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tv   MSNBC Joy Reid  MSNBC  October 14, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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my actions will inspire other people to do the same. we need to start getting together. we need to be united. we're all americans, and we need to support each other. >> laura, thank you very much. jorge, thank you very much. we appreciate your time and all you're doing for puerto rico. thank you, thank you. thank you at home. that does it for me. i'm thomas roberts and we continue right now with "a.m. joy." one of the most powerful men in hollywood, disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein is reportedly headed to rehab amid of storm of sexual harassment and assault accusations. a dirty hollywood secret that apparently wasn't a secret at all. suggesting weinstein's misconduct was widely known or ru rumored around insider and his staff and border directors even. more on that in a moment. now the silence is broken with more than two dozen women coming
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forward by multiple media outlets. one of the women is am bra gutierrez. italian model went to the nypd after saying weinstein groped her. agreed to wear a wire and confront him the next day. the following audiois from that sting operation as we stood in the hallway outside his hotel room. >> i am very uncomfortable right now. >> come in now. and one minute. >> you touch my breast. >> please, i'm sorry. just come on in. i'm used to that. >> are you used to that? >> yes. come in. >> no. but i'm not used to that. >> i won't do it again. come on. sit here. sit here fon a minute. please. >> no, i don't want to. i know, but yesterday was too much more fee. >> i will never do another thing to you. five minutes. don't ruin your friendship with me for five minutes. >> a spokesperson for weinstein responded in the "new yorker" story saying any allegations of
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unconsensual sex are untrue. host of a show on sirius xm, liz wisdom and progressive programs at sirius xvm and atkinison. the notion it was widely known amongst many hollywood insiders harvey weinstein was this type of person, inside a board room, apparently you've confirmed. the question whether or not weinstein's contract actually stipulated payments he would have to make to the company if he was caught harassing or assaulting people. can you please explain? >> yes. i mean, it's quite unbelievable anybody would have an employment contract of this kind but according to the 2015 contract he signed with his own company,
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weinstein coe, he has to pay $250,000 in a fine to the company if they are subject to any kind of lawsuit from any of these women in a second instance he would have to pay $500,000, and third instance, $750,000. but there doesn't seem to be any stipulation whatsoever he would lose his job if these claims keep coming back again and again. the board said they believed, knew there were settlements prior to this contract and have shed they believed this relationships were consensual and the payments simply to pay off these women not to talk about them. but harvey's fighting this. he is saying, look, there's no grounds for you to fire me. i have the right of arbitration and the right of mediation, and they will have a conversation with harvey's lawyer next week, which is kind of yet another
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stunning turn in this story. of which there are many. today the academy has a conversation, the academy which hands out the oscars, is having a conversation whether they want harvey to remain on, in the organization. whether he will stay there. we'll know this afternoon, but, joy, i wanted to also mention bob weinstein, the brother, gave an explosive interview to a hollywood reporter published just now, and at the heart of that story you have bob saying that they're looking to sever their financial relationship with harvey. he has a 20% stake in the company. as long as that's the case, you'll have business partners coming forward, such as amazon, apple, showtime, deciding they don't want to work for the company or at least suspending their work with the company until things are resolved. so lots of news here today. >> yeah, and amazon has its own problems, obviously. with roy price, head of amazon
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studios also under fire over sexual harassment claims by a former playboy playmate named carrie stevens accused oliver stone of sexual assault after he defended harvey weinstein and pulled out of a deal with the weinstein company. it's all oever the place and you've worked in the industry, co-creator of "the daily show" those that don't know. and ronan failure's exceptional and heroine story, word the staff in cases were luring women in to meetings with harvey weinstein and not reporting that. leaving william aloomen alone. the idea his brother had no idea. horrifyings, thinking so many people including the board were aware of his behavior and all they wanted to do was fine him. >> no one except for somebody that harvey weinstein himself would create in a movie could
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be, have that behavior with nobody knowing. it's ridiculous to assume. they're reckless, they're careless and it has to be ork sta -- orchestrated. to be shocked somebody with power would do this is insulting to alls of you, really. we all retd rat pack stories know dean martin got clicks for all of those -- there have always been the, body man to bring the women. always been the ways tha vulnerable and people are demanding their agency and respect, mediocre people who rose to power who could hang on to that power by, if i see you, joy reid and see you can see through me, you're going to be destroyed. >> right. >> when that is the prevalent and dominance in our industry. >> yeah. >> that's what we have to figure out how to fix. >> and harvey weinstein, the stories are, again, both stories
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that he would do this combination of things to keep media from catching him. threaten people to sue them, if you come out with this. or threaten the women, i guess they felt threatened at least their careers would be destroyed. women who have come forward. notice it's fought the top tier women making accusations because the people who he, were willing to talk, he could just torch their careers. this is basically a threat, women wouldn't be able to get in the industry and rise in the industry? >> absolutely. targeting women in their early 20s. i don't think that's a coincidence. we're talking about an abusive power. right? if you believe meryl streep she had no idea this was happening you understand why. because she was already somebody -- >> already meryl streep. >> had a certain stature and he need her more than she needs him in that dynamic. so i think that we have to understand how this works and in terms of the culture of conversation. this is an abuse of power by certain men. minority of men, not majority, and making a choice. he used his position of power to exploit and take advantage of
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women who were a lot less vulnerable. had an m.o. doing it to 22-year-olds, 20-year-olds. who are just trying to break in and i keep thinking about actresses who seem to be on the rise and disappeared. i want to know what happened to them. i want to know whether it was harvey or someone else. i think there's a lot more that we're going it find out in the kw coming weeks in terms of what was going on in hollywood. >> it's a harvey weinstein and general conversation about, "buand beyond media companies. you have the cover of the week this week. harrowing cover showing roger ailes, bill o'reilly and harvey weinstein. it's on-screen, in robes. horrifying picture. you also had within the fox news organization -- people must have known he was abusive. bill ariley, bill cosby, operating out in the world since the 1960s allegedly. people must have known.
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>> you've got a man in the white house. >> and donald trump. >> the same things. who does not come from the media world. eventually got to the television world, but basically comes from business. i mean, this -- when you think back to the "access hollywood" tape, he describes how it happens, when you're a star or a starmaker, you can just do this stuff. and -- we elected him. >> yeah. 53% of white women voted for him. >> yeah. >> i think a lot of us are having ptsd this week because it's coming on the heels of the, the one-year anniversary of learning all of this stuff about trump. my facebook feed, facebook memories come up and i'm writing about all the new women coming forward with stories about donald trump and i've just got such certainty in my voice a year ago that this man cannot be elected president because of these revelations. and then he was. so -- i'm kind of heartbroken this week. i don't know that anything will change. >> and an interesting, indeed. you have the harvey weinstein
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case. now starting to see women coming forward. once a few come forward forward you get the flood of stories. say the thing happened with donald trump. we have, to the point, those women that drop out, some were in fox news rising stars on television, suddenly vanish off tv. we forget who these women are and i just really quickly want to go through with the accuseser, bbc, tallied them, jessica drake, melinda mcgill ray, summer, kristen anderson. temple taggart mccowl. cassandra hill, ivanka trump made an allegations retracted later. these people mostly have had no charges filed. with jrue th withdrew them. no way to catch them. a trip standard. if it's the president it's okay. harvey weinstein, it's wrong?
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>> why did "saturday night live" make fun of harvey weinstein? why does that matter? talk about the victims and changing cultural norms. women feel empowered to come forward and say what happened to them without fear of their career being attacked or shaming. with donald trump, this week, i went to the ftc filings, who he gave personal donations to. called american crossroads, are you giving the money back? same with democrats, money back to harvey weinstein? when donald trump admitted on a tame sexual assault. the same answer. silence. nobody wanted to comment. the one thing we found, republicans, we believe women if the person committing the wrong is a democrat, but won't believe if it's a republican. part of this is look, donald trump is the gop and the gop is trump. he did something unique, more revolting. he had an event about this time last year public rally, he shamed the women.
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called them liars. and the crowd cheered lustfully. what message did that send to women in the country about coming forward? and the gop nominee can say, i may have assaulted them i'm going to sue them and they are liars. that's a horrible message for women to here. >> absolutely. the two biggest hip crats, sean hannity, carlson, lots to say about harvey weinstein. sure, but sitting in the seats of bill o'reilly. in his chair. tucker carlson tweeting, it's time for justice for harvey weinstein. a serial predator. he's sitting in bill o'reilly's chair. >> warm. >> at roger ailes network and he's -- none of these -- sean hannity, do you remember them ever saying anything to support or defend women in these situations, sexual assault, when it was donald trump? >> no! >> or women they work with. >> their own colleagues. >> their own colleagues. >> right. amazing.
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>> and for me it really -- we talk around this all the time. we have four women and guy talking. like, until you know -- not to get all religious, the parable of the good samaritan is something to look at. what made the good samaritan good, when they saw the plirning by the road they didn't say what will happen if i help that person. they said what will happen to that person i don't help? until we have allies and people who witness this ask the question first, what will happen to that person if i don't help, we are going to be stuck in this conversation. >> absolutely. >> over and over. >> one more woman. claire back in a moment. i heard a bit this morning, claire, there are now executive, hollywood executives thinking twice about taking meetings with women, thinking twice about doing recruiting meetings trying to distance themselves. that actually hurts women's ain't to get jobs. are you hearing in your reporting that kind of thing starting to happen? >> i haven't at all, but that is stunning and terrible, but i
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think in hollywood, how do you avoid meeting women? most of the -- business is about, like, putting beautiful women on the screen. i'm mystified how that would happen. but as ever, lawyers control much of what most of us do in america. so i'm guessing probably warning folks that they work for, get somebody else in the room or you might get sued. and who know what's might be said about you nap is shocking to me. just to go back to the social media aspect of this, and having women come together to speak out and support each other. i think twitter played a huge role in helping rose mcgowan keep going and going after people and requesting that board members step down and calling out matt damon and ben affleck. obviously twitter got in trouble for taking rose's account down because they said she violated the terms. and then today we have a kind
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of, the hashtag, women should protest. interesting thing. women getting to egg saying we've had enough of this and not standing for it anymore. >> that is a ridiculous thing. >> silence ourselves! >> yes. >> plen have men have to stand . raise money for a glroup that stood up for women. how dare u say we did anything wrong. i'm not accusing you of anything. talk to the guy if you see anything. them them it's wrong. report to bosses if they don't stop. you have to speak up. me and fellow men have to lead the charge to stand up. it's men doing the sexual harassing mostly. >> and you know it's happening as well who have a responsibility. it is frightening. i do -- hate to keep bringing up
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fox, tucker carlson berates the woman selling shoes. been on fox. what you have to wear. how you have to be. the idea they're suddenly protective of women is shocking. >> they're so outraged by this. no. they've been creating actually a culture that where this is acceptable. where the women who work for them, smart women, some of them brilliant women are nonetheless groomed to look a certain way, show their legs. to be a sex object on television, because that's what these guys in their homes, roger ailes once described them as the 55 to dead demographic, these guys in their homes that's what they want to see and it furthers this notion that women are ornamental and not serious. >> yes. >> women are fed up. i think donald trump being the president shifted the conversation, because it's so plain as day. he was caught on tape saying i touched a woman without her
3:17 pm
consent, anderson cooper in a debate said you know that's sexual assault. completely reframed the conversation and when he won the election, american women marched, millions of them, all over the world, and here in the united states, because i think we're at a point, spoken to so many women pissed, fed up. don't want to be treated this way, has racs don't want harass board room or on the street and want men to call each other out when witnessing sexual behavior. >> take a meeting, just don't sexually harass! >> and if you don't know what that means talk to somebody. is this wrong? get help. >> thank you all. great panel. thank you all very. coming up, donald trump's former chief of staff meets with robert mueller. what does that mean for russia gate and the investigation.e many interesting places.
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rouge was an excuse used by the democrat when they lost the election. they said they lost the election. sat in a room and they said, wow. we look bad. so, look, here's the story. i think it's -- this was an excuse by the democrats and people got carried away. amid daily signs donald trump's presidency is going off the rails including reports quoting insiders saying trump is unraveling, new investigations that the ties to russia is moving ahead full steam. op friday special counsel robert mueller interviewed former white house chief of staff reince priebus and shed new light on the extensive russia-related entanglements of former manage paul manafort one of the key
3:22 pm
figures in the mueller investigation. the report uncovered a $26 million loan sent to a company linked to manafort from a company owned by a russian billionaire with close ties to the kremlin. according to nbc news, that loan brings the total known business dealings between manafort and him, $60 million over the last decade. joining me, analyst cliff watts, former fbi. to you first on the reince priebus interview. significance in your mind? >> with any investigation go to the person center in the storm. reince priebus, chief of staff, al qaeda number two or three. see all communications and transactions. people coming in moving through the door. in a key position to confirm a lot of narratives we see from all of these independent meetings. >> and manafort in a minute. richard engel explainal manafort story first and then your comments.
3:23 pm
>> you look at this together you see a $26 million loan from this company to a manafort linked economy in cypress and another $26 million from that company to a company that is named after manafort's daughters, which is in the past has been used to buy real estate for members of his family. i think you get a much clearer picture of what we're talking about. >> and malcolm, two different versions of the statement manafort's lawyer made in response to that reporting. manafort's spokesman jason maloney declined to give specific answers about the loans and released a statement, he is no endebted to former clients nor at the time began working for the trump campaign. then revised the statement and removed it. >> i love when a person comes in verifies nbc news brilliant report. incredible, what we have is one
3:24 pm
of two things. a political payoff to facilitate the, you know, the process of the election, or he was money laundering for, you know, russian gard. his job, make sure political activities were done for a pro-kremlin president including canceling nato exercises. there was a protest that attacked u.s. marines on the ground there that manafort and his organization may have coordinated. the question is, did he do that for moscow to get donald trump elected president? >> yeah. we have priebus, manafort. move on to jared. jared kushner. the subject of news this week when it turned out he revised yet again formed filled out to get his security clearance. omitted a company he continued to profit from.
3:25 pm
didn't list on his forms. still has a clearance. a person krishna who talked about the weighty security clearance forms are normally done and the way jared did them. here's that sound. >> senior white house adviser jared kushner submitted four addendums to his security clearance paperwork after his original forms. can you recall if there's ever been an applicant having to submit four aden da detailing over 100 errors and omissions, being able to maintain their security clearance once those errors and admissions had been identified? >> can i say i have not seen the breadth of all the applications but i have never seen that level of mistakes. >> just to clarify. representative raja questions head of the backgrounds check charles fallon. if you had to resubmit and made all of these errors would you
3:26 pm
have kept your clearance? >> no. i can't imagine any situation that would be the case, and i've been through this process, i would say, at least a half dozen times. >> how does he have a security clearance? how? >> i am baffled by it. but there's always been a preference given to people coming in to a new administration, however, i've never seen it, or heard of it, where you repeatedly come back and make additions and corrections to it. 2345 is un45eheard of. came out, talked to congress, made a statement. updates. man, you got to have that right. one chance to do it and why does it keep coming back? it's amateur and wreaks, makes you want to look further, why couldn't you figure out all of your business interests? >> you're a guy so smart you can literally do everything. you put it all together. kushner constantly revising what debts he has, businesses tied to, manafort, in debt or not in debt. it does seem a lot of what
3:27 pm
russia revolves around, money. >> right. finally, mostly, seeing russia get re1r068ed around the fact people are lying, dissembling and diverting attention away from things which any normal person at any level in the united states government with a top secret sci security clearance would have lost in that minute. should have been called in -- clint, gone through the process numerous times. there's no such thing as an addendum, that process, fs-86 is designed to make sure you're being honest with them. once you lie to them, you revealed you are untrustworthy for that clearance, but hiding a company in which you were actually going to profit? and the think g is, we found th out. the mueller team knows about this, why they hired criminal fire, specialists, to come in and do financial and criminal
3:28 pm
investigations of their background? this guy should have had his clearance pulled and lawyers verified he called not a back channel but a way to get information from russia generals in syria. clearance pulled. and donald trump is allowing him to serve at his pleasure. >> yet it didn't happen. go to another person now pulled from the russian probe. we don't talk enough, robert mercer. and extensive financial ties throughout the trump administration. now it hears according to a daily beast report wednesday the russia probe is looking into a company calmed cambridge analytica. a psych graphic data service operated both in europe and here. and that was used to develop data profiles of potential trump voters and jared kushner was in charge of that data operation. i want to show people the little diagrams, the ties, financial ties, to the trump organization. they are pay masters of steve
3:29 pm
bannon. they are pay masters behind kellyanne conway's former polling company. they are behind david bosse, an old clinton foe, citizens united guy. they funded that. fund breitbart, on and on and on. what's the significance of them being a part of the probe? >> they have to look at oh potential avenues of collusion. i would add i've seen a lot of digital marketing companies you'ver overstating. cool words in that description of cambridge analytic ka. and analysis. you don't have to collude in all of this. if russians set the pace and hacking materials dumping it on the internet hypervalues any political campaign. take the information, watch the influence and don't have to coordinate, just replicate. that's what we'll ultimately see. >> could russia have done what they did to the.
3:30 pm
tent without someone on the u.s. side helping them figure who to target? >> clint seems to think, and processes this could be done. all right? but i take a different view. i really think that somebody had to be at the pointiest end of the stick. we call these people targeteers. the people wdetermine down to te precinct level what data would really work? russians are well verses in propaganda, psychological and political warfare but not well versed to a precinct in southern pennsylvania determining which facebook ad would wore for them. they can provide content. the committee is investigating, the senate, the mueller investigation is determining, is there a bridge between the content producer that broadbanded this stuff out by russian intelligence down to an american organization that consciously took that material knowing where it was from and what it was for and then brought it down to the political electorate to engineer the
3:31 pm
results of this election. >> yeah. you didn't mention, you didn't mention, we're out of time. the house committee headed by nunez. investigating who financed the trump dossier. all he's interested in, a political witch-hunt who created the dossier. we don't have time to talk about that now and won't. thank you very much. coming up, residents who were injured in the white nationalist rally in charlottesville are fighting back. that's next. has been a problem for me. i'm also on a lot of medications that dry my mouth. i just drank tons of water all the time. it was never enough. i wasn't sure i was going to be able to continue singing. i saw my dentist, he suggested biotene it feels refreshing. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use biotene rinse twice a day and then i use the spray throughout the day. it actually saved my career in a way. biotene really did make a difference.
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just over two months since the white supremacist rally in charlottesville, virginia, took the life of 32-year-old heather hier. holding it accountable. up next, talk to some of the people leading that fight. stay with us. where's gary? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country.
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last week a group of white supremacists led by richard spencer returned to
3:38 pm
charlottesville robert e. lee statue with tiki torches in hand. and when white supremacists violently clashed with counterprotesters one of the counterprotesters heather hier was killed in the violence and several other injured. now 11 of those injured are suing unite the right rally leaders including richard spenc spencer. the lawsuit accusing them of intentionally inciting violence again people based on race and ethnic. and joining me melissa blair and marcus martin could not be here still recovering from injuries after being hit by the car that killed heather hier. harrowing pictures. and the attorney pursuing the case robby kaplan. robby, people may know you from
3:39 pm
a landmark civil rights case making gay marriage the law of the land. your work precedes you. >> thank you. my clind abbey lindser died about three weeks ago and part of me believes she's looking down at us from heaven. >> with choice words. and pictures maries sa are your boyfriend injured flying through the air as the car hit him are harrowing. when you went to the rally, what did you think you were going to confront. >> confront nazis. white spreft supremacist. comfort hate and show love. we don't want nate our city. >> did the get the sense the violence was preordained, planned or did it feel spontaneous? >> where the car actually ran into protesters we knew it was intentional. we knew when we went to the rally, violence will happen.
3:40 pm
it might be dangerous and knew that on the face. but for someone to ram a crowd through a crowd of peaceful protesters, we didn't expect it. like a war zone. didn't know what they were conspiring against online, in group meetings, just knew they're coming to spread their hate and we're going to be out there to protect our city. >> what is the basis of the lawsuit? the violence happened. how can you sue organizers because of the violence? >> for many years in this country it's been illegal to incite violence or plan to create a violent riot, essentially what happened. in addition to that, we are suing under laws that were passed during reconstruction. the ku klux klan act and other acts to truly enforce the 13th and 14th amendment in the south, those acts were used successfully, laws used successfully to beat the klan and now it's time to beat the new klan, nazis and all the
3:41 pm
others -- >> you're trying to -- a lot of people sued klan organizations to deprive them of money. >> compensatory damages. >> for people who doesn't lurk the dark web, this is a meme on the far right about hitting people with a car. >> absolutely. in connection with charlottesville we detail it in our complaint at age 68 of a 96 page complaint. talk about detailed messages they had on the chat rooms where they would show show pictures of tractors and call it introducing john deere's multilane protester digester and talk whether it's legal in north carolina or virginia to do that, and would encourage each other to do it and me favorite part. do smiley face emojis talking about it, this is not something, maries sa you had any idea of?
3:42 pm
>> maybe if we had the information and know they were inciting violence, violence was bound to happen we may not have been out there. >> and the police are not a part of this lawsuit. make that clear. this is sewering the organizers of the rally, but when you got to the rally did you get the sense the police understood the magnitude of the threat against you? >> i don't. no, i didn't they were ready for what was going to happen because they dent know either. the make focus is on the ones who actually perpetrated the violence. yes, the police may not have been 100% ready, may not have established what they needed to establish, but the main point is the organizers of this are the ones to blame. >> these rallies coming back to charlottesville. a component of your complaint? they are continuing to terrorize the people of the city? >> they just came back, in your lead-in. charlottesville 3.0 they call it i think. we are seeking injunketive relief in this case and part we want to get to create it the way
3:43 pm
we want but i think part of that injunction relief make sure there's no charlottesville 4.0 or 5.0 and nowhere else, sha shelbyville 1.0 or 3.0. we need to stop this. >> can you stop somebody from coming back to a city if they want? >> the first amendment, peaceably assemble. you can peaceably assemble and say horrible homophobic things do it peaceably, an absolute first amendment right to do that. this wasn't peaceable assembly, speech divorced from violence. it was speech encouraging fermenting and planning violence in advance never protected by the first amendment. >> we saw the pictures earlier. he actually pushed you out of the way before he was hit by the car? >> nearly injured. he's actually my fiance.
3:44 pm
definitely going to marry him. >> point that out. >> he sealed the deal. >> exactly. he'll tell you his physical injuries will heal but mentally nerve are the same. none of us will. noticed in in our relationship our friend and family. my employee, never be the same. physical injuries heal, but mentally, it's horrific. >> one of these people beaten by a gag, himself arrested on the word of one of them is now facing charges. absolutely bizarre what's happening. the two of you are heroic for taking them on. wish you the best. come back and update us on the lawsuit. soon to be married marisa blair and your attorney. and what happened the night the nazis came to new york. don't go away. [ stirring music playing throughout ]
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okay. i'm going to show you some stunning images from a nazi rally in 1939 when more than 20,000 white supremacists gathered in solidarity. it didn't happen in jeremy. in footage was film right here in the usa, literally a few blocks from where i sit down. this is featured in the short film "a night at the garden" which premiered this week. joining me now is the filmmaker behind the story and arnie bornstein. "the rise and fall." this footage is stunning. where did you find it? >> i probably watched it a
3:52 pm
thousand times as i was editing and it still gives me the chills. i heard act this event a few months ago, a friend toll me about it and there's no way this happened without me knowing about it. and i got a researcher to start looking for it. it had been scattered. but it had never really pulled together into a single piece. we got it and i cut it together and just realized that it had a power and just spending six minutes, seven minutes watching this event. >> you did it as a documentary but in a different way. it doesn't have a narration. you just pretty much let people watch it. >> my first idea was of course to have historians set the stage. and i realized when i cut it together and watched it for the first time, there's a power to transporting somebody into that time. and letting them sort of witness it first hand without anybody trying to explain it too much but just to see what that world
3:53 pm
was like. >> and you know, we know that there was a nazi presence in the early 20th century in the u.s. obviously that was pretty pervasive. particularly before we got into world war ii. it was 1927 klan rally here that donald trump's father happened to be arrested at. we don't know what capacity. we know there was the klan bake, democratic convention. >> yeah. >> was it as open as it is now? i mean that looks pretty open. was it as aggressive as i is now in trying to convert ordinary whies america white americans. >> they were organized. they noknew what they were doin. they were run by fritz coop. they wanted to be the nazis of the 1930s. hitler didn't want to be part of them. they were an embarrassment.
3:54 pm
but coone said they had 8,000, somehow they got 20,000 people into the garden that night. >> and at the time the "the new york times" wrote an editorial in which they said that we need to be in no doubt as to what the bund would do to this country if it had the opportunity. it would set off an american hitler hitler. they wanted to have hitler run in united states. >> yeah. >> and what is it that they're doing? what are they rallying for? >> it's a celebration of the rise of white supremacy. and to me one of the things that grabbed me so much about the footage was not that there is an a anti-semantic leadership but there are pan shots across the
3:55 pm
crowds and you see tens of thousands of new yorkers dressed in suits and hats and dresses and these are people who are probably nice to their neighbors who lived in neighborhoods where we live today and yet they are cheering and laughing and applauding a philosophy that would be responsible for the deaths of millions of people in the next few years. >> that sounds familiar. let's show charlottesville on october 7. these, people who were in suits with little sit tra them la torches they bought at the walmart who were dressed up and probably went back to their college dorms or barista jobs. seem like normal people. that's who the neo-nazis try to target or present themselves as >> these were everyday people. they were shop keepers, tailors, what have you. everyday americans. and that's who they were trying to appeal to.
3:56 pm
coone said they should be called the german-american bund. >> and that ideology has come to present day. it has not gone away. are they as organized in your view now as they were back then in. >> no. coone had a real organization. but on the other hand they have the internet which is an underground way of organizing. coone hung out a shingle and people knew who they were. >> where can people see the documentary. >> a night at the >> and you premiered it on the atlantic. >> we played it in a number of movie theaters, sort of like a news reel before features and then it came out on the atlantic and now it's on youtube and getting picked up in a lot of places. >> it's stunning and i don't know -- we're seeing more footage of it. it's stunning. thank you both.
3:57 pm
marshal curry and arnie burnstein. i appreciate you being here. a.m. joy returns tormd at 10:00 a.m. eastern. in the meantime you know what to do. keep it right here on msnbc. and now, i help people find discounts, like paperless, multi-car, and safe driver, that help them save on their car insurance. any questions? -yeah. -how do you go to the bathroom? great. any insurance-related questions? -mm-hmm. -do you have a girlfriend? uh, i'm actually focusing on my career right now, saving people nearly $600 when they switch, so... where's your belly button? [ sighs ] i've got to start booking better gigs. [ sighs ] we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna.
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the last 24 hours has been a weird whiplash news cycle. late last night the administration announced suddenly that it will deliberately throw a wrench into the american health care system. a policy change from the administration that didn't have to go through congress. it will have the effect of costing the government about $200 billion over the next ten years. in exchange for spending that extra taxpayer money, there will be an estimated 1 million americans who will lose their health insurance coverage all together because of this change.


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