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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  October 29, 2017 6:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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a beautiful young mom, abducted from her beachfront home. her husband horrified. her mother, terrified. >> it's your worst nightmare, imagining what's happening to your child. >> a note left with demands, left by mysterious kidnappers who seemed to know all, see all. >> they're watching the house. >> and then the victim herself called. >> can you hear me? >> her mom, jumping in to work with police would hand over the ransom herself.
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>> if i didn't drop the money properly that would be the end of quinn. >> she dropped the cash all right, but who picked it up? >> and that's where everything went wrong. >> where everything went wrong. >> a kidnapping case about to go way off script. >> her story did not make sense. >> what was really going on? >> i'm a cop, 11 years. i blushed when i listened to the tape. >> a story with more twists and turns than the florida roads they raced along trying to find this missing mom. >> this case was not going to turn out like a lot of people assumed. good evening, and welcome to the 20th season of "dateline." whenever someone is kidnapped, it triggers a race against time, when police joined by the victim's family begin a frantic search. tonight's story begins with a young mom abducted at gun point. but as you're about to see, her
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family and veteran investigators spent desperate days trying to find out where she was, they never could have guessed who had her and why. ♪ this is the sheriff's office. >> my wife made a phone call to me a minute ago to see she was taken by gunpoint. >> he told the 911 operator his wife had just phoned him minutes earlier to say she'd been kidnapped. the call would turn out to be just the beginning of an unbelievable saga that would baffle investigators and turn this husband's life upside down.
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the next few days would bring one setback after another. and no one could have predicted how it all would come to an end. it was around 5:00 p.m., september 4th, 2009. reid's wife, quinn, had called him at work and told him she'd just been kidnapped right out of their $4 million home. reid couldn't believe what he'd heard and went to his office parking lot to try and think straight. >> did she tell you where she was at? >> no. there's a note at the house. >> the news was as shocking as it was terrifying. quinn, a mom of two young daughters, was a trained nurse who was now raising her children full time. her husband was a self-made man who'd finally hit it big in the health care business. this frightened husband told the 911 operator he didn't know what to do next. >> they said call the police they will shoot me dead. a gun's a gun, man.
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>> reid did just the opposite of what his wife told him. soon multiple law enforcement agencies would be on the case. >> check and make sure fire rescue's going to be coordinating with us. >> st. johns county sheriff. >> all bets are off. there's nothing more important than a victim being held against their will and being threatened with homicide, so you roll out what you have. >> while reid went to the sheriff's office, a s.w.a.t. team was deployed to his home. they cautiously entered the multi million dollar residence. the house sat eerily empty. a photo album open on the couch open to the wedding day. looking for fingerprints, tire tracks. any clues to the kidnappers' identities. on the dining room table they found a sheet of yellow paper. the ransom note.
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it looked to be in quinn gray's handwriting. dear reid, i need you to read this and be calm. reid, do not be a hero. this is professional and there are three men holding me now and they want $50,000 cash. i will be okay. if you get them the money. what do you know about the victim? >> she was a housewife raising children in one of the prettier parts of our county. >> they were new to st. johns county having just moved into their beach front home in ponte vedra, known for its world famous golf course and lux homes. >> i don't want to use the term the perfect kidnapping victim, but it fit. >> and her husband made a lot of money. >> and her husband made a lot of money. in the worst case scenario, we make one wrong move, she's killed. >> the pta mom made appointments for her daughters to have haircuts and she was far along in the planning for one of her daughter's upcoming birthdays.
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now reid gray tried to shield the 8 and 6-year-olds from the news that their mom was in danger. he picked up the girls from school and took them to a friend's house. >> while he waited at the sheriff's office. reid was still in his shirt and tie from work and he was an emotional wreck. he shared more details about quinn's brief frantic call to him hours earlier. >> quinn said that there's somebody with a gun pointed at her head. >> on that call she said they were three kidnappers and they were albanian. the $50,000 ransom was to pay back money reid had borrowed from a loan shark. but reid gray insisted he didn't owe money to anyone. >> i make over $1.2 million this year. 50 grand doesn't mean much. >> why ask for only $50,000 from a man making more than $1 million a year? reid didn't know, and neither did investigators.
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at this point there was only one goal. quinn's safe return. >> it was very disconcerting to realize we had a housewife and a mother of two small children in whatever she was going through, it wasn't good. >> and there was something else that wasn't good. this investigation was starting with no witnesses. no clues to the kidnappers' identities. and more importantly, no answers to the question, where was quinn gray? coming up -- quinn appears on the phone calling her husband with frantic instructions. >> just give me the car with the money. just do it, reid. >> would he be able to get the cash and find his wife in time. when "ransom" continues. to most people, i look like most people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real.
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reid gray, husband, father, and successful businessman was at the sheriff's office near his expensive home in ponte vedra, florida, a wealthy community 20 miles south of jacksonville. his wife, quinn, was kidnapped just a few hours earlier. the ransom? $50,000. >> i'm not going to be able to work, sleep, eat, breathe, until this is resolved. >> one thing you have to understand is that in the modern day marketplace of crime, kidnapping for ransom is practically an antique. here's why. it's not difficult to abduct a family member of a rich person, but things like improved technical surveillance, cooperation between law enforcement agencies, even caller i.d., now make it just about impossible to pick up ransom money and escape undetected. as a result, the kind of kidnapping you see in the movies pretty much exists only in hollywood. but for reid gray, this was frightening, nerve wracking reality.
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>> no prior trouble with any kind of phone calls in the middle of the night? strange noises around the house? anything like that, right? >> no. >> married for almost nine years, reid told investigators his relationship with quinn was better than ever and that the couple was even thinking about having another child. >> she's been just an amazing friend, she's active in taking the girls to dance, taking the girls to all their after school programs. >> she was a wonderful daughter. yes. >> quinn's mom, gale sykes. >> it's very difficult for a mother to say who has four daughters, about you she was absolutely the sweetest of all the children. >> that night, reid called his mother in law with the devastating news. >> i was just completely in shock. as a mother, it's your worst nightmare. imagining what's happening to your child. >> what do you think quinn's going through at that point? >> being tortured, tied up, fearing for her life, fearing that she would never see her children again.
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>> while quinn's mom waited for news at her georgia home, reid stayed at the sheriff's office until about 2:00 a.m. he then returned to his house while his kids stayed with friends. early the next morning, saturday, about 16 hours after quinn's kidnapping, reid sent a text to his wife's phone. haven't slept all night. please tell me you're all right. but there was no reply. about two hours later, reid, who was now with investigators, finally got a call. it was quinn. and reid became emotional. >> what do i need to do? >> i'll call you back. i don't know. they'll call you back, okay? >> all right. i love you. she said she'll call me back in a few minutes. >> investigators wired up the phone so they could record all the calls. sheriff shore was surprised to hear quinn's voice. >> historically the kidnappers
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don't let the victims communicate. >> and in this case it was quinn's voice on the phone. >> yes. >> the advantage for that is the kidnappers is you don't ever hear their voice. >> that's true. >> the sheriff rolled out his mobile command unit to a secluded area near quinn and reid's home. from inside he started directing the more than 100 law enforcement personnel who were working this case. they waited for the next contact from the kidnappers. and then about 45 minutes after that last call reid's phone rang again. the cell reception was poor. but quinn gave reid a location for a money drop. >> just leave the car with the money and go down cutlet boulevard and take a left on south -- >> i've got to write this down. >> just do it, reid, take a left. >> butler boulevard. hello? >> the conversation abruptly ended and quinn sounded angry. it was easy to imagine the tremendous stress she must be
6:15 pm
under. reid was growing increasingly worried for his wife's safety. >> she goes, you've got the cops, they're going to kill me. >> still remain calm, she's probably going to call again. >> reid stayed at the sheriff's office as surveillance teams scrambled to get in place at butler boulevard. investigators also needed time to get $50,000 cash together for the ransom. but only 30 minutes later, another call came in. >> hello? >> it was quinn again, instructing reid to head to a different location. he was now to go to a chick-fil-a restaurant. >> take the convertible top down and just wait in the chick-fil-a parking lot. >> i want to see you. i am not giving them money without you. hello? >> now investigators rushed to get teams and under cover cars in place at the chick-fil-a, but they needed more time, so they told reid to play dumb on
6:16 pm
quinn's next call and say he didn't know which chick-fil-a restaurant to go to. >> which south side are you at? >> where are you? you're supposed to be at the chick-fil-a. >> which one? there's three of them. >> but the avenues mall. >> you need to know. >> i want to know you're going to be there. let me talk to them right now. but once again the call was abruptly cut off. quinn sounded frantic. was it possible she had a gun to her head? investigators tried to trace the calls, but they were all so short that an exact location couldn't be pinpointed. and according to detective howard cole, reid gray was becoming unhinged. >> he was scared and he was a nervous reck. he was worried for himself, he was worried for her, he was worried for his family. >> but he got yet another call. >> reid. >> there was a problem at the money drop point. >> they spotted three fed cars near chick-fil-a so i don't know where i'm going now.
6:17 pm
you need to wait for more instructions. >> were the sheriff's undercover teams spotted at the chick-fil-a? is that what quinn meant by fed cars? a few minutes later came an ominous text from quinn. >> i know you want me dead. >> reid texted back, i don't know if that's quinn. i have your $50,000. stop with me, just give me my wife. there was no reply. investigators brought reid back to his house and parked in the driveway. they set up a mini command center in the house using a recorder to tape all incoming calls. and that's when something happened that no one expected. >> we sent the detectives to that home. >> they walked in the front door. >> they pulled in in an unmarked vehicle, and the minute they pulled in, we received a text from the victim. >> reid got another text on the cell phone. wait for instructions. you've up twice already.
6:18 pm
you involved other people. whose ford is in the driveway? >> the ford was an unmarked sheriff's vehicle. >> they're watching the house. >> they're watching the house. >> fearing they were being watched by the kidnappers, the sheriff ordered all his personnel to go covert and get out of sight. >> we were watching ourselves to see if they were watching us. >> the kidnappers have you looking over your own shoulder. >> yes, that's exactly right. >> they're playing by a different set of rules. >> that was probably one of the earliest indications to me that this case was not going to turn out like a lot of people assumed.
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fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites. it was saturday afternoon. quinn gray, wife and mother of two, had been missing for almost 24 hours. after two attempted money drops failed. the local sheriff called in the fbi.
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almost 150 people were now working to find quinn gray. the agent in charge of the fbi's jacksonville office is james casey. he says the kidnappers appeared to be deactivating quinn's cell phone after each of the calls they made to reid. >> somebody in the scheme was smart enough to take the battery out of the cell phone. because we were able to, through some technical capabilities, determine that phone was not only off but had no power to it. at certain times. >> meaning you can't trace it. >> meaning you can't trace it. >> while there was no pinpointing an exact address where quinn's calls were originating, technicians were tracing pings when the phone was in use. those are the connections made when a phone hits a particular cell tower and that gave investigators a general idea where quinn might have been held. fbi agent toni crabit. >> we were thinking we've got some leads. >> agents felt they were making progress.
6:23 pm
but then suddenly the phone was also pinging farther away. the kidnappers and quinn might have been on the move. sheriff's detective howard cole. >> it was believed that quinn gray's cell phone was being tracked to an area west of orlando. >> but something had gone wrong. before tracing the call, investigators had to get a judge's approval. and in the rush to fill out the proper paperwork, someone made a small, but critical error. >> when they actually went to get the order signed by a judge, what was typed into the actual affidavit, the numbers were transposed. >> somebody put the wrong phone number in? >> human error. >> so the phone you were following wasn't quinn's phone. >> correct. >> how long did you follow that other phone? >> all day saturday. >> and suddenly what investigators thought were solid leads from quinn's cell phone simply vanished. >> when you realized you guys were following the wrong cell phone, what? >> my hair was on fire.
6:24 pm
my hair was on fire. i thought, how can something like this happen? so we were really back to square one. who are we looking for? we have no idea. >> the rest of saturday went by with no word from quinn or the kidnappers. meanwhile, quinn's mom, gale sykes, left her georgia home and headed to her daughter's house in ponte vedra, florida. >> i jumped in my car and i headed south. >> how long of a drive? >> 7 1/2 hours. long drive, but that kind of information in your brain. >> she found an unbelievable scene. >> i walked into like a war zone. >> the s.w.a.t. team hiding inside the house. >> they were everywhere. i was told that they were outside in the bushes, that they were on the roof. it was -- unreal. >> early sunday morning, almost 36 hours since quinn gray's abduction, and 12 hours since the last contact from the
6:25 pm
kidnappers. fbi hostage negotiator toni crab it decided to have quinn's mom send messages to quinn's mom hoping the kidnappers would read them. >> every 20 minutes, every hour we'd send a message. please call me, i love you, let me know that you're safe. i'm very worried about you. >> you want the kidnappers to start thinking of her as a mom who needs to go home to her family and not just a cash register. >> i want the kidnappers to think of quinn gray as a wife, as a daughter, as a mother. >> finally, a text came back about 9:30 a.m. this time, to quinn's mom's phone. have the money in a bag. no traceable devices. no reid whatsoever. if he is anywhere close, she's dead. no cops. be ready to leave at 11:00. the kidnappers had apparently
6:26 pm
decided they no longer wanted to deal with reid. why? because the kidnappers don't trust reid? >> maybe. we didn't know. one of the techs said he had messed it up already. after the failed chick-fil-a drop, another thought was that mom was more controllable. >> so reid gray was no longer at the center of a huge law enforcement effort that was working around the clock to save his wife. how did reid feel about being shut out of that? >> made him uncomfortable, i think. he didn't understand it. nobody understood it. so we moved forward. >> quinn's mother would make the next money drop. it was an unlikely role for this 62-year-old grandmother. a manager at a walmart and a dog breeder on the side. >> i was very concerned that if i didn't drop the money properly that that would be the end for quinn. >> what in your background prepared you for what you were
6:27 pm
going through? >> i guess just being a mother, trying to protect your children. >> despite her nerves, gale sykes was pressed at her service. the kidnappers instructed quinn's mom to go to an area along the beach, and there she would find further instructions in a bathroom. gale left her daughter's house. the money was in a blue bag, along with a tracking device, courtesy of the fbi. at the location quinn's mother found the designated bathroom. hidden inside the toilet paper holder was a note. it looked again to be in in quinn's handwriting and gale read it allowed to investigators. mom, so far i'm fine, no harm has been done to me. after you pick up this letter, you are going to drive north toward joe's crab shack.
6:28 pm
get the money out of the car and do not look back. anything goes wrong and i'm dead. >> up to this point they didn't want to hurt her, they had no intention of hurting her, but now it said anything goes wrong, i'm dead. >> they're escalating it. >> yes. >> undercover agents converged on joe's crab shack, a local restaurant popular with tourists. >> we've got surveillance units out, we've got an airplane out. >> you're watching. >> we're watching. >> quinn's mom drove to the crab shack. >> i drove through, came around the corner, and there were bushes sitting on the sidewalk area. i stopped the car, rolled the window down, threw the money toward the bushes. >> did you tell investigators to watch the money carefully? >> absolutely. >> i don't want some stranger to come along and pick up that bag. >> the plan is to see who picks
6:29 pm
up the bag and then, what, follow them back to where presumably where quinn is? >> right. we knew at their level they were going to be aware of a tracking device. they knew they were going to be surveilled. so really someone grabbed that bag, we're taking them down. >> the situation was monitored from the mobile command center, as under cover surveillance teams reported back on what was happening in the parking lot. >> it wasn't too long after she threw the money out that a group of males walked by. one of them wanders over, kicks the bag a little bit. picked up the bag, threw the bag in the back of an suv, jumped into the car and started doing kind of a route around the area. >> they start doing suspicious things. they drive through a little neighborhood almost trying to clean themselves from surveillance. >> it was the first major break in the case.
6:30 pm
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hi. richard lui with your hour's top story. puerto rico is taking steps to cancel a $300 million contract with a small u.s. company called whitefish after controversy about its role in hurricane maria recovery efforts. about 70% of the island does not have power right now. tomorrow the first indictment of special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation is expected to be unsealed. mueller was appointed in may to oversee the investigation regarding possible russian interference in the 2016 election. now back to "dateline".
6:34 pm
>> welcome back to "dateline" extra. i'm craig melvin. investigators caught a big break when several men picked up the bag with the ransom. they tracked the car and were confident it would lead to quinn. but turns out there were more twists in the story than anyone could have imagined. here again is josh. the ransom drop had been made. sheriffs investigators and fbi agents believed they might be on the verge of breaking the kidnapping case of quinn gray. undercover teams and an fbi plane were following several men in an suv who had just picked up the ransom money from a restaurant parking lot. investigators were hoping the men didn't notice the tracking device in the bag or that the bag only contained $10,000.
6:35 pm
or that the bag only conobtained $10,000. fbi agent in charge, james casey. the kidnapper asked for $50,000. >> right. >> you didn't give them $50,000, you gave them $10,000. >> we gave them less than $50,000. >> and they said don't put a gps tracking device in. >> right. >> and you did. >> right. >> is that standard procedure, to ignore kidnappers? >> we're in charge, not them. the idea was to get the bag to them and find out where they are. >> but then came something no one expected. quinn's mom, gale sykes. >> quinn called and said, where's the money? they're going to kill me. where's the money? >> and you said, i dropped it off. >> i dropped it. absolutely. >> oh, jesus, quinn! what kind of people are these? i told you, they go to the crab shack and there's a huge parking lot. >> and for the first time, everyone heard one of the voices of the kidnappers.
6:36 pm
>> is anyone following you? >> no. >> anybody follows you, you know what happens. >> what? i'm sorry? hello? >> when you hear that guy's voice, that changes everything. >> she says three males, we've got a male there. >> at last, a solid lead. but everyone, including the fbi's james casey, was perplexed over why the kidnappers were still asking for the money. didn't they have it? >> they pulled into a gas station not far from joe's crab shack after they'd done a bit of driving around. so as we're sitting there watching them, a jacksonville beach police cruiser pulls into the gas station, starts talking to these young men. >> you're thinking what? >> we had no idea what's going on. >> trying to keep the kidnapping quiet, so as not to tip off the
6:37 pm
local media, the fbi and sheriff's department had not told the local police about the ransom drop. so a frantic call was made to the jacksonville beach police. instructing officers to bring the suspects in. detective howard cole of the sheriff's office rushed to the scene. >> immediately everybody, rightfully so, said these guys are involved, we need to interview these guys and we need to find out what the connection is. >> one man told the detective he was german. >> what's your address in germany? >> hamburg, germany. >> even though they were from germany, could they have had connection with the albanian man quinn mentioned in her first call to reid? >> we walked back like crossing a parking lot, we saw the blue bag. one of the guys was joking and said, sure there's money inside. that's a lot of money. what are we going to do with it? >> but in an unbelievable stroke of bad luck, it turned out these men were not the kidnappers.
6:38 pm
>> and it becomes pretty clear pretty quick that these guys were in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> the men were actually college exchange students. two of them played on the same tennis team. >> they looked at a bag and said, hey, wouldn't it be cool if there was some money in that bag? it was really that simple, that coincidental, and couldn't make it up. >> the college students stumbled on to the bag, picked it up, and then got scared when they saw cars following them. they then called 911. >> we found a blue bag on the parking lot and there was like money in there and we just want to give it to you guys. >> they came down to jacksonville beach to have some fun. >> and they wound up with more than they expected. >> a lot more. >> it was a chance encounter that had everyone on edge. all of the money drop attempts, butler boulevard, chick-fil-a, and now joe's crab shack had ended in failure.
6:39 pm
three attempts at a ransom drop, the money never actually changed hands. >> no. >> the kidnappers never actually got the money. >> no. no. >> i turned to the fbi and said, what's happening to the money? >> they said, well, we don't exactly know where the money is right now. i said, great. so you've gotten my daughter killed. >> the real kidnappers were still looking for their money. and, of course, it wasn't at the drop location. >> intense. mom's a wreck. mom is getting upset because mom knows she dropped off the money. >> everything went south at that ransom drop. >> we still didn't know who we're looking for. we're back to square one. >> back to square one again. >> again. >> you were kind of at the end of your rope. >> absolutely. >> not like a tv show, is it? >> no. >> it had been about 43 hours since quinn disappeared. as the fbi prepared yet another bag of money, the kidnappers
6:40 pm
called back. it was the same male voice from before and he was angry about i'm sick and tired of this [ i'm sick and tired of this [ bleep ], okay? i'm sick and tired of it. reid's been giving me [ bleep ] left and right. >> reid's been giving you -- >> he's going to go to the bank, he's going to pick up $50,000, and we'll arrange someplace else to meet. >> more bad news for everyone, it was sunday of labor day p weekend. monday was a holiday, the banks would be closed. this drama would last another day and night. >> we're all thrown for a loop when we hear this. we didn't want to stri this out two more days. >> not wanting to drag this out any longer, investigators decided to try a risky new strategy. and told quinn's mom to now take an aggressive approach whenever she talked with the kidnappers. that's a big gamble. >> we tried to take a little
6:41 pm
more control. we were still being cooperative. we were very clear we were willing to pay the ransom. >> i did not get the money, my partner did not get the money, nobody from us has the money. >> i tell you seriously, i think you're lying to me. >> i'm what? >> i think you're lying to me. i think you got it. >> but then something frightening happened. that aggressive approach might have backfired. >> did you hear that? >> what? >> did you hear that round? >> the what? >> did you hear the round i just fired. >> no, my god, i didn't hear the round you just fired. no. >> okay. well, listen. your daughter is fine, she just talked to you. keep it up. >> if i heard a round, you let me talk to her again. >> it was completely unexpected. i was in a situation of hopelessness. i figured i would never see her again. and that was so sad, because she would never be able to be a mother again and she would never see her children again. >> was that a gun shot? investigators couldn't hear it.
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
seemed the kidnappers were increasing on ending and the situation was looking more and more dangerous for quinn gray. here again is josh. it was sunday afternoon. almost two full days since quinn was abducted. and after a terrible money when the money drop at the crab shack restaurant turned so disastrous, a text message apparently from quinn was sent to her mom's cell phone around 2:00 p.m. mom, please, no cops. i am so sorry about all of this. but they are pissed, and i want to see my girls. >> the fbi's hostage negotiator. >> you think about the kids in a situation like this? >> absolutely. you can't not. reid made arrangements for them to stay elsewhere so they would be somewhat shielded by this. we're in the business of preserving lives. that's what we do. >> do you think quinn, maybe she's not even alive anymore? >> we don't know. we don't know for sure.
6:46 pm
>> investigators were becoming increasingly worried, because they hadn't actually heard quinn's voice since the day before. then at about 5:25 that evening, another text message came in to quinn's mom's phone. i do not get access to my phone. have reid check his e-mail. pick of me taken. did he get all of the money? and in reid's e-mail there was this photo of quinn. >> what can you tell from that photo? >> well, it certainly looked to me as though quinn was very distraught, maybe had been crying. she didn't look like quinn at all. not at all. >> the photo was taken using a cell phone and the background could be anywhere. but investigators got lucky, because there's a little known technology built into that photo, and it offered investigators a huge break. they didn't know that a
6:47 pm
photograph taken on an iphone and e-mailed to somebody else has gps coordinates on it? >> yes. >> i didn't know that. >> we were quickly able to find the gps coordinates in there and then we knew exactly where that photograph had been taken. >> investigators rushed to this location in jacksonville. how long after you looked at that photograph did you have agents headed to the scene? where it was taken? >> minutes. >> but there was no one there. later that night, the kidnappers called back, and quinn's mother, again, at the urging of the fbi, kept up a tough negotiating stance. >> i want quinn in my car. i'm just warning you. i'm not giving you the money until you give me quinn. >> i'm telling you what i'm going to do. >> i'm telling you what i'm going to do. >> did that approach work? >> i think so. i really think so. >> another ransom drop was planned. >> all right.
6:48 pm
i talk to her first, i see her, and she walks across and gets in my car. >> ma'am, i'm making the decisions, not you. >> no, no, i'm sorry, but i am going to see my daughter and i'm going to have her in my car. i've got your [ bleep ] money. let me see my daughter and i want her in my car. do you understand? >> was this at last the end of this ordeal? it was not. because the kidnappers never showed. and quinn's mom returned home. that's when investigators realized they had a new problem. >> deputies in st. johns county are looking for a ponte vedra woman who didn't return home last night. >> the story somehow broke on the news. a story the investigators were trying to keep out of the press. this hits the news. you weren't expecting that? >> i wasn't. we were fortunate to have it go a couple days without being on the news. >> the kidnappers did see it, and they were not happy. quinn's mom received a text. why is she on the news?
6:49 pm
>> that was one of those, oh, boy. oh, boy. now what are we going to do with this one? >> remember, the kidnappers had threatened quinn's life if police became involved. a fact that was now hard to deny since it was on the news. so investigators came up with a cover story. the deputy found quinn's abandoned mercedes suv and came to her multi million dollar home to make sure she was okay. they had quinn's mom send a text. quinn, the police have found your car. they came here and they're now searching for you. call me as i am now very worried. i love you. mom. >> did the kidnappers seem to buy that? >> yes, they did. >> but that good news would be short lived, as the next call from quinn would send everyone into a panic. >> quinn! quinn! what's wrong? quinn! quinn!
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
welcome back to date line extra. here again the josh mankiewicz. >> it was monday, three days since quinn gray's kidnapping and there had been no communication with the kidnappers since the night before. the fbi switched strategies. >> we had three drops go bad but they were willing to wait till tuesday, they wanted the money. they wanted a way out. we gave them a way out. >> what was the out you gave them. >> if they drop you off, if you're not hurt, nobody will know the difference. >> monday morning turned into
6:54 pm
the afternoon. quinn's mom seemed to be getting despera desperate. i am heartbroken, girls probably no long erhave a mother. you have no heart. >> she was angry. she was tired, worried. >> angry at you? >> angry at all of us i think. >> throughout the ordeal reid gray, who was pushed into the background, had been upset and angry as well. detective howard coal spent some time with quinn's husband. >> there was times he wanted to get the money out of his own bank account, i think there was times he thought we didn't know what we were doing. >> what was your sense of reid himself? >> seemed like a real decent guy. >> worried about his wife? >> yes, he was helpless,
6:55 pm
powerfulless. i put myself in his shoes. i thought he dealt with it well. >> reid waited at his home, everyone waited as minutes became hours, hoping for contact, but there was nothing. >> quinn's mom was so stressed that toni suggested a change of scenery and had her brought to the back of the courtyard at fbi headquarters in juveniacksonvil. >> it was quinn, she was screaming at me. >> quinn? quinn? talk to me, please. >> she was incoherent at that point. i couldn't understand what she was saying. quinn, did they hurt you? >> toni could only hear one side of the conversation. >> gail's blood drains from her face, she starts to shake, her
6:56 pm
knees go weak. no one can understand what she's saying and then -- >> quinn! quinn! >> -- she hangs up. >> dieng they were attacking her or killing her? >> we don't know. this is the first time she's hysterical. it sounds like she's hurt. she's very upset. >> while they tried to calm quinn's mom, someone else had heard from quinn. a 911 operator. >> what's your emergency? >> my name is quinn gray. i was kidnapped. i'm not sure where i am right now. >> it was quinn. >> what's happened? >> she was free. >> i need you to take a deep breath, okay. >> i was kidnapped. >> shaken and in tears, quinn said she was just dropped out of a white van and was now standing near a mall shopping center in front of a restaurant.
6:57 pm
>> i have somebody on the way. okay? >> sheriff's deputies headed to quinn's location while she stayed on the line with 911. >> i was in a room. i don't know. like a warehouse or something. i was tied up to a chair with duct tape. you have no idea what i've just been through. >> i cannot imagine. i'm so sorry for you. >> deputy trent dott was one of the first to find her. >> she was acting erratic, was flailing around and yelling on her cell phone. >> she was brought to the jacksonville office where her mom and brother-in-law met her. >> it was not the joyful reunion you'd expect? >> no. she was hysterical when she saw me, and, of course, i was hysterical, and we ran together and embraced each other. >> an audio recorder in one of the rooms picked up quinn's
6:58 pm
voice from the hallway. quinn was then led alone into that interview room. and one of the first things she told the agents there was that she felt her husband didn't really want to save her life. >> right now i feel like my husbandanted me dead. 100%. >> why is that? >> the man makes a lot of money. let's say my life isn't worth him paying that. there's a dark and sinister side to my husband that i've always sensed. >> was there something about re reid gray that investigators didn't know and could he have anything to do with his wife's kidnapping?
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
7:01 pm
i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. ♪ welcome back to dateline extra. i'm craig melvin. after telling her family she was abducted from her home by armed
7:02 pm
kidnappers days later a florida mom has very suddenly be freed. it's a stunning turn of events but for everyone who loves her and the investigators who have been trying to find her, it isn't over. there's another shock in store. here again, josh mankiewicz. >> quinn gray had finally been released after three days of captivity. but when she was brought to the fbi's jacksonville headquarters, quinn started blaming her husband, reid, for putting her through the whole ordeal. >> right now i feel like my husband wanted me dead. >> she said if reid had only given the money to the kidnappers on the first night she was abducted she might have been set free much earlier. >> if my husband had only done what he was supposed to do -- >> as it turned out, investigators had been suspicious of quinn's husband
7:03 pm
from the beginning. the sheriff first spoke with him right after quinn was kidnapped. >> when you first speak to the kwiekt victim's husband, was wha does he say to you. >> the first thing he said is the media involved? >> and someone else was suspicious, quinn's mom. >> i thought reid could have something to do with it. >> because. >> it seemed like a convenient way not to deal with his wife anymore. >> investigators had to take a close look at reid. >> any time you have a situation like this, nine times out of ten, it's a friend, spouse. >> did you go anywhere today you would have to go outside? >> that first day, detectives
7:04 pm
felt something was suspicious. >> you're asking me if there's something on my shoes, there's not. that tells me you don't have any leads. >> during that interview, investigators learned that quinn and reid had endured major problems in their relationship. >> what did reid tell you about their marriage? >> it was rocky. >> she went out and didn't come home until 3:00 in the morning. she went upstairs, i looked in her purse and found underwear, i said it's time to be honest. >> he did explain a lot of circumstances explaining past infidelities on her part and his part. >> reid admitted he had an affair and said quinn had multiple affairs. that kind of admission all but guaranteed more questions. >> we interview him on everything from personal finances to kids, associates,
7:05 pm
business. everything. and we threw a lot of really hard questions at him. >> do you know where she's at right now. >> no. >> do you have anything to do with her disappearance? >> no. 100% no. >> even though reid seemed to be upset while his wife was missing, investigators were keeping an eye on him. >> was there a time you were distrustful of him or wondering what was going on? >> i was questioning his motives and how he was. even though he acted appropriately, that in and of itself is not enough to eliminate somebody. >> did you specifically ask reid about the money he borrowed from a loan shark? >> yes. >> he said? >> he never borrowed money from a loan shark. i didn't believe him. >> on the first night of the kidnapping, investigators sat her mom down with reid. and recorded the conversation. >> she was concerned and i heard this many times from her that reid threatened her with divorce
7:06 pm
and she didn't like that idea, of course. >> quinn am mother openly speculated about whether reid knew more than he was saying. >> i always thought possibly you could be behind this. they killed quinn and you got rid of the wife, you don't have to have an argument about custody, you don't have to give her money. >> things were going good between us. >> i don't know that, reid. that's what you say. >> you thought he was lying? >> yes, i thought he was evasive with me to begin with. >> suspicions about reid lasted throughout the time investigators searched for quinn. on the same day she was released, they asked reid to take a lie detect or the test. and he agreed. >> he took a polygraph with a very experienced poly grapher. >> officials at the fbi came to the same collusion, reid gray had nothing to do with quinn's
7:07 pm
kidnapping. >> i apologized to him if the nib building and we hugged. i said, i'm so sorry that i thought that. >> that still left the question, who had kidnapped quinn. >> i didn't know what was going on. i was trying and i was like please tell me you're not going to kill me. >> back at the fbi office, quinn was less than completely cooperative with agents after her release. >> did they say anything after they dropped you off? >> yeah. >> what did they say? >> that's the part i'm not getting into. >> she became angry. >> i'm sorry, i'm going over the big stuff. >> i'm not being confrontational with you. >> i think you are. >> i'm trying to get the details. >> watching from another room was fbi agent in charge, james casey. >> how did she seem in that interview. >> she was dissefled, her story did not make sense. >> why was quinn so annoyed?
7:08 pm
why wunt wunt sasn'ting she coon the search for her kidnaps? later that night she returned home. two days later, quinn gray was a different person when she met with detective george hairgan of the sheriff's department. >> from the beginning it was let her tell her story. >> ait's been the most incredibe ordeal to go through this, and then to be brainwashed that you believe your husband is trying to kill you. >> quinn said the kidnappers brainwashed her into believing her husband wanted her dead. and she wasn't cooperative earlier because the kidnappers told her if she gave any information about them, they would find her and kill her.
7:09 pm
but after some sleep, she believed her husband was trying to save her life. quinn was ready to tell her story of what had happened during her 72-hour nightmare. coming up, just how much of a nightmare was it? quinn's bizarre description of a sexual encounter with her abductor. >> i acted like i enjoyed it, sometimes i almost did. >> when ransome continues. ght for you. woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys."
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throughout history, the one meal when we come together,
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7:13 pm
>> do you feel okay? do you feel you're able to talk and get it out? >> detective george harrigan was chosen to interview her. >> i asked her to start at the beginning and act as sf she had not told anyone the story before. >> tell me your day friday. >> it was just a normal -- absolutely normal day. >> quinn said she had a facial at a local spa, went to yoga class and ran errands in her mercedes suv. when she returned home, she went to her bedroom. >> i went to my closet to change my clothes. he came in this way and said don't do anything stupid. i'm not here for you. >> he's got a gone snnchts he's got a gun and yellow rubber gloves on. >> startled by the gunman, quinn screamed. but she was the only one home. >> he has a gun to my head and
7:14 pm
i'm screaming bloody murder. >> how did she describe this guy? >> he was a sharp shooter or sniper in the al bane yan military. she said he had some type of foreign accent. >> the look on his face and the evil in his eyes, i was like i'm dead. >> the gunman said he was not there for quinn, but for the $50,000 that reid gray owed to a loan shark. >> thought maybe my husband was in trouble. >> how much is this house worth? it's $4 million, we have a $25,000 mortgage payment a month. that's why it doesn't make sense my husband would borrow -- >> then the kidnappers the start today restrain quinn. then she said the gunman took her out of the house and threw her in the back of a van. frightened and crying, she was driven around for what seemed
7:15 pm
like hours. she had no idea where she was being taken. and she feared she would never see her husband or two daughters again. the van eventually stopped and quinn was brought into some sort of warehouse, possibly a mechanic's garage. she was strapped into a chair with more zip ties and that's when she became very frightened. >> he tied my mouth. he put duct tape around my face. at this point i was like, no, no. >> deputies later took photographs of the marks by the zip ties that quinn said were too tight. she was left alone in the warehouse, she heard a tv and foreign voices and screaming. >> i was looking around my room and praying for my kids and praying god would get me out of this. i looked over and there was
7:16 pm
another chair. and i was thinking, maybe this a torture room. this is where they hold women to torture them before they kill them. >> quinn gray said she believed this could be the last day of her life. >> i was praying whatever this crazy [bleep] going on that i would live and survive. >> after being left in the chair for hours, the kidnapper returned and cut her free. >> she said at some point he realized he was fwog to have let her sleep, so he let her lay down. and a few minutes later, he laid down next to her. and he begins to kiss on her neck, and i said what's going through your mind? she said i'm thinking we're going to have sex. we're going to have sex. >> i knew i wasn't going to -- to resist him. so i tried to make it the best possible. the more he loves it, maybe i have a chance, you know what i mean. >> which makes sense. >> i don't know what i was
7:17 pm
thinking. >> take a couple deep breaths and hear me out so you can get yourself together. take your time. >> so then sex happens. and i ask her to, as best she could, describe that for me because it was important if she remembered anything identifiable about this guy. >> every position all night long. >> quinn said she didn't try to the fight off her kidnapper because she thought it might save her life. >> it's really embarrassing. >> i know. >> i'm acting like i enjoyed it, and i'm not going to lie, sometimes i almost did. >> listen, it's not -- it's not unusual to have weird feelings and thoughts going through your head when you're exposed to a massive amount of trauma. >> the sheriff later watched that interview. >> the bottom line is people react differently under stress. >> it must be stunning to hear a
7:18 pm
sexual assault described as something they enjoyed. >> yes. >> at the warehouse, quinn said she spent the first night sleeping on a concrete floor, but the next day the kidnapper moved her to a hotel, the emmerson inn. >> at that point he makes the decision weer going to go to a hotel for the night. we're going to rethink this thing. and that's when we ended up at the emmerson inn. >> quinn said the kidnappers brought his gun to the inn and said he would kill her husband and children if she didn't cooperate. she contemplated using it on himself. >> i was trooi crying. and i grabbed his gun and said i'm going to shoot myself in the head. he said are you [bleep] crazy. >> the detective asked quinn to share as much detail of her entire experience as possible,
7:19 pm
hoping to glean some clues. she remembered something that seemed incidental, but something that would later turn out to be crucial to the investigation. >> he bought chicken and a thing of paper and drinks for us. so we're eating like spicy chicken. >> quinn also told police unlike what was written in the ransom note she no longer believed three men were involved in her kidnapping. >> my gut insintinct is there's not anyone else involved. >> the interview lasted six hours, but it wasn't the end of quinn and reid's anguish. they were frightened to return home. >> what if that guy is at home waiting right now. >> i'm not going to get my stuff. i'm not going back there. >> reid later said he was extremely worried for his family's safety. >> no, sir. we have nobody in custody. i won't lie to you.
7:20 pm
>> i need to know that that guy is caught, too. >> investigators also despera desperately wanted to catch that guy. >> take a good look at the surveillance video taken from a -- >> and they were about to get some unexpected help. >> this is communications, how can i help you? >> i need to talk to somebody about my picture appeared for some kind of woman kidnapping or something like that. >> is that you? >> coming up, the man in the video, the mannequin said abducted her at gun point comes forward, but he's not exactly what investigators expect. >> he comes from a good family, has a college education. >> this guy was no gangster? >> absolutely not. >> when ransom continues.
7:21 pm
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from now until october 31st, save on a world of possibilities with deals on select 2017 can-am vehicles. only at your local can-am dealer. during a police interview, quinn gray talked about her kidnapping ordeal in graphic detail. armed with new information, police were able to identify a suspect in a grocery store camera video. the next step tracking him down. here again, josh mankiewicz.
7:24 pm
>> a man hunt was under way for quinn gray's kidnapper. two days after her release, quinn remembered something important. it was a new lead for investigators. >> the big thing that she says during the conversation is on sunday morning we were at p ublix. >> quinn remembered the kidnapper had bought food from a public super market while she was in captivity. and she remembered specifically what he purchased. >> that's where he bought the chicken, a paper. >> detectives went to the publix, where the manager found a match for those items. armed with the exact time the food purchase was made. investigators scanned the super market surveillance footage from that moment and found this man. quinn confirmed it, he was the kidnapper. >> she gave us enough
7:25 pm
information to find his picture and post it on the internet and post it on the news. >> witnesses describe the man to be in his mid 20s or early 30s and 5'8" to 6 tall and now they need your help in hopes of solving this case. >> two days later a 911 operator received a call. >> this is communications how can i help you? >> i need to talk to somebody, i was buying something at publix and my picture appeared for some come kidnapping. >> is that you? >> i'm on my way over there. >> within an hour he ended up here at the sheriff's office. he didn't seem to have a care in the world that he was considered the prime suspect in a kidnapping. howard coal conducted the investigation. >> what did you learn about
7:26 pm
jasmine osbanovick. >> he was involved in the auto trade, had a college education. >> this guy was no gangster. >> absolutely not. >> while he was not albanian, he did have an accent. but he said he had no idea why anyone would be looking for him. >> you have the rights -- >> he freely signed a document waving his right to remain silent. he also said he had an alibi for the night quinn gray was kidnapped. he was at a bar and met a girl named stacy. >> tell me about stacy. >> me and stacy met up. >> his story had more than a few holes. he wasn't sure of stacy's last name. he didn't have her phone number or her address. >> he was a character. what can i tell you? he's like, i did none of that,
7:27 pm
by the end of the day you'll see i'll walk out of here. >> in addition he said he saw quinn's picture in the media and he didn't know her. >> did you recognize her? >> sir, she looked -- >> you didn't look at the picture and say i know this woman? >> she doesn't look like anyone i know. >> the at fmosphere changed. >> we've been to the publix because this woman brought us there. >> what did i do? >> she is saying you abducted her. i have more than enough evidence to charge you based on her word. >> then the detectives started to apply pressure. >> for you to say you don't know her, concerns me greatly. concerns me greatly. because this woman, i can assure you, knows you. >> she says she knows me? >> absolutely. i know she knows you, and i know you know her.
7:28 pm
>> sir, i told you everything i had to tell you. >> you were at the hotel with her saturday and sunday night. >> with her? >> yes. and i'm not going on her word. i'm going on the clerk's world. >> detective coal told him he had been identified not only by quinn but also an employee of the emerson inn who said on the same weekend quinn went missing he saw osmanovic with quinn. >> it's her word saying i took her. >> what's the chances of you and her staying in the same hotel in the same room statement without knowing each other? what's the chances of that? >> coal referred back to quinn's photo and asked if this was the woman stacy that osmanovic claimed he was with the night she was abducted. >> it's her word against mine. >> it's more than that. >> how? >> we have independent people
7:29 pm
that ided you. if this woman is not telling the truth, you need to tell it. if she's not telling the the truth you're in trouble. >> he man taned he did nothing wrong and not only that he said he could prove it. he had a secret recording that was going to clear his name. coming up, the battle to get ahold of that recording and then what it revealed. >> when you heard that tape, what did you think? >> i'm a cop 11 years, i've been on the planet 40, i blushed when i listened to the tape. >> when ransom continues. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more ople gto college.
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i'm rl richard liu with the hour's top stores. a federal indictment is expected to be revealed tomorrow from robert mueller's investigation into russia interference. puerto rico is looking into
7:33 pm
canceling a $300 million contact with whitefish energy holding. that has been questioned because the company only had two full time employees when the contract was signed. and it's based in the hometown of the washington scootesecret. despite denying any involvement in quinn gray's kidnappers, jasmin osmanovic found himself in the hot seat. with investigators closing him, he decided to tell police about a secret audio tape he thought would prove his innocence. here again josh mankiewicz. >> jasmin osmanovic was suspect number one in the abduction of quinn gray. >> i just have a feeling i'm in a bad movie right now. >> it's funny you should say that.
7:34 pm
i've been feeling that way for the past day. >> he was denying any involvement whatsoever and said he didn't know her. he even said he didn't fit quinn's description of the culprit. >> did she say i was from bos a bosnia. >> no. she said albania. >> do you know what abania look like? middle east earn. give me a break. >> not only that but osmanovic, a mechanic, said e he thought he was being set up to be the fall guy in this highly public case. >> he's concerned because she has money and he doesn't, he's going to get the short end of the stick. >> yes, she's the rich woman, i know how it goes. he expressed a great deal of concern about that. >> it seems like obviously since she's rich, it's going to be my -- >> she's what? >> she's rich. >> i could careless. >> in an interrogation that
7:35 pm
lasted almost eight hours, detective coal tried to keep him talking, even when he tested coal's patience. >> he thought he was smarter than us, he wanted to control the interview. truthfully he drove me crazy. >> you can search everything. like you said, i got an iq, you got one too. >> he's walking around talking about his iq, do you hear that a lot from suspects? >> not overtly. they think it, but it's rare for them to say it. >> i'm smarter than her and her [bleep] husband. >> no doubt about it. >> and this is bs. this is [bleep]. and it's [bleep] because the stone is headed myway. >> it is. >> eventually osmanovic relented. he admitted he may have known quinn gray. >> do you know or do you not -- >> i might have seen her. >> but he said if he did know
7:36 pm
quinn, he could prove his innocence. >> he kept talking in code. at one point i was like, i don't understand what you're trying to tell me, explane to me what you're trying to tell me. he said, you know how you cops do videos, this and that. he's like, i have my own audio. >> however, for some reason he wasn't willing to share that tape with investigators. >> he has this tape that gets him off the hook? >> yes, sir. >> he wouldn't give it to you? >> no. it blew my mind because if i don't get this tape, he's facing kidnappi kidnapping, sexual battery, extortion. >> osmanovic insisted that recording would be a get out of jail free cards. >> tell me about the tape. what's on the tape? >> the tape is not going nowhere out of my possession. which i hid way off the
7:37 pm
location. >> why would you do that? >> why would what? >> you tape that. >> remember the iq part? i might have been played for a fool, but i'm not an idiot. >> even f under the threat of arrest he refused toe hand over the recording or give its location. >> he knew he was in it up to his eyeballs. >> the next day after osmanovic's interrogation was completed, detective coal received some crucial information about the recording. >> we learned of the existence of the tape from jasmine. the next morning we learned of its possible location. >> the location was osmanovic's home. his exgirlfriend had gotten ahold of it and turned the recording over to osmanovic's sister. the sister then gave the tape to an attorney. >> we got a call from a defense owner in jacksonville, and he said we have something you might be interested in.
7:38 pm
>> finally they had the tape, and when they played i, they couldn't believe what they heard. the sheriff called a press conference, he had a major development. >> as our investigation developed we arrested quinn gray. >> coming up, just what was on that tape? had quinn been the victim everyone thought? when ransom continues.
7:39 pm
7:40 pm
7:41 pm
welcome back to "dateline extra." after getting access to the secret audio tape, police were brown away by what they heard. exactly what explosive secrets did the tape hold and why were authorities now headed in a whole new direction. here again, josh mankiewicz. >> let's see what happens at the hotel. she's been staying at the hotel all night long. >> at last, investigators had the scootecret recording that jn osmanovic refused to hand over. but far from exonerating him, it offered plenty of evidence against him. >> it was compelling, it was the icing on the cake. it was the point of no return
7:42 pm
for quinn and for osmanovic. >> on that recording, investigators heard a completely different story from what quinn gray had said happened during her ordeal. >> we're stay at the emerson inn in room 207. >> the recording started on monday, when quinn was still missing. jasmine narrated as he drove alone to the inn. >> she stayed all alone by herself. she didn't want me with her. >> the recording continued with jasmin entering room 207. investigators were shocked as they listened. because quinn gray didn't sound like a captive at all. in fact, she seemed to be in on the whole thing. >> just tell me you have them. >> they call the cops and everything. >> but i have a different plan.
7:43 pm
>> osmanovic next appeared to mock the massive law enforcement man hunt that was underway to the find quinn. >> they just knew you were here by yourself all night long, they would have a fit. >> that's why i'm starting to feel like i'm the sinister one. i wonder what my girls think right now? i don't know if they have any idea what's going on. >> we went and talked to the people who worked at the hotel, they said she sat in the car while he checked in, they were hand in hand. in fact, they left the room many times over the weekend. >> and remember the bruises she got from quinn being zip tied on the chair, the recording says she made them herself. >> that's from the rope. i was doing the rope. >> you were doing that? >> yeah. >> you're a smart girl.
7:44 pm
>> i have to have a couple. amazing they don't have a [bleep] clue what's going on. >> and then there were parts of that recording that made even veteran investigators blush. on the tape, the two had what sounds like intimate consensual sex. nothing like the rape quinn described. >> does reid get this much action? >> you know he doesn't. >> the sheriff said from the get-go, he and fbi officials were suspicious about this case, questioning if this was a legitimate abduction. but they had no option they said but to proceed as if quinn really had been taken hostage. in the end the recording osmanovic made gave them the evidence they needed that this was not a kidnapping, but rather a hoax. the pair's real goal was to extort $50,000 from quinn's
7:45 pm
husband reid. >> we all smelled a rat. it wasn't right. >> there were many things that didn't add up. it started with the ransom note. it was in quinn's handwriting, and unusually long. investigato needed to ask for proof of life during the abduction. because the kidnappers regularly allowed quinn to talk on the phone. and finally, there was quinn's shocking debriefing, where she said she enjoyed having sex with the man she described as her captor. >> and i acted like i enjoyed it. and i'm not going to lie, sometimes i almost did. >> osmanovic would later say that he and quinn met by chance at a gas station weeks earlier. a conversation started and an affair soon blossomed. something that was strongly suggested by the recording. >> i'm going crazy without you? >> what?
7:46 pm
>> i'm kcrazy about you. >> quinn and osmanovic told different stories of how the whole kidnapping plot evolved, but authorities suggest that quinn's motive was to get the money, leave her husband, and start a new life. >> when this is all over i have your word? >> what? >> whatever story we tell, you stick to it. >> we have to both stick to the same story. >> but clearly osmanovic wasn't convinced quinn would stick to their story. >> you think he made the tape because he thought at some point he was going to get accused of kidnapping her -- >> yes. >> -- and he needed to prove it was her idea. >> it was probably a smart thing to do because it revealed to us in no uncertain terms that quinn gray was not a victim. >> jasmin osmanovic was arrested for extortion. and before the sheriff
7:47 pm
publically announced quinn's arrest, he had a heart to heart talk with her husband. >> tough conversation for you to have? >> yeah your spouse made this thing up and she had relations with the guy that we know were consensual because we have a tape recording and it's crystal clear. how do you process that information? >> one day after osmanovic's arrest, quinn gray was placed in custody. >> we arrested quinn gray and charged her with extortion. this was an extortion attempt from the beginning. it was not a kidnapping. >> quinn pleaded not guilty. after her arrest, she was defiant. >> if i wanted $50,000, all i would do is take it out of the bank account. >> did you have a sexual relationship with osmanovic. >> no, dy not. i did not know him. >> why would someone make this up. >> it's the truth. >> i'm talking about him. >> because he's a criminal and
7:48 pm
came in and tried to extort $50,000 from me. >> in another shocking twist, reid gray decided to stand by his wife. >> i want my wife to come out of this feeling wonderful. i want her to feel great about everything after this is all over. i think that's going to be the outcome. coming up, her husband seemed to be standing by quinn, but what did her mother think? >> you believe she's telling the truth? >> and then, what kind of legal price would quinn pay for her s escapa escapade? when ransom continues. well, like most of you, i just bought a house.
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and now with the conclusion of ran som, here is josh mango wits. >> kwin gray had pleaded not guilty to charges she tried to extort $50,000 from her husband in an elaborate kidnapping hoax.
7:52 pm
but even though investigators considered lee gray the victim, to the surprise of many he decided to stand by his wife. two months after her arrest, he even appeared on the today show and offered total support for kwin. >> it's been a roller coaster of emotion from the onset. there are times when you sit in front of the fbi and they present you with evidence that shelves the mastermind of this and you have no choice but to believe that entirely at that point, but i believe in all of my heart she was kidnapped. >> quinn's mom also stood firmly behind her daughter, saying jasmine os mono vich was to blame, not quinn. >> i believe she was just manipulated and her mind snapped. >> you believe she's telling the truth. >> absolutely. >> the fbi and the sheriff do not. >> well, they don't understand what can happen to a person who has a mental illness. >> gail sikes says her daughter suffers from bipolar disorder, a form of mental illness marked by
7:53 pm
both manic highs and deep depressions. >> i think that she was having a severe bipolar, manic episode. she thought she was going to die. you have to remember she was just out of hazel ton. she was in a fragile situation. >> quinn had only recently been released from the hazel ton clinic, where she had undergone treatment for alcohol abuse. her mom thinks once she stopped self medicateding with alcohol her bipolar disorder emerged. >> i know there's definitely something not right because that's the wife that i know. >> quinn's mom felt her daughter had a strong defense. she says that on the tape os mono vich says he will release quinn. it's one of the few places on the tape where he sounds like her cap tore and not her lover. >> i will release you tonight. you know you can go home, which
7:54 pm
i promised from day one. right? >> yes. >> and quinn's mother who has never heard the tape says it was because of quinn's mental condition that her daughter had sex with os mono vich. >> and he started blowing in her ear and i think she just wanted to feel the comfort and the feeling of feeling secure and loved maybe. >> with the guy who had just brultsel abducted her? >> in her mental state, yes, i believe that is exactly what happened to her. >> that tape doesn't make her sound like a victim. >> well, you have to think it through a little bit more carefully. she thought this man is going to save my life and is going to restore me to my family. >> quinn's mom also points out that investigators were never able to document the supposed affair between quinn and os mono vich. investigators admit they couldn't find a shred of evidence that the two had any relationship before that labor day weekend. >> does it give you any pause at
7:55 pm
all that there's no proof that those two knew each other before labor day weekend? >> you know, it does and it doesn't. we knew that their encounter was consensual. >> you can tell that from the tape. >> yes. regardless of when the relationship started, they knew each other and they were involved with each other. >> bond will remain the same -- >> but the prosecutor in this case, jennifer dunn ton, says her office was never shown any proof that quinn really does suffer from a mental illness. >> have you seen anything to indicate that quinn gray already was diagnosed as bipolar before is that weekend. >> no. her doctor had made the assertion that he believed she was bipolar, although backed off that a little bit and said she did not meet all the criteria. >> in january of 200010, four months after the incident, jasmine os mono vich pleaded guilty to extortion. in court appearances the formerly cocky, perhaps even
7:56 pm
arrogant mechanic now appeared looking like a man who has been had. >> because he's a criminal. >> but quinn gray decided to continue her fight, and the state of florida prepared its case against the wealthy mom. >> the strength of our case were all the times that quinn gray was left alone. she was left alone several times overnight. she was often left in cars and mr. os mono vich made trips into various businesses. >> all proving that she could have walked away if she wanted to, could have escaped, therefore wasn't a real kidnapping. >> correct. >> what was the truth? at one point read gray arranged a private lie director test for his wife and according to assistant state attorney dull ton, the results were not what he expected. >> i've been provided records that she did not pass that polygraph. she was deceptive. and at some point he eventually listened to that tape, which he had not listened to it
7:57 pm
previously. >> this much action? >> you know he doesn't. >> he's not a dumb man. he was connecting the dots too. >> reed gray eventually changed his mind and with it support for his divorce. in august of 2010 he was graptd a divorce ask now shares custody of the couple daughters. he did not want to be interview interviewed but told us i want to work with law enforcement to ensure the safety of our family. and perhaps quinn was ready to move on with her life as well. in february 2000 lesson she pleaded no contest to extortion. it was something her mom had encouraged. >> i didn't want a jury to find her guilty and send her to prison. >> even though a no contest plea is basically admitting your
7:58 pm
guilt. >> i understand that -- but at least she did not have to go to prison. >> quinn sent us a statement saying she was abducted at gunpoint and never knew os mono vich but added i do not deny all forms of responsibility for things that occurred after the abduction. and she says because of her mental state at the time, her past experiences and her fresh recovery from alcoholism, os mono vich was able to my opinion my every thought and completely altered my belief system about my life. i made the decision to accept a no contest plea to avoid a lengthy salacious trial that could have further emotionally harmed my family, my mental health, and my road to recovery. quinn gray and jasmine os mono vich were both sentenced to time served in jail, given proxy and ordered to repay a total of
7:59 pm
$86,000 in overtime costs that were run up by all the law enforcement personnel who had worked that weekend trying to find quinn. both declined to be interviewed. both are now free and apparently they're no lodger coconspirators or lovers. >> what's in this for quinn gray? >> i don't know. >> i mean, if she divorces her husband, she'd get a lot more than $50,000. >> that's it. it was a call for help. it was a psychological call for help. i don't know the answer to that. was it a desperate act to get attention? i don't know the answer to that. but i can tell you she sure picked a very colorful way to do it. >> lie and lie and lie and lie. >> it's hard to pull off a fake kidnapping. it just is.
8:00 pm
that's all for this edition of date line extra. i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. ♪ ♪ >> the show goes on and a celebrity rapper enters the jail. >> hello. >> but his arrest leaves a heartbroken girlfriend behind. >> his persona


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