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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 3, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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last word and he will surely get the last word on me on monday night when i appear on steven colbert's show to discuss my new book which would be published next week. playing with friday. available in stores on tuesday shlg you can preorder this weekend. that is tonight's last word. "the 11th hour" starts now. tonight's new details on george papadopoulos. breaking report on carter paige and what he told the trump campaign about his trip to russia. a year after beating hillary clinton donald trump calls on the justice department and fbi to look into his former opponent and flask party. we're live in hawaii as the president heads on a state trip with the north korea looming. "the 11th hour" begins now.
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good evening once again from our hea headquarters here in new york. day two of the trump administration brings us new information on the russian broke. one described as a coffee boy and another dubbed, a hanger on. the new york sometimes report carter paige, foreign policy adviser to the trump presidential campaign met russian government officials during a july 2016 trip he took to moscow. according to testimony he gave on thursday to the house intelligence committee. shortly after that trip mr. page send an e-mail to at least one trump campaign aid describing inintel he had. the e-mail was read aloud during the closed-door testimony. in march, paige talked to nbc
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hey z abohaze about his trip sa some people said hello to him there. >> you gave a speech many russia. what do d you do in russia? >> had some meetings with scholars, professors and students there. there were some people that showed up to my graduation speech and, you know, i said hello to some people. but no material discussions. they're really international relational scholars. >> did you speak to any russian intelligent officials? >> not that i'm aware of. >> we have new report from nbc about george papadopoulos who has pleaded gilt to lying to the fbi and is cooperating with mueller's campaign. nbc news report that papadopoulos repeatedly represented the trump campaign where he spoke on a foreign policy panel hosted by the
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american jewish committee. he's sitting on the left of your screen along with two members of congress. senator bob corker whose making the statement at the podium. or here at the interview. where he's described add one of u.s. presidential candidate donald trump's foreign political advisers since march of 2016. or even after the election has nbc reports. he met with the inaugural leader in vjanuary for the foreign policy of the president sworn in in the election. before the president left the country he was asked about this meeting. a source tells nbc it was at this meeting that papadopoulos offered to use his russian
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contacts to try and set up a meet lg between trump and vladimir putin. here's what the president said today about that meeting. >> mr. president do you remember george papadopoulos during that march meeting? >> i don't remember much about that meeting it was a very unimportant meeting, take place a long time. don't remember much about it. >> as this white house faces the daily delusion news of the mueller investigation, the president decided today to criticize his own justice department and call on to investigate his former rivalry hillary clinton. he wrote on twitter everyone is asking why the justice department and fbi isn't looking into all the dishonesty going on with crooked hillary. new donna b book says she paid for and stole the primary. what was e-mails, uranium, podesta, the servers, plus plus. people are angry, the justice
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department and fbi must do what's right. the american public deserves it. he said he was disappointed with the justice department. >> all i can tell you is this, there was no collusion, there was no nothing. it's a disgrace, frankly that they continue. you want to look at hidalgo county hillary clinton. i'm not involved with the justice department, this should be looking at the democrats, they should be looking at po december that and all of that dishonesty. they should will looking at a lot of thing and a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department including me. >> 288 days within his terms, with an investigation hanging over him the president spent the day going after hillary clinton and the justice department. let's go to our panel. philip rocker.
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matthew, and from honolulu, kelly o'donnell. kelly let's start with you, you're there, the president there at the beginning of his 11-day trip to asia, what are you expecting to happen? >> to give you a bit of the trick diary, the president is right now headed to pearl harbor where he'll place a wreath and place his respects. the first lady of course traveling with lim. the president spoke earlier this evening when he talked about he'd never been to pearl harbor, had read and studied about it so he's looking forward to this part of the trip. it is standard for the president when traveling to asia to stop in hawaii for a fuel stop. he's expanded it a bit to include time to pay his respects at pearl harbor but to also meet with specific of demand.
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and all of the countries are in the region where there are concerns and some are different players in the strategy around north korea. this is an important trip for the president, it's a notably long trip. one small surprise that's already taken place, these things are often set in stone or at least glue weeks ahead of time. the president telling reporters on air-force 1 that he intends to expand the trip spending more time in manilla on one of summits he's attending. that's unusual, certainly he can go that but that's not the typical thing we find. there'll be a lot of pressure on the president deal being matters to trade and north korea. his hope i'm sure will be to leave some of the russia drama at home. that of course is always hard to do when these questions persist. >> he's got a lot of work there with our allies in the philippines, vietnam and japan and putting the pressure on
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china to do what it needs to do in north korea. philip let me start with you. carter paige, i have to tell you phil it becomes harder and harder each day to ask what the question is other than what is going on with carter paige? >> well, he's all over the place. you know, it's important to remember carter paige's background, he's not new to russia, he lived in russia for a few years, a decade before joining the trump campaign and worked in finance there. he has a network of friend and people that he knows in the country that he brought with him to the trump campaign he he game an adviser. he was not a major adviser on the campaign but he was an adviser nonetheless and i think mueller's team and obviously the congressional investigators are going to be looking carefully at what exactly he wrote in that e-mail back to trump campaign colleagues, and more details
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about that trip and who he encountered. >> matthew, he talked so much to the media, he spent hours in that hearing without a lawyer. the strange thing about him, he talk as lot and his story changes. you saw what he said to chris haze. he said he didn't meet russian officials intelligence officers and it turns out he apparently did meet some russian officials. what do you make of what this is and where it's going? and i point out like papadopoulos and manafort, they all talk about how carter page who was a volunteer who was peripheral to the captain. but all of these peripherals have some contact to russia. >> right. it is bizarre he's out there talking to the press and the way his story changes. and his story changes in one direction, which is oh there were meeting with russian officials that were not
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previously disclosed. he's not a unique phenomenon in this case. when this keeps happening over and over again i think it raises serious red flags. >> phil, what kind of red flags is it raising in washington circles? that the president is right, the indictment against manafort and rick gates did not create any collusion with russia. every where they turned, every where the mueller investigation seems to go they find someone who suddenly had contact with russia who had said that previously they didn't? >> that's exactly right. we should also remember the mueller investigation on monday this thing is going to go on for sometime likely. we have not heard what's going to happen with general flynn who
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was the national security adviser for the opening weeks of that administration and was influential at the president's side. and there are a number of other, you know, the steps that mueller's going to be taking in the weeks to come. he's going to be interviewing some senior white house officials when the president and the entrauj return home from this asia trip. there's more the investigators are working to uncover. and we as lay people in the media don't know what's around the corner. >> kelly o'donnell with the president took his first trip in the middle east. there was talk about what situations he was leaving behind. but he's got two issues, in addition to the one he has to deal with while there, the diplomatic, the trade and the military issues, he's got the tax policy that he's just dropped, which typically a
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president has some role in pushing, doesn't look like he's going to be doing that for the next 11 days. but he's got the russian investigation. what do you expect to happen? is he going to shut down questions on that and everybody pick it up again wen he gets back? >> well he hinted a different way on air force-1 tonight. you played a clip where the president was speaking to south reporters before he left this for this trip. he came to the back of air force-1 and talked a couple of minutes to reporters. he indicated he'd be visual and accessible to reporters. opportunity to talk with the press over this trip which will last the better part of two weeks. will that be a chance for the president to try to stay on point? we certainly saw during the saudi arabia trip and jerusalem there was questions about perhaps the president having
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shared too much within the oval office. so, i think the president doesn't always have the strict boundaries of saying things that are about only the trip when it's happening when it's such prominent foreign policies to be dealt with. i wouldn't be surprised if some of these thing came up in a trump-like fashion. certainly reporters will ask about these thing. there's always the time to cover the events in front of us. those will be significant wen he's meet being the counter parts in asia. so, i expect we will hear something about this over the next two weeks but there will be a lot of other things that draw our attention. and if i could add one point about paige and papadopoulos. when you remember back to the campaign era, remember when there was 17 candidates and a figure like jeb bush, he had
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been able to ahimaaz some of the brightest talent. so donald trump was often reaching into less well-known figures in these sort of advisories or expertise roles. then you get characters like a carter paige or george papadopoulos who had not come through the normal channels we'd see in foreign policy as it interacts with politics. so one of the factors which is a year later is casting echos in this. >> it was puzzling when it happened. i think it was in a "the washington post" article. philip, i'm not wrong when he was being asked about a team and he was dropping names. and it's common for him to do that. in the case of george papadopoulos it wasn't hard to
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find a record of him. that's a good point kelly. phil, i want to point out something you wrote tonight about donald trump's department of justice. the justice department trashily enjoys a measure of infends. government lawyers have long sought to enforce a clear line preventing white house officials from influencing specific investigations or prosecutions to ensure they're work is not politicized. for some reason donald trump is back on this again. it's an attack on the department of justice and it seems to sort of be a side attack on jeff sessions, his attorney general. >> that's right. and you showed some of those tweets earlier today, there were actually more tweets than just that. and what trump is doing is playing this out in the open for all of us to see, pressuring his department of justice which is an extraordinary reach within
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the boundaries here within the executive branch which are set in place to avoid this thing from happening. to avoid the justice department and the criminal process from becoming too politicized. the president for four months now have felt very strongly about the justice department. he's been angry and frustrated with jeff sessions. he's felt like the attorney general hasn't been tough enough to prosecute hillary clinton. in fact they're not trying to prosecute hillary clinton, which is part of the problem in trump's mind. its created a lot of bad blood between these two and we see it from time to time spill out in the open as it has in these last 24-48 hours. >> matthew, i want to touch back on papadopoulos. here's how the administration has described him over the past few days. >> george was low level
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volunteer who might have attended a meeting of the foreign advisory time. drs he was a volunteer served on one of the committees. >> i never heard of papadopoulos, he never showed up on trump tower. he was a coffee boy. >> can you explain what george papadopoulos role was with the campaign. >> it was extremely a low position. >> that's what you call an overcoordinated response. it started with donald trump's tweet that could him a low-level volunteer and everybody asked about it suddenly had the remarkably clear recollection of the coffee boy, low level. and each day we dig up stuff where george papadopoulos was there representing the campaign. this bring back memories of water gate. >> right. they very much got their talking
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points on this as you've indicated. for an administration that's had so much trouble messaging, they sure got their message down on this one. but you're right, this idea that he was just some low-level volunteer it's comical when you go back and look at the what they said about paul manafort. he ran the whole campaign through a critical stretch. so, when you get reports like this that showed that papadopoulos was holding amends with congressmen at the republican national convention, and after the election he was representing himself in meetings with foreign officials -- >> a represent of the election or president, yeah. >> right. that really cast doubt on this talking point the white house is pushing. and this is when their lack of credibility, i think is so damaging. >> thank you to you matthew.
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so, you don't need all the people that -- i'm a business person i tell my people whether you don't need to fill slots don't fill them. but we have people that are not
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happen -- >> the assistant secretary state -- >> well the only one that matters is me. >> that was the president of the united states on the eve of his first visit to asia, tapping down on criticism that he still haven't field key positions. donald trump looking to shift the conversation from indictments to russian investigation to problems abroad. he embarked on a 12-day trip landed in hawaii. right now he's paying a visit to pearl harbor before departing on a 5-country tour to asia. the trip will take him to japan, south korea, china, vietnam and the philippines. he's going to come face to face with world leaders to talk trade, economy, north korea and military action. it could also bring him face to face with vladimir putin who's going to attend an economic summit in vietnam.
8:24 pm
joining us general baa ret mccalf friday. nigh year ra hawk, gordan chang. welcome to all of you on a friday night, thank you for being with us. near ra let me start with you, the president's comment that the only one who matters is me, it may or play not make sense but there's a real reason why we have diplomatic challenges and a state department and an entire organization that is built around the soft power of the united states. when the president says what he says, it fundamentally challenges that assumption. >> well, it has two impacts. first the president can't be every where at all times. it has a direct impact, you don't have people on the ground who understand the very deep histories of these countries and
8:25 pm
the personal dynamics required to move a country forward and get a second deal done. the second aspect when he says it's about him he undermines the people that are left. what we see is his tweets repeatedly undermine secretary rex tillerson, people in the military as they work for the advantage of the united states. the president in this case, it's all about him, he's always has own enemy. ju >> general, our conversations as it relates to north korea have a deep understanding of the relationship that the military and the state department plays together. they are often two sides of the same sword. >> no question. you ought to add to that the cia, department of justice. this has a team effort. the off alone is 2.1 million men
8:26 pm
and women pledging alone in the active reserves. the thought that only one count is laughable on its face. >> the president has work today however on its military front when he gets to our allies in japan and south carolina. what do you -- south korea, what do they want to hear from the president right now? >> both communities, both our adversary and our friends. i think a lot of them are going to wait this president out. they don't believe he can deliver domestically on politic closures. they think he's too volatile to state a stable course of action. i think particularly, and the issue that bothers me is north korea. australia in united states is
8:27 pm
act if some unified way and leverage chinese on north koreans. i don't think anyone is willing to risk their future to donald trump. >> most of us believe that china is the best hope to dealing with the north korean problem right now. the chinese think things out over a long period of time and have long plans. donald trump is going to have to go in there -- he's going in with a lot of ceos and business people with something in hand, how do you think that conversation goes? >> i think this is going to be a very difficult conversation. president donald trump is going to point out that xi came off his -- and going to state his position. i'm sure their president is going to say to our president, look you have no excuse not to help us with north korea.
8:28 pm
i think this will be a better difficult conversation. not just on north korea but also on trade where there are some irreconcilable differences because chinese behavior has become so much more predatory or xi, the current ruler. >> can donald trump current, gour don from this trip within 12 days with something that looks like progress or success with respect to north korea? >> i don't think that he can, just because the issues are so complicated. the most important thing to remember about trump's north korean policy, that has about the team to cut off the flows and capital of money to north korea. he's been successful up till now, but he needs to be more successful in the future. we are starting to see that lower level in pyongyang not getting their raffles, that's a
8:29 pm
sign that american policy is starting to work. when kim jong-un realizes he has no choice but to disarm, we're not there yet objectivf course maybe within nine months or a year or so, trump's policy with cutting off the money may put kim jong-un in a position he's in today. >> all right guys stick with me much more ahead. back after this break. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies, burglars broke into her shoe. they stole her kids' mountain bikes and tablets along with her new juice press. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on the stolen goods and started a mountain bike juice delivery service. call geico and see how affordable homeowners insurance can be. somesend you and your family overwhelrunning. y can... call geico
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the entire world, so all nations of the world must do more to counter that threat. that is happening, but the president recognizeds that we're -- recognizes that we're running out of time and we'll ask all nations to do more. we're out of time because approaches in the past have not delivered. have not delivered on halting and reversing north korea's dangerous nuclear missile programs. >> national security adviser, h.r. mcmaster is ahead of the trip. back with me now t panel. nierra let me start with you. this is a big trip, 12 days. and these trips historically have been good for presidents. its put foreign policy at the fore, but usually that means deals and announcements on a regular basis. it doesn't feel like a ground
8:34 pm
work has been done for this deal. >> that's the structure of the trip, it'll be very interesting to see. particularly with him going to japan first, it should be a relationship to straighten up things with or allies. that's not going to be the case here. we don't have dip plats on the ground to do this kind of negotiation. they're taking him golfing. they're second to china in trade deficit. import of cars, that's a huge problem. this goes to trump's manufacturing base. same thing with south korea. these are issues that go directly to trump's promise on the campaign to help manufacturing in american businesses but he does not have the depth of expertise or support with him to be able to move that pass. after he sees the allies they're going to china.
8:35 pm
they're going to wine and dine him for several days. he has a meeting with xi himself. >> they got some love/hate thing going on. >> potentially china will walk away with important things because trump will be so bed bedazzled by the circumstances. they're going to walk away without having any responsibility for -- there's no -- he may also walking away with promising china access to building high-speed rails. again, these are all problems for american jobs and trump seem to be taking a tone now on american jobs than what he said he's do on the campaign. gourd >> gourdon this is a point you all make, that china often wins in its trade deal with the
8:36 pm
united states. they got a bunch of ceos going along on the trip but the president does get bedazzled by this thing and anybody that can show him a good time is the chinese. >> certainly. this is something that chinese emperors going back, have been very successful at. i think they can appeal to his sense of vanity but there's instru structural here because trump has made it clear, klein is no longer at the top of his radar. donald trump doesn't think that way, he has a korean policy not a china policy and how he treats china is depend dant on what they're doing on north korea. i think china will try to bedazzle him but i don't think they're going to be successful in the long run.
8:37 pm
>> general, when we fly the planes near or close to the militarized zones it is -- that is a strong -- those are both strong military relationships and important to whatever happens next. but, in both cases, the president has done things that could underbind some of our relationships. he constantly talk to south korea about the relationships. from a military perspective what does the president need to do with japan and south korea? >> i don't think he's going to find either one of though neighbors nor the australians are willing to publicly state that they're heading in a direction of a binary decision, basically. do we accept north korea nuclear capacity to strike the united states, or do we use some kind of preemptive military action. none of them are going to sign
8:38 pm
up for those options. there being an immediate high-intensity ground war in the peninsula, so they're not going to go in that direction. the problem i have with this is there doesn't seem to be an adequate diplomatic policy to get the chinese, who by the way, will be ill served by major war in the region. never mind one that might go fluke yar or involve strikes on military forces in japan on u.s. national territory. the only glimmer of hope we have is that the chinese will understand their union laterally interests a interes interests are best served by putting strong leverage against north korea. the other thing we have to take into account is the probability that kim jong-un, when being ridiculed and demeaned in public at the u.n. general assembly,
8:39 pm
little rocket man, this kind of thing, and essentially threatened with nuclear attack, fire and fiery against north korea, he's willing to do something that both his father and grandfather got away with it i think there's a major provocation in this region, in the coming year we're going to end up at war with north korea. >> we're keeping an eye as we see on the left of your screen, the president's boat has docked at the uss arizona and he's proceeding to the memorial. he'll be laying a wreath very very shortly. nighier ra you were nodding when the general was talking? >> certainly. chinese has been brilliant in making north korea an issue for the united states and not accepting chinese responsibility for what they are doing in the region. >> gourdon chang is china as
8:40 pm
worried about this as anyone else is? is it really that bad for china if north korea does press that nuclear button? >> the north korea nuclear program and the ballistic missile program has been aided by the chinese. for instance the launches that the korean's use to bring miss lsz to the launch site t those are chinese. so, beijing has been weaponizing the north koreans. you got to remember donald trump on that interview aired yesterday saying that japan is a warrior nation. this has a reversal of american policy. i think trump is think of using the japanese of a proxy against the chinese. it's going to be fascinating to watch the air play of these four nations. >> a number of people have said, gourdon, to the point that the general just made, that a
8:41 pm
kwechksal artillery war on the peninsula is going to be devastating. that's not something to take lightly. the fact that there isn't going to be flunuclear war at play. let's listen in at the memorial for a moment.
8:42 pm
a moment of remarkable is there limonty, the president visiting the area of pearl harbor. it is something he's never done. it is a fuel stop on the way to asia but the president has made it more than that. he's visiting with tspecific
8:43 pm
command. general, the seriousness of nikon flicted on the korean peninsula not just nuclear war with north korea. >> sure, all the senior military people basically don't want to fight. they'd like to see a way out through diplomacy, through economic leverage and certainly the arizona memorial where during that short japanese attack on pearl harbor and associated arm basis we lost some 3,000 people. if you go to the arizona memorial you can still see the fuel oil leaking out from the entome tombed -- entombed sailors. so it's a remarkable lesson for all of us involved in security. >> it's a remarkle lesson. the memorials of war serve us very well in reminding us we must do whatever we to avoid it.
8:44 pm
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hour". i'm really not involved in the justice department, honestly they should be look at the democrats and po december that and all of that dishonesty. they should be looking at a lot of things. a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department including me. >> the president there as we've been talking taking aim at his own administration. joining me now richard painter. the white house lawyer under george w. bush and john mecham. john, let me start with you, what do you make of this? the president taking on his own
8:48 pm
administration. it's actually not new to us in this 10-month old administration that the president takes on his justice department and attorney general. how are we supposed to contextalize this sort of dispute? >> well, i think the president is basically arguing with himself as he's don for more than a -- done for more than a year now. he is on a fairly -- insofar as coherent -- on a coherent campaign and delegitimize anything that may cause him harm. it's highly unusual, i can't really say how unusual it is for a president of the united states to suggest publicly the justice department should be looking at someone else. it's almost as though he's forgotten to some extent that he is the president. and when a president says you got to look at something, it
8:49 pm
just means something different than if you're a reality t.v. show who's going on howard stern and popping off about the news. >> richard, i think he tweeted yesterday that you are seeing jeff sessions being set up to be the fall guy. >> well, yes. jeff sessions recused from the russian investigation, and they would like nothing more than an excuse to fire jeff sessions. and then turn around, put someone else in there as the acting attorney general and fire robert mueller. that would cause a constitutional crisis if they tried it. in this authoritarian rhetoric we have today is really shocking, he's made a big issue of this hillary clinton campaign and the bernie sanders campaign about this money pots, and democrats ad. it may be embarrassing for the dnc but there's nothing criminal about it. and running around saying the
8:50 pm
justice department ought to be going after the democrats, that's not what we do in this country. we do not go and prosecute or political opponents and thput numerous times. this is an authoritarian rhetoric that we would here in nazi germany. we don't tolerate that in the united states. i think if he's going to talk that way, congress has to think about taking action. it is way, way off the rails. and he also derailed the prosecution of this terrorist suspect up in new york by calling for the death penalty and all sorts of things. he's really got to focus on his job and let the prosecutors do their job. let robert mueller do his job. and stop tweeting about this stuff all the time. >> john, give us a hierarchy of issues here. the president -- for a long time, including during the campaign, talked about hillary clinton going to jail. it used to be because of benghazi and e-mails.
8:51 pm
and i encourage our viewers to read up. it's a complicated story, but it wouldn't suggest that hillary clinton needs to go to jail for it. then, he wants robert mueller out of the way. possibly investigated, possibly in connection to this ur rain yum one. and richard suggests, making jeff sessions the fall guy. he didn't have it in him to fire jeff sessions. although, it looked like he was going to. and jeff sessions did offer his resignation and the president didn't accept it. in this hierarchy of getting rid of people that you don't like or in doing so, what actually happens? >> i think richard is exactly right on this. a president's words are different than a candidate's words. and i don't think the president has made the shift from october -- early november of last year to early november of
8:52 pm
this year. we're all prisoners to some extent of our own experience. the most exhilarating experience of his life happened when he defeated hillary clinton. under the stress and the strain of the presidency itself, what is he doing? he's returning to refight this battle, a battle he knew he won. psychological psychologically, on a human emotional level, that's what he's doing. and in terms of the hierarchy, the question is, we have a president who is fighting an emotionally comfortable battle against an opponent who, by the way, is no longer his opponent, the democratic nominee for 2016. and not using the energy of the offense, the capacity of the office, to address the real challenges who face the people who put him there, in dealing with the equality of opportunity and dealing with the foreign policy challenges. >> richard painter, do you see this going in a direction where
8:53 pm
the president either gets rid of sessions or successfully creates an investigation around robert mueller? >> there's nothing to investigate about robert mueller. that's ridiculous. the uranium one thing, congress had years to look into. that's been gone over many, many times. this is all just a bunch of nonsense, being generated, not just out of the mouth of president trump, but the right wing conspiracy netheorists at breitbart. and sebastian goreasaid that hillary clinton needs to be execu executed. these people do not represent the political discourse that we find in the united states. they are encouraging the president to talk this way and tweet this way, rather than act
8:54 pm
presidential. it will be important, if he wants to save his presidency, that he acts like a president and stop talking like a dictator. we're not going to tolerate that in this country. >> richard painter, jon meacham, thanks for joining us. eight years after deserting his post in afghanistan, bowe bergdahl spared from jail time. and diarrhea. i tried lifestyle changes and over-the-counter treatments, but my symptoms keep coming back. it turns out i have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that's really frustrating. that's why i talked to my doctor about viberzi... ...a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both abdominal pain and diarrhea at the same time. so i can stay ahead of my symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have no gallbladder, have pancreas or severe liver problems, problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation, or a bowel or gallbladder blockage.
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this guy isn't sure he can take it anymore. unwavering self-confidence. stuck in a 4-door sedan of sadness. upgrade your commute. ride with audible. dial star star audible on your smartphone to start listening today. ♪ a decision came down today in the case of sergeant bowe bergdahl, who walked away from his afghanistan post in 2009 before being captured and tortured by the taliban for five years. bergdahl pled guilty last month to dissergs and today, a judge sentenced him to be dishonorable discharged. but he was spared jail time. the president writing on twitter, the decision on sergeant bergdahl is a disgrace
8:58 pm
to our company. calling him a traitor and saying he should be executed. ironically, the judge said earlier this week that trump's decision to involve himself actually kept bergdahl from receiving worse punishment. general barry mccafrey is back with us. how are we supposed to process these sorts of things? when you see somebody in the military, having done something wrong, how are we supposed to think about it? >> first of all, the key part of this sentence was dishonorable discharge. he cannot benefit from abandoning his comrades in arms. the fact he doesn't serve jail time is a good outcome for the armed forces and bergdahl. he got hammered for five years by the taliban. the president's comments, if there was a serving military officer in the chain of command,
8:59 pm
who made those comments, would summerally sack him. this is shameful behavior by our commander in chief. >> we are not supposed to presuppose the outcome of a trial. >> the uniform code of military justice is a body of law. it's not the president's law, it's a congressional law. it worked effectively most of the time. and it did in this case. to have the commander in chief intervening and shaming his own system is unprecedented. i know no cases in history when this behavior has been seen. >> general mccaffrey, good to see you as always. thank you for joining us for a second time. this is our broadcast for tonight. thank you for being with us. and good night from nbc news headquarters.
9:00 pm
president barack obama tried very hard to close the u.s. military prison at guantanamo in cuba. throughout his two terms as president. it was a campaign promise that he tried to keep, that he intended to keep, i think he thought he would keep. but in the end, congress really was able to thwart those efforts by the president and his administration and guantanamo was still open for business by the time obama left office. to people who served in the obama administration, particularly people that worked on that issue in the obama administration, i think that was a real disappointment from president obama's two terms, that they weren't able to get guantanamo closed, even though they really wanted to. but that said, they also didn't send a single new prisoner there for the entire eight years that


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