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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  October 29, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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the hour, so i will make way for "am joy," but stick around for joy's interview with adam schiff. "am joy" starting right now. when the next generation asks us, why didn't you do something? why didn't you speak up? what are we going to say? mr. president i rise today to say enough. >> hope that he would rise to the occasion as president and aspire to lead our nation instead of dividing it, and you know, it's obvious his political model and governing model is to divide. >> good morning and welcome to "am joy." this week after deciding to retire at the end of their present term senators bob corker and jeff flake gave a dramatic rebuke, not just to the president but their own republican colleagues. well, a new nbc "wall street journal" poll out this morning shows these two senators are not
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alone and are not the only ones who have a bone to pick with donald trump. 38% of americans say they approve of trump's performance, down 5% since september. 58% disapprove. the percentage who strongly disapprove outweighed strong approvers by a margin of 49 to 22. and the numbers show the fraying of the trump base. it shifted from 41% approval to 47%. whites without a college degree went to 58% approving of trump's performance to 51%. and joining me, jennifer ruben of the "washington post," and legal scholar chris metzler, and rick tyler, a msnbc political
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analyst. an all-republican panelist, this is going to be fun. you are my friend, and what do you think of these numbers and does it spell trouble? >> it historically spells trouble in the republican midterms, but this is a different time and different presidency and a different sort of following that he has in poll numbers that i have seen in different states. his following is following him, and they are still pretty firm. they have not -- if anything, we have seen his base increase in popularity. it's hard to tell, the map is set up for the gop to be successful. i don't know the donald trump factor. i do know in some races where donald trump weighed in, his supporters are for him and they don't translate over.
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he can fly in and motivate people in the states when the general comes. these primaries back home with steve bannon and all that going on, people will disassociate themselves from washington and republican primaries, and usually they like who they elected the time before, so i am not concerned of that many republicans getting knocked out of primaries, and the two i respected, flake and coker, were outstanding members and i am sad and disappointed they are leaving. >> at the same time, they vote with trump 94, 93% of the time, and they are not against him on policy but on style. to the point that was just made, the base of the republican party likes trump, his style, and they don't like the fact that in their view members of congress won't back him up 100%, and i am not sure how donald trump, even with his base with him, it doesn't help republicans in the midterms at all.
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>> if you look at what happens, we are talking about the base of the republican party, it has been shrinking. between december 2015 and march 2017, we lost 23% of republicans aged 18 to 29. they left the party. that's almost 1 in 4. that goes hand and hand with the demographic crisis. they see us as the old white guy, and while there are people trying to fix that caricature, donald trump is doing the opposite and proving that caricature true. the one group that keeps polling worse among generations millennials. they do not like what trump is selling and his disapprovals are in the high 70s to 60s consistently. >> at the same time, as a strategist, millennials don't vote in midterms, right, they are the most unlikely voter when it comes to a mid-term election,
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and it's a older voter and tends to be a trump voter, and the question is whether or not people want more checks on donald trump out of congress or they want a congress that is going to support his agenda, and the majority in the polls want checks on donald trump in congress. what do you think? >> correct. i think the majority does want checks on trump, but here's the issue and i think it goes to the points that were made earlier. number one, you now have the party of donald trump, the party of steve bannon. that's where the party is going. so you have got that issue. his base, those supporters are supportive of the president. i don't think they are necessarily supportive of the people who are up for re-election unless those people support the president. so this doesn't transfer easily at all. i think for republicans, this is
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a disaster waiting to happen. >> you know, rick tyler, let's talk about donald trump in the historical context. his job performance over last three months in this pole has gone one direction, and that's down. august, he was at 40 and went up a little in september, and got a little bump in the handling of the earlier hurricanes and then went back down to 38. these are not that big indifferences in numbers, but when you look historically at where presidents were, in the fall, george w. bush got a huge bump because of 9/11, and he was at 88%, and is donald trump a historical drag on the republican party or creating a new republican party that is just washing out sort of doctri doctri doctrinere reaganite republicans. >> these are reflect of the
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secretary term president, and he has worn out the american public in nine months instead of four years. these numbers are artificial lehigly high. the interesting segment of that is white women have gone from above water to underwater, and white women are most worried about the economy in terms of retirement because they live longer, and so they are looking at this and saying there's not much of a future here, but his numbers in general in the economy are high. i think mostly because the economy has not tanked during his presidency. it's done pretty well. job numbers are -- unemployment is very low and the stock market are doing fine, and people are doing well in their 401(k), and they do not have the wage increases they have been promised, and there's nothing they can point to in terms of policy because we have not passed a budget or tax bill yet
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that points to why the economy continuing to chugging along and doing well. >> when you read narrative accounts of how republican voters feel about donald trump, some will say, you know, that they don't like the fact that he tweets and he's a bully, but they do like him. he's back out tweeting again this morning. like clock work, every saturday morning, donald trump joins our show by his medium, twitter. never seen such republican all caps anger and unity as i have concerning the lack of investigation on clinton, made fake dossier, blah, blah, and yo uranium one, and they look into phoney trump russia. and still trump calling to have her investigated. this cannot help his poll numbers. >> you would think we were in the ninth month of the clinton administration. >> yeah, i know. >> aside the fact that none of this matters because she's
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nowhere near the white house, obviously this is a technique to distract and to rile up the base, and we have actually seen the conservative media go along with this. there's an unhealthy relationship between some outlets and donald trump and really spreading nonsense to the american people. i do think that we are in for another beating in terms of his popularity, and his presidency next week because we are anticipating obviously another -- or one at least indictment. i will say this, however, donald trump is not only a drag on republicans, he's attacking republicans. all they need to do is point to all of his speeches talking about republicans for a mean health care bill and disappointing him on health care and a whole slew of things. he's attacking his own presidency because he's attacking his own party. we never had this phenomenon when the white house is held, and the congress is held by the
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same party and yet the president is attacking congress. >> you know, that doesn't help the mid-term elections. if donald trump is attacking republicans for being weak and ineffective, and they are trying to run for re-election, how does that work? >> it's apathy. republicans have historically done that and democrats have historically not. it let's the vote that you need in the general stay home and that's where the big fall off comes for millennials. >> is the person that says these people are insufficiently helpful to donald trump, i'm staying home, or is it the people that say donald trump is ruining the party and staying home. >> it's those that decided to vote for him instead of hillary clinton, those are the voters that traditionally stay home.
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and the midterms, if we do poorly in the midterms, he has to look out for corker, romney and kasich, because he could be pry primaried. >> the midterms are going to be like a faliny film. i think based on the way this is going on, i woke up in a sweat last night thinking, oh, my god, is hillary clinton the president of the united states? >> she is on fox, and has always been the president, apparently. one of the most useful parlor games in media is chasing around donald trump asking when they will change their minds. his historic low is the 38% as
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you have seen for his presidency. what is the issue that breaks trump voters from trump, is there an issue that breaks them from him or is that his base forever and forever and the problem is he can't grow it? >> these people don't vote in many elections and voted for donald trump, and you saw that in alabama. obama's vote didn't translate either. lost almost 1,000 state and local seats during his presidency, even though he campaigned for them. it's unclear who is going to turn out in the 2018. historically you would think the republicans would get a shellacking. >> we think democratic on this show, my friend. >> the democratic party, they are not raising money nationally, and some of their individual candidates are getting money. it will be interesting.
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virginia in the general elections for the governor are a good indication. >> lightning round. who wins the race? >> gillespie. >> i think ed loses. he's a friend. the reason why is there's a lot of angst and you have to go up into northern virginia and watch the turn out there, and i want ed gillespie to win but i don't think ed can get there with the numbers i see. i hope he does. >> tyler, who do you think. >> he makes it. >> ruben. >> northam. the reason is gillespie tried to turn himself inside out to be a trumpite, and people used to like him don't like him anymore, and the people who love trump don't think he's authentic. he's done a 180 from his last election, which was very close. almost won the u.s. senate. he's had a disgraceful election and campaign. many people very disappointed in
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him. >> my closer, chris, who wins the election in virginia. >> ed gillespie squeaks it out. we have a split decision. >> just like in our party. >> a perfect way to end it! brilliantly done. thank you guys. we'll bring this panel back. that was fun. up next, the ranking number of the house intelligence committee to talk pending more indictments. you do not want to miss it. people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate
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i have to say the whole russian thing is what it has turned out to be. this was the democrats coming up
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with an excuse for losing an election. they lost it by a lot. they didn't know what to say so they made up the whole russia hoax. >> despite donald trump's best effort to label it a hoax the investigation gets very real tomorrow. nbc news has confirmed that special counsel robert mueller's office will hand down the first indictment and arrests may come as soon as tomorrow. so far the specific charges on the target remains a mystery. trump said nothing about the looming indictment but he and his supporters are working overtime to try and shift the focus of the congressional russia probes to their favorite nemesis, hillary clinton. i want to start with that. this idea that you have three different house committees setting up to investigate hillary clinton, the opponent of
7:19 am
the donald trump in the presidential election, i think strikes a lot of people who have history outside of the house and are familiar with authoritarian regimes, it's alarming in an american democracy. >> i would meet with emerging democracies, and one of the points is you don't use the justice system to punish your opponent, and that's what is happening here. your white house in violation of justice department policy intervened with the justice department to say we want you to take certain steps, and lift the gag rule, and i have to say for the republicans in congress to go along with that and to open up an investigation and become complicit in that makes them part of the dismantling of the checks and balances, one brick at a time.
7:20 am
it's not an isolated thing. this is the same president who is nominating to head the criminal division, the lawyer for the russian bank in communication with trump tower. it's part of a pattern and it needs to be resisted by congress and not embraced. >> i want you to listen to devin nunez who is the chair of the house intelligence committee, and although he supposedly recused himself in the russia investigation. take a look. >> has anybody in the white house been in contact with you about this investigation? >> no, this is being -- i have not talked to anybody at the white house about this and i don't know if peter or ron have, but this is basically based off of our conversations with informants over the last several months. >> do you have any reason to believe anybody in the house has been in discussions with the white house about launching these investigations? >> i don't know, but really they don't need to be in discussions. they just need to listen to what
7:21 am
the president says on tv and what he tweets. he is tweeting, you need to investigate hillary clinton. the real story here, the nonfake story is we still need to investigate hillary clinton. they are listening to his marching orders whether they are directly coordinating or not. this is highly problematic. i think the most important speech in my time in congress, it was from the republican, jeff flake, and he talked about what this administration is doing to our system of checks and balances. unfortunately, we have people in congress who are doing the bidding of the president as we undermine these very important checks. >> to your point, donald trump was tweeting just this morning during the show, he tweeted never seen so much republican anger and unity as i have concerning the lack of investigation on clinton made fake dossier, and then he says the uranium one deal, the 33,000 plus deleted deals and the comey fix and much more. he's openly advocating
7:22 am
essentially a show trial, i guess, of hillary clinton. is there anything democrats can do about that? >> we can resist it. we don't have to become, ourselves, complicit in this, and we can point out what is happening and little by little this president with the help in congress is ae sreus rating our checks and balances. it's important for people to see the bigger picture here. this morning in addition to the president saying we need to investigate hillary, that's the real investigation, and he's saying health care premiums are going up, blame obama. president obama last time i checked was not the president. >> that's correct. >> democrats were not in the majority. they control everything. there's no hiding responsibility here. the president creates uncertainty in the health care markets and drives premiums up, and he says don't blame me. well, guess what? it's your responsibility. own it.
7:23 am
>> let's talk for a moment about the pending indictments that we know are going to be handed down. we don't know if it's more than one or just one. were you briefed on, a, how many people would be indicted and b, who it might be. >> i was not briefed. i would assume none of congress was briefed on this, and i don't think it would be appropriate for robert mueller to do that. i don't know who was indicted. manafort told people he could be indicted, and it could be manafort or flynn. many people point out you generally go after the small fish first. those are not the small fish. we are talking about the president's campaign manager, and if those are the small fish then the big fish has to be pretty big. if it's manafort we may get to answer certain questions that are pivotal to the investigation, and that is what was the result of these
7:24 am
overtures by the russians to the campaign, to manafort, offering dirt on hillary clinton, and what was the result of overtures by manafort to the kremlin, offering information about the campaign. >> we know that dana boente has announced his resignation. do you know why he resigned? >> i don't know. it could be something completely removed, but you have to imagine there's a lot of concern within the justice department about what is happening to the department, that the independents of the department is being assailed. after watergate we created a distance between the white house and the justice department and that distance is vanishing. >> if donald trump orders deputy attorney general rosenstein to fire robert mueller, would you consider that to be an impeachable offense? >> it would be further evidence of obstruction of justice, and i have to think that rob
7:25 am
rosenstein would resign rather than carry out that order, and an step like that, pardoning people that could incriminate the president or his organization, all that could be obstruction of justice. >> do you believe there's somebody in the current chain of command in the justice department that would be willing to fire robert mueller. >> it took nixon to go further down the chain to find somebody to conduct that saturday night massacre, and you would hope people would refuse to implement an unethical order like that. but, you know, the president has appointed people that are plyant to his will. >> and maxine waters has been open that she believes donald trump is somebody that should be impeached. we do have a billionaire, you know, a donor to the democratic
7:26 am
party running ads with the same message. do you believe personally that donald trump has committed impeachable offenses? >> i have had the unusual experience of having to try an impeachable trail and it's a high bar. can republican members go back and make the case. it was not simply a way of nullifying the vote because those other people didn't like the result. that's a pretty high bar. the president goes to all of these rallies to essentially make the anti-impeachment argument when he says those people who look down on you are trying to steal your great electoral victory. my feel something we shouldn't give any ammunition to the idea that we are racing to embrace this before all the facts are in. let's finish our investigations. let's see where they lead. let's find out what the president's conduct has been as
7:27 am
well as those around him and those in the campaign, and then we can make a decision about what the consequences should be. >> congressman, thank you for being here. great to talk to you in person. coming up, the potential trump scandal in puerto rico. that's next.
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if there is no wrong doing,
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we will push forward. if there is wrong doing, you know, in this process or in any process, there will be hell to pay. >> with nearly three quarters of puerto rico still without power more than a month after hurricane maria made landfall, the government is looking into a $300 million contract between the islands electrical utility and montana-based whitefish utility. that is backed by a major trump donor and based in the hometown of interior secretary, ryan zinke. the white house has denied any involvement in the selection of whitefish, and fema said it had concerns about how the contract was procured. the cia of whitefish fired back in an interview with nbc. >> i think there's people out there on a witch hunt looking for something that does not
7:35 am
exist. >> joining me now is the mayor of san juan, and mayor, the governor, we are just learning this morning is calling for the whitefish contract to be canceled. do you agree? >> yes, i called for that, joy, last week. there were too many questions. it was evident that this company did not have everything that was required to complete the mission that it has to do in puerto rico, which is bring power back to puerto rico so that hospitals can function properly and businesses don't have to continue closing, so our economic development can get back on track, or just speed it up. if it is true that the governor heard the claims of the people of puerto rico and the people in the u.s. may remember when i called for the contract to be void, i was attacked by whitefish on twitter, and they threatened to take away the 84
7:36 am
employees that they allege they have working in the city of san juan. so i have continued to push on because there are very many inconsistencies in the contract. it appears the governor now thinks based on what we just heard that there's something that is not done appropriately, so he has called for the cancelation. he must now fire the person that signed the contract, because if he thinks -- and he has so many concerns about the contract being signed that he orders the cancelation, the person responsible for signing the contract must be fired immediately, and of course, that is the head of prepara. >> the ceo of whitefish told other media outlets he reached out to linktin. do you have to know who approved
7:37 am
this deal and whether or not fema ever approved the deal as per the rules? >> well, article 68 is very clear in the contract, and it states that by executing this contract prepa represents fema has reviewed and approved the contract and confirmed the contract is acceptable to qualify for funding or fema and other u.s. governmental languages. look, it is obvious -- when we went back to ramos, he said oops to a $300 million contract. he mentioned this was supposed to be taken out. it was not taken out. it was signed. moreover, the resolution from the board, the resolution number isn't even in the contract. so all of these things made that
7:38 am
contract null and void, which is what i said last week, and i am glad the governor did the right thing. now he must continue and complete the mission and remove the head of preppa who has been defending whitefish against the people of puerto rico for the last week, and what has to happen is a transparent moral, legal and ethical way of just opening -- just because you open something up for bids does not mean the process has to be slow. the government is able -- any government is able to be effective and be quick and be moral, legal and ethical all at the same time. these two things are mutually exclusive. the truth is we need to get the power back on just to get schools back on track. if we don't do that, and what we are fearful of, is with the fiscal control board imposed, the legislation took control over the puerto rican
7:39 am
government, this is the first step to privatize the production and distribution of this in puerto rico, and that's a monopoly. if that falls into private hands, our way of being, our economic development, all of the tools -- the little tools we have available to us will be in private hands and only profit will be the guiding light for things to happen, we need to move to a solar-based power, and wind-based power where it's affordable in puerto rico, and let's have other countries that bring other things to the table quickly, and work was done for free on the children's hospital, and they put solar panels on top of the roof. those are the things we can do that will bring us up to the
7:40 am
21st century and get us away from fossil fuel. >> thank you so much. let's bring in my panel. jennifer and kate are back, and $332 a day for lodging. $80 a day for meals. that's just some of the contract details. we now see the governor joining the mayor of san juan, the governor of puerto rico saying that contract should be canceled. can you explain how it could have happened in the first place. >> this is potentially a story about bad contracting and shady side deals in puerto rico. the irony here is a lot of what whitefish brought to the table, a proprietary technology that only they had access to, and an investor who understands puerto rico had many connections there are things you would look for
7:41 am
when awarding a government contract, which is something competitive and an understanding of the landscape. the challenge with puerto rico and the fact that we started off with already a state in bankruptcy is that nobody else really wanted to bid in puerto rico because they were not going to be guaranteed to be paid. this is the broader connection to the trump administration, it's actually not the sezinke connection, it's the bean counters at fema and the white house didn't sit down with the bean counters in puerto rico early enough to say hey, we need to sit here and put out a call to contractors and people and tell them the federal government will back up the work that is being done in puerto rico. we will make sure that you will get paid. this is the problem of this administration is not looking and focusing on process early enough. it's not just a matter of fema being able to send people and navy ships but doing the behind the scenes contract work and
7:42 am
giving assurances to american companies that if they work in a state, disaster recovery, like puerto rico, they will get paid. this is how you end up with the organization in puerto rico being desperate to sign a contract and get anybody in to the state to be able to get electricity back, and we should be expecting far more as a mayor of puerto rico said, we should be expecting far more from the federal government when it comes to disaster response. >> i first want to play the ceo of whitefish's interview, and he defends the way he land the the contract. >> i found them on linkedin. >> you found them on linkedin? >> you bet. >> you used linkedin to get a $300 million contract? >> they are going to love this, but, yes. i forwarded a couple e-mails to
7:43 am
the decision makers in preppa. >> is that a process that sounds like a typical process for a modern and federal government? >> it's great for linkedin, but it doesn't sound right. this is the flip side of this administration. not only are they sleazy, but they are incompetent. you have a president that doesn't care about governance or details, and he appointed nobody in the white house to be the czar of puerto rico recovery. we have no idea, if any, what role zinke played in this. we can get answers to all of this if people in congress, the chairmen who are all republican right now, would call these people up to the hill and figure out what is going on, and that's their responsibility to exercise oversight and then we can work backwards and decide whether
7:44 am
this was malfeeance, a problem we did not guarantee the contracts up front. the president repeating over and over again, everything is fine, everything is fine, does not send a message to his administration or congress to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. >> there was a clause in the contract saying it could not be reviewed. they deleted that. what is the justification on that? >> i can explain it a little bit from my perspective as a businessman. 3.4 million people in puerto rico. decades of poor political leadership, and a $29 billion budget, and -- >> they are part of our country. >> i am talk about a territory with a budget, and one of every four of those dollars comes from
7:45 am
congress. i will take up for congress a little bit. i know the personal pain stories, and that i didn't have any power for a month, but there was infrastructure. we have an ocean between us and puerto rico. i hear the politicians are doing -- when i look at the contract as a business person and i then here the ceo tell me how he acquired it -- >> pretty sweet deal. >> i can't criticize him as a business person. i can tell you when you are in a hurricane, you try to help anything you can. i don't know whether the logistics company, i know the performance to get a weak grid back up and what it's going to take puerto rico back up in shape is a ten-year project. >> and this looks like inflation at a pretty dramatic and breath-taking scale with two
7:46 am
people two years ago. >> it looks egregious. that will come back to get you, whether you sell coolers, when you do that to people suffering, you get that personally and professionally when it comes back around. i know puerto rico needs help, and i know the suffering these people are going to and the politicians will have trouble keeping their jobs when it's over. >> we shall see. heads may roll. thank you very much. coming up in the next hour, conservative media is on the verge of becoming even bigger, and maybe even devouring your local tv news station, and your moment of maxine with more "am joy" after the break.
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bad public apologies often have a similar pattern. one expresses some remorse, acknowledges that people have been hurt and then apologize if those people were offended #sorrynotsorry. houston texans owner rob mcnair offered the same to former fellow nfl owners about, quote, inmates running the prison. after his comments became public he issued a statement saying, i
7:54 am
regret i used that expression. i apologize to anybody who was offended by it. joining me is william ronan from espn's "the undefeated." if you were offended. like you talk about your mother, if you were offended by that. joy, just as we are trying to get our arms around houston. we are trying to cheer for houston, the city of houston, you've got a player we'll get to next, a player from cuba talking -- making fun of a japanese -- player with japanese roots calling him china man and then you have an owner saying his industry is a prison. as hard as we are trying to really pull for houston, you know -- >> yeah. >> -- they have a nice young quarterback deshaun watson. then if you're a houston fan, this guy gurriel, he probably just lost you the world series. >> he got a standing ovation when he reemerged in the stadium.
7:55 am
it's not as if the fans are punishing him, they're applauding him. >> when they go to l.a. they won't -- >> you have one of the largest japanese populations in the history of the earth. the thing that bothered me is i was looking for the suspension and then they said, oh, he's suspended five -- >> oh, great. they said next season. i'm like, you give me a break. this is where we are as a nation that the highest value has become money and the shield. >> yeah. >> that's why roger goodell and the nfl are in trouble. the first -- and penn state. the first thing these institutions do is protect the shield. >> right. absolutely. >> that's what they're doing here. they're protecting the shield. this guy should be gone. >> yes. >> he should be gone. and the fact that the commissioner, well, we don't want to punish -- >> you don't want to disrupt the world series? >> yeah. yeah. that's where we are. >> let's talk a little bit about the houston texans for just a moment. there was almost a walkout. espn was reporting that some players wanted to walk out because of what the team owner
7:56 am
said. >> hence, the prison analogy is true. to the extent we're in this prison. okay, are you really going to lose that paycheck? are you really going to walk over this? then they kind of cooler heads, well, you know, let's go back into our cells and come back into our cells. >> i think that's one of the important points because you have a lot of people saying why don't the marque players just quit? they're one generation out of no money. >> talking about players making a difference in their families. this is all shifted. we focus a lot on the players. the moral imperative comes to those of us watching this stuff. it's one thing to be a player. now what do you as a fan, we've already seen an owner refer to this thing as a prison industry. we've heard jerry jones say you boys better play or else i'm he going to fire -- at what point do the fans -- remember, we've been talking about concussions and that kind of stuff. >> yeah. >> none of that stuff raised as much ire as this silent protest.
7:57 am
gets into the erosion of the american soul. so i think fans are really going to do a lot of soul searching. >> absolutely. major league baseball. the idea that gurriel would receive a standing ovation. what kind of statement does that say? >> it's embarrassing. >> people of good conscience would be embarrassed. always good to talk to you. >> sure. >> up next the trump coordinating this. more "a.m. joy" after the break. from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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8:01 am
heard throughout last year's election merited a remix. it has made a comeback because this week the drip, drip, drip of reports about possible collusion between the russian cam papaign and efforts to -- t may well explain the signs of nervousness that we've been seeing both from the trump administration and from some of trump's supporters in the media. mainly, their agregressive attempts to have a fake scandal about russians buying a fake uranium company in 2010. the speech is that hillary clinton approved the deal in exchange for a big donation to the clinton foundation. now it's a conspiracy theory straight out of the book written in 2015 by a breitbart alumnus named peter schweitzer and commissioned by none other than
8:02 am
breitbart steve bannon something called the government accountability institution, a foundation based in florida funded by none other than robert murther. ju bannon and schietser got the times to pick up content during the campaign including about the supposed uranium one scandal. now we're seeing this hoax from the box resurface in white house press briefings and in conservative media this week in what sure does look like a coordinated effort to rebrand the phrases russia scandal and collusion away from donald trump and on to republican's favorite target, hillary clinton, because every time a trump insider or associate is asked about the mueller investigation we hear this. >> the only thing we've seen on collusion is clinton. >> the uranium one smells.
8:03 am
>> this is equivalent to what the rosenbergs did and they got a chair. think about it. giving away nuclear capabilities to our enemies. >> who in the clinton campaign paid these people, paid them through false names, where did this money go? >> what we should be focusing on are the continued lies. >> hillary clinton is not the president, that was decided nearly a full year ago. just making sure you know. joining me, senior writer eric fuller, katheryn rampell, jenn kern and senior reporter at mother jones, angie krull. jenn, i will start with you. thank you for being here. this seems to be coordinated. were talking points issued by the republican national committee to trump surrogates when asked about russia collusion shift the story to uranium one? >> not in those words.
8:04 am
the rnc does put out its research pieces. i think the rnc shop is quite good allowing the information source there as independently verified includes sources from left wing media, others that aren't fox news. i think it's important that the media is covering this issue, not just the fusion gps story but the uranium one story. >> why do you say that? >> there are some new developments that make it worthy about coverage. the fact that hillary clinton and the dnc funded the dossier. >> as well as the media agency that began it? >> that's true. >> here's the thing about the sealed dossier. if, in fact, that document contains relevant and valid information that it could llude
8:05 am
with russia and distorting the results of the 2016 election, who cares whether it was paid for by both a republican and democrat? >> i put it on the free beacon. it doesn't let democrats off of the hook. none of the information has checked out. >> that's not true. >> cbs news has checked it out and they found several things that were actually outright false. michael cohen, trump's own attorney has reviewed dozens of documents to show he was not where the trump dossier says. >> you're talking about the one thing -- this is what i suspect that the rnc talking points suggest that you do. when you get on a show like this and we want to talk about russia gate, the inindictments you should bring this up and you should bring up uranium one. is that something you were told
8:06 am
to do? >> no, absolutely not. >> >> something you were suggested to do? >> no. >> i'm on the various mailing lists of the rnc there is various information. >> let's talk about the thing that i think is the most relevant. there is a pending set of inindictments. there could be arrests tomorrow in the russia gate scandal. which is the collusion. it could be money laundering, tax evasion, we don't know. what is your response? what do you make of that? >> i think the timing is awfully uncanny? >> why. >> the same few days that robert mueller is under fire, the washington journal full editorial board is calling for him to rezblien resign from what? >> resign from the investigation. >> why should he resign from the investigation? >> a couple of reasons. it does go back to the fusion gps piece. >> this goes back to -- >> look what you've done. let me ask you a quick question before i bring in the rest of the panel. what about the fusion deal, this is a deal in 2010 to siell a
8:07 am
canadian company to a russian company. what about that deal is worthy of investigation? >> it's problematic because you have hillary clinton, who is presiding as the secretary of state office, we have evidence to show and this came out in the last week or two that there was a russian spy who was getting close to hillary clinton, it was reported in the mainstream. you have bill clinton -- >> this is old news. we're not going to get into that. i want to ask you a couple fact-based questions. who got the money when the canadian company was sold to the russian company? who received the money? >> the company. >> who approved the sale? when think sort of uranium or any company sells that product dr the uranium that's mined is mined it's for nuclear power, not bombs. when that happens there is an organization that approves it. do you know what that stands for? >> yes. >> committee on foreign
8:08 am
investment in the united states. >> how many people sit on the committee. >> nine members. >> how many have to approve it? >> nine members. >> all nine. >> absolutely. >> how many approved it? >> nine of them. >> did hillary clinton sit personally? >> no. >> she did not. >> hold on. who is the person who donated to hillary clinton who is related to and had an investment in uranium one? >> they are board members of uranium one donated up to 1 think it's 143 million. >> when did -- did he own any assets in uranium one at the time hillary clinton was secretary of state? >> did not. sold them. >> here's what i would like to know. >> he sold them years before. so what you're talking about is a deal that nine members approved unanimously. none of them was hillary clinton. you have a donor who separately gave hillary clinton donations at a time when she was not secretary of state. the two things cross in the night. they have no relation to each other. the members of cefis have been
8:09 am
very clear she had nothing to do with that deal. she would have had to strong arm eight others and ultimately the president of the united states would intervene if they saw any problems. they say now if that deal came before them today they would approve it unanimously. there's nothing about the deal that's controversial. the only reason we're talking about it is because per your admission, which is honest, the rnc wants you to. it does feel that there is a coordinated effort to get us to talk about uranium one, something that has not been controversial since 2015. >> the uranium one deal, this whole conspiracy doesn't make sense empirically or in theory. it doesn't make sense that the individual elements don't make sense together. a lot of the points that you were making and theoretically that, like, what, hillary was colluding with the russians so she could lose the election? i would put this under the category of swift voting. do you remember swift voting?
8:10 am
>> yes. i was on that campaign. >> the whole concept of this strategy to make your weakness look like the opposite party's weakness or opponent's weakness. we saw this with fake news, with no puppet, you're the puppet. my temperament isn't bad, your temperament is bad. it's the same deal with this russia collusion conspiracy theory. trump is being accused of colluding with the russians. let's turn the tables, hillary, who's not even -- she's a private sit seb. >> let me ask you about that. are you uncomfortable with the idea that in answer to something very serious, collusion, what your side is doing is attempting to drag a private citizen into a simply show trial in congress over something that is easily looked up as debunked on twitter. look it up now. look it up on -- right now it has been debunked years ago. >> joy, what's interesting is
8:11 am
it's actually the opposite of what katheryn just said. it's been the democrats saying there was russian collusion. >> there's an investigation right now, a special prosecutor, and multiple congressional committees on the question of whether there was russia collusion. was there a meeting between a lawyer, and members of the trump campaign in trump tower in which they were promised dirt on hillary clinton? did that happen? >> yes. >> don trump jr. i believe was a neophyte in letting that happen. >> what abouticating with a rus january hacker, what about carter page? what about all of the trump administration officials or campaign advisors who had undisclosed meetings with russian officials? >> we're calling people in the next week or two to find out if russia helped also pay for that fusion gps document. we need to hear that and here's the thing. let's remember how the fusion gps document got into the bloodstream in the first place.
8:12 am
it was john brennan, the cia director for president barack obama which infused that which has been claimed to be false. >> are you saying hillary clinton colluded with russia to lose? >> i don't think she ever thought she was going to lose the election until election night. >> i'm going to let eric in here. >> yeah. so this is classic putin. this is what aboutism. this is a specific kind of deflect sh deflection. you say, yes, we might have colluded with a foreign government to overthrow this election, but what about hillary clinton? we've seen this -- we've seen this right wing media gop hand in hand before over ten years. it's usually to create an investigation for a sitting president, barack obama. it's usually to create investigation for a democratic nominee but, again, as you state, to create overnight, literally overnight within 48 hours this witch hunt to drag
8:13 am
someone from chappaqua, private citizen in literally a witch hunt. we have some people calling for her impress sonment and execution. how anyone in the republican party can be comfortable with that is beyond me. >> of all people -- >> and the point, the three most important house committees don't overnight decide to launch an investigation without this coming straight from paul ryan's office and the assumption is straight from the white house and now we have the mueller inindictments. all very transparent and it's all the face of authoritarianism and it's the face of fascism. >> he talked about the u.s. em pamming committees to talk about emerging governments in emerging countries. one of the things we talk about in building a democracy is you do not prosecute an opposing can date. do you have any discomfort with the idea that your party, that the republicans now want to go and try to drag donald trump's
8:14 am
political opponent from the last election before show trials in congress? >> i actually think donald trump has shown a great deal of restraint considering there is the chance to lock her up on the campaign trail. >> which he led. >> and he has let the investigation go through the -- >> he -- >> here's what i think is dangerous. i think a false political hit piece, we know it was a political hit piece, got infused into the u.s. intelligence community. i have thoughts that james comey got schnookered. i have -- >> you're doing the talking points very well. and it is classic what aboutism. the idea is you're attempting to muddy the waters and claim that everyone who is investigating donald trump is a criminal. that is what is done in authoritarian countries, not the united states. >> i think donald trump, he has not fired mueller. >> yet. >> he tired comey. >> hold on one second. the second beat of this -- >> if he does, we're in trouble.
8:15 am
>> the second beat of this is that fox news has been leading this charge in trying to sort of create this atmosphere of criminality around the people investigating donald trump, around comey, around robert mueller, around hillary clinton who is a private citizen. andy krull, this is now confined to fox news. it soon could be spreading to people's local broadcast networks. there can you talk about the new developments in terms of this spreading sinclair to what it is to being a tribute station as well? >> what you saw you showed earlier, amazing graphic of all these different screens of shawn hannity pushing this, you know, bogus uranium one story. obviously that's fox news. you turn the channel to fox news, you know what you're going to get 24 hours a day. with sinclair broadcast group, you have a different creature in a sense which is this is a
8:16 am
company that controls local television stations, owns and operates them around the country. nearly 200 stations in most states here in the united states and what it does is inserts conservative messages, pro trump propaganda as some tv critics have put it into your local evening news. so you're going to get the local sports, you're going to get the city council meeting and all of a sudden you get boris epstein, a former white house -- trump white house aide saying the president is right about the perils of voter fraud or the president is right to confront north korea in the way that he has. and so you have this message, this pro trump message slipped in in between the news and people at home are watching and thinking, oh, well maybe this is something i should be paying attention to. maybe this guy, boris, knows what he's talking about. >> with your traffic and weather together. you get sebastian gorka, dr. sebastian gorka released from the white house. this is him talking about crime
8:17 am
with your traffic and weather together. >> a big issue is black after can gun crime against black after k africans. it is a tragedy. black young men are murdering each other by the bushel. >> so then he had to be explained by the local news anchors that black africans is not the way you describe african-americans. andy krull you have a piece out in mother jones that the fcc could have a decision that would essentially allow this merger between sinclair and tribute to take place. >> right now it reaches 40% of all tv watching households. this tribune deal would give it 32 more tv stations including in new york, l.a. and chicago. if this deal goes through, this $4 billion deal, by all indications the trump fcc is going to sign off on it, sinclair's reached growth to 72%, almost 3/4 of all households.
8:18 am
that means a lot more sebastian gorka, boris epstein and as we're seeing this week coverage of this uranium one deal by some of sinclair's digital correspondence as well. >> perhaps bill o'reilly, too, katheryn, because bill o'reilly is said to be in talks to go to sinclair. >> it's unclear what's happening given the revelations about the $32 million settle am. the issue is, look, maybe it's fair to say antitrust rules written decades ago could be were you dated, i don't know. the question here is why are these rules being retooled apparently for this particular merger given that you may recall that jared kushner actually publicly said that he had a deal with sinclair last year for favorable coverage, right? that's what's suspicious about this, not so much that the fcc would be thinking about how do we really re-evaluate what's good for consumers. why are they changing, first of all, the formula for what's good without even changing the rules,
8:19 am
whether they're meeting that 39% of threshold of households. why are they changing it apparently just for the sake of this particular merger. >> well, i wish we had more time 230r9 panel. >> sinclair is the eric bowler retirement plan. >> you never thought you would have to fact check local news. i'm sure one person at this table will be happy to have him. thank you all very much. next up, virginia is for lovers and dirty campaigns. stay with us.
8:20 am
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two months after being arrested for child pornography john bowen had his rights restored because of ralph northam's policy. he called restoring the rights of unrepen tent sex offenders
8:23 am
one of his greatest fooets. >> i'm ed gillespie. i sponsored this ad. just in time for halloween, ed gillespie is dredging up the willie horton. i have two guests here. e.j., this is sort of the worst of the worst from the playbook, the late roger ales and others crafted during the 1980s. what do you make of it? do you think it will be successful for ed gillespie? >> i certainly hope it's not successful. i think that it is the old roger ale ales playbook and it is the trump playbook. he's a former lobbyist. he used to be pro immigration. he is worried about the turnout of trump voters in virginia so
8:24 am
he has gone hard right and hard racialist and nativist in this campaign. there's that ad. there's what he has said about immigration as if ralph northam is responsible for gang violence and there's also a guy from new jersey, that's where ed grew up talking about the heritage of confederate -- trump, talking about the heritage of confederate monuments which he's talked about. this race is hugely important. people say that pundants overrate the results of these off year elections. trump is really on the ballot in virginia f. democrats win, it sends a powerful message, but if democrats don't turn out in this election, that will send a message to the republicans that they can stay right on the road they're on.
8:25 am
there has rarely been a more important governor's race for the country. >> let me play one of the other ads that ed gillespie's campaign is running. a new yorker and a guy from new jersey suddenly become the big defenders of confederate heritage. here it is. >> ralph northam wants to take down virginia's civil war monuments. >> i will do everything that i can to remove the stat use at the state level. remove the stat use at the state level. >> raffl northam will take our statues down. ed gillespie is for taking them down. >> i'm for keeping them up and he's for taking them down. >> donald trump is tag teaming with them tweeting ed gillespie will turn the bad virginia economy numbers down and might save our great stat use/heritage. our. interesting. the virginia gubernatorial primary on the republican side was very, very close.
8:26 am
ed gillespie very narrowly beat a guy corey stewart who ran as an open confederate sympathizer? is that because of the trump effect? >> it's that he's getting desperate. just a couple of days ago gillespie was kind of keeping his distance from trump because trump has become so toxic in virginia. also, afraid to retweet the president's tweets. now he is taking a page straight from trump's book. we all know that this large wage about -- and rhetoric about saving our heritage and our monuments is really a racist dog whistle and code for white supremacists and nationalists. i think it's disgusting and desperate but also worrying that to win this election we can now take a page out of our racist president's handbook to win. >> e.j., i was in the washington, d.c., area not long ago. the ads were about education and things.
8:27 am
this is now what they're about. donald trump tweeted ralph northam is running for governor of virginia is fighting for the violent ms-13 killer gangs and sanctuary cities. here's ed gillespie parenting that same message. >> ms-13's motto is kill, rape, control. ralph northam's policy, he cast the deciding vote in favor of sanctuary cities that let illegal immigrants who commit crimes back on the streets increasing the threat of ms-13. ralph northam, weak on ms-13. >> hillary clinton won virginia. can that kind of campaign work in a mid term in virginia in your view? >> that all depends on turnout. i mean, the election will hang whether african-americans turn out in large numbers in hampton
8:28 am
rhodes and richmond and whether moderates, not just liberals, in northern virginia who don't like this kind of politics. there is a big south asian community in northern virginia. and so this is a test. if -- i think everybody should think about what republicans will add to the election if this campaign, which is really ugly and really distorting and it's not even partisan to say that every independent analysis of these ads has said they're outrageous. if something like that succeeds, what are we looking for down the road? republicans in congress who want to cling to trump will keep clinging strongly and those who might oppose him will say, well, gee, this is where the country is. so this -- this is all about turnout. there are some surveys that show northam who's actually quite
8:29 am
moderate winning substantially, but there are others that show the race close. a lot of that depends on which turnout the two models for these polls predict. so i can't think of a race that we've seen -- you know, we've had those congressional races before the virginia race precisely because virginia voted for hillary is the test of this moment. >> no, i understand. i have to concur with that. those were congressional district races. this is an entire state. it is sort of a bell weather. we saw that polling average very tight. not just for that state but for the republican party. what is the republican party if ed gillespie wins this way? >> republican party is definitely the party of white supremacists if ed gillespie is able to win this way. it's ironic they're trying to portray northam when less than three months ago we saw the
8:30 am
riots in charlottesville. where was the violence coming from? from the white nationalist side, right? we saw a u.s. citizen be killed with nazi violence and now trump is going to exploit that, exploit those wounds and ed gillespie is taking it on? it's very troubling. there's no doubt if he wins this way that the republican party cannot deny the -- not the white supremacist clan. i mean, bring it all on on their hands. it's a major problem for the party. they have to decide are they going this way or be a little bit more progressive? >> there are anti-ed gillespie ads showing the tiki torch ads in virginia as part of the raids. >> very fine people as trump called them. >> who would have thought the very fine people would have become the campaign strategy. thank you very much. appreciate you both. have a great sunday. coming up, your moment of maxine is next.
8:31 am
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okay. quick fact check in our previous segment one of our guests stated that the steel dossier, that none of it had checked out and it had been debunked by major media organizations. john seifer had a piece in he goes through what parts of the dossier actually checked out. there are actually substantial portions of what was in the steele dossier which was a raw intelligence document that has indeed checked out. we want to make sure you don't get the right impression. we like to make sure we're only giving you the facts. meanwhile, thousands of women gathered in detroit to reclaim their time at the women's convention. up next, convention keynote speaker maxine waters reclaims her time right here on "a.m. joy." (avo) if you've been struggling with belly pain
8:35 am
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8:38 am
congresswoman maxine waters joins us for your moment of maxine. how was the convention? >> the convention was sp spectacul spectacular. joy, i think there were over 4,000 women there. it was packed, and the energy was all over the place. women really showing their power, talking about how we should move forward with a future for women that shows women would respect and dignity. it was wonderful. >> i suspect a lot of those thousands were there to see you, congresswoman. you are a star of the woman's movement. i want to talk about an issue you were forthright on.
8:39 am
tom styer, your home state of california is running ads, $10 million running ads calling for congress to impeach donald trump. this is what your house leader said to me last week, to us on this show, about impeachment. take a listen. >> it's only about the facts and the law, if he's broken the law you would think there would be a bipartisan move to do that, but because we don't like his policy and we don't like his attitude, well, don't let me go into all the things we don't like about the president on a sunday morning. >> you called donald trump the most dishonorable, despicable human ever to serve in the office of presidency. is that enough of a reason to impeach him? >> no. of course not. i've always talked about the fact that i believe, there's enough smoke there, to have us dig deeper to find out about the connections with russia. i believe there was collusion
8:40 am
and as we watch what is going on and the information we've discovered about his allies, whether it's manafort or whether it's flynn or whether it's carter page or roger stone, wilbur ross, they all have connections with russia and we know that manafort had contracts with the ukraine that cited the ukraine that's connected to putin. we know something is going on there. we know something also about the fact that he shared classified information with the russians when they visited the white house. we know that he fired comey and comey has indicated, and i think more information will come out, about how he tried to get him basically in his corner in a way that he would not, you know, say anything negative about him, would not share any information that might be damaging to him. we think that that looks like obstruction of justice and so we know the investigations are going on. i have faith in our special
8:41 am
counsel. mueller is doing a good job. as a matter of fact, he's going to be bringing some indictments next week. we don't know who they are. it could be manafort, it could be flynn, it could be carter page, i don't know, but i think that if a reasonable person takes a look at all of the connections with russia, the fact that this president has said that he wanted to lift sanctions, the fact that we pass law that said -- strengthened those sanctions against russia and he has not implemented the law that we passed, he won't say a negative word about putin, there's enough there for responsible, reasonable members of congress to talk about impeachment. and of course we want the dots to be connected. we want the facts to be brought out, but all of these members who are afraid of the word, who's afraid to say anything negative about him, they really should come to grips with the fact something's wrong with this president and he's not an honorable man and he does have
8:42 am
ties with russia. i want the facts to come out, too, but i want to encourage impeachment. >> let's talk about a specific potential article of impeachment that has been floated that people have talked about, that if donald trump were to order deputy attorney general rosenstein to fire bob mueller now that we know he is bringing at least one indictment tomorrow, if trump were to order mueller to be fired, do you think that that would move your colleagues on the other side of the aisle to start thinking about impeachment? >> i don't know if it would move my colleagues, but i know one thing, it would move people in this country, americans, citizens to know and understand that something is awfully wrong with that. this president has threatened to pardon anybody that gets indicted. he may try and fire. as a matter of fact, he wanted to fire sessions. he got pushed back on that. he fired comey. let me tell you something, even
8:43 am
if the members of congress are weak and irresponsible and won't take up the issue, the american public is not going to stand for the firing of mueller. it's going to be hell to pay. >> i want to take just a moment to talk about your good friend, fredricka wilson, congresswoman from florida who this week we learned was receiving death threats as a result of telling the true story of what happened in that car with myesha johnson when donald trump called her. l.a. radio host, host in your city called her, bill handel called her a cheap, sleazy democrat whore. they issued a statement saying it was inappropriate, admitting it was incredibly inappropriate. this should not be used on kfi. we want to personally apologize to anyone. one of those to anyone who may have been offended apologies. what do you make of the backlash
8:44 am
to representative wilson. has anyone expressed revulsion by the way she's been slandered and treated? >> no, i've not heard from any republicans who have expressed any amazement that she could be talked about this way, but, you know, leadership starts at the top. this president needs to apologize. certainly general kelly needs to apologize. he lied on her. we saw the video of what she said and it was quite different than what he said she said. and he needs to apologize. but i want to tell you something, joy, that's why it's so important for women to step up to the plate and provide leadership. it's so important for african-american women. we are talked about, we are disparaged, we are undermined, we are, you know, talked in terrible ways about us. we are called names. i experience the same thing and of course i get death threats all the time. so she is getting death threats, but we are not going to back
8:45 am
down. we cannot afford to back down no matter what is not happening legislatively. we have got to not allow these kinds of attacks go without confronting what is happening to us and the way that we are being treated. fredricka wilson is an honorable woman. she is a leader on the issue of saving those girls in nigeria that were kidnapped by boko haram. we follow her. we dress in red every wednesday to keep up the action to try and get all of these girls released. so we know her well. she has impeccable integrity. it is outright unfortunate that she should be called names and treated this way but we're not going to back away. even if the republicans don't come forward and join with us, we are going to keep asking for that apology.
8:46 am
>> we are going to keep defending ourselves. >> that is not something that you do. have an impossible sunday. >> thank you so much. coming up at the top of the hour, we have governor andy cuomo discussing the hurricane efforts in puerto rico. donald trump says he's really smart. i'll ask someone who should know. big thinking in the finger lakes is pushing the new new york forward. we're the number one dairy and apple producers in the eastern united states supported by innovative packaging that extends the shelf life of foods
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goods student. i understand things. i comprehend very well, okay? better than i think almost anybody. >> they say is donald trump an intellectual? trust me, i'm like a smart person. i went to an ivy league school. i'm very highly educated. i know words. i have the best words. but there's no better word than stupid. >> donald, i couldn't agree more. for more on the president's super smarts, stay with us. this guy is upping his game by listening to an audiobook on audible.
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i think the press makes me more uncivil than i am. you know, people don't understand, i went to an ivy league college. i was a nice student. i did very well. i'm a very intelligent person. you know, the fact is, i think -- i really believe -- i think the press creates a different image of donald trump than the real person. >> yes, the real donald trump. so smart. so civil. joining me now is actual smart person, linguistics reporter at columbia university. the only person i wanted to talk to about this. >> thank you, joy. >> donald trump, he constantly references his own intelligence and he keeps trying to sort of reenforce it. what is that about? it's not something normally people do, saying i went to an ivy league school, i'm super smart. >> well, no, it's because he's perceived that the media think of him as somebody of limited intelligence, and, you know, there are rich issues to be explored, but the idea that it makes him intelligent that he
8:54 am
went to an ivy league school is ridiculous. i attended an ivy league school when, frankly, he attended for his final two years wharton, based on a favor somebody did. i have attended a briss, and i left it unaltered. you can attend all sorts of things, it's what you learned or internalized while you were there. this is fair to say, this is beyond any kind of political bias, is that he doesn't give evidence of having been changed much by this ivy league experience. >> his former professor said he was the worst student navy they've ever had. we know one of the features of the ivies is there is a way to get in when you have parents who have lots of money that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with your intelligence. people like george w. bush, famous c students who have gotten into ivy league schools. >> you don't just say you're smart, you show you're smart.
8:55 am
you don't have to be ieinstein. the closest thing i've ever seen of that from him where it was you got the feeling he was spontaneously saying. the new insight in charlottesville there were evils coming from both sides. that was fresh. >> who knew? >> the closest thing i heard from him, hmm, that makes you think. i'm sorry, it doesn't quite rate with him. >> here is the thing that i do find fascinating, the polling on donald trump is incredibly negative, obviously. negative approval rating. people find lots of traits about him to be terrible, but then they'll say on the main, most people say he's intelligent. he'll get high marks for intelligence, despite in the same polls, the abc and "washington post" used a poll, what would you describe him? number one, incompetent, arrogant, strong, idiot, egotistical, ignorant, great, racist, and narcissistic. they think of him as not very smart, but they'll still give
8:56 am
him -- why do you think he still gets these marks for intelligence? >> it's the weirdest thing. it's because in his way he's articulate. that stream of consciousness feels friendly. you can even see a kind of picasso in it. the way that he uses short sentences is keeps the vocabulary elementary. i don't think this is deliberate, it's just the way he is. can seem direct and therefore lucid. so in a way he is unwittingly a rather intelligent or maybe int inteligible speaker. and that's not whether or not you know what the capital of minnesota is, but having a mind where you're questing to see things in new ways. this is very important. a lot of people will hear somebody like me or you say this and say it's just politics. no, it isn't. for example, this is not a coded way to say to be a republican is to be a moron. this is two random people i'm thinking of right now. whether or not one agrees with the things they say, i highly
8:57 am
suspect that newt gingrich and ann coulter have very high iqs. it has nothing to do with republicans being stupid. it's donald trump the republican who refrains from any indication that he is thinking in an active way. and i don't wear where he went to school. >> and the upside down fact that the newt gingrichs and an consulters of the world rather than trying to pull him toward their grander view of the world are essentially bringing themselves down to be more like donald trump. i don't know that ann coulter can bring herself much. i said that, you didn't. more "am joy" after the break.
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