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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 7, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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good morning. everyone. it's tuesday, november 7. i'm ayman mohyeldin along size louis burgdorf. we are learning more about the massacre in texas that killed 26 people and injured 26 more. may have been targets mother-in-law who attended the church, but wasn't at the service when opened fire. also heard from ait eyewitness
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the attack. >> he was shooting towards the church republicand he ran aroun church shooting until he came to this other side. we were trying to get the people to safety. trying to get them down to customers and get them into the store. and letting the people that were pulling up know there was a shooter and the gentleman came around and then there was silence. we didn't hear anymore shots. and then we heard massive shots. and, i believe, that's when he was in the church. and we couldn't do anything. because we didn't know if there was more of them. and all of a sudden we see one of the victims running out. and he came across the street towards the store and he was bloody from his arms.
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part of his face. and we let him in the store and he -- we had him on the ground. and then we see he's telling us that his family is in there and that somebody had gone in and hot up everybody. >> meanwhile t military is now investigating how the air force failed to enter the gunman's domestic violence conviction. prevented the gunman from being able to purchase the gun. also learns more of the extent of domestic violence records. while stationed in new mexico, he fractured his stepson's skull and reportedly and repeatedly hit and kicked and choked his ex-wife. he was also charged and pleaded guilty in 2014 of guilty to animals and despite all of this, he was still able to purchase a gun in colorado and texas over four years. joining us now, steve patterson, steve, good to have you back with us.
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what are you hearing this morning on the direction of this investigation? what are officials there ruling out and saying could be a possible motivation. >> ayman, officials are keying into as you mentioned the mother-in-law connection with the church. they police chief sbelieve she f that congregation and threatening her with the text messages leading up to the shooting. that was a possibly motivation. taking a gun, going in the place of worship and killing 26 people. mother-in-law may have been a target. ironically not inside the church at the time of the shooting. show this incredible situation with the samaritans while he's walking outside the church. a neighbor that lives very close by to the church, hears what's going on. sees the suspect walking out in full body armor, grabs own gun and runs outside barefoot and starts taking shots at the suspect.
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they exchange in a bout of gunfire and the suspect starts taking off. meanwhile, he seems johnny who is rolling up to go see his girlfriend. they exchange basically glances and they decide to go after this guy, driving 95 miles an hour to chase him down. the suspect eventually loses control of his vehicle. we spoke to leng den foangendor >> you're chasing the guy and then what happens. >> i'm chasing him and i'm trying to cope the gentleman
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next to me calm. talking to dispatch and doing 95 miles an hour up this road at this guy until he finally lost control on his own and hit the ditch. at that time i parked the truck as close as i felt comfortable. me and the other gentleman got behind it. the other gentleman drew his rifle on him. told the shooter to get out. he never got out. about then, traffic was coming and so i went from blind the truck to go and stop traffic. just in case there was any exchange of gunfire so no one else would get hurt. police arrived quickly. >> reporter: i want to get his name right. it's johnny language den dor of that was speaking to craig melvin about that heroic situation. officials are crediting it. saying it could have been worse had they not chased down the suspect in the case.
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incredible heroism about those two. for sure. learning about the victims. officials say half of the 26 people killed inside the first baptist church were children. youngest just 18 months old. eight members of one extended family were gunned down as they prayed. husband and wife, brian and carla, were killed in the shooting. one of their sons, a daughter-in-law who was pregnant and four of their grandchildren also lost their life. church's pastor and his wife shari also lost 14-year-old daughter ana bell. >> we lost more than bell yesterday. one thing that gives me a sliver of encouragement is the fact that bell was surrounded by her church family that she loves fiercely. >> there were 20 people injured in a shooting. half of them were in critical condition. one woman who was shot in the shoulder said the congregation was singing when they heard gunshots.
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she said she hid under a church pew as shots rang out. >> everybody died. that's what he said when he came inside. he came through the front door and when he stopped. everybody is quiet. and i could see looked like i could see him, but i could see him. i was hiding under the benches and i could see him, his feet. walking back and forth and through the aisles. >> last night the community came together for a vigil to pray for the victims. vice president mike pence announced he will be traveling to sutherland springs tomorrow to meet with families of the fallen. just a short time ago at a press conference in seoul, south korea president trump addressed the ongoing gun cries in north
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america. >> have you considered extreme vetting for people considering to buy a gun. >> trying to what? >> buy a gun. >> well, you know, you bring up a situation that probably shouldn't be discussed too much right now. we could let a little time go by. it's okay if you feel that's an appropriate question. even though we're the heart of south korea. i will certainly answer you question. if we did what you're suggesting, there would have been no difference three days ago. you might not have had that very brave person who happened to have a gun or a rifle in his truck go out and shoot him and hit him. and neutralize him. and i can only say this, if he didn't have a gun, instead of having 26 dead, you would have had hundreds more dead. so that's the way i feel about it. >> are you considering any kind
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of gun control policy going forward. >> you look at the city with the strongest gun laws in our nation, chicago, and schig a disaster. total disaster. just remember, if this man didn't have a gun or a rifle, we'd be talking about a much worse situation in the great state of texas. >> joining us now from seoul, south korea. kelly o'donnell. obviously the president addressing the issue of guns after the latest mass shooting coming out of texas, but of course korea on the docket as well with the growing threat coming from that region. president being in seoul, south korea. >> reporter: good morning. perhaps nowhere on this trip is the threat of north korea more palpable than it is here in seoul. the president is roughly the distance between washington, d.c. and baltimore from the north korean border. that makes this very real president trump talk to members
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of the u.s. military today at camp humphries along with counter parts in the korean military. that was a part of what set this day off. it is an opportunity for president trump to show support for those who are serving at the closest point to the potential threat. president trump saying he thinks things will work out with north korea. which was a notable shift in tone for the president who has used more restrain language here sort of cooler rhetoric than what we have seen in the past from president trump about north korea saying that he hopes they come to the table and would be willing to resolve this issue, also acknowledging they continue to threaten, millions and millions with their provacative moves. here's president trump addressing the threat and what's at stake from north korea. >> we cannot allow north korea to threaten all that we have built. we have built it very much together. work together to resolve this problem, using all available
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tools short of military action. the united states stand prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of unmatched military capabilities if need be. >> reporter: and notably, president trump also saying he sees that his strategy of showing military deterrence and strength, he believes, is actually working. the specific evidence of that we don't yet know, but the president says he thinks there are signs like other nations perhaps coming into o coordination with the u.s. and south korea. pointing to china and russia in particular. hoping they can leverage north korea to stop its nuclear weapons program and stop testing of ballistic mills. >> kelly o'connell for us. voters across the country head to voter booths. take a look at key contacts in election. plus paul manafort and gates
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welcome back, everyone. want to go back to seoul, south korea. bring in richard engel. a lot of people gathered. some supporting president trump. some against president trump. police and officials expecting the situation could go in either direction. >> reporter: we are now in central seoul. demonstrations all day. we're expecting president trump to drive down this street quite soon in his motorcade. that why a lot of the demonstration have been gathered here. to get to the blue house, the state center here, they have
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to -- the motorcade has to pass down this road. earlier this afternoon you saw people pro-trump. they were holding american flags. in some stages spreading out american flags on the ground so the president could pass over in a helicopter be able to see them from above. now it's nighttime here. we're 14 hours different from the u.s. time. east cold. so it's now just after 7:00 in the evening in seoul. it's mostly anti-trump demonstrators and they are here to greet him with shouts and jeers as he passes down this road on the way to government center for an official state dinner. >> richard, seems as if we have a toned down president right now. toning down the rhetoric from the times he was using rocket man referring to kim jong-un. we also have the president saying he's not going to be -- certainly a message that he's sending on the first leg of this
2:17 am
trip there. >> he is clearly taking the sort of speak softly and carry a big stick approach. the measures that the statements that he just issued a short time ago were much more diplomatic than we've come to see from president trump and particularly from tweets when he's using rocket man and gave a speech in front of the united nations he said the u.s. was prepared to destroy north korea entirely. much more subdued president. speaking more dip that the mathically. he's bringing with him a big stick. there are three aircraft carriers in the pacific right now. extra submarine. there are more than 32,000 troops stationed in south korea, always stationed in south korea. even though he's speaking with a somewhat more mild mannered rhetoric. there's a lot of force he's bringing with him on this trip
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as well. ayman, yasmin, back to you. want to turn now to politics joining us from washington is nbc. good to talk to you this morning. you've been in virginia reporting on the very close governor's race there. president chiming in on that as well. what's the current state of play? >> good morning. this is the 2015 battleground. road map for republican and democratic candidates heading the 2018 midterms. hillary clinton won by 5 percentage points over donald trump. just three years ago, ed gillespie lost by 1 percentage point in a 2014 bid for the senate. really come down to turnout. republicans for ed glillespie. unite enough steadfast loyal trump supporters. part that came out to vote for the first time last year. also maintaining more traditional conservative republicans in places like here
2:19 am
and suburbs and virginia. on the democratic side, ralph northam. it's a question of can he turn out the democratic coalition in places like corona, city of richmond. here in the suburbs of virginia. particularly minority voters. both candidates played to national cultural issues. charlottesville. ed gillespie walked that tight line. never appeared with donald trump on the campaign trail. despite him tweeting support for him. ralph northam is trying to tie him to the charlottesville events as a result. >> covering the hearing yesterday for paul manafort and rick gates. especially relating to indictments last week by boll mueller in his investigation. walk us through the hearing. what can we expect from the two men going forward. paurl manafort.
2:20 am
trial starting in spring, later this spring. april or may. judge said she was more likely to maintain that these two individuals had to maintain in the cities in which they live. government who bob mueller's special prosecution team was working on agreement with the defense in which they would actually give them the ability to travel places like new york and florida and also remove those gps draking devices in exchange for putting forward greater assets in which the government would be able to hold the case they work with. >> interesting to see how that plays out.
2:21 am
let's get a check on election day forecast. bill karins, looks like new jersey and virginia going to see rain today. >> mentioning how important the turnout is going to be especially in the virginia race. in the rain for much of the day. see how it affects the numbers. how many people come out and vote in an off presidential year. rainfall right now over ohio. soaking rain in kentucky. especially in tennessee. a lot of heavy rain overnight. now over the top of knoxville. heading to the mid atlantic this afternoon. rainfall totals aren't going to be that high. much of the state of virginia in a quarter inch to half an inch of rain. timing of it for bigger cities suburbs south of d.c. that's going to be late afternoon, early evening. typically when the most people get out there and vote. here's the timing of it. track the rain. yellow and moderate to heavier rain. this is 7:00 a.m. go through the lunch hour today. raining in roanoke. rain begins to arrive in washington, d.c. 5:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., that's
2:22 am
the heavier rain in northern virginia. also from the richmond virginia and down towards norfolk. not snow or ice or anything. just rainfall. that can stop people from voting. we'll also see the rain moving into new jersey during the day today for that voting. >> all right. bill karins, thanks for the update. in the wake of the mass shooting in texas, members of congress looking to sake some sort of action on guns. is it going to work? we take a look at the options on the table next. don't let type 2 diabetes get between you and your heart. because your risk of heart attack or stroke is up to four times greater. but there are steps you can take to lower your cardiovascular risk. talk to your health care provider today about diabetic heart disease. and find out more at your heart and type 2 diabetes. make the connection. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing.
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off year election here in new york city democratic mayor de blasio is going for a second terms. in the country's largest city. facing a tough challenger in the form of assemblywoman nicole mall owe tack is from long island. voters are looking at the strength of democratic party one year after the election of president trump. just days before the election and struggling in the polls. want for to compete at president trump's play book.
2:26 am
rolling out tough immigration tv ad. take a listen. shot four new jersey students in the head. three died. shattering their families. when asked about deporting criminal illegals. phil murphy said my bias is going to be having their back. still ahead. we continue to follow the latest out of sutherland springs, texas. live report in just a few minutes. plus, following president trump as he travels through airbag. more for news conference. coming up next. at ally, we offer low-cost trades and high-yield savings. but if that's not enough, we offer innovative investing tools to prepare you for the future. looks like you hooked it. and if that's not enough, we'll help your kid prepare for the future. don't hook it kid. and if that's still not enough,
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keeping him from getting a gun. talk to us about the oversight from the military.
2:31 am
what are they saying is the reason they plan on going forward. >> ayman and yasmin, pentagon and air force have launched a full investigation into exactly why kelly was not entered into that federal database. during the time in the air force, air force base from 2010 to 2014. with his wife and infant stepson. court marshal comes for him in 2012 for assault on wife and stepson where he fractured his stepson's skull. according to it was very graphic and very violent. involved choking and beating his wife and fracture on stepson's skull. that incident should have been a red flag for which he would later go onto purchase several items of weaponry, several guns. and one almost every year from 2014. weapon purchased in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. none of those were flagging to that 2012 incident so that was
2:32 am
the investigation yesterday to figure out why that wasn't happening and then air force officials admitted that information was not entered into that credit database. that's the work they're doing as we speak. one of those weapons, that assault rifle, was used to shoot and kill those 26 victims inside that church. this community now dealing with heart breaking situation from yesterday. half the victims, at least half, children. back to you. >> absolutely heart breaking. steve patterson live for us in texas this morning. in the wake of the latest mass shooting to hit the country, members of congress looking to take some sort of action to curve this violence. spokesperson for senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley of iowa revealed yesterday the panel plans to hold a hearing on bomb stocks. those used by las vegas shooter last month. simulate automatic gunfire with a semi automatic gun. the debate over taking action on gun control in the wake of mass
2:33 am
shootings continues to provide many in the republican party. take a listen. >> the bump stock issue means working with the atf combat alone that issue, but do we believe in the constitution of the second amendment rights. of course we do t. if you're trying to exploit a tragedy to try to infringe on a law-abiding citizen, second amendment rights. we don't want to do that. if there's a problem a person shouldn't have got a gun because they're a dmomestic abuser. that's something you have to do the authority to do the job. >> consensus in this country. background checks, for example are appropriate. people committed previous felonies. those people are banned from possessing or purchasing firearms. there's a con sen ssensus they be. >> it is an unfortunate thing that the immediate place the media goes after any tragedy or
2:34 am
murder is politicized. we don't need politics right now. i would note in new york we saw a terror attack just this week with a truck. evil is evil is evil. >> we have a lot of mental health problems in our country, as do other countries. this isn't a guns situation. this is a mental health problem at the highest level. >> it's a very, very sad event. these are great people. and that's the way i view it. >> the source of the mass shooting in texas. mental health problem, not a gun problem. the president quietly signed a bill last february that rolled back obama era regulation that made it harder for people with mental illness to purchase a gun. former president obama recommended the rule in 2013 after the sandy hook shooting. if it had fully taken effect, it would have added about 75,000
2:35 am
names to the national background check database. >> let's switch gears for a moment to talk about developments. secretary wilbur ross coming under increased scrutiny. >> demanding answers on the ties. >> commerce secretary wilbur ross fighting back after accusations he failed to disclose ties to a top link russian oligarch. including russian president, vladimir putin. >> i think it's just an example of the press trying to find anything they can however remote or silly to attack the president in some how link him to russia. this is nonsense. >> the leaked documents reviewed by the international consortium of investigative journalist shows he earns a stake in the the shipping company, navigator.
2:36 am
one of their biggest companies is sibur. sibur. >> it was disclosed on three times. >> while ross indicated he intended to keep his partnership with navigator. he didn't disclose connection to sibur or russia. >> i asked for investigation. i want all the facts from that investigate. >> back in court. paul manafort request to get out of house arrest was denied. and increased scrutiny of michael flynn. multiple sources tell nbc news federal investigators have gathered enough evidence to bring charges in their investigation of flynn and his son michael g. flynn. thanks to kristen welker for that report. >> new report, special counsel
2:37 am
bob mueller could be crossing a line. in a story about the orbit who had contacts with russia. reporting interest in russian contacts may extend to trump's business with the special down's office. recently asking for records related to a failed 2015 proposal for a moscow trump tower. according to a person familiar with the request. former trump organization vice president michael cohen told "the washington post" earlier this year that president trump signed a letter of intent for the project on october 28, 2015. months into his presidential campaign. interview in july, president trump said that mueller would be going beyond his mandate if he looked into the president's businesses. >> mueller was looking at your finances and your family's finances unrelated to russia. is that a red line. >> that would be a breach of what his actual charge is. >> i would say yes. >> president trump's approval rating has fallen to new low.
2:38 am
according to latest cnn poll, trump's approval rating fallen to 36% among americans. down 8 points since february. trump's approval is down amongst all voters disince inauguration day. 86%. down nine points among independents. five points among democrats. approval polling at 5%. >> one year after the 2016 election, a new nbc wall street journal poll examines the feelings in the places that help propel donald trump to the white house. looking at 438 counties and 50 states across the nation that either flipped from obama to trump in 2016. or actually saw a surge for trump compared to mitt romney's performance back in 2012. 41% say the country is worse off than it was when trump initially became president. only 32% say the nation is actually better offer than what it was a year ago.
2:39 am
26% say it is about the same. trump's overall job approval is higher in these counties than the rest of the nation at 48%. majority giving him credit for improving things like the acade economy and keeping america safe. receives low marks on the same issue. 59 dissatisfied with his job at improving race relations across the u.s. along with what he's done on the health care system. 57% dissatisfied with improving the image around the world. it's election day in virginia where a race for the governor is coming down to the wire. democratic ralph northam in the last 36 hours. his lead in the polls there in between two points. monmouth university poll and nine points in university poll. other polls showing just a few points separating him and republican ed gillespie.
2:40 am
ed won a hard charging campaign aimed at republican base. attempted to link northam to the gang ms 13. backing up president trump on that one. -13. backing up president trump on that one. tweeted from asia, the state of virginia economy under democratic rule has been terrible. if you vote ed gillespie tomorrow, it will come roaring back. approval rate is currently below the national average. let's get back with us from washington, nbc, good to talk to you once again. you've been in virginia, vaughn. the voters who are important. how much is president trump's endorsement of gillespie weighing on this race. how is gillespie handling all of this. >> it's an endorsement. it's just with gillespie at the church and give you an idea. this was before trump left for
2:41 am
overseas trip to asia. just nine miles away from the white house and never made his way over to virginia to join him. ed gillespie to give you an idea why a lot of people looking at that race, former chairman of republican national committee. also the white house counsel to who, president george w. bush. at the same time he walked that fine line. trying to a certain extent embrace donald trump. accept that endorsement. retweeting the president of the united states. at the same time keeping that distance. out with him the other night and trying to ask him questions to what extent does he back president trump and he ran away from our cameras. you've seen the television ads. he's kind of played a trump style campaign. he's put up television advertisements against ms-13. showing images of. and on the other side statute hats gillespie said he's for keeping the statutes, the confederate statutes up.
2:42 am
ralph northam, sent ut fout fly so obviously, seems like race is being somewhat used in that race. i want to ask you about another issue. not particularly gun regulation. a lot of virginia gun owners down there. somehow that factoring in to this race. exactly. virginia is not unfamiliar either with tragic shootings. ten years ago now the shooting in virginia happened. yesterday, ed gillespie went on and did an interview with fox news where he said he shared his condolences, but followed by saying, look, he goes, i'm supported by the nra. nra headquarters are in fairfax, northern virginia. he said my democratic, the democratic opponent is backed by the likes of mayor block bloomberg and gun control group. this is no small issue. looking at this race, last november. democrats had a higher share by 13% over republicans. just on that last election 2014.
2:43 am
same number of republicans as you did democrats now for this race. whether it be guns, any of these main issues. >> with the news the last couple of days. tax reform has been shriideline for us. it's very much in play. house republicans making some last minute changes to what we're hearing to the tax bill. what are they changing and why? >> exactly. they're trying to make the tax bill work. essentially in front of a budget they have set aside $1.5 billion to be add instead deficit. trying to go over. not only to maintain republican support so the deficit isn't bloated. also to potentially get democrats on board. one of the things we saw yesterday was the house changing part of the budget process, the interest loophole. which allows investors to pay a
2:44 am
smaller rate capital income gains. as opposed to the standard. there's a change. would essentially force somebody to have after i sets paying the standard rate over the first three years. they're saying potential opportunity to get democrats on board. one of the concerns is the extent to which the super rich are the ones profiting from the tax code. >> live in washington, d.c. g good to talk to you. update on senator rand paul following the attack that left him injured. bill karins is back on the detail of whether you need your winter jacket out this morning. colder air sweeps parts of the country.
2:45 am
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welcome back, everybody. the attack that left kentucky senator rand paul with five broken ribs and a bruised lung was not politically motivated. unnamed source tells nbc news friday's attack may have stem
2:48 am
from disagreement of paul and neighbor for years. over a property line. had worked together when they were practicing physicians and the incident between the two had nothing to do with politics. it was over a, quote, trivial matter. the source tells nbc paul and boucher have not spoken for several years and animosity between the two may be. paul is still recovering from injuries and it is unclear when he will return to congress for a senior adviser. new information about the extent of injury may be upgraded to a felony. according to spokesman, fbi and capital police are investigating the incident. assaulting a member of congress, by the way, is a federal crime. let's get a check on election day weather forecast with nbc meteorologist. bill karins. we've got tight governor races in virginia and new jersey. talk about rain during those election days, we talk about
2:49 am
vote turnout. >> probably stop a few people from going out, but typically does when we get a rainy forecast. snow is even worse. don't have to deal with any of that. chaj changes have arrived. blue temperatures show colder than average. big change for the northeast. huge change in texas and kansas too. this will go away in about two days from now. have the rain moving in through ohio right now. heading to appalachians throu s ashville. during the day spread and move in there. as far as temperatures go, warm enough this is all rain. maybe interior section of pennsylvania wet snowflakes today. that will be about it. this map blue shows you mixture of snow. that's at noon today. southern new york some snowflakes flying. not going to accumulate. you'll see them. here's the rain heading for washington, d.c. at noon. northern d.c. gets the heaviest
2:50 am
rain. then exit virginia and the steadier rain all over the state of new jersey. everyone heads home from work or school and start to head to the polls there. not a lot of forecast concerns. we'll see 34 in denver. denver, a cold day for you. it will be warm enough. they'll stay wet. a few concerns on election day. mostly it looks like the rain in areas of new jersey and virginia. still ahead the announcement of a price tag of $105 billion in what could be the tech industry's latest turnover. a major deal that could reshape the media landscape and the others driving your business day coming up. whether you've saved a lot or just a little.
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. with el come bawelcome back. disney entertainth assets are over now. rumors the mega-deal had impacts against the markets. phil, what more can you tell us about these talks? >> reporter: well, louis, these talks have been taking place over the past few weeks, they've stopped now, fox is believing they can't grow their business entertainment wise with further acquisitions. they are struggling to compete with the giants out there, the netflix, the amazons, the googles, the facebooks, they're hardly a small movie business when you look at their assets for sale, competing with the big giants is a bigger scale.
2:54 am
they want to focus on more than important is. when you talk about scale, this is where the singapore chip makers, they're looking to buy for $105 billion. now the big chip companies trying to buy qualcomm, that would impact every smartphone owner out there at the moment. it's a massive deal that would have hurdles to follow there. >> let's talk about a scam following net wicks users in the form of an e-mail what should subsky bluers look out for. >> it says your payment details have been invalidated. your account is being suspended. encourages you to put in your credit card information. the website is fake. it could see your bank account has been hijacked, your identity being stolen. i try and call the company directly. it might be the journalist in me. i want to hear it from the
2:55 am
horse's mouth before i do something new. >> i can see why this could be effective. your netflix account is locked out. >> you get desperate. >> you got to bin him watch one of those shows. bill marks live from london. thanks so much. >> okay. >> stranger things. >> i'm telling you, that didn't happen to me with netflix. it happened with apple i.d.. it's o the origin of the e-mail it so i know it was wrong president trump continues the second leg of his trip to acia. we'll have his message about the nuclear standoff with north korea. plus the pentagon launched a new investigation over the conviction against a texas gunman that would have prevented him from buying guns over four years. we will talk to angus king and jim himes with the select
2:56 am
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( ♪ ) more people shop online for the holidays than ever before. (clapping) and the united states postal service delivers more of those purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. ( ♪ ) because we know, even the smallest things are sometimes the biggest. . >> all right, everybody, before we toss it over to morning joe,
2:59 am
here are the stories will you hear about in the day ahead. president trump will continue his trip to asia. later this evening the president and first lady will meet with the members of the u.s. embassy before he addresses the korean national assembly following that address, he departs south korea for china. >> they will head to the island two months after the storm hit, up to 60% of puerto rico believe it or not is without power. >> as we mentioned, people across the country will head to the poll in the first major election since president trump took office. experts will be watching the gubernatorial contest here and in new york city and what it could mean for next year's mid-term elections. we will wrap up all the results tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. >> a lot at stake. >> that's it for us. morning joe starts right now. >> i really believe that it
3:00 am
makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that's good for the people of north korea and the people of the world. i do see certain movement, yes. but let's see what happens. >> overnight, president trump pivots back to diplomacy after telling his secretary of state last month to stop wasting his time. we have more on the trip and brand-new poll numbers, bob mueller crossing a white house red line and a governor's race in virginia that may be the democrat's to lose. good morning, everyone, it is tuesday, november 7th. welcome to morning joe. we have editor for the washington post david ignacious with us on set. david out with the new thriller, "the quantity item spy," we we will get to this morning. also with us, national correspondent for nbc news and


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