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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  October 18, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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craig melvin here at msnbc headquarters in new york. we are following three big stories unfolding at this hour. in washington, that firestorm that's erupted over what president trump said during a phone call of a family of a soldier killed in an attack on u.s. troops in the african country of niger. congresswoman fredricka wilson was with the family when president called. >> he was almost like joking. he said, well, i guess you knew something to the fact he knew what he was getting into when he signed up, but i guess it hurts any way. just matter of factually. that this is what happens. anyone who is signing up for military duty is signing up to die. and that's the way we interpreted it. and it was horrible. it was insensitive. it was absolutely crazy and unnecessary. i was livid. >> president trump just a few
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minutes ago denying that he made those comments. he challenged the congresswoman to repeat them. congresswoman wilson tweeting in response to that denial, i still stand on my account the call between donald trump and myesha johnson, that is her name, mr. trump, not the woman or the wife. all of this coming just two days after the president questioned the way previous presidents communicated with the families of fallen service members. meanwhile, the president has again weighed in on the controversy surrounding nfl players protesting during the playing of the national anthem. nfl commissioner roger goodell is expected to provide details of the league's position at a news conference that could start any moment. when it happens we will go there. and attorney general jeff sessions in the hot seat on capitol hill on the russia probe and other items today. that hearing, as you can see in recess right now, we start with
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nbc news chief white house correspondent hallie jackson. hallie, let's start with, again, the president's disputing the account of that phone call with the sergeant's family. >> yeah. listen, he was asked about this. what he wants to be talking about today at the white house is tax reform, a push for tax cuts, we just actually walked up the driveway here with three republican senators coming out to speak with reporters about what they want, which is a bipartisan deal when it comes to taxes. now, that said, in that same event with members of the senate finance committee the president was asked about this very topic, craig, what you're talking about. this what you can call back and forth, what has become a fallen family firestorm, what the president has said about congresswoman fredrica wilson who apparently was listening in on the conversation with the soldier killed in niger's
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family. i want you to listen to what the president said and then we'll talk about it. >> didn't say what that congresswoman said. didn't say it at all. she knows it. and she now is not saying it. i did not say what she said. and i'd like her to make the statement again because i did not say what she said. i had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife who is sounded like a lovely woman. did not say what the congresswoman said. and most people aren't too surprised to hear it. [ inaudible question ] let her make her statement and -- >> she's saying this. >> let her make her statement again and you'll find out. >> the president twice calling on congresswoman wilson to make her statement. she did. as you pointed out. coming out on twitter moments later saying she stands by these comments that the president in her view was as she put it insensitive toward this family, toward the johnson family. i will also note that the president tweeted earlier today that he had proof that
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congresswoman wilson was incorrect. we have reached out to the white house about what that proof is. no response yet, obviously if we get it we will bring it to you, craig. but i think it's worth noting this entire discussion, the reason we are having this conversation in the first place with the president's tweet this morning about the as he put it democrat congresswoman who totally fabricated what he said to the wife of a fallen soldier, started not because people were asking about what president obama did or president bush did or president trump's phone calls but specifically when he was asked broadly about the apparent ambush in western africa, the one that led to the deaths of these four green berets. not even about specifically the phone call situation that ended upcoming out of that. and you can see these four soldiers here. i do think that's important context to remember that that is what this is about. and even now there are still questions about what exactly happened in that country as we move forward. >> going back to the proof here, hallie, not to put the cart ahead of the horse here, would tapes be the only proof that the administration could provide?
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i mean -- >> i don't know. i'm not sure, craig, to be honest with you. that's not being glib. we have heard the president promise proof of things in the past. >> right. >> there's a list of things he says he has proof on, think back to for example the james comey conversation he was talking about. >> the wiretapping of trump tower. >> right. that led to all those questions about are you recording conversations, what's going on, there was never anything presented then. and so i just don't know the answers to what the president could be discussing now. i don't even want to speculate to be honest, some kind of transcript of the call or recording, i don't know. you know what happens in about 55 minutes though is sarah huckabee sanders out in that briefing room. and i imagine that is one of the questions she'll face. >> i would imagine that will be one of the handful of questions she will face. i'll let you get back to it. chief white house correspondent hallie jackson there on duty at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. shelby holiday, is here, so is josh barrow, msnbc contributor and senior editor at business
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insider, and rick tyler with us as well, msnbc political analyst. rick, let me start with you. this is as hallie just noted there, here's another controversy of the president's own making when he questioned president obama's actions, when it came to consoling families of fallen troops, why go there in the first place. >> i don't know, craig, it's extraordinary. hadn't called these families and it came up and was asked about it and then changed history as if other presidents didn't call for a new low and then we have another new low, when the family was all in the car with the congresswoman. so they have proof of what was said. and it seems pretty obvious what was said. one of the things most extraordinary about what was said was the widow, the gold star widow, myesha johnson, said the president didn't even remember his name, that is david johnson, the army sergeant. and that is just extraordinary. and then donald trump referred to her as the woman, the wife,
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as if he couldn't remember her name either. this is just -- i think it would have been better off if he never called this family at all. >> josh, where does it go from here? i mean, you've called a congresswoman a liar. you've essentially called the widow a liar as well. how does it play out? >> this is what america knew they were getting when this republican president was elected. >> what? >> no, he went after john mccain, essentially called ted cruz's wife ugly and accused his father of having killed jfk. he's a person incapable of treating people with basic human decency and empathy. not only is that something voters knew but a lot of people, i think that was a feature for a lot of people. i think a lot of people who voted for him felt the country was getting screwed, that they were getting screwed, and they needed somebody to be a jerk.
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and what happens is he's a jerk and he's a jerk to everyone. >> all of this righteous indignation surprises you. >> also said he would be very presidential when he became president and at this point i'm not sure we've seen that. donald trump says a lot of different things and contradicts himself regularly. this is one instance where he's saying he has proof of something he might not have proof of. no one believes him. the big problem here is that he's lost the trust of the american people. a recent quinnipiac poll showed just one-third of americans actually believe the president of the united states. not only is that a sad situation, but it's dangerous when it comes to an issue of national security. that could be very dangerous. >> that one-third is lower than his approval rating. there are people who approve of him but don't trust him. you saw this -- he got enormous number of votes from people who said they didn't like him but a lot of his support comes from people -- >> a lot of supporters hate what he says but like what he does. >> rick, i would also point out again the irony of here we are waiting on this roger goodell news conference, it seems as if
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we have gotten to a point in this country where everything has now been politicized. i mean, our sports have been politicized. >> yeah. >> and now the death of a service member, a guy who's in africa fighting for our country is killed and this is where we are. >> well, let's remember that the widow and the mother of sergeant johnson are not political and they have no reason to politicize this. so i think they have a lot of credibility. but i think what's going on, craig, to stick with the football analogy, if you have two teens on the field and there's a penalty called and you see it on instant replay and everybody can see they stepped out of bounds, people will still disagree on the call because the call is whether it helped my team or whether it helped the other team. the truth doesn't matter anymore. it is the question of whether it helps my team, the republicans, or the conservatives, or whether it helps the democrats and the liberals. and people just need to start looking at the truth of what
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happens instead of how it helps my team. >> the truth should matter. i think we can all agree on that. let's pivot here and talk about what we've seen unfold over the last few hours, attorney general jeff sessions appearing before the senate judiciary committee today. mr. sessions again facing senator al franken. this is one of the most contentious exchanges, if you will. let's take a listen and talk about it on the other side. >> what in your view constitutes issues of the campaign? >> well, let me just say this without hesitation, that i conducted no improper cam -- or discussions with russians at any time regarding a campaign or any other item facing this country. >> okay. how -- >> i want to say that first. now, that's been the suggestion that you've raised and others, that somehow we had conversations that were improper. >> senator sessions -- excuse
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me, attorney general sessions there visibly getting a bit worked up with senator franken, arguably more so than he did with any of the other senators there on the panel. what do you think's behind that? does he feel as if his integrity has been impugned? is that what that was? >> yes, and before you heard that, the last question we just heard from senator franken, franken made a few other comments basically suggesting that sessions has been changing his story and possibly lying. so sessions is obviously very frustrated about that. but they've had exchanges before that were very testy and sessions pointed to those exchanges in past hearings. and what he wants to say is basically i haven't done anything wrong and you are continuing to suggest that i have. so there's a lot of frustration on both sides. senator franken was also trying to nail him down and trying to get him to admit that he did talk about the campaign with kislyak and the russians and that he did say something improper and that his story is changing which never looks good. i think the most important thing that came out of this hearing and dipped into that campaign is
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that sessions said he's not been interviewed by bob mueller. >> the great thing about improper is it's an adjective and therefore matter of opinion whether improper or not. so this allows him avoiding contradiction in the future, if there are more oops, we had a meeting or talked at this thing and forgot about it, he'll say, well, it wasn't improper. therefore people are left to debate what is proper and improper. we don't know full content of those conversations and insulates him more. >> one thing we do know because sessions told us the set of previous hearing is he spoke with kislyak, the russian ambassador, about ukraine. and there are sanctions, russian sanctions because of their actions in ukraine. and so i'm speaking about sanctions at a time when president trump was the republican nominee and heading toward the election. >> curious. >> could be improper, according to some people. curious, yes, at the least. >> senator pat leahy, is this video? this is video from earlier.
10:13 am
rick tyler, did we learn anything new from the judiciary committee hearing? >> no. i don't think so. it does seem that jeff sessions has now qualified his remarks and senator franken really wanted to get at the idea that he had made these remarks about ukraine that was just discussed at an event where donald trump is really giving his first political speech at the mayflower hotel. that doesn't look very good. >> one of the other striking moments, it was a bit surprising because a few democratic senators had indicated they hoped that the attorney general would waive privilege, for a lack of better word, but he once again declined to talk about his private conversations he's had with president trump specifically on the topic of the firing of james comey. do democrats have another recourse here? >> i don't think it's obvious that anyone you're going to have them held in contempt of congress? that seems unlikely.
10:14 am
personally, i'm not anxious to hear these things in public. >> why? >> if people know they can interfere with bob mueller's investigation. to the extent there's too much testimony it can actually interfere with criminal investigations. we saw that in the iran contra case where the activities of the congressional committees that were investigating it to some extent interfered with the attempts to do criminal prosecutions related to that. >> also movement on health care today, shelby. this bill proposed by senator alexander, senator murray from washington state that would add the subsidies back into the bill including a number of other things as well. how is this bill going to be received by the white house? at this point it looks as if, well, yesterday -- >> today, not well received. yesterday, it looked like it would be well received. president trump's main promise has been to dismantle obamacare. and even before the bills failed in the senate to dismantle the affordable care act, president trump said i will do something
10:15 am
if the senate doesn't act. so i think he's kind of make -- well, some people think he's confused about what this bill actually is, but i think president trump no matter what he does wants to dismantle obamacare. so if this bill keeps it in place and funds subsidies that allow it to stay in place, i think what we're hearing from him is he's not into it. >> he wants obamacare to fall apart and somebody else to be blamed for that. the problem is those two goals are intention with each other. that's part of why he's out there making these confusing statements seemingly contradictory statements about what he is or isn't willing to sign. he doesn't seem to really understand what the structure of either of this bill or several other republican bills including graham/cassidy, they're part to prop up the insurance markets. you want to use one of these frameworks built around the government subsidizing insurance, you have to move a lot of money through insurance companies. fine with big insurance subsidies when they were in republican authored bills and now opposed to a&m, i'm not sure he understands how central --
10:16 am
>> i don't think you can underscore the stress and anxiety americans are feeling about their health care right now. and that could take a political toll. >> a dangerous manhunt right now by the way. thank you both. rick, thank you there in d.c. there is a dangerous manhunt that is underway in maryland. they're looking for a gunman who shot five people at a business park. three of those people are dead. the gunman is on the loose. we're live on the scene there. and as the harvey weinstein scandal widens, oprah winfrey is now speaking out. why she says many of us are focused on the wrong thing. >> i think this is a watershed moment. and if we make this just about harvey weinstein, then we will have lost this moment. give up, skeletor! you're finished! curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico could save you...
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happening right now on capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions is returning to the hot seat before the senate judiciary committee after facing some tough questions during roughly two hours of questioning this morning. it is the attorney general's first oversight hearing since assuming his post in january. a wide range of issues were touched on this morning, but one thing was clear, when it came to conversations with president trump over anything russia related, there's not much jeff sessions was willing to say. >> did the president ever mention to you his concern about lifting the cloud on the russia
10:21 am
investigation? >> senator, i understand that calls for a communication that i've had with the president, and i believe it remains confidential. >> have you been interviewed or have you been requested to be interviewed by the special counsel either in connection with director comey's firing, the russia investigation or your own contact with russia officials? >> you'll have to ask the special counsel. >> no, i'm asking you. >> have you been interviewed by them? >> no. >> so no one's ever told you, hey, the russians are on our side, they want to help us? >> not -- no. i conducted no improper cam -- or discussions with russians at any time regarding a campaign or any other item facing this country. >> okay. how -- >> let me say that first. now, that's been the suggestion that you've raised and others that somehow we had conversations that were
10:22 am
improper. >> keep in mind today's hearing comes after a rather tumultuous summer for jeff sessions, one that saw a barrage of trump twitter attacks and an offer from sessions to resign. they are on a short break right now there in the hearing room. they will resume in a few minutes. for more on this i want to bring in john mclayoughlin, along wit pulitzer prize winning journalist charlie savage, washington correspondent for "new york times" and also msnbc contributor. charlie, start with you. democratic members were adamant about giving some answers from the attorney general today. did we learn anything new? where did his testimony leave us? >> i think there were no clear reflatio reflation -- revelations today. i think the biggest theme has been attorney general sessions' continued aggressive use of his understanding of executive privilege to not answer
10:23 am
questions. democrats have warned him, look, the president has to assert executive privilege for you to have a legal right for you to not answer our questions and he's saying unless the president affirmative tells him he's waived it, he's not going to answer questions. he's not going to talk about conversations about jim comey before he was fired, doesn't talk about russia investigation conversations, won't talk about his conversations about maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. several other things as well that don't even involve president trump and other people like attorney general of texas. jeff sessions has really stonewalled and fight a lot of questions in his role as witness before the committee today. >> mr. mclaughlin, major takeaways from the testimony, and did you find the attorney general to be a credible witness? >> craig, i think he's a credible witness inso far as he was able to be a witness. as charlie pointed out, his
10:24 am
interpretation of executive privilege takes off the table many of the things that everyone would like to know about his experience. i think my major takeaway though was the lack of urgency that i sense about the fact we have an election coming up in 11 months, and i didn't hear anything in this hearing that indicates to me we are prepared or moving to prepare with a sense of urgency. the senate is asking the secretary does the department have any legislation, he says no and he says to them maybe you have some you want to propose. clearly they don't have anything they're putting on the table. so when i hear that and realize with confidence what the russians did the last time, i think that's disturbing. the europeans who've been facing this same problem are way ahead of in terms of trying to avoid interference in their elections. >> charlie, we also learned that
10:25 am
he has not been -- the attorney general has not been questioned by bob mueller or member of bob mueller's team. did you find that surprise sng and do you expect that's something that will change? >> that was a very interesting exchange. he was under questioning by senator patrick leahy. first he paused and was very awkward and didn't want to answer and finally says, no, i've not been questioned about three topics that senator leahy asked him about, russian interference and comey and so forth. but then later senator coons asked him about other conversations he may have had with mueller. and he suddenly says he's not going to answer at all. suggesting that there have been other conversations. and i wonder if what that means is perhaps he's had conversations with mueller's office about being interviewed and the interview just hasn't happened yet, that's my speculation. but that would be one way to square the circle of why he got squirrely at the end there about some conversations with mueller even if he hasn't been interviewed yet.
10:26 am
>> john, also we found out that sean spicer, former press secretary, he was interviewed by bob mueller's team on monday. sean is an avid note taker, apparently. how much could spicer potentially contribute to the special counsel's probe? >> oh, i think he could be an enormously important witness for a whole variety of reasons. if you think about it, he was privileged to be present at a number of occasions. for example, on the occasion when the president was speaking with a group of people and asked everyone to leave, spicer was among those asked to leave. and if i recall the account correctly, he kind of stuck his head in at one point and said something to the effect are you still going on. so he would have some sense of the atmosphere that surrounded that meeting. he was of course present when the president was deliberating about this, we assume he was present when the president was deliberating about this with
10:27 am
others. so i think in many ways spicer could be one of those witnesses who ends up being pivotal to this whole investigation. >> gentlemen, always good to have both of you. thanks for your time. >> thank you. some breaking news right now, police in maryland searching for that gunman who opened fire at a business killing at least three people. two others are wounded. he is on the run right now. he is armed. he is dangerous. the latest on the manhunt in a live report coming up in just a few moments. also, some live pictures right now here in new york city where nfl commissioner roger goodell is expected to take some questions any moment now. when that starts we will bring it to you live. [bell rings] every year we take a girl's trip.
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some breaking news on capitol hill right now. attorney general jeff sessions testifying before the senate judiciary committee right now. the afternoon session is under way. that is connecticut senator richard blumenthal there questioning the attorney general. we are watching. we are listening very closely to the hearing. we will bring you any updates as news warrants. meanwhile, some more breaking news. five people shot, three people
10:32 am
killed in a shooting at a northern maryland business park. it happened in edgewood this morning. edgewood's about 40 miles north of baltimore. there's a manhunt going on right now for the suspect. police have identified him as information there on the screen. nbc's tom costello has made his way there. tom, what more do we know? >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon. so as you know this has now been going on since about 9:00 this morning. at 8:58 this morning the shooting occurred right here in this building behind me. that is at the name of the company is granite solutions. and at 8:58 a.m. a gunman apparently opened fire with a handgun shooting five employees of the store. three of those employees were dead on arrival when police arrived just four minutes later. two patients were transported to university of maryland shock trauma medical center in baltimore where they are described as being in critical condition. and we have a manhunt underway
10:33 am
right now for the suspect. the police say he has an association with the business. there's one report that he may have been an employee, but an association with the business. and he is as you said already radee prince, 37 years old, and he was last -- radee, pardon me, 37 years old. last seen driving a black acadia chevrolet with delaware plates. they've now been searching as you would expect up and down the i-95 corridor from maryland up into delaware and our affiliate out of baltimore is tweeting out confirmed report that there was also a shooting in wilmington, delaware, that may be connected to the suspect as well. the suspect is known to have a criminal background, but beyond that we don't know what may have motivated this particular attack. so, again, we have a mass casualty situation here, a mass shooting, three people known dead, two others in critical condition and the manhunt for the suspect is still very much
10:34 am
underway in two states. there's a very heavy police presence up and down the i-95 corridor here in baltimore and delaware -- pardon me, maryland and delaware, with the county sheriff's department, with neighboring jurisdictions, the state police as well as atf and fbi. and then on the delaware side the same thing. this is a very serious situation undergoing -- underway right now with a killer allegedly on the loose. back to you. >> all right. tom costello there for us in edgewood, maryland, where this manhunt, again, as tom indicated there, been under way for a number of hours now, armed and dangerous. let's put the information on the screen one more time if we can. tom, thank you. here is again the man that police are looking for. radee prince, last seen driving gmc acadia, there's the license plate information. we are also watching this podium in new york city, that is the podium where nfl commissioner roger goodell is expected to hold a news conference any moment from now.
10:35 am
looks like we're starting to see some reporters take their seats there. might be some indication that the commissioner is making his way to the podium soon. we'll go there when it happens. also, new allegations against harvey weinstein. his brother is now facing accusations of his own. we'll look at that. we'll also take a look at the so-called weinstein effect. more women now seeming to feel emboldened to speak out. paying less for my medicare? i'm open to that. lower premiums? extra benefits? it's open enrollment. time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything-like prescription drug plans... and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. ♪
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attorney general jeff sessions on capitol hill right now. this is the afternoon session of the senate judiciary committee meeting. he has been questioned here so far by connecticut senator richard blumenthal. i'm not sure who's doing the questioning right now. oh, there we go. look at that. they must have heard me. anyway, we can confirm once again that the attorney general apparently a few moments ago indicated that he had touched base with his office, his office insisting passing him a note that he is not in fact been contacted by bob mueller, the special counsel who's conducting the investigation, the wide ranging investigation into russia's role in the presidential election. that was a question he had been asked initially by vermont senator patrick leahy. there's some back and forth, attorney general sessions
10:40 am
confirming a few moments ago that, again, he has not been asked to testify -- excuse me, questioned yet by the fbi special counsel. meanwhile, we are also keeping a very close eye on the podium not far from here at 30 rockefeller, commissioner roger goodell expected to take some questions any moment now. the controversy over player protest and national anthem has focused attention on that nfl's owners meeting that's wrapping up today. the league commissioner, again, roger goodell, expected to take questions any moment now. we're going to get a five-minute heads up before it starts, so let's bring in jordan schultz of the schultz report at yahoo sports. mike lupika is back. mike of course sports columnist for new york daily news, msnbc contributor as well. and sports columnist bill roden with espn's the undefeated. he's at the nfl news conference expected to start any moment. bill, you're there on the scene. i'll start with you. what can we expect to hear from the commissioner today?
10:41 am
>> it's supposed to be two hours ago, but any minute now really, i mean, literally within the next five, ten minutes as you can imagine, you know, we've all been at these things, we're waiting and this is sort of like a typical nfl week where there's a lot of speculation, a lot of buildup and now we're tired of the buildup and the speculation. we're waiting for the actual game. in this case the game is what's happened, what are the players going to come up with, what is this really ground breaking agreement going to be like? and this is a very unique time for both players and owners. this is really the first time that i can remember that the conversation has not been so much a collision but a collaboration. this is nothing contractual but more in dealing with ethics and morality. so, you know, we're all very eager to hear what both sides are coming up with.
10:42 am
don't expect the dancing scrolls. don't expect there to be a plan or decision. >> yeah. >> so we're looking for the tone, the direction. >> i'm just going to jump in there, craig, because it's a great point because we have not seen expressed by the owners and the players, so you have for the first time the owners and players connecting in a cordial manner because there's such a scant level of trust between each party. >> mike, mr. lubika, what do you expect? anything ground breaking? >> i hope it has nothing to do with the ground, craig. i hope that they continue to not tell these players that they cannot kneel. they issued a nothing statement yesterday about how everybody in the league respects our flag, our anthem, our country and our military. this has never been about that. and as has been written over the last 24 hours, the players are
10:43 am
looking for reasons not to kneel, but i'm just hoping that goodell and his league continue to not let somebody else set the narrative that this was ever about disrespect for country, flag, anthem, the military. if you go down that rabbit hole, you're going to end up in crazy town or trump town. >> mike, ratings are down for the nfl across all networks so far this season. how much of this, the protest movement, how much of this do you think has to do with that? >> craig, ratings are down everywhere in television. but maybe somebody dropped off while i was talking moments ago. it's an unknowable thing. how much of this is a backlash against what started with colin kaepernick. but the idea that they can put this all on that and to act like somehow, you know, in about eight weeks we're going to have a going out of business sale in the nfl is ridiculous. >> bill rhoden, there at the
10:44 am
actual owners meeting, the players association, you made a good point last week about this being a labor issue to a certain extent. the nfl p.a., what have we heard from them over the past day or two? >> well, you know, the nfl is still reacting. they've been two or three steps slow and behind on this all the way. what's great about this, craig, is that this is really being driven by players. even from kaepernick. they've decided, i mean, they've almost put the players association on periphery on this saying this is our issue, we're going to define this issue, we've got this. essentially the players association has all been relegated to kind of being water boys. they're going to carry out what the players deliver. and i think that's what's really great about this is that this is going to be a player driven initiative. as it should be. and not just any players but also players who have since last
10:45 am
year have been really involved in this. because, mike, it's so easy for this movement to be coopted and watered down. i think that's going to be the big challenge is controlling the narrative, which they can do. this is about police brutality and about social justice. and i think in terms of talking about the white house i think is really important for the players to stay really focused. stay focused on the major issues and not deal with a lot of misdirection and double talk. stay really focused on the issue and the initiative. again, that's social justice, police brutality, how to create a better relationship between owners, community, players and law enforcement. >> jordan, there's -- this is something that piqued our interest here the last couple days. apparently the nfl has long had a regulation that requires players to stand during the anthem. this is from the operations manual, team operations manual, quote, the national anthem must be played prior to every nfl game, and all players must be on the sideline for the national
10:46 am
anthem. during the national anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand and refrain from talking. very specific instructions in the manual there. if that's already on the books, why is this an issue? >> because it's a constitutional right. like we're not here to be judge and jury, craig, but bottom line is when you have colin kaepernick who started this in a peaceful manner and like bill was saying it's been diluted or we don't want it to be diluted but some people would say, well, kaepernick's been a total distraction and players just jumping on the bandwagon. bottom line is you have eric reid, a former teammate of kaepernick's in san francisco, you have him now saying this is going to be a long process. we're just getting started. so the answer to your question, the players are basically saying we don't feel like we're being listened to. and they're allowed to do this, craig. the nfl is a private entity.
10:47 am
they can say, well, we don't want you to, but the bottom line is they are allowed to do this. >> jordan schultz, thank you. bill rhoden, we'll let you get seated. our understanding is it's going to happen shortly. mike lupica, thank you. mike, prediction on the yankees game? >> oh, man, you know, they've got so much momentum, i'm on my way down to the ballpark now. this is starting to feel like october 1996 all over again, craig. >> mike lupica, all right, we'll leave it there. i will hold my personal opinions on what mike just said. i'll keep it to myself. reporters gathering there of course at the owners meeting, reporters also gathering at the white house where sarah huckabee sanders, press secretary, expected to deliver the daily briefing minutes from now. we're watching several different things. this is msnbc. we'll also continue to talk about what's happening with this harvey weinstein case, more women out with claims of sexual harassment against harvey
10:48 am
weinstein. 55 women so far have made allegations against the hollywood producer. we'll talk about the so-called weinstein effect after this. t m)
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more women are out against -- are out with claims against harvey weinstein. 55 now to be precise. weinstein, who denies all accusations of nonconsensual sex resigned from his company yesterday, and the former producer for spike network is alleging sexual harassment against weinstein's brother now and business partner bob weinstein. bob weinstein's attorney says the accusation is, quote, riddled with false and misleading assertions in that there is no way bob weinstein is guilty of sexual harassment. meanwhile, the hash tag "me too" is taking over social media as a way to express outrage over sexual abuse. joined now by claire atkinson, nbc news digital senior media editor. claire, good to have you onboard here. first of all, thanks for carving out time this afternoon. social media exploding with more than 10 million people retweeting, using this particular hash tag.
10:53 am
who are the most recent women to make claims against harvey weinstein? >> so, today we have lena heady, who's a "game of thrones" actress, who talked about how she was lured into a corridor. i don't necessarily think anything actually happened, but she talks about how she was able to avoid it. molly ringwald, to gen xers like me, star of "breakfast club," penned an essay in "the new yorker" talking about how she was asked to wear a dog collar for a particular movie and didn't think it was necessary. she talked not necessarily about sex harassment and harvey, but the movie industry in general. she had worked with harvey and talked about how she got stiffed out of payments that she later was able to recoup, but it doesn't paint a positive portrait of either hollywood or her experiences with the weinstein company. >> this #metoo hash tag, today we've seen the olympic gymnast come forward, again, not related
10:54 am
to harvey weinstein, but another prominent figure coming forward to make claims of sexual abuse. there was the amazon producer, who resigned amid accusations of sexual harassment. do you get the sense that this is perhaps an inflection point in our society, that women now feel more emboldened to speak out against the kinds of accusations as they relate to harvey weinstein? >> i do, and oprah said, i think today, that it's a watershed moment, and if it's all just about harvey and it's not about a wider look at ourselves and the culture of sex harassment, then it's a lost moment, so i do think social media has helped people feel comfortable about speaking out, sharing their stories, whether anonymously or on record, so i think the hash tag and just a number of women who have come forward is quite astounding in and of itself. >> the company itself, the weinstein company, what happens to it now?
10:55 am
>> so, i think they are looking at issues of, you know, what their legal liability is going to be moving forward. will they have to pay out for these claims? will there be a criminal court case involving harvey? will harvey sue the company? what's clear is the weinstein company is highly thought to be sold to colony capital, who's owned by tom barrack, a friend of president trump. they had the board meeting yesterday. interestingly, after the board meeting ended, allegations came up about harvey's brother, which you mentioned earlier. >> 55 women. it really is a staggering number, and you've got to think that's the 55 who have come forward, so one would assume, surmise, perhaps, there are more women out there that we may hear from in the days and weeks. >> absolutely. >> claire atkinson. claire, thank you so much for that. again, live look here at the podium there.
10:56 am
owners meeting, nfl, new york city, roger goodell we're told any moment now expected to take to that podium, make some comments, take some questions from reporters, as well. the white house press briefing has just been pushed back we're told. that's going to happen at 2:30. lo lots happening this afternoon on msnbc. we'll be right back. so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far. are you there? he's probably on mute. yeah... gary won't like it. why? because he's gary. (phone ringing)
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that will do it for this hour of msnbc live.
11:00 am
katy tur taking over live. >> we're going to take over this press conference, the roger goodell press conference. 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. here in new york, where waiting for nfl commissioner roger goodell to announce his decision on player protests. we're also waiting on the white house press briefing. it is set to start in 30 minutes. it will be the first time sarah huckabee sanders takes questions on camera this week, and she has a lot to answer as president trump faces mounting criticism over his call with the widow of an american soldier killed. a call a democratic congresswoman who was with the family detailed this morning. >> he said, well, i guess you knew something to the effect he knew what he was getting into when he signed up, but i guess it hurts anyway. she was in tears. she was in tears.


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