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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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carrying through with the story over the next hour. msnbc will be following this story throughout the remainder of the day. craig. >> all right, joe, thank you so much. hey there, craig melvin here in for stephanie ruhle this morning. terror in new york. eight people killed, nearly a dozen hurt in the deadliest attack in new york city since 9/11. >> this was an act of terror, and a particularly cowardly act of terror. >> a 29-year-old uzbek immigrant is in custody. police say he drove his rented truck onto a bike path mowing down unsuspecting victims in an attack committed in the name of isis. >> i see two gentlemen laying right there in the bike lane with tire marks across their body. you could tell that they're not here no more. >> now new yorkers doing what they do, defiantly maintaining a sense of normalcy, but the wounds are still raw. >> looking for my son to make sure he's not out.
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i didn't see him and i just pushed the kids back in. >> we start today with the deadliest terror attack in new york city since 9/11. authorities looking for answers after a man drove a truck for a mile down a crowded bike path on the west side of manhattan. it's the kind of attack terrorists have been using in europe for some time now. it's also the kind that officials say is nearly impossible to stop. i've got a great team with me this morning to help break it down. i want to start with nbc's ron mott. he is live at the scene of the attack in lower manhattan. ron, what's going on there today, sir? >> reporter: hey there, craig, good morning to you. as you mentioned, new yorkers are doing what they do, which is to pick themselves up after an awful event like this and carry on. we have seen people walking their children to school, people making their way to work but it is hard to get this out of their head what happened behind me yesterday afternoon shortly after 3:00. if we can zoom in, the home depot pickup truck is still on
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the scene here, just a few blocks from where the suspect drove down a bike path and this all ended when he ran into a school bus full of schoolchildren. two of those children were injured along with some adults on that bus. one witness on the scene recounted what he saw and more importantly what he heard. take a look at this. >> when i got out of work, i was crossing the street. for some reason behind me i heard screaming, loud screaming. so it was a different kind of scream. so when i went back, there was a female yelling really loud. i looked and seen the white pickup truck in the bike path. all of a sudden i knew something was wrong. when i got closer to the lady is when i seen that there were people on bikes that were run over. you know, they were not with us no more. >> reporter: of the eight dead, five are argentine nationals.
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the person getting a lot of credit for putting this to andy is a cop, ryan nash. officials here calling him a hero who saved a lot more bloodshed from taking place yesterday afternoon. >> shot the guy in the abdomen. ron mott there for us in lower manhattan. ron, thank you. for more now on the attack, i'm joined by nbc's justice correspondent, pete williams. pete, what do we know about him? >> well, this is a very fast-moving investigation and authorities are learning a great deal about the past of sayfullo saipov. we know that he came to the u.s. seven years ago, he has a green card. he worked as a truck driver in florida, in ohio and new jersey. he had addresses in both new jersey and florida. we believe lived for a brief time in ohio as well. he had been a driver for uber. uber acknowledges that and says that he actually passed the background check. he had a truck driver's license
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and we believe that he came into manhattan yesterday afternoon. he rented the truck in passaic, new jersey, at a home depot. left his minivan there, which has been searched. came into manhattan across the george washington bridge. after the attack authorities found at the truck a note praising isis. he was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound and authorities did attempt to question him last night without giving him a miranda warning under what's called a public safety exception because they want to know is there any other threat out there, was there anybody working with him. according to officials in new york, he didn't say anything other than that he was unrepentant and basically indicated that he was proud of what he did. now, there has been an initial search of his social media. it does appear that he was consuming some isis propaganda. but when he became radicalized is a big question here. also authorities are looking into the circumstances in which he entered the u.s.
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there's already been some criticism from the president, for example, that he came here on a lottery program, a visa lottery program which allows people in countries where they can't get enough visas to enter a lottery and try to get it that way. there's already talk from the president that should be ended. we're trying to confirm exactly the circumstances of his getting the visa. but right now the emphasis is on learning more about his radicalization and whether other people were involved. so far, craig, no sign of that. >> pete, is this a guy who is known to authorities? >> yes and no i think is the best answer to that. as i understand it, there's been no suggestion that he himself was ever suspected of terror activity. he was never under surveillance. he was never on the list of people considered potential terrorist suspects. however, he had a distant
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relationship with people who were on the radar of officials as potential terrorists. so whether he was talking to people who were talking to people who were talking to folks of interest, that's, i think, what we have to nail down. but as i understand it, it is not that he himself was directly suspected of terror -- of being a potential terrorist. >> criminal record at all? >> traffic offenses mostly, yes. >> nothing serious, okay. pete williams, our justice correspondent. pete, we'll come back to you a little bit later, thank you. president trump tweeting this morning about the incident. peter alexander is standing by for us at the white house with more on that part of the story. what's the president saying, peter? >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning. well, we are hearing from the president blaming the senate's top democrat, chuck schumer, for this suspected terrorist entry into the u.s. these are the tweets. he writes the terrorist came into our country through what is called the diversity visa lottery program, a chuck schumer beauty.
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he said i want merit based. we are fighting hard for merit based immigration, no more lottery systems. we must get much tougher and smarter. notably he tags fox & friends who just discussed the visa program minutes earlier. i reached out to the white house to see if they have any comment. they are not commenting yet so we can't say for certain that the government has determined that this is the program through which he came to the u.s. chuck schumer posted a statement saying the president should be focusing on what he calls the real solution, anti-terrorism funding, which he says the president proposed cutting. here's what schumer said on twitter. he said i guess it's not too soon to politicize a tragedy. and jeff flake, the republican senator from arizona, who made headlines last week, a frequent trump critic, defending schumer, fact checking the president. noting that the gang of eight, the leaders from both parties, including schumer, did away with the diversity visa program as part of broader reforms. he says i know, i was there.
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notably those reform its never were passed. again, we're reaching out to the white house to find out any more details about this. earlier today the president -- earlier, we should say, the president had mentioned this issue. he reached out broadly on twitter yesterday. here's the statement that the president said previously. he said i have just ordered homeland security to step up our already extreme vetting program. being politically correct is fine, but not for this. it's notable, craig, that the real difference inspect president trump's response to this attack compared to the mass shooting in las vegas where the white house insisted immediately after the attack that it was much too soon to discuss policy changes of any kind during a briefing, we posed that question to the president, why he wasn't -- or to sarah huckabee sanders, why the president wouldn't talk about this issue, about these policy changes immediately. she said immediately after that it was a time to mourn, noting that the president in the past had called for travel bans and other things immediately after other attacks around the country, and frankly around the
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world. sarah huckabee sanders said there's a difference between being president and being a candidate. but as president we're witnessing his quick response proposing different policy changes immediately. >> likely we'll probably get more responses throughout the day from the administration. peter, we'll come back to you as well. malcolm nance is a terrorism analyst and executive director of the terror asim metrics project. jeremy bash and bill gavin, a former fbi assistant director for new york. gentlemen, thank you for your time this morning. jeremy, let's pick up on that diversity lottery program that the president talked about and peter just mentioned. how are being vetted when they come in through that program specifically. >> this individual had a green card. people who come in with a green card have a very long vetting time. it's upwards of almost two
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years. here's the point, craig, which is the president's immigration policies have consisted of building a wall. this guy came through john f. kennedy airport. they consisted of stopping illegal immigration. this guy came in legally. the president's policies have insisted on a travel ban and this man came from uzbekistan so there's nothing the president's quote unquote, tough immigration policies would do to have stopped this person coming in. the issue isn't stopping people like him from coming in, the issue is stopping people from him who are living here from becoming radicalized, from being attracted to the isis propaganda and al qaeda propaganda and weapon iedsiizing everyday life >> malcolm, the target. what do you make of the target? here's a guy, one who assume if he lived in jersey, knew new york city. one would also assume if he was hellbent on wreaking the most amount of havoc possible, claiming the most lives possible, that he may have gone to a different part of the city.
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why this part of lower manhattan do we think? >> well, we can see now on the basis that this guy is obviously a radicalized person, he seems to follow isis' islamic fundamentalist, extremist, almost cult-like ideology, which means that he's been thinking and reading in the channels of where that information is. which means the last thing most likely in his mind was the barcelona attack. it was a very channelized attack. it took place in a pedestrian walkway where there was a roadway on the side, and he could be -- he could technically control his killing there. and i find it very interesting that he chose that spot. it was a couple of blocks, a few blocks from the world trade center, in the shadow of the world trade center, but he could have been far more effective going to any other intersection in the city, which means that someone either told him or he saw it one time and got into his head that this was the most effective kill zone for the
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operation that he was doing. that tells people in counterterrorism a lot. it tells them, one, maybe he didn't know the city very well. two, maybe someone in the city hinted to him this information. and three, maybe he just wanted to get out of the tunnel really fast and go straight to a place where there was an opportunity to kill a lot of people. that's what's going to be going on in the counterterrorism world today. they're going to be dissecting his targeteering as we call it. >> we heard mayor de blasio last hour on "morning joe" talk about perhaps needing to reconsider some of the physical barriers, some of the placement of those barriers around the city. is that the solution? do we need physical barriers along every boik aike and pedes path in new york? >> that's virtually impossible. you could spend a billion dollars and put up all of these countervehicle techniques to stop someone, but the most vulnerable place you would make right there is an intersection, because people do have to cross
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the street. where are you going to go? if you're going to allow one terrorist to push us to a place where we have to question our vulnerability every second of the day, then you've fulfilled the terrorists' mission, which is to get you to change your life. right now new york city is a very secure city. as you see, it's very resilient and i don't think that those -- increasing those outside of the high traffic tourist areas would be valuable. >> bill, it seems like this guy wanted to get shot. he gets out of the truck with air guns, a paintball gun perhaps, he leaves a note. yet we have him in custody now. what's the priority in terms of what authorities want to learn from the attacker? >> well, of course, craig, i guess it's the obvious, they really want to determine when this whole concept of murdering innocent people got into his head. was it something prior to leaving uzbekistan and has been long standing or something that occurred since 2010, since he
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came into the united states. those things will be unraveled. he hasn't been on the grid as your other guests have said, so that's another thing to consider. i don't think it's helpful to have the president brand him as a deranged individual in terms of a prosecutive approach because it gives him a good out for a mental capacity defense. so i think all of these things are difficult, but they will be unraveling everything on his computer, talking to his friends, going back as far as they can, of course back into uzbekistan. everything will be done in that manner to try to determine what radicalized this particular individual at this particular time and why did he choose that target. it could be as simple as an uber driver, he's driven fares in that area and found it a great opportunity to mow down poor individuals and children. but they will find that out as the investigation proceeds.
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>> bill, as you know, the new york city marathon is set for this weekend. what kind of challenge does that pose for authorities? how do you secure something like that? >> having been around for the result of the boston marathon, because i live here, it's a huge challenge for new york. but it's new york. they will come up with a solution, craig. they always do. they're the finest, not just by word, but by performance. they are the best. there will be more people undercover out there listening to what people have to say. there will be long-barrel weapons and people in uniform to increase the security. they will do everything that needs to be done, because they do it better than anybody else. and new yorkers in air -- their dna will go on with life as they have been. >> i was struck down at the crime scene myself seeing new yorkers bebop along as if
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nothing even happened yesterday. jeremy bash, all of this continues to happen as isis loses ground in iraq, in syria as well. how concerned are you that that could play into attempts to step up terrorist attacks in this country? >> yeah, isis has lost most of their command and control in raqqah, syria, and a stronghold they had in mosul, iraq, but they have fled. they have dispersed. the leader of isis, al baghdadi is still on the run, he's at large. and they have a strong presence not just in the middle east, not just in syria and iraq but also north africa, libya and elsewhere. we've seen connections between europe and north africa and it's very easily for people to travel from europe to the united states. and so it is of great concern. i do think that we're going to have to understand whether this individual had any connections to isis internationally, we're going to have to look at his travel, his credit cards, his bank statements, his communications. we're going to have to do a total workup and see whether he
6:17 am
was in the terrorist identity's data environment that's maintained by the national counterterrorism center. we're going to have to understand his entire network. >> jeremy bash, thank you. bill, thanks. always good to have you, malcolm nance, here in the studio as well. a computer science student just sitting outside his school becomes an eyewitness to terror. i'm going to talk to a man who watched in utter disbelief as the attack unfolded here in new york city. his chilling account and the incredible video he took of the aftermath. that's next. but first, four blocks away from where that attack happened, one world trade center lit in red, white and blue overnight to honor the victims. (vo) more "doing chores for mom"
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here is the latest on what we know about the terror attack in new york city. eight people are dead, 11 others seriously hurt after a man drove a truck along a bike path for nearly a mile. the suspect was shot by police, he's hospitalized. he is expected to survive. we know his name, we know that he's 29 years old. we know that he's from uzbekistan. he came to this country back in 2010. president trump tweeting this morning that he came legally through the diversity visa lottery program. again, that's according to the president. we have not been able to confirm that information just yet. so far authorities say they believe that the suspect acted alone. however, according to law
6:22 am
enforcement sources, he left a note in the truck that read, quote, isis lives forever. i'm joined now by a college student who saw the whole thing go down. you go to college right there and i understand you were outside between classes? >> mm-hmm. >> walk us through what you saw. >> um, so obviously like you said i was between classes. there is a pier right across the street. so we were standing outside and the man was obviously in the truck. you could hear him revving the engine. we were wondering why is he being so aggressive, what's going on. why would you be driving that way. obviously the car jumped onto the curb, hit two people and then from that point it was like, okay, did this person lose control of the vehicle. >> right. >> was it a car accident? so everyone kind of rushed towards the people that had been struck. and then from there, you maybe like i want to say 20 seconds later you could hear gunshots.
6:23 am
so it went from, okay, maybe it was a car accident to it's a lot more elaborate than that. no one knows what's happening. >> could you tell where the shots were coming from? >> i just knew it was ahead of me. everyone at that point retreated the opposite direction. obviously you don't want to go towards the gunshots. so everyone kind of ran back. >> people are screaming? >> yeah, people are screaming, yelling. it was really chaotic. >> did you see the guy continue to drive? >> i saw him -- i saw him hit the two people and i immediately turned my attention towards them. then when i looked back up, i saw him hit the bus and you could see the truck veer into the middle of the street. >> this is some video that you posted on twitter after the attack. you shot this on your cell phone there. it looks like you've got a lot of folks standing around, not sure what to do, not sure where to go. what's going through your mind as you're shooting this video? >> just it's all very surreal. you don't really expect to see
6:24 am
something like this happen. so i wasn't really sure how to react, kind of like should i try to help? but then obviously you see that those victims can't be helped. so then you're like should i be trying to find safety. then you hear gunshots so it's like maybe i should be trying to run somewhere else, maybe i should be trying to avoid the whole thing. obviously social media age, i'm going to take out my phone and record it. >> this is also some video that you shot as well in the aftermath. when did it become glaringly obvious to you that this was a terrible, terrible attack? >> i think as soon as the gunshots went off, that's when you first realized, okay, this is much more than just, like i said, a car accident. and then once we kind of -- because we were there before they obviously made it into a crime scene and made everyone disperse, so i'm walking and i
6:25 am
can see the school bus. you can see them trying to take the bus apart. emergency services with different types of tools cutting the bus apart and removing kids from the bus, et cetera. it was just like, okay, so he obviously hit a bus, there were gunshots. i was like did he get shot? and then later i heard that he was in custody. so i was like i don't really know what's going on. obviously i saw the two people in the video and then from there i heard that it was eight people that died. so i don't know where the other deaths came from, but i know that it's more bizarre than i initially expected. >> do you feel safe to head back to school? >> yeah. i mean i'm from dallas, texas, but i know new york is -- well, not necessarily an everyday thing, but you've just got to go back to what you're doing. >> spoken like a true new yorker. thank you. thank you for sharing that video with us as well. new details just coming in as the investigation into the attack leads police over to new jersey. a live report outside the
6:26 am
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here's an update on what we know about the terrorist attack in new york city. investigators say they have spoken with the suspect at the hospital. they say that he is proud of what he did. he is showing no remorse. at least eight people were killed when a truck drove down a crowded bike path. the suspect was shot by a police officer after getting out of the truck, but according to law enforcement sources, he left behind a note that said isis lives forever. despite that, authorities still believe he acted alone. police now have warrants for the suspect's home and car. we know he had a florida driver's license, but he lived in northern new jersey. nbc's kristen dahlgren is live on the scene in tribeca. kristen, i understand that you talked to one of the witnesses who is being called a hero today. what did he tell you? >> reporter: hey, good morning, craig, yeah. so many ordinary people with just these extraordinary stories
6:31 am
from yesterday afternoon. the man i talked to, an eyewitness, his name was anthony. he was actually bringing -- going to pick up his son from school and that's when he heard a crash. he looked and he saw the suspect getting out of that car with guns in the air. at the time he didn't know that they were fake and he started pushing the kids back inside yelling about somebody with a gun. he then went to get police. you mentioned that word "hero," though, here's what he said when i asked him about that. >> i just reacted. and i did what i think was right. and i hope somebody else would do that if my son was outside that school. pushing them back in. >> reporter: so just an extraordinary story from him. he definitely is a hero today. another hero, ryan nash, that officer. he was on duty, was responding to a different call at a high school, unrelated, when he heard
6:32 am
about what was going on. he came out and he shot the suspect. incidentally, it was anthony who then later identified the suspect in the ambulance. police brought him over to say is this the guy you saw and he confirmed that it was. meantime i want to show you what's going on out here at the scene right now. you can see the van is -- or the truck is still back there. a car in front of it now. but you can see those crime scene investigators in white. they are still now processing the scene here. remember that this suspect is still alive and so presumably there is going to be a criminal prosecution here, and so this is very much still a crime scene. a lot of investigation still going on today, craig. those investigators trying to figure out exactly what happened, and then also as you mentioned, looking for some type of motivation and how exactly it got to this point. >> kristen dahlgren for us there in tribeca. kristen, thank you. let's now go back to the
6:33 am
moment of the attack described by the people who were there. >> i just saw one guy just jump out of the car and just running around, just shooting whatever gun he had. >> out of nowhere i see people running and screaming and then just multiple gunshots, one after another. it was completely unexpected. >> i ran over and i saw this truck that was smashed. i saw dead bodies on the floor. i'm seeing actual dead people right there in front of me with bikes all across the highway, and i've never seen that. >> nbc's anne thompson is outside bellevue hospital where we understand some of the victims are being treated. anne, what do we know at this point about their condition? >> reporter: well, you know, craig, one of the things that makes new york city great is that it is a melting pot. people come from all over the world to live here and to visit here. and that is very much reflected in the people who both survive and who died in this terror
6:34 am
attack. there was a german woman who is being treated, we understand, she's one of the injured. but one of the stories that i think is really capturing this city's attention is the story about the high school classmates from argentina who came here to celebrate the 30th reunion -- or the 30th anniversary of their graduation. they came from a little town in argentina, rosario, and they were here, riding their bikes. you can see their names here on the screen. we can tell you that a sixth person from that group was injured in the attack. so we have five from argentina among the dead. there is one person from belgium. that person's death is confirmed by the foreign affairs minister here in new york. and two from unknown countries. here at bellevue where four people are being treated, including, we believe, the suspect, there is a very heavy
6:35 am
police presence both outside and inside the hospital. the thing that strikes me is that even among the police officers and the people being treated here, the doctors and nurses and patients all go about their business. this is a very busy place on any given day. for many people, it is just another day. craig? >> anne thompson there for us at bellevue. anne, thank you. let's head across the hudson to paterson, new jersey, where ron allen is standing by. ron is outside the suspect's home. ron, what can you tell us? >> well, craig, it's quiet here now but the fbi have been very active overnight here searching the premises and the area to find out what they can about this suspect. we're in a very diverse neighborhood. paterson, new jersey, lies just across the river from manhattan. we understand the suspect drove over the george washington bridge and then down the west side highway. on a normal day you can do that in about a half hour, 45 minutes
6:36 am
or so, depending on the traffic. most people here say they don't know him, have never seen him. he's only been in this community for a few months. he apparently arrived here from florida and from ohio before that. on a marriage license his occupation is listed as a truck driver. we believe he was married or is married and has three small children. we understand that the wife is in custody or being questioned by authorities as well to see what she can add to this picture. we're able to speak with a neighbor of his, a former neighbor of the suspect's in florida. here's what he said to say. >> it's really scary because you don't know your neighbors. maybe you'll see -- you can see it's a good person but you don't even know who live in front of you, what type of person it is, it really is. >> reporter: again, we understand the authorities have already questioned the suspect by his bedside. there were reports that he was bragging and boasting about carrying out the attack. we also understand that they
6:37 am
have gone through his social media and computer at his home or on his phone and they have found some indications that he was looking at isis-related websites. the detail of that, the extent of that we don't know. but again, here in this community a very diverse, hard-working neighborhood in patterson. there's a mosque right here on the corner, around the corner there that's behind the suspect's house. that's his house right there, that non-descript brick building. overnight it's been quiet here except for a lot of police activity but quiet in terms of neighbors. we can see some families gathered around to see what's going on. but again, the suspect and his family are apparently very new to this community and people don't know them. we've talked to a number of civic leaders who are saying and trying to send out the message this is not what paterson, new jersey, is all about. these things can happen anywhere. people can carry out these kind of attacks in any community around the country, and this is not what this community is about. there's some activity down there
6:38 am
now just trying to see what it is. apparently a police car of some sort leaving the area, but again, craig, at this point the investigation continues as they try to learn everything they can about this individual. >> ron allen, thank you. much more on the attack in manhattan coming up. this is new york governor andrew cuomo. >> no evidence to suggest a wider plot or a wider scheme, but the actions of one individual who meant to cause pain and harm and probably death and the resulting terror. up next, though, the plot thickens in the robert mueller investigation. paul manafort and rick gates set to appear in court tomorrow. plus we've got new details about another former top trump campaign official questioned by mueller's team. that's next. this guy is upping e by listening to an audiobook on audible.
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6:43 am
president trump's long-time aide and current communications director, hope hicks, for later this month. and representatives from facebook, twitter and google are back on the hill today testifying before the senate intelligence committee in the ongoing investigation into russian interference in last year's election. i just mentioned these new court filings in the federal case against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and his long-time business partner, rick gates. according to those filings, manafort currently has three u.s. passports, all with different identification numbers. filings also indicate that manafort has submitted ten passport applications over the last decade. he also traveled to mexico, china and ecuador where a phone and e-mail under a different name. manafort and gates have pled not guilty and are on house arrest, but are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. i'm joined now by nbc's ken dilanian. ken, you also have some
6:44 am
exclusive reporting that sam clovis, the former co-chair and policy advisor for the trump campaign was questioned by mueller's team last week, testified before the investigating grand jury. what's his connection to all of this? >> good morning, craig. sam clovis is an iowa politician and a former pentagon official who's playing a senior role in donald trump's campaign. he was supervising george papadopoulos, the man who pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi and is now cooperating. nbc news has learned that clovis was summoned by robert mueller's office for an interview and subsequent grand jury testimony where he was asked about his interactions with papadopoulos. his story, according to a statement by his lawyer to us yesterday is that he did not encourage papadopoulos to make a trip to russia to have an off-the-record meeting with russians. now, that seems to be contradicted by an e-mail that was released in the papadopoulos case where clovis says make the trip if feasible. now, clovis is not mentioned in the e-mail, but we've campaigned
6:45 am
that the campaign supervisor referenced is clovis. the reason this is important, craig, is that papadopoulos, it's pretty clear, was in touch with russians that the fbi believes were working with russian intelligence, and they offered him dirt on hillary clinton and thousands of e-mails. and while the trump campaign has been dismissing him as a low-level aide, one person called him the coffee boy, it's very clear that he was in touch with more senior officials, that mueller is pursuing that trail to see who was in the trump campaign knew about his activities, craig. >> real quickly before i let you go, three passports going back to the manafort thing. why would a guy need three u.s. passports and need them with different identification numbers? is that unusual? >> there are reasons that people -- i once had multiple passports when you travel to different countries where they require you to turn over your passport for visas. but clearly the justice department found it suspicious as part of an overall filing where they said, hey, these guys are flight risks because they're really rich, they have connections abroad. in manafort's case, he's facing 15 years in prison for these
6:46 am
offenses, craig. >> ken dilanian for us there in washington. ken, thanks as always. the big unveiling of the republicans much-anticipated tax reform plan delayed. so what's the problem? we'll talk about that next. we're also continuing to follow new details after that deadly attack here in new york city, as witnesses try to make sense of what they saw. >> very worrisome. after all that's happening in the world, you just want to hug your son, that's all you want. rt when i started taking the chantix that urge just slowly diminished and it was a great and empowering feeling. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems,
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republicans announced late last night they are delaying the tax reform bill until tomorrow. nbc news reports that the delay comes after house republicans were not able to reach an agreement on several key tax deductions by their self-imposed deadline of tuesday. with us to talk about this is editor of politics and host of "no labels radio" and new york times reporter kate kelly. they did not coordinate their dresses, contrary to the appearance here. nbc is reporting that speaker paul ryan told conservatives the delay revolves around the state and local tax deductions. why is that such an important
6:51 am
sticking point here? >> this has been a meddlesome problem all along. ideally, there would be bipartisan support for this legislation, but in order not to alienate key demographics in the democratic party, they want to try to maybe reach a compromise with the state and local tax deductions, which will disproportionately affect areas in new jersey, new york and california where you have a lot of blue state-type voters. i think the issue is, if removed, it's a big pay for. if you preserve the deductions. so what levers can you turn to kind of fund the missing revenue in other parts of the tax plan. >> is there an offset being talked about? are they still talking about the possibility of deducting your property taxes if you live in one of these high-state income tax states? >> one of the compromises much
6:52 am
discussed is preserving the mortgage deduction. but increasingly, i'm hearing they will try to compromise in some way, i don't know if that is it or if there is another option on the table. >> they are looking for $1 trillion out of that state and local tax deduction. and if they water it down, they are looking to shove $5 trillion in cuts and changes into the $1.5 trillion hole and don't have the math. it is amazing they admitted that they had to delay it one more day to come to an agreement. they should have said someone got the flu. because they have not been able to come to agreement on math for months and months all year. >> wasn't there a preview that we are sure to see how halloween ghouls will try to tell graph whatever they come up. >> it would seem to folks that it is going to be a hard sell top average americans, middle-class americans.
6:53 am
when you start talking about touching folks' 401(k)s or eliminating wildly popular deductions for people who itemize, how are they going to sell that to trump voters? >> right. this is the problem. if you look at the new polling out, it shows the nbc poll that shows that 25% think what they perceive as the republicans tax proposal is a gooded y. 30% think it's a good idea. 40% don't have an opinion. there's not a ground well here. people in the obama exchanges are furious. their providers are leaving, the prices skyrocket, they want to fix right now. they are not certain that if they pass this, whenever they do, then it won't be as popular and well received and game changing as republicans are hoping it will be. >> republicans need to frame this as a boost to business, a boost to job creation. but the problem is, it's been framed as a tax cut, set of tax cuts for the wealthy. so you see them responding, for
6:54 am
example, overnight by saying, we're not going to cut taxes for the ultra wealthy. we're not poupg to collapse into three personal income tax brackets and keep the top bracket of 36.9%. >> which no one pays, by the way. >> right. >> this -- also this idea that we need tax reform right now, i mean, you know, one day the president is tweeting how fantastic the economy is, the unemployment rate, gdp, and the next day it's like, we need the tax reform bill to inject life into this economy that is on life support. it doesn't seem to add up. >> that's why i think voters don't feel the urgency that the lawmakers and the president do. you have interest rates that are reasonable rates, you have unemployment down, stock market booming. >> companies sitting on record profits. >> exactly. and there's no guarantee they will return that to the worker if they get stimulation from this tax deal. so they really need to deliver. and so far, it just seems from
6:55 am
polling that the voters don't feel the same sense of urgency and the magic fix that the lawmakers promise it will be. >> it is also interesting to look back on president trump's first year and what seems perhaps in hindsight to be a miscalculation in terms of which way to go educatively. they started off with health care and wanted to fulfill a campaign promise and also lower the revenue baseline to pave the way for tax cuts and other things. but that obviously ended in failure after multiple attempts. and now they are onto taxes. what maybe they should have started was infrastructure, which hasby partisan support, a guaranteed job creator, involves government spending, not historically a republican priority. >> who doesn't like a little pull in the district. thank you very much. coming up top of the hour, brand new developments into the investigation and to the attack here in new york city, including new details about the suspect's background and what former neighbors are now saying about
6:56 am
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before we go, we talked earlier about the resiliency of the people of new york city. this was the scene last night just blocks away from the attack, thousands lining the streets of greenwich village for that annual halloween parade. security understandably much tighter, but spirits remained high. as the ghosts, ghouls and
7:00 am
superheroes all made it out for quite the festive all hallows eve. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. i'm craig melvin in for stephanie ruhle. see you at 1:00. coming up, more news with hallie jackson. craig melvin, thank you much. within the last couple news, nbc news learned more on how the attacker got into the united states and his movement before the deadly attack in new york. it's exactly what this has kept police in the city up for years. this apparent lone wolf attacker killing eight people, hurting dozens more, with now new clues about who the 29-year-old is. in the hospital this morning after being shot by an nypd officer. we've got new reporting on that note found in his truck. and now on the visa lottery program, he apparently came in on. this is the first big truck attack here in the u.s. we're looking at what is being done to protect us, what can be done and now the new political fallout this morning from right here in washington


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