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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 31, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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eventful monday as we start a new week. thank you so much for being here with us, and good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort was charged with money laundering and tax evasion. >> are we clear the trump campaign has no relationships are trump oligarchs. >> that's what he said. that's what my position is. >> ladies and gentlemen, is that the way someone guilty talks. >> this morning, three associates of president trump facing charges. paul manafort and one time top
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aide. the press secretary says the indictments have nothing to do with president trump and his campaign. >> and executives from facebook and other social media sites set to testify on capitol hill. it comes as we learn new details about how russian metaling ahead of the 2016 elections played out. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 31. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. yesterday mueller ae vealreveal charges. first, former campaign chairman, paul manafort and long time deputy rick gates were charged in 12 count indictment alleging criminal conspiracy secretly acting with agents of propolitical party.
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laundering $75 million in payments and making false statements about activity, manafort and gates both pled not guilty and placed under house arrest on multimillion dollar bonds. spokesman for gates said this fight is just beginning. manafort's attorney spoke outside the courthouse. take a listen. >> i think you all saw it today that president trump donald trump was correct. there is no evidence that mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. mr. manafort represented pro european union campaigns for the ukrainiaia ukrainian. in that he was seeking further democracy and help the ukraine come closer to the united states and eu. those@s ended in 2014. over two years before mr. manafort served in the trump campaign. the second thing about this indictment that i myself find
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most ridiculous is a claim that maintaining offshore accounts so bring all your funds into the united states as a scheme to conceal from the united states government is ridiculous. >> shortly before 10:30 yesterday morning the president revealed thoughts in two tweets. sorry, but this is years ago before paul manafort was part of the trump campaign. why aren't hillary and the crooked demes the focus. there is no collusion. this as is presidential counsel revealed. admitted to lying to the the fbi in russian interference in the 2016 election. pap dop louadopoulos before he foreign policy adviser to the
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campaign. pop dop louapadopoulos papadopo >> in truth papadopoulos learned he would be an adviser and met the professor later. the professor told papadopoulos about the e-mails on or about april 26, 2016 after he had been a foreign policy adviser to the campaign for overall r over a month. to review the timeline, that is a month after the clinton campaign chairman e-mails were hacked and nearly two months before the first dnc hack was made public and three months before president trump made this joke. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> so at the white house yesterday, press secretary sara huckabee sanders down played the
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position. >> can you explain what the role with the campaign was. it was extremely limited. volunteer position, and, again, no act was ever done in an official capacity on behalf of the campaign in that regard. >> but papadopoulos had exposure to top campaign officials. including the current attorney general jeff sessions and president trump himself during this national security meeting in what is now the trump hotel in washington. see that picture on your screen. one of the first officials to be named by trump adds a foreign policy adviser. >> we heard you might be announcing your foreign policy team soon. >> carter page, george papadopoul papadopoulos. he's an oil and energy consultant. >> the statement filed in court includes statements of papadopoulos making numerous
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contact with trump officials about facilitating meetings with russians. overseas professor introduced papadopoulos to an individual in moscow. now the filing lists multiple communications by papadopoulos in attempts to arrange a meeting between the campaign with the russian government and also alleges that after several weeks of further communications regarding potential off the record meeting with russian officials, on or about august 15, 2016, an unnamed official described as campaign supervisor told papadopoulos i would encourage you and another foreign policy adviser to the campaign to make the trip to russia if it is feasible. >> a lot to take in. sara huckabee sanders insisting the president felt vindicated by yesterday and distanced themselves from paul manafort and rick gates. take a listen. >> today's announcement has
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nothing to do with the president, has nothing to do with the president's campaign or campaign activity. the real scandal has everything to do with the clinton campaign, fusion, gps and russia. we've been saying since day one there's no evidence of trump/russia collusion. >> you promised to hire only the best people. is this an example of the best people to hire? >> look, this goes back to activities that took place outside of the scope of the campaign. i can't comment on anything they did. >> are these the best people to hire. >> look, the president hired paul manafort to handle the delegate process, which he did and he was dismissed not too long after that. >> reporting in the "washington post" describes president trump glued to the television set yesterday morning with several people close to the president telling the paper he was late in getting downstairs to the oval office on monday and cheered no charges against gates and manafort involving the campaign. two white house officials told nbc when the president had lunch with attorney general jeff
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sessions yesterday, the two did not discuss the indictment or the special counsel and members of if president's team ruled out the possibility of firing the special counsel. >> president said last week, i believe it was last week and i said several times before, there's no intention or plan to make any changes in regard to the special counsel. >> the answer to that is no, the president has not -- is not interfering with the special counsel mueller's position. he's not firing the special counsel. he said that before. >> starting today, executives from facebook, twitter and google will appear before congress regarding the attempt to interfere in the 2016 campaign. comes as we learn more information about the use of social media in the critical period leading up to the election. nbc joe lean kent has more. >> reporter: reached potentially a third of all americans.
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facebook saying approximately 126 million people may have been served one of their stories at some point during the two-year peri period. posts came from 120 russia backed pages. first only reached 29 million users. through likes and shares reached 126 million americans. facebook says we shut the sites down and tried to understand how they misused our platform. >> this could be the beginning of a title waive of misinformation efforts and propaganda efforts from foreign evidents. >> ban on transgender troops openly serving in the military. called military leaders off
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guard last july when he tweeted his intention to reverse the obama era policy accepting transgender service members. then in august, the president signed a memorandum that required all transgender troops to be discharged by march. led to a lawsuit. yesterday's decision by a federal judge to block enforcement until the case works its way through the court. wrote the ban is not genuinely based on concerns. instead driven by a desire to express approval of transgender people generally. while the injunction allows transgender troops to join the military and relist does not funding for sex reassignment surgery. tomorrow marks six weeks since hurricane maria hit puerto rico. island is still struggling to restore power. contract with white fish energy is being scrapped among investigation. investigating the decision to
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award a $300 million contract to the small montana energy firm with links to interior secretary ryan zinke. became a significant distraction, but the head of power authority says there was nothing illegal about the deal and replacing white fish could in fact delay power restoration by 10-12 weeks on the island. governor tells nbc news mutual aide agreements will be critical to try to restore power there. right now 30% of the island has electricity. >> plump has reportedly made a decision over who he will pick as the next chair of the federal hev v reserve. "new york times" expected to name jerome powell as the head of the central bank. announcement is expected to happen on thursday. powell will replace current chair janet yellen. powell is a leading contender to serve as the next chairman, but caution the decision isn't final yet. powell has been a fed governor
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since 2012 and has deep routes in republican party and financial industry. he's also supported the fed's current approach to monetary policy and financial regulation. fuelling the expectation he would bring continuity to that role. now, powell would require senate confirmation. some of his views specifically on regulation could draw opposition for conservatives who previously voted against powell's confirmation as fed governor. bowe bergdahl is due back in court after making surprise move of taking the witness stand during sentencing hearing. apologized to hearings for the troops who deserted him. broke down several times reading his statement saying he made a quote, terrible mistake in leaving adding that he was trying to do something good and it turned bad. bergdahl often detailed the harsh conditions he faced inial bannon captivity.
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statement marked the first time courtroom had heard from him during the proceedings also marked the openings of the defense's case. bergdahl has the potential to be sentenced to a life in prison. two time oscar winning actor kevin spacey accused of setting back gay rights comedian. just invented something that has never existed before, a bad time to come out. we're going to have more reaction. plus a check on your weather when we come back.
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deflect the allegation of sexual assault. this isn't a coming up story about spacey, but a story of survivorship. those who speak out about unwanted sexual advancements. meanwhile netflix announced the end of political drama that
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decision to end the program has been made months ago. >> the second time one of president trump's judicial nominees has received a not qualified label from the bar association. leonard steven grass ahead of the hearing this week, the aba says it's standing committee unanimously concluded with one abstention that grass is not kwufd f qualified for a judicial judge. particularly bias and lack of open mindedness. lack of strong words there. strat statement fr separate statement outlines multiple concerns, including whether he's committed. others said his behavior was gratuitously rude. he once argued lower courts should be able to overrule the superior court or abortion right
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decisions because abortion is to an extent, a word game. let's get a check on holiday forecast with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill w the exception of texas, weather is looking pretty good for trick-or-treating. >> good for all the kids. nice clear skies. not bad is the big rule. remember, yesterday, huge windstorm in the northeast. couple hundred,0 thousand peopl without power. the radar is clear as can be. this afternoon is when it's going to fill up. rainfall forecast over the next two days. heaviest is corpus christi through houston. about an inch to inch and a half. if the timing is later this afternoon or evening, not what you want for the kids. here's how it looks, 7:00 a.m. this morning. clouds begin to build. remember the green is the light rain. we show you the downpours where we start to deal with areas of the yellow here. rainstorms along the stationary
2:20 am
front. moderate to about a heavy rain risk go throughout the afternoon and evening hours. the worst of it, hit and miss. not going to be ruining anyone's halloween forecast. that's going to be good. as far as the other concerns that we're going to have, it does look like as we go throughout the afternoon evening some of these storms could be on the mild strong side. one down here to the south p. as far as the halloween forecast, don't have anything bad to show you at all. east coast looks great. west coast looks fine too. should be fantastic for the kids. >> got to give bill credit for wearing the halloween tie this morning. >> you take the weather person oath. certain ties you have to wear certain times of year. take them out of the closet. >> can't wait for christmastime.
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2:24 am
marcus peters rips it out of his hands and returns the fumble 45 yards to the house. chief defense would force five turnovers in this game. chief quarterback threw for 202 yards. most to tight end kelsey who hauled in this td reception. he ended up with 333 yards on the night. added 17 points on the night. getting the ball to sale through the uprights five times. including this 51 yard attempt. chiefs go onto beat the broncos. go to new england and patriots keep stock in tom brady for the foreseeable future. traded backup qb in exchange for second round pick in next year's draf draft. set to become a free agent at the end of the season. golf news, tiger woods announced he will make long awaited return
2:25 am
to competitive government. set to return to tournament play at next month's hero world challenge in the bahamas. first professional round in nine months. only third start in 26 months. it is halloween. what's scarier than a clown that prays on children 27-30 years. how about a dead clown who is also 6'8" and 250 pounds. yes, that is nba super star lebron james as the clown from steven king it. also on those who have fear of clowns of course on halloween. >> that is literally terrifying. >> terrifying. >> i don't know who did the makeup. it is spot on. probably one of the best costumes i've seen. where does he have time to get that done. >> makes a good amount of money. >> yes i'm sure. still ahead, much more on
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judge wrote in a ruling the ban was not based on legitimate concerns regarding military effectiveness or budget constraints, but instead driven by desire to express disapproval of transgender people. investigating the contract with white fish energy to restore power to puerto rico. according to wall street journal wur"wall street journalwurn"wal spacey is being accused of trying to deflect from the serious accusations by coming out. meanwhile, netflix has announced the end of the political drama house of cards starring spacey
2:31 am
releasing a statement saying it's deeply troubled by the news. turning back to other morning's major story. special counsel robert mueller revealing charges against three former advisers to president trump's campaign. charges marked the first move by mueller into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> reporter: paul manafort is now a criminal defendant. to avoid paying taxes and failing to register as foreign lobbyist. robert mueller's prosecutor said business partner and right hand man in the campaign rick gates earned more than $75 million from 2006 to 2015 lobbying for victor, former president of ukraine. vladimir putin's man in that position put the money on banks in island nations outside the u.s. to hide it from the government. says nothing about manafort's
2:32 am
role in the trump campaign. lawyer calls the charges ridiculous. >> i think you all saw today that president donald trump was correct, there is no evidence that mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. >> reporter: manafort and gates pleaded not guilty during a brief court appearance. judge set bail and ordered them to remain at home detention. manafort spent some of his millions on four homes in manhattan, brooklyn, long island, as well as in suburban washington dnk and accused him of spending 900,000 dollars for antique rugs. legal charges could purr swierse men to help with mueller's investigation of interference in the election. >> these men are looking at decades in prison. there's tremendous incentive for them to come to prosecutors and
2:33 am
cooperate. >> reporter: we learned a trump campaign volunteer adviser has admitted he was in touch with the kremlin during the campaign. including thousands of e-mails. >> the reveals the trump campaign adviser was communicating with well connected russians as far back as april 2016. well before we knew the russians hacked the democrats. >> prosecutors reveal he was arrested three months ago and has been cooperating with mueller's investigations ever since. pleaded guilty three weeks ago. admitted he lied to the fbi by denying he was involved with the campaign when he communicated with the russians who wanted to set up a meeting between trump and vladimir putin during the campaign which never happened. campaign official forwarded one of his e-mails indicating the campaign was aware of what he was doing. law enforcement officials say that campaign official was paul manafort.
2:34 am
>> thanks for that report. republican lawmakers have mostly tried to avoid answering questions about the indictment. senate judiciary committee held a news conference yesterday to discuss judicial nominations and here's what happened when nbc casey hunt tried to get them to weigh in. >> is any senator willing to take a question about manafort. >> we'll have plenty of time. since there are no more questions on this topic, we'll be glad to talk to you on a one-on-one basis in the press conference. thank you. >> plenty of time, but we got to go. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell slipped out early. chuck grassley also made a quick exit. welcome knocked over one of the flags in the process. we did get a written statement from the chairman on the senate intel committee also investigating russia. the special counsel has found a reason on criminal violations to indict two individuals. i will leave that up to the special counsel to make that
2:35 am
determination. doesn't change anything with our investigation. special councsel. >> i'm not going to comment about our work yet. we're not done. seems to have absolutely nothing with his time on the campaign. >> does that make you confident this is a closed question about collusion. >> we're continuing our work and i'm not privy to what mr. mueller is working on. just from what i read today, didn't seem to have anything to do with his time on the campaign. >> most republican lawmakers shied away. lindsey graham did speak out when asked about the possibility of the president now firing special counsel mueller. >> i have zero concerns that mueller is in jeopardy of losing his job. i see no reason for him to be dismissed. the only reason he could do it is for cause. there was effort to do it
2:36 am
without a good reason, there would be a price to pay. >> stemmed down from his firm yesterday. podesta and the firm faced growing scrutiny as he investigated manafort's finances. engaged the firm $1.1 million for a public relations campaign for a modern ukraine. schemed device to gain support in washington for former ukrainian president. ukraine yen. podesta told the "new york times" he decided to step down from the growing attacks from the media. well known democratic donor. brother and partner john podesta shared hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. all the news from yesterday, just learning how aggressive russia was using social media to influence the 2016 election. it comes as facebook, twitter,
2:37 am
and google prepare to testify on capitol hill. facebook now says an estimated 126 million people received russian backed content on the website during the 2016 election. that's roughly one-third of the nation's population. revelation was made in prepared testimony by facebook general counsel calling the stretch ahead of the hearing. facebook saying 29 million americans directly received material from 80,000 posts by 120 fake russian backed pages. twitter also released alarming data as well. company identified 37,000 accounts linked to russia generated election material. that resulted in nearly 1.5 million tweets that could have appeared in the timelines of 288 million users. house republicans working to put final touches on tax plan. republicans looking at local property tax reductions in effort to get more republicans to back the bill.
2:38 am
house chairman kevin brady original tax plan prohibited the local or state taxes from federal taxable income, but on monday brady told reports the ability to duct property taxes from federal income would be one of three deductions. americans would be able to claim under the new simplified plan. republican lawmakers are expected to meet today to resolve any remaining issues. however, senator susan collins, key republican vote, told bloomberg she does not support the elimination of the estate tax and cutting individual rate for the wealthiest americans. collins said she thinks the bill will pass hopefully with bipartisan support. >> let's switch gears and talk about defense secretary jim mattis and tillerson. both spoke in favor of the awe umf.
2:39 am
whether congress should update and/or replace that law which was passed shortly after the september 11 attack. >> the united states has the legal authority to prosecute campaigns against the taliban, al qaeda and associated forces including isis, and is not currently seeking any new or additional congressional authorization from the use of force. the 2001 aumf remains corner stone for ongoing military operations and continues to provide legal authority relied upon to defeat the threat. >> traditional campaigns to protect our people must adapt to the reality of today's nontraditional transnational character. the 2001 and 2002 authorization to use military force remain a sound basis for ongoing u.s. military operations against a mutating threat, though a statement of continued congressional support would be welcomed and a new new aumf is
2:40 am
not legally required to address the continuing threat posed by al qaeda, taliban and isis. >> both tillerson and mattis went on to give the community several recommendations if congress decides to write a new aumf legislation. that includes not having geographic or time constraints. >> mattis and tillerson also told the committee the administration does not have congressional authorization to use military force against north korea outside of a direct or imminent threat. president can in vehicvoke arti two. imminent threat would be a fact based decision that would depend on all circumstances. let's talk about that. joining us live from london. matt bradley, it's good to talk to you this morning. of course coming as president trump gears up for first asia trip. indictment yesterday and
2:41 am
testimony there mattis and trir tillerson. >> with 12 days and five countries on the schedule, will be the longest foreign trip since he took office. every stop is going to be north korea the main topic of conversation. both america's allies and rivals are desperately looking for any indication of a coherent u.s. policy on the korean peninsula. comments by secretary mattis that you just mentioned, likely to go a small way towards easing the anxiety. most asian leaders blame kim jong-un for the escalating tensions and bellicose rhetoric. a lot of concern about his president and unguarded comments on the situation, whether on public or twitter. asian leaders will be pleased to hear there is some limits on the president's authority to declare
2:42 am
war. real story today is china and south korea agreed to end the dispute. so the u.s. had deployed this so-called terminal high altitude defense or thatd in may. the chinese said the system could be used to spy on chinese defenses and diplomatic that for a while looked like it might complicate efforts to close ranks around north korea. latest taunt, donald trump may see a more unified, more confident group of asian leaders. that would be a rare bit of good foreign policy news for this embattled president. >> we'll certainly billie watch matt bradley, thank you. charged on a 2012 attack in benghazi which left four americans, including ambassador chris stevens dead. 46-year-old who reports was a
2:43 am
key player in the attack was captured by special forces on libya's north coast. now transported back here to the united states. in a statement, president trump says in part, on my orders, united states forces capture d n libya. to families of fallen heros, i want you to know your loved ones are not forgotten. memory is deep and reach is long. we will not rest in efforts to find and bring perpetrators of this heinous attack in benghazi to justice. second person charged in connection with the attack. other was captured back in 2014 and pleaded not guilty to multiple charges. in fact, his trial begins earlier this month. still ahead, they may be gone, but shows these celebs they still have earning power in the after life. who tops that list and just how much they made this year alone. plus, bill karins have details on whether it will be a trick-or-treat with the halloween forecast.
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welcome back. hundreds of volunteers lending hand to crews while they get a hand on a massive fire out there. officials say the blaze has scorched more than a quarter of the national park since the fire began there three weeks ago. some rain over the weekend has also provided help in battling the wildfire. though not completely successful. officials say it is now mostly under control. >> with that, let's turn now to nbc meteorologist. >> can you do that video. show the beginning of that video again. i've never seen fire crews using a leaf blower. >> is that what that is. >> yes. light? >> yes. you learn something new every day. >> it worked. >> they do it differently. if it works and puts the fire out. >> i feel like bill is trying to avoid the subject. what are you going to be for halloween. >> i will be a very responsible
2:48 am
parent. >> that's a change. that's a new one. >> that's always the objective. then it always gets hairy halfway through. let's talk about the forecast. today is a great lakes we have rain showers. snow showers. it's a little chilly. i wouldn't call it the worst forecast. it's not the best either. blue on the map shows you where the snow is. central michigan does have snowflakes falling. band of heavy rain. you can actually get lake affect rain. the case is here. cold air over the warm waters. not cold enough for a snow event. just heavy rain south of b buffalo. go throughout the day again, streamers hitting the lakes. most just rain showers. no accumulation for the snow. so let's get to the fun stuff. halloween forecast. you know, trees like this. i had one of these trees. the movie poltergeist where the tree comes through the window. let's get to fun towns. now i got their attention here.
2:49 am
frankenstein missouri, transvainia louisiana. all fine. scary west virginia. dracula georgia. ghost cove. we have so many of these wonderfully named cities. we have another list too. we could do this again here. witch lake is a nice one. frankenstein missouri. i like dracula georgia. >> how long did it take you to make that map with all the graphics. >> it took me about three minutes to load it after someone else made it. >> you had your kids working all night to draw that thing out. that would have been the best. >> you know bill is going to be hording all the halloween candy. hoarding. arding all the hallow candy. hoarding. it has been eight years since michael jackson passed. top earns celebrities for fifth year in a row. boosted by a new greatest hits
2:50 am
album. las vegas show and a stake in the emi music accomplishing catalog. taking a look at the rest of the group, golf legend arnold palmer landed second on the list with $40 million thanks to sales of the arizona lemon aide and ice tea beverage. peanuts creator charles shulchu >> all of those people still deserve it. >> timeless. i can understand why they still rake up the millions. >> absolutely. totally. still ahead, president trump moves closer. ♪ other stories driving your business day, coming up next. ♪
2:51 am
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welcome back. let's turn to business. president trump is reportedly leaning towards selecting federal reserve officer jerome powell to replace janet nelen as head of the bank. steve sedgwick jins us live from london. what can a potential powell mean for the markets? >> reporter: actually the markets will say is this as steady as we go. he's been on board as a fed governor since 2012. he's a republican. but what he has done, he's backed miss yellin deadly throughout the last four, five years as well. he's gotten emboldened, an eternal debate worth of
2:54 am
stimulus. he has been on board to say what governor yellin has been doing. we exmekt picture more of the same. investors think he will be slightly more hawkish. elsewhere, 130 million u.s. sub skrieshs on their mobile contracts just be the same as it was, it looks like sprint and t-mobile who between them have 3 million customers have failed talks again. they talked about tying up their businesses in 2014. >> and china's president is courting leaders from silicon valley's biggest companies as their leaders visit the country. what is this move all about? and what can we look forward to with it? >> reporter: well this is xi gin wing, of course, had quite a successful congress in congress a. multi-year effect. he has been courting mark zuckerberg and saying we have innovation and an open relations
2:55 am
between the united states and indeed u.s. tech companies as well. what is interesting here, louis, this is a subtext, mr. president trump thereby there ahead of that and say here i am, i am talking to you about business, i'm open for business. it's up to you, that you want a good dialogue and two-way relationship within us. >> thanks so much coming up next on "morning joe," everybody, much more on the first charges for special counsel bob mueller against three former advisers in donald trump's campaign amid his possible ties with russia. >> just tins correspondent pete rums u williams and senator richard blumenthal will weigh in on all of it. "morning joe," everyone, minutes away. i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think
2:56 am
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what's critical thinking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create, not just wealth, but things that matter. morgan stanley welcome back, everybody, we
2:59 am
are have been telling you, executives from facebook, google and twitter will testify on capitol hill about rigs-backed content during the 2016 campaign. nbc news learned that facebook will tell members of the senate judiciary committee an estimated 126 million americans received russian-backed content during the 2016 campaign. >> the head of fema will be on the hill discussing the response to the hurricane season. brock long be go before the senate committee around likely be grilled on the efforts in puerto rico and the federal government's handling of the growing crisis there former president and first lady obama will host the inaugural obama day summit in chicago today. mr. obama will speak at the opening session of the event, which will feature civic and business leaders from around the u.s. and around the world. >> that does it for us on this tuesday morning. "morning joe" starts right now.
3:00 am
there is no hesitation. one of the great memories of all time, there was no hesitation. >> i'm not sure that the president recalls specific details of the meeting. again, it was a brief meeting that took place quite some time ago. >> interesting t. president remembers his conversation with a war widow like it was yesterday. but things get a little more hazy when trying to recall his meeting with a former adviser who communicated with the russians about getting dirt on hillary clinton. >> but it was one of his top advisers. that's what i don't understand. he talked to the washington post, willie. we all remember that, because it was probably the first time a presidential candidate and editorial interview talked about his hand as much as donald trump talked about the size of his hands, but when they asked about his foreign policy advisers, boom, right at the top of the list. >> called him an excellent guy,


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