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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  November 6, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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it is 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. here in the east. this afternoon we have special team coverage of the deadliest church shooting in u.s. history. i'm katy tur in new york. >> and i'm craig melvin here in texas. tragedy that has shaken this
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community of roughly of 50 people. one we are learning more about by the hour. >> the mother-in-law attended this church. we know that he had made threatening -- she had received threatening texts from him. he was wearing a black mask that had a white skull face to it. however, investigators found evidence at the scene that indicates the subject may have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> 26 people were killed when defb kelly opened file. the first baptist church behind me yesterday. authorities now say the ages of the victims range from 18 months to 77 years old. as many as half of the dead are children. in a small community like this, literally everyone is affected. everyone knows somebody who was inside that church. 7 percent of the population gone in minutes. among those lost, a teenage daughter of the pastor and his wife, who were not inside
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yesterday but did talk about the tragedy late this morning. >> you lean into what you don't understand. you lean into the lord. and i would submit this to every one. my family is here. you guys there, that whatever life brings to you, lean on the lord rather than your own understanding. i don't understand. but i know my god does. that's where i'll leave that. >> well, we have a team of reporters covering every angle this story on the ground here in texas and in washington, d.c. as well. we heard right before we went on the air the fbi agents are in the process of interviewing one of the eyewitnesses. what can you tell us about that? >> he is the owner of the gas station where the gunman was first seen wearing his tactical gear at 11:20 a.m. yen.
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he's the husband of terry smith. i actually spoke to the owner of that station about what he had seen and he saw the gunman wearing this mask that we later have heard officials tell us about during the press conference, a black mask with a white skull on it. he saw him move toward the church. he saw the whole thing transpire, basically. what really shocked him the most fls that he didn't have his rifle on him at the time, craig. that is what he said to me. he said i wish i could have done something at that moment. presumably at this gas station, it's right across the street from the first baptist church, they also have security footage that officials can comb through to try to piece that part of the puzzle together. >> we know that there is also video inside the church as well. this is a church that routinely taped their services. they put those videos on youtube. we heard during the course of that news conference that the investigators have been looking at this video. they didn't talk a lot about the
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video itself. what else did we get from the flus conference. >> i actually did speak to the wilson county sheriff about the video and he said that this is just his version, again, we heard from free man martin, which is the regional director of texas dps, but the sheriff did tell me the video was too short to be really revel la to her according to what he knew, but let's see if texas rangers have the lead on the investigation. if they find something else in that video that can help them put this piece of the puzzle together. the other information that we found out after that press conference was the way it all went down. we have the gunman wearing this mask as he approached the church. he fired it inside the church, outside the church. that's why over 26 victims, 23 died inside, 2 died outside. one died en route to the hospital. and then this good sam ar fan, he's a local and somebody who lives nearby heard about this incident over a scanner. came out with his rifle and exchanged gunfire with the
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suspected gup man right behind us over here. that's when the chase occurred. the gunman was wupded. he came on to highway 87, which is a highway just behind where craig and i were standing and got on this ford expedition to drive off. and the good samaritan finds somebody in another vehicle. he jumps in that vehicle. they go in pursuit of the gunman and that is when at some point the gunman either crashes the vehicle and swerves off, but he's wounded and that is when he dies. according to law enforcement before he died he texted his father and said i have been shot. i do not know if i am going to make it. >> the sheriff here telling me a few hours ago that it's his understanding that the gunman killed himself. pete, what more do we know at this hour about this domestic situation involving the gunman, involving his mother-in-law? >> not much at this point. they're searching the house, hope to get more answer there. but i think that it's pretty clear now what this is all about. it's not terrorism. it's not racial an i mus.
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it's not religious hatred. it's simply some kind of seeds of a dispute that became wildly out much control. what we also know from people who knew devon kelly that he had a long history of anger, a couple of times police were called for domestic violence complaints. he was thrown out of the air force for domestic violence. he was once stopped and arrested in colorado for abusing a dog. so he has a long history here. and in this dispute with his mother-in-law, his current marriage apparently -- he was estranged from his current wife after he divorced from his first wife, the one he was married to when he was in the air force. so the basic contours of this seem pretty clear. no indication here that any other groups or people were involved with him, craig. >> pete, given his history, how was kelly able to buy several
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guns? >> that's a very important question, and that's one that authorities are still trying to figure out. under federal law he would not have been able to buy a gun if he was convicted of a felony. he was thrown out of the air force on a general court martial, which at least one atf form seems to equate with a felony. we're waiting for answers from atf on whether that was in fact the case. if it is then the question is was that in the database, did the fbi see it. why didn't that stop him from buying a gun if in fact that counts as a felony for the purposes of the gun laws. the second is that he was convicted in this court martial in the air force for assaulting his wife and child. the air force says they reported that as a domestic violence conviction. that too should have stopped him from buying a gun. at least it appears that way. but these things tend to get quite complicated when you get into the details because
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naturally you're talking about gun rights here and they can be quite complicated. so that's what the authorities are trying to work out now. he was denied a permit to carry a gun in texas, but that doesn't answer the question about whether he was entitled to buy one in the first place, craig. >> all right. our justice correspondent pete williams. thanks as always. church is very much a sunday ritual for many families, especially in this town. but now one family facing immense law. eight members of the hole come family and an unborn child were all lost in yesterday's shooting. children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, a future great grandchild. a family friend talked to nbc's gabe gutierrez a short time ago. >> they were a family like no other because they would give you the shirt off their back. >> and this is, katy beck is
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outside a hospital in san antonio where many of the injured were taken. katy, what do we know about how those folks are doing at this hour? >> well, so many families with such deep sadness today. there are other families that are holding on to hope that there may be a meerk husband recovery in store for their loved ones still hospitalized at this hour. right now we know of 15 shooting victims that are still hospitalized in area hops. six of those victims are behind me at university hospital, which is a level i trauma center. of those six three of them are children. we were told additionally that one child was transported here last night and was unable to be saved. that child died at the hospital. another child we are aware of is five-year-old rye land board who was shot five times. he has gone through two, and we are awaiting an update on his
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condition. back to a full recovery. there's so much anxiety and worry, especially in a small community. as you know, everybody knows everybody. this is a situation that's really touching so many right now. >> this is a tiny town. thank you. just to give you a sense of how tiny this town is, the only stop light in sorry land springs is behind me. the post office, part time. again, roughly 600 people live here, so literally everyone in this town knew someone who was either inside that church or who had attended that church at some point. i'm joined now by pastor paul beaufort. he is the pastor much nearby river observation church, right. >> yes. >> how did you find out about what was happening yesterday. >> well, we were in the middle of our sunday morning wore chip service. we're approximately two miles up the road and we were in the middle of our wore chip service. i was preaching when cell phones started to go off and we got the
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information then, one of the people in our church said that there was an active shooter at fifth baptist church and naturally we had some first responders, a couple first responders in our congregation which we sent out. and then as the congress gre gags, knowing that we need to do stay away from the scene, the best thing that we could do would be to pray. so we started to do that, so. >> i know that you know the pastor here pretty well. yes. >> have you had an opportunity to talk with him. >> i have had an opportunity to talk with him and his wife, and it was a rough time for me and for them. they're very close friends of ours. we work together preaching. and so it's just -- it's very difficult to do that and to deal with that, especially when he's dealing with the loss of the people in his congregation but
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also people in his -- someone in his father. >> his daughter. >> absolutely. >> his 14-year-old daughter. >> so it's hard to minister outside of that personal grief that you have. and that's what we're trying to do as our church and ministerial staff that we have going on here is to be available to him and those people in that church to minister to them, to meet their needs however it might be. our church has been taken and the coordinating point for the crisis advisers from fbi, dps and wilson county. and so we're trying to deal with that down this and have that available to them. >> anytime something like this happens in this country, we all feel so powerless. >> yes. >> all we can really offer are thoughts and prayers. are prayers enough?
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>> well, i think absolutely they are. you know, we have to look at it from our standpoint as a pastor, if i'm going to come out here and i'm going to speak to the country and to the world and i'm going to say that it's only our faith in god that's going to get us through this and it's our faith in god that's going to say that we trust that everyone that was in that church that didn't come out of there are present with their lord and savior right now because the bible tells us that to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. we believe that happens and we know that prayer works. we know the power of god. we've seen it firsthand. and we know that prayer brings comfort. it brings comfort to those who are praying and those who are being prayed for. so absolutely. i think that is the best thing that this country can do. you know, the bible tells us that we don't overcome evil with evil. we overcome evil with good. now, we have one thing going on here right now and our focal
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point is on this and the shooter and all of that. when we have millions of great, wonderful things that are going on in this country at the same time. so we have 360 million people in this country, and there are people doing great things, nice things yesterday. there were people who were meeting with their families in houses of worship all over this country, meeting the needs of people, their friends. that's a picture that we don't see when we focus on this. >> but it is hard. >> absolutely. >> to get your head around the kind of evil, the kind of did he rangement, the kind of mental illness to get your head around whatever that was that led someone to walk inside this church yesterday morning. people singing, people praying. and he opens fire, killing the majority of them children. much has been made over how we move forward, whether this is a guns issue, whether this is a mental health issue, whether this is all of the above.
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what do you say? how do we stop things like this from happening beside prayer? >> i'm not sure that we're going to be able to stop those things because the word of god tells us that we are going to face trials and trib lagsz that evil is out there and it's doing everything that it can to attack. we talk about it's a gun issue or we talk about a mental health issue. well, as pastors and as christians we talk about it and say it's not that. it's a heart issue. it's the fact that we're focused on the world and we're not focused on god. and if we were focused on the other, then we wouldn't be having those things. we continue to push gun out of our schools, out of our community, out of our government -- >> you're not suggesting that this is a result of that. >> no, i'm not suggesting it's a ruflt that. what i'm suggesting in -- i'm not even suggesting it. i'm telling you is we're in a spiritual battle, we believe, in
11:16 am
this world. that it's evil against good. now, with he know that good is going to overcome that. it would be a long theological thing to do that and i know you don't have time for that, but that's what we believe. that this is a spiritual battle and the forces of evil are what prompt this kind of thing chlgt people want to see i'm crazy or whatever. we're not. but we believe that god is there with us and he's going to help us through all of this. >> pastor, thoughts and prayers. >> thank you very much. thank you, america. >> river observation church. our coverage from suter land springs will continue after a quick break. up next, more of my conversation with joan hang endort. he was one of the guys that chased down the gunman. he is now being haled as a hero here in texas. >> there are a lot of folks around this country right now that are kaulk you a hero. >> yes, sir. it was just the right thing to do. >> it seems like you have kind
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our church was not comprised members or parishioners. we were a very close family.
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we ate together. we laughed together. we cried together, and we worshipped together. now most of our church family is gone. please don't forget suter land springs. >> this small, tight-knit community is still trying to figure out why a gunman opened fire sunday behind the killing family members, friends, neighbors. authorities say this may have been some sort of domestic situation involving the shooter's mother-in-law that played a role here. but to a lot of folks it still doesn't explain why 26 people, most of them children had to die. some people say that the death toll would have actually been even higher had it not been for two men who chased down the shooter. one of them, johnny hang endov. i talked to him a few hours ago. what possessed you to do it? >> it was the right thing to do. >> do you know anybody inside that church? >> after last night, yes, sir, it turned out i did.
11:22 am
>> who was it? >> a very, very good friend of mine and his grandparents. >> at the time did you have any idea as to what had happened inside that church? >> no, sir. like i said, he opened my door and said he just shot up the church. we've got to get him and i said let's go. >> let's go. and after the shootout when he crashed the car, then what? >> like i said, i directed traffic and stayed on with dispatch until police got there. police afbd. as soon as one was there, they were all there. and they pushed me and the other gentleman back so far that we didn't -- you know, so we weren't in any danger along with anybody else. and after that we didn't see anything. >> do you know that a lot of folks around this country right now that are calling you a hero. >> yes, sir. it was just rt right thing to do. >> it seems like you're having kind of a hard time deal with it today. >> it shook this community. it shook people.
11:23 am
it's shaken everybody that has now -- you know, these people that see me as a hero, i'm just someone who just helped on instinct, you know. i hope that these people are able to sleep a little better knowing that this guy isn't able to breathe to hurt anyone else. >> it was just the right thing to do. let's head back to indicate yi in new york. >> craig, thank you very much. joining me now here in the newsroom to take a closer look at the investigation part of this is man any gomez along with darren pour cher. many, i'm going to start with you. investigators are learning a lot more about the suspect. they're learning that there were domestic abuse issues, that he had some sort of argument with his mother-in-law, that the mother-in-law had at least once attended this church. and then he went out and he
11:24 am
committed this terrible, horrible crime. what else are investigators going to try and piece together from this in order to get a full picture of what this man was and what his motivations were? >> well, that's just it. the key is the motivation. that's what we don't have. last week in the try peck ka killing we were able to arrest perpetrator alive and we obviously find out it was isis inspired and terrorism related. but here the perpetrator was killed. and so we can't ask him directly. so we need to find out a motive. if we find out a motive we could hopefully figure out a plow file as to somebody who could be behaving in a similar manner and perhaps stop a similar attack in the future. because this is going to, unfortunately, continue to happen in our country. >> so he received a discharge from the air force, a bad conduct discharge for meeting up
11:25 am
his wife and his baby. under normal circumstances domestic abuse, darren, will make a flag. there will be a flag on your record to that. in this case there was no flag for this man to be able to buy guns. >>ible that there was a failure in connection between the federal government and the state authorities. in addition to that, the military, they make a notification to the federal authorities that this person is being discharged under bad instances. this was a bad conduct discharge. a bad conduct discharge is something that flags someone for obtaining a firearms permit. and that, unfortunately, didn't come into play here. and so when we think in terms of the motive, so to speak, as man any mentioned, there were numerous text messages that were transmitted from the suspect to the mother-in-law. and so i think that in many ways could have assisted in triangulating when this was going to happen and how long this was going on. >> you guys have covered these things before. you've investigated these things
11:26 am
before. we've had you to talk about these things before. it feels like it's a bit rote at this point. we just keep talking about the same thing over and over again. these mass shootings, what are they going to do, they're going to look into his background, social media, did he have an issue with his ex-wife or current girlfriend, et cetera, et cetera. now the question is what can be done, if anything to stop this? governor greg abbott was on cbs this morning and gayle king asked him a question and i'd like you guys to take a listen. >> we all agree, praying and hugs are very good, but what can we do to keep these weapons out of people that you are saying yourself are evil? what can we do about that? >> well, the important thick is if you go back to early times of this world, to the times of yesterday and last week, evil exists in this world. and i'm going to use the words that the citizens of suter land
11:27 am
springs themselves and that is they want to work together for love to overcome evil. and you do that by working with god. >> so gayle king said at the top there that prayers and hugs are good and nobody is going to argue that. governor abbott just said pray harder. is that all we can do here is just pray? >> we need to do a lot more than that. we need to be proactive instead of reactive like you mentioned, katy. we go through the same investigation into what's the motive, what's the background, what's this person's full profile after a mass shooting. we still haven't found the motive as to the -- >> the larger scale, we're the only country who seize this? what can you done. >> one of the things is technological advances in law enforcement. one of the things i saw at the lapd recently they started to use unmanned drones. it provides an additional sense of resources -- >> so just watch everybody all
11:28 am
the time. i mean, so watch everybody all the time. pray more -- i don't know, guys. i want to continue this conversation. i feel like there's got to be more there that we can do. guys, thank you very much. more ahead this hour from craig in texas including the president's response to the latest mass shooting in america and how it compares to how he's responded to past tragedies. that is coming up in just a few minutes. but first, nbc news exclusive reporting of robert mueller's investigation. thee sources are telling nbc there's enough evidence to file charges in the probe into michael flynn and his son. we're going to dig into that report coming up next. i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think our recent online sales success seems a little... strange? na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?!
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former trump campaign chairman paul map fort and bigs soeshlt be rick gates appeared in court this morning for a third time following their indictments by a grand jury last week. both men will remain under house arrest after pleading not guilty. they will be back before a judge next month. the court appearance comes a day after new nbc news exclusive reporting on the investigation into michael flynn and his son michael flynn jr. according to three sources familiar with robert mueller's probe who spoke with nbc, the special counsel does have enough
11:33 am
evidence to file charges in that investigation. meanwhile, trump commerce secretary wilbur ross faces scrutiny after leaked documents reviewed in part by nbc news show he failed to disclose shared business interests with people linked to vladimir putin. ross denies he concealed any russian ties. >> there's nothing wrong with it at all. i think it's just an example of the press trying to find anything they can, however remote or silly, to attack the president and somehow link him to russia. this is nonsense. >> joining me now is nbc's carol lee, part of the team that broke that nbc exclusive on general michael flynn. and richard painter, a form white house chief ethics lawyer under george w. bush. carol, let's start with you. you're talking about investigators and they're focusing on flynn's lobbying work. what exactly are they looking for? >> well, they're looking to see
11:34 am
if michael flynn did anything nefarious with his lobbying work. we know that he registered retroactively with some lobbying work he did at the justice department that benefited the government of turkey. they're look for, you know, was there any money laund earning, was there any -- did he disclose everything properly. and what sources have told us, myself and my colleagues, is the special counsel's investigation, they've reached a point where thoef enough evidence to bring charges in this investigation into anyone and his son mike at g. anyone. what we don't know is what happens now. you know, there's a number of ways this could go. could they bring charges or could they put pressure on flynn and his son to cooperate with the investigation as one or both of them already cooperating with the investigation. there's a be in of things that we don't totally understand yet but that we will in coming days and weeks. and the other thing that we learned is the focus of the investigation is not just on
11:35 am
flynn's lobbying work, it's on what he did while he was national security adviser. so there's scrutiny of his time inside the white house and whether or not he used his position as national security adviser in any way that could be illegal. >> are you talking specifically about this plot to smuggle out that clerk from the united states and return him back to turkey, one offer dough juan's chief rivals. >> right. >> james woolsey spoke ba that "the wall street journal," i believe, and then confirmed it to nbc news. >> that's right. and so one of the things what you just mentioned that the special counsel is looking at is whether michael flynn, once he was in the white house, whether he made a push for either -- for somehow to get this clerk, who lives in pennsylvania, back to turkey. and whether he was doing so in order to potentially receive millions of dollars if this effort was to be successful. so that's something that is a
11:36 am
piece of the investigation into michael flynn. we also know from our reporting that the special counsel is still interviewing people about michael flynn and is supposed to conduct some interviews -- the grand jury is conducting interviews this week. so generally, i think, if you take all of this, it just says that the investigation into michael flynn is -- the pressure is mounting. the focus is kind of easying in on him after we saw this indictment of paul manafort and his businesses partner. >> so donald trump's former national security adviser and now his current secretary of commerce, wilbur ross, is under some pretty tough scrutiny as well. richard, you just heard ross respond to questions following the release of what's being called the paradise papers. ross's private equity firm has long been the biggest shareholder and navigator. they have a 31% stake in that company. ross did not die vest all of his interests in naif greater, a shipping firm before being confirmed to his poers.
11:37 am
navigator's second largest client is the russia pet chemical giant. one of the owners of sibur is tim shanko, a russian billionaire on the treasury department sanctions list. and another major shareholder of that country tri is mickelson who has close ties to the kremlin. this goes on and on. when you read this story, when you say the release of these documents, these leaked documents, these paradise papers, richard, do you believe that this means that wilbur ross lied in his senate confirmation hearing? did he not disclose everything he should have? and does that mean that he should be -- there should be concern about his being in that post? >> i don't think he lied from what i saw of the testimony. but he did not disclose everything he should have. the commerce department and the white house, if they had an ethics job in the white house would have figured this out and would have made sure the senators were told about it.
11:38 am
and i do think the senators should have asked more specific questions about each of the shipping companies that he owned and who they traded with. we cannot have a commerce secretary who owns a company, a large stake in a company that's trading with the russians when we're considering whether or not to impose sanctions against the raurnz. that doesn't work. and i pointed this out months ago that a treasury secretary owning a shipping company, i mean, a commerce secretary owning a shipping company is a no go. he should have been required to sell any and all interests in shipping companies in order to become secretary of commerce. because shipping is about commerce. there are too many financial conflicts of interest and that's something i pointed out before we even knew about the russians. and furthermore, i don't think it's the mainstream media looking for connections between the trump administration and the russians. the trump administration -- the trump campaign gave us plenty of connections with the russians. and we're hearing about new ones every week.
11:39 am
new ones that were not disclosed. and that's what i think michael flynn is going to get indicted for is lying about his contacts with the russians, whether or not those were legal. i wish this administration would stop lying about their contacts with the russians, start being truthful with the american people and they'd better be truthful with robert mueller or they'll all end up in jail. >> richard parent and carol lee. guys, thank you very much. and now let's turn back to texas and craig melvin. >> katy, thank you. a community that's very much in mourning today. authorities say 26 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at first baptist church behind me. at least 12 or as many as 14 much them children. 20 people were wounded. ten of them are in critical condition right now. authorities say the gunman, dechb patrick kelly, was shot during a confrontation outside the church. he then managed to drive away with two men in pursuit.
11:40 am
investigators say he crashed before apparently killing himself. investigators also say that a domestic situation at this point looks like it played a role in the shoog. kelly's mother-in-law attended the church but was not at the church during the time of the shooting. president trump is monitoring the situation from japan. the first stop on a 13-day, five-nation visit to asia. he talked about the shooting earlier today. >> this isn't a guns situation. we could go into it, but it's a little bit soon to go into it. it's a mental health problem at the highest level. it's a very, very sad event. >> chris jansing is traveling with president trump. she is in tokyo. and from washington new york times political reporter ken vogue el. chris, let's start with you. the president's response to the shooting here in texas, it was very different than his response to last week's bike path attack
11:41 am
in new york city. >> yeah. obviously in that case he called immediately for some changes and an end to the diversity visa program, which of course this man from uzbekistan was here legally who drove that truck up on to the area of the bike path around the west side highway. he said he wanted to even step up extreme vetting. contrast that to the last two shooting incidents, 59 people killed in las vegas. you and i were there, craig, and he said it was a very sick and deranged person. and speaking of the shooter yesterday, he said this is a mental health problem at the highest level. clearly rejecting any calls that there might be for stepping up gun control in this country. but remember, also after vegas when he was asked approximate this, he said we'll be talking about gun laws as time goes on. and people questioning in the immediate aftermath yesterday if 85 people being killed in the last month in two separate incidents isn't the time, when
11:42 am
is it? well, an answer from kellyanne conway, the president's long time aide and senior counselor. take a listen. >> unfortunately, every president has to help heel the nations at different times, different tragedies. but the rush to judgment,ic itel by people who are just to see politics and judge did he rangement in every single thing they do it doesn't help the victims and it's disrespectful to the dead. >> and so the president, who is still sleeping, we presume, leaving here in about five hours. his first opportunity to talk about this, craig, would be when he lands probably at oh san air base. he doesn't even leave here for about, as i said, five more hours. >> all right. chris jansing there with the president in tokyo. ken, connecticut democratic senator, chris murphy, of course that state rocked by the new town school shooting nearly five years ago. he issued a blistering statement here after the texas shooting. and that statement reads in
11:43 am
part, quote, as my colleagues go to sleep tonight, they need to think about whether the political support of the gun industry is worth the blood that flows endlessly on to the floors of american churches, elementary schools, movie theaters and city streets. ask yourself how can you claim that you respect human life while choosing over weapon's makers over support to measures favored by the vast majority of your constituents. in las vegas on october 1st shortly thereafter i was there. i heard these bipartisan calls for more regulations on bump stocks. after that shooting, no one is talking about bump stocks anymore. is is it likely that we're going to see anything that comes from this, ken? >> probably not at the federal level. just looking back at the history of the way these things go. as you suggested, as chris suggested, as kellyanne conway suggested, it becomes a political thing right in the aftermath and you have both
11:44 am
sides entrenching, digging into their positions. that said, at the state level we have some action. in fact, just on friday the lieutenant republican -- republican lieutenant governor of the state of massachusetts signed into a law that does ban butch stocks and that was a direct reaction to the las vegas shooting. at the federal level it's important to point out that it's not just the political contributions and independent spending of the nra, but rather it is their ability to mobilize their members, who are millions strong to put pressure on their lawmakers. they use the lejts laifb process in a way that's very effective that even though polls show that a majority of americans do support some what they deem to be reasonable gun control measures, the ability of the nra to organize its members and to spend heavily in elections is usually enough to preclude any legislation at the federal level. >> ken vogue yell for us here. thank you. chris jansing overseas.
11:45 am
chris, big thanks to you as well. katy tur is going to pick things up back in new york. and it's the canary in the coal mine for democrats nationwide. tomorrow virginia electing its next governor, both sides, no surprise, making it all about president trump. virginia's current governor, democratic terry mccall live is going to join katyy on the other side of this break. l. until... it... wasn't. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. even if you reach your a1c goal you are still at risk for heart attack or stroke. talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease. and find out more at your heart and type 2 diabetes. make the connection. let's take a look at some numbers: 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... is a stroke. 80 percent of all strokes and heart disease? preventable.
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virginia's current governor terry mccakauauliffecauliffe. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you, katy. >> great to see you. polls are tightening.
11:50 am
are you concerned your party is in serious trouble if northam can't pull this out. >> let me be clear, and play it back on wednesday morning, we are going to win the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, three polling out today, ralph up 9-6-3 in the polls. been consistently up. the state is headed in the right direction. unemployment from 54 to 37. second lowest of any state in america. created more jobs, more investment in education, cleaned our bay, chesapeake bay, best shape it's been in many, many years. they're not happy with national politics. donald trump has a 31% approval rating. the republican nominee for governor wouldn't even let donald trump come to virginia to campaign. >> i tip my hat to your confidence, governor. >> but it's not as rosy a picture as you might want to paint it. the polls are close. your candidate has gotten a lot
11:51 am
of backlash overer recent race-represented issues. a bit of an uproar over the latino ad, children chased by a white man in a pickup truck. and talk about sanctuary cities. are you concerned even though the party is targeting minority voters, are you concerned they might end up not showing up for lieutenant governor northam, i should say? >> so you have the facts. there are no sanctuary cities in virginia. they are not allowed by law. we do not have them. that's a plain fact. the ad run was not run by ralph northam's campaign, the latino ad. the reason the latino community is outraged is because of the false sanctuary city ads ed gillespie ran. all that our false. he has run the most racist,
11:52 am
big bigoted primary in virginia. i did 13 events yesterday and can tell you the northam campaign and our ticket knocked down 580,000 doors over the weekend. a presidential level door-knocking operation. fairfax county, a very democratic area, absentee ballots up 60% where they were in 2013. record crowds are out. we're going to win. people are happy with the state. they like the economy, as i say. we took it from 54 to 37, put a billion dollars in education, largest investment in virginia history. restored more rights than any governor in the history of america. people are happy and safe here. ed gillespie tried to run down the state, bring out the worst fears with ads that are plain false. we don't have sanctuary cities. i don't spend time talking tab because they don't exist. >> i hope you can hear me i see your earpiece is falling out
11:53 am
donna brazile and her new book coming out. some saying it's completely rigged, just the way it works and people are making a big deal. it's in the news casting a negative spotlight on the democratic party. you have to have some concern how that's going to play out in virginia. correct? >> nobody cares. >> nobody cares? let's listen to donna brazile. one more time. hold on. let's listen. >> nobody care what's donna brazile has said in a book. nobody. >> one second. let's listen to donna brazile. >> those telling me to shut up, told hillary to do that a couple months ago, you know what i'm going to tell them? go to hell. i'm going to tell my story. >> you don't think anybody cares about her story. >> nobody cares. they care about beaten donald trump tomorrow, beating ed
11:54 am
gillesp gillespie. i know everybody in washington in the little bubble loves to talk about this stuff. i did not get asked. met thousands of people canvassing, not one single person doasked me. they want a job, want education. not someone who wrote a book. >> are you concerned about the future of the party? take yourself out of it a second. if democrats win, outside observer, democrats can not win in virginia tomorrow, swing state, where donald trump did not win. he is not pop law now, can't win. are you concerned about the messaging now and leadership now in the democratic party? >> katy, all i'm telling you, we will win all three. i feel as confident as ever. i've done over 40 events myself. katy, enjoy life a little more. it's not so bad. come move to virginia. >> i enjoy life. >> you don't sound it! you got to enjoy t. i enjoy life. virginia is a great state. it's a sad day for our countries
11:55 am
considering what's happening in texas. maybe that's why i'm a little down. >> in virginia, we're doing great. >> terry mcauliffe, i want to talk to you about the after to see how it pans out. >> i'll be with you wednesday. >> great. >> i want you to smile and remember, virginia's for lovers. >> governor terry mcauliffe. thank you very much. we'll be right back. hi. so i just got off the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight... four weeks without the car. okay, yep. good night. with accident forgiveness, your rates won't go up just because of an accident.
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one more thing before we go. in fact a few things. century 16 in aurora, colorado.
11:59 am
12 victims shot dead. sandy hook elementary, 2012, 26 victims shot dead. 20 children. ame church in carston, 2017. nine victims shot dead during bible stud pip grand theater in lafayette, louisiana, july 23, 2015, two victims shot dead. pulse night club in orlando, 49 victims shot dead. country concert in las vegas weeks ago, october 1, 2017, 58 people shot dead. and then yesterday. a baptist church in sutherland springs, texas. 26 people dead. craig melvin on the scene where combined 182 people died, including way more children than you even want to think about. so, craig, we want to end today simply with your thoughts. >> reporter: i -- you know, to
12:00 pm
be honest, i didn't realize i'd been to all of those shootings, in each one, katy tur, an explanation. either hated black people, deranged, other mental illness, there's always some sort of explanation. although i would point out when it comes to las vegas we still don't know precisely why stephen paddock opened fire. it would be nice to get to a point in this country to at least acknowledge there's a problem. that there should not literally be a mass shooting, just about every day in the united states of america. we're not there yet. we haven't been able to agree on the fact there is at least a problem. so -- for now, though i'll say good-bye to you,letting me hang out. ali velsh


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