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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  November 3, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it is 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in washington.
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trump embarked on his first trip to asia as president. the 12-day five country vits it could be the most crucial yet. while the white house would love to focus on that, there are renewed questions about russia and having -- russia stealing the spotlight, once again. my mother is mum bling today. before boarding air force one the president who has on more than one occasion said he has the best memory had this to say about former adviser george papadopoulos and the picture of that march 31st 2016 foreign policy meeting. >> mr. president, do you remember george papadopoulos during that march meeting? >> i don't remember much about that meeting. it was very unimportant meeting. don't remember much about it. >> do you stand by your claim that you never -- the campaign never talked to anybody from russia? do you stand by that claim? >> all i can tell you is this, there was no collusion.
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>> for days the white house insisted that papadopoulos was a low level adviser with little to no contact with the president. in the past they denied there was talk of russia or collusion during the campaign but court documents unsealed on monday, contradict that narrative. in those documents he reveals during the meeting he told trump he had russian connections and offered to set up a meeting between the then republican nominee and president putin. sessions dismissed the idea of a putin meeting. also in attendance was jeff sessions whose sworn testimony in october 18th is at odds with what we know now. >> you don't believe that surrogates from the trump campaign hr communications with the russians, is that what you're saying? >> i'm not aware of anyone else that did. >> he said to joe's question earlier, repeatedly lied under oath to congress. >> everybody related to the
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trump campaign lies about it and found out later. >> once said he never met with russians then admit he met twice with kislyak. members of congress are accusing him of misleading them. >> the constant lying and pretending i didn't remember this person, i didn't know what this person's name is, that makes people question you. >> carter page told nbc news he informed sessions in june 2016 that he was on his way to russia for a trip unrelated to the campaign. never one to miss an opportunity to deflect, president trump seized on a bombshell book about the dems to suggest that legendary crooked hillary is the one the fbi and justice department should investigate. let's dive right in. we've got kristen welker at the white house. justice correspondent pete williams as well and then we'll talk with glenn and jake sherman. kristen, the president tweeted
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furiously about the other alleged scandal that he thinks we ought to be focused on but still denying he heard anything about any meetings with russians. >> right and remember the president posted about his memory last week saying he has one of the great memories. in terms of the deflection that you talk about, let's look at those tweets, he sent out about eight between 7:00 and noon today. some of them reading everybody is asking why the justice department and fbi isn't looking into all of the dishonestly going on with the crooked hillary and dems. no donna b book said she play paid forand stole the dem primary. plus people are angry. at this point the justice department and fbi must do what is right and proper, the american public deserves it. what's interesting about this as a political strategy, katy, he's putting pressure on his own attorney general. he was asked today if he's going to fire his attorney general if
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he doesn't in fact open up an investigation into hillary clinton. the president wouldn't go that far but did say i'm frustrated and a lot of people are frustrated. that's his strategy as he prepares to head to asia on this five-nation trip, he'll put the focus on foreign policy and not the russian probe but it is very likely in the next week and a half he'll get asked more questions about this. >> let's listen to the president saying how frustrated he is that he can't be more involved with the doj and fbi. this is from a radio show from last night. >> i'm not supposed to be involved with the fbi, not supposed to be doing the kind of things i would love to be doing and i'm very frustrated by it. why aren't they going after hillary clinton with her e-mails and with her -- the dossier and the kind of money? >> later on goes on to say they might have to come to heads with
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that later on. pete, the president trying to be so involved with the fbi and doj. what's the problem with the president trying to get his fingers in what they are investigating and what they are doing and how they are approaching their convictions and charges and everything? >> well, it sounds to me he understands he's not supposed to do that. there's no written rule about this but the longstanding tradition for decades really going back to the last century is that two centuries you might say, the president is not supposed to exert influence on the justice department in terms of who has investigated or prosecute the or sued. especially so when it involves a political matter. at least he seems to understand that. >> we learned that paul manafort's lawyers are challenging evidence obtained by a search warrant. what does that mean? >> the beginning of the attack on the government area case really. this is the second time this week his lawyers have begun to
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attack the case. very early on in the process. what they say in a very brief filing in court they intend to attack the charges themselves and why they think they are wrong they intend to say some of the evidence obtained by search warrant was improperly obtained and say that shouldn't be used in the trial against him and say that there are other materials they got by subpoena that shouldn't be allowed in either. this is a common tactic for defense lawyers to say certain evidence shouldn't be allowed in the trial. interesting to lay that marker down so earl lixt the other point is kevin downing, a former justice department prosecutor has been saying he thinks that the charges here are -- the whole theory of the case is weak. he says that number one, the government says that paul n manafort was trying to hide this money and manafort says in a
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court filing almost all of the money came into the u.s. yes it was held in foreign banks for a while but eventually came here and they have nothing or very little in them. and secondly his lawyer said the government makes it out that paul manafort was trying to do this to avoid taxes but kevin downing says there's no tax evasion charge in the indictment. >> kristen, what's the white house saying today about news that jeff sessions isn't remembering something that is in court documents, isn't remembering a conference that he had at the very least a conversation that he dismissed with george papadopoulos, the foreign policy meeting? >> reporter: they are not commenting on the record about that, katy. but they are downplaying the significance of that meeting all together doing exactly what you heard president trump do today, which is to say there's nothing to see here. sarah huckabee sander has a number of days in a row said george papadopoulos was a low
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level volunteer, that he wasn't paid. there were a whole host of volunteers working for the trump campaign but they are really trying to make the case that no one took him seriously. i did speak with ty cobb who said the bottom line here is that no one was taking this 29-year-old seriously. >> kristen welker at the white house. pete williams, guys, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> joining me now is michael caputo, served as communications adviser for donald trump's 2016 campaign. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about the new revelations that have come out again having to do with campaign and what people remembered. before we get to that, i want to talk to you specifically. back in july after you testified before the house intel committee, you said you had no contact with russians. you said you never heard of anyone with the trump campaign talking with russians, that you never even heard the word russia and there was no discussion of
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russia on the trump campaign. is that still how you would characterize your time with the campaign given what we know today? absolutely, no question in my mind. i would also add there's no collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin. >> you know that 100% without a shadow of doubt that nobody within the trump campaign tried to collude in any way, shape or form, minor way, major way, with a foreign power with russia? >> i stayed with the campaign until the 20th of june in 2016. i can speak until that date. in addition to that i can speak to the character of my friends who i've known for 30 years, paul manafort and rick gates and many of the other people on the campaign would never under any circumstances collude with russia to mess with our election. in addition, i know the character of donald trump, someone longer than just this election. he would never tolerate that
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kind of thing in his ranks, i go from june 20th forward i go on my trust of their ethical standard. >> george papadopoulos is in a foreign policy meeting in washington, d.c., called him a coffee boy, but regardless of that, he was in a foreign policy meeting with not only jeff sessions who would become the attorney general and high level adviser but also the candidate himself, donald trump, can see him at this table right there, the man who would become the president of the united states. george papadopoulos in this meeting according to somebody else in the meeting that spoke to nbc news said he could set up a meeting with donald trump and putin. donald trump seemed to enjoy the thought of that or listen attentively or was agreeable to that idea. it was yef sessions who said absolutely not, according to our reporting. so this is at the very least, i'm sorry, michael, a conversation being had at the highest levels and i'm trying to
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figure out why number one george papadopoulos was even in the meeting and number two, why jeff sessions if he's the one that shot it down so quickly, why he would not come out and say that initially, we heard it once from a low level guy and shot it down immediately. why have to be caught lying about it or not remembering it many months later, a year later? >> i'll try and take each one of those seven questions one at a time here, katy. first of all, i want to start with this, i called george papadopoulos the coffee boy and people laugh at that but anybody who has worked on campaigns knows these kinds of high climbing young men and women who try to get a title and parlay it into meetings with higher officials or better jobs or dates -- >> why was the coffee boy in a foreign policy meeting in march last year -- >> i'm getting to these one at a time. he was invited in because at the
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time the campaign was really reeling from criticism that had had no foreign policy or other advisers. donald trump prided himself on running aileen and mean campaign. that group was put together in a way another campaign wouldn't do it. papadopoulos had no business being there. got into the carson campaign before this just five or six weeks before this the very same way, through an inflated resume and campaign that was rushing to put things together. it's important to note, if you believe papadopoulos at 29 years old was the kind of guy that had the credentials that would lead him to be in charge of collusion with russia and wearing a wire in some fantastic universe, why isn't he -- why didn't he land on transition? why isn't he at the state department right now? the reason? because he had no qualifications and no business being there and never should have been doing any of this like the president
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says -- he's a lee ar. >> why did george papadopoulos think sitting in the room with the president it was a good idea to say i can hook you up with russia. why did he think that would be a message that would elevate him within this circle of people? >> i think the term of art is he's stupid -- >> no, you don't walk into a meeting and say -- i could have walked in and said i make a really mean lemon tart. i would only say that because i think maybe donald trump likes lemon tarts and that gets me more favor -- >> and you've got to be -- >> don't peddle russian connections unless you think it's going to get you more influence. >> it didn't and failed him of the and created the end of any kind of influence he would have on the campaign. the idea, i heard about this meeting as well from people who were there when i started to get invited on msnbc and checked into it. this kid was foolish. he proposed something that nobody had any interest in. if you think that donald trump sitting there silently and listening and nodding his head
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is some kind of idea that he thought it was a good idea to meet with putin, you're exaggerating things. this kid brought up a stupid idea with a committee of foreign policy advisers, some not even qualified to be there and donald trump never saw him again. >> i'll take you at your word for that, maybe he had nothing to do with the campaign going forward and somebody just trying to elevate himself. what i can't understand after that is the pattern of misinformation, the pattern of for getting these sorts of things, denying it and only being forced to reveal the truth when reporters find out more information both trump and sessions denied there was a connection between russia and campaign. that wasn't true. papadopoulos offered -- >> i understand that. >> campaign of march 31st at the meeting attended by both. number two, in march sessions said i never had meetings with russian operatives or russian
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intermediaries but met with kislyak twice and third, donald trump jr. in a statement crafted with the president's help first said the meeting with the russian attorney was about russian adoptions. that wasn't true, later he released e-mails it was a meeting where dirt was promised on hillary clinton. why is there this pattern? i don't understand it. why is there this pattern? >> it defies description. i don't know what to say about it. some of the mistakes in communicating these things in the past have put other people in jeopardy who had no business being in jeopardy. people like me. i think some of these people who were saying these things were ill advised to do so. i think this is involved here and there along the way. it doesn't mean there was russian collusion. it means it needs to be looked into and is being looked into. >> you're a smart guy, does nothing concern you about this pattern of for getting and then
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having to tell the truth, nothing at all -- >> no, it doesn't. >> something you might not know about yet, michael. are you just confident there's not going to be something coming out you didn't know about that might surprise you? >> that's always possible but i have great confidence in the president of united states and paul nan ma fort and rick gates and others in the midst of this. i have zero confidence in jorng papadopoulos or carter page or others invited into this village of a foreign policy unit and attended this meeting and recommended that the president do something completely idiotic. the problem we have here is this, that campaign, you were there, i was there with you. it was really understaffed. the whole thing, donald trump became the republican nominee because of the hard work of five central people who were with donald trump from the very beginning and donald trump wanted to keep it that lean. the problem with that kind of
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strategy, even though it work and those five people made it happen, it creates a tail wag behind the dog like bad mistakes putting together a pro forma group that was in reaction to media criticism that you didn't have enough people on the campaign. this is unfortunate, that's what happens when you try to run a campaign differently but nevertheless, i think the end of this campaign -- end of this investigation will prove that donald trump had no collusion with russia and the trump campaign was not working with the kremlin and this is all a bogus investigation. >> former adviser michael caputo, good to see you sir. >> glenn tlush for the new york times and jake sherman, senior writer for politico. glenn, the argument that the campaign was haphazard, i get that, i was there at the time as michael caputo was just saying and yes it was haphazard and wasn't organize and you could
11:19 am
walk into trump tower and get a meeting with don jr. or jared kushner or anybody. what i still don't understand besides the pattern of lying then remembering, to this day, glenn, the president still won't say a negative thing or broech a negative thing about russia or about vladimir putin and that's been consistent from day one, he'll go after anybody for anything. he'll go after the pope, he'll go after republican members of congress. he will go after gold star families, the one person he does no go after ever is vladimir putin. that is interesting and i covered him in hamberg for the g-20 and we were told initially that he had a 15-minute encounter with him at dinner and turned out to be a whole lot longer, including this adoption issue with don jr. discussed. caputo is right in general about the fact that this was completely haphazard.
11:20 am
manafort set up a policy office, it was in alexandria and never paid anybody. it's funny when they talk about people being volunteered. they was involuntary volunteers. >> it's true. michael capuxts to had issues with getting paid by this campaign. >> that's right. gas lighting a little bit because we're talking about two completely separate issues here it was a completely thrown together process but a whole lot of people on the campaign and this is what mueller's office is looking at right now, had knowledge that people were seeking dirt from overseas sources, that is not kosher and the question is why didn't anybody at any point in time because as we look at these narratives and look at the court documents and look at the stories written, there are very, very few moments samclovi is raised a red flag, get these people out of here, we shouldn't do this. the underlying question and it is still a question as opposed
11:21 am
to us having a definitive answer to this, why didn't anybody realize because they had ample time to understand what the law and custom was, raise a red flag about this stuff. >> jake, what's your take? >> i can tell you one thing, there's been some motion from a junior member to dismiss mueller and this investigation. i would say that we should not pay much attention. that effort is in the deep, deep minority of opinion on capitol hill. almost everybody i talked to wants this investigation to come to a conclusion. almost no one i talk to contrary to what donald trump said wants some sort of maniacal focus on hillary clinton. very few people will say that, i'll take it back, one person today of virginia was talking about taxes and segued into uranium one and hillary clinton.
11:22 am
it's in the fringes but not in the mainstream thought most republicans want to see this go to conclusion and will pass legislation to make sure mueller is protected. i think this is a deep minority opinion on capitol hill. >> guys, thank you very much. happy friday. >> you too. >> up next, old wounds are exposed again in the democratic party. >> donna brazile rolled a grenade into the democratic party. the bell cannot be unrung. >> chuck todd right there. alleges the clinton campaign took in a secret takeover in 2016. former members of clinton and sanders campaigns join me next. ♪ lights, camera ♪ strike a pose your eyes work as hard as you do. but do they need help
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>> you want to look at hillary clinton and you ought to look at the new book just put out by donna brazile where she basically bought the dnc and stole the election from bernie. that's what you ought to take a look at. >> chuck todd calls it a grenade
11:27 am
thrown into the middle of the democratic party, pure and simple and now the president as you just saw is more than happy to be the one pulling the pin. former interim democratic national committee chair donna brazile wrote about what she learned after taking over the dnc in the release of hacked e-mails in the summer of 2016. brazile says the dnc made a deal with the clinton campaign in august of 2015, well before the end of the primaries that efb t effectively handed the campaign control of the party. in exchange for raising money and investing in the dnc, hill we would control the party's finances and strategy and money raised. her campaign had the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director and it would make final decisions on all of the other staff. the dnc also was required to consult with the campaign about all other analytics and mailings, we have yet to hear from senator bernie sanders
11:28 am
himself on this. but former campaign manager jeff weaver spoke out on msnbc earlier. >> i think the dnc should apologize to the millions of people who put their heart and souls into the campaign on both sides frankly. many people campaigned for hillary believing it was a fair process. it was not. >> as we said a minute ago, the revelations were a political gift to president trump who spent the morning tweeting about the book and demanding the justice department look into the dishonesty going on with clinton and the democrats. the president also brought back poke hon tas, his favorite nickname for elizabeth warren. brazile responded, mr. president, please go back to attacking me, better than having my own words spewed out by you. warren also responded to the president with her own tweet storm. she says he is trying to change the subject after the indictment
11:29 am
of his former campaign chairman paul manafort and says the dnc shouldn't play favors and this is a lot different than conspireing with russia. joining us now in the newsroom, director of progressive programmer for sir yus xm and progressive media for the clinton campaign and mark long barr, former senior adviser to the bernie sanders campaign, the liaison to the dnc through the campaign. mark, i hope i got your name right. >> it was good enough. >> good enough. okay. senator warren said this is a lot different than colluding with russia but she was pretty harsh about what this means for the dnc and what this was with hillary clinton. take a listen. >> do you agree with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes. >> do you think though what we're learning from donna brazile's book suggests that the campaign, what the democratic
11:30 am
national committee did meant this election was rigged? >> i think it was. >> do you think the clinton campaign or hillary clinton owes bernie sanders an apology? >> for me, this is about what democrats are going to do right this minute. what are we going to do going forward. >> brazil's book didn't say it was rigged but senator warren has said it at least twice on television that she believes it's rigged. mark, what's your reaction? >> my reaction, what was done in the article adds more details to what we already knew. the clinton campaign had a heavy hand if not outright control of the dnc. democrats have to stop relitigating the 2016 campaign and move forward. we have to put an agenda that starts winning elections again. that's what's para mount here. i also think that we have to realize that donald trump is a clear and real danger to this country and we have to step up
11:31 am
and stop him. i think we need to move past water under the bridge in terms of clearly what happened in 2016. . we have a reform process that the unity kmilgs been established in an aftermath of much of what happened in the 2016 campaign, i think reforms that come out in december are going to be real and substantive. whether it's on caucuses or open primaries or elimination of superdelegates, and i think chairman perez needs to step up and endorse those reforms immediately so we can put all of this behind us and make sure this kind of thing never happens again where the dnc takes a position in a democratic primary. >> there's a lot of folks that agree in terms of moving past this and getting on with it and not trying to throw the party into even more turmoil than it may be in right now. braz brazile's book has the potential to be pretty explosive on this. senator warren is calling it rigged, that's a pretty big
11:32 am
deal. on the other hand, the clinton camp is saying this was nothing that bernie sanders wasn't offered himself. that bernie sanders campaign was offered to be a part of the jfa. what's your response to that, joint fund raising agreement. >> it's unfortunate they tried to go down this road rather than move forward. we entered into the joint fundraiser agreement to get access to the democratic party's voter file. we told the dnc very clearly that he was running a campaign that was focused on breaking of the corrupt ns campaign finance system and break the hold of big money on our politics. we did not have bundlers and big money people. we were not going to do that kind of politics. but we were glad to sign the joint fund raising agreement and attend events if they were established. dnc never built any of those events so we couldn't participate. bernie sanders raised over $5 million for democratic
11:33 am
candidates up and down the ballot throughout the year. it's erroneous to say bernie sanders did not step up and big time help the democratic party win elections in 2016 on the fund raising front and using his own voice. >> i was talking to adrien on the 1:00 hour about this. i want to go on the record about the allegations that brazil is making in her book. she said in order to raise money for the dnc and did that because they were in bad shape at the time, that in exchange they would get control of the party's finances and sfrtrategy and mon raised and essentially pick who the communications director would be and would be able to make final decisions on all other staff and dnc was required to consult with the campaign about all other staffing and budgeting and data and analytics and mailings. that is a lot of control for the clinton campaign well before they got the nomination. this is 2015, 2016 when the
11:34 am
nomination in july came to hillary clinton. >> there was also a 2016 joint fund raising agreement. i'm not sure whether or not donna is conflatting the 2016 with the 2015. i haven't seen those individually. the bottom line here is that the democratic party was completely bankrupt as a result of dereliction of the duty that president obama had to keep it solvent. president obama's name is not being brought up today. but all of the money supposed to go to the dnc was funneled into organizing for america, formerly obama for america. >> are you worried about the firing squad, president obama didn't do this and -- hillary clinton is doing this. >> it's important to establish what the base set of facts are instead of spinning this overtalking it as if the process was rigged. nobody rigged the primary. fund raising for the party, over
11:35 am
$500 million as hillary clinton did using what i would agree is loopholes in order to allow for big money donors to donate directly to the party as opposed to individual presidential candidat candidates. what i think is being conflated, hillary clinton's money she raised -- >> you don't think any of that influence would translate into votes? >> i don't think dnc has that much influence to rig 50 elections and caucuses and many went into caucuses that hillary clinton lost. i think bottom line is that the democratic party needs to recalibrate its message as opposed to relitigating an election. that's a fact. it's not something that bernie sanders folks want to hear but it is the truth and based in hard numbers. >> mark, your last name. >> longeba. >> appreciate your time.
11:36 am
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11:40 am
in rank and dishonorably discharged. he entered ft. brag in a uniform by the way. president trump weighed in on twitter while aboard air force one. he said it is a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military. senator lindsey graham released a statement saying hisdy appointment, given the nature of the crime and sacrifices made by other on bergdahl's behalf, this sentence in my view falls short of the gravity of the offense and independent judiciary is the heart and soul soul of the rule of law but no one is beyond criticism. let's go to nbc's pentagon correspondent, hans nichols, a little earlier with you on the air, barry mccavry called it the perfect scenario to end the saga of bowe bergdahl. that he did walk away but he was captured by the taliban and tortured by the taliban for many years and that was snlly enough
11:41 am
of a punishment when you include the dmun igs of rank and dishonorable discharge. >> and forfeit tour of $1,000 pay per month as well as losing veterans benefits which include medical care. he will walk out of the military and walk out of the army somewhat of a free man. there's an automatic appeal but the way the appeal works, his sentence can only be reduced. it cannot be increased. we heard and i know you were on the campaign trail and heard about president trump a lot saying he should be taken out and shot, he should be treated as a traitor. his exchange when he was brought over for those five taliban prisoners from guantanamo bay was highly controversial. you'll remember president obama held a rose garden ceremony with bowe bergdahl's parents. again, he opted for a single judge, not a jury trial which was his right under the military
11:42 am
court of justice. we got a hint because the judge thought he should only be charged with desertion for one day, not the full five years he was kept in captivity and even the prosecution asked for 14 years in prison. and the general officer who reveeed this entire case as well as the claims of those soldiers that went out for bergdahl. he recommended bergdahl notten given additional time. there will be criticism and praise and will be an appeals process but again, elnot face additional time, won't face anything beyond his sentence. it can only be reduced. >> hans nichols, thank you very much. >> president trump is remaining open to a meeting with vladimir putin at the economic summit in vietnam next week. >> are you going to talk to putin? >> we may have a meeting with putin. again, putin is very important -- >> syria.
11:43 am
>> we have to talk about ukraine. >> this comes just days after representatives from the nation's tech giants went to capitol hill this week to testify about russia's efforts to use their platforms during the 2016 election. the witnesses included clint watts, who warned of russia's growing influence. >> the kremlin playbook will be adopted by authoritarians, unregulated global corporations will use this to weaken other countries. whether they realize or not, they've become the leading disseminator of news around the world. >> joining me now, chairman of the human rights foundation, russian pro democracy activist and former world chess champion and author of "deep thinking." and frankly, there's no one else you want to talk to about how russia tries to influence people
11:44 am
and potentially co-opt them for their own purposes. donald trump and his campaign facing a lot of questions right now about who knew what and when. what exactly did a role did george papadopoulos play who went into a foreign policy meeting, i can set you up with vladimir putin. how would russia use -- you can say these were small fish, not visible on the campaign trail. maybe he was a coffee boy trying to gain influence with the campaign but why would russia potentially use somebody like george papadopoulos or use somebody potentially like carter page or the small fish around the campaign? >> it's apparent putin tried to influence elections to spread chaos and who knows maybe to have an influence on the manor woman in the white house. and they had to set up all of the small meetings. i'm sure we'll keep learning more and more because we'll hear
11:45 am
stories from those who are now facing prosecution but for me, no doubts that there was an understanding between trump's campaign and putin's -- maybe no formal agreement but clearly trump wanted hillary clinton's e-mails to be released and even publicly called numerous time -- >> on july 27th. >> this call was repeated by other members of his campaign asking russians to release hillary clinton's e-mails and eventually russians did it. >> are you saying they didn't need a formal conversation between anybody in the campaign to know what he wanted. >> there was some conversations, we don't know the small fish led to bigger fish to enter the -- because it's a classical food chain. we'll find out more but no doubt there was an understanding that if russia would help trump to get elected there would be some
11:46 am
favors in return, especially considering the fact that michael flynn was trump's trusted man and knew he would be head of national security. i have no doubt from the very beginning that he was totally compromised. >> you're following the news and watching the allegations that have come out and seeing jeff sessions not remembering things and then reporters uncovering them. you're seeing the president take part in crafting a statement, misleading statement about a meeting with the russian lawyer. you've seen all of this. when you're watching it, what jumps out to you? >> too much inconsistency to the people. it seems while one half of the gop is claiming trump has no dimension, the other has it for itself. while we don't know -- the corporation and how far they have gone or how deep it went,
11:47 am
it's every piece of evidence indicates that there was some form of conspiracy. and i think that the fact is that top republicans now slowly are getting the memory cleared and recall about certain meetings that really took place. tells us that there's more to be found out. >> donald trump might meet with vladimir putin in vietnam next week when he does, if he does do so, how is vladimir putin going to try to use this and will he use this to his advantage, this growing controversy? every meeting between putin and trump works in putin's favor. we remember the meeting at the g-20 in hamberg, called by putin and atrump and i hope that trump had little to say about u.s. relations with russia because
11:48 am
98% of the house and senate supported the sanctions and it seems now it's a law whether trump likes it or not and it will be further strangulation of russian business interest abroad. >> vladimir putin, obviously doesn't like those sanctions, wants to try to influence donald trump. how does he do so? >> i'm sure he will be talking about what -- what trump just said, russia will help us in north korea and syria and ukraine. the way russia has been helping u.s. in syria, we can see during obama years and this is classic kgb combination, they create a problem -- >> we'll help you solve it. >> absolutely. that's a bargaining chip. same with north korea. how can you believe this wreched country can come up from nuclear waste to a sophisticated nuclear technology -- >> you think russia helped? >> who else? china has no interest of inflating the region and it's
11:49 am
very clear that russia one way or another assisted north kor n koreans and this is classic of kgb again. we have a problem, we can help you solve it but you have to pay us back. >> good to see you. please come in more. we enjoy having you around. coming up next, did donna brazile's new book throw a wrench in the virginia governors race days before the election? i'll speak live to democratic candidate and current lieutenant governor ralph northam. stay with us. nuclear war, accused of obstructing justice at the fbi and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials
11:50 am
take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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there's more to know™. president who is dividing america in a way we've never seen before. here in virginia we can do better. as govern i'll move virginia forward by bringing people together. >> tuesday is election day. president trump is not on the ballot, but he is playing a major role in the virginia governor's race. lieutenant governor ralph northam faces off against republican ed gillespie. former republican national committee chair and counselor to president george w. bush. polls show a tight race. the clear polling average gives northam just a 3.5 point lead
11:54 am
over gillespie, and that's why the last thing democrats need now, rehash the divisive 2016 battle between bernie sanders and hillary clinton but that is exactly what's happening thanks to a new explosive book by donna brazile claiming the dnc rippinged the primary for hillary clinton. virginia lieutenant govern ralph northam joins us now from washington. lieutenant governor, thanks for being here. appreciate your time. you don't want to dwell on this i'm sure but it's in the news, the president is talking about it, don in a brazill's new book and as somebody more of the establishment democrat in virginia, the one in the race, does this story hurt you and your party ahead of tuesday's election? >> thank you, katy, for having me on your show this afternoon. i want to tell you there's a lot of enthusiasm and excitement here in virginia. we're coming down the home
11:55 am
stretch, and our party is uni unifi unified. we have a great ticket in mark running for re-election in attorney general, justin fair fashfairfax for lieutenant governor. we watched a campaign that was in 2016 from mr. trump based on a lot of hatred and bigotry and fear and discrimination, and that's not what this country is about. it's certainly not what virginia is about, and now we're seeing the detrimental policies coming out of washington, like the travel ban, like pulling away from the paris accord and now health care. so virginians want someone with fa fire in think belly, to stand up to mr. trump's detrimental policies. >> lieutenant governor, i know that's the message you want to get out there but that's not quite the question i asked. the new allegations in don in a bra -- donna brazile's book, the establish wick you are a part of, voters were, aren't happy
11:56 am
with the democratic party in general when you look at polling. the democratic party is not very popular and there is concern the progressive wing will rip apart from the establishment wing and don't feel like they're talking to each other. are you concerned you could be the first potential victim of that rift? after this book? >> no, katy. like i said, we're unified in virginia, focused on this election. >> you say you're unified but doug wilder isn't endorsing you. there's -- there's some division within virginia. are you really that confident? >> i am confident, and you know, doug wild sir a good friend of mine. he was a great governor. >> why is he not endorsing you? >> that's up to governor wilder and he'll make that decision at the appropriate time. >> all right. so -- talking about ed gillespie. >> yes. >> he has that ad out basically calling northern virginia enemy territory. >> right. >> let's take a listen to that ad. not that ad. caught on tape.
11:57 am
take a listen to the tape. i'm sorry. >> for governor, there's a clear choice. ralph northam wants to take down virginia's civil war monuments. >> i would do everything that i can to remove the statues at the state level. premove the statues at the state level. >> ralph northam will take our statues down. ed gillespie will preserve them. >> i'm for keeping them up, and he's for taking them down and that's a big difference in november. >> our guy is out there working the streets. working the -- the metro stations -- [ inaudible ]. >> the territory, but working it. [ laughter ] >> and it's going to make a difference. >> sorry about that. initially we were playing an ad against you, then we played the right sound. ed gillespie talking about northern virginia being enemy territory. what's your response? >> you know, ed gillespie is a washington lobbyist. now donald trump's chief lobbyist. again, running ads like the ms
11:58 am
bsh 12 ms-13 ad, makes statements like enemy territory in northern virginia. that's not what virginia saul about. again, we are about bringing people together. it's time to heal. virginia, it's time to reconcile and restore jobs in virginia. that's what people are interested in. a job they can support themselves and their family with. they want to know their children have access to world-class education and they have access it affordable and quality health care. that's what we're focused on. that's the virginia way. and that's why there's so much enthusiasm and unity with our party in virginia and we're going to see the results of that on november 7th. >> i know you're talking about unity and enthusiasm, but again i find it hard to believe you're not slightly concerned about this brazill book and this division between the progressive wing and the more establishment ring? pair ye periyellow was endorsed by bernie sanders. are you not concerned about
11:59 am
those who say i don't want ni anything to do that establishment democrats are supporting? i want radical change? are you not concerned about that at all and if not concerned about it, what would you say to votersical change? can you bring that for them? >> i have fire in the belly and i would like to say, congressman tom and i had a civil primary's he's been gracious, at numerous events, endorsed me, introduces me, a great public servient and we do have great public servants in our party. mark warner, tim kaine, and i look ford to continue that tradition over the next four years. >> if you were to lose what would it mean for the virginia democratic party? >> we're going to win november the 7th and we have they enthusiasm and excitement. a tremendous field program. knocked on over 265,000 doors this past weekend and plan to
12:00 pm
win november 7th. >> virginia lieutenant governor ralph northam. democratic candidate for governor. we'll be watching next week to see how you do. thank you for joining us, sir. >> thanks so much, katy. that wraps things up for me this hour. ali velshi, my friend it is friday. >> are you done? >> the president is overseas. >> right. >> i think we're going to have a quiet weekend. i don't know. just say it. might have a quiet weekend. >> there's always one. i have property to sell you in florida. katy have a great afternoon and i hope you do have a quiet weekend. i hope we all do. i'm ali val shi, as katy alluded to, president trump will arrive in hawaii, the one stop before he kicks off his high-stakes visit to asia. the longer overseas trip of any president since 1991, but the president is traveling with some hefty political baggage as the russia investigation looms. >> mr. president, do you remember george papadopolos during that march meeting -- >> i don't remember much about that meeting. it was a very unimportant


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