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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 30, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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kevin spacey issues an apology. accused of making sexual advances on a minor in 1986. much of puerto rico without electricity. island's power authority moves to cancel $300 million contract. head of white fish energy defending the deal saying critics are on a witch hunt.
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it was just this past may reported robert mueller to serve as special counsel. this morning, mueller is expected to take action in the form of a public indictment. two sources tell nbc news that a federal grand jury in washington has approved a first corral charges in the special counsel's investigation into russian election interference. nbc kelly o'donnell has the latest. on a dreary gray sunday, president trump stayed inside the white house, but active like a cloud burst on twitter. venting broadly about the russia investigation. blaming democrats for a, quote, witch hunt for evil politics. while washington, a town that thrives on being in the know, waits in the dark for special counsel robert mueller's first indictment. >> we haven't been informed who
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it is. >> reports an indictment is coming makes secrecy a factor itself. investigations and by law grand juries work behind closed doors. >> grand jury secrecy is very important to the effectiveness of an investigation. >> big unknowns, who had mueller targeted and for what kind of alleged crime. >> it's going be really important whether or not this indictment involves 15-year-old business transactions or 15 day old conversations with russia. >> among those under scrutiny, foreign lobbying work done by campaign manager paul manafort whose virginia condo was raided in july. former national security adviser michael flynn who had not disclosed business ties to russia. both manafort and flynn deny any wrongdoing. other who is received less public attention could be in jeopardy. >> it's also possible they're charging a number of people at once. want to see who is the first one
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through the door. >> white house lawyer said the president's tweets are not a reaction to anything involving the special counsel, with whom the white house continues to cooperate. kelly o'donnell reporting. president trump claimed on wi twitter the russia talk is a distraction from his agenda. the white house has not commented on the first expected indictment in the probe. morning joe will be following the latest. president trump's approval rating has sunk to new low. nbc wall street journal poll. 38% is down five points from last month. 58 disapprove. worst of presidency in polls and well below where other modern presidents have ranked the when the same poll had george w. bush at 88. barack obama at 51. 48% want to see democratics in control. that's a seven point lead of
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republicans at 41. with a little more than a year to decide, 46% say they're voting for democratics to be a check on president trump when 28 back trump's agenda. 22% say they want to send a different message. talk about this, joining us now from washington, daniel litman. coauthor of politico play book. i don't know if they're watching msnbc right now. >> i think they probably are. let's go with that. >> on the raid. with their tv. we're hearing like it's probable someone on the periphery like michael flynn's son or paul manafort's exson-in-law. that's the betting money in d.c.
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you pressure one of those people. then you charge them and they cooperate. >> let me ask you about the indictments. are they taking attention away from what otherwise would be a pretty big week for the white house: both on the domestic policy front and also as the president begins to head out to asia and address the national security and international threats facing this white house. >> reporter: what's funny is sometimes if all of the focus is on say, health care or the big issues in capitol hill, then it just attracts more attention and negative energy against it, but if everyone is talking about the mueller investigation, then republicans will be able to work more closely behind closed doors
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to actually get something done. so looks like people are feeling better about tax reform. they restored some of those high stakes tax, you know, the state and local tax exempt credits. that's going to help moderate republicans support the package. >> so let's talk quickly about tax reform. republicans setting up thanksgiving as a deadline. who is really getting behind this. are we seeing more and more people get behind this push for tax reform by that deadline. >> we're also see iing the real estate industry, home builders, they're against this right now. it would affect the interest mortgage tax deduction. democrats are against this. not a bipartisan process. it looks like there may be enough support to get this passed. don't see huge waves of
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opposition like you did in health care. >> thank you. we'll speak to you later on in the program. switching gears. oscar and tony award winner kevin spacey issuing an apology after being accused of making an advance on a minor. says spacey made a pass at him when he was just 14 years old. according to buzz feed. invited him over to his apartment for a party one night and at the end of that night, picked him up. placed him on his bed and climbed on top of him making a sexual advance. spacey who is 58 years old would have been 26 or 27. last night he issued a statement. he said he didn't remember the alleged incident involving him, but wrote, if i did behave then as he describes, i owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior and i'm sorry for the feeling he described
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having carried with him all these years. in that same statement, known to be private. addressed advanced rumors he's gay. those closest to me know in my life i've had relationships with both men and women. loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life. i choose now to live as a gay man. i want to deal with this honestly and openly and it starts with examining my own behavior. now moving to cancel a controversial $300 million contract. hours after the governor asked the contract be scrapped t head of puerto rico's power company announced it would be done. it still had to be approved by board of directors. controversy about the contract yesterday. detailed questions about the deal. wildly reported that white fish only had two full-time employees when maria made landfall.
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critics pointed out the company is based in white fish montana, the hometown of interior secretary of zinke. released a statement saying i had nothing to do with white fish energy receiving a contract from puerto rico. >> ceo of white fish energy defended the deal telling nbc news that critics were on a quote, witch hunt, disputed reports of number of employees maintaining 20-40 working in the u.s. when the contract was signed. he said he first contacted the puerto rico electric power authority in irma after early september. >> i found them on linked in. >> you used link instead to get a $300 million contract. >> linked in is going to love this, but yeah. >> statement released last night, said it was disappointed in the decision and it will only delay what the people of puerto
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rico want and deserve to have the power restored quickly. >> right now about 70% of the island is still without electricity. head of puerto rico's power authority says cancelling the contract with white fish could delay efforts for months. learning more details about the events surrounding the deadly ambush in niger earlier this month. "new york times" reporting 4 americans killed were separated from the patrol in chaos after that initial ambush. after the attack, french helicopters rescued the other seven americans. four others were reportedly no longer in radio contact. pentagon considered them missing in action. officials tell the times raises the possibility they were still alive when helicopters took off without them. bodies of those four along with the interpreter who was also killed were recover reside hours later by a separate more secretive team. it is still unclear why it took another two days to locate and retrieve the body of sergeant la
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david johnson. >> set to testify today before the senate foreign relations committee regarding the authorization for use of military force commonly called aumf. it comes amid a growing debate over weather congress should update and/or replace that law which was passed shortly after september 11 attacks and essentially it allows for open ended military campaigns against terror groups around the world. since been used by president obama and trump as a legal justification for nearly all military force actions. secretary of vern veteran affairs responding to criticism they used taxpayer money to fund a european sightseeing tour. the government did pay for their flights and hotel, as the trip was related to business, he and his wife covered the cost of meals and tourist activities. inspector general launched an investigation into the trip after a "washington post" report last month saying the secretary
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and his wife had spent about half their time of the official trip shopping and touring history torque si historic sites. response to the probe, directed his office to post all the travel itineraries online. show unlike other cabinet secretaries, never taken charter or private flights. welcomes the investigation, but wants to keep the focus on fixing the da and quote away from all the distraction washington tries to make your pay attention to. >> just ahead, the astros are one win away from the world series title. going to have all the details firefighter you. president obama might have left the white house, isn't done serving his country just yet. those stories and a check on your weather when we come back.
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welcome back. a check on your weather now with nbc meechlkt. rafael miranda. still a rainy morning here in new york and pretty windy out there. >> a nasty day. dealing with the storm since yesterday. break in rain in new york. coming back. pounded with torrential rain this morning. watching out for new england. slowly pulling out today. winds have been intense. no airport delays. it's early. i expect them to go. travel times across the northeast. want to call ahead. besides the rain, dealing with the wind. high wind warnings in effect. cape cod winds could gust up to 65 miles per hour. had reports of downed trees. and power outages as well. tough travel across northeast for sure. high wind warning and now wind advisory in new york city. the winds are relatively light
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right now. three miles per hour. these are the winds we're dealing with in new england. portland 47 miles per hour. seen gusts up to 60 and higher throughout the morning. burlington 46. boston 13. wind will pick up again in new york city. probably 7, 8:00. head throughout the rest of the day. rain gradually tapers off. winds continue all day long. that could affect travel through the middle of the day and afternoon. and then by tomorrow, storms finally pulls away. we see improving weather conditions just in time for halloween. tomorrow may see a few scattered showers. rain and snow across the great lakes. >> thanks so much. i know there's kids out there don't want to be trekking through the rain. that's good news. >> wait for an indictment in the special counsel's investigation of russian interference. more ties between the trump circumstance and will russia have emerged. "new york times" reporting russian lawyer who met in 2016
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came armed with accusations against hillary clinton straight from the kremlin. according to the report, months before the trump tower meeting, had discussed the allegations with russian's prosecutor. memo she brought with her closely followed a document that the office had given to the american congressmen two months earlier incorporating paragraphs verbatim. in april of 2016, official with the russian prosecutor's office gave a memo detailing charges stamped confidential. considered to be one of the most pro russia lawmakers in congress.
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looking, throwing. in the back of the end zone. touchdown. gave him a pocket. benjamin in the end zone. touchdown carolina. here they come. ballton hit in the release. that pass is caught for the cincinnati touchdown. car, right back to washington. he lost a football. right to milano. milano with blockers. will go. touchdown. buffalo. now intercepted. picked up by thomas. earl thomas with a foot race. brown will get him. that will be six.
2:23 am
interaccepted by byron jones. he's in a touchdown. on ice for the you buoy sgls a look at amazing action around the nfl yesterday. get to football highlights in a seconds. first, start with epic slug fest in game five. houston dodgers. clayton kerhsaw. dallas keuchel squared off against last night. nights would be over quickly. bottom of the fourth. dodgers up. tied the game with a monster three-run shot. home run derby was just beginning. next inning, responds with a three run homer of his own. giving la a 7-4 lead. third law of physics state for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. precisely what jose altuve does in the fifth. tieing the game again at 7. and the astros george springer launches a bomb in to seventh. once again tieing the game. this time at 8 a piece.
2:24 am
two more home runs. astros go up 12-9 entering the nooibt with one out and a man on. a man on third. astros one strike away from a win. chris tailor says this game isn't over yet. hitting an rbi single into center and tieing the game at 12. accepteding the game in extra innings. tenth and five hours after keuchel tossed the first pitch. hits a blooper into left to score derek fisher who beets the throw at home plate. astros prevail 13-12. in this one, epic game featured a record seven home runs. houston now leads the series 3-2 in game six is back in la tomorrow night, but just unbelievable classic baseball here. let's go to nfl for some sunday night football with the steelers
2:25 am
in detroit to face the lions. although this game wasn't as wild as the world series. it would come down to the last few plays of the game. second quart down 6-3. steelers running back. bell hesitates and weaves way in. one td on the night. then in the third deep in the own territory. rothle berger throws to the end zone. takes the ball and goes. and goes and goes. breaking a few tackles there and all the way. >> now you have to hope they don't get intimidated by the dodgers fans. >> it's a great series. >> very rare to have the best
2:26 am
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welcome back, everybody.
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i'm yasmin vossoughian. alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. bottom of the hour. start with the top story. 166 days since the justice department appointed former fbi director robert mueller to serve as special counsel. associated with the campaign of president trump. now we are potentially minutes away from mueller taking action and bringing a public indictment. two source s telling nub in ing that a federal grand jury has approved the charges. he figured in mureller's probe. later registered for foreign agent for work in turkey during the campaign. disclosed on financial disclosure report. >> former trump campaign strategist and paul manafort in june registered as foreign agent
2:31 am
for his work. mueller's team raided his virginia home in the early morning hours last july. politico reports that mueller's prosecutors brought the realtor who helped manafort buy the apartment before a grand jury last week. in an interview before news of impending indictment said manafort and flynn, president has no concerns in terms of any impact as to what happens to them on his campaign or on the white house. i think he would be sad for them as a friend and former colleague if the process results in punishment or indictments, but to the extent that happens, that's beyond his control. president trump released the torrent of tweets this weekend. his frustration building to an all caps crescendo tweeting it's now greed after many months of looking there was no collusion between russia and trump. was collusion with hc. apparently standing for hillary clinton. sunday morning the president
2:32 am
said multiple tweets never seen such republican anger in unity as i have concerns the lack of investigation on clinton made fake dossier. russia deal, 33,000 plus deleted e-mails. comey fix and so much more. instead look at russia collusion which doesn't exist. republicans are now fighting back like never before. there's so much guilt by democrats clinton and now the facts are pouring out. do something. >> all this russia talk and republicans making big push for historic tax cut reform. is this coincidental. not. ty cobb released this statement. his tweets today are not as some have asked a reaction to anything involving the special counsel with whom the white house continues to cooperate. the conservative online newspaper revealed it's the previously unknown republican
2:33 am
organization that hired a firm to conduct opposition research on donald trump that turned into the dossier on his alleged ties to russia. the paper revealed to the house intel committee on friday it had first hired the research firm to compile opposition research that eventually led to the document. the beacon funded in large part by billionaire paul singer said it hired to -- including mr. trump. >> the publication says it ordered fusion to stop research in may of last year. in a statement that beacon says since launch in 2012, it has retained third-party firms to conduct research on many individuals and institutions of interest to it and its readers. added all the work it provided to fusion was from public sources and none of that information appears in this dossier. it was revealed last week that fusion was later hired by law firm representing the democratic
2:34 am
national committee and hillary clinton presidential campaign to compile the dossier. president trump has strongly denied allegations in it that his campaign colluded with russia. clinton campaign has failed to comment on the report of the dossier funding. >> former top intel lawyer said the dossier no role in the coordinated intelligence assessment that russia interfered in the election. says the assessment was based entirely on other sources and analysis. shane harris of the wall street journal reiterated that point reporting that senate officials told him the dossier played zero role on the conclusion of russian metaling and document did not exist when the investigation first began. turning to poll numbers. rating hit a new low this month. according to wall street journal poll. found 38% approving and 58%
2:35 am
disapproving. failure rating remain strong among republicans at 81%. among independents, approval rating dropped. independents are also breaking for the democrats in next year's midterms. 39% prefers democrats to control congress. 33% for republicans. a few bright spots for the president's performance on some of the issues according to nbc news wall street journal poll. handling of hurricanes in texas and florida is at 48% while his handling of the economy is at 42%. 5 points higher than disapproval rating of 37%. americans are split on his handling of the mass shooting in las vegas. 33% right down the middle. receives negative ratings on every other issue. down 18 points on approval as role in kmaend commander in chi
2:36 am
down 21 points on the iran nuclear deal. 25 points in response to puerto rico hurricane. 29 points on how he reacted to nfl protest during the national anthem and negative 30 points when it comes to health care. >> a lot of numbers to digest there. back with us from washington is daniel litman. good to have you back with us. let's talk about a strategy that has emerged from republicans and also heard it from president trump -- not heard it, but read it on his twitter feed over the weekend, allies and him saying it's really hillary clinton who should be under investigation for a list of things, e-mails, are they actually serious about these charges are is this an attempt to distract or muddy the water of the ongoing investigation. >> i don't see any special counsel separate from robert mueller investigating hillary clinton. this seems to be trying to kind of muddy the waters and make it
2:37 am
seem like hillary clinton is the real criminal here. those allegations about her have been investigated. nothing was really proven that she did anything wrong in those things so it seems like something that they would just throw out there to make people think that is the real news here when it's actually more about the possible collusion with russia. i don't think most americans outside of the conservative fringe really care about a uranium deal that was not something wrong. >> the reaction when the indictment is handed down. what he has to say and what that means in the grand scheme of things. want to look ahead for a second, daniel, to the twa2018 midterms
2:38 am
here. 2013. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. whether it's passed their time. most democrats are behind them now. they see polo se is raising gobs of money. elosi is raising gobs of money. she makes a point to donors that any time in the past 50 years that a president has been under 50% in job approval, he loses control of the house. and so they are feeling very optimistic. they have thousands of candidates that are competing in primaries right now. and so they feel the wind is at their backs. one of the country's most high profile federal prosecutors has submitted resignation after being asked to step down by the
2:39 am
trump administration. dana boente announced decision. said he should submit letter of resignation so that a successor could be named. boente, one of the few holdovers from the obama administration. is the attorney for the eastern district of virginia which handles many high profile and national security cases. he's likely best known for brief stint at the helm of the justice department. another obama administration holdover after she refused to -- he says he will continue to serve in his current position until a replacement is nominated and confirmed. kicked off a mixed note. energy stocks offering a small boost. european markets are also seeing some red. cnbc joins us live from london. what's driving the global markets on this monday morning.
2:40 am
yeah. good morning. things are opening up a little mixed. i have to say in europe the main performer here is the spanish ibex index. not much of a surprise after the spanish government went back to seize control of the cat low that region. alonia region. after some of the earnings there. let me take your attention to another story making waves in california. lieu la row hit with a lawsuit. the suit claims sellers were told to keep at least ten different sizes of each item e. and that led many of the women to take oat out loans, run out their limit in credit cards and led some to financial ruin. lularoe has called the claims baseless and inaccurate.
2:41 am
obviously, more to follow there. >> with the holidays fast approaching, do you think retailers could expect a rebound this season and will that boost the markets a little bit? >> yes, absolutely. all the signs are pointing to a very strong holiday season coming up. the national retail association is saying they're expecting growth in sales to pick up to 3.5-4% over the holiday month of november and december. already consumers are saying they set aside an average of $967 to spend on their holiday shopping. and that's up about 3% from a year ago. one thing i should say of course is that christmas falls on a monday this year. that's one extra day compared to last year. you have one more day on the weekend to get your shopping done. >> all right. live from london. thanks so much. >> we know you're going to use that extra day of shopping. >> you got the joke in before i could. still ahead, former president obama gets called upon to carry out a public duty as a civilian. details on the league obligations the former leader of
2:42 am
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ask your doctor about victoza®. welcome back, everyone. former president barack obama has been called for jury duty in chicago and he plans to serve. obama who lives in washington, d.c. and owns a home in chicago will follow in the footsteps of other presidents. both who appeared for jury duty after leaving the white house. obama skipped jury duty once before. notice arrived just weeks before he was to make first state of the union address. pretty good excuse. now the exact date of his jury duty has not been announced. according to chicago tribune it will occur sometime next month. >> i'm going to guess he gets excu excused. >> if he can want get out of
2:46 am
jury duty, we're all doing it right. rafael, this is a very crucial forecast for you. what is it going to look like for trick-or-treating and halloween. >> the costumes are depending on it. >> very important. >> take a look at the powerful storm moving through the northeast this morning. rain and wind. heavy rain about to move back into philadelphia and new york city. rough commute for you there. boston getting a bit of a break. you have flooding concerns across new england. and the winds to deal with. high wind warning in effect for many. high wind area. see gusts up to 65 miles an hour. the possibility still there for additional three limbs to come down and more power outages. the winds are intense along the coast of new england here. little lighter in new york. the winds will pick up again in new york city as the day goes on. here's a look at the national outlook. other than storm in the northeast today. pretty quiet across much of the rest of the country.
2:47 am
48 degrees in chicago. nice weather in the southwest. looking good in texas. 77 in dallas. beautiful weather in florida. temperatures low to mid 70s. halloween forecast. trick-or-treating weather going to be chilly for most of us. very brisk conditions. there's an applause for that. >> yes, that's what halloween is about. got to be a little cold. >> mixed opinions about that. want to wear your costumes without the layers. need layers in the midwest. 40s in chicago. high temperature. 50s breezy in the city. dropping to low 50s by trick-or-treating time. looking for warm weather florida and southwest. rain in dallas. otherwise a lot of dry weather for trick-or-treating as well. find your costumes accordingly. >> should i reveal what i'm going to be. >> we'll find out wednesday morning. give us a hint. a clue. it's something you can wear in
2:48 am
the snow. >> john snow from game of thrones. >> something you can wear in the snow. i'll be ready for it. defense secretary jim mattis is warning we'll never accept a north korea with nuclear weapons. ahead of donald trump's first trip to asia. we'll be right back. different . i was in shock. i am very proud of the development of drugs that can prevent the rejection and prevent the recurrence of the original disease. i never felt i was going to die. we know so much about transplantation. and we're living longer. you cannot help but be inspired by the opportunities that a transplant would offer. my donor's mom says "you were meant to carry his story".
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welcome back. hawaii over the weekend. north korea's ongoing nuclear threat. comes as philippine president joins the growing chorus of leaders calling for all sides to hold talks. >> there's been a lot of discussion over the past few weeks in particular. definitely at the core of the discussion of the meetings about the trump administration agreeing to deploy strategic assets to the region to try to counter the north korean threat. the issue is nobody is talking about exactly what that means. are they strategic assets in the
2:52 am
form of more troops, more hardware, more missiles. secretary james mattis saying only that the strategic assets are global in their positioning and have a wide reach. the signs of unity that we're seeing in things like these trilateral meetings are a show of how concerned u.s. allies are in the region of the north korean threat. if we consider also that there is a shift in the political dynamic that's under way in south korea there's now a very growing and heated debate over whether the country should have nuclear weapons. this is something that the u.s. has rejected before, while in japan, shinzo abe just expanding his hold on the government with the snap election, an election
2:53 am
many say he won with his vow to crack down on north korea, and he could amend the constitution, the passivist constitution to remilitaryize the country. you add into this rodrigo duterte not exactly a voice of restraint saying somebody needs to talk to kim jong-un and it underscores the fear there is an arms race under way in asia. >> sort of the theme here, could this cause nuclear proliferation in that region of the world. >> and that's why a lot is at stake as president trump heads to asia next week. >> absolutely. thank you. 36-year-old chief warrant officer jacob sims is the soldier killed in a helicopter crash in east afghanistan on friday. sims, a black hawke helicopter pilot, served in kosovo and iraq. six other service members were injured in that crash. the pentagon says the incident which occurred just south of kabul was an accident, not caused by any enemy fire or action. an investigation has been open into the accident and a
2:54 am
spokesman for the local provençal governor tells the ap the helicopter hit a tree after taking off and forced to make an emergency landing. >> senior advisers and the president's soinl jared kushner back in the u.s. after making a trip to saudi arabia. he returned from his third trip to saudi arabia this year on saturday in time for a surprise birthday party for his wife ivanka. the white house official tells politico that kushner left last wednesday via a commercial airline accompanied by deputy national security adviser dina powwell. he travel separated from steve mnuchin who was in riyadh last week for meetings combatting terrorist funding. unknown who kushner met with during this trip. it comes as saudi arabia has announced it will allow women and families at sports stadiums in three cities beginning early next year and last month the country issued a decree allowing women to begin driving cars next year. coming up next on "morning joe," everybody, of course the very latest as we await the
2:55 am
unveiling of the first indictment in special counsel bob mueller's investigation into interference in the election set to happen at any moment. >> "morning joe" will have coverage as the news breaks with kristen welker at the white house, justice correspondent pete williams in washington and chief legal correspondent ari melber breaking it down. >> former fbi agent clint watts and professor jonathan turley will be here to break down the charges. "morning joe" just moments away. i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think our recent online sales success seems a little... strange? na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground.
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welcome back, everybody. before we toss it over to "morning joe" a check of the stories you will be hearing about in the day ahead. >> we start at the white house as we await the expected announcement of an indictment in connection to robert mueller's russia probe at any moment. kelly o'donnell has more from the white house. kelly, good morning. >> good morning, louis. perhaps the biggest development for the president won't be happening here at the white house but down the street in washington, d.c., where it is expected as early as today the first indictment could be unsealed in the sprawling russia investigation. of course that's been going on for more than a year at the fbi, looking at russian intrusion
2:59 am
into the 2016 campaign. for the last five months or so, robert mueller, the former fbi director has been leading an investigation as special counsel. and u.s. officials do say that there will be charges filed and that could be unsealed revealing the identities of a person or persons who would be charged and specifically for what crimes. that part has remained a mystery over the last few days. it will be an important development and a turn, consequential turn in this investigation. >> all right. thanks to kelly o'donnell for that report. secretary of state rex tillerson and defense secretary james mattis head to capitol hill today where they will go before the senate foreign relations committee. the two will be discussing the possibility of a new congressional war authorization act following the deadly ambush on u.s. troops in niger. former president bill clinton will speak at a summit in baltimore focusing on the opioid crisis. he will give the opening remarks and moderate a panel, for possible solutions to the problem.
3:00 am
that does it for us on this monday morning. have a good week, everybody. "morning joe" starts right now. i think bob mueller has a really distinguished career of stofrs our country and i don't think any of your viewers can think of a single thing he did as the fbi director that caused them to have a lack of confidence in him. i would encourage my republican friends give the guy a chance to do his job. the result will be known by the facts, by what he uncovers. the personalities involved are much less important to me than the underlying facts. so i would say give the guy a chance to do his job. >> here here. >> tell that to the president and "wall street journal" editorial board by the way. bob mueller set to make an announcement today, and it's not about him stepping down. any moment the first criminal charges are expected in the sweeping investigation of russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. good morning, everyone. welcome to "morning joe." it's


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