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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 1, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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co-conspirators involved. >> retired nypd officer and msnbc contributor and terrorist analyst. thank you for watching this hour of "velshi & ruhle." i'll see you back here at 2:00 this afternoon. right now "andrea mitchell reports." the worst terror attack since 9/11. in the shadow of the new world trade center tower, this time a lone terrorist using a pickup truck as a weapon. killing eight people, wounding 11 and what happened from his hospital bed. this will never be okay. people will never accept this as inevitable. >> what happened next as the terrorist plowed into a school bus, jumped out of his truck, just as many children, dressed for halloween, were pouring out of a neighboring elementary school. >> i saw guns in each one of his
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hands, and he said, guns! all the kids were there. today president trump making it political, gaining new york's democratic schumer. >> the contrast between president bush's actions after 9/11 and president trump's actions this morning could not be approved. mr. president, where is your defense? good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington where, as i say, we expect to hear momentarily from president trump already being criticized by both parties for slamming new york senator chuck schumer for a visa
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program he tried unsuccessfully to cancel after an immigration bill in 2013. this as the task force tried to get answers from 29-year-old sayfullo saipov still being hospitalized for a stomach wound after being brought down by an nypd officer after a truck rampage in lower manhattan. the suspect is living in paterson, new jersey where police are also searching for answers by his wife. he left a note in his rental pickup truck that translates to read, "isis lives forever," one day after isis posted a bulletin on social media urging americans to attack on halloween. no lone ties to an investigation. jonathan deeds is reporting also that the suspect has been boasting about the incident from
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his team. >> we have our team anne thompson outside of bellevue hospital and justice correspondence pete williams just inside washington. tell us about this. >> well, a couple things based on what you just said, andrea. first of all, despite the fact there was an isis-related fight, not isis official task. . that action doesn't seem to be relevant to this. secondly, in terms of his wife, they have questioned him, and what we're told is she says she had no idea he was planning this. when this first happened, authorities said it was terrorism for the smimpl reason it followed the playbook. in addition to the note there
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are signs he had been consuming isis propaganda on line, looking at isis messages on the internet, so it does appear to be a case of self-radicalization at this point. there seems to be no obvious indication, one official said this morning, that he was planning anything with help or that anybody knew about this. no indication of that, so it does appear to be self-radicalization. no sign that he was in connection with with any terrorists overseas. i would simply say, andrea, this is the sort of attack that is the absolute hardest to detect in advance. because millions and millions of people every year rent vehicles like this from a whole bunch. it's probably another reason it didn't raise any suspicion, but
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it's the sort of thing you can do by yourself. unless there's someone who tries to build a bottom many. they're probably with authorities when told about making these purchases or neighbors see them doing suspicious in the garage or planning them file things. this sfm. we have reason to believe he was planning this in advance. we do know that surveillance cameras had picked him up in the past driving a tloo-- fast driv. there are questions about how focused he was on what you're looking at on the screen right now, the route that he followed, or whether he just happened to be in that area. all these are questions right
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now. fbi agents, nypd interviewing neighbors, friends, people he worked with, other drivers that he came across all a further indication of why he did this. one other point here, we're told that he was self-radicalized and consuming this material on the internet, but one question would be why and when did he start doing that? all we're told is that it was recent. we talked to other friends who say he never expressed terror sentimen sentiments. that's another big question, is what turned him to this, andrea. >> pete, thanks so much for that. kristin dogren in the neighborhood. one school's elementary, stuyvesant community college, trick-or-treating last night. the parade last night, a million people strong, according to the
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nypd and the mayor, turning up for the halloween celebration without missing a beat. >> reporter: indeed, andrea. that was one of the messages from the mayor in that press conference. you're new yorkers. do what you do. that show last night was a failed terror attack, and while eight people were tragically killed. these were new yorkers going about their days and really getting out there to show solidarity, show that they wouldn't be deterred because of this terror attack. you talk about those everyday people. this bike path is used every day for so many new yorkers. my husband is a cyclist in new york, and whenever i worry about him on the streets, he said, oh, i'll be on the bike path for a
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big part of it. that always gave me some kind of relief. and then yesterday this happened, and you realize it could have been -- they know these victims could have been any one of us urls. >> from belgium, the mother had a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old, andrea. >> he was a hero cop, nypd, five years on the force. he took this guy down very quickly and shot not to kill so that he's still talking and potentially we may get some information out of him. >> reporter: right. and as they do, he ran toward the danger instead of running away while many people were running away. luckily he was on duty.
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he was responding to another call unrelated at stuyvesant high school, sort of a routine type of call at the high school. so he was there in the area. he heard what was going on. people then told him, as he ran to the scene, which direction the suspect went. they pointed him out and he was able to fire those shots and take him down. and wound him. they asked people who had been witnesses to just confirm that was the man they saw. they did that and he of course is now in police custody and talking. >> thanks, kristin. and antoiin belmont hospital, te what you're hearing in terms of the numbers. >> reporter: the police department said there were 20 victims in this terror attack yesterday. eight people died. of the 12 that were injured,
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three have been released from the hospital. nine people remain hospitalized, and their injuries are very serious. anything from head and neck and chest trauma to amputations. hernan did he go oe mendoza, diego enrique angelina, and alejandro damian pagnucco. these are all from argentina and belgium. three men got together and celebrated graduating from high school there together. then they hopped on bikes to
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lower manhattan, and that's where they were hit by that terror suspect. fooi five of them died in the accident or in the attack. one more is hospitalized. and we also know there is a german woman who was injured as well. the two other dead people are americans, but their identities have not been released. while many people came from across the world to new york, the mayor says everyone who was affected by this is a new yorker. andrea? >> jan thompson at bellevue. assistant director for counterintelligence and security analyst ron zeladi. juan, first to you, the response from the president so different from george bush's response after 9/11. as far as we know, he has not called new york senators because george w. bush immediately
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called hillary clinton and chuck schumer, the two senators. to slam chuck schumer for ending that deal that was killed by a majority, he was listening to him. >> it's different for new york and the country, obviously. this is a serious terror attack, andrea, and part of the strategic response to a terrorist attack is showing national unity, also showing national resilience. if they see these attacks can prove divisive, if they can inject further political acrimony into the scene.
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and the reality that there are going to be questions in this case. but the first 30 years is probably not the time to return to the tactical, it's a moment for the strategic. >> jen, let's talk about when this terrorist came from uzbekistan. so he's an uzbek national, he has a green card, as i understand it, he's been here for seven years, he's -- >> what was my most important takeaway from that conference? you heard john miller in his carefully worded statement say that the current suspect was not a member of the fbi or the intelligence community, and then a pause, but we will see
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connections to other terrorist suspects. this was the most important thing to come out of that press conference. why is that important? because there is rigorous debate going on with headquarters and nyfpd. >> first degree connections, second degree connections? do we cover all of them with surveillance? nypd usually has a mindset of disrupt, disrupt, disrum um. other fbi likes to -- this is what's going on now overseas. >> we'll have the president's exact words and bring that to you as soon as a tape comes out of the cabinet room. they're obviously looking at
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what was the degree of separation, perhaps, of this manor other points of terrorists. let's talk about this. frank, as well as juan, first to you. we've seen a lot of nationalists approved for terrorist plots, i think also involved at the istanbul airport. they have a big presence in syria and afghanistan. >> exactly. the uzbek nationals have formed a major part of the jihadi networks. there's not just connections to al qaeda or isis, you have this group like the islamic movement of beck stan who, a couple years ago, pledged the la leej answer. >> don't copy into, even further
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afield than north africa. it is a population that you have to worry about in terms of those who have been radicalized and those who have been connected to terrorist organizations p. you'll have not only analysis f of. i think he have to be. i think they're deeper than one might imagine. >> they're a typically radical brand of islam, it's not your mainstream. it's also not as familiar with the chechian relationships.
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they're often acting out against the u.s. what can we say? there are also programs, specific tools that are used. 1 the 7 out of 7 program. those phone connections made back to the u.s. or can analyze later. is that a fair sumly. >> here's what we know about uzbekistan. we know it's a majority muslim nation. aits a former r, but this is clearly not the first time we've seen radicalism come out of there. here's a man from uzbekistan who went to sweden, was denied
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citizenship in sweden much like ah wau in noshlg nork recall. . they come to the west and they simply don't fit numt. they radicalize back to what they know best which iser recall. how many uzbekis are here? how can we help them in the future not to nationalize and do programs? we ha we don't have anything for young people with oppression and not radicalize. >> thanks for that. in terms of the absolute i'm imagine in terms of the.
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chuck schumer fighting basketball today for what he. it enabled a uzbek native to enter the u.s. back in 2010. she and her husband had agreed to cancel due to a dom kratization bill. >> the president ought to stop tweeting and start leading. the american people want leadership. not divisiveness. he can't refrain from his nancy device of habits. >> joining me now is nbc's peter alexandra at the white house, nbc's kasie hunt on capitol hill. we know that lindsey graham, who is a former jag officer in the military, had already.
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we also know, trk. the blind shaking others who have been tried, convicted and sent away for -- in that same district in lower manhattan. that lower manhattan district has a perfect track record of convictions. peter? >> reporter: the president will pose that very question. he considered sending this attacker to guantanamo bay. he said, yes, it would be something he would be considering. he also complained about, as he has routinely over the course of the campaign, that we're too politically correct, we need to get much tougher. and i quote, i today am starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program. he referred to the attacker as both an animal and says the act is a horrible one. more broadly he complained about
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migration where someone comes into the country and his family follows him. specifically what he said in the note was this attacker, this suspect, brought with him, in effect, 23 members of his family. one of the questions posed to him as you'll see when we queue up the tape momentarily, whether or not his relatives here in the united states should be posed as threats, and he said "perhaps." his sixth cabinet meeting, again, making news right off the bat with his remarks about the attack that took place just 24 hours ago, andrea. >> there's also been requests by senator corker and flake about the president slamming chuck schumer. >> i don't know if they bring out the best in our country. >> is it too soon for chuck
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schumer? >> what would you have liked to see the president do after the tweet about schumer? >> express some solidarity for those of us who are trying to fix the situation. we shouldn't look for blame one day after something like this. >> how is the senate likely to respond? >> reporter: well, andrea, this is something that -- you mentioned, i think, earlier in your read that is something both parties agreed to end in the immigration overhaul in 2013. that was a compromise. that, of course, did not ultimately pass the congress. i don't think having a conversation about this program is something that is going to be unilaterally rejected here in the congress over time. senator graham has suggested it could be included in, for example, helping out kids who are receiving or who are -- the
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daca dreamer kids who are here and we need to fix, democrats say, before the end of the year. however, i did think you saw republicans taking issue with the speed in which this became a political conversation instead of remaining a conversation about the first responders and the attack we obviously just witnessed less than 24 hours ago. i spoke to congressman peter king who expressed a similar sentiment saying, you know what, let's focus right now on new york and the response there and less on the politics. i've heard quite a few favorable remarks about george w. bush today and how he responded and brought the country together in the wake of the september 11 terrorist attacks and perhaps suggesting that president trump should consider that a model. clearly the approach has been different. but from my understanding so far, and we're still reporting this out across nbc, is that this would have to be something that the congress would have to be involved in ending. this is not something that the
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president can simply declare to end. now, we'll see if they have an administrative action that we have yet to become aware of in our reporting that would change that. but i do think it's possible that this will become part of the immigration-related conversation on capitol hill. we still don't know what such a conversation is going to look like. we know democrats want to have it before the end of the year. president trump gave until about march of next year, that six-month period after he ended daca. but at some point congress is due to grapple about this in a bigger way. i think you could start to see this become part of the conversation. andrea? >> peter, there's so much at stake for both of you with the president. this was supposed to be tax week. he's about to leave on his big trip. there has been a delay, as kasie has been reporting on overnight, a deflation on taxes and whether or not he did answer questions there during the cabinet meeting
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about the manafort indictment, we've been learning a little overnight about that, and what the former adviser to the campaign and the president, who is a nominee, up for a confirmation hearing next week. confirmation hearing not likely to go forward because there are reports that he has been cooperating and testifying to the grand jury. sam clovis is an important actor. earlier when he said he was going to leave behind as he heads for this 12-day, master trip to asia. his top economic adviser gary kohn, he joked and said if taxes don't get done while i'm away, and he wants the house bill to
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be passed by thanksgiving and he wants these tax cuts to be on his desk by christmas. so the president obviously very focused on taxes right now as he has these private briefings preparing for the asia trip where the focus will be obviously heavy on trade and on north korea, more broadly. white house officials say they do hope this provides him an opportunities to focus on agenda items, on issues where they think he appears strong and where he's most confident on taxes and north korea. ittal lo allows them to ignore on twitter. >> we expect in less than a minute to have that tape of his comments. thank you for sharing that with us, peter. the president likely not able to go forward with that agriculture nominee who is so caught up in this investigation. >> they're adding all kinds of trouble with their nominees
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across the board, even with those that are uncontroversial. >> -- i covered what he was working on with rick santorum. he was involved obviously with the trump campaign and it explains his nomination at the agriculture department. it seems different than other cases. >> this is the sixth cabinet meeting. >> i am at the site of the world trade center. a man drove a truck into a pedestrian bike path and murdered eight people and injured very, very seriously at least 11 more. all of america is praying and grieving for the families that lost their precious loved ones.
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our hearts break for them and we pledge to renew our resolve in their memory. my coordination is working closely with federal and local officials to investigate the attack and to further investigate this animal who did the attacking. and updates will be provided as available. i am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program. i am going to ask congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of this program. diversity lottery. sounds nice. it's not nice. it's not good. it's not good. it hasn't been good. we've been against it. so we want to immediately work with congress on the diversity lottery program on terminating
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it, getting rid of it. we want a merit-based program where people come into our country based on merit. and we want to get rid of chain migration. this man who came in, or whatever you want to call him, brought in with him other people. and he was the point of contact, the primary point of contact, for -- and this is preliminarily -- 23 people that came in or potentially came in with him and that's not acceptable. so we want to get rid of chain migration and we've wanted to do that for a long time. and i've been wanting to do it for a long time. and we'll be asking congress to start working on it immediately. there are bills already about ending chain migration, and we have a lot of good bills in there. we're being stopped by democrats
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because they're obstructionists. and, honestly, they don't want to do what's right for our country. we need strength, we need resolve. we have to stop it. so we're going to get rid of this lottery program as soon as possible. he came in through the diversity progr program, as you know. we're going to stop that. we're going to, as quickly as possible, get rid of chain migration and go to a merit-based system. the chain continues to increasingly strike our nation and it will require enforcement to homeland security intelligence officials to keep america safe. we will take all necessary steps to protect our people and our communities, and to protect our nation as a whole. we have to get much tougher. we have to get much smarter, and
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we have to get much less politically correct. we're so politically correct that we're afraid to do anything. that's not only our country, that's other countries, too, having very similar problems, and we have to get tough, we have to get smart, we have to do what's right to protect our citizens. we will never waiver in the defense of our beloved country, ever. we'll never, ever forget the beautiful lives that have been taken from us. that was a horrible event and we have to stop it and we have to stop it cold. we also have to come up with punishment that's far quicker and far greater than the punishment these animals are getting right now. they'll go through court for years. at the end they'll be -- who knows what happens. we need quick justice and we
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need strong justice. much quicker and much stronger than we have right now. because what we have right now is a joke, and it's a laughingstock. and no wonder so much of this stuff takes place. and i think i can speak for plenty of other countries, too, that are in the same situation. so with that being said, we will be starting our cabinet meeting today. it will be a discussion that will focus on vital issues of tax cuts. >> and as you just saw, the president flanked by his defense secretary and secretary of state addressing the cabinet and the nation of the world in denouncing the diversity program with which this uzbek international came into the united states seven years ago. joining me now, peter alexander joining me from the white house,
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and joining me is alexander, acting deputy director, currently at johns hopkins international school of service. john, first of all, chain migration, as i understand it, this is very broad-based, but the thumbnail is chain migration is afraid, used by immigration opponents, hardliners most notably. the program of who are here with green cards can bring in relatives. i don't know whether you have any response to that. >> it's always worth looking at every aspect of immigration, but i think it's probably not the primary thing we should be focusing on right now. >> what should we be focusing on? >> i served as an adviser through aspen to the homeland security department. and as we've talked with them over the years about this, as an intelligence officer, we're
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always worried about warning. i would say the single biggest gap in our intelligence system is warning about this kind of individual. we catch terrorists and detect them, largely when they move and communicate. these people are called lone wolves but they're really not alone. they have a lot of company on line. and short of some sort of massive surveillance program that the united states public would not accept, other than what citizens do to report what they see that's unusual, we don't have a rewarding system. interesting thing about this individual, very different from others. he's alive. he's apparently connected to some other individuals. we don't know who yet. we're going to learn a lot, i think, as a result of the fact that this is the first time we've had someone in custody who did something like this.
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we don't know if he was trained abroad yet, for example. f faisal shahzad, for example, he was trained here. >> possibly right after i get back. a major company that's moving back into the united states. it's going to be a major name. people are going to be very surprised, especially the country from which they're leaving will be surprised. under our plan, we'll go from being one of the highest taxed nations of the world to one of the lowest, meaning more jobs, more factories, more plants, more opportunities right here in america where we want them. we will reduce taxes for businesses of all sizes. i must add that we're
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negotiating right now to have my full team here tremendously different trade deals. our trade deals are horrible. they were made by people that, honestly, it's sad. it's very sad for our country. every trade deal we have is disastrous. we're renegotiating our trade deals. and if we have support from congress, we'll make trade deals that are horror shows into very good and respectable trade deals and trade deals good for both countries, and, in fact, many countries. very important is that we renegotiate our trade deals. with mexico, as an example, we have a trade deficit of $71 billion. that's nafta. we have trade deficits with china that are through the roof, they're so big and so bad that it's embarrassing saying what the number is, but you know what the number is, and i don't want to embarrass anybody four days
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before i land in china. you look all over the world, no matter where we do trade, it's bad trade deals. that's going to be a big factor in our growth. finally our plan will bring back trillions of dollars from offshore, trillions. we have, in my estimation, $4 trillion that will come pouring back into our country that will be put to work and it will be spent by our companies that could never get the money back for many years. interestingly, it's something that republicans and democrats have agreed on for years, bring the money back. what's not to agree? bring the money back, and they couldn't get it done because it was a lack of leadership. they couldn't get it done. they all agreed it should be done, they couldn't get it done. so we will be bringing that money back for rebuilding america. i'll be announcing tomorrow the
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new head of reserve. i think you'll be extremely impressed by this person. as far as our push to renew our prosperity, i'll also be making a very historic trip on friday, as i said. our visit will take us to japan, south korea, china, vietnam, the philippines. you remember the fphilippines trip made by a president that turned out to be not so good, never quite got the land. and we will host meetings with world leaders across the indo-pacific region. i look forward to it. we're going to meet a lot of presidents and leaders of countries that have been friends and have become very good friends of mine, and we have great trade relationships other than the fact that we are right now being taken advantage of, but i think they'll start
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changing them pretty quickly. key administration officials, including secretary mnuchin and gary kohn, will be staying back from the trip to asia to remain vigilant and making sure the tax cuts pass. so if i have any problems, i will be blaming mnuchin -- believe me, they'll be hearing. i think we're doing very well, and the houses have been working really hard and they're coming up with a great plan. and the senate is coming up way great plan. and they're going to be put together and something is going to come out of that. i think it will really, really be something very special. again, we're doing senate, we're doing a house. we'll put it together and then we have our beautiful new tax cuts and reform, and i think it will be very special. i'm also counting on our great
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vice president mike pence to continue to push for tax reform. they'll be all over the country working on it, but specifically they'll be working on the members of the house, members of the senate. we think we'll actually get some democrats to join us in the senate because, frankly, i actually think they'll lose their elections in those communities of those states because the people of those states and the people of all states need tax cuts. again, we're the highest taxed nation, just about, in the world. we need tax cuts. so with that, we'll start our cabinet meeting. we have a wonderful group of people. we have a great cabinet. they're doing an incredible job. i don't think actually they've been given the credit that they deserve, but that doesn't matter quite yet.
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we'll let you know when it's time to tell you about it. at the border we've done a fantastic job. we've done great with the military. isis is being decimated. they're being decimated. but they quickly move to other places in the world, like africa and others, and we're there to meet them. this has never happened. we have done more to annihilate isis than the previous eight years of administration. we're doing a great job. we're making tremendous strides in afghanistan also, and i think you see what's happening. you see what's happening. we've done a largely -- really a job that's been very, very well respected by many. one of the things that has happened that nobody is paying attention to but you're going to see it this week, our judges, federal judges, not only justice
9:42 am
gorsuch, who is doing fantastic in the supreme court, but we have many judges that are being approved at the district level, federal district judges and court of appeals judges. we'll have -- at this moment we'll be up to, fairly soon, the approval of 145 federal judges, district. and court of appeals, about 17 at this moment. so we will have a big percentage of the court will be changed by this administration over a very short period of time. i don't believe, other than perhaps when they started the whole process, i don't believe anybody has come close. so we'll have 145, and that number will be increasing with time. 145 district court judges and we'll have 17 court of appeals judges. and i must tell you the "wall street journal" gave us great
9:43 am
reviews on that, really fantastic reviews, but i think it's a very important element that should be pointed out because a lot of people don't know. again, tomorrow is a big announcement and we'll have another announcement having to do with tax cuts. that will be tomorrow pretty early. i appreciate it, and i will see many of you on the trip to asia. >> mr. president, how -- mr. president, do you want the assailant to get -- >> i would certainly consider that, yes. are you sending him to gitmo? i would certainly consider that, yes. >> and how did the migration problem fit into his plot? >> they say he came in through that program. it's very simple. what we are demanding is merit-based immigration. we want people that are going to help our country. we want people that are going to keep our country safe.
9:44 am
we don't want lotteries where the wrong people are in the lotteries, and guess what? who are the suckers that get those people? we want a merit-based system, and we do not want chain migration where somebody like him ultimately will be allowed to bring in many, many members of his family, and we don't want that. thank you all very much. >> did any members of his family represent him? >> they could. other members of his family are here. thank you very much. i think janet yellen is excellent. i think she's excellent.
9:45 am
thank you very much. >> well, and with that final word, i think janet yellen, the current fed chair, is excellent. but then when asked if you're going to reappoint her, he said, i didn't say that. with that the end of a q & a. peter alexander, we expect the fed announcement as well as other announcements tomorrow on the tax bill are delayed because they did not come to fruition as he promised. he has pulled out of the tran a transpacific trade partnership and that gives china a whole lot of sway in the region where we're no longer players. >> first the house expected to pass or present its bill on tax reform. that likely to include some component here at the white house. also on the fed, the president indicating he will make that announcement in some form tomorrow. as you said about janet yellen, he described her as excellent but didn't say that was his
9:46 am
selection. earlier in his comments, he said, i think people will be very impressed by this person. that leads you to believe it is a person other than janet yellen who currently holds that post. we're told the leading contender is jerome powell of new york. he is looking for tax reform less than 24 hours from now. >> pete williams' information, we'll get more from him in a minute, but pete williams is confirming that he is not talking other than to be smug and nonrepentant, but they believe he is self-radicalizes a -- self-radicalized and he is believed to have looked at a lot of propaganda on line. >> that's probably the biggest problem we have at dealing with terrorist nz ths in this countr.
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we're very good with organized plots and organized terror groups. it's this particular individual we have to work on. >> john mclaughlin, thank you very much, long-time cia director. i'm talking with angus king, member of the senate intelligence committee. senator, i hope you were hearing as well about wanting to change the immigration system. what we know so far from our reporting, from pete williams' reporting, from sources, is that this was a man who was looking at a lot of. they don't know if there are connections at this time. how do we work on these issues in terms of the balance of privacy and getting america involved with what people can see and read on line? >> before we get this out, i think it's important to know that the program in which this fellow got in, the so-called lottery system that the president was talking about, we
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voted against and a bbolished i 2013 on the comprehensive immigration plan which passed the senate by a very strong bipartisan vote. i think it's important that that provision was voted against by most of the members of the senate, including myself, back when that bill came up. the problem of self-radicalization isn't as tough as john mclaughlin says. these people are not involved in a plot. there are not a lot of intercepts of information there. they are here in this country. some had been here for many years, this guy has been here for 8 or 9 years. we've got to try to continue to be alert and look for signs of the very attack. but these are the very toughest ones to deal well. the fbi and cia have done a
9:49 am
great job, but these are almost impossible. >> the president said he would be willing to send this man to gitmo, something lindsey graham talked about and lindsey is a lawyer and former gag officer. there is no legal reason to send him. he wasn't arrested on the battlefield overseas. he was arrest nd a terror attack in lower manhattan. >> i'm going to let the lawyers and justice department argue with that, but it appears this was a crime performed in the city of new york. the comments dismissed the -- all of them are spending time and money as guests the fact that it wouldn't be punished or
9:50 am
effective i don't think is true. it may be that the justice department tries to move as an energy combat ant, but i think we should msnbc 1 p.m. in these kinds of cases has been very, very effective. >> would you be open to what the president is describing as an attempt to get rid of what he is calling chain migration, where once you have a green card you can bring in family and relatives? >> i think it's something that deserves discussion. on the one hand, it's viewed as, you know, bringing in people that shouldn't be here. on the other hand, it brings -- when you bring in family members, you stabilize the situation and make it more likely you'll have somebody that's integrated into the community, has a job, pays taxes and all those kind of things. there's a reason that policy has been in place for many years. and the reason is that it tends to stabilize the immigrant
9:51 am
population. it's worth talking about but i would want to see evidence first that there's a problem and we're not talking about a solution in search of a problem. >> the senate intelligence committee today, which of you're a member, has been hearing from google and facebook and twitter about the russian propaganda and we're learning 250 million were exposed, not 126 as initially in their testimony. what more needs to be done? >> there are two or three things we need to do. we have to talk to them about the technology of how their system works. we don't want them to be truth police. we don't want to censor the internet. nobody wants to do that. on the other hand, one of the things they might be able to do, and we talked about this today s inform their readers where the information is coming from. where in the world it's coming from.
9:52 am
i think that's something we need to talk about because when you and i read news on the internet or we watch it on television, we understand the source. whereas if it's this -- if it's a facebook news feed, there's really no understanding of who that person is, where they are and what their motives are. that's number one. number two, we as consumers of information have to learn when we're being conned. we have to be a little bit more reluctant to believe everything that we read on the internet. i cracked a joke at the end of the hearing. we have a quote on our wall in our kitchen that says the problem with quotes on the internet is it's difficult to determine their authenticity, abraham lincoln. i mean, that's the problem. and the third piece, andrea, that really gets no discussion, we he have to have a deterrent strategy so people like russia that does this to us pays a price.
9:53 am
right now it's a freebie. they totally disrupted our tried to totally disrupt our electoral system in 2016, including going into state election systems. they haven't paid any price for it. and i think we have to have a doctrine where if somebody does "x" to us, they know "y" is going to happen to them. those are the three areas i'm focused on. >> senator king, thank you very much. angus king from the hill. thank you so much. thank you! so we're a go? yes! we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase.
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in newly unsealed documents last night, robert mueller's prosecutors revealed more about the case against paul manafort and rick gates, telling the court that the defendants pose a risk of flight based on, quote, the serious nature of the charges, their history of deceptive and misleading conduct, the potential sentences the defendants face, their significant financial resources and foreign connections. that's a heavy load there. joining me now, barbara mcquaid, former u.s. attorney for eastern district of virginia. that reveal a lot we did not know. >> if you read those documents, too, in addition to making those legal arguments, they include facts to support those cases, including interesting things about paul manafort. over the past ten years he's had ten different passports, including three currently. he had a phone in the name of an alias. all of those things suggest someone who might be able to
9:58 am
cover his tracks easily if he decides to flee. >> what we know now is sam clovis might be talking to the grand jury, we believe is talking to the grand jury. he was the supervisor of papadopoulos. we now know also that papadopoulos was aware of the e-mails that had been hacked long before they were disclosed publicly. the question is, did he tell his superior? did he tell clovis? did clovis tell others? was the trump campaign aware that the russians had this stuff? >> i think that's why mueller and his team would be very keen to talk to clovis. know there's a report he testified before the grand jury last week. not only communications between clovis and papadopoulos, but who else did papadopoulos talk to? if he's the sprfr, is he talk to higher level people, trump junior, kushner, trump himself? i think those are questions mueller and his team would have dwefled into. >> very quickly, if they were notified that -- as the
9:59 am
prosecutors aallege, that the russians had illegally obtained e-mails from hillary clinton, shouldn't their first stop to pick up the phone and call the fbi? >> i think so. i don't know that receiving that information alone is a crime, but it's certainly one more piece in the puzzle of frequent contacts with russians in an effort to put together a strategy. i think there's more to learn. i don't. if that alone constitutes a crime. >> can what's the next step for the prosecutors? >> well, i think turning over all these stones, in the papadopoulos documents see that he identifies about four other unnamed campaign officials. i think they want to identify all of those officials, talk to all of those officials, read the other e-mails of all of those officials to find out the involvement. higher level members of the campaign in strategizing with the russians. >> barbara mcquaid, former prosecutor, thank you for joining us from michigan. that does it this edition of
10:00 am
"andrea mitchell reports." craig melvin is up next in lower manhattan, at the scene of the terror attack. >> good afternoon to you. craig melvin here, lower manhattan, as andrea just mentioned, near the scene of what transpired here yesterday, that terrible attack that has left eight people dead. a live look here, you can see that life is getting back to normal. there are -- perhaps can you hear them in the background -- children playing on a playground, people walking and up down greenwich street, chambers avenue. a short time ago, president trump making his first on-camera comments about the deadly incident. >> we have to get much tougher. we have to get much smarter and we have to get much less politically correct. >> thank you. >>. [ inaudible ] >> i would certainly consider that. i would certainly


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