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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 1, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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themselves to trump and to this presidency. so frankly i would be surprised if they ever get off the ship. it's going to be an issue in 2018. the voters have a say. that good morning, everyone, it's wednesday, november 1st. we begin with the manhattan attack, west side. eight people killed, 15 injured after officials say a man drive rental home depo truck, mowing people down before crashing no a school bus. that's when officials say he got out of the vehicle and in the shadow of the world trade center screamed allah akbar which means god is great in arabic.
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this video shows the suspect running through traffic with something in his hand. police say he was armed with a pellet gun and paintball gun. he was eventually approached by an officer and shot in the stomach. this is a photo of a suspect being detained. listen to what he saw. >> when i go to cross the street, i hear a loud commotion coming from behind me so when i go back across where i was crossing the street from i look down and i see a truck going down towards chambers street. i say, what's going on? as i go down more, he's in the bike lane, clearly in the bike lane, i see when you go down, two gentleman laying right there with tire marks across their body. you could tell they're not here no more. >> let me be clear based on the information we have at this moment, this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at
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people going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them. >> we've lived with this before. we felt the pain before. we feel the pain today. but we go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever. we're not going to let them win and if we change our live, we contort ourselves to them, they win, and we lose. >> the suspect is described as ap uzbek national entered the u.s. in 2010. he left a note not truck, claiming he committed the attack for isis. they say he rented the truck from new jersey home depot an hour before carrying out the attack. nbc news says they met in florida. he is a truck driver who more
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recently had been living in new jersey and driving for uber. the friend describes him as a happy guy who liked the u.s. >> we have a lot of coverage for you. we want to go down to the scene and bring in our louis bergdorf, one of the reporters and no one knows the neighborhood better, louis, walk us through what you saw and what you witnessed yesterday as this attack unfolded. >> reporter: yeah, i'm down here on greenwich and chambers street. can you see just over my right shoulder, the truck where the suspect's truck eventually came to its final stop. but i live about ten blocks north of here, right where canal street meets the west highway that. lane, the hudson river, the bike path is something i frequently use every day. i had just come in from walking my dog around 2:30 in that bike lane, i was in my building when all of a sudden i saw people running, screaming and a lot of
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commotion happening on the west side highway. i ran outside my building to see what happened. initially everyone was confused. people thought it was a case of road rage. they thought that maybe someone had lost control of a veeng and hit some pedestrians, but as the minutes ticked by, it appeared it was something much more severe from what happened, as ki see the first police were tending to not to one or two people that were hurt but multiple people on the ground in that bike lane severely injured, you know, i witnessed a first responder, a police officer giving cpr, trying to resuscitate a cyclist who seemed unresponsive at the time. to give you a little bit of a sense of this neighborhood. this neighborhood is a mixture of a lot of residential, along with, you know, corporate buildings and that bike path is
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busy all day long. there is a school, obviously, that we've all heard about. people are up and down that path. and that's a place for tourists, for families, for people going on their lunch breaks, so it is always busy, but it seems secure. you know, i never could have imagined that something like this was going to happen on that path. it's a a very difficult place to get on to for a vehicle. there are very few entrance points. so i never thought that that could be something that would happen there. and the fact that it did was not only terrifying, but if you live in this neighborhood and something like this happens, out front of your doorstep, it's really hard to get over. >> louis, i'm happy you are okay. >> that is for sure. we will be out there texting with louis yesterday when it happened. you do live so close to the scene there. talk quickly, lewis, about how people are reacting when you first went out there. because as you said, really it's
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shocking to see something take place. also the proximity. i think for people that don't know new york, the proximity of the west side highway, where cars are driving down to that running path, that he trophy on to. >> reporter: sure, now the west side highway is right butted up against that hudson river bike path. it's a mere few feet. there is obviously a wall that separates it. what first happened, again, there was a lot of confusion, it was very chaotic. there was also reports of gunfire. so people that weren't sure if there was an active shooter or there had been a vehicle, went onto the bike path or had been a vehicle that had lost control t. length of this crime scene, few live down here, these blocks are long and it's, it was very confusing to the first responders in the beginning because the problem is that there were not only, there wasn't just one victim.
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there were victims that spread, you know, hundreds of yards apart down the path. so to see these responders running back ap forth and trying to tend and physical out who they could save and who they couldn't save, it was terrifying. >> yeah, i think about the zavenls because i've run that path many times as we all have it's almost a mime or so from house industry to cam bers, a pretty large crime scene at that, louis, we will check back in with you throughout the morning. we appreciate you talking to us this morning. louis, again, we are happy you are okay today. also, we are learning more about the eight people killed in this terrorist attack. officials saying six died at the scene, argentina's foreign affairs minister confirmed five of the people were from that country and in fork celebrating the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation. meanwhile, belgium's foreign affairs ministry revealed one of the victims was a national in that country. official versus fought released information about the final two
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victims yet. the investigation has led to police activity on the other side of the hudson river in new jersey. new is reporting last night law enforcement descended on patterson, around an area that included an apartment building where the attacker lived. a mosque and several residences and store fronts. patterson police say it was led by a new york fbi terrorist task force investigation. but patterson officers were in charge of crowd control and traffic nearby. they were seen searching a garage in the neighborhood late last night a. neighbor told that saipov lived in his building for less than a year with his family. he said he had seen him at the local mosque but called the alleged attacker unfriendly quote never says good morning and good afternoon. patterson councilman told you he was very concerned and called the attack an isolated
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incident adding we have 52 nationality, they're hard working people who come to patterton to maintain a better life. melania trump posted that her heart breaks for the city and president trump reacted through twitter in his official statement t. president offered his thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. he pled the administration's full support for the nypd through a joint investigation and he thanked the first responders on twitter and posted nyc looks like another attack by a sick and derangegeed person. law enforcement is following this closely, not in the usa. he says we must not allow isis to return or enter our country after defeating them in the middle east or elsewhere. enough. three hours later about 9:30 came this tweet. quote. i have just ordered homeland security to step up our already extreme vetting program.
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being politically correct is fine, but not for this. >> yesterday's attack was the latest in which an attacker turned a vehicle into a deadly weapon. isis have called for low end attacks. tom costello has more. >> reporter: it's a growing terror tactic used around the world with devastating results, judgment, 2016, a truck on the boardwalk in nice, france, plowed through thousands of people on holiday, 86 killed, 200 injured. similar attacks on the london bridge last may, eight dead. another five killed in march. around the world, attacks in barcelona, stockholm, berlin. in the u.s. last year at ohio state university, 11 injured. for years isis and al qaeda have called for just this low type attack using cars and trucks to mow down and kill as many people as possible. >> these small scale attacks using tools, not evenwell
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weapons, tools widely available, make actually suppressing this entirely not just difficult but truly impossible. >> reporter: in new york last may it was a terrorist attack, but a deranged suspect on drug who killed a woman and injured 22 after driving through a crowd in time's square. nypd told lester earlier this year the threat of trucks is top of mind from the nypd command using city trucks to wall off large areas, including thanksgiving. >> we had sanitation trucks to make sure there were no unauthorized vehicles on the route. we did the same thing new year's eve and fourth of july is always a challenge. >> reporter: after isis called for targeting new york's thanksgiving parade last year, police visited 148 truck rental facilitys telling them to be aware of any suspicious persons who might try i to rent a truck. >> all right. our thanks, to tom costello for that report still ahead with le have much more on the new york city terror situation, including what we
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learned about a pro isis threat posted online before the attack the latest on the foreign policy adviser who plet guilty with a relationship to president trump. those stories and a check of the weather when we come back.
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. >> shortly before we began taping tonight's show, we have learned about a terrorist in lower manhattan, all of our heart, all of our prone hearts go out to everyone affected and
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all those who live and work in this great city, tomorrow and the next day, new yorkers will wake up to few details about what happened, tomorrow and the next day, new yorkers will wake up and keep going, because in an uncertain world, one thing is for sure, new yorkers will never live in fear. >> i think that's something we can all agree with living in the city. >> that was late show host here in new york city. >> right now we want to turn to other headlines that we have been following. president trump sought to distance himself from the foreign former policy adviser who pled guilty about his contacts with the russian actors in the 2016 election. the washington post cites interviews and documents thoughing papadopoulos in contact with the most senior officials, meeting with foreign officials and reporters abroad as a campaign surrogate. a source told him he sat at the elbow of one of trump's top
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campaign advisers then senator jeff sessions during a dinner for campaign advisers weeks before the 2016 republican national convention, the "post" reports papadopoulos met months later in 2016 with a mid-level representative of the british foreign office, where he said he had contact at the senior level of the russian government. papadopoulos conferred at one point with a minister of degrees, all of this reported activity came months after the young aide was told about russian dirt and thousands of e-mails involving hillary clinton according to his admission and court filings, at the white house yesterday, press secretary huckaby sanders rejected responsibility for what papadopoulos did. >> i think that pap lop discuss is an example of actually somebody doing the wrong thing while the president's campaign did the right thing. all of his e-mails were provided by the campaign. >> that is what led to the process and the place we are in,
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was the campaign fully cooperating and helping with that. what papadopoulos did was lie. that's on him, not on the campaign. >> one of the leading investigators, richard burr of north carolina, the former aide is entirely in robert mueller's jurisdiction now. >> reporter: was george papadopoulos on your radar, senator? >> i think it'ssov to say it was. >> reporter: someone you looked to interview? >> with were in constant conversation with his legal team. >> reporter: i assume that conversation is over now? ly think it is. >> they faced a second day of grilling, reps from twitter, facebook and google testified about the 2016 election on their platforms. nbc's jo lean kent has the latest. >> reporter: russia's interference in the facebook
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feed revealed. >> let me start if i could with a political ad from facebook. >> reporter: ads in the leadup to the 2016 presidential election. >> those ads sought to sew discord and amplify racial and social divisions among american vote ertz. >> reporter: one ad placed by a russian group calling itself heart of texas falsely claimed that hillary clinton has a 69% disapproval rating among veterans. a second ad erroneously told americans they can vote for hillary by texting. another event paid for in rubles by a russian entity calling itself being patriotic invited minors for trump to rally in pennsylvania a month before election day. these ads were among the 3,000 targeting american vote, by russian groups. facebook says eventually 11.4 million people saw them. >> this ad is nothing short of the russian government directly interfering in our elections,
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lying to american citizens, duping folks who believe they are joining and supporting a group that is about veterans. >> reporter: these ads are separate from the 80,000 russia linked posts thrown to 126 million people in the election. >> they won creating havoc. >> it's unbelievable stuff there. >> it's fascinating when you see these ads. >> thank you still ahead, we will continue to follow the latest on the terrorist attack in new york city. we will get a live report from the scene in a few minutes. stay with us. you wouldn't do only half of your daily routine, so why treat your mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine® help prevent plaque, early gum disease, bad breath and kill up to 99.9% of germs. listerine® bring out the bold™
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. >> i looked down, down to see where the truck went. i hear nip or ten gunshots, that's when i duck out of the way. all the police came running towards where i was, not knowing what's gentleman on. they don't know what happened. but they are just as much confused as i was. it was just an eery, scary, i just came out of work, i just want to go watch the baseball game tonight and this is what i see. >> the houston astros fan there, that was recounting what he saw. we will have the latest all morning for you b. but we want to give you a quick update on the world series. it was will be a game take all,
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top of the 3rd the dodgers' rich hill on the mound gives up a solo shot to george springer, making it five home runs for springer in the post-season. pretty impressive. justin ver happeneder gets rookie cody bellinger to strike out, making it 38 total in the post-season. however, ver happeneder hangs a pitch right over the plate for chris taylor who doubles into right bringing in austin barnes to the game, ties the game at 1 i should say. to the 7th, josh pederson notches his third home run of the series giving the dodgers a 3-1 lead. closer kenley jansen gets carlos beltran to strike out swinging ending the game. dodgers force a game seven tonight in l.a. the spire season comes down to this final ga im. >> a lot of pressure there. >> fans will be excited about the fact this is what they want
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to see in the world series, two of the best teams. >> a lot of kids were probably dressed up as astros and dodgers players last night. still ahead the tax reform negotiations continue. will members of the party, though, be able to get on the same page neighborhood, plus we will watch the scene of yesterday's terrorist attack in downtown new york city. we'll have the latest, everybody.
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. >> we gen with a halloween day terrorist attack in new york city. eight people are dead. at least 15 injured after a man drove down a bicycle lane on the city's lower west side. nbc news' kristen dolgren has more. >> reporter: bodies in mangled bicycles, strewn across this new york city sidewalk. at least eight people dead and more than a dozen injured after this truck sped down a popular
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bike path just after 3:00 p.m., intentionally hitting pedestrians and cyclists. >> we have people do unfrom chambers to halston. >> reporter: it injured a school bus, injuring two adults and two children inside. this video posted to snapchat purports to show the suspect after he hopped out of the truck, running near the scene with something in his hand. >> i saw this dude with two guns, for some reason, he was running around, getting chased. then all of a sudden four shots went off and we all started running this way. >> reporter: he was shot by an on duty patrolosis. she now being treated at a local hospital. >> this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians ro. the nypd, which had been focusing on heavy security for the halloween parade just a few blocks away, now investigating this incident as an act of
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terror. according to law enforcement officials, the driver screamed allah akbar carrying a paintball gun and pellet gun. they described the suspect as a 29-year-old man of middle eastern appearance. >> we will be vigilant, more police everywhere, you will see them in the airports, in the tunnels. it's not because there is any evidence of any ongoing threat or any additional threat. they traveled several blocks before stopping in the shadow of the world trade center. the hero officer who stopped the carnage moments after it began credited with preventing more lives from being lost. >> first lady melania trump was in new york city for previous scheduled meetings when it happened. president trump reacted to twitter and the white house press office.
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he also thanked the first responders. on twitter he posted -- and isis and al qaeda have both called on followers to turn vehicles into deadly weapons. yesterday's attack in new york city was just the latest. july of 2016, 86 were killed, they plowed into people on bastille day.
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at ohio university, a car and knife attack. in december, 12 people were killed in berlin when a tunisian man drove into a tractor-trailer in march. five people were killed when a man drove an suv on to a crowded sidewalk along westminster bridge in london. similar tactics were used in barcelona and berlin. the list going on and on. analysts say it's nearly impossible to prevent these low tech attacks. in new york city, they used barriers to protect large gatherings. i want to bring in our own louis bergdorf who is witness to the after math of what took place in downtown manhattan yesterday, louis, as you were saying, you lived a couple blocks from where this all took place, this man driving almost a mile down that running path almost all of us have run on in new york city for any period of time. what was it like to see somewhere that you find so safe normally be the way that it was
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yesterda yesterday? >> it was terrifying. on on greenwich and chambers street. you can see the suspect's truck where it finally stopped, just over my left shoulder. as you said, i live ten blocks north of here. when i first ran outside, there was a lot of confusion, a lot of chaos. people not really sure what to make of what just happened. what i can tell you is i saw multiple people on the ground, first responders just arriving to the scene. they were police officers in the beginning doing what they could with the skills that they had. harry potter on the ground with two separate people giving them cpr, giving them chest compressions. trying to bring these injured people back to life in kind of a, you know, extremely dire way. the other part that was so scary about this, there was such a long as you said the suspect drove almost a mile .8 of a mile. it was such a long crime scene
1:35 am
that they weren't sure how many victims, if they couldn't see people in the brush, they had firemen, police officers combing the brush alongside the bike path to see if they could find victims that had been hit and knocked into the brush it was extremely upsetting. there were enough responders to tend to everyone i saw and that was up with of the hardest parts about it. >> i know you are a new yorker from through and through. we herd they go about the community there where you live, your neighbors, what was it like after the attack? i know it was halloween yesterday. did you see the neighborhood as
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usual? >> i'm glad you where i that up. i went for a walk after the attack. again you said it was halloween, new yorkers are resilient people. just as you heard the mayor say, the governor say, they wanted people to continue on their night, go out and fought be afraid, that's exactly what i saw, walking down the street on granite street, it's a block off the west side highway, a couple blocks. >> that street was still opened, all the people normally out on that bike path were out on granite street. they were trick or treating, walking the street and to me that showed not only an incredible resilience. it made me happy and feel proud to be a new yorker. >> i'm really flood to hear. that i've gone trick or treating in tribeca before with my
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nephews. it's good to hear the neighborhood keeps trekking on. the attack comes one day after a french pro isis group posted a specific threat for october 31st. the attack also comes when isis in iraq and syria has lost nearly all of its territory. the u.s. coalition retook mosul earlier this summer in iraq and ultimately raqqa, which is considered the terror grown-up's defacto in neighboring syria, that was captured last month. >> i have been briefed. this looks like it has all the hallmarks of on attack by someone inspired by isis or al qaeda.
1:38 am
we don't know yet whether there is any command and control, whether this person in communication was ordered to conduct this attack or they were merely inspired by isis or propaganda. we do expect it now that raqqa has fallen the capital of the so-called caliphate, that isis will seek to inspire more people to demonstrate that it retains its legality. >> while there has yet to be a claim of responsible, members have already started using yesterday's deadly attack in its propaganda. >> this all comes as prup is set to leave on his asia trip t. administration confirms he will not visit the dmz between north and south korea. all sitting presidents with the exception of george h.w. bush visited this site. yesterday they told reporters,
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quote, it's become a cliche, he will skip the east asia summit in the philippines and instead head home early. yesterday, administration official clarified saying he will attends the night before adding quote the president has to come to work. we can't have him away from walk forever. reuters is reporting that u.s. special representative for north korea policy has been in contact with the u.n. mix using what is known as the new york channel. at the beginning of trump's presidency, heun's orders were limited. now he has a broader mandate. he is not being limited if frequency and substance. you may recall on more than one occasion trump called diplomacy a quote weight of time so new court filings reveal the extent to which they indicted paul manafort a. 17-page document
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laid out that manafort has three u.s. passports, each with different identification numberens and he submitted ten applications over a tech cade and shows a vast manifestation in his wealth. the filing says the defendant's pose a risk of flight based on the serious nature of the charges, their history of zicht and misleading conduct t. potentially significant guilt and financial resources and their foreign connections. manafort and his deputy rick gates have both pled not guilty. yesterday the president had reaction to a potential pardon for his first top campaign aide. take a listen. >> are you going to pardon manafort. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> president trump choosing not to comment there. this as one of the people who
1:41 am
replaced. steve ban isn't reportedly telling the president to take on special counsel bob mueller t. walk post cites three sources that says bannon has relayed his concerns and urge a more aggressive strategy, stopping short of firing the special counsellor t. president has not accepted bannon's advice so far the sources said. the white house had this to say about the former chief strategist. >> steve bannon is saying the administration should push back against special counsel mueller. does the president support defunding special counsel? >> no, i'm not sure since so far all they've done is come up with ways and show more and more there was no connection the trump campaign in colusion with russia there chief of staff john kelly said in a repeat interview, the president is looking forward to the special count sell's probe as it is taking its toll. >> we're in great hopes that it wraps up. it is very distracting to the
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president as it would be to any citizen to be investigated for something while at the same time trying to carry the weight of what being president of the united states means on his shoulder. >> the former top official on donald trump's presidential campaign who supervised the former trump adviser not cooperating with the russia investigation has apparently spoken with special counsel robert mueller's team as a part of his probe. sources tell nbc news sam clovis now president trump's pick to be the agriculture chief scientist met with mueller's team and testified before the vecking going last week. his lawyer would neither confirm or deny his interactions with the mueller team. court documents describe e-mails between george papadopoulos arrested in july after admitting to lying to the fbi in its investigation and in an unnamed camp supervisors t. supervisors responded great work after papadopoulos discussed his interactions with russian, who wanted to arrange a meeting with trump and russian leaders.
1:43 am
clovis' lawyer confirmed he was the supervisors but added that clovis never encouraged papadopoulos to pursue improved relations between the united states and russia. yesterday the white house addressed where clovis stands, given this new information. >> is the president still comfortable with him saying clovis serving the administration. >> i'm not aware any change would be necessary at this time. >> clovis who is not a scientist is serving as an unpaid white house adviser to the agriculture department. he awaits a confirmation of a position of the department's chief scientist. >> we will certainly watch what happens with that one for sure a final attempt for the trump administration has hit a snag. they announced they will miss their dead lean to release a tax plan today, house ways and committee chair said, quote, in consultation with president trump and our leadership team, we have decided to release the
1:44 am
text on thursday. we are pleased with the progress we are making. we remain on schedule to take action and approve a bill beginning next week. earlier he said the bill supposed to be introduced would not be the final negotiation signaling discord within the party. senate democrats seized on the gop divide on 401 k accounts letting americans contribute more untaxed income every year t. president said he wanted no changes. republicans are open to lowering the amount. house republicans will scrap a plan to lower the top income tax rate to keep it at 39.6%. yesterday president trump said some of his key advisers were staying behind from his upcoming asia trip to work on tax reform and ivanka trip will return home early in order to boost the plan. >> while i'm in asia members of my cabinet will be traveling all around the country, talking directly to taxpayers and
1:45 am
focusing on the regional media, which we find to be a much more credible media, to be honest with you, and want the house to pass a bill by thanksgiving. i want all of the people standing by my side when we get ready to sign by christmas, hopefully, it will be the biggest tax event in the history of our country. >> we will try to stick with that time line. still ahead, much more on the terrorist attack in new york city. officials were to piece the clues together. up next, we get a live report on what police know about the suspect so far and the answers they are searching for and why he carried out this deadly attack..
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>> a guy got out with his biker jacket and a strien, starts shooting up the place all the kids were in the courtyard and started running. that's where we ran up here at north end avenue and warren. then i saw the bus, all the kid
1:49 am
went into this building. it went to go help the driver in distress of the special ed bus it looks like i wasn't so sure and i went to the ought side, it's all caved in. the poor girl is stuck above the rear we'll well. there are two nice kids by the window. it was all blown out. >> welcome back. we continue our top story, it left eight people dead and 50 more injured. in what authorities are describing as an act of terrorism. they say a man drove a rented home depo pickup truck just after k3wr50e6789d, mowing people down after crashing into a school bulls. that's when official itself say he got out of the vehicle, armed with a pellet and paintball gun screaming allah akbar which means god is great in arabic. he was approached by an officer
1:50 am
and shot in the stomach. let's bring in nbc news morgan, a long night, certainly a lot of questions as they piece together the motivation behind this individual, whether he was acting alone, what more are relearning about the suspect over the past couple of hours? >> reporter: well, we are learning a lot. investigators are here at the scene of the crime. as you mention, they're trying to figure out what happened when that 29-year-old suspect plowed through a group of people killing ache, before being shot and taken to the hospital himself. of those eight people who were killed, five were argentine and they were here for their 30th high school reunion. this is what makes this so chilling. the familiarity, uber has, in fact was driving with them.
1:51 am
this happened when kids were getting out of school, wearing their trick or treat costumes. that's why they said, look, this was a cowardly act of terrorism and that's what made people really on edge after a culture like this is so random. that's what people are reacting to today. at 11:00 a.m., we're expecting to hear from police again to get more details. but of course in the meantime, this has reigniting the dewitt. we know that suspect emgreat here from uzbekistan seven years ago in 2010. he, in fact, a resident living in patterson, new jersey, after moving from cincinnati and tampa. there were a few addresses listed on his government record. president trump tweeted late last night, i ordered homehappened security to step up our already extreme vetting
1:52 am
program. that is happening as that investigation continues on the ground. >> morgan, what more are we learning about the suspect's motivation here? we know there was a no left vehicle that said i'm doing this on behalf of isis. beyond that, what more are we learning? >> reporter: beyond that, investigators have not had any reason to believe, in fact, he was acting along with anyone else or there is a current thre threat. again this is from someone who appeared to be inspired by isis or coordinating in colusion with oughts. in fact, i want to show you, if you looked behind me. you see that yellow police tape and that is the car in question. >> that is the rented vehicle that came from patterson.
1:53 am
daylight is about to come in a few hours. what do people think? it was senseless an forever altered the lives of people in new york city. >> they don't know whether he will choose to answer the questions they ask of him. >> he is there in bellevue hospital. >> thank you we are learning more about the eight people in this terrorist attack. six victims died at the scene, two more later. argentina's foreign affairs minster confirm five were in new york celebrating the high school graduation him meanwhile, belgium's foreign affairs ministry revealed one of the victims was a national of that country. officials have fought released information about the final two
1:54 am
victims. new york city showed its resilience, refusing to cancel the annual halloween parade in the wake of the terrorist attacks, the city did add extra officers and sand trucks to serve as protected barriers. the organizer says it's important to understand what happened and we dance and continue this fro digs. last night was the 44th village parade. willie geist tweeted new york city carries on. our kids are trick or treating tonight under guard, the streets are packed, thank you, nypd an ad featuring a menacing pickup truck was pulled from the air. they said they had a spot created to appeal to latino voters, democrat ralph northam will have trouble turning out,
1:55 am
the ad latino victory fun, in a new washington past and government poll shows the race in dead heat with democrat lt. gov. ralph northam at 49% and former national committee chair ed dplespy at 44%. some are pointing to a clue to how the vote may go on election. trump's approval rating is currently at 38% within the state. obama held a 46% approval rate, according to a cnn exit poll during the 20 tleep virginia governor's race when democrat terry mcauliffe won the hill reports a bipartisan group of lawmakers approved legislation the device used by the las vegas shooter that makes semi automatic rifles, they would require a background check, finger printing and registration with the bureau of
1:56 am
alcohol, tobacco arms and explosives. fully automatic weapons have been banned sense find 86. the bump stock devices circumvents this to mimic the illegal firearms. the shooter had 12 attached to rifles at the mandalay bay resort still ahead, our coverage of the terrorist attack here in new york city continues in what officials are calling a lone wolf incident. >> we will go live to the saskatoon with our own louis berg cover and will talk to experts on what, if anything, officials could have done to pre vnt this attack. much more after the break.
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find your exclusive retailer today at good morning, everyone. it's wednesday november 1st, i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. we begin with the halloween day attack on manhattan's lower west side. eight people were killed and at least 11 injured in what authorities say is an act of terrorism. officials say a man drove a rented home depot truck to a bike path. and mowed people down before crashing into a school bus. that's when he got out of the vehicle and screamed "allahu akbar" which means god is great. police said he was armed with a pellet


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