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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  October 15, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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that is going to do it for me this hour. i'm alex witt. thomas roberts, i have my phone, my pens, i'm out of here down to my office so i can watch. >> you anything you have left behind, i'll bring to you later and make sure it returns to you. great to see you. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc headquarters in new york. fighting words, rex tillerson refusing to deny name calling when it cops to the commander in chief. will the latest interview be the final straw of a looming rexit? less than 24 hours after the academy expelled harvey weinstein, more accusations have
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surfaces. hollywood is reacting further. >> plus, the death toll rising out of the west with 40 dead in the worse week of wildfires in the history of california. no relief in sight of in terms when this may end. we're on the ground with the warning for residents in the line of fire. we want to begin with the m word and that's a reference to what made headlines last week. moron. and rex tillerson. how he referred to the president over the summer. he's still ducking questions in sunday sitdowns about whether he called the president that word. >> can you please clear it up? >> as i said, jake, i'm not playing. these are the games of washington. these are the destructive games of this town. they're not helpful to anyone. and so my position on it is, i'm not playing. i'm not playing. you want to make a game out of it, i'm not playing. > so tillerson avoiding answering that question but by contrast, the secretary of state
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was also asked about remarks made by senator corker and his time as secretary of state. and about being neutered on the job. so the secretary of state was willing to answer this. we'll check in with mike vaquero live at the white house for us. mike is not live right now. there he is. hey, mike. so rex tillerson's sitdown, he had to know that this would most likely come up as one of the first questions out of the gate because of that awkward press conference where he only called it a distraction whereas we see the games of washington. >> right, and he said he's not playing but a lot of dialogue going on back and forth between capitol hill, the foggy bottom, the home of the state department just about a mile west of here and from the west wing is a playground style rhetoric. everybody is being forced to react to it. this is the second time that rex tillerson after it was reported
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by nbc news initially, others have followed that he called privately called president trump a moron. this is the second time. remember as you referred to, he had the quasi press conference at the state didn't department where he did not answer the question directly. he dodged. sort of what he did again today. thomas, you know as well as i do, the language of washington here is if you don't come right out and deny an explosive charge like that, everybody will read into the fact and everybody's going to assume it's true. meanwhile you meggsed bob corker has been all over president trump on twitter. president trump, of course, referring to him as liddal bob corker with playground corker. corker quoted as saying rex tillerson had been castrated by president trump. today tillerson responded to that, as well. talking about the fact that, i think this is a direct quote "i checked i'm fully intact." the level of dialogue is not
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what we're accustomed to in the language of diplomacy with regard to the state department and yet, here we are just the same, thomas. >> mike, talk about the other news we're watching from the white house today. and the efforts of president trump top reach out to mitch mcconnell in this kind of weird carrot and stick approach. we have steve bannon outside of the white house and the reports being that he has the president's blessing to go after mcconnell and other establishment gop members. inside from the oval, the president is trying to make amends with him or get along to get something done. >> you know, he's got to play ball. it's still washington notwithstanding all the efforts that president trump and his administration have made to rewrite the rules. politics on capitol hill is still largely intact. mish mcconnell is needed. he's the leader of senate republicans, he has the loyalty of the vast majority of senate republicans. there's an enormous debate that will determine the success or failure of president trump's
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first year by and large coming up in the next week or two. that is on the budget for the current fiscal year we're in right now. will that budget include an instruction, special rules for a 50-vote margin a simple majority of the senate to pass tax reform. it is absolutely essentialing that president trump get that. he needs mcconnell to push that over the finish line. nbc news confirmed the two have had conversations over the phone over the course of the week. so president trump playing the inside game now as well as the outside game on twitter putting public pressure on but trying to sort of mend fences it would appear with the senate republican leader. >> the united states and by that i mean the different states of president trump. mike viqueira at the white house for us, thank you. i'm joined by "washington post" opinion columnist catherine rampell, political reporter stan herndon and caitlin huey-burns. great to have you all with us.
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catherine, as we watch the way that rex tillerson tries to defend himself against his own words that have been reported, he won't go on the record, won't deny it. how much longer is that going to linger if he doesn't nip it in the bud with some type of ownership or complete denial? >> the problem is presumably there were witnesses to this comment who leaked this to the press and perhaps there were too many witnesses for him to deny it, right? the reason why the story won't go away is not only because moron is a funny word and it's hawaii, cute or hilarious, i don't know, that a famous person used that about his boss but that there are these frictions between the leader of the free word and his top diplomat. those spell trouble. it means that not only should we be calling into question the judgment of the president but the ability of the secretary of state to the execute that judgment going forward. >> so stead, tennessee bob
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corker has been in a pretty public feud with the president. the reason he feels emboldened to to be vocal about this is because he's not running for re-election. as we hear from mike viqueira and knowing rex tillerson also took this question today about corker using the phrase of how president trump has castrated or to castrate tillerson in effectiveness of his job and this is what corker said. when you jack the legs out from under your chief diplomat, he cause all of that to to fall apart. the u.s. working with beijing -- when is you castrate your secretary of state, you take that off the table. so we know tillerson reacted in a offhanded humorous way saying he's still intact. do you expect republican colleagues to feel me emboldened by corker's language or tough talking about this cabinet and this president? >> the question is how much of
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senate republicans, how many of congressional republicans agree with senator corker's comments and how much of them are going to publicly add pressure to this white house. senator corker is someone who has the respect of a lot of establishment in the foreign policy world. but he's also someone not running for re-election. he does not represent someone who is part of this trump wave of republicans. certainly he inspired him going into the 2016 election. this is someone who has worked with president obama and not seemed to be on that kind of firebrand nationalist side that maybe the president represents. so the question is, this new brand of republicans, do they agree with what senator corker is saying, how much of his comments are represented as a whole and will they pressure to the white house? that remains to be seen. >> katelin, we know living and breathing in washington is a game of "survivor." mish mcconnell has been it very well.
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is it noteworthy with trump reaching out to him to try and remember that he can be effective? it was really mitch mcconnell that helped trump secure neil gorsuch on the supreme court. that is part of this trump administration's legacy, probably the biggest thing so far. >> an item that keeps the republican caucus or conference together. what's interesting about this though is that yes, mitch mcconnell and donald trump need each other. the president needs his senate majority leader to get done legislation that has been elusive to this administration, legislative victories i should say. what's interesting is that members of congress on the republican side are the ones that are going to be held accountable by republican voters. polling, most of the republican party base blames republican leadership and not donald trump. and so heading into a midterm election year, this is why is a victory on something like tax reform for republicans however they see that to be, will be
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significant because they have to go back to voters and give them something to show for their republican majority. we've seen the president is not afraid to go after members of his own party and he's not afraid to not stick up for them. they are in a very difficult spot right now. >> this administration has definitely put on a lot of sizzle especially from the president. people will say where's the steak, where's the meat in all of this. what we witnessed over the past week with the president doing two different things, decertifying the iran nuclear deal, his own national security team cautioned him against doing this. we even hear some republican senators have voiced support though for desertification and kind of back up the president in public but most of his generals, advisers all said that they shouldn't have gone ahead with this or this administration and trump specifically shouldn't do this. how does this not become a bigger republican issue? >> it may be. we have seen the president's
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kind of foremost legislative priority to be the rollback many of the signature reforms, signature pieces of legislation from the obama era. that kind of rhetorically and politically has been what has insulated him from criticism. on something like the iran nuclear deal, the stakes are high. we have seen some of those top foreign policy and defense officials say that they believe that this should be kept intact and that this keeps us off of a path leading to nuclear war. so in something like a domestic policy, the rollback of obama legislation can be enough but in something where the stakes are this high and you're dealing with actors internationally that may not have the u.s. best interests in mind it, the trump administration is certainly making a gamble in this desertification. it's questionable whether it
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will work. >> great to have you all with me. questionable if it will work. these are the questions we want answered. astead, catherine, katelin great to see you. thank you. the other big story, these latest allegations against harvey weinstein. what we know what they're saying in the uk. plus, hollywood really is publicly taking a stand, but is it all an act or is this going to be an institution of new behavior in the academy's expulsion of weinstein raises questions how the industry moves forward especially against other accused offenders working and living in their mix. we'll delve into that after a break. hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek.
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famed hollywood producer and human shrek harvey weinstein is a bad person.
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>> harvey just said her name and her face went pale. >> i said ten years ago i would never work with him. i knew nothing about any of this stuff. it's not surprising. > by the looks of him, i'm guessing that shower never happened. >> your excuse isn't an excuse. >> you assaulted dozens of women. that's not a mistake. that's a full season of "law & order." >> he needs a specialized facility where there are no women, no contact with the outside world, metal bars and it's a prison. >> a mashup of comedians taking aim at harvey weinstein. he's been insnared in scandal for october including last night's episode of "saturday night live" on nbc. today we're following a breaking news story out of london with the british sunday times reporting that actressly set anthony told scotland yard weinstein attacked her at her london home in the '80s. although police are investigating several sexual assault claims as a matter of policy, they will not name the
11:17 am
person they're investigating till the person is charged with an actual crime. so far, there are nearly 40 accusations of sexual harassment and in some cases sexual assault against him. his camp has stated any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein and he confirmed there were never any acts of retaliation for women refusing his advances. anita bush and ryan vonder joining us. great to have you with me. ryan, this is like peeling back the layers of an onion. there are so many different stories and headlines popping up because of the international footprint of the weinstein company and harvey weinstein. where does this end? >> we don't know where tr ends. there's still plenty of allegations coming out every day it seems like, there's someone new coming forward on the record to accuse harvey weinstein of
11:18 am
either retaliation or inappropriate sexual advances. there's still an ongoing investigation at the harvey -- at the weinstein company into how much people knew an the company and when. as far as we can tell, this is still rolling. this is still continuing to snowball. >> when we think about the weinstein company, anita, the fact it's been reported about the contract of harvey weinstein and it was baked into the cake of his contract of having to pay out any type of sexual misconduct charges or any type of allegations against him from his own personal pocket, the company would then charge him a fine. what more do you know about the workings of the weinstein company as ryan is saying there, the viability of this company in hollywood moving forward after this? >> it was very toxic for women at the weinstein company and even before that at miramax. we had heard stories of a lot of
11:19 am
stories of bullying by harvey weinstein. this is a man who is clearly a bully and doesn't know boundaries. and right now, the future of the weinstein company is really at issue. we hear it's not going to last. nobody wants to work with anything that might profit harvey weinstein in any way, shape, or form. the ampas, the oscars, the academy of motion picture arts and sciences has said they will no longer tolerate willful ignorance and shameful complicity with sexual predatory behavior. and they expelled harvey. so this is far from over. and i think that we're going to see more and more women come out. i think they're so brave to do so and i think that the journalists and editors who said yes to the story were also doing real journalism and very brave.
11:20 am
>> anita, when you think about and as we know not just you from your work but people may know you and your name from your own story and what you faced in terms of get together bottom of different stories and intimidat by powerful men and what happened to you personally and professionally in hollywood, does this really change behavior from a cultural consequence way? we have this justice system from the academy kicking him out. he has not been charged with anything. and we know that there are 0er people within the academy that roman polanski or woody allen or bill cosby, some might say mel gibson that remain and we know they have been bad actors at times. how is the academy going to crack down on this if they only go after the accused? isn't this an odd witch hunt in reverse. >> it's hypocrisy. serve convicted or we have a situation where the directors guild has not expelled a
11:21 am
director who brought his crew on to live train track illegally and one of the young camera assistants was killed and he's still part of the director's guild. i think there needs to be a hard look at all of this. by the way, with harvey in particular, we've heard he's at the meadows in rehab. but this is beyond a sexual obsession. this is you know, he's 65 years old. a zebra can't wash off its stripes. >> oddly enough, ryan, when we see the camera footage of weinstein speaking leaving his house, his daughter's home on wednesday, he's saying he's not doing okay and hoping for a second chance. hollywood loves a redemption story and to see people come back, but is hollywood really a place for someone liking this accused of what is this open investigation of accusations of harassment and all the way down the line to angations of rape a
11:22 am
place where someone like weinstein could go the a second chance? >> it really shouldn't be. i think that's the main point. i don't think at this point anyone thinks that harvey weinstein is anything but delusional if he thinks he's going to get a second chance in hollywood now. kicking him out of the academy is an unprecedented step. mel gibson is still in the academy who have been accused of doing horrendous things in the past. and i think this is a real tipping point for hollywood to say, we're not going to tolerate this anymore and we can't tolerate this anymore. this is a stain on the industry. and it's a real stain on the weinstein company which does not look like it has a future going forward. >> ryan, great to have you. an into the ta, thank you so much, as well. we'll keep our eye on the story as it is live. it's evolving. thank you. the other big story we're following is the wind out in california. a big concern today.
11:23 am
thousands of firefighters are working against mother nature trying to beat back more than a dozen raging wildfires across that state. nbc's sarah doe lof joins us live after the break. you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the u.s. needs to develop
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so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. devastated and we're worried about everybody that's had loss. you capital talk to anybody that hasn't experienced profound loss or knows somebody close to them that has. >> profound loss or knowing someone who has experienced something out of these wildfires are some of the heart breaking stories we are getting the attention to. so many coming out of northern california as more than 75,000 residents in the wine country fleeing devastating wildfires. the death toll has now grown. it's 40 people perished. that is what is official. they think that number could rise. an elevated warning remains in place for more than 21 million people throughout california as
11:27 am
the weather conditions and the helping firefighters. sarah doloff is on the ground in santa rosa. we were talking less than 24 hours ago about the conditions there and mandatory evacuations. how are residents dealing? >> it's a mix of emotions here, thomas. 5700 homes have been destroyed. there's the possibility of more as they continue to go through these neighborhoods. while that is a staggering number, it's when you get here on the ground and see it on an individual basis that you really begin to understand the extent of what people have lost here. now, this home that used to stand behind me is a second generation home. the woman who owns it now grew up in this home. she has so many memories. her family are avid boaters and would be on the water all summer. the boat reduced to a charred shell there. you can see aluminum it, almost like lava that melted and run down the driveway at the peak of
11:28 am
the of fire's intensity. they enjoyed restoring cars. that was a big hobby of theirs. right now that is a thunderbird, the shell of a thunderbird left in the garage. and it's not just the items that have been lost. it's the memories behind them. it's working on these cars together. it's spending time with your family doing barbecues and cookouts. this family here actually had relatives staying with them when the fire swept through. they heard the sound of propane thanks venting in the night. that's what leathered them they needed to get out. they like many others are very anxious to get back in the neighborhoods and see the damage for themselves. officials say they are still clearing, still checking the safety of these areas. it could still be a day to two days before they can get back in, thomas. >> sarah dallof in santa rosa, california. thanks so much. still ahead for you, she has been a vocal critic of the brez
11:29 am
and his tweets. we're going to be talking to the one and only congresswoman maxine waters, her home state that of california. a lot to dive into after this quick break. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,...
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good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts in new york. fresh from across the pond with the british press widely reporting that the metropolitan police investigating allegations involving harvey weinstein. nbc has not confirmed this report. also they do not release names of suspects until they are charged with a crime. we'll keep following that. a huge explosion in the somalia capital of moog gooe desthu killing over 230 people. a somali senator said it is believed to be the deadliest single attack ever in the african nation. and the national weather service in the uk is warning citizens about hurricane ophelia. the storm with high winds expected to hit parts of ireland on monday impacting travel
11:33 am
within that area. back here at home, president trump capped off a tough week of criticism and backlash after threatening to pull aid from puerto rico in the aftermath of hurricane maria. this week at the house financial services committee hearing, representative maxine waters questioned hud secretary ben carson about the president's tweet. their exchange has gone viral. take a look. >> these tweets where the president threatened to abandon puerto rico recovery efforts, do you agree that they should be abandoned that puerto rico should be abandoned? >> well, first of all, as i was saying, puerto rico is very important part of our culture. >> i know it's important but i want to know whether or not you agree with the president. >> there is no question that there have been a lot of difficulties in puerto rico that ended up. >> should they be shamed for its own plight talked about? >> i don't think it is beneficial to go around shaming people in general. >> okay. so i'm glad you don't agree with the president.
11:34 am
>> joining me is even waters, democrat from california. congresswoman, that was a pretty intense exchanging with ben carson. did you feel that he was kind of pushing back clapping back at you for trying to potentially publicly shame him at that the event taking your questions and dealing with them head-on? what did you make of the way he responded? >> well, i originally had no intention to talk about puerto rico. i really wanted to start to talk about the housing crisis, but when he starred with his testimony, he talked about how hud, his agency, was working with the administration to do all of this work for puerto rico, et cetera. and so i had to address that given the fact that the president had just tweeted that morning that he was not going to
11:35 am
stay -- we were not going to stay in puerto rico forever. and has been a constant kind of refrain by the president blaming the victims for the problems that they were having, talking about they were responsible for the infrastructure that was in disrepair. and saying they weren't doing enough for themselves and then going down and throwing paper towels at them. he's treated them pretty poorly. the mayor in san juan has said it over and over again. that the president is overstating what he has done for puerto rico. they have not seen the kind of resources that the president kept saying over and over again had been deployed. so i had to deal with puerto rico. >> we know that the folks that are living in the u.s. territory of puerto rico have been told and warned that electricity to that american island will not be fully restored most likely until
11:36 am
december. the majority a huge swathe of people have no access to drinking water, we know there is no concrete evidence to the exact death count because there have been so many different hospitals cop pro mized and so they haven't fully put together what can be attributed to that storm and its consequences but do you think that general kelly who appeared on friday at the white house and taking questions with the press trying to tamp downy issues of him leavinging this week and considering quitting the job at the white house, how do you think general kelly presented himself? >> well, you know, it is well-known that there is turmoil in the white house, and that the president is increasingly isolated. he's furious and he said that he hates everybody in the white house. and kelly is trying to put a good face on it, but remember, he qualified it and he said, i'm not leaving today, i'm not being
11:37 am
fired today. and i don't know if that means well, perhaps it will happen next week or a month from now. but i think that he was trying to put a good face on it, but everybody is concerned. most people. i won't say everybody. we're concerned about this president. he's been described as unstable as unhinged. and i think that the american public had better pay attention, they'd better pay attention to the fact that we have this unusual president who has demonstrated this instability, his inability to tell the truth, his attacks on you know places like puerto rico. didn't even know that puerto rico and the virgin islands are territories of the united states and they're americans. what do we have here? we have a president that i've always known was not competent or capable to be the president of the united states of america. i think that he's colluded with
11:38 am
russia and i hope that you know, our special counsel will connect those dots and bring forth the information, also he's obstructed justice right before our very eyes. what are we waiting on? don't we know we have what is apartmenting to a constitutional crisis? this president should either be impeached or the cabinet should ep employ amendment number 25 to get rid of him. >> when we think about the president is on the golf course today with senator rand paul. yesterday he was having a second golf date with the senator lindsey graham. when you talk about the cabinet, we know that the secretary of state has had to cop out and not deny having said a reported nbc news exclusive phrase about the president reaction to calling him a moron over the summer appearing today on a different network, again not being able to deny that statement but having get on the record about what senator bob corker said that he appears to have been castrated
11:39 am
by president trump, the secretary of state saying he's fully intact. what do you make of the people that are having to defend themselves, here we are, it's october a year later. we're getting october surprises kind of all month long. but it seems like it's constant silly season. >> well, let me just say this. i believe that tillerson is there to get the sakss lifted. this president said when he was going -- during the campaign that he was going to lift those sanctions against russia and putin once he was elected. and so they are in this relationship where the president will not criticize putin. where putin and tillerson have a relationship. the three of them are still focused on lifting those sanctions so that putin can drill into the arctic because there are billions of dollars to be realized if in fact they can get that done and tillerson has
11:40 am
already been involved with helping to deal with making sure that enron is taken care of with the deal that he made with putin. and so it's unfortunate that we have not only a cabinet that appears for the most part to be incompetent, incapable and not working for the best interests of americans. and unfortunately, the legislators are not moving quickly enough. the senate is sitting there 37 i don't know what they're waiting on. the republicans know that this president is not you know, trustworthy and he's not competent to be president of the united states. what are they going to do? they're going to sit there until our democracy starts to unravel? they'd better get on it and understand, we've got to get rid of this president. >> congresswoman, i want to switch gears. the other big headline is just happening a little north of your district if you take la cienega and willing to wait in red
11:41 am
lights, you can get straight into the harvey weinstein controversy and scandal has gripped everyone because they are coming up with different allegations dale lip. what's your opinion about what's taking place or what is alleged to have taken place this culture in hollywood and do you support what has happened for democrats returning any type of contribution money that they received from wine stesteen ove years? >> the allegations are shocking and keep coming out. i think that the dismantlement of his companying is absolutely necessary. he is saying that it was consenting adults involved, and you know, these allegations. i think that it is outrageous that he needs to be dealt with. that women are getting absolutely tired of being taken advantage of. you know, this story about the casting couch has been going on for years in hollywood. with more than even weinstein
11:42 am
and i think it's about time that we move very aggressively to put an end to it. he deserves to be punished. he deserves to have to be accountable for these allegations if in fact they're proven to be true. i don't think that these many people will be coming out with these charges unless something was going on there. >> what about the money? are you supportive of the dnc giving back money? >> they should give it back to him. first of all, they may not have known what was going on, but the fact that they now know. >> they know now. >> they know now, they ought to give him the money back and make sure that the word goes out that the democratic party does not welcome that kind of money coming into our campaigns and dealing with you know, our elections. it is not to be accepted by us. >> when we know better, we're supposed to do better. >> that's right. i like that. >> congresswoman maxine awards,
11:43 am
gre waters, good to have you with me. get ready for your phone to be popping when you get off. >> i'm in it to stay. >> i know are you. thank you very much. great to have you on. i appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. >> this issue of what's happening in the white house as it seems to be the agenda of the trump administration to completely unravel the administration of president obama from obamacare to the foreign policy of obama's administration. is everything a move to undo his predecessor's accomplishments? >> it's been a big week, folks. we're getting rid of everything obama did. health care, the iran deal. and we're ripping out all the vegetables in michelle obama's garden and planting mcnuggets. mcnuggets, love mcnuggets. the call just came in.
11:44 am
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frankly disgutting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write. and people should look into it. the press should speak more honestly. i've seen tremendously dishonest press. it's not even a question of distortion. >> so donald trump with another attack on the press. after tweeting that network news has become so partisan,
11:50 am
distorted and fake that licenses be ca challenged and if appropriate revoked. joining me is chris whipple, how the white house chiefs of staff define every presidency. this was to have you with me. it's really an amazing week if you're watching the type of reporting that's taking place inside the news, the information on the administration, but the way the president responds. how out of character is it for the president to say licenses should be revoked, reporters should not be allowed to write whatever they want. he calls it disgusting. >> totally unprecedented. even richard nixon said that kind of stuff in private. that's why this is the most dysfunctional and least accomplished white house in history. i thought it was a mistake when john kelly said he was just going to manage the west wing,
11:51 am
not the president. you have to be automobile to walk into the office, close the door, and tell the presidents hard truths. one of the hard truths is governing is completely different than campaigning. it's one thing when you attack the press. it works. you have to reach out to your opponents, you have to build bridges. you have to compromise. there's no sign that donald trump learned that. >> there are two tells -- nine months in, there are two big tells. on friday, if you hear he's a fine man or a great man, that means they're going to be fire or let go, you'll get the information about that, or if he lashes out at the meade yarks it's because you've hit a nerve or there are threads of exposure, threads of truths in there. for the president to go after the press via twitter and certainly within his campaign-kind of rallies.
11:52 am
he finds a foys a foil, but it serves the base. >> that's why i say the great chiefs of staff would tell you, jim baker, leon pea any ta, ken knew berstein. you can only do one thing, demon nice, divide, and disrupt. you can't govern that way and be successful. imagine instead of issuing the immigration order on day one written on the back of an envelope and sent out into the world he'd had a really strong chief of staff who said, you know what? let's cut an infrastructure deal with chuck schumer that will create so many jobs even the democrats can't resist it. >> that chief of staff is having a meeting with chief mueller. general kelly had to come out
11:53 am
and address reporters this week. what did you make of his tone, his presence in front of the cameras, especially when we've not heard from him. we've seen him, the fidgeting, the tapping, the sour looks? >> i thought it went well. he was trying to inject a little bit of humanism in the white house where god knows we've seen very little, but here's the fundamental problem. i mean bob corker is right. the white house is a day care center. it's all about containment now. if you talk to the people inside the white house and you ask them why they're there other than the hard right ideologues, they would tell you, you wouldn't believe the blank we stopped from happening. it's all about going out of control. the heaviest falls on the generals, kelly and mcmaster. >> you have to wonder. there are folks who say they're
11:54 am
there out of pate terrorism and others who are out of an opportunistic kind of approach, what do you make of the president having a golf date over the weekend, second one with lindsey graham and one with rand paul. strategy? >> 100 rounds of golf, you know, will not solve the fundamental problem and that is this inability, again, this inability to govern. trump seems to have one gear, and when he does listen to hard truths and goes on a script for one day, the next day he rips up the script, goes on a tirade and alienates those who are needed to pass tax reform. you can't work that way. >> there are some linked together, you hear, in some side of suicide pact to make sure they remain in place in the supervisory role of this
11:55 am
president. rex tillerson doing a decent job as he's appearing on the sunday shows having to defend himself against high remarks over calls the president trump a moron and not being castrated? >> i've talked to a lot of former chiefs of staff in the last 2 hours about all kinds of things including tillerson. some don't believe tillerson called him a moron. they believe he called him a blanking moron. look. a lot of people wonder why he is still there. jim backer when he was secretary of state to george w. bush and said he was so close to h.w., he said nothing could come between me and my president. you could sail a fleet of oil tankers between tillerson and the president. they're on a separate page.
11:56 am
this is a dangerous moment in history when you have a president tweeting threats to annihilate a country with nuclear weapons when the secretary of state is trying to establish a dialogue with the chinese, with the north koreans, and to assert diplomacy. >> the phrase "rocket man," tweeting not only at kim jong-un but secretary of state rex tillerson, saying don't worry about it, trying effectively neuter him. the chiefs you've spoken to, what's their take on pence? that's my last question. >> well, you know, i think -- i've said publicly before that i think we're at a point where john kelly really needs to think about the unthinkable, the 25th amendment if this president
11:57 am
really unravels, talking to the president. that would have to be triggered by pence. i think most of the chiefs of staff i've talked to see that as a very unlikely scenario getting to the 25th amendment but if the president gets to it -- >> that's the american nuclear option. i've got to jump. much more coming up in the next hour, stay with us. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at they didn't have to change their plans or worry about a thing. i'll see you all in a little bit. and i fixed it right away with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace.
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hi, everybody. great to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc headquarters. thousands of californians are waiting to hear whether they can return to their neighborhoods. the question of many is will they still have a home to return to. and many more women have come forward accusing hollywood producer harvey weinstein of harassment or sexual assault a day after he was kicked out of the academy


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