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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  October 27, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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helium balloon race in africa but could not wait to get started. i would go on assignment for that. staying on the ground. picture via reuters. as always we'd love to get your thoughts online. appreciate you joining uses for this hour of msnbc. i'm headed to the white house but here's ali velshi and stephanie rhule. >> could he steer that thing? >> i guess. >> that's amazing. >> because she can't answer it, she needs to go on the road and report it. >> i do. >> hallie, we'll see you this afternoon. good morning, everyone. i'm ali velshi. >> and i'm stephanie rhule. it is friday, october 27th. let's get you started. >> the pressure's on to get something done on taxes. >> we're frying to give people a break on their taxes making it easier to plan for the future. >> many corporations take advantage of the loopholes in the code so they pay a lower
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effective rate. >> can you guarantee tax reform will not add to the deficit? >> no. but i can guarantee that our budget gets less deficit than the democrat budget. >> we've got 40, 50, $60 trillion of unpaid liabilities coming up. >> breaking overnight, defense secretary james mattis travels to the north korean border. this morning new threats from kim jong-un. >> our goal is not war but the verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> trump is headed to this region next week on a trip but he's not coming here alone. the president is coming with a big show of force. a signal that confronting kim jong-un is now at the top of the administration's foreign agenda. >> this morning harvey weinstein is taking on his former company. 70 women have now made accusations against harvey weinstein ranging from sexual
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harassment to assault to rape. >> you kept your mouth shut because you could be beheaded if you opened your mouth. >> weinstein's accusers driving others to speak out. >> it's going to be much harder for men to get away with this. >> if this isn't your moment to speak up, we still have your back. >> this morning no room for errors. the countdown is on for congressional republicans to unveil their full tax plan in just five days. >> the senate can now tackle tax reform with a simple majority as the house approved the budget receiving just one vote above the required 215. no democrats, no surprise, voted in favor. 20 republicans defected against the budget. seven new york and nine from -- no. maybe i got that wrong. seven -- give that to me. seven of new york's nine republicans, four of new jersey's lawmakers worried about eliminating deductions. members of the house liberty
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caucus also made up a large chunk of the descenteissenters. >> the conflict over what's going to happen with 401(k) contributions. >> the entire purpose of this tax bill is to cut middle class taxes. >> about 401(k)s, he left the door open. >> i'm going to leave it up to the ways and means committee to tell you about that because that's their job. >> that's a trump move. >> i'm going to leave it to them. that's what they're supposed to do. he's not wrong, though, i guess. that and other issues spell trouble for republican leadership because they've got an ambitious timeline to get tax reform passed. as paul ryan hopes to put this legislation on the floor next wednesday. getting it through the relevant committees by thanksgiving, he speaker even said he may cancel the december break in an effort to pass a bill before the new year. let's bring in john harwood to dig into this. good to see you. we don't have the details of a
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bill yet. yet this budget which is meant to pave the way for it was a squeaker. >> it was a squeaker. as stephanie was recounting, those members from new york and new jersey who voted no, remember, if all of them vote against it and the members from illinois vote against it, members from california do, it's not going to happen. so they're going to have to get resolution for that issue. and the consequence of that like all the others that have fallen to the wayside. because cutting taxes is easy. but raising other people's taxes and cutting loopholes to pay for it is hard. if they can't do that, it's going to get more expensive, add more to the debt and deficit and make it hard on the other end. >> we have the highest statutory rate. to get themselves through all
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those loopholes, they have to spend millions and millions of dollars with tax specialists and consultants so they can set up shell companies and get there. if all we're going to do is cut taxes for corporations and not actually reform them, then the loopholes will still exist. so you take the rate to 25%. >> which ends up with an effective rate lower. >> if the loopholes exist, those companies are still going to employ all the tax specialists to get them through the loophole and pay even less than that. tax reform is something that could really help the country, corporate america, middle america. but simply tax cuts, i don't see the path. >> you're right. don't forget the new loophole that will be created with the new pass through rate. instead of ali velshi anchor,
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it's ali velshi llc for msnbc. you get a much lower tax rate. that's a big problem. but stephanie, we've seen over and over that all of the methods so far that have surfaced to pay for this tax cut to allow them to get rates down, the border adjustment tax, the state local tax under pressure. this 401(k) thing. i'm sorry, that's not going to happen. you're going to have tremendous resistance to that. all of those things make the bill for -- >> couldn't a 401(k) -- i'm not supporting it either way. couldn't it find a middle ground? like right now you can say you can contribute to $18,000 and they're saying $2,400. could the answer not be in the middle? >> a lot of americans don't contribute the maximum. but they won't have enough to retire even at the $18,000. >> it would be a progressive change if some exists have noted. if they did reduce the level because the people who are able
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to contribute $18,000 are upper middle class tax pay who are have that much money sitting around they can put in. it would help the blue collar working class -- it would make it fairer to those people if the limit was lower. but i think there is so much support from democrats and republicans it's not going to happen. one thing i think we deserve to say from the clip that paul ryan gave, he said the whole point of this is to cut middle class taxes. that is not true. the -- i would say that a fair reading of what paul ryan wants to do is the whole point is to get the economy going and he thinks that if you cut corporate rates, you will get the economy going and that will ultimately benefit middle class people. but this is not about cutting the actual taxes of middle class people. >> we just saw q-2 gdp, another relatively strong reading which is great for the economy. it's great for bragging rights. but it does undermine the fact
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we need massive corporate tax cuts in order for corporations to do well because they seem to be doing particularly well. john, good to see you as always. >> corporations are doing phenomenally well. central banks are buying up paper in japan -- hold on a second. in japan. the japanese government owns 75% at this point -- >> get john back for a second. >> -- you've got governments out there at this point owning large swaths of stock. >> on the issue of central banks, john, you have some reporting at cnbc that the president is leaning towards jerome powell as the next fed chair? >> yes. and i think that's an inference a lot of people are drawing from his comments about janet yellen the other day in that interview with fox. what he said was, you know, i like her a lot. i had an interview, but you want to leave your own mark. well, how can you leave your own mark but keep going what janet yellen is doing? well, that takes somebody who's on the board with her right now and make him the chairman. that seems to be a sweet spot.
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but everybody needs to be cautious. this is a president who often decides based on the last impulse he has or the last person he talks to. i wouldn't assume that this is over by any means. >> he's unpredictable. >> john, good to see you. cnbc editor at large. as president trump gets set to travel to asia next week, jim mattis visited the demilitarized zone that separates north korea from north korea early this morning. the retired marine general inspected along the front line and addressed rising tensions on the peninsula and across the entire region as the north's nuclear and intercontinental plans show no sign of slowing down. he stressed the importance of talking. >> as the u.s. secretary of state tillerson has made clear our goal is not war. but rather the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean
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peninsula. >> the u.s. beefing up its military presence in and around the korean peninsula in a show of force that is sure to get the north's attention. the powerful uss nimitz is sailing marking the first time in years that three american aircraft carries have been in the region together. this is a big deal. look at all the planes on these carriers. also, brand new f-35s are set to arrive. these high-tech, incredible fighters are just a few pieces of the airborne arsenal there. pretty much every jet in the u.s. military is operating out of south korea or japan or the philippines or regions nearby. also on the way, u.s. submarine capable of deploying elite navy s.e.a.l.s. and all of this new fire power is supplementing the roughly 32,000 u.s. service members who are already stationed in south korea. it's a buildup that seems at odds with the secretary's call
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for a diplomatic easing with north korea. or some would say it's not at odds. you talk about diplomacy when you have that kind of fire power to back up the fact that you're telling the other people, hey, we better talk because i've got guns. >> guess who we're going to talk to. a man who knows all about this. new york republican congressman dan donovan. he sits on both the foreign affairs and homeland security committees. congressman, welcome. >> thank you for having me again. >> we were talking about the buildup around north korea. we've got 100,000 americans who live in south korea. this week we learned from nbc reporting even sort of our diplomatic contacts aren't answering the phone anymore. can we feel relaxed saying it's okay we've got 100,000 americans living in south korea. the rhetoric is just noise. diplomacy, that's the answer. >> there's a lot of tension on that peninsula. north korea is run by a madman. he's very dangerous. he's dangerous to the south koreans.
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he's dangerous to the japanese, the chinese. you've seen rocket mishaps he's had flying over japan. he's a danger to the globe. >> can you have a reasonable conversation saying we can have diplomatic ties with a madman? >> always try diplomacy first. you know, weapons and war and military action is always our last resort. so let's see what we could do. the president has confidence in him. he gives a lot of comfort to a lot of people who serve underneath him. so i would follow their leaders. i would follow what he believes is the best course of action. and hopefully god willing we'll never have to go to military action through other means. >> let's talk -- while we're talking about matters foreign, niger. we're trying to figure out how much your committee and the senate armed services committee.
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are you comfortable with how much you know about american forces overseas? did you know about the special forces in niger? >> a lot of these things we learned after the fact, particularly the tragedy that happened there. there's an aftermath. people do an evaluation and see what happened, what went wrong there. how can we better protect our military when they're in danger, these men and women risk their lives every day for our freedoms. and so there'll be a recap of what happened, what could have been prevented, and who is at fault if someone was at fault. make sure other brave women and men who go into combat don't face the same dangers that these four individuals faced. >> let's go to tax reform. you were a no vote on the budget. for you, state and local tax dedex, that's a problem. >> that's a real problem. it's the most commonly used deduction for what i represent. if you have a nurse married to a firefighter or a police officer married to an emt, it's not
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unusual for them to make $250,000 a year. their state and local taxes are 10% of that. already deducting $25,000. you add property tax, deducting $40,000 right now. you take that away, they won't be able to pay for their mortgage. they'll have no incentive to buy a house. so this a huge, huge issue for us. >> what do you say to colleagues who say statistically more people take the standard deduction than the state and local deductions? it's a mathematical thing. it doesn't matter to you because it's most of your constituents. >> and if you take the standard deduction and get a double standard deduction and you're better off, that's fine. but we're talking about people who itemize. people who need to itemize. we have to retain them. this has been in the tax code since 1913. it's based on federalism. that the federal government wouldn't take what was due to the states. and right now if you take that
8:15 am
deduction away, it's a double tax. >> then given this is a non-starter for you and a whole lot of other states, when paul ryan gives the timeline of thanksgiving, what do you say to that? >> when i think about chairman brady and the leadership in the republican party, they've been listening to us. after the vote yesterday, we had a state and local tax deduction meeting with the leadership. they're trying to work things out. we're asking to them where can you save this money because these tax cuts as you were talking about before is going to result in a bigger deficit. we don't want to -- >> tax cut is not tax reform. >> you're right. so how do we do this? we can find those savings elsewhere. i'm in favor of tax reform. we need tax reform in this country just not on the backs of the new yorkers. >> always good to see you. thank you for coming in. nice to have you here in person. >> thank you. >> tax reform wsh it ain't easy. stick around, everyone. we are on the ground in puerto rico. you know how much i care about this story. a company called whitefish -- a teeny tiny montana business --
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>> how tiny? >> teeny tiny. biggest contract they ever got here in puerto rico. well, we're going to find out how they snagged a $300 million contract and puerto rican officials are expected to come out with the results of their audit. the question is, already there's an audit? how did they get it to begin with? and how about cobra? another $200 million contract awarded to a company in oklahoma. a company that doesn't have any electrical grid expertise. they know a lot about fracking. why is this happening? stick around. this is "velshi & rhule." and found this. cd's, baseball cards... your old magic set? and this wrestling ticket... which you still owe me for. seriously? $25 i didn't even want to go. ahhh, your diary. "mom says it is totally natural..." $25 is nothing. abracadabra, bro. the bank of america mobile banking app.
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welcome back to "velshi & rhule." this morning puerto rico's governor says there will be, quote, hell to pay if any wrong doing is uncovered in the awarding of a $300 million contract to restore power to the island. >> the governor says he's expecting an initial report of an audit on the contract awarded to a small montana company. whitefish energy to come out today. congressional democrats are also calling for investigations. >> whitefish energy is a 2-year-old company and had two full-time employees when puerto rico signed the contract reportedly with very little vetting. also based in the hometown of ryan zinke whose son spent a summer working for whitefish energy. secretary zinke is scheduled to meet with president trump later this hour at the white house.
8:21 am
we'll bring you any developments out of that meeting. earlier this morning, i spoke to a spokesman for whitefish energy. take a listen. it's strange to the average eye to say how does this teeny tiny company in whitefish, montana, hometown of ryan zinke get the contract. >> sure. and again -- sure. look. conspiracy theories, i get people's questions. they're very legitimate. they flew to puerto rico on september 26th. prepa said there was only one other firm interested in bidding. the other firms have been interested only when the u.s. government was on the island and securing the debt which is much lighter. this process has led to other contractors and others not being on the island yet. and the decision by prepa to let the contract with whitefish has led to work being done on the island. >> and for those who do have
8:22 am
questions, there's an audit going on. sop that will help put their minds at rest. >> and we welcome that audit. >> all right. another contract to restore power in puerto rico is gaining attention. that one for $200 million. it was awarded a week ago by puerto rico's power authority to an oklahoma company cobra acquisitions with about 75% of puerto rico without power this morning. more than five weeks after hurricane maria hit. gabe gutierrez joins us live now from san juan. gabe, you've been spending a lot of time there. governor ricardo rossello says an audit is expected today. do we know anything about that? >> hi there. good morning. well, just within the past few minutes, the governor's office announced he would be delivering a statement in a few minutes at 11:30. so we expect potentially some information about that audit to come out there. we should be clear this is the puerto rican office of management and budget conducting this audit. also a separate audit being
8:23 am
asked in washington from the federal department of homeland security. the governor has taken a step back from this. until he got the results of the audit. again, we're hoping to hear what he has to say in just a few minutes at this point. but what we should say, the ceo of prepa, the puerto rico electric power authority, the ceo remains defiant at this point. yesterday during a news conference, he said some of the criticism that's been talked about regarding this contract, this, quote, gossip sfr the u.s. he says nothing illegal happened here. the governor, i should mention, yesterday it came out the federal oversight board would appoint this representative to oversee prepa. the governor came back, said absolutely he was not in favor of that. he was in favor of collaboration but not a takeover. and he looked at this as a
8:24 am
federal overreach in his words. >> and this really stands out to me. this is the person who is appointed. basically the supervisory board looking at this saying hold on. cobra doesn't have an expertise in electrical grid gets a $200 million contract. whitefish getting $300 million contract. take a look at this. and the governor fights back on this at a time when transparency is paramount. the governor's father was part there when there was a hurricane before and there were disruption of funds. now here we are in the same pattern with questions being asked. so it's stunning that when the supervisory board says let's bring zama in that the governor fights back against it immediately. >> reporter: and yeah,
8:25 am
stephanie. that's raising a lot of eyebrows here in puerto rico. as you mentioned, the governor came back and said we don't want federal overreach here. we can handle it ourselves. but now these questions are surrounding prepa, an agency that for a long time has had a long history of corruption allegations. they went bankrupt in july. so certainly there's a lot of skepticism as to how these contracts have been handed out. you mentioned the cobra contract. $200 million. we spoke to a representative from cobra this morning. they have 60 workers so far here on the island. about in the next few weeks. and whitefish and cobra are not the only ones trying to restore here. fema's also involved. although we should say fema released its own statement within the past 24 hours distancing itself from the whitefish contracts. certainly that's getting the most attention here because as you mentioned with just those two employees when maria made landfall and because of the history with prepa, how this
8:26 am
contract may have come about, the governor again we're expecting within the next few minutes to hear potentially the results of that initial audit and see whether the governor will end up taking a stance one way or the other on whether he believes it was on board. >> i hope you get to ask some questions. i mean, again, prepa has not been the crown jewel of the government. we know they're in the hole for $9 billion. gabe gutierrez, he's going to be working overtime today. thank you. we want to take a closer look now at the terms of the whitefish contract. you've got to take a look at this. it states, quote, in no event shall prepa the commonwealth of puerto rico, the fema administrator, the comptroller of the united states, or any other authorized representatives have the right to audit or review the cost and profit elements of the labor rates
8:27 am
specified herein. >> wlhy snot? >> also waives any sort of contractor related to delayed completion of work. and take a look at the helicopter cost included. passenger helicopter nearly 4,000 bucks. f-61 air lift. $15,993. chinook air lift. then there's meal allowance per person per day. ready for this? $79.82. when you talk to people on the ground in san juan, you were there a couple of weeks ago. people who were in the hotels are those there doing relief work who work for private security agencies at a time people don't have clean drinking water. now joining us andrew skuria who's been reporting on the contracts awarded to whitefish and cobra acquisitions. first. your assessment -- to me, why
8:28 am
would anyone on earth especially coming off katrina when we know how things went down, who specifically signed off on these? >> the mayor of new orleans after ka tree ya went to jail and remains in jail today for a lot of the same reasons these contracts are getting scrutinized today. clearly it was prepa that took the lead in negotiating this. fema said so today. governor rossello and prepa's lawyers yesterday had a long call with dhs officials. the governor afterwards put out a statement saying the contract appeared to comply 100% with fema requirements. the problem is it's contradicted by fema itself which hours later said we have serious questions about this. the questions are not going away. now you have multiple congressional committees getting involved and even local polit politicians from the governor's own party are starting to push back and trying to take the audit in slightly different directions. >> it's also a lie to say that whitefish was the only company down there that wanted this
8:29 am
deal. and they were the only ones that wanted no money up front. that's just tht case. >> they chose not to have other mutual aid agreements. it's not clear why they did that and their reasoning for accepting the whitefish contract has shifted over time. they haven't done themselves any favors in terms of being able to explain it. i think it's important to remember the larger context. you talk about federal overreach. now the board installed by congress, retained by trump thinks this is long enough. there's going to be a power struggle now for control of prepa. who wants control of it? well, the governor really wants control over it. it's si nom mouse -- synonymous with the puerto rican government. make sure to be a puerto rican driven process. federal officials are extremely dissatisfied. >> i just want to talk about transparency for a moment. one would think that
8:30 am
transparency would be paramount. now, there are debt holders who say the governor doesn't want you to see what's happening there because the longer this takes, the worse picture he paints. he wants to get the debt wiped out. they owe debt holders billions. and if it gets established that things are unsalvageable there, they're going to wipe that out. so the governor is incentivized here to not let everybody in. >> they've been aghast for some time now. they've had complaints about the government's transparency. they're creditors. >> this is what a distressed is. >> that's correct. >> well, good conversation. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> andrew from "the wall street journal." all right -- >> how about the guy from whitefish straight out of the gate, conspiracy theories. a good faith question -- >> 2017. always good to throw out the conspiracy theory thing. >> a good faith question about a $300 million contract. >> to a company that had two employees when it got this
8:31 am
contract. conspiracy theorists. >> it would be the biggest contract they've ever had. stand by, everybody, we got a new twist in the harvey weinstein scandal. who he's suing. >> and just this morning rose mcgowan is speaking out publicly for the first time since accusing weinstein of rape. stay with us. you are watching i'm going to say a big day here on "velshi & rhule." >> what happened to me behind the scenes happens to all of us in this society. and that cannot stand and it will not stand.
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our country depends on it. welcome back to "velshi & rhule." 70 women have now come forward in the harvey weinstein scandal. >> 70. >> that's right. with allegations of sexual assault and rape. now the disgraced movie mogul is fighting back taking on his former company. >> i thought he was supposed to be in some of rehab. weinstein filed suit against the weinstein company on thursday. the suit accuses the firm of withholding access to phone records, e-mail, and personnel files that his lawyers say could help his defense. weinstein was fired by the company nearly three weeks ago
8:36 am
after allegations of sexual assault first surfaced in the media. >> the growing list of accusers includes actress rose mcgowan who made her first public appearance this morning since claiming weinstein raped her. she spoke at a panel in detroit. >> hollywood may seem like it's an isolated thing, but it is not. it is the messaging system for your mind. it's all told through 96% males in the directors guild of america. that statistic has not changed since 1946. so we are given one view. and i know the men behind that view. and they should not be in your mind and should not be in mine. it's time to clean house. >> wow. >> wow. that kind of gave me the chills. weinstein has continued to deny all allegations of non-consensual sex. nbc news has reached out to the weinstein company for fresh comment in a statement when the allegations came they first
8:37 am
said, these allegations come as an utter surprise to the board. any suggestion that the board had knowledge of this conduct is false. >> and there's some gray area there as we've discussed too. for more on this, danny cevallos joins us now. let's get back to this lawsuit r harvey weinstein has filed. he wants access to the company files but -- >> doesn't the company own the e-mails? >> yes. but he's a member of the company. this is not a typical complaint for money damages. instead, it's under delaware law which allowed a -- >> what's a member of a company? >> it's like a partner. he's not working in the mail room. he is the weinstein company. he's a member along with his brother which in a way they own it. yes, they have a board of directors and yes, you can be fired. but he's not just an employee. he's a member. and delaware law allows members of a company to inspect records.
8:38 am
but here's the catch. harvey originally said i need these records for two reasons. to defend myself against criminal and civil allegations and also to defend myself against my own company for kicking me out. and the company's response was, wait a minute. not so fast. that -- those are reasons that help harvey. this delaware law allowed you to inspect records if it helps the company. so harvey says in response, his lawyers at least say, well, okay. this will help the company because what bad things happen to the company -- to me also affect the company's financial bottom line. so for that reason, i should get access to these records. >> all right. i got to ask about this. the atlantic, if you haven't seen it, i urge you to read it, had a powerful piece. and the idea is around the economics of consent. she writes, consent is a function of power. you have to have power to give
8:39 am
it. women's gender is oppress daily. many of these women can easily argue not just if they were weinstein employee, but if they were anyone aspiring to be in the entertainment industry. he was the mothership. he was the jaba the hut. he ran the show. >> the law is evolving in the area of consent. but it still doesn't solve the problem. because there's that little line that has to be crossed between i didn't consent and what a jury might consider what consent because they acquiesced to sexual demands even though the reality is this person had so much social economic power that consent wasn't really consent. that was what the law is in. >> when a guy is coming down at you in a hallway in nothing but a robe saying i can break you in
8:40 am
this town, what's a 23-year-old supposed to think? >> that's the question about consent is jury will look at. saying technically she could have said no and walked away, but could she really have done so? the problem is mere social pressure or pressure to advance in your career isn't likely to be enough. but like i said, the law is evolving in the world of consent. the is is a promising thing. >> danny, thank you very much. all right. stand by, everybody. our next big question, were 2016 voters swayed by russian ads on social media? representatives from twitter, facebook, and google are going to face congressional investigators next week. now, of those sites before going in the hot seat. and voted to declare independence today. but just a few moments ago spain's senate gave the central government the authority to kblish control over catalonia
8:41 am
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do you know how to use those? nope. get those kids some new capri sun! welcome back to "velshi & rhule." this morning twitter says it will no longer accept ads from two russian jout lets. the outlets are russia today and
8:45 am
sputnik. >> it's the latest efforts by social media companies to distance themselves from russia ahead of three congressional hearings next week. those are on russian efforts to meddle in the 2016 election. executives from facebook, twitter, and google are all expected to attend. joining us now kara swishier, cofounder and also an msnbc contributor. what do you think of this? will twitter's move banning ads make any difference here? >> no. >> really? >> because they can't also ban the content. if they really want to, the content is the ad. they talk about the content being problematic too. they're not going to do that because all kinds of reasons. free speech and everything else. it's a nice thing to do. they should have done it before. it should have gone through, i don't know how the ads are
8:46 am
brought in. might have been self serve. they should have been vetted at the time and question the way regular political ads are. that's what i want to know. in the next few elections, what is the system in place and should there be regulations that other people have. >> like tv for instance. or even in print. you have to see that something is a political ad -- >> so why are they different? >> they aren't. they're media companies. they pretend they're platforms. if billions of people are getting their information from these outlets and it's billions, why aren't they subject to the same rules? it's not to hinder them, but political ads can be fraught. >> then what is the future of social media? is it an unimaginable beast? when you say all voices matter, what about when those voices are bots? i've been going after this company whitefish energy hard this morning. you know, everybody who's fighting against me on twitter today, every one of them somehow is a bot.
8:47 am
so all voices matter? >> some bots are good. some are fine. what happens is they create a swirl and noise so nothing else is heard. it's hard to distinguish. there was a prominent reporter who was arguing the other day. i said stop, it's a bot. you're arguing with a bot. >> ali and i argue this all the time. >> fighting with someone on twitter is like you -- it's like wrestling with a pig. think it's happy and you end up dirty. i think the question is what kind of control do these platforms have over their platforms? you can't imagine the amount of information that's going through these. it's not -- like, a newspaper is only so big. a television network only reaches so many people. this goes -- >> it covers everybody. >> yeah. he has a friend and so on and so on. >> the problem is with rt and sputnik, what's the other issue was whether it's bots or
8:48 am
hundreds of thousands or millions of accounts that the average person can't tell. >> they can't tell. and the question is whether ron rosenstein's comment is ridiculous. i wonder if ads affect people. >> i wonder if ads affect people? why do they exist if they don't? >> gee, the whole entire 20th century you missed that part? did you not see "mad men"? like, check in. it was ridiculous. of course it has an impact. you don't know the impact. the issue is and i think in these hearings it will be probably not a lot of news because it's all the general counsels. they pick the most boring from these companies. what i think will be interesting is what happens to these hearings then. like, what happens out of them which is probably a whole lot of nothing because it's congress. it looks like they're winding down too. so we'll see. >> always great talking to you -- >> also winding down at a time when isn't this the deregulation
8:49 am
administration? saying let's all have megamergers. >> this is a country attacking another country. >> right. >> it is. so let's just keep that in mind. that's really the point. what they'd like to do is take it away from the real point which is russia or whoever targets our country using our -- the inventions we created. it's -- it should be -- people should be worried about that. >> all right. we'll continue this again. kara, thanks for being here. she is the cofounder and editor of recode and she's on msnbc contributor. >> and an expert at wrestling pigs. stand by, everybody. two american women are lucky to be alive after spending five months lost at sea. how did they manage to stay alive? >> five months. they're talking about their ordeal and rescue this week. that's next. you're watching "velshi & rhule" live on msnbc. stay with us. getting your flu shot at walgreens is easier than ever. just walk right in and pay zero dollars with most insurance. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need
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8:54 am
open ocean, the 50-foot sailboat was finally spotted somewhere between guam and japan, lost at sea for five agonizing months. this is the moment two sailors and their dogs were rescued by the u.s. navy. jennifer apel overwhelmed, grateful for the sailors who gave her and fran a lifeline, sharing their story from out at sea. >> when i saw the gray boat out in the horizon, my heart left because i knew we were about to be saved. i honestly thought we were going to die in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: this morning they're safely aboard the u.s.s. ashton with their dogs. the women admit they feared they would never be found, their boat surrounded by sharks.
8:55 am
>> i went downstairs with the boys and we basically lay huddled on the floor and i told them not to bark. the sharks could hear us breathing, they could smell us. >> reporter: after sailing from honolulu to ta hehiti in may, t boat hit bad weather, the mast and the radio no longer working. desperate, they would shoot flares to passing ships. >> i was on watch at night, so i could see vessels and we thought if it was close enough, we would do a call or if it was pointed our way, we would shoot flares. when they would turn or keep going, yeah, it was kind of sad. >> reporter: surviving with a water purifier and a year's worth of oatmeal and pasta, the pair drifted 500 miles off
8:56 am
course. with help from the navy, the adventurers are now headed back to port after five months lost at sea. >> truly incredible story. >> that was stunning. >> i'm glad they had the food with them, the pasta and oatmeal and -- unbelievable. >> stunning. that was miguel almaguer reporting. we'll be right back. my husband called me and told me he would push me overboard, fyi. >> he would not have. >> he would have. it's true. e caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever,
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as stephanie said, where did this hour go? what a busy hour it has been, but thank you for watching us. i'm ali velshi. >> you weren't sure there? >> i had to think for a second. >> you're ali velshi. i'm stephanie ruhle. we'll see you tomorrow for our special edition of "velshi & ruhle." right now peter alexander picks up on "andrea mitchell reports." >> right now on andr"andrea mitl reports," friends with benefits? plenty of questions as the puerto rican governor orders an investigation. bernie sanders arriving on the island this hour demanding answers. for millions that are still without power more than five weeks after the hurricanes hit. >> it's hard. i don't wish this on my worst enemy.


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