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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 22, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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he left behind a disaster. and if i'm the only thing to "a remind him of that, then that's what i'm there for. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." thanks for joining us. good morning, everyone. in new york at world headquarters it is 7:00 in the east, 4:00 out west. the lives of four american soldiers remembered this weekend. this morning, new inside into why so many troops are in africa and what their mission is. the open letter from north korea to several american allies, what it says about president trump and what will happen if there's an attempt to topple the communist regime? united front. for the first time in years five former presidents gather on stage at the same time. what prompted the gathering and how it helped so many in need?
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and we begin with a new attack in niger not far from where u.s. soldiers were killed and that have left military officers dead. gunman crossed the border yesterday and fired at a security base. that's where sergeant brian black, jeremiah johnson and sergeant la david johnson were killed. >> reporter: army sergeant johnson was laid to rest near his home in florida. he was killed in an ambush earlier this month along with three of his come raids. new and conflicting account about what happened during the deadly mission. the "the new york times" reports that military sources say the army convoy spotted and chases insurgents until they crossed into neighboring mali. the soldiers didn't mention giving chase and claimed they
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were ambushed and surrounded by insurgents outside a village possibly tipped off by tribal leader who they were meeting. the pentagon tried to determine if they were on an unapproved mission. a signal from his beacon was tracked for several hours fueling hope that johnson was still alive. a senior congressional aid nbc news it stemmed in part from a massive intelligence failure. congress now demanding more information on counterterrorism missions across africa. >> you've got to have a balance here. you've got to keep us informed so we can make good decisions about do we want a thousand soldiers in niger and if he we don't want them then the way to deal with it is to cut off funding. >> reporter: the commander of u.s. forces in africa told congress earlier this year he
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had only a quarter of the reconnaissance flight that he needed. >> so the readiness of the airplanes had gotten better but when you go from 12 to six the capacity is cut in half and the impact is we've got to do a better job coordinating because the africa's continent is extremely large. the senate armed services committee is set to meet next week seeking answers to major questions about the attack. had the soldiers accounted beyond their planned mission without first gaining approval and if they were given permission, who granted it. meanwhile in a series of tweets last night, president trump shifts his grievances to the russian investigation. crooked hillary clinton spent hundreds of millions of dollars more on presidential election than i did. facebook was on her side not mine. keep hearing about tiny amount of money spent on facebook ads. what about the billion dollars of dollars on fake news on cnn,
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msnbc and cbs. calling on the fbi to release the names of officials behind the so-called trump dossier. trump pledges at least $430,000 of his own money to help cover aids legal costs related to russia probes. let's bring in staff writer at the hill and congressional reporter for the "the washington post." great to have you here this sunday morning. >> thank you. shawn, your colleagues reporting there, is this what these tweets were all about and what can you tell us about this pledge? it seems like a relatively small amount for legal fees. >> it's unclear whether these tweets were in specific response to this revelation but this is a notable revelation that the president is going to pay out of his own pocket to cover these legal fees. this is, you know, a large amount of money but in the grand scheme of things not a very large amount of money in terms
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of what the overall legal fees are expected to cost. the one thing to keep in mind here is that the republican national committee has been paying for some of the legal fees associated with the president, associated with donald trump jr. and so that's sort of an unusual arrangement. they're paying from a fund that would go to recounts and other legal things. the white house is sending a signal that this is not an effort to reimburse that money necessarily, but when people saw that the republican national committee was paying for that it raised a lot of eyebrows and people started looking at this and wondering why this political committee is paying for this and an ethics official raised more questions, whether the president a potential witness should be paying for the fees of other witnesses or potential targets. this raises a lot of questions about what's happening here and how this process moves forward. >> melody going back to the tweet about the dos where are,
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the president is asking the justice department to interfere in the russian investigation which is centered on him and his campaign. is this just another sign of president trump feeling the heat or are these tweets different to you? >> number one, this dossier, it's largely unverified, at least the most salacious aspects of it and we don't know who paid for. was it anti-trump republicans or democrats. if he can revealed who paid to have this dossier made that he can invalidate it completely. but there are other questions behind this dossier like who were the sources and that's something that mueller's team is looking into. they'll use this as a road map to chase down leads, possibly talk to some of these sources. so this dossier could be well at the center of this investigation. >> and sean, how does the white house recover from the week that it was as it relates to the feud
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with congresswoman wilson? how do you think this is going to end? >> that's a really good question. i don't think we know yet when we look at the president's tweets, when we look at john kelly coming out forcefully defending the president against the congresswoman in this case. it looks like the white house does not want this fight to end, that they're willing to keep at it, that they're willing to keep embracing this argument on social media and interviews and other situations that the president appears in, so this might not be the end of it. we might see this fight continue next week even as the president's trying to move forward with key legislation with tax reform and other issues. >> and melody, what is the consensus in washington on general kelly's role in the white house now? how do these missteps play into senator corker's adult day care
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comments. >> i'm sure the last thing general kelly wanted to become was the story. he wasted political capital by going out there to the podium and getting the facts wrong when it comes to congresswoman wilson. if you're going to send him out there to the podium he needs to get his facts straight. i think he can still be the sort of moral voice for the trump administration and he can vouch for the president in ways that perhaps his own spokesman can't. i would just say that right now people are looking alt john kelly and they're questioning whether he needs to deliver a formal apology and sarah huckabee sanders comments that we can't question him because so it's going to be interesting to see whether he's used again and whether we see him come to the podium any time soon. >> before i let you two go, i want to let your thoughts on president trump skipping the hurricane relief event last night that was attended by five
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former presidents. how do you read his absence? do you think it was a rebuke or do you think there was something else going on here? >> it's difficult to say. he did record this video message, it certainly would have been a potentially awkward situation had he appeared given the comments that we've seen from george w. bush, from former president president obama. it could have been an effort to avoid, avoid the political backdrop of this and just keep it focused on the relief efforts. when it comes to the hurricane relief efforts, people are going to judge the president, his administration mainly on their responses to these storms and they've taken a lot of criticism, particularly in puerto rico and so that's also another story that the president's dealing with, that his team is dealing with. that's a difficult public relations situation that they're trying to handle because they have received a lot of criticism. that's something else that doesn't seem to be going away as well. >> stay with us.
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♪ for the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ a rare event deep in the heart of texas, all five living former presidents appearing at the one america concert last night to help raise money for hurricane relief. the presidents, jimmy carter, george h.w. bush, george. bush, bill clinton and barack obama. all united in their call for americans to do what they can for the victims of the z-raftus
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hurricane. >> as heartbreaking as the tragedies that took place here in texas and in florida, in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands have been what we've also seen is the spirit of america at its best, where ordinary people step up and do extraordinary things. president trump made an experience in a video praising the relief efforts and vowed that america will recover and build areas hit by the hurricanes. since the one america appeal effort began more than $31 million has been raised and you can go to one america if you wish to make a contribution. turning now to the escalating tensions between north korea and the united states. u.n. sanctions over its nuclear program. australian officials revealed these calls came in in the form of an open letter and dubbed the
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move unprecedented. this all comes as the u.s. wraps up joint military exercises with south korea prompting the north to issue a new threat. good morning, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good day to you again from inside the democratic peoples republic of korea. this is where you'll have seen thousands marching watched by the supreme leader kim jong-un and the tensions with north korea escalating still further. the north korean now threatening an unimaginable strike against the u.s. the government here in pyongyang furious that joint exercises between the u.s. and south korea taking place off the coast. the official news agency here even suggesting the uss ronald reagan which is involved in those exercises could be a specific target. there is a lot of anger at least as far as we can tell from the people we speak to.
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it is difficult to read north korea. this is a country where, we for example, are watched always by government minders. there is no doubt that many people here do feel angry, they feel passionate and that just underscores how much of a gulf there is between the north koreans and the south koreans and the u.s., such a gulf to try and overcome. back to you. people in the nation's mid-section brace for violent weather this weekend and that's what some folks got. a casino suffered damage when it was struck by a possible tornado and there you can see part of the facade missing. inside rain began pouring through the roof and raised fears the roof might collapse. so people who had just seen a concert there including oklahoma's governor are evacuated to a shelter for a short time. a tv crew from our nbc affiliate was in the parking lot when the
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capitol steps, the next few stages in the republican's 1 1/2 trillion dollars tax cut effort. the budget plan now goes to the house which has already passed a tax cut bill. the house could however just pass the senate blueprint or negotiate a compromise. once the bill is passed, the house will start writing a tax bill and likely it's to face fierce opposition by democrats. >> these folks have made
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reputations for themselves as fiscal hawks. their fiscal chicken hawks when it comes to tax cuts. they simply don't care about the debt and the deficit unless they can use that to badger obama and other democrats. reasons for opposition include the tax policy center analysis that claims 80% of the tax cut would benefit the top 1% and it could add one and a half trillion dollars to the deficit over ten years. it could cut medicare funding by $470 billion and medicaid by $1 trillion and of course much more could change. your 401(k) retirement plan may be in the cross hairs of republicans orchestrating a way to pay for that tax cut. stephanie ruhle shows us, you could have a tough time trying to save for those golden years. >> reporter: with the stock market setting new records, millions of americans who use 401(k) accounts to save for
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retirement are celebrating their high returns but those celebrations may end soon as a new gop tax plan currently being devised could significantly reduce the tax benefit people enjoy for 401(k) contributions. >> without this incentive probably it would be difficult to get people to save the amount of money that they need to save. >> reporter: according to a report in the "the wall street journal" the proposal being considered would reduce the amount of worker could contribute tax-free to just $2,400 a year. today workers like eric rosen can put up to $18,000 aside each year with no tax. the generalus tax treatment has allowed him to stash more money upfront with the hopes of taking it out later in retirement when he's in a lower tax bracket. >> if these changes do go into effect i do think it will impact the amount of money that i'm able to save for retirement each year. >> so why would congress change the tax treatment for the popular retirement plan. it could increase tax revenue by
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$115 billion dollars a year. >> a will the of people are trying to play catch-up and it's just going to kick them with a bigger tax bill. for the average person that's saving $18,000 that's going to mean, $10,000 more in taxes they owe and that just means they're going to save less. >> that was msnbc stephanie ruhle reporting. >> what will you be looking for as congress works on tax reform? >> they just cleared -- the senate passed their budget resolution so that essentially paves the way to be able to do tax reform without democratic support. trump is going ahead to capitol hill to talk with senators which is also a big step on tuesday, but there's still a lot of questions surrounding what this actual plan is going to look like. as your colleague just mentioned, there's this question with the 401(k)s and i've talked to a couple senators this week
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that said trump is still floating the idea of linking infrastructure and tax reform together. that's something that was previously dismissed by members of the republican party but it could be a way to sort of peel off some democratic support and get them to support a tax package, but i think the bipartisanship on this issue has sailed. i'm not sure that that's actually going to be what ends up happening, however it's very clear there's a lot of questions that are still unanswered and a lot of decisions that have not yet been finalized. congress is certainly feeling the urgency and the heat to deliver on this promise especially after failing to deliver on repealing and replacing obamacare. >> that's certainly a lot to digest there. sean, the latest on health care. you and your colleague reporting on efforts by the white house for new concessions on the bill. what are they proposing and what impact will this have on the fate of this bill? >> it could derail these very sensitive negotiations between democrats and republicans. the white house is pushing for
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democrats to move this bill to the right effectively and to give americans some relief from the individual mandate and the employer mandate that exists in the affordable care act. a lot of republicans on capitol hill i think are confused and looking for guidance from the white house and the president as to where they should stand on this bipartisan legislation and really the president has given on flikting signals in the last few days. he seemed very supportive of this deal between lamar alexander and patty murray. then he backed off of it and suggested this didn't go far enough. the democrats needed to move. we're seeing the white house put specifics on the table and i think we're going to see republican members of congress embrace that position. the question is will democrats actually agree to any of this stuff and so far the answer to that question is no. they don't seem to ant to budge on this issue at all. they don't want to do anything that they think would severely
4:26 am
undermine the affordable care act. we might not see progress on this thing for a while. >> how do you see this playing out? they're trying to get taxes done. can they also get health care done? >> the best shot for this bipartisan deal would be at the year-end spending bill. democrats always have a ton of leverage in that debate. they can use this as a bargaining chip. i can see them insisting that any funding bill include some sort of fix for these insurance markets but that could be really problematic for a lot of republicans who see it as propping up a law that they've been striving to repeal and replace. so december's going to be interesting to watch and we'll see whether it comes to a shutdown or not. >> sean, real quick. what about you? what about this timeline? >> we could see this get wrapped into some sort of year-end spending deechlt it is a tough thing right now to ask republicans to vote for a bill that bolsters the law that they tried and failed to repeal and so i think that's a challenge
4:27 am
here in getting a deal done. >> we got to wrap. thank you so much. that will do it for me, i'm dara brown. don't miss house minority leader nancy pelosi on am joy. but first it's your business with j.j. ramburg.
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makeup mogul bobby brown talks about overcoming the challenges faced by woman. how this woman grew her business by utilizing the power of amazon. how small business owners got people in fargo by opening up their stores on sundays. let's grow fast and work smart. that's all coming up next on your business.


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