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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  October 27, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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that will do it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports ", craig melvin is up. >> craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york. power play -- now questions about that $300 million contract given to a small company with big connections to turn on the lights in struggling puerto rico. what do we know nearly 54 years after president kennedy's assassination? secret case files released but how many are actually new and what do they reveal about one of america's defining moments we did not know before. fighting back. actress rose mcgowan speaking
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out for the first time after accusing harvey weinstein of rape. her fiery speech to other women saying, i'm just like you. we start with the new controversy over the first awarding of the contract to rebuild puerto rico's power grid perfo . after hurricanes of maria and irma hit, a quarter don't have access to clean drinking water. delaying restoring services could be a matter of life and death. now puerto rico power authority has awarded a $300 million contract to a small montana company called whitefish. the terms of the contract have a lot of folks asking questions. two audits are under way. the results of one audit is due today. puerto rico's governor. >> if there is no wrongdoing, done correctly, we'll push
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forward. if there is wrongdoing, you know, in this process or any process, there will be hell to pay. >> meanwhile at this hour, senator imprebernie sanders is puerto rico. he's also meeting with san juan's outspoken mayor cruz who's been quite critical of the whitefish deal. in washington questions are also being asked about whitefish's relationship with interior secretary ryan zinke. the company is headquartered in zi zinke's hometown in montana. complete coverage of this developing story. let's start with gabe gutierrez, who is on the ground for us in san juan. gabe, what do we know? >> reporter: hi there, craig. all eyes are on the white house saying questions should be referred to the public utility here, the power company here in
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puerto rico that's had a long history of issues, went bankrupt, allegations of corruption. now the focus is on it since it awarded the contract, this $300 million contract to whitefish energy, which at the time had only two-time employees when maria made landfall. now they have more than 300 contractors here on the island. ricardo ramos said he would do it all over, saying there's nothing illegal and the questions being leveled at the company is mainly gossip from the u.s. the whitefish spokesman says everything was above board here, this company simply mobilized faster than its competitors and that's why it was able to secure the contract and come down to the island after it was in contact with puerto rican officials before hurricane maria. i can tell you here on the
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ground, more than 70% of the island is still without power. about 73%, 74% and more than 20% of this island is without drinkable water. so, still a long way to go for this roefr. many questions being asked. the governor has his goal to have 95% of the island back with power. on the ground here, there's a lot of skepticism that could happen. again, the governor is expecting the result of that first audit by the puerto rican office of management and budget by the end of the day. he spoke a short time ago, promised to release the results later on today when he gets them. >> gabe gutierrez for us there in san juan. gabe, thank you. again, president trump just meeting with the interior secretary ryan zinke at the white house. the white house releasing a statement on whitefish a short time ago. kelly o'donnell at the white house. what is the white house saying about all of this?
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>> reporter: the meeting with the president and interior secretary ryan zinke was previously scheduled. a closed meeting as member of the cabinets. we don't have any specifics yet about whether this issue was discussed and the connection to zinke's hometown and the state of montana. the white house is putting out a statement and it says that our understanding is to give a contract to whitefish energy was made exclusive by puerto rico electric power authority. the white house is not aware of any federal involvement in this question and questions should be directed to puerto rico electricity power authority. that's from the white house. they're trying to gain some distance from this. we have seen over time when there are disasters of this magnitude and work needs to be done, there's an opportunity, companies can swoop in and sometimes that opportunity is taken advantage of and we learn about that later, after you look back at katrina and other issues where contracts don't always serve the best interest of the
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taxpayer or the community they're being served. in this case, the whitefish energy group says it has specific knowledge about how to do these sorts of repairs and infrastructure work in areas where mountains are involved. that's part of their knowledge base, that separate from them having just two employees at the start, they brought in expertise and were able to rapidly staff up. they say they welcome the scrutiny. there have been questions about an element of the contract that's involved here which prohibits oversight for profit. they say that happens in certain contracts like this but they say they welcome the skcrutiny. the concern is there proper oversight and how they got this deal. it comes at a time when there's certainly all eyes on what's happening in terms of the response and is it being handled in an appropriate way president the white house is saying this is not their call. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. thanks as always.
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on the phone right now, former governor of puerto rico alejandro garcia padilla, also with me in the studio msnbc's legal analyst, danny. governor, this is your tweet last week. this is the picture of doctors performing surgery with cell phone flashlights. it really caught my attention. is the power situation, specifically as it relates to hospitals, is it just as critical as it was when you took that picture? well news reports had emergency generators in the main medical center where the picture was taken, so as reported, they have
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been some improvements but through emergency generators, not from energy from the power authority. >> the deal, whitefish deal that so many are talking about, governor, the company hired to rebuild that power grid has come under a fair amount of scrutiny because much its size, because of this apparent connection to the interior secretary and the nature of the contract, which we're going to get to here in a moment. this is a spokesman in an interview here this morning defending the company. take a listen. >> this is really a very simple effort by an entrepreneur to get on the plane, fly to puerto rico, talk to prepa when no one else would. andy and whitefish have experience in mountainous regions. they wanted to do business in puerto rico and they got there. >> what's your take, governor? is it as simple as that? >> no, no, it's not.
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there's nothing wrong when someone from montana wants to do business in puerto rico, they're more than welcome. the fact is the $300 million deal for a two-person condition when prepa have these deals with power companies in this state, to exchange personnel for less cost to the public. it's not an issue of the legality, or they signed the right paper or the right side of the paper or the right form. it's an issue of serve the best interest of puerto rico and the power authority. and i think there is consensus out there when the power authority have that exchange opportunity with other authorities like coal company in
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new york that is ready to send more than 300 people technicians from their company to puerto rico to do the job for less money, i think it's something that needs to be reviewed. and i'm worried that their discussion here in the island is turning into a legal one. so, if it's legal or if it's not, i think that it's not about only the legality of the contract but it was in the best interest for the people of puerto rico. >> let's talk about the legality of the contract. a lot of questions have been raise bdz this contract with whitefish. had you an opportunity to read this contract, look at this in its entirety. this is a passage, part of the contract that's got a lot of folks up in arm. in no event should prepa, the commonwealth of puerto rico, the
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fe fema administrator, the comptroller general of the united states or any of that authorized representatives have the right to audit or review the cost and profit elements of the labor rates specified herein. >> i think it's unusual. i'm going to go against what a lot of people are saying. federal law allows for these auditing units to get a lot of access to information as relates to a particular contract. it almost mirrors the federal regulation. the auditing unit can get access to all kinds of information about this particular project in puerto rico. i'm not particularly surprised that the company through its contract is trying to limit that access. courts have held that the mere fact an auditing unit wants to get information about a company, they can't find out everything
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in the world. they can't find out internal financial documents that don't relate to the underlying contract. put as simply as i can, the contract is consistent as far as i can see with federal law, which basically says that the federal audit can cover anything related to the contract in puerto rico but it doesn't mean that a private company that does business with the federal government thereby becomes a public entity laying open all its records for all to see. >> thank you for that. governor, thank you for your time. jfk files released. why the fbi director was so concerned about america believing lee harvey oswald acted alone. how bots on social media led real people to spread a lot of fake headlines ahead of the 2016 election. >> politicians, journalists, people that really spread and make news were actually sharing
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president trump declassifying 2800 files but in the 11th hour keeping the lid on a number of them. i'm joined now by nbc's justice correspondent pete williams, larry sabatow, he's also the author of "the kennedy half
10:17 am
century." both of these gentlemen have been going through the documents since being released. if a man at the network could get through all of them, it would be pete williams. i understand you've made your way through all of them. what stands out? >> larry is the expert, he literally wrote the book on this. what stood out to me was a couple of things that i don't think we'd seen before. for example, a list of people that were considered potential dangers or threat to president kennedy by the secret service. potential threats from march through december of 1963. remember, the president was killed in november of that year. did not include the name lee harvey oswald until november 22, 1963, and the entry simply says, lee harvey oswald killed jfk. so, that is further proof, i think, thalt secret service was unaware of the material the cia
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and fbi had gathered on lee harvey oswald until the assassination. we saw a memo written by j. edgar hoover saying he was very concerned about the lack of security for oswald by the dallas police department. you'll recall oswald was shot by jack ruby being moved from the basement of the dallas police headquarters. according to this memo, hoover heard of potential threats to oswald and repeatedly urged the police in dallas to give more security and was very disappointed when they didn't. and finally, a memo to the fbi director about the world reaction, including from top officials in the soef union who said their assumption after the assassination was that kennedy was killed by what they called an ultrafar right conspiracy and that the russians were worri worried -- the soefr yets were worried in days after the
10:19 am
assassination a general would fire a missile at the soviet union. >> the thing that i am concerned about and so is mr. katzenbach is having something issued so we can convince the public that oswald is the real assassin. hoover wanting people to believe oswald acted alone. more people according to not, according to a new poll, they believe others were involved. they do not believe lee harvey oswald acted alone. why is it still a half century later that people believe these conspiracy theories, larry? >> number one, the government's lost a lot of credibility. i think we can all agree on that. democrat, republican alike. you had the kennedy assassination sxifts so many pieces that were released did not seem to fit the overall thesis.
10:20 am
indeed, we learned the warren commission was not told important information they should have known to do a more thorough job. then vietnam and watergate and a thousand scandals since. i think people are suspicious of what the government has said about it. and, look, there are a lot of other reasons, too. i wanted to focus on what pete identified with with j. edgar hoover. hoover was clearly angry at the dallas police department for the reasons he suggested. that is, he had warned them, asked them if their security was airtight. they absolutely needed to keep oswald alive. oh, yes, the dallas police department said, everything's fine. it's going to be okay. we all know what happened. and hoover recently recognized with oswald's demise, conspiracy theories were going to sprout like daisies in a field, and they have. >> what else struck you in the
10:21 am
document, though? >> i'm going to mention one thing. pete is going through, as my team here is, we're finding these little gems. of course, there are hundreds of thousands of pages. i speed read occasionally, but not that fast. we have found one that really is chilling. this is a memo about a telephone call made to a responsible reporter, newspaper reporter in cambridge, who was known to intelligence authorities as a very responsible fellow. the call came in at 12:05 p.m. dallas time on november 22nd. and the anonymous caller said, quote, there's big news coming in the united states. you'd better call the u.s. embassy. 25 minutes later president kennedy was assassinated. they never identified the caller. they didn't have the technology really at that time. it may have been made from a
10:22 am
call box. who was that? did that person have any inkling of what was going to happen in dallas? was it a coincidence? was it about some other event? was it simply a crank call? we don't know. boy, that was some kind of coincidence. and that's cambridge, where there were such a concentration of communist spies through the '30s and '40s. >> craig, if i could just step in here. i think that's a great example of what's new today as opposed to before, because that document had been released in part in the past but the fact that it was passed along from the british intelligence service, mi-5, had been blocked out. now we get to see the whole document whereas a couple years ago we only saw part of it. >> this unspecified number of documents that are being placed under the six-month review, president trump bowing to pressure from the fbi, the cia. he wrote, i have no choice today but to accept those redactions than allow potentially
10:23 am
irreversible harm to our nation's security. that's from the white house. a few moments ago chuck grassley tweeting -- i just have to read it. thanks for kennedy files release. ridiculous that cia wants to review redaction. had 50 years. now cia wants further cover-up. potus stop. this is from senator chuck grassley. is there anything we can glean from this that might concern the fbi and cia if made public? >> well, what they say, and i can only tell you what they say since we haven't seen the documents they want protected, they want to protect the identities of people who are still alive or whose family members are still alive and who gave information to the united states at the time in 1963 when oswald was in mexico or who were involved with the cia and fbi in subsequent work on tassassinatin
10:24 am
in the intervening years. secondly, they say this are other countries that helped us out providing intelligence information but didn't want that fact known. in other words, some of this we're told is we received that information on a promise that we would never make the source public, so the government believes, the cia and the fbi believe, they are bound by those agreements. now, of course, the problem with this is people who don't believe the government or trust the government think they're still trying to hide something. >> larry, you buy that explanation yesterday? >> not really. pete's right. look, this just feeds conspiracy theorists. the other thing is, listen carefully to what they're saying. it's not just that they're worried about the health and safety of the sources. they're worried about their descendents, they're family members. most people have descendents for
10:25 am
decades. >> that's right. i have a fascinating conversation. i could go for 15 or 20 minutes -- >> i've been accused of having no forebearers, if that -- >> that's not true. pete williams, injoy the weekend. larry, always good to have you. thank you. >> thank you. hijacking the message. how hard is it to actually influence an election through twitter? the simple and very cheap form la that seems to do the trick. also not alone. strong words from actress rose mcgowan who galvanized a growing number of women who speak out against sexual harassment and assault. >> i have been slut-shamed, i have been harassed, i have been maligned. and you know what. i'm just like you.
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it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. a new report is shedding light on how massive russian trolling was. twitter is now going so far as to ban all ads from kremlin-funded news networks,
10:30 am
russia today and sputnik. nbc's jo ling kent has more. >> reporter: sam woolley has been tracking how bots influenced the 2016 election. >> so-called fake news can have real world consequences. >> fake news, it's fake. >> reporter: bots are fake automated social media little that can post, retweet, like and share thousands of times foster than a real person. >> politicians, journalists, people that really spread and make news were actually sharing bot content online. they were sharing fake stories because, like us, they didn't really know what was going on. >> reporter: bots can add thousands of fake followers to a politician's account to make them appear more influential. they retweet posts to spread information quickly and widely, often using popular hashtags and
10:31 am
trending topics to get users to endaj in a disinformation attack. >> it helps real people see that stuff and engage in it, right? >> exactly, yeah. it's more subtle. it spreads better. >> reporter: nick found russians were buying armies of bots that were difficult to trace. essentially can you go to a website that's publicly available and buy 1,000 bots for maybe just a couple of dollars. >> yeah. >> reporter: for $25 i'm buying 10,000 retweets. >> the whole goal is to seed and refertilize the conversation. one thing russians did is use bots to get momentum. once real people start following you or me, the bots step away. >> reporter: in two hours the bots we purchased retweeted 10,000. >> there's an arms race going on between twitter and bot builders. >> reporter: twitter says it catches 450,000 suspicious accounts every day. and will continue to strengthen against attempted manipulation. is this legal to be able to buy all of these bots and influence people?
10:32 am
>> the u.s. government in terms of the laws that are surrounding being able to buy followers are buy fake contest is the wild west. >> reporter: experts say the 2018 election is already under threat as russian bots attempt to soak confusion among american voters. >> if the person that speaks the loudest is able to win, we start to look like a authoritarian country. >> reporter: the new cyber war of bots against facts, the truth is at stake. >> twitter, facebook, google are going to be facing off with capitol hill congressional investigators next wednesday when they'll be answering more questions on how these bots work and all issues related to russia and the presidential election. also just breaking right now, facebook now saying they're going to be adding more features to facebook to show i and tell you when an actual political ad is running. they'll be labeling political ads and saying where they come from and how much was spent. so, some new rules of transparency coming to facebook
10:33 am
as well. >> with breaking news at the end. brian mcguire, republican strategist, former chief of staff to senator mitch mcconnell. matt welsh is here as well. matt, editor-at-large for "reason" magazine. brian, let me start with you. this move by twitter. what does it do for the congressional investigations and especially in light of other major development this is week? >> i think it's good social media networks are taking this issue seriously. i think it's a big complex issue, though, and in a country like ours where you have a robust history, first amendment protections, it's complicated. i think it would probably be important to decouple this issue from the election in 2017 because i think that muddies the issue a little bit. if nothing else, this whole discussion has alerted people to the existence of fake accounts and, you know, i think that's a good thing. if this is only discussed in the context of last year's election, i think there's a form of propaganda that says this is the
10:34 am
reason donald trump won. i think sort of separating that from this conversation would be really valuable and helpful. >> let me ask you here about this breaking news. i should preface this with, i don't have all the information but going on what jo kent said there, i know how you feel about the first amendment of this idea that a social network would now start labeling precisely where this information comes from, whether it's a political ad. how does is that sprtrike you -- >> if they to want do it, that's great. i have no problem with people wanting to create transparency. i'm more skeptical of them saying we won't run sputnik in lift our investigation. that's completely, don't yell at us in public kind of mood. are they not going to run the twitter accounts from iranian state television that broadcasts in america, too? of course not. they're doing that because we're living right now, and the story is in the context of, there's two twin panics. one social media panic going on
10:35 am
because we don't quite understand it and there are bots and things like that, and it seems like it must have a lot of power and influence over everything. and then there's this sense that a close election went the wrong way for a lot of people. they're looking for the biggest explanation that can sort of solve it. they are fusing a little bit. someone who has been arguing against russian influence in everywhere for the last 25 years, it's kind of weird to be the person saying this. but i don't think russia paying bots is the biggest story of last year's election. i just don't. i think we're starting to get a bit panicked and weird when we discuss all these things. i hope it doesn't get to a place where we're going to limit by legislative action free speech in america. >> let's turn to politics here. i want to play something new jersey governor chris christie said on our air this morning and talk about it on the other side. this is him talking about what's happening inside your party right now. take a listen. >> unity on a scale of one to
10:36 am
ten? >> five. five. i think we're unified on a lot of issues but not unified on how to approach those issues. if you're not unified on both, you won't get it done. >> brian, those words coming in the midst of this -- this war that steve bannon has waged on your former boss, the rest of the establishment. now there's this super pac that's tied to the senate majority leader launching a counterattack against mcconnell. is that a good idea? >> i think that i disagree with governor christie. i think the party has shown this week in particular that there's a lot of unity in washington. there's a lot of unity between the president, republican and house and senate. as for the bannon effort -- >> really, there's a lot of unity? >> yeah. look, we passed a budget in the senate last week that a lot of people didn't think senate republicans could pass. the house picked it up and passed it. republicans passed a cra
10:37 am
approval after the house passed the budget. we're going to confirm judges eliminate -- >> what about bob corker calling the president a liar? what about jeff flake saying donald trump is responsible for the demise of modern political discourse? >> i know its hard for a lot of people to believe there's a lot of unity, but if you look at the evidence in the last couple of weeks, the president appearing with leader mcconnell at a press conference last week, the senate passing a budget, the house passing a budget, the fact that tax reform is moving quickly among people, that people did not expect it to be moving quickly with, the fact that judges will be confirmed next week, the fact that the president got a standing ovation by republicans at a lunch last week in the senate, all these things point to real unity in washington behind these fights that people tend to focus on and i think that that's really it is larger story, is the unity. >> unity? >> yes. >> mr. welch, do you agree? >> in the last two weeks we've seen major speeches against donald trump by george w. bush,
10:38 am
john mccain, bob corker and jeff flake. that's not a sign of unity necessarily. and it's a sign that there's a lot of people in the republican party who were distressed about the trumpism, bannonism, kind of nationalist and populism that is taking over the main republican message in a way that makes a person like jeff flake, who is -- was until recently considered a pretty reliable conservative in a lot of ways. yes, they got a unified vote to completely blow through the deficit and debt in a way that makes all house republican rhetoric from 2009 and 2016 look retro actively ridiculous. yeah, they did that. that's a sign of unity. or it's a sign of desperation. please, we're going to pass tax reform, i swear. hopefully we won't look at it because its going to render our previous discussion moot. >> thanks for being with us this afternoon. >> thanks, craig. movie mogul harvey weinstein
10:39 am
on the offense. the new demands he's making of the company that fired him to help his legal battle. also, some breaking news here this afternoon. tiger woods there in court. just walked out of court we're told after his dui arrest. we'll tell you about the guilty plea he just entered to a different charge. i'm ryan and ig with chantix. smoking was comforting. it was like a security blanket. it made me feel good, it really did. i would doubt myself that i could actually quit, but with chantix i did it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking or allergic and skin reactions which can be life-threatening. stop chantix and get help right away if you have any of these.
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florida courtroom after pleading guilty to the reckless driving charge. he got that charge back in may. he was found asleep at the wheel, literally sleeping at the wheel. he's going to enter a program for first-time offenders. woods, of course, long considered the greatest golfer on the planet. he blamed that incident on the mixing of the medication he takes for his numerous back problems. toxicology reports found he did have five drugs in his system but he did not have alcohol in his system. again, tiger woods leaving that florida courtroom a short time ago. he pled guilty to reckless driving. a full-scale effort by the trump administration to address the opioid crisis is now under way. this just 24 hours since the president declared it a nationwide public health emergency. attorney general jeff sessions was at new york's jfk airport this morning. he is among cabinet officials that are traveling throughout the country today.
10:44 am
they are attending events centered on ending this epidemic in america. i'm joined now by former utah governor mike leavitt, also served as epa administrator and health and human services secretary in the george w. bush administration. always good to have you, sir. thank you for being with me. >> thank you. >> let's start with your reaction to president trump's announcement. what was your big takeaways, concerns for how the administration is going to combat this crisis? >> well, they're making an aggressive effort. that's a good thing. there is a lot of abuse of opioids and it needs to be addressed. we also ought to keep it in perspective. there were nearly 40,000 people in america that died from automobile accidents last year. there were nearly 40,000 that died from the -- from the annual flu. weave got 600,000 people who died from heart disease. there are a lot of ways that people become unhealthy and i'm dilated they're taking on the
10:45 am
oip oid crisis but there are others -- americans need to focus on as well. >> forgive me, but it sounds as if you might be saying officials are making too big of a deal out of all of this? >> i don't think we can ever say people who are suffering from opioid abuse or harmed by it that it's making too big a deal out of it. i think we've known about heart disease for a long time. we've known about automobile accidents for a long time. we're beginning to understand the dangers of prescription drugs. so, i'm dilated they're doing it, but we also ought to focus on -- we need to keep it in perspective. >> i want to play something dr. lena winn said to me yesterday on air. she's baltimore's health commissioner. we talked about the racial element of fighting the war on drugs. >> when this epidemic hit poor, minority inner city communities, addiction was seen as a choice.
10:46 am
therefore, if you we understand up incarcerated or dead, somehow you made a bad choice. now it's spread to wealthier, potentially whiter, suburban, rural communities, it is now seen as a disease, which is-t should be seen as but we have to recognize the racial inequities and injustice of where we came from. >> do you share that assessment? do you understand that criticism? >> i don't think i would put this in the social justice category. this is a legitimate health issue that needs to be addressed. i think the president is properly bringing attention. it's something that everyone who has a medical procedure involving pain faces. i have been prescribed painkillers. they're tempting. but if you're in a position where you could get addicted, people need to know about it. there's a lot of things happening where people can get an assessment of their addiction. a lot of things we ought to be
10:47 am
doing to save lives. >> i want to talk to you about the republican push to repeal and replace obamacare. someone who's instrumental in what was seen as a largely successful rollout of the medicare part "d" prescription drug. i want to talk to you about the administration's roadblocks in the way for those that want to enroll in obamacare. never mind ending key subsidies to insurance companies but restricting the enrollment period, a shorter enrollment period, scaling back the advertising as well for the program in general. who benefits from the administration's seeming -- seeming attempt to sabotage obamacare? >> there is a widely held aspiration in america, both republican and democrat, for everyone to have access to an affordable insurance policy. what we're seeing is a disagreement on what the role of the government should be in doing that. in some cases, which government,
10:48 am
state or federal. the administration has clearly adopted this as a process in which they can begin to drive change. i think there are ways in which we could change the system and improve the system. that may not involve burning it down. but that's where they're headed. we'll see if the congress can respond. >> while i have you here, some breaking news. we have not confirmed this just yet. the atlantic is apparently reporting that senator orrin hatch, long-time senator from utah, is now telling his friends that he also plans to retire. does that come as a surprise to you? >> well, i don't know if it's true or isn't. senator hatch has served for more than 40 years and he's one of the great patriots in american history. whether it's now or later that he decides to retire. i have great admiration for senator hatch. >> senator corker, senator
10:49 am
flashgs now senator hatch here, all within the span of the last few weeks. do you think it's coincidence or something else that might be behind these high-profile departures from the upper chamber? >> i think it's in senator hatch's case, he's 83 years old, served more than 40 years, he's a distinguished patriot. i think it's not reasonable to think that somehow this is -- he's reaching this conclusion on the basis of what others are doing. >> open senate seat there in utah. you got your eye on it maybe? no? no? >> there's a lot of people who do. >> that wasn't a denial. most people when you ask them if they're going to run for the senate, no, no. you just said a lot of people do. feel free to make news on a friday afternoon. it's all the rage here lately. >> i have no news. >> okay. we will leave it is there. governor, thanks. always enjoy you. >> thank you. actress rose mcgowan has a new and public message for
10:50 am
hollywood mogul harvey weinstein and one of empowerment for women who have faced sexual harassment and misconduct.
10:51 am
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years. i have been slut shamed. i've been harassed. i've been maligned. the scarlet letter is theirs. it is not ours. we are pure. we are strong and we are brave. and we will fight. >> actress rose mcgowan at the women's convention in detroit, speaking out since accusing on twitter that disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein raped her. to date 70 women alleged sexual harassment or misconductor rape and this as he's suing the company that bears his name. joined now by karen de soto, defense attorney and nbc legal analyst. before we get to all of that. i want to add that weinstein's
10:55 am
spokesperson put out a statement, any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unee quifically denied by mr. weinstein. that coming from a spokesperson. we want to play another snippet of what rose mcgowan said a short time ago. [ bleep ] grab back. women grab back. we speak. we yell. we march. we are here. we will not go away. my name iscgowan and i'm brave and i'm you. >> coming into her own as a fire brand on the issue of sexual harass. and we have seen hundreds of women over the past few weeks speak out, the discussion is even influenced women in other industries as well, you wrote an article about congress and how does it play out there?
10:56 am
we know sexual harassment is in like many other industries a big problem for women in particular in politics, craig, what we looked into here at the "washington post" is the difficulty that victims face in trying to report incidents of sexual harass. and assault. on capitol hill, there really isn't an obvious hr department, anybody whose watching who works in the private sector know that pretty much they can go to hr and make a complaint and go from there. on capitol hill, the solution is really very unclear to a lot of victims. they have to go through months of counseling and mediation in order to even file a lawsuit which makes political unusual compared to the rest of the federal government. and we should also point out that for members of congress and their staff, there's no mandatory anti-sexual harassment training, even though all of the outside experts have been recommending they do that for years. every other part of the federal government, if you work there,
10:57 am
you're going to get probably on an annual basis training in avoiding and how to report sexual harass. . on capitol hill there's no such thing. >> karen, harvey weinstein suing the company. that bears his name for records. where is this going? >> this is him and his defense team trying to put together a case, obviously there's going to be many lawsuits out of this. he doesn't have for it, he can probably get it by doing a notice to produce documents. i'm sure that the company given the gravity and seriousness of this has already mirror imaged all of the e-mails, text messages and any other electronics linked to the company. so if they didn't, that wouldn't be a very smart idea not to do that, it's going to wind up in litigation and not just civil, unfortunately but we may have criminal charges coming out of this as well. >> you think there are definitely criminal charges going to em nature from this? >> we have lots of stories and
10:58 am
we've heard and it's been reporting that there's ongoing investigations. >> i want to play something that actress maggie gyllenhaal said on the daily show. she has a theory on what's spoking so many women to speak out. here's maggie gyllenhaal. >> i think that probably part of the reason that that's happening right now is because we have a president who said that it's okay to grab women's [ bleep ] without asking them and there were no consequences for that. and i think a whole lot of women i mean, i can speak for myself at least, just felt when that happened that we weren't going to take it anymore. and i think that's part of what's motivated and happening now in hollywood. >> what's your take on that? >> my take on that unfortunately, i've had many, many sexual harassment cases and going back to bill clinton and monica lewinsky, one of the hugest sexual scandals in our country's history, it's been
10:59 am
going on for years. i think this is business as usual. i think that women now that they are in position of power are in position to actually speak out to finally be not fear ful fear their huge, carly fiore reen ney has come out. these are women that have to speak on behalf of other women and unfortunately because success is measured by wealth, unfortunate american norm, maybe -- hope craig, that's what's happening, not because of donald trump. >> karen, thank you. elise, i know there's new legislation going to be introduced here soon from congresswoman spierer as i understand it. we would love to have you back on to hear about that. that is going to do it for this hour of msnbc live, chris jansing standing by, literally
11:00 am
standing by to pick things up for here. >> thank you, you have a great weekend. it's 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east. up first this hour, what's the rush? mark this day on your calendar. next wednesday, that's the self-imposed deadline set by republicans to introduce a bill to overhaul the entire tax system. they've also set a goal of passing it in both of house and senate by thanksgiving. key questions remain. how will their plan impact and will it favor the wealthy and how will they pay for cuts? can they get all of this done despite the deep divisions currently plaguing their party? >> will they get this tax reform through saap. >> it all hands on deck and that's part of why you're seeing this stepped up timeline. >> there's great division within the party on this. it's not just about economic benefits, they are looking for political benefits, they need


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