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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 23, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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president trumps turns up the pressure. issued new warning to house republicans. pass tax cuts or lose in 2018. steve bannon's war on the gop establishment continues as he takes aim at a few top republicans. searching for a possible serial killer. residents in one florida neighborhood on edge after three murders that authorities believe are linked. good morning, everyone. on a conference call with house republicans yesterday, president
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trump gave them a blunt warning. pass tax cuts or lose next year. two sources on the call tell nbc news that he said if they succeeded, it would be like skating on ice. he also heard members say tax cut instead of tax reform because he feels average americans don't understand what tax reform means. first daughter and white house adviser is headed to pennsylvania today for a discussion of the plan. last week she discussed tax reform with democratic senators and in an interview yesterday president trump said part of the party inviting in failure of health care reform actually improves chances and they currently have the votes to pass tax reform and health care. >> do you believe this bickering feuding gets in the way of your agenda. >> no. sometimes it helps to be honest with you. we'll see what happens in the end. i think actually sometimes it helps. sometimes it getting people to do what they're supposed to be
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doing. i think we're going to have the votes for taxes. i will say the fact health care is so difficult, i think makes the taxes easier. the republican wants to get it done. >> he would be surprised if it took until the end of the year. hoping thanksgiving break. latest on the investigation to the deadly ambush in niger that left four u.s. special soldiers dead. undertake unapproved mission. at this time unnamed military officials. reports indicate that the patrol may have pursued a group of men on motorcycles. lured them into the ambush and a senior congressional aide tells nbc news massive intelligence failure. calling for a congressional investigation. the former chairman of the house oversight committee and huge component of the benghazi tweeted over the weekend,
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congress investigated benghazi and extortion 17. congress should also investigate the deadly attack in niger. back into the gop. former white house strategist steve bannon has taken upon himself to respond to the former president of the united states. in a keynote addressed to the california republican party fall convention, bannon took issue with president george washingtonwashingto washington -- george w. bush. president bush to me embarrassed himself. it's clear he didn't understand anything he was talking about. he equates the industrial revolution to globalization. he has no idea what's coming or going. just like it was when he was president of the united states. i want to apologize up front to any of the bush folks outside in this audience.
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because there is not been a more destructive presidency than george bush's. >> bannon went off another republican leader in friday night remarks to republican party. after boasting of close relationship with the president and taking credit for action in washington. chairman of the breitbart website went after mitch mcconnell who responded yesterday. >> the time magazines coming out with new edition this week and just posted on its website its leaked story. senate republicans finally got something done. they should thank steve bannon. the united states senate has done a terrible job supporting president trump. and let me say so, i have the great honor of being the ceo of the campaign and chief
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strategist and senior counsel in the white house and now proud to say wingman outside. >> they've been out there for a number of years. caused us five seasons in 2010 and 2012. we would have gotten the majority of the voter, but for the fact they were unable to nominate people in november. in 14 they were defeated everywhere, 16 they were defeated everywhere. difference is we've been in the majority. some of those folks you've been quoting are special as nominating people who lose. that isn't going to help president trump initiate his agenda. >> joining us in washington, daniel litman. co-author of the political co-playbook. just heard former white house strategist steve bannon deliver another fiery speech on saturday in california. calling george w bush destructive. do you think the strategy is working here or do you think it's going to cause a rift in the republican party. >> it's interesting bannon keeps
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going after george w. bush. likely because bush criticized trump this past week. not a surprise. i think bannon has long viewed bush as a horrible president that did not serve the republican party well. it led to the obama years because it was a backlash towards the failures of the bush administration. >> let me ask you really quickly about the relationship between mitch mcconnell who actually defended president trump yesterday in fact saying that trump doesn't get enough credit for some of the things he's done to get the country going again, so to speak. do you see this as a sign of things between these two men are actually beginning to thaw. >> i think it may be a little bit. until trump stops tweeting, he is not going to have the best relationship with mitch mcconnell. i think mcconnell and trump, they need each other to pass tax reform. of course they're going to be saying nice words about each other. if they don't get tax reform
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done in the next few months, i expect trump to go after mitch mcconnell and say why didn't you -- we have another failure like health care. >> they must have had a very good lunch. because they're saying nice things about each other. i want to talk about tax reform quickly. president trump wasn't around when it came to supporting health care. he has been pushing tax plan over the weekend. what's the strategy this time around. >> so they pass -- the senate passed that budget which was critical to moving forward. i think they're being held back a little bit by trump's competing messages. he said in the last week he wants democrats on board with the tax package. they want -- he wants them to work together, but republicans have shown no sign of bringing democrats to the poll. that means they can't lose any -- they can't lose many republicans and their fellow senators on this package. >> live for us what washington,
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d.c. this morning. thank you for joining us. tampa, florida neighborhood are on edge. believe the murders are linked, but may not all be the work of one person. >> reporter: in the seminole heights neighborhood of tampa today, police are searching for a possible serial killer. >> obviously able to vanish very quickly. >> vanishing without a trace. leaving the community on edge. >> no rime or residencien. rea feel a little shaken or concerned that we could be the next victim. >> in the last two weeks, people have been killed. benjamin mitchel gunned down walking to a bus stop. two days later. monica shot in a vacant lot and ten days after the first murder, anthony shot and killed after getting off on the wrong bus stop. police say the victims did not know each other, they have linked the murders through they
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similarities and undisclosed evidence. >> you have my word cases are connected. >> is this the work of a serial killer. >> we're not willing to use that terms yet. we don't know enough. i have perfectly avoided labeling that because i don't want people to focus in on one person. we don't know if it's more than one person. a team of people. >> for benjamin mitchel's family, his death is hitting them hard. >> you can't even wrap your head around it. you don't think something like this would be close to home. >> police released this image identifying as a person of interest. so far no suspect and no motive. >> we have very little information. we don't know who is doing this. >> heard the gunshots during the second murder. the body found laying in an empty lot across the street. >> this is right across the street from your house. i'm up all night looking out the windows. trying to see what's going on. so it's very scary.
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>> very scary story there. we may learn more about the kennedy assassination by the end of the week. national archive released documents related to lee harvey oswald. the vast majority of records were released in the late 199s. still private documents originating from the cia are set to go public this thursday. only the president has the authority to delay the release of documents. something he indicated he would not do in a tweet over the weekend. still "the washington post" reports that national security officials are actually requesting the president withhold those documents related to forces and methods. >> president trump will award the honor for act of heroism during the vietnam war. serving as special forces combat. during a highly secretive mission deep inside laos.
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amazings story. really is truly amazing. look at the link on the bottom of the screen. still ahead, former offer to help the crisis in korea. >> appears to take a swipe after president trump while talking about the vietnam war. those stories and a check on your weather coming up. ♪
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welcome back. all five presidents made appearance over the weekend. on saturday night put politics aside. raise money for victims of recent hurricanes. four of the five former presidents gave remarks appealing for national unity. in a video message, president trump avoided past criticism of his predecessors.
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>> some of america's finest public servants are spear heading the one america appeal. to presidents jimmy carter, george hw bush, bill clinton, george w bush, and barack obama. melania and i want to express deep gratitude. >> there is still work to be done in florida and texas and friends in puerto rico and virgin islands have only begun to dig their way out of what could be still a calamitous disaster, but can be a new beginning if we just do what we ought to do. and prove that the heart of america without regard to race or religion or political party is greater than our problems. >> all of us on this stage here tonight could not be prouder of
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the response of americans. when they see their neighbors and they see their friends, they see strangers in need, americans step up. >> you see his little side whisper between bush and obama. >> i feel like they're still friends despite all the political. they have a comradery. >> spokesperson for george -- former president jimmy carter is offering to help the trump administration with north korea. offers to go on a diplomatic mission to north korea. carter says, quote, i'm afraid two of the situation i don't know what they'll do because they want to save their ref jeem.
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also s he told them he's available if they ever need him. >> let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, looks like we have wet weather heading our way. >> east coast hasn't had a lot of wet weather. storm system was in the middle of the country, oklahoma on saturday. had a couple of tornados that came down. made gorgeous pictures, but a little bit of damage was done. no injuries. you can see that was the wall cloud there which ended upturning into this tornado as it struck right around nighttime. the casino took some damage. let's get to today. we are watching the storm system. know located right over the top of st. louis. heaviest rain, chicago, nashville. kentucky. atlanta, not raining yet, it is -- it will be soon. also watching the carolinas. that's moving. we get enough heating and sunshine. it could intensify and could give us some severe weather.
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damaging wind is the biggest risk. 13 million people at risk of the sto storms. all of eastern north carolina. if we get enough instability, even an isolated tornado or two is possible. time this out for travel needs, afterschool activities. this is 7:00 a.m. showhouse the green the light rain. yellow is moderate rain. 5:00 p.m. tupper state is covered in rain. storms over the appalachians and a few storms in south carolina. go through the evening, line of storms and potential severe weather. going to happen at night too. makes it a little more dangerous. time we get to tuesday, a narrow band of heavy rain could be over the top of new york city. heading up to albany and burlington. not a high concentration of rain on tuesday, but will be sweeping through the northeast. rainfall predictions, 1-3 inches
2:19 am
possible in michigan. 1-3 everywhere in the purple and red. this is needed. very dry fall. the lawns are going to love this. areas from atlanta to central georgia. tuesday, this is the rainfall here to northern jersey and upstate new york. possibility of 1-2 inches of rain. much of this is welcome. flooding not a concern. first time in a long time, airport delays. >> i got to say, when it comes to rain, we take the progression of your weather very seriously. also with the timing of that. >> the timing, yes. >> 6:00 p.m., we're going to be prepared. if it comes at five, you'll get an e-mail. still ahead, all the highlights from sunday football, plus a special announcement about the super bowl. sports is next. id, but d'ya thk our recent online sales success seems a little... strange? na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast."
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serious allergic reactions may occur. never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. wide open. touchdown logan thomas. >> samuel couldn't hold it. scooped up on the sideline. he takes it. checks it to foot race. he's going to win it. touchdown bears. >> second down and six. end zone touchdown. >> baltimore 29. murray. murray on the ten, 5, touchdown.
2:23 am
>> one way. throw it the other way. elliot races down the sideline. inside the 20. back to the inside. are you kidding me? >> and here's mckissen. throws it back to wilson. collins is back. richardson, whose got it? >> up and wide open. >> caught. what a grab equity kenny stills. >> first down. and probably got this ball game. >> so many big plays. what a day for football. now to sunday night football and a rematch of super bowl li. hosting the atlanta falcons. this game wasn't even close.
2:24 am
end of the first, falcons trying to break the 0-0 tie and the field goal is blocked. that sets the tone for the rest of the game. tom brady led the way for new england. including this td to cooks where brady gets credit for all 11 yards. the falcons in this one, 23-27. over in the nba was the best of times and worst of times for thunder and oklahoma city yesterday. take a listen. >> thunder of the right side. so starting the lay here. he's got it. he scores on the buzzer to give the timberwolves the victory. >> the bank is open. what an ending.
2:25 am
minnesota wins that one. 115-113. i can't get over that buzzer beater. super star justin timberlake has exciting news about the super bowl. here's what he posted to twitter last night. >> excuse me, sir, do you have the time. >> i do have the time. >> you do have time. >> i do have time. >> you do have time. >> i do have time. >> i do have time. >> you're doing the half time of the super bowl. >> you're doing the half time. >> i guess it's going to be this super bowl's pepsi halftime show head liner. this comes 14 years after the whole malfunction with janet jackson. >> i feel like they didn't book janet jackson along with justin timberlake. >> i heard speculation online she may make a performance. >> she's been touring. >> i feel like people would want to see that. >> not sure they want to take
2:26 am
that off now. >> all right. thanks for that louis. still ahead, several members of congress waiting on apology from white house chief of staff john kelly after his remarks last week about federico wilson. rex tillerson on first trip since president trump tweeted he was wasting his time trying to negotiate with north korea. get a live report coming up next. pretty amazing. it can transform a frog into a prince. but it can't transform your business. for that you need dell technologies. we are transforming jet engines into turbo powered safety inspectors. dairy cows into living, breathing, data centers. and though it seems like magic, it's not. it's people and technology working together. magic can't make digital transformation happen. but we can. (avo) but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c,
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it's knowing someone cares. it's feeling safe. it's a today that's better than yesterday. every dollar you can spare helps so much more than you can imagine. please donate now to help people affected by hurricane harvey. your help is urgently needed. welcome backs, everybody. i'm yasmin. it is the bottom of the hour.
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this morning's top stories. u.s. senator chairman of the armed services committee john mccain made a stinging comment. in an interview about the vietnam war reported on wednesday aired last night on c span mccain made an unmistakable reference to trump's draft deferment. take a listen. >> one aspect of the constitution i would never, ever count is that the draft ed the lowest income level of america and the highest income level found a doctor that would say they had a bone spur. that is wrong. that is wrong. >> this was just hours after trump's former chief strategist took aim at mccain in keynote address to the republican party attacking mccain for speech last week denouncing nationalism and another apparent reference to trump. within 24 hours of each other, there were three
2:31 am
speeches. president kpi in china. beloved president george bush. beloved president george bush. and john mccain. john mccain, his service in the united states army is the pride to every naval officer, how he handled himself. and how he's handled himself with the horrible disease he has and the class his wife and daughter have shown, and his two sons who serve in the marine cor corps. john mccain, deserves our respect. however, as a politician, john mccain is just another senator from arizona. john mccain the other day and they're all loud. the "new york times" and morning joe is a great speech in how much history. right. the speech was nothing, but heavy talk. we live in a dangerous world. it's time we started treating our fellow countrymen like
2:32 am
adults and have an adult conversation with them. >> and then disturbing details from the california republican party convention los angeles time politico reporter reported that as the crowd booed bush, one man yelled about mccain, hang him. >> that's very troubling. asking for an apology from white house chief of staff john kelly after kelly accused congresswoman federico wilson about boasting of obtaining millions from president obama back in 2015. then footage of those remarks emerged proving kelly was wrong with his comments and that wilson spoke of a bipartisan effort to get the building dedicated while praising the bravery of law enforcement and fbi agents killed in the line of duty. this comes amid the white house's effort to discredit the congress woman's comments about the condolence comment to the family of johnson.
2:33 am
a string of events that michigan after trump accused predecessors of not calling the family of fallen service members, but the white house stood by kelly cease statement friday. sara huckabee sanders responded in a dig. general kelly said he was stunned. that representative wilson made comments at a building de dedication honoring slain fbi agents including lobbying former president obama on legislation. as general kelly pointed out, if you're able to make a sacred act like honoring american heros all about yourself, you're an empty barrel. i'll put it more simply in the south. all hat, no cattle. >> according to the miami herald, one of thousands who attended the funeral on saturday morning. meanwhile, president trump was tweeting, quote, i hope the fake news media keeps talking about wacky congresswoman wilson in that she is a representative is
2:34 am
killing the democratic party. no mention from president trump about the funeral on twitter. joining us from washington is daniel litman. co-author of political co-playbook. good to have you back. let me ask you about this point. female members of the congressional black caucus demanding john kelly apologize to what is an incorrect statement about congresswoman wilson. the tension between the two showing any signs of letting up. what are the chances that general kelly comes out and actually apologizes for incorrectly making that statement? >> when held freezes overl free i doll think the tensions are subsiding. i think both sides realize that they can attack each other on this for weeks on end. this was something that burned out that is in the process of burning out. we're going to have new controversies to deal with this week.
2:35 am
kind of get ready for that. >> all right. i don't know if we're ready for it. >> you're probably right. >> let's turn to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who says the senate may be ready to pass the bipartisan health care reform bill. he actually needs clarification from the president on what he would be willing to sign. you think trump is going to get on board with the bipartisan bill. >> i think if they tuck it into one of these must pass spending procreation or defense bills at the end of the year, trump will bite the bullet and say the overall package is better. he did not want a fix to, quote, unquote, bail out the insurance company, but i think there's a ton of senators, both democratic and republican on capitol hill, that say this needs to be fixed. trump is going to get on board one way or another. >> speaking of capitol hill, senator mitch mcconnell punched back at steve bannon about telling fox news sunday program. bannon is a specialist at nominating people who lose.
2:36 am
is this how you think you know, mcconnell's plan to fight to protect his incumbents is going to play out. go after people like steve bannon and the candidates that steve bannon endorses. >> i think that's mitch mcconnell's strategy. bannon has long had it in for mitch mcconnell. used him as a moderate senator who doesn't get anything done. mitch mcconnell could have been majority leader a couple years before he got that job because ban nbannon was creating controversy. so there's a lot of bad blood. i don't expect them to send each other flowers any time soon or christmas gifts. >> we'll see how it all plays out. live in washington this morning. thank you. >> president trump will reportedly pledge own money to cover the legal cost of white house staff and campaign aide
2:37 am
related to ongoing russia investigation. give at least $430,000 of his own money to cover the mounting legal cost incurred by aides related to the investigation. trump has not set up a plan to distribute the funds or determine who would be eligible to receive them. mounting ethics question the veracity officials tell axios trump is still looking into figuring out the appropriate legal and ethical approval to give them money. according to "the washington post," the money will not be used to reimburse the rnc for the $430,000 it spent on lawyers to represent trump and his son, donald trump jr. secretary of state is currently overseas for a week long trip. tillerson spoke out on many of the foreign policy issues facing the united states. including the iran nuclear fwree agreement and diplomatic crisis. joining live from london. matt bradley. >> what more can you tell us about how the trip is going and
2:38 am
the objective if anything has been achieved so far. of course, secretary of state rex tillerson faces some real challenges in the middle east. now what he's trying to do as a result of this five month old conflict between qatar and several other arab states. a lot of the states including saudi arabia, egypt, blaming qatar for what they say is the small gulf kingdom support for extremists groups throughout the region. rex tillerson was in saudi arabia just the day before where he was also trying to take up the other end of the negotiations and in the comments in qatar he seemed to kind of blame the saudis. he said we cannot force talks upon people who are not ready to talk. he was also trying to deal with iraq's future. iraq says the full grown of this shia sunni regional divide which saudi arabia leads the sunni faction, called on the iranian
2:39 am
backed fighters in iraq who played a central role in the conflict against the islamic state to, quote, go home. the angered body is the prime minster of iraq and angered the iranians. so many of these shiite are -- >> the real conflict in the middle east is not dealing with the different countries. dealing with the parallel drama of president trump trying to undercut him back home. we know that story very well. >> bradley, breaking it down for us this morning from london. thanks. still ahead, hollywood rocked by new allegations of sexual harassment. plus details on a new report claiming fox news actually knew about a multimillion dollar sexual harassment settlement. bill o'reilly worked out a new contract for the former host.
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welcome back. we're going to lock at a quick check of the weather. on the west it's all about the fires. >> and a wind event taking place today and tomorrow. little bit into wednesday. get some scary stuff. actually start over here. this is the excessive heat warning up. los angeles area. southern california. not santa rosa area. the blow through the mountain. descending air rapidly warms up. also have the world series starting in tuesday too. 101 degree. 25 degrees above normal. we also get the windy condition. end of the dry season. a lot of vegetation available to burn. and the humanity dropped. get wind events. firefighters are extremely nervous. doesn't mewe're going to get fi.
2:44 am
they will quickly spread and become dangerous. that will be a big story we're watching. wind forecast. kind of hard. computer models don't have the resolution to pinpoint the valley. get the idea here. 50-60-mile-per-hour wind. goes from today into tuesday. still very warm. sticks out like a sore thumb. see in los angeles, 101 degrees. higher and hotter than phoenix. as we mentioned the other story on the east coast, a lot of rain today chicago through the great lakes. carolinas. the sun is setting about dinner time. watching the line of storms going through. slight chance of tornado or two. wind damage threat. airport delays will be the worst of atlanta and chicago early today. fox news host bill o'reilly dismissing a report for a
2:45 am
contract extension months after he reached a $32 million sexual harassment settlement. found the allegation was january. the times said that wheel alleged o'reilly repeatedly harassed her and engaged in nonconsensual sexual relationship with her. >> more about the settlement, fox renewed the contract back in february, agreeing to pay him $25 million per year over four years. o'reilly was fired in april after the time revealed he had settled with five former colleagues with alleged harassment by him. >> former lawyer released an affidavit on saturday in which wheel acknowledged that o'reilly forwarded her e-mails that had been sent to him apparently while seeking legal advice from her about what to do. in a statement, quote, once again the "new york times" has
2:46 am
maliciously smeared bill o'reilly. this time failing to print a sworn affidavit from his lawyer repudiating all allegations against bill o'reilly. the times ignored the evidence sworn under oath. sources say incomplete or leaked or stolen documents. >> the article's co-author responded to the remarks on twitter writing bill o'reilly statement falsely says our story didn't mention affidavit. with a picture highlighting both references. meanwhile, 21st century fox released a statement of the matter that read in part when the company renewed the contract in february, it knew a sexual harassment lawsuit had been threatened against him, but was informed by mr. o'reilly he had settled the matter personally on financial terms that he and mrs. wheel had agreed were confidential and not disclosed to the company. the new contract made at a time typical for renewals of
2:47 am
multiyear talent contract added protection for the company specifically aimed at harassment, including that mr. o'reilly could be dismissed if the company was made aware of other allegations s or relevan information was obtained. 21st century fox added it worked to change the culture in the wake of revolutions. there is a new harassment schedule. plrn three dozen women have come forward with their stories according to a report in los angeles times. patterson has more on the latest incident to rock the entertainment industry. dozens of sexual harassment claims are surfacing against writer and director james t toeback. 30 women have come forward. portraying a man for decades used position to harass women, those inspired to be in his films or those he met on the street.
2:48 am
nbc news spoke to three women who said he harassed them in new york years ago. >> he came over to me when i was sitting in a chair. and he started rubbing his groin against me. >> i basically called him out. what to you think. i'm stupid. i was born yesterday. this is so cast and catch. he also rubbed up against my knee and said that he needed to stair into miees. >> when contacted by the la times, toeback denied the allegations. sharing personal experiences with the hashtag, me too. on "meet the press" this morning, democratic senators shared their stories of harassment. >> he's chasing me around the desk trying to get his hands on me. >> pretty much put his finger in my face. >> he said did you bring your knee pads.
2:49 am
>> we need to put a stop to this. >> demands for change getting louder as each woman speaks out. steve patterson, nbc news. hollywood. >> striking accounts there. sexual harassment scandal hitting the business world. still ahead, complaints from the largest investment firm. all as more women come out is really just incredible. empowers so many of the victims. president trump looks to sale the deal on tax reform. one proposal involving retirement funds have left some on wall street seeing red. other stories coming up. or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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welcome back, everybody. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he still doesn't know what the president wants when it comes to health care reform. >> if there's some need for an interim step to stabilize the market, we need a bill the president will actually sign. i'm not certain yet what the president is looking for here. i'll be happy to bring a bill to the floor if i know president trump would sign it. >> look, this is a good compromise. it took months to work out. it has a majority. it has 60 senators supporting it. 48 democrats, 12 republicans. i would urge senator mcconnell to put it on the floor immediately this week. it will pass and it will pass by a large number of votes. >> i don't think anybody could have much of a higher percentage. but i'm friends with most of them. >> president trump has sent a series of mixed messages on the
2:53 am
deal to stabilize the health care market. president trump tries to light a fire under republicans to get going on tax reform, warning the house gop to pass tax cuts or lose next year. meanwhile we're learning about one plan being considered to help pay for the cuts, involving the popular 401(k) retirement plans. what more can you tell us about this proposal with 401(k)s, joanna? >> they're looking for more ways to swren rate revenue. one thing that's been touted is how much families can save in 401(k) and roth ira plans. under the age of 50, employees can save up to $50,000 a year. but the talk is that this amount
2:54 am
may be capped at $24,000. it's in the process of being discussed and it might be quite difficult to implement. let me take you to another story. tesla has big news. apparently they struck a deal about producing cars in china. this still has to be agreed to by the government. it may still be subject to chinese tariffs which are very high over there. china is a very big electric vehicle market. it makes sense. >> sexual harassment in the workplace is getting a lot of attention in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal. it's made its way to wall street. what more can you tell us about that? >> yes, indeed. ""the wall street journal" is reporting that the company that has $2 trillion in assets are
2:55 am
addressing sexual harassment and bullying in its own workplace apparently it's hired a firm to review employee behavior and the president said last week that the firm has a zero tolerance policy for any inappropriate work conduct. they may also need to review the compensation system, which relies on portfolio managers raising of their subordinates. >> thank you very much. much more on that warning by president trump to congressional republicans at the mid term elections will be bad if they fail to pass a tax package and whether that pep talk will help give the president an end of year agenda win. the conflict in niger that left four soldiers dead and whether they diverted on an unapproved mission.
2:56 am
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2:59 am
president trump is set to meet with the prime minister of singapore. the president will present the medal of honor to retired army captain gary rose, putting himself in the line of fire to help others get to safety during the vietnam war. sentencing for army sergeant beau bergdahl, who pled guilty to desertion, walking away from his post in 2009 before later being captured by the taliban. first lady melania trump will travel to a school today to promote a program no one eats alone. >> i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. hi, texas.
3:00 am
so, all of us on this stage here tonight could not be prouder of the response of americans when they see their neighbors and they see their friends, they see strangers in need, americans step up. and i want to thank president george w. bush and, most of all, an outstanding american, somebody who has always shown grace and character and courage and served america nobly throughout the years, president george h.w. bush. we are so proud to be with him today. >> all five living former u.s. presidents with a rare appearance together over the weekend. on saturday night in college station, texas, they put aside


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