academy board of governors, talking about what their decision means today and meant to discuss the allegations about weinstein and voted well in excess of the required two-thirds majority to immediately expel him from the academy, not simply to separate ourselves to someone who does not merit the respect of colleagues but to send a message of willful ignorance in sexually predatory behavior and workplace harassment in our industry is over.
1:32 pm
deeply troubling problem no place in our society. the more it continues to work to establish ethical standards of conduct that all academy members will be expected to exemplify. joining me now is wendy murphy, professor of sexual violence law in new england law, boston. and vanity fair correspondent and mark malcolm, entertainment journalist. great to have you with me and good timing as we were able to be here with the breaking news. just coming out about harvey weinstein kicked out of the academy and this latest news is certainly big news. a lot of people had expected this, but wendy, from a legal standard, what do you say as a lawyer when it comes to, did they have the legal grounds to move forward with such a vote if someone, if they are considering removing has not been charged or convicted of any crime that would be an infraction against their membership?
1:33 pm
>> well, can i start off by saying something a lot of people say when they go to the oscars? i'd like to thank the academy. because it's not a right to be in the membership of the academy. it's a privilege. and in any environment where your membership status is a privilege, where you have to be invited, where you have to be accepted, you really can't sue or complain or object if they don't want you anymore. you simply don't have a right to membership. obviously, there are certain rules to membership and he might say, i didn't violate them, but the real question is, do they have the authority to exclude members that they don't want for whatever reason? the answer is yes. the only thing they can't do is act with discriminatory intent. if they said, we don't want you
1:34 pm
because you're jewish, couldn't do that. but because you're unacceptable, uncivilized brute and sex offender, potential rapist? you can get rid of somebody for that like that. >> this is going to be a huge blow to folks in hollywood. i think a lot of people would say, even if you want to take it a step further, reveal these other folks that are within your industry as you have claimed that weinstein's behavior has been an open secret for decades. who are the other people and reveal those people and expel them from the academy as well, not waiting for a big bomb to drop out of "the new yorker" or "the new york times" or have women come forward but the contract dispute he may have with his own company, i was reading the fact that it was built in to his contract that if there were sexual harassment allegations or any type of payout, weinstein would do that
1:35 pm
out of his own pocket and it would not be something that he would be held accountable for within his own company, correct? >> yes. that is what that contract said. it's an astounding clause to include in a contract. i don't know how that gets included into any kind of contract and then for people around him who work closely with him who said they had no idea what he was up seems really farfetched. >> thinks of that? and then in light of the revelation saying they feel any payouts would have been for a consensual relationship that happened between them. mark, it's just mind blowing because if there was a consensual relationship, what are you paying out in terms of some type of a grieved allegation if this was truly a consensual event? >> that's what's amazing here. you have harvey ries brother who's claiming that the only
1:36 pm
philandering he thought harvey was doing was consensual and it was just him cheating on his wife. literally just brushed it off, he did a lot of it but all of this other stuff, i didn't know about but who signed this contract? who looked over this contract and said, we'll go with this. this is really good employee relations. it's just absolutely absurd. >> do you think, wendy, for a lot of different women who came out, brave people. when you're the victim of sexual abuse or any type of violence against yourself, there's a lot of internalized shame. it's best for the safety of others, family members, loved ones, maybe your spouse you just don't want to reveal this and meanwhile, the pressure in hollywood, what am i going to get labeled as, will i work again? how do you think this is going to change the culture in hollywood or is this just a moment in time and a specific
1:37 pm
case with weinstein and things are going to revert back to form when this dies down? >> well, let me start by saying that even moments in time help and it takes a lot to change culture and we live in a culture where sexual exploitation, especially of women, is not only acceptable, but it makes a lot of money and to change the culture and the idea that mistreatment of women is unacceptable is going to take more than one big story, more than a bill cosby or a harvey weinstein, but these are steps along the way and what it means to me is that, and i think this is even more important than whether this is going to be a seat change, the message now to women is, you don't have any shame here. harvey weinstein has shame here. he's the only one with shame
1:38 pm
here. you come forward proudly when you speak out and whatever anybody chooses to do about it, if you are never believed. if there's never a lawsuit or no criminal charges, it doesn't matter. you have a right to be heard and to be respected. that's what i feel from this moment in time that when the women spoke up, they were respected and listened to and something really bad happened to this guy, hopefully, he'll also be prosecuted. i have no doubt he'll be sued. all of those things together are the beginning of cultural change, but we're light years ahead of true safety for well in the work plaplace in education society. >> any sexual predatory behavior alleged in this and more and more women have come out, nicole and as wendy says, yes, the burden is on this person. the burden should not be on the
1:39 pm
victim, however, sexual abuse victims carry that burden and it's not something easy to release, to let go of and to understand to wendy's point. for hollywood, what type of justice is this indication? this type of hollywood justice of being kicked out of the academy mean? >> well, i think it's more of what happens going forward and how the culture changes. we've seen all the figures and how women are so underrepresented in hollywood from behind the cameras to in the board rooms to at the higher et echelons of people making green light decisions. we've been talking about it for years. the stats haven't changed for years and the number of female directors haven't changed for years. i think while people in hollywood have their antennas up and horrified of what's happened and a lot of shame just among the people i've talked to who maybe had heard rumors but didn't follow up with them or didn't, or saw signs of the
1:40 pm
bullying. we all saw signs of the bullying. we heard about the physical and verbal abuse but people stopped and didn't think it went to sexual abuse. so while the antennas are up now, the hope is it continues and we make, there's a real effort made to bring women, not just in a cursory sense but who have real power into the green light decisions and to making the decisions at these companies and on the movies and on these tv shows and to really change how things are. i mean, everyone's angry and upset right now and i've heard so many synonyms for the word disgust. these are all good steps. the academy said we're kicking him out means, yeah, are they now the arbiters of what is right and what is wrong? maybe so, but maybe that's what they need to be to set some kind of standard that previously kind of wasn't there. >> mark, i'm going to give you the last word here. women are engaged in this and
1:41 pm
invested in this because they can relate. they may not have been abused or criminally, the word i look for is assaulted in any way, but men in hollywood, there are good men in hollywood and they need to stand up. are you seeing anything from the sources you're speaking to that they're going to make a better footprint about what they stand for? >> i do think there are definitely good men in hollywood and i do think they want to see the changes. people are absolutely horrified and to nicole's point, we heard the rumors. we heard the bullying, we heard maybe, he was a little bit of a perv or creepy but this is to certain different line where i think people are going to stand up and say, you know what? this is not going to happen. you could forget about private meetings between one woman and a man who has any inkling of possibly being creepy, and i do
1:42 pm
think there is a change that's going to happen. it's going to be generational and i think this is the start of it and i think the flood gates are open. >> i was going to say, hollywood should not act like vatican city when it comes to this stuff. stay with us. we'll be back in a moment. you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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the death toll of the wildfires in california is 35. thousands of structures destroyed and officials are now ordering mandatory evacuations for parts of sonoma county along highway 12. people in the kenwood area asked to move west towards santa rosa. sarah dallof is on the ground. what are you seeing and the routes for residents to travel? talk about that because we know certainly in hurricanes, there is a bit of a chaos that can be created in these mandatory evacuations. how are they dealing with that
1:46 pm
with wildfires? >> yeah, you are seeing some of that bumper to bumper traffic as a result when these evacuations are ordered in such a hurried manner, thomas. you saw that earlier this morning with the oakmont area. here in some areas that have burned, that officials believe they are safe to come back and explore. you're seeing just mass devastation, these neighborhoods really just marked by chimneys. a hint of what once was. behind me in this house, you can see the appliances. washer, dryer, a furnace. they've just become charred shells and out here on the driveway, you can see the homeowners car. the rear view window. the glass just melted by the heat of the fire and in a press conference about a half an hour ago, emergency officials didn't have great news. they say after gaining ground yesterday when the weather gave them a break today, they have lost ground once again. and that is due to the winds. it doesn't seem very windy behind me but the wind giss and they pick up, they sweep those
1:47 pm
flames into unexpected areas. they also say the high temperatures and the low humidity, thomas, they call it a recipe for disaster. >> reporting on the ground for us, thank you very much. we'll be back with much more right after this. depend silhouette briefs feature a comfortable, sleek fit. as a dancer, i've learned you can't have any doubts. because looking good on stage is one thing. but real confidence comes from feeling good out there. get a free sample at
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and we will be there every step of the way until this job is done. it is truly catastrophic what happened in puerto rico. >> so we have president trump speaking friday morning at the value voters in summit in d.c. walking back his tweets about ending federal aid in puerto rico following hurricane maria
1:54 pm
and hurricane irma. this is a stark contrast thursday's tweet. the tweet said we cannot keep fema, the military and the first responders under the most difficult circumstances in pr forever. and house speaker paul ryan visited those in puerto rico yesterday and has this to say about those affeeffected by the hurricanes. >> we are all in this with each other for the long haul. >> in it for the long haul. i want to bring in congressman from arizona. good to have you with me. >> thank you. >> let's roll back the days a bit and think of your reaction to the trump comments originally about not being able to help puerto rico, saying that it was in crisis prior to these hurricanes, it was not set up. and the infrastructure issues that it had, basically shaming
1:55 pm
them in a plight that has been delivered by mother nature. >> well, i mean, look, the president is acting like a temp meant tern ment tum ber mental child. he therefore tweeted out emotionally in the middle of the night or whenever he did it to try to strike back because he didn't know how to contain himself and actually act like a president. any president would -- any other president that was normal and not president trump would actually say nothing about this. it would continue to work hard and try to improve the situation, so try to blame other people and lash out at other people and especially other american citizens but that's what he did. this is again further evidence that this president is not equipped for this office and he's actually, you know, extremely dangerous in situations like this where he lets his ego take over his rationality. >> the president, you know, in
1:56 pm
this hurricane season, this administration, this president, fema, has been faced with a myriad of different storms through irma, through harvey, through maria and the issues that faced houston with the president going there, not only once but twice kind of as a redo because he didn't meet with people affected by the storms. but there was no an mouse presented to the people suffering from the storms within the lower 48. why do you think there is an issue with understanding our commitment to puerto rico and the american citizens living there? >> well, to begin with, the president doesn't understand the position of the presidency and the requirements and duties to all americans including our puerto ricoian brothers and s s sisters that live in puerto rico. the fact that he got criticism for questioning whether or not he had the capability to actually function as a
1:57 pm
president, you know, as created this animosity in him that has made him lash out because he doesn't know how to trumper himself. >> we do know that the house approved this $36.5 billion disaster aid package that will be incapacity portioning going to break. congressman, thank you very much. coming up in the next hour,ian key icon and his wife are back from puerto rico. they've been on the show before. huge reaction to this power c f couple, what they're doing for the people there. they join us with their story. o. don't let these young guys see you fold. ♪ i'm only human, i make mistakes ♪ ♪ i'm only human, that's all it takes ♪ ♪ to put the blame on me i'm alive because of you. i'm not a hero. we're brothers, we look after each other. thank you for your service. rated r.
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good afternoon, everyone. i'm thomas roberts here in new york. right now firefighters are working and they are struggling to contain these historic wildfires that are happening in california. take a look for yourself. right now they have killed at least 35 people and it has forced more than 100,000 people from their homes. there are current mandatory evacuation orders in place there. we'll get you on the ground. we are


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