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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 29, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more. hey, everybody. it is the count down to criminal charges, manic monday in dc. less than 24 hours away. who in the trump inner circle will face indictments. >> all of the excitement about the collusion issue has obscured what i believe is the larger issue which is that our country was, it, and will be under attack. >>. >> plus, contract canceled. the deal that did not pass the smell test. what the move might mean for the
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millions that will see there. and how they are in their freshman year. a lot to cover this hour and we want to begin with the anticipation that everyone is feeling ahead of tomorrow's potential bomb shell. wth trump is trying to deflect kaengs from the sdiemts by rebar -- indictments by republicans. but as the president tweets about g.o.p. anger, he is ang fating growing anger. get this, his approval rating hitting a new low. americans approving of the job that she doing. i understand that the white house special council that responded in terms of those
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tweets, but not a direct reference from what they can expect tomorrow. >> he works here defending the administration, or i should say representing the administration in the face of this investigation. he appointed back on may 17th of this year to investigate a number of things that all spring from the comey firing. and then into the so-called collusion allegations with rush that and the trump campaign. it came in a tweet storm, a patented technique of the president to communicate. it was four tweets in a span of 24 hours this afternoon. . they believe the special council are overlooking things like the uranium one investigation. he says that republicans are
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fighting back more than ever even that this is an effort to distract on the part of many in the immediate yo over the tax cut proposal, but you're right, the council here, not to be confused with the outside special council, they put out a statement where the tweets were directly related to the investigation. with whom the white house continues to scoot rate. indictments are expected to be unsealed at the federal courthouse. ty cobb doing a little clean up work there. with me now, we have my cohost mike piska, we have michael
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daley, and erin delmore, and they broke out this cool round table for us. so let me start to my left. what do you anticipate for tomorrow. >> how about this, let's not even speculate. what does it matter? we're going to find out. potential is subjective. let's just wait and see as i process everything that we have been tobld, most of it doesn't matter. tweet storms don't matter to the prosecution. the trump policy of distraction will not work in this action. let's see who he indicts. . let's just see and it will play out. trump tries to distract, but we'll see if there is an giemt
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or conviction. >> we know the president has used twitter as intimidation before. so mike, right we should just wait? no speculation here? just sweat it out? >> yeah, but on a morning show today, trump has two weapons, one is intimidation. a lot of us saying that he is going to basically threaten his people to shut up, and the other is kind of the kood gob, say if you're nice to me i might pardon you. the question is whether or not mueller has shared enough of his evidence with eric schneiderman, the attorney general of new york, and there are indications they have been cooperating. even if trump pardoned them,
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they would still be in legal jeopardy in new york state. even if he promises a constitutional crisis, which that would do, his people will not get off. >> you make a great point, we want to play some stuff, talking about what the president has in his presidential tool bag. >> if the president of the united states is a defendant. they are suggesting that people should not be talking, that they should keep their mouth shut. and the second thing is whether or not he sends a message of a reassurance. >> so the president using his power to intimidate, why should consequences really matter now? >> you know if you look at
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robert mueller, you heard mueller homicide, he was working street homicides and talk about intimidation. you try pros kusing a drug herlerror in washington where they're going to kill your whole family. if you talk to any of the merchandise detectives, muler is very kafful and deliberate. he will not be intimidated. this is not watergate where reporters have to find things that are not going to come to light. he is finding out, the guy that ran homicide squad for the cops, he says he deals in true facts. >> true facts, what do you think about the efficiency. they have been on the case less than sixth months. good sign or bad sign. >> that is robert mueller's
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record here to leave no stone unturned. you can look at the people he hired for his team. you can look at the people that he called in. he hired a lot of financial experts. that has been focused on a lot of deals. it is very classic of mueller to take this diligent slow approach. tomorrow is the first stcertain. >> first step, it feels like we have been stepping along for a long time. we're coming up to the one-year anniversary of this election. and the talk of russia, mike, as been a cloud that is permeated the entire administration for awhile. certainly there has been a lot of hiccups for folks in the inner circle. i know you don't want to speculate about this, but from the people that we have seen, the cast of characters of those that went in or do you think it will be someone that we have not heard of or a manafort or a
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flynn? >> it is a broad universe of who it can be. it can be an attempt. it is an attempt to pressure manafort and flynn. from everything that i read, it doesn't seem like there is a pardon solution to it. b, if you give a pardon it doesn't indemnify them for a future questioning. the only reasonable scenario that i have seen a law professor puts forward is he puts out a pardon, and then he disappears, and pence pardons him. there is not a way to pardon, you could also because a presidential pardon is given doesn't mean there is not obstruction of justice. there could be an improper obstruction of justice that
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leads to impeachment. this whole thing has to playout, and nothing that trump tweets could get in the way of the execution of justice. >> we know that adam schiff said we should not get the car before the horse, but to mike's point, the importance that you brought up about out of state. the fact that there can't be a pardon if an ag at a state level is going to bring some charges and we know that's the round up that happened for a lot of the ag's. they were canned because of lack of control by the administration. the u.s. attorneys got canned, and you're right that the ag's would have to recommend to district attorneys to bring criminal charges. so there will be a couple steps in there for the state agency. the other thing i think to keep in mind here is that the cart before the horse point.
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it might be that tomorrow, say they go after paul manafort for these wire transfers. there was a lot of them in 2012, and 2014. that could have no bearing on donald trump at all. it is possible that what happen social security unrelated to trump and unrelated to the campaign. >> the issues with the fbi and the transfers. they are linked to him, more than $3 million around the globe betwe
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between. >> this is paul manafort being put inside for the campaign and why? >> i think it is hard put to call into question his decision making and judgment, but that's on daily display on twitter. but for him, i think, it's not the oval office. we forget, this is a guy that was, you know, a major figure in a presidential campaign in the united states. and if he ends up in handcuffs tomorrow morning, we already saw the fbi paying him a early morning, precoffee visit. that is a big thing. it may not reflect, it may not end up with donald trump in handcuffs, or anyone even much clother to him, but the fact of the matter is that someone right there in that campaign could end up in handcuffs and will have a very bad monday. >> how important is it for this indictment to be a dish best
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served cold. like michael is pointing out. early morning, nobody knew, now we get this news on friday and people get this 48 hour, 72 hour window to prepare. >> yeah, there is shock value in that for sure, but mueller will be interviewing these people. maybe giving a heads up, having that person prepare could be beneficial. mueller can offer some leniency here. it doesn't have to be act the charges if they're unrelates to russia or the president. he could put the kwesqueeze on extract more. >> and the president wants us to pay attention to the tax reform on capitol hill. i would like the reaction from our panel, take a listen. >> i think they realize if we
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fail on taxes that's the end of the republican party's governing majority in 2018. we will lose the house, lose ground in the senate, i can't imagine how he can be successful with nancy pelosi running the house. >> i think he is right. i think if the democrats get control of the house there will be a strong move toward impeachment. that election that is 53 weeks from now is one of the most important in recent american history. the tax bill took a big blow today. the home builders, a very powerful lobby because there is home building in every district, they are against the tax bill because they're messing with the home mortgage deduction which is very popular. >> there are a lot of ways to
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skin a cat, and he is skinning himself. do you think the democrats can actually use this chaos to their advantage in 2018 or will they me miss a big opportunity here. >> i'm not sure she can skin a cat even with the cat's help. that is the problem. remember republicans, look at the trump administration. you don't have a strong voice coming back, a strong voice about tax reform or any of this. there is no one saying this is what we should be doing and people across america saying this is what we should do. i don't heary of t any of that. >> the democrats could take a message like zero legislative accomplishments, especially if they don't get tax reform
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through. >> there is other stuff, trump called the bill that passed the house repealing health care mean. a lot of democrats can run against republicans saying it's a bill that even donald trump called mean. there is a lot of low hanging fruit. if they don't form a circular firing squad. >> or make a purity test. >> ideas, ideas. the reason all of these people went for trump is they looked around and no one had any ideas. >> i wish we would have known this great table, i would have got a coffee cake or something to feed you all. thank you all for being here. the governor of puerto rico calling for the termination of a $300 million contract amid the questions about the small company from mondays that landed this highly coveted deal to restore power to the nation.
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now this big controversy over your tax dollars. back in a moment. >> the controversy has become interfering with the work and it is -- is that -- >> it is interfering with everything. it doesn't go towards the best interest of the people of puerto rico. ♪ if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view, it may be time for a different perspective.
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i don't know who has been indicted. we know manafort told people he thought he would be indicted. those are not small fish. we're talking about the national security advisor and the campaign advisor.
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if those are small fish, the big fish are big. >> that is adam schiff, anticipate is really building for the reveal of special council bob mueller's office. and their connection to the investigation, potentially connecting a type of russian interference with the trump team in the 2016 election. for now i want to bring in aton gou gordman. are they going after small fish to go up the ladder? >> i agree, i don't know if they are small or big fish. i think they're going after who they had v evidence against. i think they're following the facts, applying the law and bringing the charges they can. one thing that everyone is speculating about who it is, one
11:22 am
party you're not hearing from in the press is special council. mueller's people do not leak. i don't know how the fact that there was an indictment came out. i would be very surprised if it came from mueller's office. i don't think you can discern a grand strategy after we learn the identity of the defendant presumably tomorrow. >> we were talking about what it means, if people will be surprised because of the headlines about how the fbi looked at wire transfers of paul manafort. or like the team looking into collusion or conspiracy. then we have headlines of don jr., and taking meetings in trump tower to get dirt on hillary clinton. how big of a bar do you think it
11:23 am
has to be between the solution aspect of things, or just the conspiracy proof of things? >> i think he is right in that who you will see charged on monday will be somebody -- we don't know who it will be, it is will what they have the evidence on. they may have evidence on smaller things than the larger alleged collusion effort. we have seen these special prosecutor scenarios, the charges are very different from what brougtt the investigation together. we have seen it with recent special prosecutors, too. >> we know they have broad authority to go where they want to go, looking under any rock they want to. do you think the issue of being able to dig into irs records is really where they wanted to figure out what the deal is? basically follow the money? >> following the money is a time
11:24 am
honors strategy, and trying to use smaller targets to put pressure on them, and flip them up on bigger targets. but i really, i think that you're making a mistake if you assume that mueller's people have some kind of agenda. i really do believe all they're doing is pulling the string and following the facts and kind of leading the having the facts lead them where ever they might go as opposed to having a target in mind for where they want to end up with the investigation. >> we know where they begin with comey being fired, the fact that he had the one on one meeting with the president trying to get him to let go of what was going on with mike flynn. mike flynn leaving the investigation. the administration, excuse me, once he joined it in the blink of an eye because they said he lies to the vice president about his meetings with the
11:25 am
ambassador. so there is a good jumping off point right there. so we have the enormous bills that these folks are paying. the president said that he would help pay for staffer's legal fees, but here are some of the familiar faces that we see right there from paul manafort to michael flynn, don jr., jared kushner, carter page, and roger stone who was banned from twitter yesterday because of an over the weekend twitter rant that he had. do you think that when it comes to the big reveal, that it may not be just one person, but there could be a larger reveal tomorrow of certain members of this team? >> look welcome fr, from what w sounds like one indictment and we can't be sure. bob mule e mueller is a real professional. they're looking for whatever the appropriate charges are. they don't have an end goal in
11:26 am
mind. it's not about proving or disproving collusion. it's about bringing the right charge on the right people. >> are any of you surprised about the time limit? >> yeah, that is, you know, a blink of an eye when you talk about really complexion commission investigations. and that bob mueller and his folks kind of inhearted that investigation. so the harge that's will be revealed tomorrow, assuming the leaks are accurate, may relate more to something that was under investigation at the time when he was fired. >> despite dissension in the ranks, president trump this week more than confident about where he assistastands in the republi
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. welcome back, everybody. these are some of the headlines that we're following for you. tomorrow we expect to learn more about an indictment being handed down on an investigation about russia and the mueller probe. a federal grand jury has approached the first charges. but who was named is yet to be confirmed. >> 23 people dead after an attack at a ssomali hotel. five terrorists stormed the building after detonating a car bomb at the hotel's entrance. and super storm sandy's
11:31 am
anniversary is today. it caused about $19 billion in storm related damage and economic impact was felt. the region is dealing with heavy wind and rain. here is a live look outside of 30 rock right now. the ice rink is in place. no skaters on because of rain. as we look to the south, puerto rico trying to recover from hurricane irma and maria. and the governor of puerto rico trying to pull the plug on a contract with a small montana company.
11:32 am
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11:34 am
fallout today in puerto rico. the governor there is demanding that the contract with whitefish
11:35 am
energy be terminated. this new contract, the ceo of white house defending it saying this is all a conspiracy against this small montana company. >> people are just out there looking for a witchhunt that does not exist. >> gabe? >> thomas, good amp, plaintiff's governor saying he now wants that controversial whitefish energy contract, the $300 million that became so controversial, he is saying he wants that contract canceled and he is asking the board of prepa to channel it. we're expecting a news conference in the next few hours. and we're expecting to hear if it will be canceled.
11:36 am
when we spoke with the ceo yesterday, he seemed to not being expecting this at all. he hoped that they would be in puerto rico for as long as it takes. they were already paid $8 to $10 million for the work they have done. the widely reported figure that whitefish had just two employees at the time of hurricane maria, that was incorrect, he claims they had 20 to 40 employees, and he said he first made contacts with officials hear in puerto rico with the power authority through the social networking site linked in and he continued that communication, then flew down here on september 26th, and convinced them to enter this agreement. he said their company now has 350 employees here, and he hopes
11:37 am
to have more than 500 in the coming day. again now puerto rico's governor saying he wants the contact terminated and we're expecting to hear from prepa officials in a short time. >> thank you, a great interview there. my next guest is of puerto rico dissent. your reaction to hearing about this, and the defense of whitefish. what do you make of it? >> it is egregious, absurd, and obscene. it is hard to listen to the governor said he knew mog about this. the number one priority is to get electricity up and running. and to say a $300 million contract to get the electrical
11:38 am
grid back on is something he knew nothing about it, that is hard to believe. i understand that congress is looking into the questions, and the people of puerto rico need transparency at this time. >> and the discussion about the inability of whitefish to deliver on this type of contract. they landed this deal through something as simple as linkd in. >> and the question is also that the way they're fulfilling the contract is by sub contracting with workers from other power authorities as well. there usually is in times of disaster to allow agencies to provide aide, and now they're contracting with people from
11:39 am
many authorities. everyone on the island wants energy to be up and running. >> we have been talking about the issues there, because of maria and then irma, and the fact that also florida and texas, and fema being so strained, could there be more issues with tax dollars being misspent. there is talk that this was a hook up for ryan zinky. >> and for other agenda items or whatever purposes with the trump administration. you have to follow the money. the issue of transparency is critical in times like this when there is a lot of money and resources. for me it's about getting the federal government to be
11:40 am
responsive to puerto rico. people are still hungry. power is at 25%, that doesn't mean 25% of the island has electric t electricity. it is unacceptable where we are finding ourselves now? >> i unfortunately believe the governor is inept at the moment. i don't think he is up to the task. he is in reactionary mode. there is questions for me about his ability to lead at the moment. it's hard to say that, but it's what i'm sighing freeing from t response. >> you have been there -- >> my mother continues to live there. >> just talk about that. the personal situation for your mom. >> the is a trooper, she is
11:41 am
hanging in there, and it is difficult. we have a little plant that got electricity to her, but she doesn't have running water which is a challenge, she is fine, and she is hanging in there. this is a bigger issue about a lack of attention and seriousness being given to puerto rico at this time. 40 days in and we still have needs on the island like a health front, on electricity, running water, health issues coming up and surging because of the lack of running water, it's difficult. >> with your position of power and getting better intelligence, the death toll is people thhard. do we have a better number? >> one medical examiner on the
11:42 am
island and he has done 165 to 170 autopsies. we have had 900 creations authorized since september 20th. there is a lot of concerns. people are concerned that numbers are being suppressed. it lased back to the governor again obviously. that is questions that need to be looked at. it is not something to dismiss easily. >> melissa, thank you so much, appreciate your time. still ahead the milestone for president trump, but it may not be one he is tweeting about. we'll break down the results. we'll talk about the freshman year of president trump. a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods?
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welcome back, everybody. we have this brand new poll that is demonstrating where the president's job approval numbers are. take a look at this for trump, the lowest approval rating so
11:46 am
far. 38% approve, 58% disapprove of the job he is doing in the white house. six in ten are disapproving in this poll. the drop is coming from three key groups, independents, from white americans, and 51% of whites without a college degree now approve of his job performance. it is following a tumultuous two weeks. joining me now to get more into this, a former clinton campaign advisor, jess mcintosh, and a former advisor to rand paul. is this the erosion of headlines, jess, or erosion to the trump administration because of performance? >> i think it is performance. i think this is a good point to
11:47 am
remind everybody that only 26% of america voted for him in the first place. the only people that are catering to him is that ze zenophob zenophobic. he has gone after the nfl, and children brought here. the vast majority of americans understand it is profoundly wrong. >> do you agree with that? the president is gone after corker. they went out on the links together. >> i would say one of the big problems with the poll numbers is that congress has fallen
11:48 am
down. they are repealing obama care and doing an infrastructure bill. the fact they have not passed any of the trump priorities is problematic, but one of the things he is going for is democrats. you look at the last election, democrats were supposed to sweep into victory and they fell flat in their face. never under estimate the democrats ability to snatch defeat. >> if we look at the approval numbers about the economy, economy numbers slightly up to 42%. i think all of us have been curious, looking at 401k, i'm guilty of it, my numbers keep going down. but that is i think more on my advisor's problem. but brian, what do you think? the president wants to rely on the fact that the economy is
11:49 am
strong, wall street is bullish, is that enough? >> it may be, they will come down on election day, who they will elect to congress. on how the economy is doing. it is more important than the numbers going on in congress. it is more important than so many other issues. >> if they get cut. >>. >> what are the odds of that the president said they're on the brink of tax reform. >> i think if there is one principal that the republican party has adhered to, it is that they want more tax cuts for billionaires, that's what they intend to do and they're going to do it. i don't think they will. they will do it on the backs of
11:50 am
working class meshes that underminds the message he attempts to get tax reform pack benefits the middle class. >> so when we think about where the president stands with people in power in d.c. right now, at least before the midterms, the fact that he's taken on a jeff flake and a soent osenator cork. we have corker's approval rating. let's look at this. it's declined in a new poll from middle tennessee state university. but do you think that since there is a distance to go, brian, for president trump to the midterms, and he needs these people, that he should be making some amends to get on course with what you were saying before about the fact that they aren't accomplishing a legislative agenda for this president? >> well, i think when you look at jeff flake's record, he entered the house as a fire-brand conservative. he kind of got away from that, and he got wrapped up in the never trump fervor.
11:51 am
i think bob corker was looking at -- >> but he's voted with the president 95% of the time, though. >> yeah, but he voiced a lot of opposition to the president. he's somebody who had a primary opponent, and you look at his poll numbers, he was going to lose his primary. so ultimately made the decision that he couldn't win his re-election. he was going to lose his primary -- >> i know, but let's just think between now and then, right, not running, okay? there's a lot of time, a lot of space between the current situation, brian, and the 2018 midterms. is the president just going to say, okay, i'll be a lame duck in my first two years? >> no, i mean, i think if you look at congress, president trump has a lot of support. he's got members that are pushing his tax cuts for all that will turn the economy around. he's got support from the leadership to do a lot of things. the problem is, the leadership waited way too long -- >> but he has a track record of support. that's the issue, you can't say he has support when there is no policy track record from this administration having power.
11:52 am
what do you point to that's legislatively accomplished? >> i agree, there have not been accomplishments, and that's a fault that falls squarely on the shoulders of paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. the leadership has not done their job. but looking at tax reform, the leadership knows they have to get this done. there is no possibility of failure on this. and so, i think it will get done. i think it's -- i wish it would be more dramatic and bigger tax cuts for all americans, but i think in the end, they're going to get this passed, and that is going to be something that they're going to have to run on in the fall if the economy continues to do well, and it will be very helpful. >> wouldn't it be wishful thinking if we could just have drama around tax reform as opposed to drama around everything else? >> we could talk about policy? but no, we need to talk about investigations, because that actually matters very much to the heart of the democracy of our country. this is not a distraction issue. and i know that trump loves to say that it is and then throws out something even stranger as a distraction issue. we are actually talking about the sanctity of our ability to have democratic, fair elections
11:53 am
going forward. so, this is in no way a distraction. and i understand that he wants to use it because he is so inept at passing any policy points on his own, but the truth is, it stands alone, tomorrow is going to be a really important day for the trump administration. >> i do agree on that. i agree that investigations are important, and i can't wait to see the house investigate the hillary clinton scandals and uranium one, so we can agree on that. >> how did i know you were going to say that? >> it's so sad. it's so sad. >> i could have guessed it. jess mcintosh, good to see you in person. >> thanks. >> brian darling, thanks. we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya! what does that mean for us? we can get stuff. what's it mean for shipping? ship the goods. you're a go! you got the green light. that means go! oh, yeah. start saying yes to your company's best ideas. we're gonna hit our launch date! (scream) thank you! goodbye! let us help with money and know-how, so you can get business done. american express open.
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want to pass along a programming note for you. kasie hunt's exclusive interview tonight with rand paul. you can see where the kentucky republican stands on the gop civil war, tax reform, his relationship with the president. it's coming up on "kasie dc" tonight 7:00 to 9:00. stick around, because she'll join me next half hour.
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hi, everybody.
12:00 pm
great to have you with me. happy sunday. i'm thomas roberts here in new york at msnbc headquarters. on a day republicans were hoping to talk about the big push for tax reform coming, instead we are talking about russia. we have just less than 24 hours to go and we will find out who will face the first indictment in connection with the mueller probe and investigation. nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house. and mike, what have we heard from the president today and also from his outside counsel? >> reporter: well, what we've heard, thomas, is a patented tweetstorm from president trump. and while his outside counsel is denying that he's addressing these reports that an indictment is imminent, as you report, coming as early as tomorrow from that grand jury, there is an indication here from his personal lawyer that that's not exactly what he was trying to say. you be the judge. you see the tweets up on the screen there, the president saying he's never seen such republican anger and unity. he talks about the fake dossier, collusion with russia, the topic of the mueller investig


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