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tv   Lockup Oakland - Extended Stay  MSNBC  October 29, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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that's all for this edition of date line extra. i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. ♪ ♪ >> the show goes on and a celebrity rapper enters the jail. >> hello. >> but his arrest leaves a heartbroken girlfriend behind. >> his personality is big.
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bigger than he is. so when he's not there, it's definitely an absence. >> this has been a competition since i was eight and he was nine. >> two brothers deal with gangs, drugs and parenthood. >> things get board at home. my idea is to go to the streets and it gets me in here. >> and. >> they call me as a serial killer. >> a three time convicted murderer claims he's killed others as well. >> the truth is there's four other killings out there ♪
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♪ >> oakland, california is one of the birth places of west coast hip hop and a hot bed for gangster rap. the here riks often glorify criminal activity, so it should come as no surprise that many of the inmates of the nearby jail consider themselves ton rap artists. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> santa rita is a sprawling jail complex located 30 miles outside the city. but many of the nearly 3,000 men and women incars ate rated here are from oakland. one of them is a bay area rapper who is more than a juan abe. >> we had a inmate come in a couple days ago.
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international rap artist named drew down. >> my kids know his songs, my daughters. they're all into the rap. >> drew down was around when you know, pocket map was around. he's been around for a while ♪ >> in the 90s i listened to a lot of his music. i was a drew down fan. ♪ >> so we've got a celebrity here. >> and i'm right here right now. i don't have all day, though, so you will see me back on the street. you will see me doing my music again. you will see me doing movies because this ain't going to stop me. i'm a boss. dru down's real name is daniel robinson. arrested for driving you should
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the influence and evading police. violations of his probation for a prior dui. now he must serve the remainder of his sentence, three years in the santa rita jail. >> hello. >> i never really run into too many people that don't know me. >> hello. >> me, i'm distinctive to me. i have this certain look and aura about myself. i'm the kind of guy -- you know, i'm always dressed to impress. >> there's been other celebrities and people of fame that have come in here. most of those people have been put in the protective custody. not only for themselves but also the other people. in dru down's case he wouldn't necessarily need to be put into some sort of protective custody because most of the people respect him and they won't try and do something that would harm him. >> protective custody or pc is not just for celebrities. it's for inmates whose lives
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could be threatened in other parts of the jail, and at santa rita, the largest% age of those are gang dropouts. >> anytime we get gang dropouts saying they quit the gang for whatever reason, politics, they caught a charge that wasn't going to put them in good standing with the game and they came in and they're a drop out, we can't put them into a general population housing unit because they'll be subject to attack. >> cold as hell. >> it is. >> gabriel taylor is in protective custody because he left one of northern california's largest and most gangs, the northerners. >> the northerners like to leave a mark on their face, specifically on your cheek. they'll cut you with a razor, open you up. it's an identifying mark to everyone to let them know you're no good. i'm not trying to sound like i'm
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tougher than i am. i'm not a gangster. i'm just trying to get by. i'm a husband her. i'm a product of the get toe. >> when i was 18 or 19 i was put in a maximum security unit and there was a question mark on my head that i had something to do with one of our so-called home i didn't see being deceased. i didn't kill the guy, but they had a question mark over my head. i honestly now believe kourds run in packs. i'm like i'm going to obligate myself with the northerners, which is one of the biggest mistakes i ever made. >> taylor is currently charged with burglary and vehicle theft while on parole. he has pled not guilty, but his life is riddled with arrests and convictions for crimes including robbery, gun violations, drug possession and evading police. >> i just did the math the other day and so far i've been in jail over 20 times.
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from juvenile haul time as well. first time i was in juvenile hall i was on 12 years. i have not been out a whole year since then. >> taylor says he once held a job as an ironworker, but his criminal career is rooted in drug addiction. >> meth monster. crankster gangster. i've been using. when i get high i go into a -- i can't get high no more. addiction is like a sickness. it's an illness. and i'm realizing i'm sick as hell. >> addiction has made it impossible for taylor to be a father to his five children, all of whom have different mothers. >> i'm a stay at home dad. i cook, i clean and all that. and i'm sitting here laying in the bed watching elmo on the laptop and i see my eyes start teerg up. you're not ever leaving. i didn't want to. but i got board. you know, things get boring at home. being legit is boring.
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and i know that sounds terrible, but my idea of fun is running on the streets and it gets me in here. that saying moments of pleasure years of pain is so too. i'm my own worst enemy. >> who wants a hot tray? >> when gabriel's boredom and addictions mate parenting impossible, he says he's gotten help from the one constant in his life, his younger brother. >> ezekiel can't stand me and meth. he's never done meth ever. and, you know, being that he's the only blood relation i have to this world beside my own children, it kills him as far as the streets go and everything, i don't have no real friends. i don't have no home i didn't see. none of that. i've got my brother ezekiel. >> and the brothers will soon lean on each other again. >> it's frigid today, man. it's cold down here. >> because ezbleejal taylor has
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just been arrested and booked into the jail. >> coming up. >> dog gets on me and grabs my leg. the dog done ripped my shoe off. >> he recounts his memorable arrest. >> and. >> next thing i know i find her dead on the couch. i had hit her on the head with a hammer. >> a prison inmate returns to the jail to face justice for a pair of cold case murders. smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance.
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the majority of inmates at the santa rita jail outside of oakland are pretrial detain he's meaning they are not convicted but are currently on or awaiting trial. eugene pros man is one of the exceptions. a three time convicted murderer, he is housed in a single man administrative segregation cell
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where he rarely has contact with other inmates. >> they call me as a serial killer, so they keep me confined away from other people. >> prots man was only recently transferred to the jail from state prison, where he had been incarcerated for 12 years. he says he was high on meth when he attacked a female acquaint aanswer in a san diego trailer park. >> i was freaked out. i thought this girl was a snitch, you know, setting me up. i don't know exactly what all came about, but the next thing you know, i find her dead on the couch. i had hilt her in the head with a hammer. i left her there dead. but i joined the carnival and i said well, i'm just hide out with the kindergarten i didn't say for a while.
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and the owner had seen my name on america's most wanted, and so when he seen it, he called the police and i was arrested at the carnival one morning. >> prots man was convicted and sentenced to life without parole. 12 years later he was returned to oakland after police linked his dna to a pair of 16-year-old cold case homicides. this time prisoners were seeking a death sentence but offered a deal. >> they brought me a deal that if i pled guilty to the two charges, they'll give me life without and one year for special circumstances. >> while prots man pled guilty and received two additional life without parole sentences, it made little difference to his future as he was already serving life without. but he did come clean about the murders and says they too were fueled by meth. at the time he was both a dealer and an addict. >> there would be times when i needed to make like 10, $15,000 a in a week. the meth makes you do funny things.
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you're on a rocket to hell. you lose your teeth, lose your mind. lose people, lose friends. and even loved ones. >> prots man is now awaiting transfer back to prison. >> hands out of your pockets. >> every day a large number of inmates leave santa rita, either for prison or back to the streets. >> hey, come on. hey, let's go. if you guys want to go home, let's go. >> and every day new arrivals take their place. one of the newest is ezekiel taylor, previously convicted of home burglary. he was just arrested for a proxy violates. >> i got in a car with a guy, really wasn't supposed to be in the car with. he didn't want to pullover. police got behind us.
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a high-speed chase took place and it was either stay in the car and go to jail or try to run for your freedom and maybe get away. so i ran. >> we're going to the right. >> taylor managed to elude police and hid under a house. that is until the police released their k 9 who left taylor with several reminders of their encounter. >> i tried to run and the dog gets on me and grabs my leg. he ripped my shoe off and was st on myoot and just would not let go. and then when he let this one go, he'd get on this one. he's on me. >> what was going through your mind? >> why is this dog won't leave me alone? >> all right. bend over at the waist, squat, spread your cheeks. that's good. you guys can go ahead and get dressed. >> taylor will find out how long this latest parole violation will land him in jail.
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he's used to the process as he's had numerous -- >> from 11 to right now to 26 i've been out of jail, totally, three years and nine months. >> it gets old. that's the oldest part. >> what? >> that right there. stripping bare as naked in front of another man. >> taylor is not alone in having spent most of his life in jail and a good deal of that at santa rita. his older brother gabriel is here as well on charges of burglary and auto theft. >> let me think of a word for ezekiel because i can't say he's my everything. he's more than that. but he's everything that i got in this world. we grew up together, side by side. >> the brothers share something else in common. their red jail uniforms signify they are in protective custody. >> i am in red because i am no longer an active gang member. i'm a drop out. and i'm over here in red because
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if i was out in the general population, i would be forced to defend myself. >> both brothers dropped out of the nor tannos, a notorious gang based in northern california. they're in protective custody because the gang usually retail yachts, often fatalel, against dropouts. >> my brother was 13. i was 12 years old. i seen him get involved and i followed suit. and i just ran with it. i loved it for a minute. i thrived in it. >> behind you. >> ezekiel says he dropped out of the nor tennos shortly after gabriel did, but it was because of what the gang asked of him. >> i was in prison and a friend of mine had told me i heard your brother went all bad and they kind of wanted me to help them. >> punish your brother for dropping out. >> i guess you could say that. i mean, come on. that's my blood. that's my very first friend.
8:19 pm
jesus himself couldn't strike that man without having to strike me. >> i know my -- i had the best intentions. i'm a follower. you know what i mean? i'm easily influenced. i've done some [ bleep ] but i ain't the only way. this is the bay area. this is where crank was invented. land of thugs. i'm just a needle in a haystack. >> coming up ♪ ♪ >> celebrity inmate known as dru down keeps the inmates entertained and talks about his other career. >> i had my own escort service called eye candy in l.a. i ran for like eight years. >> and later. >> the truth is there's four other killings out there that i'm suspected of, and they come to talk to me anytime. >> i don't care about suspected. did you do it? >> eugene prots man homicidal confession.
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peekaboo. bunch of crooks over here. >> among the nearly 3,000 male inmates at the santa rita jail in oakland, celebrity rapper dru down considers himself just another one of the guys. >> come on. >> and that's why he's chosen to turn down the jail's offer to house him in protective custody or pc. >> i don't want to be treated no different really. i mean, i'm just the person that i am. you see, i could be pc up but no, that's not me. i'm walking the main line at all times. >> watch this. this is how i rock elm sock elm. talk to him. hello. >> robinson is currently in jail for violating his probation by driving under the influence and
8:24 pm
evading police. but he says run-ins with the law inspired his music. >> i started rapg when i was probably 16 when i got out of juvenile hall. it was just like if you wasn't on the streets and i couldn't make music, what would i rap about? you need to be in the streets to rap about something. you need to know what's going on. >> robinson has been in and out of jail most frequently for dui convictions, but he has never been arrested for the subject of his best known song. >> well, as they say, he was e pinch of the year. >> robinson's biggest hit was this 1994 song pimp of the year. and he says there was some truth behind the lyrics. >> i had my own escort service called eye candy in l.a. i wasn't just on the street.
8:25 pm
i wasn't a corner guy. >> robinson has memorialized his former career. >> it says pimp. you know, roux by and diamonds. >> are you proud of that. >> i'm very proud. i'm a proud man, period. >> are you proud of being a pimp. >> i'm proud of being who i am, who i became period. i never did no harm to nobody being a pimp. >> did you have any daughters? >> yes. >> how would. mine is eight and and one stepdaughter is 19. >> so how would you feel if your eight-year-old decided she wanted to be a prostitute. >> we're going to have a long. real long talk. >> why. >> because i know the game, so i'm going to tell her the game before she get in it. but once they walk out the door, how can i -- >> so it's okay if she get in it. >> no, it's not okay. hell no it's not okay. but at the same time i ain't really been pifrpg lately. >> when was the last time you
8:26 pm
were pifrpg, honest? >> i mean, you know, a few months ago, but i'm just saying, you know. >> robinson says there's one woman that holds a special place in his heart. he's been dating his girlfriend jenny for the past three years. >> trying to graduate and do something different. i'm older now. it's just a situation that i'm going through right now. she's the one. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and just as pifrpg is a running theme in his music, so is
8:27 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> they really don't know the mob is in the house. the mob is really in the building. yeah. >> coming up. >> the world series of chess is going on. >> the tailors reunite. but their problems remain. >> i find myself with a hundred bucks in my pocket and i'm about to go give 80 of it to one of your baby momma's. where you at? ssue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well fitting dentures let in food particles just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made even the kiwi an enjoyable experience
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puerto rico's governor called for termination of the contract. now back to lock up. >> due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> many of the inmates at the santa rita jail outside oakland, california pass time working out in the yard. in the day rooms, or in their cells. jimmy sill va is considerably less dicated to fitness, but art is another story. he makes miniature sculptures out of soap and whatever else he can skroung from his few possession. >> it's soap. i get pictures out of magazines. these are cone pieces and this is paper that i roll up.
8:32 pm
i take these soaps. they're indented, right. when i do them i've got to flatten they're out so they're deleteel uniform throughout. this is velcro off the shoes. and a stick out of the deowed rant, right. inside the deowed rant has a little stick inside of it. i break that stick out and that's what i use right here. this gives me this shape right here. that's how i get that shape. the bend and then the rest is all hand shaped. >> sill va, who is serving two years for possession of marijuana with the intent to sell, trades his soap sculpt tours among other inmates for among other things extra soap. >> this little bar of soap that they give you once a week, i've got a lot of square footage to cover, you know what i mean? so this little bar of soap, it might be good for two showers for me. it might be good for three showers for him, you know what i mean? but it's not good for five days.
8:33 pm
and then they give you a little packet of shampoo here. if you ain't got nothing and you ain't got no hustle, it will get you by, but i'm a big guy. i need to shower every day. i need to have some deowed rant, i need sof some shampoo. >> one of sill va's customers are gabriel taylor. both men are housed in protective custody because they are gang dropouts. taylor would soon be united with another gang drop out, his younger brother ezekiel. >> let me see your dog bite. yes, good one. yes. yes. yes. good one. good. next time don't run. >> i didn't even run. i was laying down. >> under the house. >> under the house. >> that's what you get. >> after interviewing both brothers to assure they will not cause any problems together, jail officials have decided to approve their request to house in the same unit. they will have separate cells with different cell mates.
8:34 pm
>> the world series of chess is going on. >> but now ezekiel and gabriel can spend time together in the unit's day room. >> this piece goes like this, right? >> yes. yes. >> we grew up together, side by side, like we raised one another. ill raised him like a son. >> that's my older brother. that's my first friend, my best friend really. sometimes my only friend. >> this personal. this is cut throat. >> this has been competition since i was eigh and he was nine. >> this is competition right here. >> has he let you down? has he disappointed you? >> of course. i'm sure i've disappointed him many times too. but the main disappointment is the dope. when i found out my brother was a drug addict, i went to the house where he was smoking at.
8:35 pm
i laid everybody down. who is selling this dope? where did you get it from? if i find out you're selling dope to this again, it's bad for you, period. my daddy ain't race no dope feends. >> you just took my worst -- >> that's what i do, man. >> the brothers say they were not always close to their parents and spent much of their childhood either in foster care or in juvenile facilities. with long arrest records, they say they both have regrets, but some can at least be good for laughs. >> this is bible, god bless my family. ill litter at people do tattoos in jail. this dude spelled family wroj. i am ashamed that i let an idiot at that time on me. on my lower portion of my
8:36 pm
stomach it's supposed to say something and it don't say it right. i don't mean want to talk about it. i'm not going to embarrass myself. >> yeah. it's on his lower stomach. it's just daniel's world on his stomach. it's supposed to be danielle. >> another ill lit rat individual tattoo. >> oh, man. right above my area. >> have you seen the tattoo on his neck? the middle finger and you pay me. what possessed you to do that, man? >> i regret every single last one of them. >> why. >> they're ugly. unfortunately, i'm carrying these things for life. you know what i'm saying? especially this one. who wants to hire a [ bleep ] with an attitude like that. you pay me. try to get a job with that. >> nervous. >> one year apart in age, the brothers do share some things in common, including the unusual birth defects that they've each had fixed. >> i was born with six fingers.
8:37 pm
and they got cut off when i was like eight, eight months. we call them chicken nuggets. it's a family trademark. it's a family trademark. my father had it. my brother gots it. >> my youngest son jason, out of all my kids, he's the only one that has this extra finger. >> freak paternity test. serious business, free paternity test. >> paternity is also an issue for both brothers. just before his arrestee zpleek yell found out his girlfriend is pregnant with their first child. >> i take responsibility seriously. i'm a very loyal individual. so my loyalty above all else will be with my child, not to myself. >> i'm not as responsible. i guess you could say because i felt the same thing like, you know what i mean, when the daughter came, when my daughter was born, i was in the same unit. i was in d pod.
8:38 pm
i said this is it for me. i'm going to hang it up and everything. my daughter was born and i got out a month later. it was crazy. like oh, wow, i've got a baby. i'm a dad now. me, i've got a problem. my daughter got born, the whole process of being a father and everything got board. i'm not even trying to sound like a [ bleep ]. i'm keeping it real. but i started making excuses and i made it cool for myself to start venturing away and before i knew it, now i've got two kids and then my third -- my other baby momma is his -- >> ex-wife's sister. >> and i had a baby with her. andhen i had a baby with another girl. and i'm like dang, before i knew it -- it's a joke amongst all my family every time they see me they ask me how many kids have you got now? >> what's your number now? snoo why are you giving up free
8:39 pm
pieces, bro? >> gabriel's irresponsible parenting like his drug use has angered ezekiel. >> me and him buck heads a lot because i find myself with a hundred bucks with my pocket and i'm about to go give 80 of it to one of your baby momma's. where you at? you know what i'm saying? but it's my brother. can't hate him, you know what i'm saying. it's my brother. >> check. check. and down goes fraser. >> coming up. ♪ ♪ >> the rapper has a visit from the woman behind his lyrics. >> and eugene protsman's chilling confessions. >> word got around that someone had to take care of him and i volunteered.
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. >> for one inmate, doing time at the santa rita jail has offered an opportunity to find more a collaborator and the inspiration to compose a new rap about his circumstances. >> i'm in lock up, sitting in county blues. i'm a star. i'm in lock up. in santa rita. should be playing tennis, but in lock up. in the motown room. wish i was at home in my own damn room. >> they holler chow time but i barely eat. ♪ >> i'm in lock up. >> lockup. >> lock up. >> lockup. lock up. >> on msn bc, lock up.
8:44 pm
>> dru down might have found a rap partner in ellis williams, but today he gets to spend some time with a more intimate partner. he has a visit with his girlfriend. jenny has been dating robinson for almost three years. though they've known each other for more than a decade. >> it's always good to see some lips, some pretty lips instead of a man all the time, you know what i'm talking about? >> have you ever heard of him? >> i think so. i don't know. >> though she says she's experienced some of the oakland street life that her boyfriend raps about, that's all in the past. >> i have a masters degree in counsel, so i studied psychology and all this stuff, so i changed my life a long time ago. so whatever street life i had, i let that go years ago. i help youth and help them turn their life around, and it's just kind of ironic, i guess, that i would end up with someone like him, but, you know, he has a big heart.
8:45 pm
he's a good person. he's made some decisions in the past that catch up with you. that's a song. that side of him doesn't exist in our world. it exists on records and in videos. just for the record too, like i'm not a prostitute and never have been. so i chose to still look past the image and see the man insideand he's a beautiful person. ♪ >> hey, baby. what's happening? >> how you doing? >> i'm here, survival tactics. >> i miss you. >> i miss you too, baby. you know that automatically. look at you. you're so beautiful. you're so beautiful. what shoes you got on. okay. hello. there we go. look at that baby. deep in this black and red. >> you like that? dru, he's got a big old heart and he loves me to death.
8:46 pm
how do you walk away from that? his personality is big, bigger than he is, so when he's not there, it's definitely an absence. >> let me see girl exactly -- ♪ >> what made you write that? >> just thinking about you, deep thoughts. i want all that to enter 2009 especially having the lord in our life too. i think that's what's really going to bring us and keep us together anyway. >> there's only one way that that's going to happen. a serious relationship with god first and then everything else falls into place. >> yeah, you know. >> but that needs to be number one, relationship. no. seriously like -- >> you're a believer. >> seriously. don't cut me off. not when i'm telling you the truth. >> i know. >> i know, but that needs to be number one no matter what and i know that's a big flip-flop from what people might be used to
8:47 pm
with you. nobody is saying you're going to turn around and be a minister, you just need to have that relationship. there you go no, no. but you need to have that relationship with god no matter what. >> you ain't got to worry about that. you already know that's official. i've got to stay on top of this industry thing to me. if i don't. as long as you stick with me, everything going to come together. >> i need you to get out of here. >> i will soon enough. >> i need you to never come back here. >> that ain't gonna happen. >> this isn't a place for you. it's not a place for anybody really. >> yeah. so i'm going to talk to you later, baby. you know, they're shutting us down right now. >> they about to turn the phones off? >> yeah, about to turn the phones off #. you know i love you. >> love you. are you going to call me later? >> yep. i'm going to call you later and i'll write you tonight. you feel me and when i do my work out i think about you and i love you too.
8:48 pm
>> i love you, baby. >> love you too. >> love you. i don't like coming here to visit him. i'd rather him be out there with me and the family. it's pail. it's sad. i want to take him home with me. i wa him to come home. >> coming up. >> jacket ruined. ruined. dog ate my shoes. >> ezekiel taylor leaves santa rita with a reminder to steer clear of police dogs. and eugene protsman discusses the killings he says he got away with. >> these are all true stories. >> yep
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like most large county jails, santa rita has a revolving door of dozens of inmates entering and leaving the facility every day. many are familiar faces. >> the offenders come in and out constantly. we deal with the same inmates over and over and over again. we typically hear the same story. i'm never coming back as they're leaving. it's usually someone that we've already seen a dozen times come in and out, in and out. it's usually the same people in and out. >> i'll get your clothes for you. stand by. >> one of those repeat offenders is ezekiel tai lofrmt today he's bound for the exit after serving 60 days for a probation violation. >> back at work tomorrow? >> no, not tomorrow. monday. >> taylor will now exchange his jail scrubs for the clothes he was arrested in. >> don't wear any of our stuff. if the release deputy catches you with any of our stuff on, you know how it is.
8:53 pm
>> no shoes. >> there's no shoes in there? >> the dog ate my shoes. >> taylor's clothes bear reminders of his encounter with the police canine the night he was arrested. >> look at this. [ bleep ] grass stains everywhere. >> why? >> i was running from the police. i was trying to go home. look at the jacket, though. dig this. $250 jacket ruined. ruined. dog ate my shoes. >> when an inmate is arrested without shoes, officers give them unclaimed shoes to wear out of the facility. but with a size 13, taylor's choices are limited. >> so i got these right here. right here. these are fly right here. these are the new ones. >> oh [ bleep ]. i think i'll walk barefooted. >> wear them out of here, throw them away and you can wear in whatever you want. >> 11s?
8:54 pm
>> those are fly right there. dude, they go perfect with your ripped up jacket. >> man, bro. >> look at this. look at this. >> you ready? >> sure. >> you don't want to stay? >> no. >> a short time later, taylor steps outside and is once again on his way to freedom. >> it's been fun. but i got to run. >> left behind is his older brother gabriel who feels more anxiety than joy over ezekiel's release. they've both been in protective custody for being gang dropouts. >> i hate that he's leaving. i worry about my brother. not even him just getting in the [ bleep ]. just being identified as a dropout. coming from pc. you know? they don't play games in oakland. that's the taliban. we live in al qaeda. you see my brother and try to make an example out of him. i just see his name plastered. i don't know what i'd do. before my kids is my brother. i raised him before i raised my children.
8:55 pm
>> gabriel will soon face the same tough streets. prosecutors offered to reclassify his current burglary and vehicle charges as a probation violation. so rather than face trial and a possible prison sentence, he will serve 90 more days at santa rita before he's freed. retaliation from his former gang is always a possibility. but gabriel has other demons to be concerned with. >> what do you think the chances are you're going to stay away from meth? >> the chances are good. i just need a vice, some type of hobby. not a hobby like that. but i grew up this way. either i can take on smoking weed, which is not as serious as meth. me and meth don't mix. i can't drink much, you know what i'm saying? it easily affects me. you know what i mean? i can take on drinking. it's legal. i got to find me some type of crutch to slowly get me off the meth.
8:56 pm
>> meth has taken a toll on eugene protsman's life, as well. >> how are your teeth? >> i don't have none. >> let's see. >> what happened? >> too much meth. it all falls out. >> protsman blames meth on far more devastating events in his life. he says he was high on the drug when he committed the three murders that have earned him three life sentences. but now, as he awaits transfer to prison, protsman says they were not the only three. >> the truth is, there's four other killings out there that i'm suspected of. they can come talk to me any time. >> i don't care about suspected. did you do it? >> yes. >> and tell me exactly where you did it. >> did one in spokane, washington. that was a -- that was out in the field.
8:57 pm
a guy, a buyer that was buying some meth from me. >> why did you kill him? >> because he was trying to set me up. he was wearing a wire. >> well, if he was wearing a wire, wouldn't they have caught you? >> i thought it was a wire. what it was is one of the earbud for a radio. and you got luke in virginia. that was in '92. >> and why did you kill luke? >> luke owed me $40,000 and couldn't pay me the money. >> protsman says another took place in ft. myers, florida. >> i was involved with a disturbance between two different gang rivals and this guy had a hit put on him. and word got around that someone had to take care of him and i volunteered. >> why?
8:58 pm
>> because was trying to build a reputation with this certain group of individuals. >> finally, protsman said he also murdered a motorcycle officer in the 1970s. >> was the very first one i ever did. i ran him off the road with my truck. >> why? >> because he wanted me to flip for him. he wanted me to flip against the gang with him. >> while protsman offered specifics about the officer he says he killed, homicide detectives who investigated the case said they could not link him to the officer's death and concluded it was due to an accident. >> these are all true stories, huh? >> yep. >> okay. >> became a habit, i think. i kind of think that if i wouldn't have got the life sentence, if i got out again, i'd probably kill again. i really feel that way. >> turn around.
8:59 pm
face that way. >> i'm leaving. thank god. i'm leaving. >> two days later, protsman is cuffed and headed out for his transfer to state prison. >> how much time you got? >> three lives without. >> that's a long time. >> leave it. >> last words, gene? >> i regret it. >> what? >> killing the people that i did. because now i have no way of ever getting out. >> we moving, man. moving.
9:00 pm
msnbc takes you behind the walls of america's most notorious prisons into a world of chaos and danger. now, the scenes you've never seen. "lockup: raw." ♪ daddy are you coming home ♪ >> the lucky ones find ways to cope with it. >> you got to find something to fill up whatever void you have. >> others are haunted by it. >> it still bothers me a whole lot even today. talking about it's got me shaking already. >> but for some, the past could return with a vengeance.


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